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Krowly always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-01-06
Developer: boobsgames Patreon – Game Webpage – Gumroad (Tip Jar)
Censorship: No
Version: v0.335.8
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian
Genre: 2DCG, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Monster girl, Adventure, Combat, Turn based combat, Futa/transgender, Big tits, Big ass, 2D game, Anal sex, Animated, Gay, Incest, Masturbation, Oral sex, Religion, Titfuck, Vaginal sex

Warlock and boobs v0.335.8
Version 0.335.8 hotfix2 with RTP 621 Mb

The save files from version 0.337 should work. If your Krowly is level 7 or higher, use the books in his bedroom to fix the spells

Big thanks to those people who helped with this update:

@futaonmale – russian text fixes

What s new:

Lab quest continuation. After “Lost delivery” quest Krowly can improve his lab and activate the teleport. It will require some time but after that he will be able to teleport to some locations from his magic circle. (Elven camp, Orc camp, Goblin village, Melissa’s tower, Temple ruins). Krowly should visit this locations first. (if you are playing on the old save you willl have to use cheat room)

Treasure hunt. As the continuation on the “Lost Delivery” quest Iss will be offering small jobs on finding specific treasures in the dungeons. If Krowly will agree on the job the game will choose the item and generate the quest. When Krowly will find the treasure during the hunt Iss will buy it in a full price (two times more then Sebastian) give you small amount of EXP and relationship boost (it will open new scenes with her in the future).

And it may happen the you will be lucky enough to see Iss nipple slipped out of her clothes during this quest (random event). Also if the item won’t be very valuable Iss would feel an obligation to give Krowly free titfuck as a bonus 😀 This job is accessible once a week.

First time you should start from talking to Sebastian.

Wood enhancement. New naked ladies tree sprites were added here and there in the wood and elven forest to make them more entertaining. Krowly can interact with them once a day. He can fup on them and cover them in his sperm or suck the sap from tree lady breast

New spell for Krowly lvl7 – Vampire touch. Krowly can suck some lifeforce (giggity) to heal himself, but it also can fail and lowers his defence. Be careful.

New scenes:

Repeatable variant of the scene with Fina in the church. Talk to Sister Elizabeth after Sunday’s sermon to repeat the scene if you already seen it. (Relationship with Elizabeth >30)
Variant of the scene with Fina in the church where she fucks sister Elizabeth. Triggers instead of original scene if filter of gay scenes is on. No illustrations and can’t be repeated for now.
Full nelson buttsex with Jenna. Flirt menu during the day, 50 relationship point.
Scene where Krowly and tree lady. 2 variants
Scene where Krowly sucks the sap from tree lady’s breast
New pictures:

Scene with Fina in the church +5 variants
Fina with dick +variant
Full nelson buttsex with Jenna +2 variants
Variant of Iss’ illustration with slipped nipple
Variant of Iss’ illustration with slipped breast 😀
Updated pictures:

Ghost girl licks +facial variant
Fairybang scene
Small things:

Krowly can collect elven milk from busty elf if he has empty flacon. No milking scene for now.
Taisha is naked when it’s raining. She just doesn’t want to ruin her dress ^^

All music were converted to Ogg format. It should help to fix the issue with glitching music
UPD: Hotfix1 was added. It fixes the scene with Fina in the church not triggering when the filter of gay scenes is ON. And some other problems

UPD2: Hotfix2 some hidden items were shown in the inventory. Now it’s fixed

Warlock and boobs v0.335.7

What s new:

Girls’ voices: Several lines and a bunch of sound reactions for Jill, Carla, Jenna, Rose adn Jaina. Oolay-Tiger was directing this small project.

Cooking system. Now Krowly can use recipes he will find to cook special food.

First recipe – “Goblin’s stew”. This food will add you 3 maximum mana point permanetly. This recipe can be looted from the thick goblins (you can find one of them on the old place or in the dungeons)

New dungeon with the goblins including the thick ones. Use it to test the way sex scenes with goblins work if Eric is in the party. I recommend you to try “spitroasting option” 😉 Also if you will defeat a gang of goblins there will be a small orgy if you have enough lust . In the future I want all mobs in game to work this way.

Krowly’s portraits. If Krowly has different clothes on, the game now will be automaticaly showing the matching portraits in all dialogues, including the ones that I will add in the future. It may sound simple, but it’s a big achievement for me ^^

New scenes:

Thick goblin titfuck (after defeating her in battle)
Agneshka handjob (flirt menu)
Leaf buttfuck. If you will sell him more then 10 fairy dust it will enable the flirt menu.
New pictures:

Thick goblin titfuck (+1 variant)
Agneshka handjob (+1 variant)
Leaf buttfuck (+4 variants)
Updated pictures:

Carla titfuck (update of the variants with the sperm)
Astra handjob (update of the variants with the sperm)
Lizzy titfuck (update of the variants with the sperm)
Small things:

A dialogue with Jill about Krowly’s parents. Finaly some lore info about them 🙂
some scenes were slightly changed here and there. Mostly scenes with goblin girls.
Jill’s scenes now have easily accessible short variants in the flirt menu
After first time triggering scene with Fina at the waterfall Krowly can just show himself when he want to start the scene. Nor random chance after first time.
“In church” variant of Sister Elizabeth oral scene now has “animation” too
Sexy decorations. In some dungeons and ruins and also in the goblin village and church you now will naked statues as sexy decorations. I’m very proud of these ones 🙂


lactation fix (once again)
Mouse fix. Hopefully it will fix an old time bug where game crashed if you spam mouse click right before the battle.
Krowly shouldn’t randomly changing his clothes anymore

Eric now has his own level of lust. When his lust level is too high he will become weaker in battles or even will be defeated automatically (when his lust is 300)

In the battle Eric can be a target of the monstergirls’ lust attacks and he will gain lust form it. He is loosing lust every night or when he is fucking monstergirls with Krowly or having other sex scenes.
Krowly has several options to help Eric stay battle ready. If your “Gay scenes” switch is set to OFF in the setting menu you will see only the last two of them.

It sounds simple but it required a lot of work from me xD
If everything will be working fine, I’m planning to add lust levels for Rose and Jaina too.
New event during the hunt where you can test new lust mechanic and enjoy a scene with Juliette (can be triggered only if you already meet Juliette during the hunt)

New pictures:
Sex with Agneshka (+ busty Krowly variant)
Agneshka’s pussy (+ cum variant)
Juliette in the trap (5 variants)
Lizzy’s feeding scene (4 variants)
Alice topless bukakke
Krowly sucking Melissa’s dick (the variant of pussyeating illustration) (+ cum variant)
New scenes:
Sex with Agneshka (relationship with her should be at least 30)
Juliette in the trap (during the hunt)
Lizzy’s feeding scene
Krowly sucking Melissa’s dick (the variant of pussyeating scene)

Updated scenes:
Anal and vaginal scenes with Carla (by Kalas)
The scene with Mabel (by Kalas)
Small things:
Slimes’ terror new icon
Portraits for Lizzy
Portraits for Agneshka
Pixelart animation for Krowly fucking a slime
Alice’s anal scene is now accessible during the topless friday (Now we can see her topless and covered in cum)
Some events during the hunt when you choose to leave now start random event from the roser instead of “fighting slimes till the evening”

Press F5 to toggle full screen.
Press F6 to change window size.
Press W to show/hide Krowly’s picture.

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