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Time Loop Hunter Adult Game Overview

You are Jon, a 22 years old guy down on his luck for making bad choices. Living alone in a rent apartment, struggling with parole conditions and money, your mother hates you and your sisters ignore you. Until one night an alien comes to your place and gives you a mission to hunt a parasite affecting people’s minds. With a device in your own brain and a time loop of 15 days as a failsafe mechanism you are set to go…. But who says that you can’t have a little fun in the process and maybe the chance to turn around your life.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-02-07
Developer: Hydrahenker Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: v0.45.31 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Sci-fi, School Setting, Simulator, Anal sex, Incest, Lesbian, MILF, Rape, Vaginal sex

Change Log 0.45.30:
Public version

Change Log 0.45.20:
Fixed several grammar and continuity bugs (Thanks to Dimka2010)

Change Log 0.45.10:
Fixed Alice handjob on Gallery Day 4
Fixed Outfits count
Fixed several grammar and continuity bugs (Thanks to Dimka2010)

Change Log 0.45.00:
New Pickpocket skill point
New Event and outfit for Georgia
Three new FUN points (Layla, The Terminator, Trish & Jax)
One New Achievement
Three new Club IDs to collect.
A new screen for Supporting Characters
A new screen for 100% game completion
One new Brain Tolerance point with a Free Timeline Slot, and a new Power.
Redone the Maid outfit from Lisa
Redone de Work outfit for Mia and Georgia.
Redone animations for Mia (Day 1 My House) and Crystal (Day 4 Hospital)
Redone the Girls’ screen.
New Memories for Cooper, Georgia, Day 5
Complete Gallery for Day 4
Fixed Several continuity bugs (Thanks to Dimka2010)
Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

Change Log 0.44.20:

  • Public version.

Change Log 0.44.10:

  • Fixed the debate images (win vs draw)
  • Touched the Achievement screen to make it less spoilery.
  • Fixed Several continuity bugs (Thanks to Dimka2010)

Change Log 0.44.00:

  • Continue Story of Jody
  • Continue Story of Jessie
  • Continue Story of Layla, Hannah, and Jody at the Sauna
  • Expand the debate event
  • New Location: SAUNA
  • Rework of the Achievement screen.
  • Rework of the Self Control Mini-game
  • +1 new FUN POINT
  • New Memories for DAY 6, DAY 5, Jody, Jessie.
  • Several internal changes for future releases.
  • More Gallery for Day 4( almost complete)
  • Fixed Several continuity bugs (Thanks to Dimka2010)
  • Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

Change-Log 0.43.30:

  • Public Version

Change-Log 0.43.20:

  • Fixed a bug with Dana at the library and go back in time.
  • Fixed a bug with the Autohint.

Change-Log 0.43.10:

  • Fixed a bug with the new Achievement.
  • Fixed a bug with Ayumi at the Nightclub.
  • Fixed more continuity bugs (Thanks to Dimka2010)
  • Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

Change Log 0.43.00:

  • An internal remake of the Fun Points
  • Fun point details in Player Screen.
  • Fun point icon in the choices (CAS face).
  • Daily hints include Fun Points.
  • Replace 1 Fun point with another. (see detail)
  • Memories clean up (see detail)
  • New memories for DAY 5
  • +1 new FUN POINT
  • Little collection game at the nightclub.
  • Added an option to Nightclub to go back one-time slot.
  • Added side images to Day 4 scenes (still incomplete).
  • Added more scenes to the Gallery on Day 4 (still incomplete).
  • Fixed several continuity bugs (Thanks to Dimka2010)

Change-Log 0.42.30:

  • Fixed a bug with Dana at the library and go back in time.
  • Fixed a bug with the Autohint.

Change Log 0.42.20:

  • Fixed smalls bugs.
  • Fixed several continuity bugs (Thanks Dimka2010)

Change Log 0.42.10:

  • Fixed Alice Images at Club.
  • Fixed smalls bugs with the new New mechanic: Go back 1 slot in time
  • Fixed several continuity bugs (Thanks Dimka2010)

Change Log 0.42.00:

  • Continue the story of Cooper
  • Continue the story of Benson
  • + 2 New outfits for Cooper
  • + 2 New outfits for Benson
  • + 1 New outfits for Jessie
  • + 1 New outfits for Mia
  • + 1 new FUN point
  • New memories for Day 4
  • New memories for Day 5
  • New memories for Cooper
  • New memories for Benson
  • New mechanic: Go back 1 slot in time
  • More content for Day 4 (still incomplete)
  • Ability to unlock the Gallery (only in the patron version)
  • Retro-Change: Change outfit for Jessie in Hannah’s group and in Stripper party
  • Retro-Change: Map girls locations is ON by default
  • Retro-Change: Mia Babydoll unlocked on Day 6 Morning.
  • Massive continuities bug fixes and improvements (Thanks Dimka2010)
  • Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

v0.41.20 Public

  • Fixed the bug with the witness information and Cynthia.


  • Fixed a bug for Sleeping at the house
  • Fixed several continuity fixes
  • Fixed several grammar fixes


  • Continue the Story of Crystal
  • Continue the Story of Janice
  • New Memories for Day 5, Janice and Crystal.
  • +2 New Fun Points
  • +1 Skill point for Lockpick
  • Rework of the Auto-hint: 1 hint of upcoming thing to do when talking to CAS. Chance to receive a hint at the beginning of the day. The rest of the things to do when you ask her what to focus on.
  • Added hotkeys for the action bar.
  • Fixed Lockpick game.
  • Fixed Crystal’s sprites.
  • Fixed several continuity bugs.
  • Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

Lots of small grammar corrections

Continue the story of Ayumi, Cynthia, and Jessie.
New Minigame for SNEAK
+1 Skill point for SNEAK
+2 new outfits for Cynthia
+ 1 Achievement
New Memories for DAY 4, DAY 5, DAY 6, Ayumi, Cynthia, and Jessie
RETRO-CHANGE: Janice’s date is on DAY 4 Night. It only takes that slot of time.
RETRO-CHANGE: You need Zarina infected to take her to the dance floor with Sophie and Rosario.
RETRO-CHANGE: Ayumi and Cynthia’s initial stats changed.
RETRO-CHANGE: You can give the Geisha dress to Cynthia freely.
RETRO-CHANGE: You can talk to Ayumi at the Nightclub after giving the hard drive on DAY 4
Gallery for DAY 4 (incomplete)
Side images for DAY 4 scenes (incomplete)
Fix a bug with missing a timeline.
Fix continuity bug with the no panties rule on Day 6.
Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

RETRO-CHANGE: You can talk to Ayumi at the Nightclub after giving the hard drive on DAY 4
STEAL MINIGAME is a little easier.
Fix a bug with missing a timeline.

Continue events at the nightclub
Continue the story of Georgia
Continue the story of Mia
Continue the story of Lisa
Continue the story of Layla
New Minigame for Pickpocket.
New skill point for Pickpocket.
Added location bathroom in the house where you can relieve yourself.
Added side images for Claire, Bouncer, Cooper, Benson
Added side images for scenes of Day 3
Added sprites and side Images for Lisa and Jody
Retro-change: Jody needs to be infected to take the bait of Lee.
Retro-change: You need pickpocket skill to put the laxative in Michael’s drink.
Retro-change: Now you can say No after the dance class to go to Sophie’s apartment.
Retro-change: Now you get $700 for the lottery ticket instead of $500 (Lawyer and Layla)
Retro-change: Now you can interact with Mia and Georgia at the nightclub even if you fucked Janice (She won’t like it.)
Fix Side images of Mia
Fix always showing the stats after the club.
Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)


  • Continue Story of Jessie
  • Continue Story of Jody
  • Sneak peek for the other Saturday Night Event.
  • +1 new outfit for Jessie
  • +1 new outfit for Jody
  • +1 Fun Points
  • New memories for Day5, Day6, Jessie, Jody.
  • Side images for (almost) all characters
  • Side images in the cut scenes for day 1 and day 2.
  • Added Hannah’s car scene of Day 1 to the Gallery.
  • The fifth level from Hell dialog with CAS is fire automatically on New Games.
  • The Shower scene with Alice will happen automatically the first time instead of depending on the MC’s lust.
  • The shower scene with Layla will happen automatically the first time instead of depending on the MC’s lust.
  • Fix sprites for Hannah. CAS, Georgia, Janice.
  • Fixed Georgia Hint at the Fair.
  • Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

Change-Log 0.35.20:
Fixed a bug when going to the museum with nothing preset.
Fixed the missing images of Hannah.
Fixed some hints.
Change-Log 0.35.10:
Fixed a bug when changing timelines through CAS Menu.
Fixed a bug with 2 hints.
Lower the required love from Dana to get the Date.
Change-Log 0.35.00:
Continue Story with Dana
Continue Story with Janice
+1 Fun Point
+1 Brain Tolerance (New Timeslot)
+ 1 Outfit for Dana
+ 2 Outfits for CAS
New Dream sequence for CAS
New Memories of Day 4, Dana, Janice, Day 6
More events for the Day 3 Gallery
Huge grammar improvement. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
Minor bug fixes and Continuity fixes. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

Changelog 0.33.40:
Fixed the list of the auto-hint.
Change-Log 0.33.30:
Fixed a bug with the number of Fun Points
Fixed the Fun Point of the GrogXD after the demonstration celebration.
Change-Log 0.33.20:
Fixed a bug with the auto-hints when you start a New Game. (Thanks to gestved)
Change-Log 0.33.10:
Fix a bug with timelines and new variables.
Grammar corrections (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
Change-Log 0.33.00:
Continue Story of Debate competition
Continue Story of the Fancy Party
A peek into the next big event: Nightclub
New Ways to make some money.
+2 New Locations
+1 FUN Point
New Dream Sequence for Benson
New outfit for Zarina
Added 2 scenes to Gallery Day 2.
Added 10 scenes to Gallery Day 3 (still incomplete)
New Memories for Hannah, Jody, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5
Updated the Renpy Engine to the latest.
Several small fixes

Change-Log 0.32.50:
Fixed the list of the auto-hint.
Change-Log 0.32.40:
Fixed a bug with the auto-hints order.
Change-Log 0.32.30:
Fixed a bug with the auto-hints when you start a New Game. (Thanks to gestved)
Change-Log 0.32.20:
Fixed a bug with CAS Remarks about massage.
Fixed a bug with the auto-hint to show the correct Day
Several grammar corrections (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
Change-Log 0.32.10:
Fixed a bug with the Auto-hint when you are missing one of Alice’s memories.
Change-Log 0.32.00:
New Skill point for Massage.
Extended scenes for Cooper and Benson Offices.
2 New Fun Points
1 New Achievement
New Memories for Zarina, Jody. Cooper, Benson, Ayumi, Day 3, Day 5
Added some memories for some actions that there were “hanging”.
New Dream sequence for Crystal
Replace the Massage Puzzle pictures to make them more interesting.
Change the Profile UI to show the unlocked Powers and added a new “Power”.
Fixed some bugs with the auto-hint
Fixed some bugs with the massage puzzle.
Huge grammar fixes (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
Continuity Fixes at the Poker (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
Other Minor Fixes.

Change-Log 0.31.30:
Minor Fixes
Change-Log 0.31.20:
Fixed and improved the auto-hint feature.
Fixed some continuity bugs.
Change-Log 0.31.10:
Fixed the missing label when you load a save from 0.28.20 version.
Fixed the “phantom” memory of Day 5 Evening.
Fixed the Dana missing image.
Change-Log 0.31.00:
New Event: Shareholders Meeting.
New memories of Day 5, Georgia, Ayumi
+2 New skins for Georgia
+2 New skins for Janice
+1 New skin for Ayumi
+1 New skin for Dana
Auto-hint is 100% complete.
Gallery for Day 3 (incomplete)
Move the Jody Gym event to Night
Remove wardrobe Fail Memories from Janice.
Fix Nightclub memory for a future event.

– Fixed the missing label when you load a save from 0.28.20 version.

– Fix a random bug from the Gallery.
– Added a little explanation to the auto hint and a manual option.

– Continue Layla, Mia, Lisa, Ayumi, Dana Story
– Memories for Day 5, Layla, Mia, Lisa, Ayumi
– +3 FUN Points
– +1 Achievement
– Fixed several hints.
– Added Auto-hint system (66% complete)

Fixed a bug when unlocking Massage skill if you load a save file from a version below 0.24.xx
Lower the required love to parasite a girl to 25 and now it cost the energy according to the Love
Added some Love to Jody, Zarina, Cooper, Benson, Alice, Cynthia, Hannah, Sophie
Fixed a bug when visiting Cooper and you don’t have the witness information
Grammar fixes.
Day 6: Second wall.
Continue Mia Story
Continue Georgia Story
Continue Zarina Story
Continue Jody Story
New Memories for Day 5, Day 6, Jody, Zarina, Mia, Georgia, Ayumi.
New game mechanic: Parasite girls.
+2 Fun Points
+1 Brain Tolerance
+1 Achievement
+1 Outfit for Georgia.
Added more events to the Day 2 Gallery.
Added a day to the Savepoints.
Code re-arrangement
Lots of minor grammar fixes.
Fixed a bug when visiting the Fair and you don’t have the auto action active.
Fixed a bug of Zarina Massage memory unlocking even if you didn’t do the massage.
Fixed a few small continuity bugs in the dialog.
Continue Story for Alice (Thanks death705).
Continue Story for Georgia.
New outfit for Alice.
New Memories for Day 5, Georgia, Alice
+2 New Fun Points
+1 Achievement
Player abilities are automatically unlocked when getting FUN POINTS
New Map for The Fair (just a few placeholders)
+2 new secret images.
Gallery for Day 1 events (complete)
Gallery for Day 2 events (incomplete)

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Mega Anonfiles

Unofficial Time Loop Hunter APK (Android) (v0.39.10)


Walkthrough v0.38



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