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Trolley Trouble is a Kinetic Novel where the story starts with an almost lovely family returning from a vacation. They seems to have trouble with one of their trolley, And one trouble brings another. See how a married couple get manipulated and gives themselves into worldly pleasure at a cost of their faithfulness.

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-16
Developer: NTRaction Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.13.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, ahegao, animated, big ass, big tits, cheating, male protagonist, kinetic novel, female protagonist, multiple protagonist, groping, parody, humor, romance, humiliation, teasing,


New – Non-H story event.
New – Roslyn Anal sex event with Dr. Fokker. (Animated)
Progress – Annie Vaginal sex event. (Animated)
New – Roslyn’s sexual encounter with Henry. (Animated)
Optimization : Save compatibility, Updated Gallery, Updated Main screen UI, Fixed Sound Preference bug.


3 H-event for Roslyn.
1 H-event for Annie.
Added Gallery.
Added H-animations from the previous release.


2 H-event for Roslyn
1 H-event for Annie
1 Story event
Support for 32bit


Changelog v10.0:

  • 1 scene for Roslyn with Marvin.
  • 1 scene for Roslyn with the Thugs.
  • 1 scene for Roslyn with Dr. Fokkar.
  • 1 scene for Annie with Rolley.
  • 1 scene for Roslyn with the factory workers.

Technical information:

  • Added 4500+new words of dialog.
  • Added 200+ new images.
  • Added 6 new H-animation files.
  • Added 2 new H-sound effect.
  • Older saves works! (From 0.6 remake and later versions.)


Changelog v0.9.0:

  • Added 6 new characters.
  • Added 4 new locations.
  • Added 3 Daytime events containing total 6 major scenes and few minor scenes!

Technical details:

  • Added 4000+ words of dialog. (Yes, almost double for an usual update)
  • Added 260+ new images.
  • Added 5 new animation files.
  • Added various sound effects.
  • Old saves works! (From “v0.6-remake” and further.)


1 H-Event for Roslyn with Rolley. (Animation available)
3 H-Event for Annie with Rolley. (Animation available)
1 story event for Dr. Fokker and Roslyn. (Animation available)
1 story event for Peter and Serene. (Animation available)
1 normal family event.
Added a new feature that will replay few scenes from the previous version of the game when you continue from a fully completed save file. (Available from the saves of v0.7)
Fixed video issue where some animation were cropped out on the Android devices
Technical details:

Added 160+ new images
Added 15+ new animation files
Added 2500+ new words for dialog
Saves works from v0.6 +


Added optional “In game” hint system.
5 lewd event
4 normal story events


Added character and event selection feature.
4 lewd event
3 normal events


2 normal events
6 lewd events


4 normal events
2 lewd events

0.1 Fix

450+ renders
28 animations

Download Trolley Trouble Porn Game


Mega Mixdrop


Mega Mixdrop

Android (0.9.0)

Mega Workupload


UnPatreon Patch

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