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The Last Sovereign is an adult fantasy RPG that plunges you into the saga of a world torn between forces of lust and purity. As you enter the complex conflict, you forge a new path that will change the course of history! …maybe. The thing is, acting like most heroes gets you killed, and most evil overlords’ plans make no sense. The Last Sovereign is a game that twists your expectations for adult games, while fully embracing a reconstruction of some familiar old tropes to provide a lot of fun, sexy content.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-09-04
Developer: Sierra Lee Patreon – Blog – Wiki
Censored: No
Version: 0.69.2 Public
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Text based, Male protagonist, Fantasy, RPG, Graphic violence, Puzzle, Romance, Adventure, Turn based combat, Incest, Male domination, Mind control, Monster, Monster girl, Virgin, Lesbian, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Harem, Group sex, Anal sex, Titfuck, Rape, Futa/trans, Furry, Footjob, Bukkake, Drugs, Sex toys, Prostitution, Slave

Changelog for v 0.69.0
– New harem quest beginning in Theltiar.

– New plot quest beginning in a location revealed within this update.

– New harem quest beginning in base courtyard (contingent on the above plot quest).

– Penultimate harem member, the last before the secret optional member.

– Fully 12 (!) new sex scenes, two of them affection scenes.

– New illustrated scenes: Aka + Varia, Altina From Behind, Restoring Riala, Yarra + Qum + Nalili, and all 15 (!) of Lilith’s Chaos scenes

Supossedly there was more content added in v.0.69.1 but no idea what it is most likely added more pictures for scenes but no clue, and no info on v0.69.2 except for ” This one had two weeks of refinements, so everyone should have a good experience unless I bungled a bugfix at the end. With this, we wrap up a major loose end and a couple harem quests, bringing the quest much closer to the end. “

0.68.2 [7/07/23]

0.68.0 [6/09/23]
– New harem quest beginning in the Renthnor Wilds.
– New harem quest beginning in Orgasmic Palace 4F (after Philon quest line).
– New Wilds building unlocked.
– Additional interaction/consequence added to Succession Crisis (Blademasters Guild).
– Further cleanup and minor bugfixing from the Succession Crisis.
– Six new sex scenes.
– Three new illustrated scenes: Ginasta First Time, Hilstara Missionary, Robin First Time

0.67.2 [5/26/23]
I doesn’t exist, as the creator is busy creating the next update.

0.67.1 [5/19/23]
– Various changes and additions behind the scenes. Optimization is overall easier, but the negative consequences are more severe.
– It is no longer possible to have Tyna marry Kalant with poor enough variables.
– It is now possible to walk Tyna down the aisle with sufficient variables. This has no numerical impact.
– NPCs around Ardford now respond to news of Tyna’s wedding.
– Four new illustrated scenes: Hilstara x Lynine, Yarra’s Joint Squad, Megail + Orilise, Nalili Tentacles
– Dari’s quest now adds additional relationship points.
– Internal variables renamed for easier comprehension by data miners. =P

0.67.0 [5/12/23]
– The succession crisis can now be resolved via a new quest line beginning in Ardford.
– New harem quest beginning in Ardford Religious District.
– Three new sex scenes.
– Item sell bug (hopefully) fixed.

0.66.2 [4/21/23]
– Hopefully final edits to the filtering script.
– Minor polishing.

0.66.1 [4/19/23]
– Added new title card assets.
– Carina’s special equipment event will now disappear if you got the previous version of it.
– All issues related to the gallery/filter are hopefully resolved, but please test.
– Bugfixing and polishing.

0.66.0 [4/14/23]
– New title screen and new branding across platforms!
– New harem quest beginning by Yarra in Headquarters B1.
– New harem quest beginning in Tak’Kan regional map.
– Additional flavor text and SFX added to Lilith’s Abed.
– Seven new pieces of ultimate/custom equipment.
– Three new sex scenes (all found via the above harem quests).
– Five new illustrated scenes: Aka Riding, Balia’s First Time, Forest Orgy, Lynine + Orilise, and Restoring Unsuccubi
– New quality of life feature thanks to Arachne: the gallery can now be filtered by any harem member!

Bug Fix
With so many more people playing TLS, I can’t get away with bugs in the same way. Despite taking two weeks and many iterations, this most recent build has a couple issues. The sort of thing that the majority of players will never see, but again, with enough players some of them will get stuck. Putting out a build takes up some time, but… so does handling bug reports.

Anyway, before people make assumptions, I have been hard at work on TLS 0.66.0. I’m feeling good about it, but there’s no way I can finish it super quickly. So I made the decision that it was better to put out this build for everyone playing the game meanwhile.



– New plot quest, beginning in the Renthnor Wilds.
– New harem quest, beginning in the Yhilini Royal Chambers (any time in Chapter 5).
– New harem quest, beginning in the base front hall (any time after the Incubus War).
– New harem quest beginning in the Renthnor Wilds (after completing the new plot quest).
– Major new base feature: full portrait mode, including 29 unique pieces of art and 125 paintings total!
– New harem member, with either 1 or 15 sex scenes, depending on how you count.
– Aside from that, two plot sex scenes.
– Final combat party member, bearing 17 new skills and some bizarre mechanics.
– In Balia’s challenge, teaching orcs skills only costs essence once each iteration. If you create new orcs, you can teach them already-learned skills for no additional cost.
– The Simon Recovery variable has been slightly tweaked now that there are more than enough points.
– 5 new illustrated scenes: Aka’s New Form, Hilstara X Succubi, Lynine’s First Time, Megail 100, Orilise’s First Time

Bug Fix


  • Critical party swap bug fixed.
  • Multiple party dungeon bug fixed.
  • Seven new illustrated scenes: Altina Seated, Esthera Dominance, Iris Meeting, Ivala First Time, Megail Anal, Mithyn First Time, Robin Seated


  • Ramasta dead end fixed.
  • Content in Sarai’s headquarters made more accessible.
  • All other reports cleaned up.


  • New open world segment, with an unusual number of updates.
  • 9 new scenes.
  • Two new characters can join the harem, bringing six new affection scenes with them.
  • Two other characters joining the base.
  • An old character’s affection can be uncapped via a new scene, allowing them to be maxed.
  • New harem quest.
  • Shining Swords can finally be turned in for rewards.
  • Various new opportunities around the world, making it possible to restore the “entity” even if items were previously missed.
  • Thanks to the work of DukeLeto7, Decanter, and others, several obscure bugs have been eliminated.
  • Annikath has made some improvements to several dozen past scenes (purely on her own time), so all of those have been updated.
  • Four new illustrated scenes: Elleani Titfuck, Janine 69, Riala Dreaming, Sarai Doggy


  • New segment finishing the Incubus War.
  • Minor edits to the prison content.
  • New scenes, the number depending on how you count them.
  • Art exists for 14 new scenes, but to make my release window, it was deferred. Expect it to be added to the .1 or .2 update.


  • New section of the story
  • No new art. There is art ready, but I won’t have time to include it until the .1 release or so.
    Though this isn’t quite the update I originally intended, I think it’s the right update for moving the story forward. Instead of trying to tackle all of the remainder of the Incubus War in one update, I focused on a discrete section this time and will conclude everything in 0.59.0.
    This one is a bit crazy, sort of an RPG within an RPG. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it as a change of pace in between the chaotic sections of the war, but for now it is complete and I can sleep. -_-

New Content

  • If you invested in repairing Feroholm, new maps can now be visited.
  • Same with Stineford Farm, which has different versions depending on whether you chose orcs, succubi, or the poor.
  • Sprite animations can now be viewed en masse via the private rooms staircase in the base.
  • Five new Orcent conversations: Yhilin Guard Bar, Denlak’s Bar, The Tower’s Backdoor, Orgasmic Cafe, Feroholm (rebuilt only)
  • Four new illustrations: Riala Relaxing, Trin Double Team, Wendis Reunion (x2)


  • Megail has an “investment finder” event in her office, specifically for new investments not in Rodak or the Orgasmic Empire
  • Tertia has a new conversation/investment that affects the price of Rodakan Agriculture.
  • Stenai now includes a new event with Feremina.
  • Gathering Complex Refurbishment price now scales with collateral damage.
  • The Rodakan Order investment likewise scales with collateral damage.


  • A new conversation with the Erosian harem leader now grants an Erosia point.
  • The Helvanna “Succubi in Rodak” investment now grants character points.
  • Ryoken receives a greater number of cosmetic changes as it improves, including new NPCs, new dialogue, and empty houses receiving doors or occupants.
  • Two Erosian NPCs have new dialogue with Ginasta.
  • Herin has moved from the Bloody Spire to Cee’Kan, if she became High Priestess.
  • The Impaler has a new line of dialogue.
  • Doors in Theltiar now animate (thanks to Decanter).
  • Minor new dialogue for the Helvanna Lustlord temple.
  • Minor additional dialogue to map succubus.
  • Truly minor fixes, like typos or tileset corrections, are not listed.

v0.55.2 Public

  • More polishing and bugfixing.
  • A succubus in the Orgasmic Empire library now shows the map of Renthnor.
  • The Renthnor map is added to the teleportation room maps after being viewed.
  • Hilstara RP shifted, Balia RP added to orc investment.
  • Xestris RP added to her first headquarters conversation.

Time for the update! This one should be reasonably polished, but it needs to come with a warning: the balance for the entire Gathering is not finalized. Though I did my best, it’s possible that after the next update, I or someone else will realize the game would be better with a tweak to this section. If you’re highly concerned with game balance, I suggest keeping a save prior to this version.

That said, this one has quite a bit of different content I hope you will enjoy. ^-^ Though I want to continue working on Once Ever After, TLS 0.54.0 will be higher priority.



Depending on your decisions, you may be able to unlock a new segment and final state for Eustrin.

  • Aka’s personal quest can now be completed.
  • Hilstara has a complete personal quest.
  • The Tower mine has reopened, granting different saves different items. Both regions have been repopulated with a few new fights.
  • Two new scenes, three new affection scenes.
  • Two more scenes that are inaccessible without cheating. Working ahead.
  • If you’re still locked out of Ardoheim in Chapter 5, you can now gain access via a payment in Headquarters 1F.
  • If you didn’t receive the Crystal of Harmony, it can now be purchased in Ari-Yhilina.
  • If Fheliel’s conversation was missed, you can find her in Ryoken.
  • Returning to Wynn’s house after the recent transformation will unlock new dialogue (and a new scene).
  • Improved Qum and Megail sex sprites thanks to Decanter.
  • Minor continuity fixes in early content.
  • New Illustrated Scenes: Carina Solo, Altina Blowjob, Megail Doggy, Trin Orgy

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