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The story focuses on Eva, Karen and Nicole’s new life; three sisters who are also triplets. All of them 19 years old, however, for a matter of minutes the oldest of them is Eva, followed by Karen and finally the youngest is Nicole. After the death of their parents in an accident, they have no choice but to move and start looking for work to pay for their day to day life from now on. It is precisely here where this video game is located, where we must play as Eva, Karen and Nicole to get daily sustenance. However, it will not be as easy as they think, and they have no idea that the town where they have moved is famous for having a very “perverted” population. This is how day by day we will help the sisters to be included in this new home and in these new… “customs”.

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-15
Developer: Neroh Games Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, 3D game, Multiple protagonist, Female protagonist, Big ass, Animated, Exhibitionism, Vaginal sex, Sandbox


  • New animation UI; more simple and minimalist.
  • Added NPCs:
    • Sofia: McShunald worker
    • Alberto: McShunald boss
  • Added McShunald restaurant
  • Continue Eva’s history
  • Added forest path (for future use)
  • Added new animation of Eva at start of the game.
  • Added new main menu screen.
  • Vsync option.


  • Added graphic options menu
  • Graphically optimized for better performance
  • The girls’ house has been renovated, it is now located directly in the town of PsicoLust (the latter is still under construction)
  • Added mission/objective system with their respective tracks that can be activated or deactivated with the H key
  • Added new casual clothing for Eva that includes movement simulations.
  • Added animation of Eva exercising
  • Added animation of Eva taking a shower
  • Added NPC “Andrew”, an old man who will act as the girls’ neighbor


  • Added initial screen
  • Added basic screen options
  • Added pause menu (ESC)
  • Added character/clothes changer
  • Added interaction and dialogue system
  • Included example animation with camera controls and animation speed
  • Various visual improvements

First release

Eva: The older sister and the most responsible of the three, she likes cooking and housework, she dreams of one day owning her own restaurant.

Karen: The middle sister and the most “rebellious”, she likes to enjoy her life by going to parties and having fun with friends. Due to the change of home, she was the most affected. She doesn’t have any particular dreams, she just wants a job that gives him money and enough free time to have fun.

Nicole: The little sister, or also, the “Otaku geek”; As her sister Karen tells her. She is a girl who loves the current world of video games and Japanese animation (anime). She dreams of being a famous streamer one day. She doesn’t like to work, but she knows she has to and that is why she has set a goal for a store that sells “geeky” things

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