Unholy Arts Adult Game Download Overview

Passion, love and power are the cornerstones of the protagonists of Unholy Arts, an erotic fantasy dating sim where six women cooperate and compete to become the next Valley’s High Priestess, in an adventure full of yuri, romance and powerplay.

A Role-Playing Game, a Simulation and a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Game blended together to create an innovative system where each character makes their own choices according to their goals and desires, which in turn evolve along with their experiences. How will your actions change your companions and your relationships with them? Will they end up in your clutches? Or will you end up in theirs?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-23
Developer: Deep Interactivity Patreon – Itch.io – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.24
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Genres: RPG, text-based, dating sim, adventure, simulator, turn based combat
Main tags: Female protagonist, monster girl, lesbian, female domination, female submission. Optional: futanari
Other vanilla tags: Caressing, vaginal, anal, kissing, teasing, oral, virgin, handjob, footjob, etc. etc. etc.
Other non-vanilla tags: Fantasy, bdsm, mind control, transformation, draining, hypnosis, bondage

Version 0.3.21

Unholy Arts Version 0.3.21 Candidates Negotiation Changelog

Greetings, Candidates. Today’s version brings a new animation by Chili Cherry, 2 story events, and small new mechanic and a few nice improvements.

The newest animation will be used for the position Mount Face to Face with the Continued Actions Penetrate Pussy, Penetrate Ass and Double Penetration, replacing half the instances where the first implemented animation was used. Only Shapeshifters are capable of using Double Penetration in the game right now, however!

One of the story events will offer the possibility of Drishtya starting to relinquish her role to overseer the Candidates, slightly raising the infamy limit and the duration of special relationships and equipped bondage, as long as half the Candidates agree with it – or you broker their votes to select the path you prefer. This mechanic will be reused after the end of every adventure: if these votes succeed non-stop, it might even become possible for a Candidate to enforce servitude on all others without reaching the infamy limit on late game.


– Added new animation for Mount Face to Face – Penetrate Pussy / Penetrate Ass / Double Penetration.
* Penetraty Pussy and Penetrate Ass no longer use the Mount Face to Face – Mount Dick / Anal Mount Dick animations, as they had been temporarily allowed to.

Story Events

– Candidates Negotiation: The Candidates will be offered the opportunity to reduce Drishtya’s involvement in their own affairs, increasing the duration of special relationships and bondage, as well as the infamy limit. In order for this to pass, only three affirmative votes are required.
* Proposed changes: Special Relationship duration: 3 -> 4 ; Imposed equipment duration: 5 -> 6 ; Infamy limit: 25 -> 30
* Requirements: The first adventure must have been completed, no adventure is currently taking place. The story event is coded as a random story event, meaning that it isn’t fixed to appear on any given day (although it has a weight of 5000, making it extremely likely to appear immediately after Tribute for the Goddess), while allowing players who have advanced further to receive the event as well.
* Vote intention calculation: A positive value indicates that the character supports the rule changes, and to which extent, and viceversa.
** Drives: Ambition * 2 + Domination * 2 + Pleasure * 1 – Cooperation * 2 – Improvement * 1 – Love * 1.
** Merit position: A value between -25 and 25, depending on the character’s position in the merit ranking among Candidates. Candidates with higher merit will prefer less Drishtya’s involvement, as they think they can handle everything by themselves.
* Relation score: A simple value that will determine some interactions. Result of a character’s friendship + romance – rivalry – enmity + AbsoluteOf(Domination-Submission)/2.
* If the player has a dominant on a servitude relationship, who is a Candidate and has a strong opinion (vote intention of <= -20 or >= 20), the dominant will try to sway the player.
** Accepting for favors will give you 10 favors from the dominant. You will, naturally, not be able to use them until your servitude relationship has finished.
** Accepting for a shorter servitude will make your servitude relationship one day shorter.
** Accepting unconditionally will raise your friendship and submission by 500, and reduce your rivalry and enmity by 300. Additionally, your mistress will gain 3 merit.
** Rejecting your mistress’ request will decrease your submission by 150, and increase your rivalry and enmity by 300.
* Otherwise, if there is at least one other Candidate with a strong opinion as well as a relation score of 3 or higher, the Candidate with the highest relation score will attempt to sway the player.
** Accepting an ally’s request to vote for their proposal will make them owe you 20 favors.
** Accepting an ally’s request to vote for their proposal without requesting favors in exchange will give you 500 friendship, and decrease rivalry and enmity by 150.
** Rejecting a request from your ally will not change relationships.
* If you haven’t been swayed, you will be able to sway other characters in exchange for 20 favors if their vote intention is between -20 and 20, and their relation score with you is at least 3.

– A Ruler’s Responsibility
* Requirements:
** The first adventure has finished, the second adventure hasn’t yet started.
** Either Padmiri or Nashillbyir have a [Friendship + Romance + Sexual tension – Rivalry – Enmity] relation score of at least 5 towards the player character.
* Event weight: 100 + Previous Relation Scores of Padmiri and Nashillbyir * 5. Weight cannot be lower than 10.
* At the start of the event, Padmiri’s and Nashillbyir’s ambition drives will grow by 150, and Padmiri’s enmity towards Nashillbyir will grow by 150.
* First choice:
** “As Candidates, we have the responsibility to figure it out”: 500 friendship with Padmiri, 300 enmity with Nashillbyir, both Candidates gain 150 ambition drive.
** “That’s an interesting and difficult question”: 300 friendship gained with Padmiri, 150 friendship lost with Nashillbyir.
** (Requires 32 Intelligence + Empathy) “It’s best to err on the side of forgiveness”: 150 friendship gained with Padmiri and Nashillbyir, Padmiri and Nashillbyir gain 75 ambition, cooperation and love drives.
** (Requires 32 Intelligence + Empathy) “We cannot be lax on exerting justice”: 150 friendship gained with Padmiri and Nashillbyir, Padmiri and Nashillbyir gain 150 domination and 75 ambition drives.
** “You are overthinking this”: 150 friendship gained with Nashillbyir, 300 enmity gained with Padmiri. Padmiri gains 150 self-improvement and domination, and loses 150 ambition.
* Second choice:
** “The best means to rule is fear”: 150 friendship lost with Padmiri, Padmiri and Nashillbyir gain 150 domination drive and lose 150 cooperation drive.
** “Any ruler needs the guarantee of power”: 150 friendship gained with Nashillbyir, Padmiri and Nashillbyir gain 150 self-improvement.
** “No leader remains one without the support of the people”: 150 friendship gained with Padmiri, Padmiri and Nashillbyir gain 150 cooperation.
** (Requires 45 Intelligence + Perception + Empathy) “Different customs mean different ways to rule”: 150 friendship gained with Padmiri and Nashillbyir, Padmiri, Nashillbyir and the player gain 100 intelligence, perception and empathy experience.
** “This is all too complicated”: 150 submission towards Padmiri and Nashillbyir, Nashillbyir and Padmiri gain 150 friendship with each other, Padmiri and Nashillbyir gain 150 ambition drive.
* During clairvoyance, you may get two hints notifying you that intelligence, perception and empathy may unlock different options.

– The Grapes of Lust may no longer occur after the first adventure.
* During clairvoyance, an extra requisite will be shown after 160 clairvoyance power, simply mentioning “Time is fleeting”. This phrase will be used to refer to story events that may become unavailable as time advances.

Passion Temple Rules
– A character who has refused a challenge may not be challenged again for the rest of the day by any character.
– “Attacked today” is no longer an AI flag, but a character flag, and is also tracked for the player character.
* On top of the base infamy for assaulting or challenging someone (3 and 1, respectively), the amount of times a character has attacked someone during the day minus one will be summed.
– Drishtya may now equip multiple punishment bondage items on one character who has surpassed the infamy limit enough to qualify for more than one punishment each day.
– After the first adventure, and up until the 18th day of the second month, the orb of clairvoyance may be used even during training period.

– Changed the probability modifier of NPCs assaulting or challenging someone more than once in a day from 10% to 20%.

Battle Scene Mechanics
– Do Nothing: If a non-koed character uses “Do nothing” during a battle scene, they will recover up to 2 energy, willpower and social drive. However,
– Used Recoveries: Using self-recovery actions will now apply the altered state “Used Recoveries”, or add one point of intensity to it if the character already has it. The effect of self-recovery actions will be reduced by the intensity of self-recovery * 10%, setting a serious limit to how much you can engage in battle to recover your bar stats.
* Affected actions are “Do Nothing” and “Channel Aether”. Draining actions will not be considered self-recovery actions.

Battle Scene Actions Changes
– Kick: A pinned character may now use it, despite having no control, if they’re targetting the character on top of them. It will deal 30% less damage than usual, but since it is a hit-type attack, it’ll be more likely to land. Remember that depleting the control of the character pinning you down isn’t enough to get free, you must also use struggle on the same turn.

Sex Scene Actions Changes
– Spanking:
* If the actor and target have a hostile special relationship, the willpower damage will be multiplied by 1.5.
* If the target is the submissive of the actor through a special relationship, lust damage will be multiplied by 1.5 and willpower damage will be multiplied by 1.25.
* Having locked arms and/or legs will multiply lust and willpower damage by 1.25/1.5.
– Hypnotic Glance:
* If actor and target share a non-hostile egalitarian relationship, willpower damage will be multiplied by 1.25.
* If the target’s neck is locked, willpower damage will be multiplied by 1.25.
* If the actor and target are french kissing, willpower damage will be multiplied by 1.25.

QoL Improvements and UI
– The actions selected by koed characters in battle scenes will not be shown, removing clutter from the UI.
– Merit, infamy, and the player’s money will be shown at the character’s tab too, if either challenges or assault are allowed.
– When shown, merit and infamy now also have a tooltip.
– The Personal Room Menu character screens now show the stats as [Effective stat] ([Base stat]), coloring the effective stat either green or red if required, just like character status tabs, and hide the effective stat if it’s virtually the same as the base stat.
* Character’s stat affinities will only be shown if they have a non-hostile egalitarian special relationship or a submissive special relationship with the player character.
– Added a tooltip explaining stat affinities.

– Fixed error that could prevent the proper display of the “Mount Face to Face – Mount Dick” animation from being displayed.
– Small fix for a torso sprite in Mount Face to Face – Anal Mount Dick, which had an extra frame, leading to synchronization errors noticeable after a few iterations

v0.3.20b update

Hello, everyone. I bring an update with the rest of the features that had been planned for version 0.3.20, focusing mostly on the AI use of the rivalry special relationship functionality, as well as a bunch of fixes.

Because this is only the completion of an already released update, there isn’t a free update today yet. The changelog has been divided into two files, one that includes only the changes from 0.3.20 to 0.3.20b, and another one that includes all changes from 0.3.19 to 0.3.20b.

Version 0.3.19 Changelog

Relationship Intimacy
– Relationship intimacy is a value tied to the characters’ special relationships, meant to make NPCs prioritize the intimacy with characters they already have close relationships with. In short words: characters will not only want to give priority to characters they have high intimacy with, but they will become more reluctant to turn romantic or flirty with characters they aren’t intimate with if they already have high intimacy with someone else.
* New servitude and tutorship relationships will have an intimacy of 1, while new companionship relationships will have an intimacy of 2. This doesn’t apply to already existing special relationships in current saved games.
* Absolute intimacy: The absolute number of relationship intimacy between two characters, determined by their current special relationship.
* Relative intimacy: The number that will actually be used in checks. The relative intimacy from char A to B is: (Absolute intimacy – (Char A’s highest intimacy / 2)).
** This means that you will have negative actual intimacy with a character you have no special relationship with if they even have a tutor, pupil, servant or mistress. If you have any of these relationships with another character but they have a special relationship with an absolute intimacy of 4, you will also have negative intimacy.
* Intimacy checks are often affected by drives, meaning that the level of intimacy will be considered more or less important to a given NPC depending on their values. For instance, a character with the clear goal of winning the competition (high ambition drive) will not consider their intimacy with a given character so important when deciding long term alliances.
– Intimacy now affects:
* Generic sex scene effects: Romance gains are now multiplied by (0.8 + Math.max(higInt * 0.1,-0.2)), and sexual tension and submission gains are now multiplied by 0.9 + Math.max(higInt * 0.05,-0.03), meaning that they are lower by default, but scale with the highest relative intimacy value the character has in the sex scene.
* Companionship relationship offers: Factor of intimacy * 5, influenced by the target’s love drive (positively) and ambition drive (negatively). At the current moment, this should only make companionship offers more difficult, if the target already has other special relationships.
* Sex requests: Factor of intimacy * 5 (halved if positive), influenced by the target’s love drive (positively), and pleasure and domination drives (negatively).
** Intimacy negatively values characters as possible rivals (Factor of 2, increasing with love and cooperation drives, decreasing with ambition, domination and self-improvement drives).
** Intimacy positively values characters as possible love interests (Factor of 2, increasing with love drive, decreasing with ambition and domination drives).

Sharing the Night
– New game mechanic ‘Sharing the Night’: Once the story event “Sharing the Night” has been completed (whatever the outcome), it will be possible to invite another resident of the Temple to spend the night together, from the personal room menu.
* Both Candidates and other simulated characters who have been training during the day may be invited. You only have one chance per day to invite any given character.
* Check for NPCs to accept offers: Dice(100) + Friendship*0.5 + Romance*1 + SexualTension*1 + Submission*1 – Rivalry*1 – Enmity*3 – Power growth factor – Locked genitals + Relative intimacy*2 (Pos.Inf by love drive, Neg.Inf by pleasure and domination drives) (Doubled if negative intimacy) + Drives Factor + Days without sex VS Base difficulty of 100.
** Dice(100): A 100-sides semi-deterministic dice, which uses a seed established at the start of the game. You won’t be able to savescum your way around it.
** Power growth factor: ((Sum of all base stats of the target character – 110) / 90). May not be lower than 0. This increases the difficulty of this check as the game advances.
** Locked genitals: -20 if the target has no free genitals.
** Drives factor (1): Love*1 + Pleasure*1 – Self-Improvement*1
** Drives factor (2): If either the domination or ambition drives of the target is at least average and the target is a Candidate, -((Ambition*1+Domination*1)*(Target’s merit position – 1)*0.5), where target’s merit position refers to their position in the merit ranking in comparison to other Candidates.
** Drives factor (3): Multiplied by (1 + (power growth factor * 0.2)), thus increasing in effect as the game advances.
* You won’t be able to consistently share the night with the same character, although stacking as many relationship modifiers as possible will help.
– When a NPC agrees to spend the night with someone, they’ll get one out of four intentions, with the following weights:
* Snuggle: Romance + Submission – Domination + (Love, cooperation drives) * 2 + Sex Scenes today * 3
* Tease: Sexual tension + (Pleasure drive * 2 – Domination, ambition drives) * 2 + Days without sex
* Egalitarian sex: Romance + Sexual tension + (Cooperation, love drives) * 2 + Days without sex
* Dominant sex: Sexual tension + Domination – Submission + (Ambition, domination, pleasure drives) * 2 + Days without sex
– When two NPCs spend the night together, both of them will pick their intention this way, while the player will be offered a few options that will not always be equivalent to NPC choices. For instance, if the NPC wants to dom you, you will not be able to choose “snuggle”, but “submit” or “resist” instead.
– 16 generic dialogues for NPCs when they accept your invitation, depending on their intentions and other parameters, such as their relationship with you.
– The direct relationship stat changes (those which aren’t applied as a result of generic sex scenes) increase with the partner’s stats. Multiplier: 1 + ((Partner’s Charisma + Empathy + Will) * 2 / 300)), thus scaling from 1 to 3 at 100 stats.
– Depending on both characters’ intentions, there will be changes in relationship stats, and possibly a generic sex scene. Both characters will receive the “Missing sleep” modifiers for the next day. Specifics:
* Snuggle-Snuggle: Both characters gain 50 romance, no sex.
* Snuggle-Tease: Both characters gain 40 sexual tension, first character gains 40 submission towards the second, no sex.
* Snuggle-Assertive/Dominant (Asserive intention defaults to dominant): Both characters gain 30 sexual tension and lose 30 romance, first character gains 30 submission towards the second one, dominant sex.
* Snuggle-Assertive/Dominant (Resisted sex, will happen if the first character isn’t submissive enough towards the second one): Both characters lose 30 romance and sexual tension towards each other, no sex.
* Tease-Tease: Both characters gain 30 sexual tension, no sex.
* Tease-Assertive / Assertive-Assertive: Both characters gain 20 romance and sexual tension, egalitarian sex.
* Tease-Dominant: Both characters gain 20 sexual tension, 20 D/S and 30 rivalry, dominant sex.
* Assertive-Dominant: Both characters gain 40 rivalry, 20 sexual tension, and 10 romance and DS. Dominant sex.
* Dominant-Dominant (Struggle): Both characters gain 50 rivalry and 20 sexual tension, egalitarian sex.
** Resisting sex: NPCs with the intention of snuggling will resist sex when their submission isn’t considerably high (Formula: ((Domination + 1) / (Submission + 1)) > 0.5. For example, a character with 1 domination and 2 submission towards you will resist sex).
– The player will not always be offered the same exact options that NPCs have access to, and will often be named differently:
* NPC chooses “Snuggle”, Player options: “Snuggle back”, “Tease mercilessly” and “Push [her/him] down” (Sex).
* NPC chooses “Tease”, Player options: “Try to snuggle”, “Tease [her/him] back”, “Get on top” (sex), Punish [her/him] (domination).
* NPC chooses “Sex”, Player options: “Ask to snuggle instead” (snuggleAlt), “Await submissively” (submit), “Coy tease”, “Embrace [her/him]” (sex), “Struggle to be on top” (domination).
* NPC chooses “Domination”, Player options: “Resist” (snuggle->resist, skipped checks), “Await submissively” (submit), Struggle to be on top (domination).
– Unique NPC/Player intention results:
* Sex/AltSnuggle: Both characters gain 30 friendship and 20 romance, and lose 30 sexual tension, no sex.
* Sex/Submit: Both characters gain 20 sexual tension, D/S and 10 romance, sex with NPC on top.
* Domination/Submit: Same as above.
– Sex scenes will have the generic sex scenes effects. NPC-NPC sex scenes will also be simulated.
– Autonomous NPCs sharing the night: Once this mechanic has been enabled, once a night, each Candidate other than the player character who isn’t already sharing the night with someone else, will roll a random number with a limit of (Love + Pleasure + Self-Improvement + Ambition drives). If lower or equal than (Love + Pleasure drives), the Candidate will attempt to invite another simulated character who isn’t occupied, is currently at the Temple, and is either a love or covet target of the first character.

Special Relationships
– Added “Intimates” special relationship, a second tier egalitarian relationship.
* Intimacy level of 6.
* Daily mutual increase of romance (+50) and friendship(+25).
* Like companionship, this special relationship disables assaults, but also challenges.
* -1 Support infamy (amount of infamy you gain when you decide to join an already ongoing assault on the side of this character).
* +3 romance, +2 friendship, +1 sexual tension relation level modifiers.
– Intimates Special Relationship offer:
* Only possible after the “Sharing the Night” story event has been completed.
* Actor and character must either not have any special relationship or be companions.
* Desire: Base difficulty: 30, Mood: +0.03 friendly, flirty, submissive, +0.1 intimate, -0.04 dominant, -0.3 bored, -0.5 angry. Relationship factor and stats factor remain the same as in companionship offer.
* IsSuccessful: Base difficulty: 90; Mood: +0.15 friendly, flirty, submissive, +0.4 intimate, -0.2 bored, -0.4 angry, -0.6 dominant; Drives: +2*cooperation, +4*love, -2*pleasure, -6*domination, -1.5*ambition; Allies: -12*(Amount of allies^1.5); Are companions: -30 if the characters aren’t companions. Relationship, competition, intimacy and willpower cost factors remain the same as in companionship offer.
* Upon success, if there’s already a special relationship, it is ended first.
– Rebalanced relationship level modifiers from previous special relationships:
* Servitude: 4->2 submission/domination, 2->1 sexual tension
* Tutorship: 2->1 submission/domination, 1->0 sexual tension, 1->0 romance
* Companionship: 3->2 friendship, 2->1 sexual tension

– The special relationships of each NPC are now also shown in their status screen.
– Absolute and relative intimacy towards the player now displayed at NPC’s status screen and character screen in the personal room menu.
– Messages that mention daily increases in relationships due to special relationships will now specify how large those increases are.

Social AI
– Specific conversation topics:
* NPCs may now ask for sex even if they think they’ll be rejected, if they expect their target to receive sufficient willpower damage for doing so (target must have at least 35 desire). They will only attempt to do this from time to time.
* The functions “isSuccessful” now severely amplifies the effects of “bored” and “angry” in the mood factor if the target is the player. This is meant to fix the fact that NPCs may repeatedly ask something of the player even if they’re repeatedly rejected, just because they think that a NPC would be likely to accept.
– Companionship relationship offer:
* Added factor “Amount of allies” to accepting the offer: -8 * (Number of target’s allies ^ 1.5). This should make NPCs increasingly less likely to stack up positive egalitarian relationships.
* Competition factor: The target’s strength is now overvalued by 20%, making it increasingly harder to make a NPC to accept becoming your ally as the game progresses.
– Replaced “mission factor” with more generalist “Does this offer align with the targets intentions?” checks, changing the target’s willingness to accept conversation offers:
* Generic sex offers (egalitarian sex, egalitarian excluding sex):
** Similar intention: +10, divergent intention (Raise friendship): -15, advanced intention (get alliance): -30, hostile intention (taunt): -50.
** Actor is a love or covet target of the target (if current modifier is positive): +5.
* Actor wants dominant sex:
** Similar intention: +5, divergent intention (Raise friendship): -20, advanced intention (get alliance): -40, hostile intention (taunt): -60.
* Actor wants submissive sex:
** Target wants dominant sex: +25, similar intention (have sex, seduce): +10, acceptable intention (taunt): +5, divergent intention (Raise friendship): -15, advanced intention (get alliance): -30.
** Actor is a conquest or covet target of the target (if current modifier is positive): +5.
* Actor wants to borrow a submissive:
** Advanced intentions: -30, hostile intentions: -50.
* Actor wants a companionship or intimacy relationship:
** If the actor is a love or ally target of the target – Similar intention (get alliance): +30, acceptable intention (raise friendship): +10, by default: +5
* Actor wants transformations: modifier shared with the generic sex offers modifiers.
– NCPs now require at least 35% of their max social drive in order to start social missions (friendship, flirt, seduce, have sex, get alliance), rather than 25%.
– Sanity check: NPCs will no longer consider valid “Get alliance” targets the characters they already have a special relationship with.
– When choosing among valid alliance targets, NPCs will now give extra priority to those they have better relationships with (more friendship and romance, less rivalry and enmity) and are stronger overall.
– Reworked final weight changes to “Get alliance” NPC mission:
* NPCs with less than 2 allies and domination drive less than very high: weight * 2.
* NPCs with less than 1 ally and domination drive less than high: weight * 3.
* NPCs with less than 1 ally and domination drive less than average: weight * 4.
* NPCs with less than 2 allies and cooperation drive higher than low: weight * 2.
* NPCs with less than 2 allies and cooperation drive high: weight * 2.
* NPCs with less than 2 allies and love drive high: weight * 2
* NPCs with at least 2 allies and cooperation drive is below average: weight * 0.1.
* NPCs with at least 2 allies and cooperation drive is less than very high: weight * 0.5.
– Base difficulties of offer to become servant and pupil increased from 125 and 75 to 150 and 85, respectively.
– Checks to “getInterRoundBehavior” function in generic conversations, not tied to any specific AI mission:
* Offer intimates relationship to any character in conversation that is a love target, as long as the offer is valid, and both the actor and the target would accept the offer if the other character presented it.

– Added tutorial scroll “Relationships Nuance”, briefly explaining intimacy mechanics and hinting at more advanced relationships.
* Available at the start of the second month. Grants 100 empathy experience.

Scene Actions Balance
– Sparking Rubbing:
* Increased willpower cost from 2 to 3.
* Fixed typo on the damage formula.
* Slightly increased base damage, reduced extra damage from free erogenous zones on the target.

Core functions
– Added function to draw pseudo-random numbers that remain the same as long as the original seed doesn’t change, allowing to throw dices in the personal room menu that cannot be savescummed.

– The moods of each character are now set at their base values before initiating the first day of training. This is meant to solve an issue where Claw and Ate could initiate conversation at the very start of the game, before their respective story events that enable socialization.
– Reversed the order of options in the Nash path of the “Sharing the Night” story event, making it clearer that there are two different checks of domination/submission that unlock two different choices.
– Added a check to change the text of “undefinedReturn to Map” to “Interrupted. Return to Map” when the game cannot find descriptions of what has just happened in the game.
– The “Extra effects” descriptions in generic conversations will now get discarded at the start of every round regardless of whether there is a player or not there to see it.
– When formatting the passages for map rooms, the game will now check what rooms may be entered by the player’s group, rather than a group that only contains the player. This now allows you to enter the other Candidates’ rooms by clicking them on the map, provided the requirements are met, and may prevent players from skipping movement requirements in future adventures.
– Fixed issue where you could not save at a passage of the Twisted Festival where the player was told it was possible.
– Fixed issue where the score to choose body paintings as battle demands wasn’t properly weighted, leading to faulty choices from winning NPCs after battles.
– Fixed the conditions of several generic sex scene dialogues related to targeting a character’s ass, which previously couldn’t trigger.
– Re-enabled hotfix button that destroys altered states and unlocks all equipment, in case that a bug that hasn’t been reported by players slipped to a released version.

Patch B:
– Fixed issue that could provoke the player to receive the “Missing Sleep” modifier despite not inviting anyone to sleep together.

Version v0.3.14 changelog

Story ~ Twisted Festival
– Finished the Shapeshifter arc with three possible endings.
– Missable transformation scene.
– Tweaked story values and respect gains in the first part of the Twisted Festival story event from the previous version. Players who saved the game in the previous version’s ending screen will retain their excessively high gains.
– Added two new illustrations by Chili Cherry, one of which you will see during your playthrough.
– Added a few small, irrelevant files to the new illustrations folder. Since some browsers sometimes show a preview of the image files contained in a given folder before opening it, these files should appear before any currently implemented illustration, thus saving some players from getting the plot spoiled.

Story ~ Others
– Added a story variable that remembers if you went through the bad ending of Nersmias Social Battle.

Maps ~ Misc
– Formatting fixes in Deeper Tunnels.

– Chili Cherry finally added to the Credits passage, now that two of her illustrations are in the game files.

Bug Fixes ~ General
– You may no longer invite a Candidate to hunt monsters together if they are in a group with another character.
– Fixed bug that would provoke scenes not to be executed when forced to end by the end of the period, thus ending in broken screens.

v0.3.13 changelog

Story ~ General
– Added Twisted Festival (Part 1) at Month 2, Day 3. Once you reach the end of the current content, you will be offered the chance to make a separate save file before going back to the Temple, to continue the story in the next update.
– Removed the placeholder story events through the adventure.

Twisted Festival Story Event Conditions
– Your highest relationship with any other Candidate might alter the start of the story event.
– Whether you talked to Sillan or not and the results of that conversation might have consequences.
– Nersmias’ global conviction, which may be altered by both you and all other Candidates but Valtan by discussing with Nersmias during the adventure might have consequences.
– Player Intelligence Check (>=20) for extra respect with the Shapeshifter tribe and more insights on the plot.
– Player Empathy Check (>=16) for extra respect with the Shapeshifter tribe and more insights on the plot.
– One particular battle scene has special ending conditions, leading to an alternate sequence. While it may not be obvious, it is quite logical. Be observant.

Map AI
– On map initialization, NPCs will first update their social and training priorities before selecting their first map mission.

Bug Fixes ~ General
– Disabled options to hunt for monsters with Valtan, as the NPCs aren’t capable of finding their way through the Inner Caverns.
– Fixed the temporary passage from v0.3.3 that wrongly claimed you had reached the end of the current content (please remind me to delete the access to this passage once the GC adventure is completed).

Bug Fixes ~ Patch 0.3.12c
– Fixed NPCs forgetting about their current mission when assaulted by monsters.
– Fixed the descriptions of Nersmias’ trust and conviction being updated with 1 turn of delay.
Bug Fixes ~ Patch 0.3.12e
– Fixed results of successfully aiding another Candidate when joining a fight against monsters. Previously, an incorrectly coded line could break some data in the save file, thus breaking the game later.


Story Events
– Added “Shunned By Her Own”, fixed to take place after day 21. Main story event.
– Added “Flaunting A Kitty” to the random story events list, featuring Claw and Padmiri, including 3 short sex scenes and 3 sex scenes of average length.
– Added “Bondage Awakening” to the random story events list, featuring Padmiri, Nashillbyir and Claw, and including three sex scenes.
* Further information at the bottom of the changelog may include spoilers.

QoL Improvements
– Icons of adjacent rooms in the bottom map are now clickable, taking the player to the chosen room. Thanks a lot to Erieul for providing me with a prototype of the code.

– Increased willpower damage of Hypnotic Glance (sex scene) by ~60%.
– Increased lust damage of Dick footjob and Pussy footjob by 50%.

AI Balance
– Modified chance of initiating liberation challenge:
* Increased with the submissive’s domination and ambition drives.
* Increased with the submissive’s domination, enmity (x2) and rivalry, decreased with submission, friendship and romance (x2) towards the dominant.
* Overall strength ratio check (proportion of overall perceived strength between the submission and dominant) modified from (0.9) to (0.85 + limitedRandom(0.1)).

– Not having a free mouth will no longer prevent characters from using generic dialogues, but they will still be less likely to use them during sex scenes.
– Added Patreon and Discord buttons to the Start screen.
– Added endSceneScript that restores the lust of all characters who have had at least one non-ruined orgasm, and added it to the vast majority of story events’ scenes.

Supporter Rewards
– Added Calendar Menu to the Cheat Menu.
* New option at the Calendar Menu to change current day and month.
* New option at the Calendar Menu to remove flags for random story events. This allows you to replay previous random story events.

– Fixed line of code that generates the environment description for battles.
– Improved the formatting of some data at some sections of the Cheat Menu (money, drives, relations).
– Fixed a description of the action “Pussy footjob”.
– Fixed coordinates of Upper Waterfall.
– It’s no longer possible to spectate a combat your group isn’t involved with if the player character is following someone.
– Edited function that prints the descriptions of all positions to prevent descriptions from being duplicated (yet again).
– Fixed non-fatal exception that would look ugly in the UI when the player was rejected at initiating a conversation.
– Fixed pussy footjob’s lust damage not being altered by random variations, tastes nor desires.

Story Events ~ Extra Info
— Shunned by her Own:
* This event will initialize Nash’s, Mir’s, Claw’s and Ate’s hidden variables “Supports Valtan’s Love” and “Supports Valtan’s Pardon”, depending on different combinations of their drives and relationship stats with Valtan.
* Generally, they’re more likely to support her with high friendship and romance, and low enmity. Love and Cooperation usually increase these variables, Domination decreses them, and Ambition has mixed behaviors.
* Several interactions in this event by different characters modify these variables.
* Charisma and empathy, and luck to a lesser degree, influence your character’s ability to change their minds.
— Flaunting A Kitty:
* Requirements: Claw is the player’s submissive, Padmiri has no dominant, Padmiri’s pussy is free, Claw’s mouth is free.
* Weight: Moderate initial weight, increases with Padmiri’s sexual tension towards the player and Claw, Padmiri’s submission towards the player, and Padmiri’s pleasure drive.
* Checks: (Padmiri’s submission to PC, Padmiri’s sexual tension with PC and Claw, Padmiri’s nervousness, Padmiri’s pleasure drive), (Player has unused collar, chastity belt and/or chastity cage)
* Outcomes: Relationship and drives changes, the player could get to equip bondage on Padmiri or initiate a servitude relationship as master for free under some outcomes.
— Bondage Awakening:
* Requirements: Neither the player character, Padmiri, Nashillbyir or Claw is domming any of the others. Nashillbyir and Claw have free arms and legs, the player and Padmiri have free arms.
* Weight: Moderately low initial weight, moderately increased by enmity and rivalry between Nash and Claw, slightly reduced by friendship and romance between Nash and Claw.
* Checks: (Player can use aetherial chains, Player’s intelligence and will), (Player can use hypnotic glance, Player’s charisma and will), (Padmiri’s domination, ambition, pleasure, -cooperation, -love drives), (Padmiri’s pleasure drive, Padmiri’s sexual tension towards Nash, Claw and the player), (Padmiri’s submission, friendship, romance and -enmity with the player), (Padmiri’s domination, friendship, romance and -enmity with the player)
* Outcomes: Several drives and relationship changes, some characters may get pseudo-bondage equipped on them for the rest of the day, Padmiri’s preference for bondage may skyrocket.


Story Events
– Added Gleaming Caverns Overview as a fixed story event, taking place after day 18, involving all Candidates with no battle or sex scenes.
* After this event, the affinities of all Candidates will increase in charisma and empathy, and decrease in all other stats.
– Added “The Grapes of Lust” to the random events list.
– Added “Martial Tutorship I” to the random events list.
– Modified “Friend Back at Home”: split the first passage into two, the second one showing Sillan’s full portrait.
– Added placeholder story event after day 30 to remove effects from Gleaming Caverns Overview.
– Added 4 extra passages to the Ritual of Avatars to support the new options in the Futanari settings.

Scene actions
– Added logic for composite continued actions, or continued actions that involve more than one target.
– Leg-holding head: modified damage functions to allow several targets. When more than one target, the agility of all of them will be taken into account, but each of them will have diminishing effects.

New scene actions
– Extra make kneel (composite position): if the actor already has a character kneeling before them, make another free character kneel as well.
– Extra kneel (composite position): kneel before a character who already has a third character kneeling before them.
– Extra leg-hold head: Adds a second target to the continued action leg-holding head.
* These three actions are now learned through the scroll “Tribute for the Goddess”.
– Give cunnilingus: Starts the continued action “leg-holding head” from the opposite direction.
– Give blowjob: Starts the continued action “get blowjob” from the opposite direction.
* These two actions are now learned through the scroll “The taste of pleasure”.
– Anal mount dick, Anal ride dick and Push dick back against ass: anal versions of Mount dick, Ride dick and Push dick back, all of which deal 30% of their base lust damage against the target as energy damage instead.
* These three actions are now learned through the scroll “Surprised in the rear”.

Sex preferences changes
– Equipping bondage on someone other than the bondage’s owner now has a chance of increasing both the owner’s and the wearer’s preference for bondage.
– Each rank in preference for bondage increases the character’s likeliness to equip bondage on their target after winning combat by 20%.
– Each rank in preference for bondage decreases the required stat threshold for submissives until they’re considered to have enough bondage by 10% (meaning: characters who like bondage will be more likely to equip more bondage in their submissives).
– Demanding humilliation, sex or servitude now have a small chance of increasing the actor’s preference for domination, and the target’s preference for submission.
– Each rank in preference for domination increases the character’s likeliness to demand servitude upon winning combat by 20%.
– Suffering a ruined orgasm now has a chance of increasing preference for denial.
– Updated the way in which preference for denial determines the likeliness to choosing to equip chastity items to use rank rather than weight.
– Equipping chastity devices now has a chance of increasing preference for denial in both the owner and the wearer.
– The effects of the preferences foreplay, talk, oral, and full sex for calculating extra damage during sex scenes have been halved.
* Similarly, these tags only provoke half the same effect when determining which action to choose during sex scenes.

QoL Improvements
– The minimap now has a cursor surrounding the room the player is currently at.
* Added coordinates for all room icons in Passion Temple and Gleaming Caverns – Marsh maps.
– Modified Equipment Menu, which will now show all bondage equipped on the player character and those characters the PC has a special relationship with, as well as every other item owned by the PC.

– Added two extra options to the Futanari settings: “Player as the only futa Candidate”, and “Player as the only non-futa Candidate”.

Supporter Rewards
– Added functionality to remove specific items from the game.
– Added menu to edit a character’s sex preferences in the Cheat Menu. The preferences’ weight may be manually edited, while the ranks are assigned automatically depending on the weights.
– The Quickstart menu now takes into account the new futa choices when turning the Candidates into futas.

– Added Sillan’s avatar and full portrait files, drawn by Ikumireii.
– Added “Save compatibility.txt” to the game files, which you should read if you wish to continue your playthrough of version 0.3.0 in future versions.

– Moved static functions from Scene to setup.

– Fixed error in the new standard sex scene AI that would provoke it to bypass the special scene conditions that forbid changing positions.
– Added patch that should remove all or the vast majority of instances of characters realizing more than one action at the same time. This solution might be unstable, and requires observation.
– Added extra check that prevents initiating new conversation rounds if the current period is no longer active. This is expected to fix the bug that would provoke periods to last for longer than required.

– For the following updates, the specific version of the game will be detailed at the bottom of the Disclaimer screen.
– Modified links to the Quickstart and Cheat Menus to improve save compatibility between Supporter and Free versions.
– Added two new altered states to be applied as the result of some story events’ outcomes.

Story Events ~ Extra Info
– The Grapes of Lust: Featuring mostly Valtan and Maaterasu, and also a bit of Claw.
* May result in two different sex scenes, a battle scene, or no scene.
* Requirements: Val’s domme isn’t the player or Ate, Ate’s domme isn’t Valtan or the player, the player’s domme isn’t Valtan, Valtan’s pussy is free, Ate’s and the player’s mouths are free.
* Weight: Moderately low starting weight, increases with Maaterasu’s self-improvement drive (which is high at the start of the game).
* Checks: ((charisma * 1.2) + empathy) check, requiring you to score a total of 25 to pass it.
– Martial Tutorship I: Featuring Nashillbyir.
* No sex or battle scenes.
* Requirements: Nashillbyir is tutoring the player character. Player’s and Nashillbyir’s arms and legs are free.
* Weight: Very high.
* Checks: five checks, which test the player’s weapon (without consecuences), (resilience*1.3+physique*1)>27, (agility*1.1+perception*1)>26, (agility*1.3+perception*1.3+physique*1)>43, and (physique*1.1+agility*1)>25.

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