Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Adult Hentai Game Download Overview

The story is set in local city “Oniga-town”
There has been a legend that ogres live in this town since ancient times. You met a girl with two horns on her head there. She hands a mysterious “Club” and asks her to use it to catch her sister.

The biggest feature is “Anyting Goes”!
Prepare main scenarios and many different subquests. You can attack not only main characters but also NPCs walking in town. Run around naked, sneak into a women’s bath and toilet, dress up the trapped girl. Discover the play style on your own.

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-08-31
Developer: Pink Cafe Art SubscribeStar – Website – Twitter – Ci-en – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.3.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Japanese
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Japanese game, Animated, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Combat, Side-scroller, Rpg, School setting, Slave, Exhibitionism, Mobile game, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Rape, Creampie

What’s new:
– A feature on our patron site that allows you to upgrade the game to a special version when you support us.
Please check the patron site for more details.
– Added a new item “Fake Love Glasses”
– Added and improved NPCs sex animation in the field
– Fixed other bugs

What’s new:

  • 3 new sex scenes have been added.
  • Added the option to turn on/off the appearance of male NPCs from the menu.
  • New mini-events have been added.
    • Some events can only be started when male NPCs appear. – Male NPCs now appear on all maps.
  • “X-Ray Scope” which shows a cross-sectional view has been added.
    • It can be purchased from the dealer “Ami Makihara”.
  • Fixed some bugs.

What’s new:
– Chinese language support (machine translation)
– Added the master key to the apartment
It can be bought from a suspicious merchant named Ami Makihara.
– Added male characters have been added to some maps.
Currently, they appear in maps that can be entered by using the master key.
– Added a costume switch to the SEX scene.
You can switch costumes when having sex with the girls you catch in jail.
– The cursor position on the save screen is now saved.
– Fixed some bugs.

What’s new:
– Multilingual support (English / Japanese)
– Added new sub quest “Operation Jailbreak”
– Added new sub quest “Mother of the Sisters”
– Added new area “Oniyama Prison”
– Added new hair colors, costumes, and face types
– Added mini events and fix bugs

Full English
Includes Shisaye’s resource patch
Prick’s mosaic removal already applied.
No longer needs API-server.

What’s new:
– 2 new sub quests
– New characters
– Added some costumes
– New special item (For $10 patrons)
– Cheat menu (For $20 patrons)

This time, you can now play the next part of the main quest. I’ve also added a small event so look for it!
You can now defend against the girls’ attacks. On the PC version, you can guard under the arrow keys. On the Android version, you can press the Guard button to guard.

What’s new:
– New Main Quest and Small Events
– New Characters
– Added girl’s voices
– Added some costumes
– Defend against the girls’ attacks
– Can return to Safe Area (home, etc.) even if you’re being chased by the police.
– Adjusted some parameters.

This time I’ve added “Peach-River Town” area, which is the second half of the story. You can take the train to town by advancing the main quest. There aren’t many events in the new area yet, but I’ll be adding more sub quests as well!
Also, you can now buy new weapons from Yuiko. There are two new weapons, both of which are powerful.

What’s new:
– Added new sex animation (some costumes only)
– New Area “Peach-River Town”
– Added new Sub Quest
– Added Yuiko’s Shop

– New costumes and characters
– New Main Quest

What’s new:
– Added new costumes and hair styles
– Added a coffee shop and new Sub Quest
– Added some Random Events
– Character editor for $10 patrons

– New SEX animation
– Add new Main Quests

What’s new:
– Added a new sex animation
– Added character voices
– Fix crash bugs

Known issues:
– Character voices are still a work in progress and will be improved.
– Some clothes does not show in sex scene.

I’m thinking of adding the following elements.
– Add new costumes and places
– New Sub Quests
– Character editor for $10 patrons

What’s new:
– Password authentication is now available to prevent leaks.
– Add new sex animation
– Add main quest
– Some English improvements
– Add some costumes

Known issues:
– some clothes does not show in sex scene

I am planning on special items as rewards for each tier.
For example, portable save points, change sex positions freely, and so on.

– Added new Sub Quest!
– Fixed Android resolution problem
– Fixed Menu UI
– Added “Reset Sub Quest Progress”

You can play new quest “Unplanned Bank Robbery”. It starts in front of the Central Bank after you helped Suspicious Seller in main quest.

You can reset the progress of the sub quest in Pink Cafe Art’s office.
If the quest stuck caused by bug, please try to reset the progress.

– Fixed the quest does not progress bug
– Added SP
When you will go to sex scene, you need 1SP. It recovers over time.
– Added Level Up
When you get pink balls, you will level up and increase HP and SP.
– Added some new hairstyles

Initial release

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