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The protagonist’s mother died when he was young, and he’s been on bad terms with his father for the past few years, living in a flat away from the home he grew up in. Since finishing school two years ago, he’s been idling away at a boring, poorly-paid office job and at home playing video games, not expecting much from life… However, shortly after his 21st birthday, his father passes away… and the protagonist inherits his father’s wealth, including his mansion… and the maids maintaining it!

Can you get them all to like you and recognize you as their master, make them happy and create your own, personal maid harem, unlocking their hearts and all the lewd, uncensored images and animations?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-17
Developer: OnionCuttingNinja Patreon – Subscribestar – Itch.io – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.17.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Female Domination, Harem, Humor, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Mobile game, Oral sex, Titfuck, Vaginal sex



  • Fixed/worked around the hovering hands in Emily’s 3rd dream. Also improved camera angles while at it.
  • Fixed clipping issues with Kate’s pool scene by changing her bikini bottom to hang on her ankle.


  • The lobby is no longer fully lit at night (those power bills hurt…).
  • Fixed that some UI elements that should be hidden would stay on-screen during pool scenes.
  • Fixed that some UI elements that should be hidden would stay on-screen during dungeon scenes.
  • Mary’s obedience requirement for the dungeon is now shown when you choose her name before she’s unlocked.
  • Fixed that the Talk option was missing when clicking on Iris in your room on weekend mornings.
  • Fixed that a wild Emily would appear if you headpatted Iris more than once when she’s alone in your room (looks like Emily got jealous…).
  • Fixed some issues and mistakes in Emily’s hints for her optional dream scenes.
  • Fixed that the “Try to dream about Emily…” option would show up, but not provide any new option, if all dreams except the last are cleared, but pregnancy is disabled. Now it simply doesn’t show up anymore if all other dreams are cleared and pregnancy is disabled.
  • Fixed that longer choices would line-wrap too early on PC/Mac.
  • Reduced download/installation size by a bit over 6 MB (hey, better than nothing!).
  • Updated credits.


  • Fixed a major bug in 0.17 that prevented players from starting Mary’s story in a new game.



  • Replaced the old room navigation with a new one that has both a ‘roaming’ mode and a ‘QuickNav’ mode.

This also fixes some issues with rollback.


  • The mansion now has a lobby! For now, it mostly serves as central navigation hub while roaming the mansion.
  • Added East Wing (unlocked in Chapter 2): As we add new maids, we need more space for them!
  • Added Iris’ room (unlocked in Chapter 2): Iris has now moved into the mansion, and can be found in her room in the east wing in the evening.


  • Iris finally gets her own room (1 week after she she joins as a maid). Visit her there in the evening for some new wholesomeness!
  • You can have a small lucid dream in Iris’ room, if her Affection is high enough.
  • Iris joins Leyla and you at the gym three days a week (Mo, Wed, Fri), changing the available sandbox options.
  • New event: The first time you enter the gym when Iris is there, you’ll witness a little intro scene.
  • New sandbox event: The first Exhibitionism scene for Leyla! She’s getting naughty ideas while Iris is there…
  • New sandbox event: The first Exhibitionism scene for Emily! Available in the westwing in the afternoon, with 3 possible outcomes (depending on where you unload).
  • One of Emily’s lewd repeatable morning scenes (MC room) from chapter 1 now finally got its chapter 2 version added to the game, with some lighting improvements!
  • In Kate’s noon/afternoon masturbation option, you can now choose to finish her off yourself.


  • Replaced some button icons with better ones.
  • Added a clock button to pass time (and return to your room) from anywhere.


  • Fixed suboptimal word choice in some Kate scenes (“over the line” -> “over the edge”).
  • Changed two lines in the Chapter 2 intro scene to reflect that Emily does NOT move into the east wing along with Iris, unlike what the original dialogue said.
  • Fixed that Iris was talking about going back “to helping Mary” when you talk to her in the library (she’s now going back to “dusting off the bookshelves”).
  • Fixed that Emily’s “Let’s chat a bit” option only offered some dialogue variety during the game’s first week, when it was supposed to be weekday-dependent.
  • Removed full-stops from some of Kate’s sandbox choices.


  • Fixed that one Kate option that was only supposed to be available at noon and afternoon showed up in the evening as well, leading to clothes inconsistency.
  • Retroactively added Iris’ first-day scene to her gallery (on old saves, you may need to forward time once).
  • Slightly improved graphics of the frame/background of the Quit “Yes/No” choice box.
  • Tweaked dialogue text size.
  • Android only: Slightly increased spacing of the Back – Skip – Auto quickmenu buttons.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Updated credits.



  • Fixed sound effect timing in Mary’s 2nd lewd story scene.


  • Fixed that Mary’s post-Chapter1-Ending evening scenes (MC room) were broken (oops…).
  • Fixed that the sandbox version of one of Mary’s lewd kitchen scenes skipped one animation.

Release 0.16.1 (bugfix update):


  • Fixed that Leyla’s third story scene (in the gym) lacked an option to trigger it directly in the gym (you had to go the round-about way of going to the door of her room first).
  • Made use of more facial expressions during some of Emily’s story scenes.
  • Tweaked some lines in Emily’s story.
  • Fixed that Kate’s story hints for her 3rd story scene didn’t account for some prerequisite combinations.
  • Fixed typos in one of Kate’s story dialogue lines.


  • Fixed that setting Emily as wake-up option through her morning dialogue option would trigger the scene immediately (looks like she was really hungry…).
  • Improved some animations of Emily’s evening doggystyle scene in the player’s room.

Release 0.16:


Added all-new stats for the maids!
‘Relationship’ shows how much progress you’ve made with the maid’s story.
‘Affection’ shows how comfortable the maid feels around you and how much she likes (or even loves) you.
‘Obedience’ shows how much the maid respects you as her Master and how willingly she does what you ask (or order) her to do.
‘Exhibitionism’ shows how comfortable she feels in terms of showing more skin while walking around the mansion, in front of others, and perhaps later even in public…
‘Maidness’ shows how far on the ladder to ‘Total Maidness!’ the maid currently is (referring to actual maid skills like cooking, cleaning, laundry, behavior towards guests and so on). Some maids also get custom variants of this stat based on their main role in the mansion.

*NOTE*: Apart from Relationship and in some cases Affection and Obedience, these stats aren’t used much during chapter 1. This will change during chapter 2 over the next few updates.

Additionally, more stats might be introduced later.


  • Added a number of counters for various actions (headpats, blowjobs, sex etc.), shown on the maid info pages.
  • Added Gallery to rewatch story-only scenes.
  • Added new ‘Skip to …‘ feature (main menu), allowing you to jump either to the end of Day 1 (past the introductions) or straight to the beginning of Chapter 2 (with all Chapter 1 scenes unlocked).
    *Note*: If you don’t mind much, replaying Chapter 1 is still recommended.


Chapter 2 begins: Iris has her first day at the mansion!

  • Starting in Chapter 2, the maids wear a new maid outfit!


  • Improved visuals of Mary’s first lewd scene.
  • Improved visuals of Leyla’s first lewd scene (and the sandbox variants of it).


  • Once Chapter 2 has properly begun (after Iris’ first-day scene), you can now talk to or headpat Iris when you come across her (more options will follow in future updates).


  • Added a 5th time slot between Morning and Afternoon: ‘Noon‘ (duh).
  • If it’s not night yet, you can now choose to ‘Sleep the whole day’ in your room (forwards to morning next day).
  • Re-rendered Mary’s lewd kitchen scenes (updated character model, in some cases improved camera angle).
  • Re-rendered some of Leyla’s lewd gym scenes.
  • Other, minor improvements.
  • Some clean-up.

Added Discord Rich Presence, making TM! show up in Now Playing (can be disabled in Settings).

  • Heavily revamped the underlying code to make TM! fit for future updates.
  • Improved maid info screens (still WIP, but we’re getting there).
  • Updated layout, aesthetics and music of the main menu.
  • Increased rollback limit from 100 to 256 lines.
  • Changed default player last name to something less… unfitting ^^’
  • Other, minor improvements.


  • Your new soon-to-be apprentice maid Iris has her job interview with you. Don’t be too mean to her. Or Emily will punch you. This scene will auto-trigger in the afternoon once you’ve cleared Chapter 1.


  • Added 3some option to Emily’s dungeon options if you call Leyla for ‘help’.
  • Added Leyla x Emily option to Emily’s dungeon options if you call Leyla for ‘help’ (only if girl on girl content is enabled).


  • Emily’s dungeon scenes with Leyla are now selectable separately from the old main option (Note: you still need to have had sex with Emily in the dungeon at least twice to activate the options with Leyla).


  • Fixed that the ‘A’utosave slot was missing from the savegames screen.


  • Removed some unused files to save space.
  • Re-compressed some music tracks and UI images to save space.
  • Changed back main menu background.
  • Updated walkthrough.
  • Updated credits.

A total of four maids to have fun with, with many lewd scenes for each!
over 940 images
over 330 (lewd) animations
over 57K words
(lewd) sound effects!
more bugfixes and UI improvements over previous releases
while lewdness might be playing the main role, humor and wholesomeness play a significant role in Total Maidness! as well, with more of both to come in future story updates


  • A total of four maids to have fun with, with many lewd scenes for each!
  • over 860 images
  • over 260 (lewd) animations in total
  • over 52K words of narrative and dialogue
  • (lewd) sound effects!
  • more bugfixes and UI improvements over previous releases
  • while lewdness might be playing the main role, humor and wholesomeness play a significant role in Total Maidness! as well, with more of both to come in future story updates


  • A total of four maids to have fun with, with several lewd scenes for each!
  • about 400 images
  • over 90 (lewd) animations in total
  • over 31K words of narrative and dialogue
  • considerably improved UI compared to v0.1.0 (especially on Android)
  • while lewdness might be playing the main role, humor plays a significant role in Total Maidness! as well, with many comical situations and parody elements!


  • A total of four maids to have fun with, with at least one lewd scene for each
  • over 260 images
  • over 35 (lewd) animations in total
  • around 15K words of narrative and dialogue

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