The Pilgrimage Adult Game Download Overview

Between her adventures with famous commander Tali Zorah went to her pilgrimage to help quarian Flotilla. What can goes wrong? Seems like everything.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-25
Developer: Messman – Subscribestar – Ko-Fi
Censored: No
Version: 1.85
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Sci-fi, Parody, Adventure, Rape, Anal sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Combat, Masturbation, Monster, Oral sex, Sandbox, Teasing, Vaginal sex



Previous save file must work. I used the same save file I attached here previous time. But in case with new bear scenes – you need to repeat his appearance in “Undefined location” (when he come out and start running to Tali). Just do it if you using previous save to activate trigger for new scenes in medbay and corridor.
This update looks big and I separate all main parts in texts for better understanding.

Alpha-creep events.
To launch this part – just dump the heat from turret. Will work only if second part of vents already open. Battle with this enemy is same like other boss fights with red varren or apes.

  • Lose the battle to see Tali scene.
  • Win the battle and then go to pirate ship and check Nyun scene.

No matter what scene you saw – this will activate alpha-creep activity on map. Rest in medbay to make enemy randomly hide in 4 possible locations:

  • Warehouse
  • Engine room
  • Barracks
  • Pool

When you try to leave one of these locations using “back” arrow in right lower corner of screen – alpha-creep can suddenly attack Tali and damage her suit, starting battle-fuck.

  • Battle-fuck contains 2 stages and 2 possible options for pose. Escape option is available. No dart or tease skills now available for these scenes.
  • Alpha-creep can invade in medbay if turret heat reaches 100. It random as well as apes and red varren. This scene contains some different animations depends on lewd level. Low lewd Tali will fight, high lewd Tali will automatically invite enemy for sex. Middle lewd variant has option to fight or not. For high lewd – Nyun can randomly join the scene.

You need to win any of these battles to have option shoot the tracker on enemy. After this you can use scanner on map to detect him. Detection available for warehouse or engine. If you miss the dart on arrival in location – the battle fuck action activates.

  • Dart scenes in warehouse.
  • Dart scenes in engine.

All scenes have different variations depends on lewd level. Also, I added more Tali voice for it. Scanning the enemy is possible once pee day. You need to rest in medbay to reset scanner and surprise attack events.
Each time after alpha-creep scenes Tali will collect alpha-cum. You can use it to make poison grenades. I didn’t have time to add functional part for them yet. But they will work as usual grenades and the possible way to “remove” encounters in vents.

Crew events.

To launch this content, you need come in locker room when no one there and check locker for bottle of asari mead. Take it and come back again to see Jesora angry scene. After this next scenes will be available.

  • Vorcha blackmail. This is the vorcha which meet Tali each time on ship enter. I change the model for it, added more textures. If you agree to make a favor for vorcha first time – after three days he will demand for another payment for his silence and can invite a friend. These scenes repeatable and have lewd level variations. Event will stop if you kick his/their asses or just return the bottle to Jesora.
  • Krogan will catch Tali in locker room after next visit, if nothing else happens there and ask for favor. Scene variation depend on lewd level. Low lewd Tali will fight. Losing have it own variation.
  • Jesora scene in locker room shower. Go to Jesora cabin and choose tell her about bottle. You can skip scene as futa content. Otherwise just come to locker room after talk with Jesora. This dialogue with scene or without it returns the bottle back to locker and reset the all chain of previous scenes. You can start it again with just take the bottle again.

Other content.

  • New bear scene for lewd > 75 in his location. Same activation as all other scenes.
  • Bear invasion to medbay. It random like all others. Have game over variation if you lose to bear twice.
  • Bear+Tali+Nyun scene in ship corridor. Each 3 day after you find bear and open training grounds – this event will trigger on the way to Hallway (on a map). You need to fight and lose to bear to have this scene. High lewd Tali have its own option for this scene.
  • Tentacle trap scene in second vent sector. Just pass the wall dick with damaged suit and lose the struggle.
  • Wedding party scene in restroom. To activate it – give krogan drink on counter at stage 2 of party. In that case on last stage instead of krogan+Nyun event in toilet cabin will be vorchas event where lewd > 50 Tali can join. Randomly Serok can call Nyun and left Tali alone with both vorchas.

Other changes.

  • New map icons! Some UI specialist with nickname Flower_velvet in my Discord channel provided me this and now locations marking is more recognizable.
  • Warehouse location is remade with all cutscenes and first varren anal scene also.
  • Engine room location remade.
  • New encounter added in second vents part – thorns. It appears on the way left or right. You can use it to damage Tali suit for 1 stage down.
  • Frogs battle fuck in med lab is fixed. Now frogs not die from one shot.
  • Enemy hit chance is increased for battle fucks.

Hope you enjoy it!


Game update. Version 1.8
Previous saves must work. In case you have some problems – prepared save file in attachment, just before new content start.

New content:

New location – training grounds. I will use it for crew content besides the wedding event. To find it the insect sector must be found and Nyun must be in lab. After 3 days she disappeared and it starts new quest. Go and talk with vorcha on pirate ship enter. Use his menu to move in new location. Nyun will roam between her previous location (bar or vents) and training ground day after day. Working same like with Jesora when she in moving between cabin and bar.

Scenes here:

  • Nyun + vorcha scene in new location. Wait till the end of day while Nyun there and check locker room.
  • Sentia(turian girl) + vorcha scene in new location. Visit training grounds when Nyun not there and check locker room.
  • Tali + vorcha anal scene in new location. Talk with krogan about the fight and lose it. This scene have extended variant with another vorcha come after first. To get it you need to make this vorcha angry – available through the dialogue with krogan.

Insects sector extension. Now you can turn right before go forth to second egg nest with local facehuggers.

Scenes here:

  • New egg nest in insect sector with stuck event. Long game over event with 2 rounds of struggling. Just try to take an egg.
  • Spider bug oral scene. He will find you on the way to boss room.
  • Insect sector mini-boss. Have many action animations during battle and 4 scenes depending on what struggle you lost. Oral, vaginal and anal scenes accordingly and final scene with bulges. Try different combinations of actions to find it. Important! After you kill the boss – there are will be not able to activate him again. Make save files before go if you want to check all scenes later.

Other content:

  • Two new events with facehuggers on move forward in second part of vents. It can be just eggs or room with game over event. First option have scenes available for all suit conditions. Second you can encounter only in non-damaged suit. Added the skip options for this room. To activate game over scene just shoot facehugger with gun. Killing it with omni-tool will make Tali just leave. Both events can be found without slug active.
  • Tali + AMI blowjob scene. Activating after you had spider bug oral scene. Just return to lab. Have 2 Tali POV animations optional.
  • Frog guys battle-fuck DP scenes and damaged suit dart scene. About 30 new animations added. Now this even have complete set of animations for all suit conditions. Second frog join if alarm level higher 100. The certain way to activate frog invasion is added – you need to send AMI on her mission AFTER the Nyun. But you need to check cameras anyway.


Old saves must work.

New vent sector.

To go there you need to remove second flesh wall and it will unblock the fast travel also with map. To find poison grenade – check the new room against the flesh wall. This hatch now interactable. New vents sector has rogue like mechanics. With each move Tali make noise. If noise meter reach limit – it summons xenomorph. Important! Random events with slugs and wall dick appear only on turns left or right. If you go only forward – you find nothing. Scenes here depends on suit condition. Lewd level not affect it – I will add arousal mechanics here later. Content here:

  • Wall dick. 6 scenes total, DP option(random) for damaged and destroyed suit available.
  • Slug scene. After slug dropped in Tali, it will start damaging her suit. If you don’t remove it with action button – he will grow. Animations are progressing also till the final scene after which AMI will save Tali (for now)
  • Xenomorph scenes. 5 scenes here, also depends on suit condition. One more option available for destroyed suit.

Using action button, you can remove the slug (if he is not big already), use wall dick in front of it or return to lab.

Varrens game over +

Red varren must be alive. If both – apes and varren still alive, random decide who come to medbay in case turret heat reach 100.


  • Initial licking scene. Provided by Tlazol. He helps me add more content in this update. Happens when Tali gets in varrens den.
  • Varren handjob/blowjob/rape. This varren waiting from the left. Scene depends on lewd level. Low lewd Tali will fight instantly and get another scene if lose.
  • Varrens DP. Go right to see this scene in container.
  • Red varren rape. If you go left till the end, randomly red one can catch Tali. If she is losing struggle – scene happens.

Other content:

  • Flying bugs scene in medlab. Now if you send everyone to missions, this bugs will visit medbay when Tali go sleep. DP variation is random and depends on lewd level, struggle option on low lewd.
  • Flying bugs scene Tali+Nyun. You need to use strange drink twice to get this scene.
  • Battle fuck with frog guy. Now if you checking cameras when Nyun and AMI out – it possible to track the frog guy from new room hatch to medlab. You need to check 3 cameras for it to start battle fuck action. Only single animations available now and dart scenes with not damaged suit.
  • Red varren scene in warehouse. Available after quest to find the Jesora. Resets after rest and if red varren alive. Just find the clickable area on container.
  • Frog guys room against the second flesh wall. This place is conceived as their game over area on future. For now, its new room with dead merc and some voice records made by AI. Just exit the room with merc – the handjob scene will be available with some variations depends on lewd level.
  • Asari DP scene. You can’t miss it if enter the frogs room. Just passing by.


Game update. Version 1.7

This time yes. Many code was changed and added to trigger new events. If you have save file before apes/varrens intrude to medbay and before Zeltan come with proposal – it might be work also, but not sure.

Wedding event.

Little content fork here, if Tali agreed with Zeltan’s proposal – he will come after 5 days to invite her on party. If not – Nyun will do it. Some dialogues will be different also.

The wedding party is separate on three main stages. You can jump to next stage using “back” button on lower right corner and choose “Skip one hour.”. The background and dialogues will change accordingly. The same way you can choose to visit the toilet behind the bar. After 3d stage party over and Tali can return to medbay. After first party talk with Nyun in bar to unlock the possibility to repeat it.

  • Anal with vorcha near bar counter. Vorcha will grab Tali ass if you talk about him with Nyun. If Tali remove the plug – vorcha will be able to fuck her. Available only in first stage.
  • Sex Nyun+krogan. Krogan will be nervous about drinks, talk with Nyun. Available in second stage.
  • Toilet and gloryhole scenes. Available in second and third stage. There is different variations depends on lewd level. Non lewd Tali will automatically refused to do anything in gloryhole – so she need to kick the vorcha ass or her mouth will be fucked. High lewd Tali can get DP action. Also if lewd higher 50 – Nyun randomly can join on blowjob or during DP action.
  • Toilet Tali+krogan anal. This scene available only for second lewd level ( 25 < * < 50). Trigger is random during handjob scene.
  • Tali+Nyun+krogan. This scene can be activated on third stage after talk with Nyun. Go and find her in toilet after.

Game over+

Now after first intrusion in medbay the turret heating is activating. It will increase each day on random value. When it reaches 100 and Tali go rest – apes will invade, but instead of instant game over it will launch another chain of events. Same happens if Tali lose to apes in prison after phantom visit. IMPORTANT! Apes will come to medbay regardless of repaired you lock in prison or not after heat become 100. This is not bug. I will change it when another game over+ events ready. For now, only apes will intrude, so just pretend that it some other apes. Also after lose in prison (phantom event) the apes will still stay in prison after Tali escape. I decide to unbound lock repair and game over+ triggers to more comfortable access to new content. BUT if you kill apes on intrusion – they will not come back.

  • All content is happening during three stages. Difference with wedding that the stages going round and after third reset back to first and so on until Tali escaped. There is two ways to escape – find three tech parts to open the door or “convince” one ape three times.
  • DP scene at first day end. Have some animations variations depends on lewd level.
  • DP scene during second day. To trigger this scene, first – steal the tech part from crate, then go “convince” ape. Another one will come angry from the back. This scene also has some different animations depends on lewd level.
  • Handjob/blowjob/boobjob scenes for “convincing” the ape. Just find him. Available in second and third day. Not available for non-lewd Tali (<25).
  • Little cage anal scene. Available only for non-lewd Tali. Can be triggers in second day if Tali steal tech part and go rest.
  • Crate sex scene. Available in third day. Just try to find the tech part in box as usual.


  • New melee fight mechanics. You will try it for sure especially if decide to resist during game over+ or toilet scenes. Also I added it for shower bugs encounter instead of instant sex scene.
  • Tali in medbay now clickable and giving the hints for current main quest
  • Game over+ I used movement arrows like in vents to move around, just for you to know.
  • Use medbay menu to dump the turret heat.


What new:

  • Camera check UI and Nyun side missions. Now you can send Nyun on side mission to gather some tech parts and ammo for you. Talk with her and ask for help. Also added the possibility to return Nyun back to bar and send her to vents again. When she is on her side mission you can check the orange laptop in lab to check some scenes with her.
  • Lewd system remade. Now it have 4 levels from 0 to 100 – Tali start to be more lewd from 25. Gap between levels also 25. It means the maximum lewd which will change anything is 75 for now. I left maximum – 100 for future content. On status screen in medbay now you can see color bar, which will indicates the lewd status and change color when you gain next level. All scenes and dirty talks are mostly bound to this new levels distribution for one exception – I left teasing skill requirements on 10 now, don’t want to make much pain of pointless grinding.
  • Vents movements code refactoring. Animation of crawling now looks slightly smoother, and it will not jump and glitch forward. You can skip it in usual way like all animations – just with click.
  • Tali butt now clickable when you see her from the back in room while looting stuff around. Little 4th wall breaking. She will act differently depends on lewd level. Little but nice addition which I will expand and use later.
  • Added some new sounds in scenes – moans, breath etc.
  • Quest to fix the energy with stuck event is repeatable. After 3 days it will break again.

New content:

  • Three scenes with Nyun on her side missions. You can see it on cameras.
  • Varrens stack event content extension. New animations on high lewd levels.
  • Bear content – 3 new scenes for different lewd levels. More extended variant on lower level.
  • Jesora new events in her cabin. Some differences depends on lewd level. Now when you come to check Jesora’s cabin you can choose the scene to watch.
  • Nyun + Tali scene in bar. If Tali have lewd more than 25 she can join and help Nyun.
  • AMI + Tali scene in lab. Egg removal procedure, but from another hole. To trigger this scene Tali must receive the egg in her ass.
  • New ape encounter in barracks. Works and triggers the same like in comroom. Tali can choose to hide or face him in battle. Total 6 scenes here.


Game update. Version 1.6
This update focuses on vents content, specifically – on new insects sector.

Gameplay changes:

  • New vents sector available. To open it talk with AMI after you finish her quest to brake the hatch.
  • Map for fast travel in vents. You will be able to see the button in upper right corner when moving in the vents. Now only 3 options – exit, lab and new bugs sector. Location will open after you found it.
  • Nyun now interactable in lab. She will take her place after you discover the insect sector.
  • AMI side missions. Become available after you discover the insects sector. Just talk with her in lab.
  • Craft system now working. Check the right corner in lab. You can collect eggs as before and now also collect cum, but only from scenes in vents. Not much receipts for now. Combine two eggs to make the poison.
  • New skill to throw the fire charge. Available during corridor encounters and if you have fire charges. You need to craft it using poison and ammo clip. Also fire charges can clean the web blocking the way in insects sector.
  • Old save must work. If you using save after discover all the vents – talk with AMI about insects.


  • Egg nest on new sector enter. You can take the egg from there. Randomly it can trigger the bug attack. Mechanics same like with bug in Nyun quest. Two variations for further scene here.
  • Same bug can attack from above if you didn’t trigger him on enter. Just go forward to the web and try to turn back.
  • Facehuggers scenes. Two variations here. Another eggs nest is waiting if you explore the vents. To activate DP variant just return back and trigger it again.
  • AMI rescue mission and game over event. Activates in room you can find in insects sector. If Tali lose the fight – AMI will go to save her. If AMI will be not so fast – it can be ended with game over. Contains 3 stages of game over scene and 2 scenes for AMI.
  • Flying bugs scenes in lab. AMI must be on her side mission to get this scenes. Drink with Nyun. Two main variants – with Tali or Nyun. And third special variant – to find it you need to craft some special.
  • AMI futa scene. Optional. If you return to lab after Tali got egglayed, AMI will notice something wrong.


I gave this version number 1.55 because there are no actually any plot progression or new dialogues. All update is for battle-fuck extension mechanics and content. Moreover, game code was refactored and well prepared for future add-ons.

The followed things are concerned all three corridor encounters now present in game:

  • New single enemy animations after dart skill use. For now it random – Tali can make it like before or try another way. Also added animations for damaged suit – that means dart skill now available for all suit conditions.
  • DP “attack” scenes from enemy side.
  • DP dart skill animations from Tali’s side.

Mechanics description:

  • To unlock the double encounter the certain level of alarm must be reached. For rat-enemy it 100, for varrens – 150, for lizards – 200. Second enemy can come during the battle – it can happen after each attack or teasing action.
  • New damaged suit animations for dart skill will be available after lewd level become more than 40.
  • Teasing action each time increasing the chance second enemy will join.
  • Dart skill working for both enemy in same way. You don’t need to shoot it twice and no double consumption.
  • If you kill one enemy, second will still fight.

I didn’t count how much total new animations was added, but including all suit conditions it more than 100.

Old save files must work.
Hope you enjoy it!


Game update. Version 1.5

  • Scanner repair quest redone. Now it available after Jesora fix the hacking device. You will able to see it in dialogue and new hint on status screen check.
  • New room/location with side quest. It simple mini game to fix the energy source. Contain scenes with varren(s). After you done with energy you can proceed to second part of location where the scene with mutant bear can be found. Location can be found only with scanner.
  • Teasing option now available for interacting with prison apes. Don’t go too far with it or they will become really angry. Scene is repeatable later if lewd level enough high. Some additional loops and extra ending included.
  • DP bad end scene with prison apes. Can be found after all cut-scenes with phantom girl. You will find yourself why.
  • Shower bugs bad end event. It just evolving of last scene.
  • Big croc guy random “bad dart” event.
  • New scene with Zeltan. Continuation of his story arc.
  • AMI side quest. Short episode where you can take control of AMI itself and open the hatch blocking the way back from vents. Contains three scenes up to your choice.


Finally I made the update I thinking about from start. Maybe someone remember that I wanted to make it at summer end. Many things since changed and I happy to represent new gameplay episode of the game in vents crawling style. This time I want to start from introduction.

  • Movement in vents is different. RenPy is not 3D engine, so most of work fell on my coding hands and blender render engine. And I tried to imitate it best as possible. I just had an idea and wished to do it with all my might. I made some calibrations but move animations can sometimes finish faster and jumping forward, you can skip it with simple click as usual. It will depend on your system and delay time between click and animation start. But I hope it not much affect the gameplay.
  • Movements direction limited. As I said – RenPy is visual novels engine, so possibility to move is hard coded and sometimes you will not find the all obvious paths you could see around. Still you can reach all necessary places and I will add more renders with updates, making movement more flexible.
  • Vents gameplay contain new loot, new gameplay features. For now you can find some eggs, but don’t pay much attention on it. I will make complete loot and craft system with next update. Also there will be another checkpoint like medbay. When you find it, you can always return to usual medbay and come back to vents in pool. Please note that leaving the vents that way is not according to plot, and other characters will not react on it in any way. I just made it for now for convenience.
  • Old safe must work. To activate the vents availability just check status screen in medbay and then check your quest. You need to finish cutscenes with pool and big croc gut to make it possible.

Alright. Now the content. As you can understand – the enemies will be also different. I don’t want to make direct explanations how to get all the scenes, this is horror style update after all.

  • Two anal scenes with “frog” guys. They will try to catch you in vents.
  • DP scene with “frog” guys.
  • Blowjob with “frog” guy
  • Tentacle scene in vents
  • Tentacle nest anal game over scene
  • AMI scene
  • 3 Nyun scenes with bug
  • Tali helmet blowjob scene with bug
  • Tali+Nyun game over scene

Total it 12 new scenes – all in vents. AMI is new character and part of the plot, I guess you will happy to meet her.

Get ready to struggle for your ass and clicking fast. You will find yourself what I mean.

And please let me know directly if you find any bugs or bugs. The game has become really huge, I could miss something.


Main content changes:

  • Redone first anal scene. Now it animated.
  • Redone first shower scene. Add new side quest to fix medbay vent hatch, from where bugs will time to time bother Tali in shower. Two more scene variations now. Quest can be started after first meet with Jesora. Obviously it leads to game over variation, but i didn’t made it yet. So if you not fixing the hatch, the last scene will just repeat. IMPORTANT! There is slight bug in status check, when quest to fix hatch will remains. But it will dissapeare after next quest update. I will find the way to fix it next time. I hope this quest will balance the big drop rate of tech parts. It requires 30 pcs.
  • Start of elcor arc. Now with 2 scenes. Just get some drinks in bar.
  • Battle-fuck action in new corridor on the way to pool. Will be available after you find location and done all plot cutscenes. 20+ new animations.

Other changes:

  • Added some more background to action buttons to reduce the chance miss it.
  • Added loot to pool location.
  • Runaway event removed from pool route. Now big croc guy will wait Tali on the way to random places after rest.
  • Added special drink in bar to reduce lewd level.

Yes, start new game is necessary in this case, because i changed much from very beginning. Bugs quest will just not activate if you use save file.



  • Comroom scenes extension. Three new variations depending on lewd level. All available in ACT 3 (after you found Jesora)
  • Red varren new scene in bay1. You need try to escape after start a battle with him. Scene activates if it fails.
  • New gameplay element with new “special” enemy. You will find it during quest progress in new location. Don’t want to say everything, just find it yourself. It contain 3 new scenes.

Other stuff:

  • Map scanner added. Jesora gives it during quest line. For now it can be used only to find pool.
  • Buttons fix. Now you dont need to target the borders.
  • New location – The Pool. For now it not contain nothing interesting except plot advancements.
  • Cutscenes, dialogues and code to make it work.



  • New anal scene for prison guy with lube use if you fix the lock
  • Game over scene for prison guys in medbay if you don’t fix the lock
  • New red varren scene in cockpit
  • Game over red varren scene in medbay.
  • Nyun scene in bar (check the rest)

Battle-fuck system for corridor encounters:

  • No health damage from enemies. Now they trying just grab the Tali. The fight ends in four ways – fuck, be fucked, kill it or run away.
  • Enemies now toughter. You need to shoot 5 times and hit. Or use grenade. From other side run away now easier, it not activate scene instantly, enemy just grabing. I increase ammo drop from crates to not bother with it.
  • Now when enemy icon on scroll reach left end, enemy grabing.
  • The animations can be different depends of suit damage stage and lewd level. Total new loops and no so loops is about 40+. The lewd limit for all new is 41.
  • New skill “Teasing”. Its like good old “skip the turn”, just provoking enemy to grab. Available from lewd level 11.
  • New skill “Tranquilizer dart”. To calm the enemies. Will be available in ACT 3 after you find the bar location.
  • New skill after you used dart. You know what to do.
  • Battle-fuck availabale ONLY for corridor events for now. And don’t try to find DPs, not yet, but i prepared everything to make it.
  • Previous scenes not available now.

The rest:

  • New location – Bar. Will be availabe after you finish quest to find Jesora.
  • New character – Nyun. Asari bartender.
  • New character – elcor Zeltan. He will be the trader insted of Jesora. Can be found in bar.
  • Game size optimization. I resized the bunch of pics without quality lost to make game client smaller.


Here we go:

  1. Prison boys story arc extension. There are 2 different scenes for case you fixed the lock or not.
  2. Now you can choose to fight during red varren encounter in bay-1. He is still friendly, but you can try your luck. No complains if you lost through. Both scenes repeatable.
  3. Jesora blowjob scene. Here my first attempt to play with POV camera. For now it’s the most complicated scene i ever made. 600+ renders, facial expressions, dynamic camera. All for you to judge. This scene will trigger ALL futa content generally in game. If you had any doubts before vorchas scene, then after this there is no way back. And yeah, POV option is available for the booooooothh. Try not to miss the right button.

Other changes/fixes:

  1. New locaton behind the door in barracks
  2. Prison cage fix quest bug removed.
  3. General map and ship model itself changed to give more space for future content.
  4. Dialogue box changed as well as text sizes.

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