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In the game you’ll play as a man teetering over the edge of boredom right before the opportunity of meta-human abilities comes to rescue him from his day-to-day life, and thrusts him into the crime-fighting theater of being a superhero! Eventually, he needs to meet his team first. Action! Romance! Lewds! All powered by the hamster currently spinning the workout wheel on my rendering machine.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-08-28
Developer: Solace Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.851 Public
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Superpowers, Romance, Big ass, Big tits, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Milf, Sandbox, Mobile game, Humor

Change-Log from 1.825 to 01.850:

  • 3 Riley Sandbox Events! The Kitchen Saga!
  • 1 Chrys Repeatable Event! Her Night Time Gaming Finale!
  • Major Feature: The minimap!

Change-Log from 1.801 to 01.826:

  • 3 Patrol Events!
  • 1 Chrys sandbox events! The Tactical Cuddle Part 2 Finale!
  • 1 Chrys main story event!
  • 1 Riley repeatable Event! Thursday Night in her Bedroom

Change-Log from 1.750 to 01.801:

  • 1 Riley sandbox event! The Finale for her late night library! Triggered Thursday evening in the Academy Library
  • 1 Artemisia story events!
  • 2 Chrys sandbox events! The continuation of her cuddle events!
  • 3 Valentina main story event!
  • 1 Harper repeatable Event! The hiking finale! Trigger Sunday morning in the entrance

Change-Log from 1.700 to 01.752:

  • 1 Harper sandbox event! The Finale for her hiking trip! Triggered Sunday morning in the Academy Entrance
  • 1 Artemisia story events!
  • 1 Protagonist event!
  • 2 Riley sandbox events! Triggered during the evening in the library!
  • 1 Valentina main story event!
  • 1 Riley repeatable Event! The Movie Night Finale! Triggered Tuesday night in the recreation room!

Change-Log from 1.651 to 01.702:

  • 1 Riley sandbox event! The Finale for her movie night! Triggered Tuesday night in the Rec Room
  • 2 Harper story events!
  • 2 Harper sandbox events! Triggered at the Academy entrance in the morning after her most recent events.
  • 1 Valentina main story event!
  • 1 Valentina repeatable Event! The “Perfect Ten” Finale! Triggered Saturday morning in her bedroom.
  • Grammar and bug fixes!
  • Fixed a bug where animations faded to black and fails to run!

Change-Log from 1.601 to 01.65:

  • 1 Valentina sandbox event! The Finale for her Special Training!
  • 2 Main story events!
  • 2 Riley sandbox events! Triggered Saturday morning in the gym.
  • 1 Chrys main story event!
  • 1 Riley main story event!
  • 1 Riley repeatable Event! The Cuddle Finale! Triggered if you spend enough time together.

Change-Log from 1.577 to 01.601:

  • 1 Riley sandbox events! The Finale for her Tactical Cuddling Part II!
  • 1 Main story event! The Interrogation of Lovestruck!
  • 2 Valentina sandbox events! Triggered in her bedroom
  • 1 Valentina event!
  • 2 Harper events!
  • 1 Riley repeatable Event! The Sunday morning massage!

Change-Log from 1.551 to 01.577:

  • 3 Riley Sandbox Events! This includes the finale of the massage event triggered Sunday morning!
  • 2 Main Story events!
  • Kelly Clark’s visual overhaul!
  • Miranda Keegan’s visual overhaul!
  • Bug Fix for the looping garage event!

v1.511 Public

  • 1 Riley Main Story Events!
  • 3 Riley Sandbox Events! This includes the finale of the weight lifting event triggered Saturday morning!
  • 3 Artemisia Events!
  • Chrys’ Repeatable Pet Play Event!
  • Chrys’ Room has been added
  • Chrys’ Original pet play has had a few tweaks
  • The Recreation Room has been added!

v1.526 Public

  • 1 Chrys Sandbox Event! Triggered by visiting her bedroom Monday afternoon.
  • 2 Riley Sandbox Events! You can find these Saturday morning in the gymnasium

1.452 to 01.502:
4 Chrys Main Story Events!
2 Chrys Sandbox Events! Triggered by visiting her bedroom Monday afternoon after finishing her newest events.
3 Artemisia Events!

Change-Log from 1.401 to 01.452:

  • 3 Chrys Main Story Events!
  • 3 Harper Snippet Events (Tactical Cuddling + Repeatable included)!
  • 1 Riley Main Story Event!
  • Bug and Grammar Fixes


  • 5 Riley Main Story Events!
  • 3 Riley Snippet Events (Tactical Cuddling + Repeatable included)!
  • Valentina’s second event has been redone!


  • 4 Chrys Main Story Events!
  • 3 Valentina Snippet Events (Tactical Cuddling + Repeatable included)!
  • 1 Harper Sandbox Event (The Conclusion of the Daddy Talk)!
  • Valentina’s first event has been redone!

v1.301 Public

  • 1 Chrys Main Story Event!
  • 1 Chrys Sandbox Event (With H-scene! Triggered by the usual upstairs bathroom visits at night on Mondays and Wednesdays)
  • 2 Chrys Repeatables (Post tactical training and bathroom H-scene!)
  • 2 Valentina Events!
  • 1 Valentina Sandbox Event (trigger by going into the locker room during the day)
  • 2 Harper Sandbox Events! (At night in the Kitchen and at night in the library)
  • Harper’s third event has been redone!


  • 3 Chrys Events!
  • 2 Sandbox Chrys Events! These can be found Monday and Wednesday night in the upstairs bathroom after completing the strength tests with Chrys and Valentina.
  • 3 Valentina Events!
  • Harper’s first event has been redone!


  • 3 Harper Events (H-scene!)
  • 2 Protagonist Events (What!? Two!?)
  • 1 Artemisia Event

Change-Log from 1.101 to 01.152:

  • 3 Harper Events
  • 3 Riley Events (One H-scene!)
  • 1 Artemisia Event
  • 1 Miranda Event
  • 1 Protagonist Event (with Lovestruck!)

v1.052 to 01.100:

  • 2 Harper Events
  • 1 Chrys Event
  • 1 Artemisia Event
  • 1 Josie Event
  • 3 Patrol Events
  • A complete overhaul of Valentina’s Shower Repeatable!


You can find the hints for the Patrol Events in Riley’s hint section. Her progress tracker bar will not move during this update, and that is intentional.

01.052 Public

  • 2 Riley Events
  • 2 Harper Events
  • 2 Chrys Events
  • 2 Valentina Events
  • 2 Artemisia Events
  • A complete overhaul of Harper’s Shower Repeatable!

2 New Riley Events
3 New Harper Events
3 Repeatables Added (Chrys, Riley, Valentina)
1 New Lecture Event
The Midpoint
Fixes with the Schedule Tracker

v0.975.1 Public
2 New Chrys Events
2 New Harper Events
2 New Valentina Events (1 H-scene)
2 New Artemisia Events
1 New Protagonist Event
Numerous bug fixes and spelling corrections

v0.95.2 Public

  • 9 New Chrys Events (2 H-scenes)
  • No, seriously
  • There are Nine new Chrys Events
  • Fixed a bug where events in the library wouldn’t trigger because someone was already in there.
  • Fixed typos and grammar mistakes

v0.90.2 Public

  • 2 New Riley Events ( One new H-scene)
  • 1 New Main Story Event
  • 1 New Artemisia Event
  • 1 New Josie Event
  • 1 New Detective Event
  • 1 New Lecture Event
  • 1 New Patrol
  • Repeatable events for Harper and Valentina have been added!
  • Fixed a minor bug where Valentina wasn’t showing up on the schedule tracker
  • Fixed a minor bug where Riley’s new event triggered ahead of schedule

Fixed: Missing Hints for Riley’s Events

2 New Harper Events ( One new H-scene)
2 New Riley Events
1 New Lecture Event

v0.85.1 Public
5 New Main Story Events
2 Valentina Events (One new H-scene)
Fixed some spelling and grammar errors
Fixed an audio bug.

v0.80 Early
2 New Missus Powell Training Events
1 New Lecture Event
1 Main Story Event
1 Riley Event
2 Harper Events
2 Valentina Events

v0.75 (Start a new Game):

The Academy has received a visual overhaul
Redesigned the first floor corridor (added elevator access)
Added an in-game blackboard to track the common schedules
Redesigned the Locker Room
Redesigned the Main Menu
Added a game icon
Redesigned the Hint images
Updated the Main Menu images
Touched-up the Introduction
Replaced the old Introduction Hospital Scene
Replaced the old Academy Tour
Replaced Chrys’ 1st Event
Replaced Lecture 3 Slideshow Animation with a real animation
Replaced Harper’s 4th Event and Animations (now two)
Replaced Harper’s 5th Event and Animations (now two)
Replaced Chrys’ 6th Event and Animations (the last slideshow)
Replaced Valentina’s 8th Event (Animation removed because it was low-quality and no longer fit the scene.)
Replaced hundreds of old renders with the newer backgrounds
Updated half a dozen old animations with the newer backgrounds
Added almost a dozen new tracks the game
Added music to dozens of scenes
Added over thirty new sound effects to the game
Added sound effects to nearly every scene
Added a “leave” button to replace the old room exit highlights. Updated events to trigger off the new button
Added an in-between state for the elevator hallway before Riley moves back into the Academy
Shuffled a lot of the code around to make it easier to add new content
Updated and replaced too much code to mention
Fixed Attributions
Added new Patreon buttons
Fixed a bug with Riley’s bathroom repeatable event
Redone a few hints to be a little less vague
Locked the player in the sequence where Chrys ambushes you so that you don’t skip it accidentally
Added an in-game change-log.
Finished Sumire’s Redesign
Finished Keegan’s Design
Finished a Design for Mister Nakamura
Finished a Design for a mystery character you’ll meet soon
Updated the dialogue of several events to be more internally consistent
Changed the wording on picking your name to be more clear. Also added a default name. It’s a reference, there is no “canon” protagonist.
Hotfix: Fixed a minor bug that occurred when you tried to repeat Harper’s oral event when speaking to her in the doorway.
Hotfix: Fixed a bug that occurred when accessing Valentina’s and Harper’s repeatable events and then backing out.
Hotfix: Fixed an incorrect schedule time slot
Hotfix: Fixed a bug with a dialogue option during Chrys’ fitting room event.
v0.70.6 Public
This fixes an issue with repeating Riley’s bathroom event.


  • .5 Valentina Training Revision Events
  • Valentina’s shower room H-scene has been made repeatable.
  • 6 Harper Training Revision Events
  • 2 Riley Events (Repeatable H-scene)
  • 3 Main Story Events
  • Missus Powell’s new model implemented
  • Harper’s new model implemented
  • New file compression has been implemented!
  • Made one of Riley’s new animations less “vroom, vroom.


  • 4 Chrys Events (with an H-scene)
  • 2 Riley Event (one with repeatable H-scene)
  • 4 Valentina Training Revision Events
  • Valentina’s bedroom H-scene has been made repeatable every other day


  • 4 Chrys Events (with an H-scene)
  • 1 Riley Event (With repeatable H-scene)
  • 2 Riley Repeatable H-scenes
  • 3 Main Story Events


  • 2 Valentina Events (One H-scene)
  • 2 Harper Events
  • 3 Chrys Events (Including a very large one)
  • 1 Main Story Event
  • Hundreds of typo fixes

2 Patrols Events with Riley
1 Lecture Event
3 Riley Events (Animation for the finale!)
2 Chrys Events
1 Protagonist Event

5 Valentina Events (One H-scene, repeatable)
Fixed Valentina’s public shower event animation (Or replaced, more accurately)
4 Harper Events (Two H-scenes, one repeatable)
3 Chrys Events (A surprise)
2 Riley Events
1 Main Story Event

6 New Main Story Events! (Yes, the main story is finally in the game!)
Numerous bug fixes and spelling corrections
New Hint System!
Improved pacing and reduced grind!
The first Patrol Mission!

A new introduction sequence starting from the very beginning and going all the way to the hospital scene. One new story H-scene included!
The heroines will now appear around the academy map during certain times of day!
Three, brand new repeatable H-scene events. One for Harper, Valentina, and Chrys
Conversion of Harper’s first bedroom animation into an actual animation (progress to the point where you gain access to her room to see it).
Lots of minor coding fixes and tweaks as well as some optimization of the image files.
One new event for the protagonist


  • Adds an in-game walkthrough for the important choices.
  • Adds option to see multiple scenes and award all points.
  • Adds Improved In-Game Hints for better clarification.
  • Adds Cheats option.
  • Adds Nav Bar.
  • Adds Stats window useable during conversations.
  • Adds Scene Replay to Main Menu for Non-Repeatable scenes.
  • Adds sliders in Preferences for Text size, and textbox Transparency.
  • Adds option to toggle Quick Menu via Q on the keyboard or in Preferences.


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “SuperheroesSuck-0.*public-pc” folder. Overwrite files if required.

MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “SuperheroesSuck” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

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