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Scarlet Ashbringer is a Dating Sim/Visual Novel (In development) set in Warcraft’s universe. So far, only Eastern and Western Plaguelands are available, but more region will be explorable too. In this game, you play as a common Scarlet Crusade’s soldier working at Tyr’s Hand, when destiny decided for some reason that you should be the one wielding the Ashbringer ! Freshly taken by force at Naxxramas, so it is corrupted. Azeroth needs the Scarlet Crusade ! Can you save it from fanatism and its inner enemy ?…​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-05
Developer: Scarlet Ashbringer Studio Discord – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.3d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, parody, dating sim, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, teasing, adventure


  • Added an option to forcefully start the Jaina update at Chromie. Only accessible if you finished Hearthglen’s storyline

The Jaina update is divided into 3 phases, and two of them are ready ! The two first phases are the storyline, the last phase is more focused on the H scenes and closing content. I will release it somewhere in February I think

Also : You will see a placeholder for Jaina’s reading, it will be changed in the future update.

Phase 1 :

  • Focused on Jaina story and Gandling
  • Few mild H-scene with Jaina (placeholder)

Phase 2 :

  • Second act, stuff happening with Jaina very story-focused
  • Development of Alistra !
  • A few H-scenes with Alistra

How to play
To reach Jaina’s update, you need to finish Hearthglen story. Or more exactly, you need to do so to finish it.

0.2.2c patchnote
-Corrected a bug preventing to update a 0.2.2 save
-Corrected a bug that would prevent you from seeing your private quarter’s poster
-Corrected a weird bug where Benedictus would morph into a giant at some point
-Corrected a bug where you couldn’t see abbendis due to an event not defined
-Corrected a bug where Abbendis’ new scene won’t trigger if you already completed Hearthglen’s story in your previous save

Should be rich in content, but given hwo Abbendis’ update was long I cannot promise Jaina’s update will be quick
A bug seems to have escaped my beta and my patreon’s release, so I am forced to release the 0.2.2b already

-Corrected a typo that caused an error when goign at the tavern for some hints

-Removed The French Space™ that was before every “?” or “!” because it annoyed people
-Corrected a few typos

-Fixed an issue in Stratholme where the game tried to use a deprecated display system because I forgot to update in there :/

-Fixed an incomprehensible error and didn’t properly set up the variable during a new save
-Fixed a dumb typo in tavern where I wrote True instead of False >.> It only affects early game, if you didn’t have any issue, carry on

v0.2.1 : Madness of Hearthglen
-Hearthglen is now open ! What adventures await you ?
-Around one-two hour of content
-Meet Lilian Voss and Marjhan !
-Discover the mysteries of Scholomance !


-Cocktail minigame now hides the bottle you already picked to avoid double click mistake
-Cocktail minigame now has a “Discard bottle” button if you took one by mistake
-Cocktail minigame earn you 25 gold instead of 20 per cocktail made without checking the recipe
-New dialogue when sleeping with Abbendis with a higher affection
-New dialogue at Sea Access with Whitemane to you know there’s nothing more to do
-New dialogue at Zul’Mashar with Ishaye to let you know there’s nothing more to do
-Alexandros Mograine took dramaturgy course and now appears with intimidating special effects when he’s mad
-Corrected a bug at the mass with Whitemane “be dominated” route
-Corrected a bug that could break the game is you were learning healing and help Whitemane to sleep at the same time
-Corrected a lot more than I can’t recall
-Thanks to Hazenium, a lot of typos were corrected

-Auronia slave route was cut. Speak to Auronia at the carabet to switch to love route if you picked the slave route
-New content with the Crimson Courier. If you unlocked the Crimson Bureau, just go here during the day
-New minigame at the Crimson Bureau
-New music for the night
-New map is here !
0.1.2d :
-Corrected a bug that prevented you from seeing a scene when you grinded 10 naughtiness points at the Crimson’s Bureau
-Corrected a bug that would show an error message if you took Corin’s Crossing but went for tips at the Tavern before visiting the town first
-Corrected a few minor visual bugs
-Paperwork minigame reward you with 85 gold instead of 20

0.1.2c :
-Corrected a bug you couldn’t pray with Abbendis the third time

0.1.2b :
-Corrected a couple of mispelt name that prevented image form being displayed

0.1.2a :
-Corrected a bug that prevented the tower save update

Initial Release

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Gofile Pixeldrain


Gofile Pixeldrain

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