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Secret Island is an immersive and captivating adult visual novel that takes you on a thrilling journey to a mysterious island situated between two warring kingdoms. Despite its strategic location, the island has been forgotten by both sides, leaving it shrouded in mystery and ripe for exploration. As a skilled mercenary stranded on the island following a naval battle, you are rescued by a group of intriguing women who offer you the chance to discover the island’s secrets and delve into romantic relationships with them. However, be wary, for you are not the sole survivor group on this forgotten island, and unseen perils may loom amidst the companionship of these charming women.

Set in a modern fantasy world, “Secret Island” offers a fascinating blend of past and present as you navigate through a captivating storyline filled with unexpected twists and turns. Along the way, you will encounter a diverse cast of characters, some of whom are not human, and forge deep connections with them. With the option to bring some of these characters into your own life, “Secret Island” presents a unique and engaging gameplay experience that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-08-14
Developer: NocturnalDev – Patreon – SubscribeStar – Discord – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.8
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Milf, Oral Sex, Vaginal sex, Dystopian setting, Fantasy, Interracial, Graphic violence, Monster Girl, Superpowers, Creampie, Harem, Lesbian, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Handjob, Virgin, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Spanking.
Planned: Multiple Endings, Anal Sex, Group sex, Religion, Multiple Penetration (FFM), Pregnancy.


  • 13k new words. (130k total)
  • 11 new scenes. (1 Hannah, 1 Eloise, 1 Sarah, 1 Helena, 1 Mixed, 1 Laura, 1 Tahlia, 1 Iris, 3 Mixed) (145 scenes total)
  • 135 new renders. (2517 total)
  • 15 new animations. (106 total)

The second update for chapter five is here. v0.5, the end of the chapter, is available on patreon and subscribestar. With that, I will be starting chapter 6 this week.


  • 120 new renders (2382 total)
  • 2 new animations (91 total)
  • 10 new scenes (2 MC, 1 Eloise, 3 Mixed, 2 Helena, 1 Sarah, 1 Tahlia) (134 scenes total)
  • 12k new words (117k words total)
  • 2 new repeatable scenes.

A small update, I know. But I did a bunch of reviews and fixes to older content. I hope it is a good start for the chapter. Now, when mc is going to sleep you might be able to ask other characters to sleep with you.
v0.4.8 is available on patreon and subscribestar.


  • 11k new words (105k words total)
  • 187 new renders (2262 renders total)
  • 11 new scenes (1 Koriso, 2 Helena, 1 Aster, 1 Hannah, 1 Iris, 3 Mixed, 1 ???) (124 scenes total)
  • 17 new animations (89 total)

The end of chapter 4. Reviewed chapter 1, added sounds mostly to chapter 1, and the end of chapter 4. The start of chapter 5 is already available on patreon or subscribestar.


  • 7k new words (94k words total)
  • 135 new renders (2075 renders total)
  • 7 new scenes (113 scenes total)
  • 7 new animations (72 total)

The second part of chapter 4. This version has a bunch of fixes and adjustments from last release. This build was released a month ago on patreon, so the changes from the feedback (audio) on v0.3.3 will only show up on v0.4. The end of chapter 4 is already available on patreon or subscribestar.


  • 11k new words (87k words total)
  • 185 new renders (1940 renders total)
  • 12 new scenes (106 scenes total)
  • 14 new animations (65 total)

Part 1 of chapter 4 update. We end in the middle of day 24. This release will be in early access for a month, the same way as 0.3-release. I’ll make one week early release on Discord. I hope you people like where this is going. v03.3.7 is available for early access.
I’ve also updated the walkthourgh/choices guide. Feel free to make any comment, feedback, suggestion.


  • 283 new renders (1755 renders total)
  • 17 new scenes (94 scenes total)
  • 14k new words (76k words total)
  • 16 new animations (51 total)

This concludes chapter 3. This release will be exclusive for subscribers on the $5 tier+, next week I will release it for the $1 tier in Patreon. In three weeks I will make a release here, as a gift for the people in discord. In four weeks I’ll make it public in other platforms. I hope you all like this update, feel free to give me any feedback. I have used a couple AIs to help me review and fix grammar, so I hope the text quality in this update has increased. With fewer typos, and grammar mistakes. I have also added a Walkthrough/Choice Guide to the $10 tier. I’ll keep this updated in the next updates.


  • First half of chapter 3.
  • 17 new events
  • 17k new words
  • 305 new renders
  • 9 new animations


  • Updated Mina&Ami’s path. You can choose to not watch their scenes and still add them to the harem later, or complete ignore them.
  • Multiple grammar fixes. Probably won’t be perfect, but certainly better.
  • Added content filter. The content filter options choice menu will appear for you the first time you start a game or load a save. You can change your choices at the preferences screen.
  • Added a small tutorial that will show the first time you start a game or load a save, to explain that the order of the choice menu is random, and that the numbers are keyboard shortcuts.
  • A few people were having issues with animations. I did a change that should fix that. You might need to load a save before the animation in question, or you can rewatch the scenes in the extras.


  • 30 new events (to a total of 60 scenes)
  • 26k new words (to a total of 45k words)
  • 1.1k renders
  • 26 animations
  • Added checks for when the player is starting a replay
  • Added choice menu randomization and keyboard shortcuts
  • Added chapter 2 events to extras
  • Added a different confirmation screen when leaving the game.
  • Moved presplash images to right location
  • Fixes on chapter 1

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