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In Savior, you take on the role of a man who was genetically engineered by his scientist parents due to infertility. However, our hero hides a big secret inside of his genetic code. With the world in great peril, it is up to our hero to discover the secrets hidden within his blood and awaken the great potential lying dormant within.

Along the way, our hero will encounter many hot new… acquaintances. Will they be friends or foes? Will they do battle, or will they be doing each other from dusk until dawn? The choice is yours! Be sure to choose wisely, because you are…The savior.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-08-08
Developer: Purple Fellas Discord – Itch.io – Subscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.16 Beta
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Incest, Anal sex, Milf, Rape, Mind control, Lesbian, Male domination, Super-powers, Titfuck, Big tits, Big ass

v0.16 Beta
-295 Renders
-29 Animations
-Main Storyline Progress
-Ruri Storyline Progress
-Allison Storyline Progress

We encountered some problems with two of the animations; therefore, we have to remove them for now. They will be added with the initial release, possibly along with a few extra animations.During certain conversations with characters, you need to be careful which option you choose. Depending on your choice, you will get to see sexual scenes. They are quite easy to notice, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, make sure to save often.

Please Note
This is a beta version. There might be bugs and typos.

-Grammar Mistakes Fixed
-Bugs Fixed

v0.15 Beta
-366 Renders
-16 Animations
-Main Storyline Progress
-Vanessa Storyline Progress
-Robin Storyline Progress

• There can be bugs and typos since this is the beta version.

v0.14 Part 2 Beta
-368 Renders
-7 Animations
-Main Storyline Progress
-Samantha Storyline Progress
-Alternative Olivia, Daisy, Vanessa Storyline Progress

v0.14 Beta Part 1
478 Renders!
55 Animations!
Main Storyline Progress
Olivia, Daisy, Vanessa Storyline Progress

Proofread is done
1 more animation added
Reported bugs fixed

0.13 Beta
Important: During the night events, there are gonna be certain choices that would give players a chance to choose between Olivia only route and threesome route. If you only want to see Olivia content, please ask other person to leave the room.
444 Renders
13 Animations!
Main Storyline Progress
Alternative Olivia Storyline Progress (Depending on Your Choices)
Olivia Storyline Progress (Depending on Your Choices)
Daisy Storyline Progress (Depending on Your Choices)

0.12 Beta
623 Renders
36 Animations!
Main Storyline Progress
Vanessa Storyline Progress (Depending on Your Choices)
Olivia Storyline Progress (Depending on Your Choices)
Daisy Storyline Progress (Depending on Your Choices)
Sexual Content with Olivia, Vanessa and Daisy

Version 0.11c!

IMPORTANT: For those who couldn’t get to see Allison’s route, when Ruri calls you, tell Ruri you can’t meet with her that evening. This way, you will end up at Allison’s house.
Added 5 more animations (23 in total)
Fixed one of the animations
Added 5 extra renders
Proofread is done
Reported bugs fixed

IMPORTANT: This version has two main routes which are evil and good paths. That’s how we usually do things but there is something important you guys should know beforehand. Depending on your choices Your total number of Evil or Good points will get set at 25 and your relationship points with Allison and Haruka will change accordingly. We decided to do this in order to make it more clear which path players take. That doesn’t mean that you will be stuck on the evil route with the characters that have high relationship points of course. But if you decided to take a good route, you won’t see any evil route options throughout your gameplay. But if you are going with the evil route, you will have options to choose between good and evil choices with the characters that have high relationship points. But if you decide to go with the evil route, you won’t be able to see any good route scenes with those characters in future updates as well. Basically, after a certain point, your relationship status with each character will be certain. Keep that in mind while playing the game, please.

v0.11 Beta Hotfix
Fixed the issue with the Animations!
Version 0.11 File size reduced from 1.02 GB to 294 MB, without losing quality!
Reported bugs fixed!

v0.11 Beta
599 Renders
18 Animations
Main Storyline Progress
Haruka Storyline Progress (Depending on Your Choices)
Allison Storyline Progress (Depending on Your Choices)
Ruri Storyline Progress (Depending on Your Choices)
Sexual Content with “Haruka, Allison and Olivia”

Fixed the issue with Olivia’s conversation at the beginning.

-Fixed one of the animations
-Added a new line of code to give players a chance to switch evil route with Olivia at the beggining of version 0.10 (Your evil points must be higher than good points)
-Added extra line of dialogues for the players who are still in a good relationship with Amber (It’s a small change but it implies that Olivia is aware of Amber and she is not really okay with that and expects Mc to choose someone eventually)
-Added one more animation for the evil route
-Added 6 extra renders. (We found that some of the facial expressions were not compatible with the context)
Proofread is done
-The size of the game is reduced from 6.44 GB to 2.81 GB (We reduced the file size of the Webp files. But it’s almost impossible to notice any quality -differences)
-Fixed the issue with one of the in-game music

v0.10 Beta
-512 Renders.
-11 Animations
-New Characters: Ruri and Matthew!
-Olivia Storyline

Xmas Special
-86 Renders
-7 Animations
-Two Different Storylines

-3 Animations
-Android Version Added
-Reported Bugs Fixed
-Fixed Few Issues With Animations
-Proofread Is Done


-404 Renders
-11 Animations
-Main Storyline Progress
-Vanessa Storyline

-New scenes with Amber and Daisy (Depending on your choice about Amber from 0.7)
-37 New Renders
-2 New Animations
-Music And Sounds Added

-3 extra animations added
-Proof read is done
-Grammar mistakes fixed
-Reported bugs and errors fixed

v0.8 Beta
-301 Renders
-6 Animations
-Main Storyline Progress
-Maeve Storyline

-Fixed One Of The Animations (Amber’s missing lingerie)
-Fixed newly found bugs from previous versions and version 0.7
-Proofread for version 0.7
-Fixed more grammar mistakes and typos from previous versions

v0.7 beta
-452 Renders
-7 Animations (There is a clothing error in one of the animations. It will be fixed after the beta release.)
-New Storyline With Amber
-New Storyline With Daisy and Olivia
-Main Storyline Progress (With this update, new possibilities will open for most of the main characters)

-494 Renders (Three Of Them Added After The Beta Release)
-11 Animations (One More Animation Added After The Beta Release!)
-Main Storyline Progress.
-New Optional Fetish! (Futa)
-New Characters (Sort of…)
-Grammar Mistakes And Typos Fixed.
-Proofread has done for both v0.5 and 0.6!
-Daisy Scenes From The Previous Version Are Now Optional!
-All The Reported Bugs Are Fixed!
-Music And Sound Added.

v0.6 BETA
-491 Renders
-10 Animations
-Main Storyline Progress
-New Optional Fetish! (Futa)
-New Characters (Sort of…)
-Fixed Grammar Mistakes And Typos.
-since this is a beta version there will be bugs

-520 Renders.
-10 Animations. (+1 more animation after beta test)
-1 Animation Has Re-done After Beta Test.

-Fixed The Bugs That Have Been Reported And The Ones That We Have Found.
-Fixed Grammar Mistakes And Typos.
-Fixed Few Visual Errors.

-Main Storyline Progress.
-Vanessa Storyline Progress.
-Daisy Storyline Progress.
-New Scenes For Both Good And Evil Route (At some point of the game, you will make a decision that will determine which scenes you will see.)

-Android version added

  • Swipe up: Open Menu
  • Swipe down: Hide Interface
  • Swipe right: Skip
  • Swipe left: Rollback
    If you find any bugs, errors, and grammar mistakes, please let us know. You can reach us from our discord channel and Patreon page.
    The bug about the game-ending after version 0.3’s fixed.
    Official Android version added.
    Grammar mistakes fixed.

-208 renders
-12 animations
-New mini-game
-Main story progress
-Allison, Olivia and Maeve’s storyline progress
-New superpower( the scene includes Robin and you can choose if you want to see further scenes or not)
-ANDROID version added

  • Swipe up: Open Menu
  • Swipe down: Hide Interface
  • Swipe right: Skip
  • Swipe left: Rollback

-Fixed the missing evil point mistake after choosing skip to 0.3 and answering the question about Samantha.
-The Amber-Mc Night scene’s choices are now optional. (You can pick blowjob or footjob.)
-(Optional) Added a new scene between Daisy and Mc so the player can have a chance to talk Daisy about her behaviors.
-Fixed some grammar mistakes.
-Changed the file name ‘tanışma’ to ‘tanisma’ to prevent errors for the compressed version of the game.

-Your previous save files most likely won’t work. After starting a new game, the game will ask you if you want to start from the begining, 0.2 or 0.3.
-7 new animations 92 new renders and 108 new character sprites!
-Added Relationship Chart (You can see it by clicking the top left button in the game)
-Added two types of morality for Mc. (According to your choices in the game, you will get to see different scenes for different characters in the future updates)
-The game over screen from “Samantha Park Sex” has been removed. Instead of that, mc’s morality will change depending on your choice.

-130 new renders.
-7 new animations.
-6 new characters.
-Added music and sounds.
-Animation added to main menu.
-General gui changes(in-game menu, dialouge boxes etc…)

-Grammar mistakes fixed.
-General writing and dialogs are redone.
-Mc’s back tattoo removed.
-Minor visual improvements.
-We compressed the game file without losing image quality.

First release

Put the mod/ folder into the game/ directory.

Download Savior Porn Game


Mega Mixdrop


Mega Mixdrop

Android (0.12c)

Mega Workupload


Incest Patch Walkthrough Mod

Windows – Xmas Special

Mega Workupload

Mac – Xmas Special

Mega Workupload

Android – Xmas Special

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