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After embarrassing your parents for the whole town, you decide to move to another city and start a new life.

In a new city, you start living with a married couple who rent out rooms in their house. You get a job at the largest manufacturer of pills and other medications in the world, but on your first day of internship, you find yourself in a situation that will change not only your life but also your sexual desires.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2024-05-08
Developer: Effx Games Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.21
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, AI CG, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Facesitting, Footjob, Handjob, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Oral Sex, Spanking, Pov, Sandbox, Stripping, Teasing, Urination, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism
Planed so far: Harem, Anal sex, Titfuck, Pregnancy, Male domination, Group sex, Virgin

v0.21 (2024-05-08)
100 unique renders
6 animations (240 frames in total)
4 new memories
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – @SaintBlackmoor )

v0.20 (2024-04-21)
245 unique renders
53 animations (2650 frames in total)
26 new memories
1 unique songs and 2 sounds
The main plot has been partially modified
Grind reduced
Redesign of major interfaces in the game
Added option to disable some fetishes
Added new locations at work
Character schedules at work have been changed
Updated gallery
Bug fixes
All the music has been changed
New animated Main menu
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – SaintBlackmoor )

v0.19 (2024-03-09)
~80 unique renders
4 animations
6 new memories \ quests
Now MC will get 20 bucks instead of 10 for working in the lab.
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – Saint Blackmoor)

v0.18 (2024-02-08)
~ 200 unique renders
11 animations
5 new memories \ quests
3 new unique songs
Fixed minor bugs
Some dialog has been rewritten
Scenes with Nico has been added to gallery
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – Saint Blackmoor)

v0.17 (2024-01-16)
~ 105 unique renders
4 animations
6 new memories \ quests
2 unique songs
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – Saint Blackmoor)

v0.16 (2023-12-16)
110 unique renders
8 new memories \ quests
Lizy’s daily schedule has changed. She is now at the Kitchen at 07:00 on Sundays
Kira’s daily schedule was completely changed.
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – Saint Blackmoor)

v0.15 (2023-11-30)
90 unique renders
3 animations
7 new memories \ quests
Alice’s daily schedule has changed. She is now at the Hot Tub at 10:00 on Saturdays
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – Saint Blackmoor)

v0.14 (2023-11-28)
~ 60 unique renders
9 new memories \ quests
Character facial expressions have been improved in the new content
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – Saint Blackmoor)

v0.13 Reworked (2023-11-12)
~ 100 unique renders
12 new memories (quests)
4 new animations
Appearance changes for all characters
New Memories Menu
Action button – removed
Fast forward time
Fixed minor bugs
Less boring grind
Gallery added
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – Saint Blackmoor)

v0.12 (2023-10-29)
~ 135 unique renders
8 new memories (quests)
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – Saint Blackmoor)

v0.11 (2023-10-14)
~ 100 unique renders
11 animations
1 unique songs
10 new memories (quests)
Proofreading dialogs. (Thanks to – Saint Blackmoor)

v0.1 (2023-09-22)
Initial release
~400 unique renders
9 animations
17 unique songs
5 memories (quests)

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