PMC Promiscuity Voiced Adult Game Download Overview

Take on the role of a new recruit joining the famous Manticore International Private Military Company,
as you quickly discover that the intentions of your new furry colleagues are far from professional!
Navigate your way through your first few weeks, ensuring you satisfy the needs of the two kitsune sisters you now work for, as well as your equally demanding coworkers!

Listen in on lustful exchanges between employees and do your best to help the company function efficiently, as you quickly become these deadly women’s favorite stress relief!​

PMC Promiscuity
PMC Promiscuity
Developer: Shuuko, Amber Fiend
Price: $ 19.99

Game Information


Release Date: 2024-05-21
Developer: Overseer Division Studios Steam – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 1.02 Steam
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, male protagonist, monster girl, oral sex

v1.02 Steam
+ Added an alternate sex scene for every sex scene (other than the finale!) to be unlocked upon reaching a character’s epilogue!
Featuring new artwork and writing!
+ Fixed minor bugs regarding legacy sound effects
+ Fixed rare bug causing text to dissapear
+ Added the ability to pass time during the day at the dormitory
+ Minor dialogue and VO adjustments

v1.0.1.3 Steam
+ Reduced the number of matches to make on the Hydroponics minigame while we work on the other three minigames (Coming very very soon, thanks for your patience!)
+ Removed outdated sounds & lines
+ Further improvement to Aio dialogue 1
+ Improvement to Shizu dialogue 3
+ Small correction to Aio spoken words not matching dialogue 1:1
+ Small bug fix where Aio would accidentally absorb her sister during a certain eavesdropping scene (Fox singularity)
+ Minor change to ‘help’ screen to reflect available functions

v1.0.1.2 Steam
+ Dialogue improvements – Kyva’s first sex scene, dialogue, and refinements to numerous over sex scenes in preparation for a major dialogue overhaul/revamp
+ Bug fix – Fixed certain scenes being able to be ‘replayed’ despite not viewing once under certain circumstances
+ Bug fixes – A
of corrections to VA mismatching text displayed
+ Bug fixes for some abnormal scene behaviour during certain sex scenes

v1.0.1.1 Steam
+ Bug fix – Bug that took you to Kyva’s dialogue when attempting to interact with Shizu at night before unlocking any of her sex scenes.
+ Bug fix – Multiple references to previous setting ammended.
+ Bug fix – Several lines of dialogue not quite lining up with voice over corrected.

v1.0.0.0 Steam
+ Kyva voicelines added!!!
+ Fixed Aio sometimes popping into existence of her own accord
+ Game loop improvement, ready for minigames!
+ Relationship system in back end, ready for minigames!
+ Minor bug fixes & SPAG




We’ve got a uncharaceristicaly wholesome update for you this time round as we begin to make our way through our character’s epilogue scenes!
Not to fret, there’s plenty of lewd scenes and much more lewd artwork on the way, this month has just been especially busy as our writer & programmer (Hello, its me, Amber) was away for a week and then suffered an arm injury which cut down time to work on context significantly.

HOWEVER that isn’t to say things aren’t happening behind the scenes!
This month we’ve got the very exciting news to share that our custom OST for PMC Promiscuity is near completion, on top of us having a kick ass title theme in the works, and even a super fun promotional song that we’ll be animating a short music video for, featuring singing from none other than your favourite Kitsune sisters!!
So, we here at the Overseer Division thank you all for your support, hope you enjoy the comfy vibes this chapter, and stay tuned for the imminent lewdness coming your way in chapter 14!

(minor hotfix that makes chapter 12 progress correctly to chapter 13)

We have got one hell of a BEEEG sex scene for you this month, our biggest yet by quite some margin!
As we’re still waiting on some vocal assets and dialogue refinement, you can expect an update in just a few days making this hella hot scene even hotter with the usual professional-tier voice-acting!

+ New Kyva Dialogue
+ Moans & sfx for the sex scene
+ New dynamic typing-SFX for every character rather than just generic short/medium/long soundbites
+ A bunch of refinements for grammar, pacing, etc.

+ 1 new Shizu dialogue
+ Dialogue refined, edited, and corrected
+ Dialogue SFX added
+ Additional sprites added, with dialogue animation
+ Background sptires added

+ 1 new steamy scene featuring a certain fluffy tailed fox-girl, featuring a surprising power dynamic!
+ 4 new dialogues for Angy-fox
+ 2 new dialogues for Snek-ceptionist
+ 2 new dialogues for Manticore-mom
+ 2 new dialogues for Ice-conjuror
+ A few audio fixes and improvements
+ New VA lines and SFX

Some quality of life and efficiency improvements on chapter 8, including more moaning and lewd SFX for the latest scene!

+ 1 new sex scene featuring not one but two of your favorite girls, flexing an interesting new power dynamic for the Rookie to join in with! (Threesome, woo!)
+ 2 new dialogues for Kyva, Adelaide, Shizu, and 3 for Aio!
+ 1 new location! (Hint: It’s obviously Hydroponics, the only place left, ffs.)
+ Replayability for the previous scene!
+ Various other touch ups, quality of life, and minor error corrections!

Thank you so much to the wonderful OpaluVA for stepping in to help complete this scene for us!
Bunch of small fixes and tweaks, but mainly the fully fleshed out sex scene!


+ Chapter select now available.
+ New Adelaide dialogue.
+ Fixed issues with music overlapping scenes.
+ Fixed issues with certain sex scenes ending abruptly.
+ Various grammar changes for better conversational flow.
+ More memory efficient audio system.

This chapter is unique this time round, in that as well as the new Kyva chapter we have also completely re-dubbed Adelaide’s first sex scene



v1.0.2 Demo
Initial Release

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