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A young guy in his late 20’s lives in a futuristic world, working for something he doesn’t like, drowning in his everyday routine… But one day, he receives an email from an unknown source. “You’ve inherit an archipelago and lots of money from your unknown grandfather.” It isn’t a fake. He travels to the archipelago. A gorgeous woman welcomes him. ‘You are now the owner of this place, Master…’

Eros will discover a mysterious high tech machine that will change his life even more.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-13
Developer: PiXel Games Patreon – Blog – Twitter – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Handjob, Monster girl, brothel/prostitution, Sandbox, Mobile game, Dating sim, Big tits, Big ass, Management, Adventure, Fantasy, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Creampie, Group sex,


– Gameplay:

– NEW – Angela’s Awakening path finished <Level 20 to 30> (Huge and long story)​

# NEW – 10 new events and dialogues, with scenes, through levels 20 to 30 of Angela’s Awakening path.​

– NEW – When fully Awakening Angela (getting her to level 30), you unlock new repeatable events when she travels to Erosland.​

# NEW – At daytime: Visit the beach with Hana.​

# NEW – At nighttime: Go to the club with Hana.​

# NEW – At anytime: Visit Eros in his room.​

– NEW – A new event can be unlocked after a couple of days of Angela going with Hana to the club at night.​

– NEW – Hana can ‘comment’ about Angela’s current outfit when visiting her (new events can trigger!)​

– NEW – Continue Kaisa’s Awakening​

# NEW – Complete Kaisa’s level 40 quest and unlock new job events at the canteen. (MAX LEVEL FOR HER THIS UPDATE IS 50)​

– NEW – New outfit for Kaisa: Canteen waitress version 5.​

– NEW – New versions of the default outfit for Kaisa.​

# NEW – New outfit event with Kaisa’s default outfit. (Tease for future content)​

– NEW – New decorations and a new lewd decoration for Kaisa’s room.​

– NEW – New event when interacting with the new lewd decoration in Kaisa’s room.​

– Small tease of what’s to come with Hana and Kaisa through a Kaisa Alt. quest.​

– When a girl is awakened, she will now make different comments (randomly generated and dependant on some events) when interacting with them in their room.​

– IMPORTANT QOL CHANGE: To change between day and night, you now have to use the same button in the right upper corner of the map.​

– Small dialogue changes and improvements in the game.​

– Improved and fixed grammar.​

– Fixed small bugs.​- Art: (From now on, we’re not going to spoil in here the scenes so you can discover them in game!)

– NEW – 4 different full scenes with big variations and outfit variations.​

– NEW – 1 outfit variation for an existing scene.​

– NEW – 1 small scene​

– NEW – 4 ‘chibi’ scenes​

– NEW – 4 Angela outfits​

– NEW – 2 variations for Kaisa’s default outfit.​

– NEW – 1 frame scene​

– NEW – 3 frames​

– NEW – 4 decorations for Kaisa’s room​

– NEW – 2 Angela expressions.​

– NEW – 4 Icons and buttons.​
>>>IMPORTANT QOL CHANGE: To change between day and night, you now have to use the same button in the right upper corner of the map.<<<


– Gameplay:

– Continue the main story and open the first portal to Hana’s world!
– After opening the portal to Hana’s world, you will be able to travel to it for 20 credits each time.
– NEW BIG GAMEPLAY SYSTEM Meet Angela, a mother figure for Hana, in Hana’s world.
# Corrupt Angela up to level 20, unlocking new scenes and outfits.
# Visit Angela by traveling to Hana’s world.
# Raising her level will unlock new scenes and lots of new dialogues.
# Raising her level will also unlock two new outfits for Angela.
# The maximum level in this update is 20.
– NEW Kaisa training quest – Level 30 (Kaisa MAX Level: 40)
– NEW ‘job scene’ for Kaisa at the canteen – level 30+
– NEW outfit variation for Kaisa’s canteen outfit
– NEW personal event with Kaisa – unlocked at her level 30 quest.
– 2 NEW Hangout scenes for Hana – 1 variation of the existing ones and 1 completely new scene with variations.
– 2 NEW outfit variations for Hana’s default outfit
– 1 NEW outfit for Hana – Awakened default outfit.
– NEW SMALL GAMEPLAY SYSTEM Player choice in the attractions.
# Starting with the club, when players watch the girl working in the attraction, they will have two choices.
# Free mode: You will control the actions of the girl. Choosing what she’ll be doing while working.
# Auto mode: You will see the usual dialogues and scenes in the club, with no choices given.
# In the free mode, there will always be a ‘hidden’ small scene/pose/dialogue for the girls.
– Fixed various small bugs and grammar mistakes.

– Art:

– NEW scene: Kaisa level 30 quest.
– 1 NEW frame: Angela
– 3 NEW outfits for Angela. (Default and 2 more)
– NEW scene with variations: Angela’s medical check-up
– NEW scene: Hana’s hangout event (Default outfit IV+)
– NEW scene variation: Hana’s hangout event (Default outfit III)
– 2 NEW outfit variations for Hana’s default outfit.
– 1 NEW outfit for Hana’s Awakened default outfit.
– 2 NEW frame scenes (New type of scenes)
– 1 NEW job frame for Hana at the club.
– 2 NEW job frames for Kaisa at the canteen.
– 1 NEW variation for Kaisa’s canteen outfit
– 1 NEW Background – Hana’s garage/room
– 1 NEW Chibi animation (New type of scene – This one is not lewd)

– Gameplay:
– Continue the main story and open a new attraction: The Club!
– NEW Kaisa training quest – Level 20.
– NEW and FINAL Hana training quest – Level 50 (Awakened)
– NEW ‘job scene’ for Kaisa at the canteen – level 20+
– NEW ‘job scene for Hana at the canteen – level 50+
– NEW attraction introduction quests – Job Interviews. Do a small quest when Hana is awakened to make

her work at the Club and unlock a new outfit.
– NEW ‘outfit event’ with Lily’s Maid outfit.
– 3 NEW variations for Lily’s Maid outfit plus the ‘Awakened’ version with two color variants.
– NEW ‘job outfit’ for Hana – Canteen (Awakened) with two color variants and two ‘extra’ variants.
– NEW ‘job outfit’ for Hana – Club (Awakened) with two color variants.
– NEW variation for Kaisa’s ‘job outfit’ – Canteen.
– 1 NEW ‘room decoration for Hana.
– 1 NEW ‘lewd room decoration’ for Hana.
– NEW ‘chibi room event’ with the new ‘lewd decoration’ in Hana’s room.
– 2 NEW ‘room decorations’ for Kaisa.
– NEW topless option for Hana’s underwear when she is level 21 or above.
– NEW forced event for Kaisa – Miss Hana.
– Events with girls now need to be activated in Eros computer. He will send the girl an email and she will respond!
– Added ‘credits’ button in Eros’ computer to thank our higher pledgers <3
– Re-write of some events and dialogues (To better fit our new philosophy of not making Eros the sole protagonist)
– Fixed small bugs
– Art:
– NEW scene: Lily’s Maid outfit event with variations.
– NEW scene: Kaisa’s lvl 20 quest with variations.
– 3 NEW Kaisa frames for the canteen.
– 6 NEW Hana frames for the canteen.
– 3 NEW Hana frames for the club.
– NEW animated Background for the club.
– 1 NEW lewd decoration for Hana.
– 2 NEW room decorations for Kaisa.
– 1 NEW room decoration for Hana
– 1 NEW animated ‘room chibi’ for Hana (The Big Man decoration)
– 3 NEW Maid outfit versions for Lily.
– 1 NEW Maid outfit Awakened version for Lily.
– 1 NEW canteen outfit Awakened version for Hana.
– 1 NEW canteen outfit version for Kaisa.
– NEW attraction (map) – The Club
– NEW heart lock icon for Awakened girls.

v0.0.4 Public
– Gameplay:
– Continue the main story to bring Kaisa to the park!
– Kaisa’s room is now accessible after ‘recruiting’ her!
– Continue the main quest to unlock Kaisa’s waitress outfit and to be able to assign her to work at the canteen.
– NEW training quest (5th) for Hana. Unlocks at level 30.
– Unlock a NEW variation for Hana’s waitress outfit after her 5th quest.
– NEW Hana personal event.
– NEW Hangout events! Unlock them at a certain point of the story. You can go to certain places depending on the outfit the girl is wearing. (The outfit version will change the event)
– Two NEW variations for Hana’s default outfit can now be unlocked after reaching certain level.
– NEW Lily personal event.
– The laboratory is now accessible.
– Fixed a major bug that would sometimes buy the wrong item at the Lovezon store.
– Fixed typos and minor bugs.
– NEW girl frame (Kaisa)
– NEW Kaisa outfit (Waitress)
– NEW Kaisa room ‘chibi’
– NEW ‘personal event’ scene with Hana.
– NEW ‘personal event’ scene with Lily.
– NEW canteen job scenes for Hana.
– NEW ‘Hangout event’ scene with Hana with 2 outfit variations.
– NEW Hana underwear.
– NEW canteen job scene for Kaisa.
– Two NEW Hana outfit variations. (Default)
– NEW Hana outfit variation (Waitress)
– NEW Background (Laboratory)
– NEW Kaisa icons, hotel door and Wardrobe.

v0.0.3 Public
– Gameplay:
– The third and fourth training quests are now available for Hana. Unlocks at Lewd level 20 and 25 respectively.
– New look for Hana’s waitress outfit after starting her third training quest.
– Added two new Hana personal events.
– Added a new Lily personal event.
– Added a new decoration for Hana in the PC store
– Added a new lewd interactive decoration for Hana in the PC store
– Added a new outfit for Lily in the PC store.
– After completing the introduction of the beach map event, a new interactive screen will be available. (Will be like that for every new map event)
– Added new events at the beach with Hana.
– Added new events at the beach with Lily
– Added new stages in Hana’s canteen job.
– Added 2 random Hana room events.
– Added 2 forced Hana room events.
– The girls working at attractions will now gain two lewd levels, halving the time required to unlocking quests and events.
– The prices of all items in the PC store have been reduced significantly. (credits and energy)
– Added a button in the wardrobe to undress the underwear of a girl. (Only available when they have enough lewd level-Only Lily right now)
– Small remake of some of the quests.
– Fixed small bugs.
– Art:
– Added 1 NEW repeatable Lily scene under ‘Personal events’ when talking to her in Eros’ room.
 Added 2 NEW repeatable Hana scenes under ‘Personal events’ when talking to her in Hana’s room.
 Added 1 NEW repeatable Lily scene when talking to her in the beach map event.
 Added 1 NEW repeatable Lily scene when talking to her in the beach map event.
– Added 3 NEW Hana room ‘chibis’.
– Added 1 NEW Lily room ‘chibi’.
– Added NEW canteen job scenes for Hana.
– NEW Hana outfit variation (Waitress)
– NEW Lily outfit.

v0.0.2 Public
– Art:
– 1 NEW Lily scene with variations.
– 1 NEW Hana scene with variations.
– 1 NEW Map event scene with variations.
– 4 NEW room chibis with variations.
– NEW canteen job scene variations.
– NEW mini-scene.
– NEW Hana underwear.
– NEW Hana outfit variation (Waitress)
– NEW Lily underwear. (Not yet implemented as an equippable option)
– Changed the cum in Lily’s handjob scene.

– Gameplay:
– Unlocked the second training quest for Hana. Unlocks Lewd level 11.
– New look for Hana’s waitress outfit after starting her second training quest.
– Added a new Hana personal event.
– Added a new Lily personal event.
– New underwear for Hana in the PC shop.
– New feature: Map Events.
– Added a new map event.
– New stages in Hana’s canteen job when her Lewd Level is above 11 and above 17.
– Added 3 random Hana room events.
– Added 1 forced Hana room event.
– Added a small button on the bottom right corner of the screen to only hide the textbox.
– Added a ‘lock’ button in the canteen, after assigning a girl, to lock them in the attraction for the next days without having to assign them again.
– Now, after buying an item in the shop, the player needs to ‘Gift’ the item to the girl to unlock that item.

– 2 main maps.
– 1 attraction: The Canteen.
– 2 main buildings: The Hotel and Eros’ Mansion.
– 2 rooms: Hana’s room and Eros’ room.
– Main Character: Hana
· Frame with expressions.
· 2 outfits
· 1 underwear
· 1 room decoration.
– Main Character: Lily
· Frame with expressions
· 1 outfit
– 2 full CG scenes with variations.
– 3 mini scenes with variations.
– 6 unique ‘room chibis’ with variations.

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