The Fixer Adult Female Protag Game Download Overview

The Fixer is an adult life sim lite visual novel. You take the role of the protagonist, Samantha who is a Fixer. In order to solve her employer’s problems she has to face different challenges such as investigating industrial sabotage, diplomacy between factions and tracking down troublemakers. But she needs somehow to carry on with her everyday life while dealing with her missions.

After playing through one of the origin stories, Samantha finds herself in Blaston, having been rescued by the cities main power base and in return she agrees to work for them as a “Fixer” who solves potentially sensitive problems using tact, diplomacy or underhanded means. Will she manage to make a difference to the town and its power brokers or will she fall into the pit of depravity and despair along with the majority of residents in Blaston?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-03-22
Developer: Sam_Tail Patreon – Itch.io – Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Sandbox, Female protagonist, Anal Sex, Creampie, Handjob, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Big Tits, Exhibitionism, Groping , Incest , Lesbian, Multiple Penetration, Slave, Spanking

Changelog from v0.3.2.34 to v0.3.2.39

  • Added in a large amount of Cass general dialogue. It assumes you start talking to her at the start of the same so loading old saves will have things out of sequence
  • Added Cass dialogue for events such as being bullies, poisoning the bullies and sammy meeting the soccer boys
  • Added events for Cass and the highway whores where if you are attacked, they can come to your rescue based on their location and love stat
  • Added in Mira conversations
  • Added in a branch where if you know Mira is a whore, you can talk to her about it and eventually unlock the streetwalking quest through her
  • Added a bunch of pinkroom special requests. Still a lot more to write.
  • Added event where if you find Mira at the beach washed up, you tell Cass about it
  • After finding out Mira is dead, Cass becomes “broken” and no longer follows her normal routine. She can only be found at the highway for half the day
  • Added broken Cass conversations. They are small and do not really go anywhere
  • Added broken Cass new face art. She has red eyes, running mascara and dead like eyes
  • Random chance broken Cass gets removed from the game and gets listed in the diary as “missing”
  • Updated character art for Police Chief Campbell and Police Chief Miller
  • Updated generic police characters art
  • Added new location to the slums. Slum row. And moved Viktors still to slum row
  • Added in a walkable path between the junkyard abandoned trainyard and the slums. This is the first of many planned routes to different districts so you don’t need to use the bus. You need to have visited the arrival and destination location to be able to discover. Is discovered while scavving.
  • Added missing travel buttons and updates the truckstop and highway buttons
  • Added rare event when you are walking around the truckstop area at night, you might see Mira whoring before you discover she is a whore
  • Added facial expressions to Mira
  • Added a conversation chain with Mira if you talk to her at the highway while she is whoring to get some backstory from her
  • Added a conversation chain with Mira where she gives advice to a whore Sammy
  • Added Mira wash ashore CG. Censored and uncensored version
  • Made it so that if Mira is gifted pepper spray, her kidnap questline is avoided entirely. Nothing interesting happens in this line and is only for those who want to avoid everything entirely.
  • Updated the checkpoint lobby image to include PC Paige at reception
  • Made it so you can talk to PC Paige during the Mira quest to find out how to get info from the whores.
  • Heavily simplified the speech and int check equation. It now mostly factors in its base stat with only little debuffs based on being drunk
  • Made it so you can now collect intel on Mira and complete that stage of the quest
  • Every day Cass has a random chance of gathering intel on Mira. When you speak to her she will pass it onto you
  • Added in the ability to go to security, Cass and Tucker for help with rescuing Mira.
  • Added being able to tell Cass that Mira is safe and in the hospital
  • Added event where Sammy and Cass go to visit Mira in the hospital
  • Made it so 10 days after Mira is rescued, she will continue her previous routine
  • Added new outfits for Mira.Bandaged and hospital gown
  • Added a new shop in the slum with new location and BG, Viktors still. He will sell booze and drugs as well as buy any scrap, drugs or cigs you have. Selling non scrap items gets you 70% of the cost. Any non scrap items you sell will go in his inventory where you can buy back later if needed, but at a higher cost than you sold them
  • Viktor also buys cigs. This doesn’t really earn anything and is just to remove from inventory
  • Viktor will also buy Felix’s magazines

Changelog from v0.3.2.30 to v0.3.2.34

  • Added background characters to the highway, motel and truckstop.
  • Made it so the whores as well as Cass/Mira move around to the motel, truckstop, highway and slums areas
  • Removed the hotel pool area until I have a use for it.
  • Added BG for the motel reception.
  • Added some dialogue to the motel receptionist for if she isnt there when you enter.
  • Added new BG to the slum area
  • Updated the BG for the highway
  • Updated artwork for all Haven men
  • Added orgasm cutin images
  • Added penetration cutin images
  • Added 2 new dressed, new catsocks and knee pads
  • Due to updated guidelines, added a variable that removes any danger content from the game for public releases
  • Put a time delay on some events so Sammy doesn’t walk out the house on the first day and get beaten up/mugged
  • Made snow and rain appear on top of NPCs. Made snow effect much more transparent
  • Made it so that if you encounter a troublesome customer while whoring, an NPC whore in the same district has a high chance of coming to Sammy’s rescue. The more whores around, the higher the chance
  • Made it so that if Sammy doesnt have the whore or gamine perk and activates whoring through the Mira quest, she can only whore at the highway until either the quest is complete or she gains the whore perk. All whoring sex stats while doing so will be added to the mira quest stats and not the whore quest stats
  • Edited the expand/npc buttons so that if there are no buttons in the expand part, the expand button wont show
  • Added all cowgirl in bed scenes to prostitution
  • Made it so that people can ask for more specific requests when paying for sex. So if someone asks for non vaginal sex, sammy won’t instantly reject whoring because virgin. If customer asks for creampie and Sammy accepts, she will not complain that he cums inside even if she has perks that would normally not allow

Changelog from v0.3.2.26 to v0.3.2.30

  • Written some of the whoring scenes. They generally work when on the streets and with some variations. More to be added
  • Added the whores around the highway. They will eventually protect you if anything bad happens
  • Added a new item “tissue” which can be used to clean any visible cum. It can be bought from most shops and found scavving
  • Significantly increased the chances of getting a customer when whoring
  • Added new CG on back
  • Added new CG stand behind with some pub vairations
  • Added new CG, facefuck. Can only be used in bed
  • Added new CG laying blowjob. This doubles as a spitroast image
  • Added so that when Sammy had really low hygiene, her clothes start to go see through and stick to her

Changelog from v0.3.2.19 to v0.3.2.26

  • Added some more to highway whoring. Still heavy WIP
  • Added new items pink ticket and Mira intel notes
  • Started added in areas where you can question people about Mira. Still heavy WIP
  • Made it so weather effects now appear on the top of the screen
  • Added new CGs. Sammy ass upside down and Sammy on back in bed
  • Added new items. Bondage gear and blindfold
  • Moved the ballgag from the accessories wardrobe to the item inventory. Added a lockable version that once on, cannot be taken off by yourself
  • Added maternity band item
  • Added some latex dresses, a latex top and bottoms
  • Fixed haven issues where searching sprinklers would show the entire questlog
  • Made light fluid a guaranteed drop in the lounge if scavving while its empty
  • Added 2 new CGs for Sammy advertising herself from a pinkroom window
  • Added BG art for pinkroom and blue room
  • Added new BGs for sex locations to the truckstop. Between the trucks and inside the truck carriage
  • Added new BG to the motel
  • Added new minor character “motel receptionist”
  • Rooms can be rented from the motel. There are blue rooms and pink rooms. Functionality to pink rooms to be added soon (blue are normal rooms, pink are whore rooms)
  • Speaking to the motel receptionist will unlock the motel cleaning job. A much more dangerous version of normal cleaning but can be worked 24/7
  • Motel receptionist has a small shop offering some energy and sex related items. She also sells the maid outfit. Prices are inflated at +50% of original cost
  • Fixed some bugs related to cleaning so you should no longer jump to the pub after some events
  • Added updated BG to the truckstop
  • Added new locations where Sammy can go away and have sex with a guy (can’t manually go there, only when going off for sex)
  • Added 2 new CGs for when Sammy is whoring
  • Added new perk “free use” where Sammy will never reject offers of sex or ever accept money for it (available only to slut, sucu, broken or bimbo characters who have unlocked the whore quest). It is a player activated perk and can be turned on/off at will
  • Cass gifting now possible. Gifts depends on if she is a whore or not
  • It’s possible to gift Cass some poison if she is being bullied and she will poison the bullies
  • Removed ability for Sammy to poison the bullies if Cass is the target
  • Added Private investigators office to revel backstreets
  • Added backroom to simons office where Sammy can wash, change and use the mirror
  • Added intro chain where you meet Simon in his office
  • Simon can now be met in his office and spoken to while following the Mira missing quest
  • Added new CG. Robin x Oskar in his office
  • After completing “Starting the magazine”, you can now find Felix’s magazine in the needle girls and funwear shops
  • Fixed issue where some shops stock too many items for the menu to show. Only works on new game
  • Added icons to the location buttons that show you who is in that location
  • Updated pub BG with people in the background. If named NPCs are there (trixie, dani, robin, bob or simon) they will show in the BG
  • Made it so your shift in the pub ends close to 3am. Usually each work shift is 4 cycles but if it reaches 3am it will end prematurely
  • Added BG images for Robin having sex with Oskar in her bedroom
  • Made it so on weekends, Oskar comes and visits Robin in her room is she has agreed to pay rent through sex
  • Added dialogue chain with Robin once Sammy sees her having sex with Oskar
  • Added temp events for Robin x Oskar

Changelog from v0.3.2.14 to v0.3.2.19

  • Added 3 Dani CGs and 4 Trixie CGs while working the pub
  • Added a collection of mini events while working in the pub where you see what Dani and Trixie are getting up to
  • Added a quest entry for Robin when she asks you to buy her slutty clothes
  • Made it so you can buy Robins slutty clothes at the Funwear shop and from the needle girls in the academy in addition to the market
  • Made it so that if you have discovered Robin enjoys watching or hearing stories, she will rarely turn up to the pub to watch Sammy work
  • On rare occasions, if Robin went to the pub, she will end up in the motel with someone and not come home until really late
  • Fixed issues with Robins slut event where Sammy would walk into the now removed hallway
  • Fixed issue with Robins slut event where you would be able to see Robins background image while looking for her
  • If Robin is still at the pub when you finish your work, she will offer to go home with you
  • Greatly increases the chances of naughty bus events triggering if you travel with Robin and know she is a bus deviant
  • A few days after offering Oskar sex for rent, Robin will approach Sammy telling her she got a similar offer.
  • Robin will start having sex with Oskar for rent in the mornings once she has spoken to Sammy about it (No event yet, just BG art showing it)
  • Changed Oskars office hours from 9-3 to 8-6 so you can easier meet with him before and after going to the academy
  • Added Dani to the residential area courtyard with unique dialogue chain if you speak to her while there
  • Updated loiter/hang around events so that if an NPC is around, Sammy might go and talk to that NPC
  • Added talk chains with Dani where she asks about working in the pub. Some mini events trigger her to ask (if you have completed the 3rd dance quest event, you have to rely on lunch room rng for now to trigger)
  • Added chain where Dani tells you she got the job at the pub. This only tiggers if she has asked for the job but not actually started yet. (3 days between asking and starting)
  • Mini events added when you start work if Dani has asked for a job, Trixie asks about her and meeting Dani for the first time while she is working there
  • Fixed some of the bugs with character images during the troupe storyline. First 6? Events are fixed
  • Updated Dani side sprite artwork
  • Rachel and Svet now hang out at the school gym even when not dancing
  • If the gloryhole has been made, Rachel will hang out in the toilets and sometimes occupy the gloryhole stall
  • New BG characters added to the toilets including Rachel
  • Characters added to the cafeteria. Rachel, Svet, Dani, Anabel and soccer boys
  • Adjusted Robins schedule so she has lunch and will be in the cafeteria
  • Added a new quest “A place to be alone” where Rachel asks you to show her how to get inside the academy at night
  • Added new bg art for Rachel while she is hanging out at night in the gym
  • Added new events for Rachel in the gym at night where you eventually catch her naked
  • Added 4 new CGs to the dance troupe
  • Update the dance troupe storylines to make use of the new CGs. It now randomly picks from 7 avaiable images
  • Added and updated backgrounds for the school now showing Cass, Mira and random NPCs in the cafeteria, classroom and school exterior

The Fixer changelog v0.3.2.14

  • Fixed crash bug when having sex

The Fixer changelog from v0.3.2.06 to v0.3.2.13

  • Added Miras quest. During the second season she will go missing. Cass will approach Sammy kicking off the quest
  • If Sammy has the right perks, she can start the whore quest without the Mira quest. Miras quest will still happen later (no actual whore sex scenes in yet)
  • Added branches to the Mira quest for if Sammy is already a Highway Whore or if she becomes one during the story
  • If Mira is not found within a season, she is found washed up on the beach
  • Added new Mira art
  • Updated Cass art
  • Added new minor character to the funwear shop along with art. She has no name as she is too minor to need one. She plays a small role in the Mira quest
  • Added placeholder BG art to the funwear shop
  • Added artwork for a new character. P.C. Paige Williams. She will be involved in helping you find Mira. She is also planned to have her own quest in future
  • Added in a cheat to help you just to each section of the Mira quest.
  • Added an entry to NPCs so they can have whore names. Cass is Gingersnap, Mira is Perra and Sammy is Doxie (not a final name for Sammy, suggestions welcome)
  • Added quest “Promotional material”. This is the intro to the photography questline
  • Updated dance/photography dance pose to take into account customisation options
  • Added quest “Promotional material”. This is the intro to the photography questline
  • Added quest “Starting the magazine”. This is the first part of what will be a lengthy photography line
  • Added new CG for the photography quest. Volleyball pose
  • New items added. Polaroid camera, blank polaroids, taken polaroids and Blaston special magazine
  • Added new polaroid feature. If Sammy has a camera and blank polaroids, photos can be taken when she is performing actions then sold to Felix (only soccer polaroids work right now)
  • Added 3 new CGs for the volleyball photography “Starting the magazine” quest


Added (again) the animated drunk effects and the floating hearts effect now performance has been fixed.
Fixed some save compatibility issues when loading from 3.0.
Fixed performance issues. This shouldn’t just be a minor improvement but a huge one and things should run very smoothly now. Please give feedback on how your performance is now.
Fixed rollback lag caused by the talking character highlight. NOTE. Performance should be SIGNIFICANTLY better. But I can only test on my own devices, so please inform me if you notice the improvements or if you cannot notice a difference. ANOTHER NOTE, If you are loading an old save, you need to move the game forward so none of the old saves rollback memory is in the buffer. The fixer has 50 steps of rollback so progress a bit for the rollback slowdown to be fixed.
Added new cleaning GGs. An upskirt with maid/bar/dungarees variations and a simple generic scene.
Added cleaning events depending on locations.
Edited and expanded the cleaning job so it can be used in all locations.
Added a debug test cleaning event for the bar to test how things work in multiple locations.
Added cleaning quest separate from the “paying rent” quest.
Paying rent cleaning stats/pay switched over to the cleaning quest.
Cleaning quest has a new maid quest image.
Pub can only be cleaned when Sammy cannot work the actual pub. If the time rolls over into actual pub work hours, Sammy is given the choice to switch to working the pub.
Cleaning changed from once a day to once every 4 hours. May switch to being repeatable if there are enough events for it (once prostitution is in).
Added cleaning events at the bar while working normal shifts.

Changelog from .50 to .54:
Completed the 3p on top CG.
Added gags to many of the existing CGs.
Fixed an infinite loop while wearing a gag.
Completed the on desk sex art CG.
Added a gag to some of the other CGs.
Fixed an issue with one of the scenes shown while cleaning where breasts and other bits would display incorrectly.
Added a new receptionist NPC to the hospital with a few mini events with her.
Updated the Psychologist/dr brooker art.
Added unique diary death and location entries for Shane and Marcus.
Added pregnancy classes in school that replaces swimming.
Added addiction random events.
Fixed icons for wanted and unwanted pregnancy.
Fixed a bug when meeting Robin for the first time while naked.

Changelog from .31 to .50:
Renamed nurse Camilla to nurse Lilly as her name was annoyingly long otherwise.
Added a new character sprite for nurse Lily.
Dead NPCs now show up as dead in the diary.
Updated shop interface to show how much discount you are getting if any.
Time of day color changes now change gradually.
Adjusted font for the name tag, made larger and gave slightly different colors for each character so it’s easier to tell when someone new is talking (needs a new game to appear).
Characters who are talking now have their character sprite highlighted and slightly enlarged.
Added a tattoo shop to revel backstreets. You can get tattoos or make body writing permanent (need to have the writing first).
Added a funwear shop to revel backstreets. It sells any clothes tagged as “slutty”.
Shop vendors can now give discounts. Lake dealer will give discounts for sex acts, Jaylee will give discounts on account of being friends, and wandering the market will give random discounts.
Item names and descriptions added to all items and clothes. Needs a new game to update.
Added new items: Energy drink to boost energy, food bar to eat and boost mood, entertainment magazine to boost mood, and porn magazine to max out desire.
NPCs now adjust their color based on time and weather like Sammy does.
Added new sex CGs for Robin: Blowjob and against wall.
Updated soccer boys’ talk to account for some Robin stuff.
Added a new BG behind the old locker room.
Added new BG sex character art to the lockers and behind old lockers.
Added more variety to the “I’m horny,” “I’m drunk,” and “cumming” cut-in dialogue.
Added new cut-in dialogue for when Sammy is having sex, selling herself with whore perk, selling herself reluctantly, and being forced.
Adjusted the face flushing effect so it appears progressively with desire. The same with the drunk face flush and the sweat effect.
Updated Shane and Marcus art and added poisoned art for them.
After stealing poison beer from Sammy, Shane and Marcus will progressively get sicker and die after 10 days.
Added in bully suffering events for when you poison the bullies.
Added mini events for after the bullies die of poison.
Reduced the bimbo perk requirements from less than 30 int within 15 days to less than 10 within 15 days.
Added bully comments with Robin when in school.
Added new quest log images for Cosmetic surgery and dance troupe.
Dance troupe now gets added to quest diary as a job. This is mostly to track sex stats and remind players when they can participate.
Added a dance troupe event button to the gym so if you didn’t attend class beforehand, you can still take part in the event.
Sammy only showers before the dance quest now if your hygiene is low.
Made it so you can choose to not wear socks/pants while working the pub even if you have the pants/socks in your wardrobe.
Getting groped on the bus no longer has a confidence hit.
Made the sleep, shower, and a few other buttons expandable to clutter the UI less.
Added dance clothes to the upskirt pic and replaced the old one used during the dance storyline.
Robin now sneaks off with one of the boys if she is hanging out and you have told the boys she wants sex.
New button with the soccer boys using the expanding button thing.
New option with the boys to not drink beer.
New option when Robin sneaks off with one of the soccer boys to go and watch her.
Added random mini events to remind Sammy/Player that rent needs to be paid. Events depend on if Sammy has the money or not and if she has had sex with Oskar or not.
Oskar comes to the house on Sunday to collect rent.
If you are behind on rent, Oskar will harass you now and then demanding payment when you are in the home area.
Being too far behind on rent triggers Oskar to threaten to kick you out. After pleading with him he will give the casino job (can’t actually work there yet).
Diary quest entry added for casino work with new bunny girl image.
Diary quest entry added for the photography line and new Sammy modeling image.
You can now wake Robin up when she is drunk on the sofa and shoo her to bed. Doesn’t really mean anything now but will later once more flatmates are in.
Fixed up issues with meeting Felix in the dark room.
Commando perk changed. Can now wear and buy all underwear. Random events will trigger on rare occasions with Sammy complaining about wearing underwear if they are not thong/slutty tagged. Wearing underwear for long enough without these tags will lose the perk.
Updated soccer boys dialogue so perverted comments aimed at Sammy take into account if she is nude.
Update to fix some issues and lore inconsistencies with the Simon pub mission.
Fixed issue where when getting the recovering perk, you got a purple haze in your face.
Fixed issue where some choices should show as being wasted drunk Added new items poison and poisoned beer (only available through cheats for now).
Added events to the bullies where they will rob and take items from Sammy.
Greater chance of being robbed if poison beer is in inventory Added event where sammy uses poison on beer.
Can only happen if the bully line is progressed enough or Cass is being targeted”

V0.3.1.12 Changelog

  • Added in Tomboy flatmate art. Her name is now Robin
  • Robin has School, Swim, Pyjamas, Hoodie up/down with summer and winter variations, Baggy clothes with summer/winter variations, Sport and Nude outfits
  • Added in Trap flatmate art. His name is now Charlie
  • Charlie has School, Winter coat, sport and dress outfits
  • Added cheat that lets you see the flatmates and their outfits and a little about them
  • Added in a system that picks the correct clothing for Charlie, Robin and Emile
  • Added in pregnancy variations for Robin
  • Added Robin as a proper character who will show up in the character bio menu
  • Added a routine for Robin. She can be spoken to around the house, at school, with soccer boys, at the beach and can trigger random events involving her. (no actual events in yet and it just says “test”)
  • Added art for the tomboy hanging out with the soccer boys out back
  • Changed the “pass day” cheat to skip 24 hours instead of 20
  • Added an even where Robin shows up round back with the soccer boys
  • Added some conversations with Robin and the soccer boys
  • Added an event where Sammy and Robin goes home together after hanging with the soccer boys
  • Reduced the perverted comments frequency with the soccer boys
  • Reduced the amount of time you are hanging with the soccer boys from 30 mins to 20 to match better with other hanging out events
  • Added conversation chains with Robin. An intro chain, a bus chain and a pub work chain
  • Added to the biography menu the location of an NPC. Not working with all characters. Only appears once you know a character a bit better
  • Added in new outfits for Robin
  • Added in new pose CGs for Robin in her new outfits
  • Added in bus sex CGs for Robin
  • Added in Outcast (Jason) and Landlord (Oskar) character art
  • Updated the flatmate cheat to include new information and characters
  • Fixed an issue where high int resulted in lower whore prices
  • Added a conversation chain where Robin finds out you have been sleeping with the soccer boys
  • Added a conversation chain about Robin with the soccer boys, enabling her to have sex with them as well
  • Once you find out about Robins bus proclivities, robin will randomly go for rides on the bus
  • Female NPCs now keep track of who got them pregnant and who’s babies they have given birth to
  • Added event where you look around the market for a dress for Robin
  • Added event where you gift robin the dress and it’s aftermath
  • Added new CG where Robin runs out in her new dress and has some fun
  • Added Robins outfit so Sammy can buy/wear. It has a loose top, micro miniskirt and a thong
  • Added new outfit. Robins fitness gear. A loose tee and short shorts
  • Added new underwear. A highleg thong, a crotchless thong, a shelf bra, a peephole bra and garter stockings
  • Shelf and peephole bra has special properties in that they don’t hide poking nipples when worn
  • Crotchless pants have special properties in that they allow access to sex without being removed.
  • Added new dress, Emile’s summer dress
  • Added new events with Emile. First event is a trip to the park, second event is a trip to the beach (still WIP)
  • Added new on_belly (prone bone) CG.
  • Added new beach relax CG
  • Added new low rise pants and bum high socks/stockings
  • Progressed the Sammy Emile date. Sammy can strip off on the beach and get the exhibitionist perk.
  • Added new characters for the beach. Mateo and Kaan with character sprites
  • New Emile CG added that will be seen depending on what path you take on the beach.
  • More added to the Emile beach date for the male start
  • Mateo and Kaan added as proper NPC’s and will be added to the character bio page once met
  • New 2 new hats, 3 new tops, 3 new bottoms, 2 coats and some underwear added
  • Fixed hats so the hair changes properly depending on what is worn
  • Added new CG, Triple penetration.
  • Adjusted the desire drop when Sammy climaxes from a flat 100 to a random amount between 60-120
  • While Sammy is having sex, if desire is high enough, she can climax during sex and not just at the end. Desire drop is a random amount between 30-80. Chance of climax is higher the higher Sammy’s desire is.
  • 2 new coats added with full functionality (breasts/preg/sleeves)
  • The amount of money Sammy has made from prostitution is now displayed in the diary
  • Male start Emile date beach sex scene written. Kaan will always pull out unless Emile is pregnant in which case he will always cum inside.


  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed not dressing up properly if you stopped asking Simon questions midway through
    • Removed beer from the kitchen fridge, it doesn’t make sense now that the inventory is in
    • Buying a beer from the pub now costs money
    • Fixed the game thinking you sold your socks/pants in the pub when you didn’t
    • Fixed the shop opening when replacing your uniform
    • Made it so that if you get the commando perk then try to work in the pub, Sammy will remove her underwear if wearing.
    • Made it so that the baby crazy perk stays even when pregnant and will continue through to giving birth
    • Fixed some crash bugs in haven
    • Fixed the black screen issue when being abducted
    • Made it so Sammy only drinks beer with soccer boys if under 100 drunkenness
    • Fixed entering the school at 20:59 and getting stuck
    • Made it so you cant randomly wake up at the truckstop
    • Removed all confidence hits from events until it is balanced better
    • Added more items available at the market clothing shops until other vendors are added proper


  • In a nutshell…
    • New breast sizes added. Sammy can now have small, medium or large breasts
    • New locations, events and characters
    • All CGs updated for breast sizes, body writing, spanked ass etc.
    • Inventory added with a whole host of items
    • Perks added
    • New way to travel around town and location areas have been restructured
    • Custom colours for clothes/hair/makeup
  • Perks
    • Perks added to the game
    • Origin perks added where the player can select a defining trait for Sammy
    • There are 8 origin perks picked at the start of the game and many more normal perks
  • Sammy/customisation
    • Updated body writing. Sammy now has 2 pens in her inventory, a permanent marker and a felt marker. Permanent writing takes 5 showers to remove while felt marker is removed after one wash. There is also a tattoo variant that cannot be removed but this needs to be applied by someone else.
    • Added small and large breast variants to the surgery menu
    • Updated the art for Sammy’s body
    • Sammy’s stats are now heavily dependent on perks and are no longer capped at 100. Given the right perk balance, Sammy’s desire for example can now each 900, possibly more.
  • Scavving
    • New scavenge mechanic added where Sammy can look around the streets for anything valuable to sell. This is intended to be a non sex sidegrade for prostitution (prostitution will be in an upcoming update)
    • Vendors added who buy different types of scrap off Sammy
    • Scav events added where Sammy looks around the streets for junk
    • Sammy can also collect non scrap items at various locations such as beer/cigs. Some areas have more specific items not available elsewhere
  • Bus
    • Bus travel menu added. You now need to get the bus to travel to different districts
    • Added bus travel scenes. These can range from mundane to Sammy leaving naked
  • School
    • School art updated to give the school a more run down feel to it
    • New rooms added, the library and sew room
    • School locations have been restructured to accommodate the new classrooms
    • Can relax in the library or study to boost intelligence
  • Pub
    • Added new barmaid uniform
    • Updated all barmaid CGs to use the new uniform and have breasts/preg/tattoo/writing/spank/buttplug variations.
    • Added Trixie as a replacement for barmaid
    • Added in undress CG to the selling socks/pants events
    • Updated the pub KO event with the new ass up CG
    • Updates to many of the talking/serving events so you get a red ass when groped/spanked
    • Added new standing/harass CG for when Sammy is bringing beer to a table or returning from a table.
    • Updated sex CGs to use the barmaid dress
    • Updated pub work start where you buy clothes that are missing.
    • Added a shop to the back room in the pub to buy missing clothes
    • Added wardrobe and mirror to the back room.
    • Work in the pub is now started from the back room after your first day. This is in preparation for the dance/topless job that will be there later
    • Added rare abduction event to the pub if you follow a guy outside into the alleyway
    • Added in pub harass events when walking to/from the bar.
    • Added in some flavour comments while working at the bar for male start Sammy as well as comments when you haven’t worked there for very long
    • Added in a few new event branches
    • Added in perk specific branches to many of the scenes
  • Junkyard
    • New junkyard area in the checkpoint district
    • New characters Jaylee and Ashon added to the scrapyard. Jaylee is a scavenger who will introduce the job and her brother is the manager of the scrapyard
    • Visiting the junkyard unlocked the Savver quest and the ability to scavenge
    • Can sell scrap items to Ashon and eventually he opens a shop where you can buy a few items
    • Intro chain with Jaylee where you see her around the junkyard scavenging
    • Once friendly with Jaylee, she will invite you to hang out near her trailer
    • Once very friendly with Jaylee, she will show you the key to her trailer and let you hang out and stay the night.
    • Many Jaylee conversation topics and conversation chains
    • When staying the night with Jaylee, she may initiate sex depending on her lust stat
    • When staying with Jaylee, she may wake you up in the morning through sex depending on her lust stat
    • Added Jaylee asslick, Jaylee facesit, Jaylee ass pose and Jaylee bed post CG’s
    • Jaylees trailer is a new player home. It has all the same functionality as Sammy’s home
    • Jaylee opens a sex shop once you are friendly enough with her
  • Needle girls
    • Added new characters Saskia and Feida
    • Added intro chains when you meet them
  • Gloryhole
    • Added the intro chain with Nate where he asks you about gloryholes and then tasks you with getting items to make one
    • Once you have completed Nates gloryhole chain, you can create gloryholes elsewhere
    • Sammy is able to service created gloryholes
    • Added in gloryhole artwork
    • Sammy is able to work the gloryhole at the pub as part of her shift
  • Haven
    • Haven CGs have been updated to give Sammy a new vagina, add body writing and spank effects. Added new backgrounds to some scenes that can take place in Sammys bunk
    • New events. Sammy can wake with something being written on her, shower abduction event, drunk abduction event, general harassment and molestation, horny and drunk general events.
    • If Sammy is a whore, she can find someone waiting for her by her bunk for a good time
    • If Sammy is a whore and triggers a low mood event. She might sell herself instead of seeing Viktor
    • If Sammy is a whore and falls fully asleep, she can wake to realise someone “used” her while sleeping and left payment in her bunk
    • If Sammy is a whore or succubus, she can advertise herself for customers around Haven
    • Getting fluid/searching the lounge, getting the lighter/searching the bedroom and searching the pipes room now requires scavenging
    • You can now hang out at the fireplace at night. Gives more mood than loitering
    • Changed Viktors repeatable scene and the storage caught scene from bent over to present ass CG
    • Viktor can be asked to pull out
    • Viktor can be met while hanging out by the fire
    • Update to Victor, if you go the preg_want route, you now manually collect more brew when you run out instead of getting an infinite amount.
    • Eavesdropping events can now be farmed endlessly but the chance of triggering them is now lower.
    • New blowjob repeatable with the peeper
    • Can enter utilities room regardless of the time
    • Added Leaking CG after the vent scene
    • Due to mobile and potato computers struggling, the haven room search point and click has been removed and pushed into the scavenge feature.
    • Added a new mini mission before Haven where you collect packages in preparation for the Haven mission. This serves to introduce Sammy to the mechanics and people at the market
    • New perk related branches
    • New Haven shower scenes for whore/slut/strange pill Sammy
    • Updated the Haven mission start so Sammy responds to Emile based on perks
    • Updated the peephole repeatable sex chain for perks and to use the new “where to cum” system
    • Updated and added in new Haven branches for perks. Exhibitionist Sammy will always agree to exposing herself in return for booze/cigs and strange pill Sammy has unique branches where she readily agrees to sex
    • Extended the time the guard smokes for from 10 mins to 30 mins
    • Slave path now gives you Joy and Lebo during the story. Sammy will finish the mission being an alcoholic and Joy addict as well as gaining the broken perk
    • On the slave path with pregnancy timer being player chosen now, added in new event catchers while in your slave cell where you give birth. It is possible to give birth multiple times
  • Dance storyline
    • Added new dance clothes. Miniskirt, knot top and underboob crop
    • New perk related branches to the story. Most notably the exhibitonist perk
    • Updated much of the dialogue and scenes to looks/feel smoother
  • Prologue
    • Updated the prologue
    • Sammy can now pick her appearance at the start of the game
    • Body confidence stat added. Male start starts at -200, female start starts at -50. It will never be possible to go above 0 or lose confidence outside of the prologue
    • Prologue updated. Makes use of new body_confidence stat, Emile can be snarky if you pick negative options and more male start dialogue
    • New choice menu during the prologue when picking what to wear. It now shows icons of the clothing instead of text
    • Body_confidence now decides if male start Sammy can pick thongs/a dress
    • Edited Dr. Tucker’s dialogue which suggested he wasn’t very important in the institute.
    • New prologue comments based on breast sizes
    • Updated dialogue to reflect the lack of phones or other working technology in common use
  • Wardrobe
    • Removed “no clothes” button. You now undress by de selecting what you are currently wearing
    • New shop wardrobe interface.
    • Coats added. Only partially functional right now and just added for testing
    • Added yellow highlights around colours that are currently applied to your clothes
    • Added yellow highlight around any clothes currently worn
    • Added colour picker to the wardrobe, you can now save a selection of your own custom colours
    • Added the ability to make some clothing more transparent/fishnet
    • Added jewellery box switcher to the wardrobe
    • Redid wardrobe code. The wardrobe is now a proper inventory (using the new inventory system) and clothes are now items within the inventory.
  • Hud and UI
    • Inventory added
    • New Diary and stats menu interface
    • New HUD and travel screen
    • Updated the upper ribbon, stat numbers are now displayed over the stat icon by default. No need to use the debug menu
    • Cheat menu has been changed to an image icon on the upper ribbon
    • Adjusted stat descriptions to better reflect higher stats (desire/allure)
  • Inventory
    • Added inventory. Button is on the top right next to the diary
    • Items added for the inventory. Items can be used directly from the inventory interface and if they can’t be used, Sammy will have something to say about the item and it’s use
    • Haven items are now placed in the inventory
  • Updated main travel UI
    • Reorganised districts and rolled some districts into others. Park is in the Residential area, commercial area is in Revel street, Highway is in the Truckstop and Industrial is in Checkpoint.
    • Added new locations to the lake and industrial area
    • Broke the school into 2 floors and added new locations
    • Toilets/locker rooms and other gender specific locations now have a new split button.
    • District locations can now only be accessed through the travel interface where Sammy will get on the bus to that location
  • Updated the action buttons UI
    • Action buttons are now attached to the travel UI and not hovering on the location images
    • Added icons to show what an action will do. If it will boost your mood, boost fitness etc.
    • Added personal actions. These are actions available anywhere such as relaxing, scavving, whoring and finding somewhere to sleep
  • Updated diary UI
    • Added a personal diary for Sammy with a few entries.
    • Updated quest log. It now tracks all the sex stats that happened during that mission. All the same stats that are available to Sammy
    • Updated Sammys stats. It now shows how many people came on her, how many times she has been pregnant, how many babies she has birthed and tracks how much she has earned selling herself.
    • Added new “people” screen. It will show a short biography of everyone important you know as well as any sex stats related to them
    • Added images for the bio screen, stats screen and for quests
    • Can rename NPC’s in the bio screen
    • Added new stats for female NPCs that show their sex stats page
  • Map backgrounds
    • Updated park background
    • Updated bushes background
    • Updated all school backgrounds to give a more worn feel
  • Cheats
    • Add all items
    • Pregnancy length. Cycle between v short, short, med and realistic pregnancy lengths. NPCs also follow this timer
    • Meet all NPCs so they show up in the diary/bio page
    • NPC timeskip. NPCs pass 2 seasons worth of days without time actually progressing. During this time NPCs will have sex and get pregnant
    • Player cycle, Progress Sammy’s cycle by 1 day
    • Gloryhole cheat. Start and progress the gloryhole creation chain with this cheat
  • General changes or additions
    • Added a random event picker to the entire game.
    • Fixed and re added the pass out/sleep drunk event
    • Updated drunk and tired pass out events. It is also possible to manually sleep rough when tired enough. Some events make use of the new ass up CG
    • Added loiter events to the park. These are mostly updated walk events from before
    • Game now starts on Saturday and Sammy stats her cycle at a random point
    • Added custom colours to accessories and makeup
    • Added hair dye and contact lenses to the accessories wardrobe. This is basically colour your hair/eyes from the accessories menu
    • Custom hair and eye colours added
    • Nail polish, hair dye and contact lenses require an item to be able to use.
    • Updated soccer boys sex scene to use the new “where to cum” system
    • Adjusted “where to cum” system to be a lot more lenient. Sammy will fail a lot fewer checks unless she has perks that auto fail her (eg broken, preg_want)
    • Exhibitionist Sammy can now shower with the boys regardless of stats
    • Exhibitionist Sammy at night asks the boys if they are fine with her hanging out naked. After asking, Sammy will auto strip when interacting with the boys
    • Added random exhibitionist event where Sammy will streak through the school
    • Commando perk Sammy now throws away any underwear from her wardrobe
    • Exhibitionist Sammy now cannot wear anything for her home wear
    • Exhibitionist and slutty Sammy can be nude in her home and swim set without issue
    • Broodmother origin now gets huge boost to sex agree checks if ovulating
    • Broodmother and creampie lover can never ask for pullout
    • Broodmother/baby crazy Sammy cant ask for anal unless on period/pregnant
    • Broodmother can never take morning after pills or abortion pills. Baby crazy Sammy will need to pass a check so the player can “trick” her into taking one (get her drunk). In return, Baby crazy Sammy may mysteriously lose morning after pills or abortion pills
    • Added back in the drunk swirl and floating hearts now that the slowdown issue seems to be fixed
    • Removed mall and things can now be bought by wandering the market.
    • Made it so lap sex gives the choice of what to do based on your stats
    • Added new item, Joy. It doubles your max happiness and maxes out your happiness and doubles Sammys happiness gain. But is addictive. Getting Joy addicted will lower your max happiness by 60 and make any happiness gains reduced by 80%
    • Added new item, Lebo. It will max out desire, increase max desire by 200 and made any desire gains 10 times more.
    • Added the chance for pub patrons to give you a spiked drink with either Joy or Lebo
    • Added new item, Wakeup. After taking it your tiredness will be maxed out, but once you come down from it your tiredness will completely tank and you may pass out.
    • Added random events where if you are a joy addict and have low mood, you will take a joy. If you have beer on you, you will drink something
    • If you have low mood when ending a shift in the pub, you will be given the choice to boost it by drinking or taking joy before carrying on. Likewise if too tired, you are given the choice to take some wakeup
    • When triggering the tired/pass out event, you are given the choice to take some Wakeup if you have some
    • Added bikini shop to the beach
    • Removed the event where Sammy goes home when its late with low confidence. Now if Sammy is not very confidence and is out late, she will trigger mood lowering random events
    • Removed the confidence hit when wearing slutty clothes when unconfident and replaced with mood lowering random events
    • New Emile art added
    • Added in male start world events and comments
    • Updated the run events to work globally
    • Updated the run events to match better with the lore and Sammys character
    • As male start, once you reach 0 body confidence (from -200), you will trigger an event where you remove the male start origin perk and get to pick a new one.
    • Emile pregnant prologue brances
    • Strange pill and a variety of drugs can now be scavenged at the beach. Story explanation for why at the beach to follow
    • New item added, pepper spray. During any hostile encounter where Sammy is able to resist, the option for using pepper spray will come up and auto win the encounter. Pepper spray cannot be bought and will only be a very rare find while scavenging.
    • Added a new personal action where if Sammy is stripped of clothes and is exposed, she can scavenge for some rags to wear.
    • Added in mini events for when it is late at night (replacing the previous “send home” mechanic)
    • Can do blowjob, vag or anal. Scenes are not properly written yet but are functional
    • When working at the pub. You can choose to serve the gloryhole instead of doing a shift, then return to work and carry on like normal
    • There are usually 4 shifts per cycle when working at the pub. Each visit to the gloryhole counts as 1. While there is no limit to how many times you can serve the hole, your colleagues might come looking for you the more you serve.
    • Expansion of event where you ask Alison what’s the issue with her boss (Dez)
    • Expansion of event where you ask Dez what’s his deal with Alison
    • Added the ability to add gloryholes elsewhere (still no events yet)
    • Added in new scrap items for scavenging. Various different scrap materials to sell to vendors
    • Time now passes during conversations
    • NPCs now run for 40 days before game start. It is possible to encounter pregnant NPCs now on day 1
    • Adjusted the game economy so you no longer end up super rich a week into the game. Still being worked on by feedback is appreciated
    • Added notifications when a perk is giving you a unique branch
    • Added a new sell clothes checker. Selling something that won’t leave you exposed will auto pass with some comments, selling pants with a skirt will need to pass a poor or will check, selling anything that leaves your underwear exposed also needs a poor or will check. Anything that leaves your breasts/ass exposed will auto refuse unless you have the exhibitionist perk
    • Added many of the missing location button images
    • Fixed issues relating to clothes going missing after getting naked
    • Strange pill Sammy never washes out cum from inside her after showering
    • Updated the debrief with the psychologist to properly reflect what you did
    • Added pregnancy length cheat. There are 4 options. 7 days (v short), 21 days (short), 42 days (medium and current default) and 90 days (long, realistic). NOTE** Pregnancy length will also effect NPCs
    • Reduced the amount of time it takes for your cycle to restart. Previously it was 28 days and it has been reduced to 3
    • Female NPCs randomly gain morning after pills and abortion pills
    • Female NPCs who have sex will take a morning after pill if they have one
    • Female NPCs will take an abortion pill if they have one when they discover they are pregnant if the pregnancy was from being forced or while selling themselves
    • Added button to the menu that allows you to rename NPCs
    • Added cheat that advances your cycle
    • Added new cheats “meet all” which will add all NPCs to your diary and “NPC time skip” which will pass 6 months for all NPCs
    • NPCs now start living their life from 40 days before game start. This makes it possible to meet pregnant NPCs on day 1
    • New prologue lines for Emile if she starts the game pregnant
    • Added many missing perk icons
    • Added in many missing location button icons

Added art for the cosplay girls. Saskia and Frida plus pregnant variations
Added the event where you pick up clothes from the girls at the market as well as picking up the tracker from the junkyard
Haven mission can now be played after collecting the packages
v0.2.107 Changelog

New character Jaylee and Ashon added to the scrapyard. Jaylee is a scavenger who will introduce the job and her brother is the manager of the scrapyard
Jaylee’s trailer added. This is a location that will eventually act as a home for Sammy (one also occupied by Jaylee) when you are friendly enough with Jaylee
Added Jaylee x Sammy art. Kissing scene and two nude poses scenes
Added Dez (Alis boss) art
Updated the scavenge mechanic to now function. No proper events are added for it yet but you can spend time around most outdoor locations scavenging for items
Scavenging can also net you items such as nail polish, hair dye and other tool items as a rare find. Beer and cigs can also be rarely found
Strange pill and a variety of drugs can now be scavenged at the beach. Story explanation for why at the beach to follow
New item added, pepper spray. During any hostile encounter where Sammy is able to resist, the option for using pepper spray will come up and auto win the encounter. Pepper spray cannot be bought and will only be a very rare find while scavenging.
Removed the swap actions button and added personal actions to the main bar. Whoring and scaving needs to be unlocked before it can be done.
Removed the quick change action since this makes being stripped naked by events meaningless since you can just change
Added a new personal action where if Sammy is stripped of clothes and is exposed, she can scavenge for some rags to wear. Events to follow but this will be pretty rough for her
Added in mini events for when it is late at night (replacing the previous “send home” mechanic), Sammy is pregnant or Sammy is exposed
Added in a cheat that allows you to do each step of the gloryhole start chain and gives items
Fixed up issues with the gloryhole start chain, now fully works
Can use the gloryhole and earn money though doing it. 200 per customer is placeholder until I properly do the economy
Can do blowjob, vag or anal. Scenes are not properly written yet but are functional
When working at the pub. You can choose to serve the gloryhole instead of doing a shift, then return to work and carry on like normal
There are usually 4 shifts per cycle when working at the pub. Each visit to the gloryhole counts as 1. While there is no limit to how many times you can serve the hole, your colleagues might come looking for you the more you serve.
Added in the soccer boys/nate gloryhole quest. He will mention it to you where you have to collect the tools able to make a hole. The tools currently need to be cheated in but eventually will be gained either by scavenging or from the mechanic faction.
Added event where you make the gloryhole with Nate with option to service him after or leave him alone there
Tools are later given back to you where you will be able to create your own gloryholes elsewhere (currently cant create or use gloryholes outside of the intro)
New tool items chisel, saw and tape. Tape is a consumable item that is used up in creation of a gloryhole
Expansion of event where you ask Alison what’s the issue with her boss (Dez)
Expansion of event where you ask Dez what’s his deal with Alison
Added the ability to add gloryholes elsewhere (still no events yet)
Added in new scrap items for scavenging. Various different scrap materials to sell to vendors
Fixed some soccer boys conversations triggering when they shouldn’t
If you didn’t see the mechanics to find out what you need to make the gloryhole and instead got the items though scavenging (or cheats). You can now use the saw or chisel from your inventory to update the quest
New Job quest is started after you complete the Nate gloryhole quest chain. This is so all your glory hole stats can be tracked through that quest in the diary
Added a new mini mission before Haven where you collect packages in preparation for the Haven mission. This serves to introduce Sammy to the mechanics and people at the market
Added the first stage of the Ali/Boss quest. Currently just the setup and intro. It can be started after you collect the package from the mission mentioned above
Fixed an issue where if you played the game with Simon, refused sex, then met with bob and then offered to sell yourself to Simon, it will be reflected properly when talking to the psychologist
Fixed soccer boys/bully bug
Fixed reported typos


  • Full update to the first Institute mission with Simon in the pub. New branches are an intimidate option, a seduce option and a barmaid option.
  • Depending on the route you take, Simon can offer you extra work to help him get pictures of you and Bob together.
  • Update to the striptease game in preparation of having Simon become a recurring character.
  • Updated the Psychologist session to account for the new routes.
  • Updated the failure branch of the Simon mission as well as the police sections pre Haven.
  • Removed almost all restrictions from the wardrobe. Now if the player is too pure/unconfident to wear specific clothing, it incurs a mood hit and possibly confidence hit. But as long as Sammy’s breasts/vagina is not on show, she will wear it.
  • Can now wear a jacket without a top underneath
  • Added new surgery options with Dr Nicolas. You can now get birth control, abortion, heal all wounds, regain your virginity, a pregnancy test and rename Samantha.
  • Added Bob character art and updated Simon, Dr. Tucker and Dr. Nololas’ character art
  • Can now masturbate yourself in bed or at the showers
  • Added a few new masturbation scenes with Bob, soccer boys and Shane
  • Made the pub available from the start of the game. You can now drink and work there from day 1
  • Added some notifications when a skill check is called and why you can/cant follow a certain branch
  • Made visible options you are unable to pick and reason why you can’t access these options
  • Added a new “where to cum” function that checks your stats and conditions and chooses where the guy will cum and if he will pullout if asked.
  • Sammy will now know she is pregnant after her first missed period
  • Made the bully scenes trigger based on confidence. Low confidence will trigger them much more frequently
  • Added cheat to jump directly to meeting Simon in the pub
  • Added a dynamic colour picker for the skintone. This is a prototype for testing if it works without flaws to be implemented properly later. Access from the cheat menu
  • Added failsafe trigger that will hide/remove any groping hands or beer mugs I forgot to remove
  • Removed floating hearts, drunk bubbles and drunk swirl
  • Archived images. This should significantly help with game slowdown. If you suffered from slowdown, tell me if this improved things.
  • Raised prices for surgery from 500 to 5000
  • Fixed so the soccer boys only ask you to wear your waitress/dance outfit if you have unlocked them
  • Stopped some conversations triggering if the bullies have been dealt with
  • Cut up some longer sentences to fit better on smaller/mobile screens


  • Fixed crashes relating to the soccer boys
  • Fixed long hair not displaying properly during the spitroast scene
  • Fixed issues during the Haven mission with setting your stats
  • Fixed missing events during lunch
  • Fixed crash while doing one of the photoshoots
  • Fixed bug while doing a striptease
  • Fixed gloves going missing after undressing and redressing
  • Fixed reported typos


Note – Loading an old save will reset some of your stats, including intelligence, confidence and fitness. Sex stats will remain fine.

Content update

  • Added new main menu UI and animation
  • Added character art for the Soccer boys, Drake, Nate and Dan, Shane and Marcus the bullies and Felix the photographer
  • Updated character art for Cass with new outfits and pregnancy variations in preparation for her storylines
  • Added 3 new CGs. An againstwall variant and 2 doggy/spitroast CGs
  • Added bully sex chain. Includes hand, oral, vaginal, anal, spitroast and guys paying to take turns.
  • Added events to the bully chain where they write on you, threaten Cass and steal some clothing.
  • Added events 8-12 to the dance storyline as well as some conversations at school with Dani following this part of the story. This brings us to the penultimate event
  • Changed dance troupe events from every Friday to after dance gym class on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that the even chain doesn’t span so many weeks
  • Changes to school classes. You now have to go to class/lunch/gym yourself, allowing you to only attend what you want. Also means you can be late to school and still participate in later lessons. Lessons in progress are marked by the intelligence icon
  • If you arrive early to morning class, you will hang out with friends until class stars
  • Added morning class events with cass+mira, cass alone, mira alone, soccer boys, dance girls and felix
  • Added more morning lesson events
  • Removed the teachers name and replaced it with the subject of the lesson
  • Added Cass chain of bully events including 3 Cass CGs. This chain triggers if the soccer boys scared off the bullies from you or if the bullies have not managed to target you after 42 days (6 weeks)
  • Added random old shower events. If the boys are hanging out and lust is high enough, they may join
  • Added spitroast branch with the soccer boys
  • Added more conversation topics with the soccer boys. You can now hear about them having sex with Rachel, Photo stuff including nate trying to get/having gotten your special photos and Nate having got Dani’s photos
  • Added male toilet random events
  • Added girls shower random mini events
  • Made it possible to lose your clothes. Currently if you run away from the bullies while not having all your clothes on, anything you left behind will be lost. Only possible with the bullies for now (NOTE it is possible to soft lock your game because of this. If for example you lose all your tops, Sammy will refuse to go outside. If this happens, use the clothes cheat for now)
  • Added BG for behind the soccer pitch along with the boys hanging out there
  • Added BG for the darkroom, the photo set and the bus interior
  • Added a screen darken effect for whenever a CG or talking character is in focus. This is purely experimental and feedback is appreciated
  • Added NPC lust calculations. Now whenever you speak to them, your appearance will raise (or lower) their lust for you. Higher lust means sex events are more likley to trigger. Lust gain is blocked if the NPC came within the past 2 hours.
  • Added NPC love/friendship calculations.
  • Added so that if you keep Sammy happy over time, she gains confidence and loses confidence if unhappy. (Tracks the mood of the past 10 hours and rolls a d1000 against the total)
  • Named female NPCs now have autonomous sex and can get pregnant
  • Rachel autonomously now seeks out the soccer boys for fun
  • Dani now autonomously gets photos taken by Felix and if Dani is a whore, will have sex photo sessions with him

Minor additions/fixes

  • If you are a virgin, agreeing to sex is a lot harder. This has been significantly reduced if you have had anal sex
  • Stats how use floats to keep track of things better
  • Can now work in the pub until 3am
  • Wearing slutty clothes, being exposed or having really high allure will add for the chances of you agreeing to sex
  • Removed the restriction on walking/running/relaxing in the park at night (No new events yet but there will be)
  • Made it possible to agree to prostitution if you are a virgin but have had anal sex. Chances of agreeing is still rare so will need high desire/alcohol to agree
  • Changed the requirements to offer yourself to the soccer boys. Now you need to either have done something naughty with each of them or have a combined love of 180 (previously was have done something naughty with each of them and have all of them at max love)
  • New pass week cheat for testing NPC sex and pregnancy
  • Fixed description telling you who took your virginity
  • Adjusted the soccer boys shower events to almost always play an event
  • When offering yourself to the soccer boys, who joins you is based on lust. If all of their lust is too low, you will be rejected
  • Updated the soccer play events so that at night only dialogue of the person you are playing with will trigger
  • Showering with the soccer boys will give a large boost to their lust for you
  • Chances of the soccer boys joining you and who joins you in the shower is now based on their lust
  • Lewd comments from the soccer boys is now based on their lust
  • Pitch sex when winning a dare match is based on the players lust for you
  • You can now respond to and agree to some of the lewd comments from the soccer boys
  • Bully sex events are now triggered based on lust. It’s possible to avoid the worst situations if you stick to modest clothes when interacting with them
  • When the bullies demand your pants from you, they are removed from the wardrobe
  • Added a new cheat. Toggle avatar. It will hide or unhide Sammy from the side of the screen
  • Fixed the ass body writing to correctly count the amount of people you have had sex with
  • Fixed the school repeatable sex event virgin branch incorectly playing the forced scene
  • Fixed so that the bully event chain no longer fires the into event when loading your game
  • Fixed the post bully “removed” events. They should trigger correctly now
  • Fixed an error when doing the nude photoshoots
  • Fixed an error if you decide to “finish yourself off” while showering with the soccer boys
  • Fixed wrong text being shown when having sex with the soccer boys
  • Fixed an error when checking out your body during the prologue
  • Fixed your hair in Haven changing when going for a shower
  • Fixed so if you are kicked out of The Sweet Girls, you can no longer join them on Friday until you are allowed back
  • Fixed when starting your first shift then going home without starting a new one, the next time you went to work it would start the first time working intro again
  • Fixed issue where you sit on a guys lap who previously was exposing himself, “it” wouldn’t be showing
  • Fixed when sitting on a patrons lap, your hand turns the race of the man and not your own
  • Fixed the handjob scene showing two hands
  • Added a note after seeing Tucker that the train station and checkpoint missions are not ingame yet
  • Corrected a large amount of reported typos


  • Santa photoshoot (Normal, Tasteful nude and topless)
  • Elf photoshoot (Normal, Tasteful nude and topless)
  • Added a new cheat that disables pregnancy. It can be toggled on/off at any time. Wont help you if you are already pregnant.
  • Fixed bug where you would end up crazy drunk
  • Fixed certain skin tones on the NPCs not being able to show


Fixed crash bug with Simon if you give him a blowjob
Psychologist correctly talks about what you did with Simon
Fixed busstops not taking you to your location
Fixed bug while talking to the soccer boys
Fixed some typos


Content update

Soccer boys quest chains added. You can;
– Hang out and drink with them. Talking on a huge variety of topics dependant on what you have done while playing and how far into the story you are
Play dare matches vs one of the boys and perform a forfeit if you lose. Includes naughty scenes
Shower with the boys after playing a match. Includes naughty scenes
Be shown a hidden entrance so you can sneak to the field at night
Offer yourself to them. Includes naughty scenes
Rough implementation where the soccer boys get run of the bullies for you and the consequences of it
Photography quest;
Introduction chain
3 photoshoots (wip)
“special request” framework added
New clothes added;
Hooker dress
3 uniform jackets.
New shirt body/collar options
Flared skirt
Catgirl outfit consisting of catgirl pants, catgirl top, bell choker and cat ears
Witch outfit consisting of a dress, socks and a witches hat
A pair of high sleeved gloves
Added bodywriting. Note, this is not meant for the player to apply them but more of a punishment that others might subject you to, forcing changes to Sammy before she might unlock the ability to do it naturally;
forehead/whore gives temp iswhore perk
face/heart/slut gives temp isslut perk
belly/fertile gives temp boost to preg desire and doubles fertility
pubic/cumhere makes it so guys never pull out even if you ask
anus/analqueen makes it so you can always ask for anal
ass/counter counts every guy you had sex with until you wash it off and gives +10 desire per guy
breasts/milkme adds to desire, allure and chances of agreeing to sex
Added new againstwall CG to replace the one used throughout the learning centre. It now shows Sammys face and full body
Updated the show breasts CG to include customisation options
Updated show rear end CG to include customisations
Updated the oral CG to include more positions
New shower DP CG
Updated learning centre naughty scenes to use the newly added CGs
Added suntans with tanlines. Only usable via the cheat menu for now
Nipples now poke through your top if it is of thin material. Need to be outside or with high desire
Sammys rear end turns red if spanked a lot
Length of days changed. Summer days are longer and winter days are shorter
New mirror button to adjust your front and back hair as well as apply makeup
You can now work at the bar while pregnant. Art or dialogue has not been updated to reflect this

Minor additions/fixes.

Made it so if you are punched while broken, you do not lose mood or confidence and desire is maxed out
Fixed so that the front shower scene has an equal chance of showing as the back one
Fixed a bunch of bugs relating to the button images in haven only showing the day variant.
Fixed some bugs relating to the crazy man in Haven who attacks you.
Made it so if you are a virgin, you can always ask for anal
Fixed an error when Sammy is feeling more confident staying out late, depending on your location it used to crash
Made the cheat menu smaller so it can fit on mobile screens
New cheats added. Add to suntan, bodywriting and soccer boys scenes
Fixed bug that was preventing all the classes from triggering
Large typo pass
Content update

  • Added 8 events for the dance troupe questline. This event chain introduces 3 new characters to the game, Dani, Anabel and Rachel.
  • Added the soccer boys to the school field who you can play and hang out with in the afternoon.
  • Added some thugs to the school. You will bump into them now and then and if your confidence is too low, they will harass you and generally try to make your life miserable
  • School sandbox sex event chain added to tie in with the random events.
  • Added new lunchtime events. You will now have lunch with Cass alone if Mira is away for the day and if you are part of the dance troupe, you can also have lunch with them
  • Added random events throughout the school. These range from overhearing people talking to dragging someone into the changing rooms if desire is too high.
  • New dance troupe outfit consisting of a micromini skirt and a knotted tee.
  • Fishnet tights added and changed the waistline of all tights so they fit better with low rise bottoms
  • Hair changes. There are now 6 variations of bangs to choose from and 4 lengths of hair. Hair can now be styled as loose, pony, bun or pigtails at the bathroom mirror.
  • Updated the classroom, field and gym backgrounds. They also now have people in the background to show if certain events are available (eg. You can see the boys playing soccer in the field)
  • Added action images for when you do some sport. Running will now show a Sammy running image, dance shows a dance image and soccer shows Sammy kicking a ball

Minor additions and fixes

  • New cheats added. Cosmetic surgery, spank, punch and the ability to jump straight to some of the new events. The events jump is just for testing and will be removed in future
  • Reduced the fitness requirement to join the dance troupe from 60 to 40
  • Removed “go for a run” from the soccer field. It is now only available if the boys are not playing. Playing with the boys provides all the same fitness buffs as well as extra mood buffs so no point in running alone if they are there.
  • Reworked how the lower travel buttons are displayed to reduce the amount of image files
  • Fixed if you press escape while having the wardrobe open, then returning the game and closing the wardrobe menu, the text will stay onscreen
  • Fixed missing phair colours from the front shower scene
  • Removed cut off jeans shorts from the school uniform
  • Fixed highway and checkpoint bus stop backgrounds not showing
  • Various other big fixes

Content update

  • New clothes. An off the shoulder, ruffled crop top, a tight sports tee and sports vest (transparent and mesh variations), cutoff jeans shorts, cargo trousers and bra versions of the mesh tee and vest.
  • Night time “Fun alone time” events added with 2 new CGs. Sammy fantasises about past events while pleasuring herself (more to come)
  • Updated the shower scene to factor in nip colour, tattoos and piercings
  • Added new art for a shower scene. Showering will now randomly pick between the two images
  • Updated the sleeping event and re added morning sickness and hangover sickness mini scenes
  • Added a new penetration effect. It plays whenever Sammy gets penetrated (currently vaginal and anal)
  • Added a new cum popup effect which shows whenever Sammy is ejaculated in and where(currently vaginal and anal)
  • Added eyeliners to the accessories wardrobe. 2 new eyeliners added (4 total) and eyeliner is now colourable
  • Updated the juices effect on the side character. There are now 3 levels of amount for each location
  • New colours added to the wardrobe. Brighter red, an ocean blue, a bright cyan and hot pink.
  • New dyed/bleached hair colours added as well as unnatural eye colours
  • Update of the wardrobes. Selected tabs are now highlighted and new buttons added

Minor additions/fixes.

  • Sammy side picture is now coloured based on the time of day/weather/season
  • Adjustments to how the backgrounds are displayed. Summer is now much brighter, overcast more gloomy and winter more colourless
  • Wardrobes now show what tab is currently selected
  • Any “juices” on or in the body now degrade over time and take away from your hygiene
  • When drunk, Sammy now has bubbles come out her mouth
  • When blackout drunk, the swirl behind Sammy now spins
  • When Sammy has high desire, love hearts float around her
  • Adjusted the broken perk to also give you a minimum base desire of 50 and allows you to leave the house at night regardless of confidence level
  • Updated the spank image
  • Added arms for the school cardigan. It now works correctly with holding beer or an umbrella
  • Added drunk, shower, bukake and toggle makeup cheats to cheat menu and drunk levels to the toggle debug display. Moved hunger and hygiene to the debug display
  • Added an alarm icon to show you were woke by your alarm clock (I do not like this but have kept it in to get feedback on it)
  • Period cycle adjusted to be a little more realistic and fertility rates adjusted in preparation for perks to alter the base rates (If loading a previous save, this will reset your cycle)
  • After giving birth, it will take 2 weeks for your cycle to restart
  • Night time fun time now needs 80+ desire to trigger
  • Fixed the Psychologist not responding to your actions if you pried the gate bars in Haven
  • Fixed patching error on load if you load a save when you have activated the Haven mission but not started it yet
  • Fixed so you wont get the Haven wait message when waiting outside of Haven
  • Fixed the zip hoodies left arm when holding a beer
  • Fixed the school showers so you exit to the locker room after a shower


I have updated to the latest version of Ren’py to take advantage of some of it’s newer features. There may be some teething issues I am unaware of due to the transition. Please report any bugs you come across.

Major content update

  • Added the second part of the Haven quest. There are many path combinations you can follow to achieve the goal of your mission.
  • Haven pt 2 has the continuation of the quest to speak to “Big Al”, more ending combinations than I can count, leaving Haven, another session with the psychologist, mission debrief and mission wrap up.
  • Many new CG’s and naughty scenes to go with some of the paths or outcomes
  • Added the “Broken” perk available through one of the Haven endings. It allows you to always agree to sell yourself, massive buff to sex agree dice rolls, makes you fail all willpower checks, unlocks all confidence related clothing options and caps your max confidence at 40
  • Added art for the Institute psychologist, 4 Haven guards, Viktor the brewmaster and the girl who shows you your bed when you arrive to Haven

Minor additions/fixes.

  • Updated the punch effect when Sammy gets hit
  • Added blood for when Sammy gets punched in the face.
  • Added rain and snow back in. It was removed when testing weather effects and forgot to be put back in
  • Made breaking the pipes in Haven considerably easier
  • Reduced the time between talking to the gate guard by 1 hour from 4 to 3
  • Made it so you can also be caught by the blackmailer while stealing the lighter fluid from the lounge and increased the chances of getting caught from 1 in 8 to 1 in 6
  • Made gathering intel slightly harder to make it more unlikely you will trigger the ending while aiming for another.
  • Fixed issue in the bar where Sammy would offer company to a patron when she isn’t a whore
  • Fixed issue where the pub patron has sex with Sammy while she still has her pants on
  • Fixed issue where you sleep in Haven and the black screen remains
  • Fixed issue where you hover over the belly and will be teleported or sent to the main menu


  • Added the random haven join room events.
  • Unblocked the repeatable events. Now if you have gained all the intel you can still do the event but Sammy will comment that she has all the intel she is likly to get.
  • The more drunk and tired you are, the higher your chance of passing out.
  • Decreased the chance you get intel in Haven so it is less likely to trigger the intel ending when you are aiming for another one.
  • Fixed the haven waiting image so Sammy’s top has a strap, added the missing eye shadow and inverted the sock stripes.
  • Sammy when stuck in the vent, sleeping, blow, storage and on the stool now has a shoulder strap on her top
  • Added phair to the image where Sammy is getting the naval ring and the image where she is plugged. Adjusted the colour of her nips to match the side avatar when she is getting the nipple rings.
  • Removed the not implemented message that appears after getting paperwork from the police station prior to the Haven mission
  • Fixed Sammy having a missing head when refusing to listen to the peepers intel
  • Fixed an error when waiting in a room (old spider)
  • Fixed the wrong image being loaded when blowing Viktor (old spider)
  • Fixed the black screen rarely not going away when going to sleep in haven
  • Dressing for haven now correctly removes any accessories you were wearing
  • Removed the collar from the peeping images

– Added the Haven mission. Infiltrate a homeless community and investigate whether Dr Curse is hiding out in Haven and, if not, where he has gone.
– The Haven mission has the intro, preparation for mission, arrival to Haven and the sandbox/searching for Doctor Curse. Content ends once you trigger one of the endings.
– Haven has more naughty events than I can count. Some small and some larger chains.
– 5 Different paths you can take to complete the mission. Some easier than others and depend a lot on Sammy’s stats and experience.

Minor additions/fixes.

– Fixed not being able to buy school jackets or gloves from the shops.
– Made some thin material tops slightly see though so that bras underneath are shown slightly.
– Fixed the bus stop screen not showing.
– Fixed not being able to wait when you unlocked the Haven mission
– Added a trigger so you can get the slut flag.
– Adjusted some descriptions in the stats menu based on if Sammy wants a baby or not.
– Adjusted description in stats menu if Sammy is an anal virgin but has a butt plug in
– Fixed the minidress and the maternity dress not colouring in the party tab
– Very low hygiene now lowers your mood (sweaty state)
– Added new blackout drunk effect. This will only show when you are drunk enough you might pass out at any moment.


  • Increased the chances Simon will come inside during his quest from 1/10 to 6/10 to fit better with the lore of the game
  • When changing race in the surgery menu, your nipple colour will also change to fit the race.
  • Fixed(again) the psychologist pregnancy comments if Simon got you pregnant (Birujo)
  • Fixed the wrong events being called when walking in the park with high allure. You can now trigger 7 allure related events(Birujo)
  • Fixed the stats menu always reporting the wrong time of your period after the first month has passed (Birujo)
  • Fixed many other issues reported by Birujo. https://tfgames.site/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?p=643113#p643113
  • Fixed crash while knowing you were pregnant and talking to the psychologist (International)
  • Fixed common room button at home being flipped (International)
  • Fixed not being able to speak to Emile when she is at home
  • Fixed error in the femstart when entering the changing room alone (BagelHouse)
  • Removed the ability to start the work in progress Haven mission by normal means. Being able to start it was unintentional. If you want to pay it anyway, open the console and type jump main_quest_05_intro


  • New female protagonist origin.
  • Many small adjustments and improvements to the male origin.
  • New clothing – New sexy top, 3 new skirts and a new jacket and shirt for school wear.
  • Added new hairstyles and modified old ones. There are now 5 front and 5 back styles
  • Added Ginger hair
  • Added xray hover effect to the belly when pregnant
  • Added hover descriptions to outfit types and clothing types for the wardrobe
  • Added small bits of flavour dialogue depending on your origin choice
  • Adjusted Sammy’s expressions when you hover the mouse over her or open the stats menu
  • fixed hoodie icons in the wardrobe being switched
  • fixed self voicing issue repeating your latest quest update
  • fixed Santa socks not working with the school uniform
  • Fixed the cosmetic surgery looping an event if you followed the highway route on Simon’s quest
  • Fixed a typo on the diary
  • Fixed the school shirt clipping with larger bodies
  • Fixed the diary not always giving you the correct description of clothing worn
  • Fixed dialogue with the psychologist if simon got you pregnant and you know you are pregnant


  • First part of a new Institute quest. This quest will take you to the security offices to find out where one of their missing scientists might be hiding out.
  • New body features. Colourable nipples, nipple sizes and muscle definition based on fitness.
  • Adjusted Sammys skin tones to match a bit better the race they intend to represent. Later on suntans will be used to effect them further.
  • New choker, nipple rings and navel ring added to the accessories wardrobe.
  • New shorts, top and gloves added.
  • Put the pub lap sitting sex scene behind a very high drunk check and a very high desire check.
  • Fixed prologue pants going missing if you asked about thongs.
  • Adjusted the code behind how the wardrobe and shops work. This should have solved most wardrobe related bugs.
  • Added functionality for head shape changes, eye changes and tattoos. Not ingame yet but are testable via console.
  • Fixed possible issue relating to the location of sex in the pub.


  • Fixed pants going missing when working in the bar
  • Fixed sports outfit not working properly
  • Fixed error during rare sleeping outside event
  • Made the sitting on lap event trigger less frequently
  • Miss Santa dress can now be correctly bought


  • Fixed stat menu creampies/facials/swallow not counting up.
  • Fixed an error when setting the price for your body.
  • Fixed leaving work sometimes still in your work clothes.
  • Fixed an event where the guy is having sex with you, but the art didn’t reflect this.
  • Fixed error when opening the school wardrobe if had a collar or glasses on.
  • Add clothes cheat now adds the hats.
  • Removed the ability to enter the police station, getting yourself stuck


New feature. Accessories wardrobe. This is where you will put on things such as chokers, necklaces, choose your make up and later on will be where you put other jewellery and piercings on. Accessories are independent of your outfit choice.
New feature. Hats. Hats have been added to the clothing wardrobe and can be added to your outfit choices.
New feature. Stats diary and quest log.
New clothing. Beanie hat (Meow shop) and a miss Santa outfit added(hat, dress and socks added to Cosplay club).
New shop. Cosplay club. It is where you will be able to buy all the seasonal items and any cosplay outfits.
New accessories. Simple choker and a pair of glasses added to test the new accessories wardrobe.
Make up is now separated into four slots, customisable from the accessories wardrobe. Eye shadow, blush, lipstick and nail polish. All are colourable.
Huge amount of adjustments to the bar job. Main points are you can choose the hole to have sex in and agreeing to sexual encounters now use the same check calculations for consistency
New player variables that check if you are an experienced whore, if you are a slut, if you want or don’t want a baby. These are calculated by your sexual encounters
New variables mentioned mean that you will always pass or bypass certain checks. If you are a whore you will always pass checks where people offer you money for sex. If you want a baby you will never be given the choice of where a guy cums.
A few new encounters to the bar job if you are a whore or want a baby.
Expanded some of the virgin sex events.


  • Added art for the pass out drunk event.
  • Rare bad event added while working in the pub.
  • Added event where if working in the pub and your hygiene gets too low, Sammy will go to the toilets and wash herself.
  • New locations. Security checkpoint, Truck stop, Industrial area and the lake. No events for these locations yet but they will become important for the main storyline.
  • Reorganised the travel buttons. Buttons are now separated between district locations (square icons that take 15 mins to travel between) and local icons (rounded icons that take 1 min to travel between)
  • District icons are reorganised. West location is always first. North/South second and East third. Followed by local areas.
  • Added bus stops to all district locations to facilitate faster travel. Moved bus icon to the bottom travel screen.
  • Changed the train station to Revel street. A new train station location will be added with new artwork.
  • Moved the market so it is now a sub location of the commercial area.
  • New clothes. Since more “naughty” clothes were so highly requested, I have added a micro mini skirt and a revealing tank top. There is also a more sensible pencil skirt for school and daily wear.
  • bus stop backgrounds added to all bus stops
  • Huge typo pass over the main missions.
  • Fixed bug where if it was raining when entering the pub during the Simon quest, it would be raining inside.


  • Fixed missing images in the prologue.
  • Added the updated highway background.
  • Converted many images from png to webp to reduce filesize.
  • Fixed a bug with Simon in the alley if you pick the “…” option instead of the “Am I pretty option” you would crash.
  • Removed mood requirement to work in the pub.
  • Experimental Web browser build available at itch.io

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