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The game is set in a matriarchy, where women posses magical powers and rule over men. the game centers around a young man, the two women he shares his house with, and his journey to accept his place in this world.

The mechanics of the game are going to center around the clothing you wear. You will be able to pick what your character wears, and the events and characters in the world will react to what you are wearing.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-06-18
Developer: taco7 Patreon – Subscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.973
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Female domination, Urination, Spanking, Trap, Anal sex, Oral sex, Cosplay, Cbt, Sph, Foot-worship, Ass-worship, Pegging, scat, bestiality


  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let you progress to day 6 in the gentle route
  • Fixed a missing image bug in the race seen


  • Added day 6 to the gentle route.
  • Added Sarah’s trip to day 6
  • Expanded the cruise with Iris and your mistress


  • Added day 6 to the rough route.
  • Moved the ability to skip to later days to the main menu


  • Added day 5 to the gentle route.
  • Reworked some dialogue at the beginning of day 5
  • Added a flashback scene of the father to both routes
  • Use the debug room to skip to new content. Start a new save file and interact with the chest at the bottom of your room. Password is 12789.


  • Fixed the bug that was still showing the watersports scene in day 5 if you had watersports disabled.
  • fixed a few more typos
  • Check v0.955 below for details on the debug room to skip you to the new content


  • Added day 5 of the rough route.
  • Added a debug room to skip you to the new content. Start a new save file and interact with the chest at the bottom of your room. Password is 12789. The blue flame starts the day with your landlord mad at you, and the red flame starts the day with her happy. You have to interact with one of the girls to the left of the flames, or it won’t know who you dated in day 4 and it will bug the game. (DON’T FORGET TO USE THE FETISH SELECTOR IN YOUR INVENTORY)
  • Fixed some typos in earlier days


  • Added day 4 of the gentle route.
  • I’ve included two saves, to skip you to the new content. Save 1 will skip you to day 4 of the gentle route, and save 2 will skip you to day 4 of the rough route.
  • If you want to see the new scene with Sarah, you have to have taken Justin’s place in day 1 and agreed to lick her.


  • Fixed a visual bug with your first maintenance spanking


  • Added day 4 of the rough route. day 4 of the gentle route coming in a few weeks.
  • This is another update that is wider than it is long, mostly to due to the different dates you can go on. I encourage everyone to play through all the dates. They’re quite unique, and as the game approaches it’s conclusion, you will have to choose between one of the girls, your landlord, or your roommate. Sarah might also chose you, depending on your decisions.
  • Make sure you’re playing around with your clothes. With the exception of Kylie’s date, every scene in day 4 should react to your clothing choices. Some will completely change the images, others just the dialogue.
  • Old saves should work, but I have included a save that will jump you to the beginning of day 4 and get you set up with your previous choices.


  • Nothing new, just fixes typos


  • added day 3 for the rough route
  • included a save file that will skip to the new content


  • added day 3 for the gentle route
  • improved the skip fetish switches
  • included a save file that will skip to the new content


  • Remade the gentle route of week two
  • added a bunch of new scenes
  • I’m not sure if old saves will work, but if you use 10x speed, you can get through day one real quick.

week two remake0.64

  • Remade the mean route of week two
  • Added a fast forward function. Press the “L” key to cycle through different speeds (may cause audio/visual glitches)

day one remake 0.47

  • Completely redone gentle route for Iris (agree to help her in the bathroom
  • added the option to take Justin’s place in the Sarah scene
  • added a note about the importance of the decision and a chance to save right before agreeing to help Iris or not

day one remake 0.35

  • Completely changed story
  • new school section with 8 new animations
  • changed all of Iris’ pictures to her new hairstyle


  • Changed the color of the screen flashes to more appropriate choices
  • You can no longer save from the title screen (Sorry about that)
  • Fixed bug when you try and skip Iris’ futanari scene
  • Fixed a ton of typos (thanks to asehpe for the list of typos)
  • fixed the bug where you could remove dog outfit while playing fetch
  • fixed bug that locked the game if you started dinner from the right of Iris
  • fixed bug where the soothing ointment wasn’t removed from your inventory


  • Added pauses to the gallery scenes
  • Fixed bug when you try and skip Justin’s pegging
  • Reduced free time wait timer even further.


  • Added pauses without text boxes, that won’t disappear until you hit enter, to day 2’s animations.
  • So you can get a better look at animations
  • Fixed dialogue at end of day 2
  • Fixed the bug at the end of mother diaper spanking scene


  • More bug fixes
  • Reduced wait time for free time events


  • All of day 2
  • I upload some bugfixes + saves from the end of day one. Please paste it over the full game before you start. I will upload a complete game file with the fixes after I’m sure there are no more game breaking bugs.
  • Save1= not have Iris remove jar
  • Save2= have Iris remove jar

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Mega Mixdrop

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