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The Spinney Adult Game Download Overview

You’re in 2024, after a mysterious disease (around 20% of the population is dead), riots happened in every big city around the world. You decide to retire to a family house, near the beach and far away of the city.
Your goal is to survive, to establish a sustainable way of life. Roam around the place, maybe you will meet interesting people!​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-27
Developer: Dannot Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Real Porn, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Creampie, Sandbox, Handjob, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Groping, Spanking, Teasing, Titfuck, Male Domination, Sex Toys, Corruption, Big Ass
Planned Genre: Harem, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Big tits, Management




  • Delete the forced stop in the repeatable scene –> Replace with empty text to let the player roam freely in the scene
  • Add a “Go to sleep button” in your room to pass the entire day if you want

Story content: (Focus on new girls, main event & Ariana)

  • Main event: 3 Steps
  • Vina: 1 Step, 1 side event, 1 phone event
  • Kenzie: 3 side events
  • Ariana: 2 Steps, 2 side events, 4 phone event
  • Lacy: 3 Steps, 3 side events, 3 phone event
  • Alina: 1 Step, 4 side events
  • Jillian (new girl): 3 Step
  • Aidra (new girl): 1 Step
  • Shared events: 2 Steps


  • Fix an error when you pass Vina level 5 too soon in the story
  • Fix hints in Lacy/Kenzie & rework some hints in Vina’s path
  • Fixing misspealing
  • Fix a bug with a hint of Kenzie (v0.4.1)
  • Fix a bug with a hint of Lacy (v0.4.1)
  • Fix a bug where Lacy is at your pool before living in the house (v0.4.1)


Technical :

  • New Hint system
  • New Level system
  • Remove the basic image in the background of the text
  • Blur all the background pics when a portrait pic is displayed in front during a scene
  • Add Fishing & Traps to the Achievement Screen
  • Rework the SXP stat (after 50points)

Story content :

  • Main event : 2 Steps
  • Vina : 1 side event, 1 phone event
  • Kenzie : 2 Steps (Really long scene compared to others in this game)
  • Ariana : 1 Step, 2 side event, 7 phone event
  • Lacy : 4 Steps, 1 side event, 3 phone event
  • Alina : 1 side event, 2 phone event
  • Shared events : 4 Steps (Main focus in this version, with Kenzie & Lacy)

Bugfix :

  • Fix misspelling & syntax errors
  • Fix the music in the scene with Vina in the morning (2 music were played)
  • Fix a bug with the trap : It was possible to set a trap without building one
  • Fix a bug when you hit game over
  • Fix a bug when you try to reach first month event with Vina without Ariana in the house
  • Fix a bug with Kenzie in the morning in her room
  • Fix a bug when the Yoga with Lacy send you to her kitchen


Change the color of the font in Relation screen (black or white)
Fix spelling errors
Fix a bug where you can’t trigger Yoga with Lacy if you’re too high in Relation with her


Technical :
-New Stat & Relation screen, split in 2

-New font & text presentation for all the game

-Improve the presentation of the WK

-Mac Version (Late addition, a feedback from a Mac user would be welcome, Message me if you want to help the testing)

Story content :

-3 Steps for main event

-Vina : 2 Phone Steps

-Kenzie : 1 main scene (with video) & 2 side events

-Ariana : 1 main step & 2 side events (with video) & 2 Phone Steps

-Lacy : 2 main step (with video) & 1 side event & 3 Phone Steps

-Alina (focused on her) : 5 main step & 1 side event & 2 Phone Steps

No Content for Shared Event in this version.

Bugfix :

-Fixed an error when you reach the game over with less than 0 food

-Fixed an error when you meet Kenzie in the morning in the Spinney

-Fixed an issue where Ariana Lust is set back to 0 when you talk to her in the backyard

-Fixed an issue about the food : Ariana was not counted after her arrival. Now you will loose 3 food per day with Ariana, and 4 foods per day with Alina in v0.2.

-Fixed an issue about the sleeping : If you trigger the end of the day outside of your room, some events don’t pop up (like the event to trigger Ariana) I fixed the 7 events concerned about this problem. Now the game will bring you back to your room before going to sleep (more logical)

-Fixed an image error when you offer food to Kenzie

-Minor fix about misspelling & syntax error. (If you spot weirds things in my english, feel free to message me too !)

First Release

Download The Spinney Porn Game


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Mega Mixdrop


The Spinney Walkthrough (0.4)
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