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The Last Barbarian Adult Game Download Overview

“The Last Barbarian” — is a third-person action role-playing game. You are encouraged by the game to proceed with caution, learn from past mistakes, or find alternate areas to explore. If you are not careful, monsters will be able to have sex with you and you will have to start from the very beginning.
“The Last Barbarian” takes place in a fantasy N’ul-realm, plunged into darkness and debauchery after the arrival of the ancient Goddess of Flesh. She gives everyone what they want most. But she distorts all desires and so the whole world is plunged into perversion and violence. Everything around is nourished by sexual energy.

The protagonist of the game woke up in the dungeon after the battle with the orcs in her village. She is the last barbarian from a tribe of local Amazons. They never submitted to anyone and valued only their freedom and love. But now she is driven by a thirst for revenge and a desire to revive her tribe.

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-09-06
Developer: Viktor Black Patreon – Subscribestar – Twitter – Discord
Censorship: No
Version: 0.9.13
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre:3d game, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Combat, Corruption, Creampie, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Groping, Group sex, Handjob, Internal view, Male domination, Monster girl, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Rape, Tentacles, Vaginal sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

How to play Mac-version releases?

  1. After downloading an app, drag it to the Applications folder.
  2. Select the app and right or control-click.
  3. Click “Open”.
  4. Click “Open” again to confirm.
  5. From now on, you’ll always be able to open it without having to go through this process again.

Hello Everyone!

The world goes crazy! June was really rich for strange weather events. We had tornadoes and “tropical” rains in Eastern Europe and extremely hot in Canada! I hope you’re all safe. But the apocalyptic weather can’t stop project development! So, 0.9.13 is here, what’s new?

Slayer of Gods and Politics quests, Breeding Duty

Yes. I continue these quest lines. Walkthroughs will be updated soon.

After destroying N’akhzeran and enslaving cultists, talk to Torus. He will notice that something changed in the world and you’re not bound with curse anymore. Yes, you can safely ride him.

Handjob scene added
Behind sex scene with progression added
After reaching your best orgasm ever you’ll find yourself in a strange “meaty” cavern. You can get her The Primal Egg artifact. Scenes added:

Flesh hole stuck
Flesh hole slap
Flesh hole sex
Flesh hole swallow
Flesh wall stuck
Flesh wall sex with progression
Flesh wall give birth
After one more orgasm, you wake up at N’akhzeran. Talk to the dragon to get more about Egg. This quest line is under development (left it for the last narrative release).

Come back to Witch. She will tell you that orcs are ready for Invasion. You need to persuade. Shorca to leave Devenant alone. But the price might be so high.

Breeding stock Idle
Breeding stock Sex
Breeding stock Birth
You can try to cheat Shorca, to destroy her status.

Barbarian do blowjob for Jerry scene with progression
Shorca dance scene
Shorca breeding stock Sex
Small fixes

GOF texture issue (black nipples)
Dungeon – wooden horse scene – old sfx removed.
Dungeon – hungry floor swallow scene – SFX changed
Dungeon – sex inside hungry floor – SFX changed
Strange “1” message while talking to Torus
Orc Executor scenes 1 and 5 resurrection issue
Text bugs

New in game mechanic – Reincarnation

After the witch explains to Barbarian the nature of her memory lapses and learns the story of Burgilda (who became a succubus), the game mechanics of death will be updated. After losing to the monster, you will be able to press “R” to go through Purgatory and be reborn. If you continue with old saves – just ask Witch about memory lapses one more time to turn this event on.


Do you remember the location of the Nightmare? This location is now called Purgatory and has a very important narrative sense. If you fail the colored crystal challenge, the barbarian will transform into a succubus and be returned to the mortal world.

How to restore your humanity? – If you get stuck, I left a hint here. –

Play as succubus

I make releases once a month and post the game as it is now. Therefore, in order to protect the player from breaking the gameplay, I limited the available locations for visiting. Succubus can visit Stormwind Valley, Witch Hut, Noria’s Tavern, Brothel, Prison, and Hell.

In the Brothel, you will not get payd for your services.
Masturbation lowers your health.
Orcs are resistant to succubus magic
People may not survive after having sex with a succubus
Succubus cannot get pregnant. Her pussy and ass are always virgin.
The new enemy – Evil eye

The master of Purgatory will look after the barbarian with the help of his servants. They are easy to kill, but you should keep your distance from them.

Translation issues

I ran into a problem unknown to me. After updating the translation files, the game refuses to start. I am looking for a solution to the problem and hope to find it soon. Unfortunately, in this update I didn’t update russian translation. I hope to solve this bug in a minor update. Sorry.

Run faster

Another important update – I added Sprint Mode. Barbarian can run faster instead of spamming a roll. Sprint will depend on the level of stamina in the future. Sprint works in the following locations: Stormwind valley, Mines, N’akhzeran, Hell, The Forest of Oblivion, Arena


After you return the wings to Whodra and she destroys N’akhzeran, she wants to thank you. Enjoy your flyght

Fixes and changes

Initiation room. Barbarian. Tentacle pussy slap – sfx changed
Initiation room. Barbarian. Tentacle Pussy rub – sfx changed
Initiation room. Barbarian. Tentacle Pussy fuck – sfx changed
Green orc. Blowjob game over scene. – sfx changed.
Green orc. Ass fuck game over scene. – sfx changed. Facial animation changed.
Green orc. Sex from behind game over scene. – sfx changed. Facial animation changed.
Succubus. Fisting gameover scene. . – sfx changed. Facial animation changed.
Succubus. Pussy lick gameover scene. . – sfx changed.
Dungeon.Wood horse scene – sfx changed. Facial animation changed.
Dungeon. Locked In Stocks sex scene – sfx changed. Facial animation changed.
Can’t lay an egg in the Dragon’s Lair – fixed
Barbarian model has been updated for better performance and additional morphs
New scenes

Whodra fucks barbarian’s mouth while tail penetrates pussy
Whodra takes Barbarian from behind in the air
Beeh missionary sex
Beeh blowjob scene
Beeh ass fuck scene
Noria tavern. Spit roast scene
Noria tavern.Reverse cowgirl scene
Noria tavern. Jerk off guy to the death.
Witch face slide
Witch pussy fingering
Witch pussy fingering 2
Fuck guard guy in jail
Fuck guard guy at Devenant gate
Orc blowjob scene during orc invasion in Devenant
Evil eye game over scene 1
Evil eye game over scene 2


To get access to this quest, you must complete the existing quest lines:
Mother Nature (get bad end or lay 1st egg to produce Ent)
Servant of gods (save Burgild or get bad end)
Politics are dirty business (give Mr. Clay free will)
Path of the Revenge (defeat Goddess in the Hell and rip her wings off)
If you completed these quests in the previous version of the game, you can continue using the old save.
I know that some events in the game might be available at the wrong time. The reason for the existence of this problem is that I let the game world “live on its own” (yes, it sounds strange, I feel my characters are alive). My initial vision of the game’s plot and what came out now are very different. So I just physically do not have enough time to redo certain things in one release. But don’t worry, I am working to protect the player from breaking the game story.
Scenes added:
Shorca in cell handjob
Shorca in cell blowjob
Golem and Shorca threesome
Golem and Shorca double penetration
Golem fucks Shorca
Shorca rimjob scene
Cultrist and orc “bound together”
In front of everyone, assfuck scene with progression
Table sex scene with Golem
Servant of gods ending expansion
I really appreciate your suggestions and decided to add some of them in this release. It seems to me that the main slogan of the game should be: “We need more tentacles!”
After the barbarian sacrifices herself, she will end up in a nightmare location, where she will be bound by tentacles. After this scene, she will return to the living world just before sacrificing herself. This narration element also will be expanded in the near future.
Scenes added (multi camera supported. Press RMB to change view):
Barbarian bounded Idle
Barbarian double penetration
Seed pumping
Orc Invasion Event
Another suggestion added in the release. During the Orc Invasion event, Orcs will roam in Devenant. If the barbarian tries to attack one of the orcs, he will grab her.
Scenes added:
Behind sex scene with progression
Oviposition bound to orc
Bug Fixes
I want to say a special thanks to TimothyDG for such a detailed “pregnancy bugs” report in the game. I completed half of them I guess. Some of them require full re-work.
Pregnancy state visibility bugs fixed:
Golem sex (Sculpt the golem, ignore Sienna and have some fun with it).
Mirror scene in the witch hut (Inspect mirror in the witch hut)
Orc fingering (When the orcs invade the city, go sleep in the bad at home)
Stretcher scene vaginal (Use the stretcher in the barbarian’s home on her pussy)
Bad beer (Tell Sienna about the bad beer)
Banker scenes (either sell your body or seduce him)
Give potion of purity ( give it to the elf in the Dungeon location)
Elf hanging on the wall (Dungeon location)
Escape cell event (Dungeon location)
Orc executioner defeat scene 4 and 5
Orc Executioner gate handjob scene
Bandit defeat scene 1 and 3
Tentacle scenes in the bath ( Add bath salts while taking a bad in the tavern)
Tentacle Tentorio (Read the Tentacle Tentorio book in Noria’s Tavern)
All Shorca tavern scenes (Loose to Shorca in the arm wrestle match)
Prostitution scene 2
Vampire game over scene 1 and 2
Sienna futa transformation scene (Use the Pectus Coles spell in the old book)
Torus helping scene (Defeat torus and agree to help him)
Goblin defeat scene
Stocks scene in town square (Offer yourself to the Devenant guard and then try to kill him)
Civic duty scene (Get thrown in prison and get caught trying to escape)
Torus prayer scene 2
Take bath together (Tavern)
Other bugs fixed:
Arena location fully refactored (deprecated scripts removed)
Some of in game variables doesn’t reset after start new game
After public humiliation, talk to witch cut-scene, Barbarian can rotate
After GOF escaped from the Hall of Torture, she sits again if you reenter location
Weapon appears while sex scenes in the Bank
Home – Sex chair (Occlusion issues, camera rotation problem)
Witch hut – Eye corner texture issue
Go to forest of oblivion via Fast Travel bone – Teleports you into the void
If you didn’t satisfy Orc near cell door, he keep fucking cultist instead of attacking you
Golem appears in the city hall earlier then he have free will


All the way through tentacle (new)
Hall of Torture
Orc Executor blowjob (new)
Orc Executor Handjob (new)
Book of tentacle- sex (new)
Book of tentacle – pussy slapper (new)
Orc fucking damned cultist (fixed)
Noria hut
Drunk sex cow girl(new)
Drunk sex sandwich(new)
Drunk sex double penetration + blowjob(new)
Tentacle sex with tied hand (new)
Sex with Torus (redone)
Pray Letel: Pussy lick scene (redone)
Pray Bee’h :Treesome (redone)
Pray Bee’h: 69 (new)
Pray Torus: Wall sex scene (redone)
Pray Torus: Wall sex scene variant 2 (new)
Sex with Bee’h (redone)
Sex with GOF in case you win (new)
Sex with GOF in case you lost (redone)
Home sweet home
Dildo masturbation before sleep (new)
Dildo masturbation before sleep fast(new)
Lesbian dildo scene slow and fast in case you safe prostitutes (you can brothel services as client)(new scene)
Orc Invasion event – orc fingering (new) Bug Fixes Log
Hello Everyone!
As I mentioned before, I want to make massive bug fixes. You can continue your game saves from the previous 0.9.9 build with no problem. It doesn’t mean that the game is perfect now and I fixed every issue but I’m on the right way to make it better!
List of found and fixed bugs:
Whole game
Walking animation fixed (her upper chest bone has been locked)
“New text” field removed
Dungeon location:
Elf woman in cage floating
Succubus can’t attack you when you stay too close
FPS drops when you destroy wooden boxes
Wooden horse have no collision
Noria Tavern:
When you try to stay overnight for 20 gold and don’t have money, you can’t’ talk to Noria anymore.
Noria dialogue menu bugs.
If you sleep on paid bed, you can’t talk to Noria
“Take bath together” scene – right hand placement issue
Missing dialogues UI while pregnant blowjob scene
Bench collider missing
Home Sweet Home:
Axes appears in some unexpected cases
Sex chair – dildo disappears for some camera angles
You can work as prostitute before asking brothel owner about work
Axes appears in some unexpected cases
Dialogue UI issues
Cursor issues
City Hall:
Flashing piercing at entering location
You can buy citizenship many times
Hugh dialogues cursor problems
Golem appears earlier than expected
Hugh Hut:
Flashing piercing at entering location
Axes appears in some unexpected cases
Location is too dark
Missing dialogues UI
I Can’t click on dialogue window to continue
You can set Sienna free without payment instead of 50 Gold
After interacting with doc – she stands on the table for 1 sec
Talk to Blacksmith. “Easy Money” option disappears in some unexpected cases
During “Intense Therapy” if Barbarian is pregnant, her belly disappears
After the Show with Helena, axes appear.
Extra tip scene – hair of bottom male disappear in some cases
After sex with Blacksmith axes appears.
Critical Issue. After defeating Orc on arena – you can’t advance the story
Double penetration sex – barbarian’s feet placement problem
After losing battle there is no message about resurrection
Critical Issue. When you defeat Shorca – you can’t advance the story
Critical Issue. Prove your words on arena, after winning – you can’t advance the story
Storm wind valley:
Enemies floating in the air
“Fulfill public duty” scene – restraint device textures issue
After public use scene – moan SFX don’t stop
After “Fulfill public duty” scene – camera problems during roll action
Piercing flashing for a second at entering this location
Drunk barbarian animation – mouth open
Toilet tentacle scene – resets character body presets
Witch hut:
Axes appears in some unexpected cases
Part of location is too dark
Werewolf’s cock in the cage wiggles too much
Tentacle sex – hands placement
3rd person camera rig – fixed
Hell dimension:
3rd person camera rig – fixed
Critical Issue. Can’t give egg to B’eeh
Letel Dimension
Your evil reflection ears texture bug
Magic book texture gap
Your evil reflection ass fuck scene wrong position
Forest of Oblivion
Critical Issue. Get rid of orcs – you can’t advance the story
Feet placement during sex with dragon

The Last Barbarian 0.9.9 Release notes
Hello Everyone!
I’m sorry for being silent for some time. I had to solve some urgent family problems and tried to keep development pace at the same time.
For now everything is great and I have a new update for you!
Tentacle dimension Ending
I want to say thank you to Runningman69. I didn’t know how to expand the Tentacle dimension ending scene. Thank you for your script and ideas! Sorry for not using the entire script.
When you are defeated by Sentinel, “Beg for mercy” scene changes.
Tentacle sex scene added
Lay eggs while tentacles suck her tits. Scene added
To have an ending scene for Tentacle dimension you need to submit to your evil clone when you lose battle or just talk to her before you fight.
Ending scene contains 2 scenarios. When Barbarian is pregnant or not.
1 – Talk to your new mistress
2 – Drink milk to prove your loyalty (tits suck scene added)
3 – Dance for your clone (dance scene added)
4 – Do blowjob (Blowjob scene added)
5- Missionary sex scene added (multicam support. Press RMB)
6 – Mating press scene added (multicam support. Press RMB)
7 – Now barbarian is pregnant
You can entertain your mistress again
1 – Dance for your mistress (another dance scene added)
2 – Do blowjob
3 -Ass fuck sex scene added (multicam support. Press RMB)
You can ask Sentinel help to lay eggs.
Lay eggs scene added
To exit dimension use the flesh wall.
Also, If you beat your clone before, you can replay this scene using the flesh wall.
Politics are dirty business bad ending and new quest line start point
Finally! I finished it! As I mentioned before, this quest contains 2 endings. One is a bad ending, which leads to a game over and normal ending which allows you to continue the game. During completing this quest, you can activate the new quest line “Slayer of gods” There is only a starting point so it will be developed in near future.
Feel free to check the walkthrough section on my Discord server to get more info about this quest.
Jerry is an important part of the story. He allows you to complete Politics are dirty business quest If you made Golem, brought his tools and had dinner with him , your relation becomes more “closely” . You can ask advice about future of golem and Mindstone
Missionary sex scene added
Cowgirl scene added
Letel Dimension
I made some narration changes during collecting lost pages. If you pass all trials you can repeat this level via interacting with the portal book.
Mimic sex scene added.
Improvements and small changes
Finally! You can continue playing the game with saves from the previous release! Please pay attention that this is the first implementation of this feature. I highly recommend you to continue playing the game using save files from 0.9.7 or 0.9.8 releases. The Older versions might call unexpected errors.
I’m trying to make your game experience comfortable and smooth, but if something goes wrong, don’t hesitate to send me your reports.
You can backup your save files. To find the location of your save files, use “CHECK SAVE FILES ACCESSIBILITY” in the option screen.
Tentacle Dimension. Sentinels become less powerful.
Hell. Dynamic level generation has been turned off for now. Due to some reasons it broke the game.
Bug fixes
flashing of non-existent axes in prison after sex
flashing of non-existent piercings for few second when access to the brothel
Combat with Shorca on Arena. when both died at same time you stuck. Now if you die both, it counts as your failure.
You can fall down in the sanctuary (Forest of Oblivion) with no escape
When come out of Jerry’s house the character moved to her own home door location
Certain sex scenes of INN area the sound have two sounds track packed together
When in the INN the camera control for up and down direction is reversed(you have to move down to make camera look up and move up to look down)
Bath in the Barbarian Home doesn’t clean cum properly
Resizing of body parts, doesn’t conform current clothes
Brothel for the double blowjob scene, she always starts floating in the air near the ceiling
Can’t give egg to Bee’h to save Burgild – fixed
Can’t load Hell location – fixed
Giving birth while working as a waitress – doesn’t decrease belly size.
When go out from dragon’s lair you can’t fight and roll
POV camera bug “Hanging tentacle sex” in the Torus Dimension
Crazy flying tentacles in the Torus Dimension
Sound bug “Hanging tentacle sex” in the Torus Dimension
You can rotate when you meet Jerry and talk to him in the INN
Demon and Priests rewards will be updated soon.

0.9.8 Release notes

Hello everyone!

The New Year celebration is over and I hope this year will be more pleasant than the last one.
So, I have a new update here. What’s new?
I’m continuing working on the “Politics are dirty business” quest.
When you blame the mayor in front of Devenant citizens, and you have enough support, go to his hut and kill him. After this action just follow the quest journal way. This quest is still under development due to some reasons. I want to add 2 different ways to finish it and I need a bit more time to finish the endings.
Orc invasion event.
This event appears after you kill Hugh. Without proper government officials, Devenant has been invaded by Orc’s mobs. This event affects Brothel, Inn, City Hall and your home locations.
New sound packs.
This is an old and very painful problem. Sex sounds. It was pretty annoying to have the same moans record for dozens scenes. Finally! I found what I looked for. The new sound pack with good quality records. New scenes use this package. So let me know what you think about it. Also, some old scenes were redone with a new sound pack.
Her POV scenes
For some new sex scenes (listed below) I added ability to switch camera to herPOV (press RMB).
Tools in the mines.
In the previous release I added Jerry and quest “Find tools”. For some reasons, 80% of players didn’t find the skeleton in the Mines. It was my fault, sorry. For now, skeleton is available at any time, but you can’t get tools while quest “Find tools” is inactive.
Locations updates
Devenant Inn
Drunk sex on the table with orc – scene added (POV camera. Press RMB to switch)(During orcs invasion event).
Waitress handjob – sfx edited
Waitress fingering – sfx edited
Waitress blowjob – sfx edited
Waitress toilet sex – sfx edited
Waitress table sex ver1 and ver.2 – sfx edited
Waitress bootle cow girl – sfx edited, emotions changed
Brothel (During orcs invasion event)
Double blowjob – scene added
Spitroast sex – scene added
Mine location
Whodra blowjob sex scene added (POV camera. Press RMB to switch).
Whodra rimjob sex scene added (POV camera. Press RMB to switch).
“How many pickaxes do I show”, mini game added
Barbarian home
Note: If you didn’t buy Devenant’s papers before killing of Mayor, use fast travel to get this place (I’ll fix this logic issue in future)
Night visitor fingering and missionary sex (POV camera. Press RMB to switch. During orc invasion event)
Masturbation scene – sfx updated
Golem – reverse cowgirl sex scene added
Golem – from behind sex scene added
Texture bug fixes
Texture error, letel dimension, logs – fixed
Texture error, whole game, violet eye corner – fixed
Texture error, hell location, torture platforms – fixed
My plans for the next few updates
I want to finish multilang support of the game. It’s hard to make it fast due to imperfect game architecture.
Migration module. Forcing you to start a new game is a pain. I know. So I want to add the ability to continue your game from the previous release with the same save file.
Global SFX update. Current scenes will have new sounds using my new sfx pack.
X-box Gamepad support.
Finish “Politics are dirty business” quest.
Fix logic problems in existing quests.
Developing the “Path of the revenge” quest.


I have a new quest line for you “ Politics are dirty business. ”
So what’s inside this storyline and how to get in?
When you cure Lycanthropy by using a proper spell book, talk to Sienna and propose to her to tell everybody about what she did.
Hugh will blame you and Witch in front of Devenant citizens. (New Gangbang scene added) Now you need to get rid of Hugh. You can’t just kill Hugh, you need good citizens’ support to blame him back. There are 3 key characters to support you.
Banker. (Blowjob, ball sucking, pussy lick, pussy fingerring, missionarry sex scenes added.)
Brothel owner. You need to save his prostitutes.
Inn owner, because he sells booze to citizens. (Drunk sex with tentacles, drunk sex at toilet scenes added. )
Witch Hut – Bad beer sex event.
I don’t want to post a complete walkthrough for now, cause this quest is unfinished and will be expanded in the following releases.
“Romantic Dinner” Event
When you finish your work as a waitress you can meet Jerremy.
3 sex scenes added.
Small changes and bug fixes for Minor Build
FPS lock added to option screen
Discord button added to title screen
After saving elves in Dungeon you can interact with knocked down elf – fixed
Anorien‘s body when he pass out is floating – fixed
Forest of Oblivion, dicks vanishing. – Fixed
I decided to make release a bit earlier and post what’s done for now. Why?
Because I have vacation trip from 2nd till 15th Dec (Frankly, I really need it).
Galleries for Priests and Demons will be available as usual in the middle of December when I came back..
Version 0.9.6

Hello Everyone!
I keep working on the narration and different quest path’s and finally, we have one more TRUE ENDING of the game. It means that the new 0.9.6 release is here!
The Mother Nature storyline is finished! What’s inside the story?
Shortly about changes in this release:
Narration update
~10k symbols of new dialogues texts
Noria Tavern
Additional dialogue when you meet Noria for the first time.
Blacksmith blowjob scene
Blacksmith Handjob scene
Blacksmith sex scene with progression
Tentacle pit sex scene when you lose to Shorca
The Forest of Oblivion
2 new sex scenes with Orc’s (This location only)
Anal sex scene with Anorien
Lesbian scene with Elf
Futa scene with Elf
Hand job and blowjob sex scene with Elder
Ass fuck scene with Elder
Impregnation scene with Elder (with progression)
New “cinematic” scenes
New sex sounds pack used for the new scenes.
Bug fixes
Letel Dimension mouse pointer problem – fixed
Boss fights lack background music – fixed
60fps lock – removed. We may impact with some kind of bugs due this action, so feel free to send me reports if you find something.
Finishing ritual, Burgild text doesn’t fit – fixed
Troll boss fight no music – fixed
Noria Tavern if you have a low health and your enemy too and you hit when he hits and both of you die then nothing happens and you just lie there – fixed
Cursor problem in some dialogues.
Gallery updates for Priests and Demons will be available next 48 hours.
I know that some narration elements might be not so obvious, and some triggers in the Servant of The Gods don’t work as you want. These quests are not final version.


First true ending

Starting from the 0.9.5 release, the game can be completed! But not fully. I want to bring 8 endings to the game with 8 different storylines. Every event that occurs in the game will lead us to one of them. They may intersect each other. So if you look at the quest log you can find that each quest item has a color mark. These colors mean that the event is related to a particular storyline. For now I’m working on the following storylines (names of the quests might be changed in future releases):

Path of the revenge
Mother Nature
Side Events
And one finished storyline – The Servant of Gods.

So if you follow this storyline you’ll get the first bad ending. To avoid spoilers here, I move Walkthrough to another post.(sorry, I can’t show it public here)

This storyline had been reworked and changed to fit the current script. Also, if you finish this storyline, you don’t need to start a new game. Your progress will be saved before completing the last quest.

The Forest of Oblivion.

This is a new location. Home of elves. I wanted to bring one more quest to this release “Mother Nature”, but I didn’t have enough time to test it properly. But this location is available for visiting and quest will be available in 0.9.6 What’s inside of this location?

Glowing trees with tentacles! 5 new sex scenes. To get it, try to masturbate and cum near the glowing tree.

New “enemy” – Satyr. Why “enemy”? Because they don’t want to kill you. Their attacks increase your sexual arousal level until you can’t hold yourself. 2 new sex scenes here and facial cumshot scene.

Also, you can’t kill them with your bare hands. They will get up after being knocked down.

You can try to kill them with your axes, but if you equip them, the forest will punish you. One more smut scene scene here.

Small changes

Brothel location. Your income as whore will be related to your pussy and ass level. The loosen her hole, the less you earn. Gloryhole gives you stable income.

Squirt – if you try to masturbate in the Forest of Oblivion, Barbarian squirts when she cums. I didn’t finish this controller (this will be a switchable option for the whole game), but it’s available for testing purposes here.

Torus battle – camera shake bug, fixed.

Small fixes with dialogues.

Gallery update for Priests and Demons will be available next 24 hours.


At this time I paid attention to some global things. I like to make new content for you, but some things should be fixed and I had to clean the mess with the code at least. I’m trying to follow my tradition: posting releases on the 5th-8th of every month. So what’s new?

Sound and Music update

I reworked all the current scenes to fit them to the new Sound Mixer controller. It allows us to change volume via settings screen and manage them without lags.

For particular scenes the music has been changed.

Footstep sound has been updated and it is related to the surface type.

“Ghost footstep” effect while Barbarian Idle – fixed.

I missed some sounds here so I left it for a quick fix edition.

Opening screen changes

Many players told me that Main music theme at the start screen is a bit spooky. It’s changed now.

Stats and Saves

After each release I had many reports like:

Game freezes after interacting with a torch.
Clock freezes at start of the game
Game crashes when I press ESC button
Most of these reports have been related to conflict between antivirus and save files. For some reasons, Avast (or any other antivirus program) restricts permissions to change save files for the game.exe. I decided to dig deeper into this problem and here is the solution. Unity allows me to use “persistentDataPath” .

It means that save files will be generated in the following folder. C:/Users/User_Name/AppData/LocalLow/Viktor Black/The Last Barbarian

You can check this path via options at the start screen.

I hope this solution will fix the “antivirus conflict”.

Cumshot controller

As far as I know, not many 3d games have real time cumshot effects. I tried different approaches before but now I have my own asset for it. Previously, I spent many weeks making this through trial and error and finally it’s almost ready. I showed the 1st webdemo demo 3 weeks ago to be sure that this “cum decal” system works well. Unfortunately I didn’t finish the “saving” system for it and visuals for cum splat (it looks more like paint) but I hope you’ll enjoy the result of my current work.

Arena update

Before adding the Forest of Oblivion location (which is currently in development) I decided to add some content here. After defeating Shorca (Noria Tavern) and 2 orcs in the Arena location you can refuse Champion’s purpose to be mother of his child.

After this Shorca visits this Arena and breaks the transformation spell. Champion transforms into Elf woman.

This event opens the second part of Arena – Orc’s camp.

You can set free an Elf woman and she will transform back to Champion.

For the next release this event will be expanded to open the Forest of Oblivion location.

Also I add here few scenes with new cumshot controller:

Face cumshot after double penetration scene
Jerk off to Orc
Drunk blowjob scene
Prison update

If you try to break lock and guard notice it, they will lock you in stock and move to Devenant center. You can choose what punishment you want. New cumshot scene available.

First Dungeon

Green Orc face cumshot scene is updated.

Stat screen update

I added here tabs button to make navigation easier.

I wanted to make Fast Travel unlockable for this release, but I decided to delay it before i Implement “all sex scenes gallery” in the game.


I mentioned before that I have resized images for the gallery. But It’s too big to fit it in the build. So I decided to run my own website where this gallery will be available. It’s time to remember my web skills. I will let you know when it’s ready.

Gallery updates for the Priests and Demons will be available next few days.

Quick fix update will be published 10-11 Sept.


Bug fixes.

I very appreciate your suggestions and bugreports. It helps me to grow and improve the game. The following bugs had been fixed:

The cursor disappears after asking Noria about her pregnancy.
When u teleport dimensions or get bad ended the barbarians appearance changes
if you tell Noria to get on her knees without the suit, it is equipped but without the shaft
Succubuses in the Dungeon don’t have scene selection.
Barbarian doesn’t fall after getting hit while masturbation or milking.
Brothel missed cabinet collider
The surfaces above the door to the brothel reflective
In brothel you can still see the old overlay (money)
You can find Sienna’s book too early
Barbarian turning speed is too slow in the Hugh hut
Small changes

Hatch door in the Noria’s hut follows you outside instead of Mines
You can go to Mines from Devenant
Press ESC to close the game menu. You asked, I did. It’s more comfortable and intuitive. I agree.
Barbarian can lay the eggs in the bath at her own home (new pose here).
Sex scene selection starts from 1 instead of 0.
Middle and big changes:

New cumshot controller.

I tell a lot about problems with cumshots in the game. I tried a new approach. It doesn’t use alembic files (I know that many players had problems with it). It’s not perfect, I have some unsolved problems here with proper “splat” positioning, but I know how to solve it. When I finish this controller, we will be able to paint her face and body as you want.

You can test it in the Dungeon location after the “self-locking” barbarian scene.

Quest log

One of the biggest problems of the game is the chaotic story. I said that I want to bring the story to order and I need to implement quest log for this. Finally it’s ready. So the following dev iterations I will focus on fitting existing scripts to each other and expanding them if needed. The quest log is placed on an additional screen of the game menu. For now, it works for whole game scripts, but I’m working on it to bring the whole game to this format.

I left fast travel for testing reasons, but I don’t recommend using it, because it may break your quest progress. For the 0.9.4, fast travel will be “unlockable” and related to your in-game progress.

Save Elven quest

In the first dungeon, we meet few elven girls, but these characters look like decorations (models have been updated). So you can save them (Lick hanging elf pussy, massage clit with foot and sperm swap scene added). This quest is driven by a quest log module and related to save Anorien’s wife event. Also I need this quest to make one additional location with events suggested by the community.

Orc tavern event extended

This event had been unfinished. Now, if you escape via trap door (which follows you outside not to the Mines) and you enter again, you meet Shorca – the queen of the orcs. Try to challenge her if you want to set Noria free. (new smut scenes added)


I changed events for wrong and unfinished rituals here. Let’s have some fun with tentacles! Also, “lift hips”, threesome and “near wall” sacrifice sex scenes had been changed.

The gallery resize is coming!

One more big thing is coming for the next week! Thanks to Akhilleon and his amazing AI image upscaler, we have all gallery items upscaled! For example. Old gallery items were 1000×560, new 1920×1080. Now it will be 4000×2200!!!! I need some time to manage more than 30GB of data, but soon I’ll post it here. Community makes impossible real! Yay!

Priest and Demon rewards will be available tomorrow. I need to finish post processing for the gallery and pack it into build.

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Mega Anonfiles


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