Paradise Lust Adult Game Download Overview

Paradise Lust is a visual novel and erotic dating sim, interspersed with simple subgames.

The game follows the story of the wreck of the Moby Dick; a pleasure yacht chartered by the Miss World Media pageant for a luxury promo cruise in the South Pacific. You play the role of the bartender of the vessel, washed up on the shore of idyllic Tuvatuva Island along with a cast of beautiful beauty pageant contestants and their friends. There you will sort out how to survive and thrive on the island while searching for other survivors, including your brother, who was captain of the vessel.

Paradise Lust
Paradise Lust
Developer: Flexible Media
Price: $ 14.99

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-08-25
Developer: Flexible Media Patreon – Steam – Website – Itch.io – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 1.1.3e
OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android
Language: English
Length: ~35-40hrs
Other Games: Love of MagicMorningstar: Book of the Fallen
Genre: 2dcg, Animated, Male protagonist, Big tits, Exhbitionism, Harem, Lesbian, Milf, Adventure, Dating sim, Humor, Point and click, Puzzle, romance, Rpg, Sandbox, Anal, Oral, Threesome

– Added new promo for Sinners Landing

– Fixed missing animations for Nuru Massage in Reyna’s repeatable sex

– Added A Bit of Gratitude quest with Reyna
– Updated Discord links

– Hopefully fixed input issues for players with macOS 14 (Sonoma)

– Fixed issue where Misun, Maria, and Jenny’s Winter Tileswap can’t be saved

Celebrate the festive season with our Winter Sale Steam update! Fall even more in love with Grace as she takes center stage with a new romantic event and a captivating sketch added to this month’s exciting update

Fixed options sometimes not showing after rollback
Fixed water foreground showing during Cath’s repeatable sex scene
Fixed rolback glitching when selecting a conversation with a girl
Fixed missing relationship points during Maria’s first sketch
Fixed Cath’s missing hat after dressing up during Skinny Dipping scene
Fixed visual glitch when cumming in Grace’s shower scene
Fixed Misun, Maria, and Jenny’s Winter Tileswap not unlocking

Fixed missing animation for Grace’s repeatable shower scene
Fixed Grace’s new painting not being set automatically after finishing it
Fixed music starting over and over when rolling back
Fixed visual glitch when cumming in Grace’s shower scene
Fixed missing background animation when rolling back during Cath’s sex scene
Fixed Cath’s missing hat after Skinny Dipping scene
Fixed messed up character states when loading Cath’s Skinny Dipping in Spankbank

Fixed new save slot’s delete icon is unclickable
Fixed memory leak when hovering items
Fixed sorting of a button in Cabin D’s door minigame
Fixed Karen’s orientation when clicking on her at the Lobby
Fixed typos

Added Cooling Down quest with Grace
Added new sketch for Grace
Added new Strppr level with Maria, Mi Sun, and Jenny
Fixed Strppr preview having a red outline

Fixed main menu music not looping
Fixed memory leak when hovering items
Fixed hint for Cath’s third painting

Game Complete Release


  • Shortened wait time for Girl Bonding quest
  • Fixed Jenny’s repeatable sex scene ending abruptly
  • Fixed pose for Jack and Grace kissing in bed
  • Fixed animations for Maria’s nurse scene in repeatable sex
  • Fixed incorrect previews when viewing paintings
  • Fixed typos


  • Updated some quest descriptions that are confusing
  • Fixed an issue with “Beefing Up Security” quest where players can’t fix the camera
  • Fixed image preview for replaying Maria’s second sketch
  • Fixed mistagged sketches in Thotfolio app


  • Fixed Strppr preview


  • Fixed sorting of Jack’s hand and Cath’s hair while they’re in bed with Gabby
  • Fixed Tori’s blindfold scene not being censored on streamer mode
  • Fixed empty dialog box being shown
  • Fixed typos


  • Improved hints for getting Andrea to Romance rank
  • Fixed missing mid-sketch dialog for Maria’s new sketch
  • Fixed Cath-Gabby and Reyna-Maria sketches missing in Thotfolio app


  • Fixed missing Strppr images after previewing it
  • Fixed Cath and Gabby’s repeatable sex scene ending abruptly
  • Fixed incorrect animations in Cath and Gabby’s repeatable sex scene
  • Fixed mising blackout at the end of Cath and Gabby’s repeatable sex scene
  • Fixed incorrect poses at the bar for Karen and Rachel
  • Fixed some UI elements not scaling properly for ultra wide or narrow resolutions
  • Fixed Credits video stretching instead of scaling properly


  • Fixed duplicate sketches in Thotfolio
  • Fixed incorrectly tagged as available and unavailable sketches in Thotfolio


  • Added new Maria sketch
  • Added Cath and Gabby’s threesome scenes to repeatable sex
  • Added sorting for Wallpapers
  • Added slider when viewing Strppr app images
  • Some relationship quests now show which quests are blocking them
  • Strppr app images can now be saved with transparent clothes
  • Tori’s soulmates quest now requires that you’ve rescued Rachel
  • Fixed moaning continuing when exiting to Spankbank
  • Fixed Shiki’s barking and whimpering not playing sometimes
  • Fixed incorrect sketch showing when viewing Reyna’s sketch
  • Fixed Spankbank going to menu when loading
  • Fixed issue where Andrea’s first sketch is not unlocked for some players
  • Fixed some transitions where the screen stays black
  • Fixed placeholder text when putting together Rachel’s poster
  • Fixed Jenn’s painting missing in her room
  • Fixed typos

– Cath and Gabby’s soulmate quest now requires lingerie to be unlocked
– Spankbank and Achievement popups can now be closed with Escape key
– Fixed some Paintings being in low resolution
– Fixed Grace abruptly being dressed during her repeatable sex scene
– Fixed Grace and Jack not kissing at certain points in repeatable sex scene
– Fixed Cath’s repeatable sex scene ending abruptly
– Fixed screen going black when choosing Massage in Reyna’s repeatable sex scene
– Fixed some options missing during Reyna’s repeatable sex scene
– Streamlined available options for Rachel’s jacuzzi scene

– Fixed Maria’s sunscreen minigame being unplayable
– Fixed some animations in Grace’s repeatable sex

– Updated About page
– Added Patreons to credits
– Extended period for coconuts to be harvestable
– Cutscenes window now scrolls faster with mousewheel
– Fixed white boxes being visible before Cutscene thumbnails are loaded
– Fixed issue where Rescue Rob quest does not complete
– Fixed Reyna’s repeatable sex exiting suddenly
– Fixed bug for Rachel during drinking minigame
– Fixed Jack missing during Jacuzzi dialog with Gabby
– Fixed more character layer sorting
– Fixed typos

– Added Paradise Lust Steam page in Teaser after credits
– Fixed isue where Olga’s second sketch is inaccessible
– Fixed comics scrolling fast while building Andrea’s hut
– Fixed issue where disabling skip minigame timers does not affect handphone apps
– Fixed some girls not sitting during Bartending minigame
– Fixed animation in Reyna’s repeatable sex
– Fixed layer sorting of characters in some conversations
– Fixed typos

– Added animation while fish is nibbling at line and should not be pulled yet
– Removed notice of final content for several story lines
– Fixed missing thumbnail for Tori’s final Spankbank entry
– Fixed “Rescue Rob” quest still being marked as under development
– Fixed lizard’s closed eyes while getting Andrea’s clothes
– Fixed Olga’s second painting still marked as “Coming Soon”
– Fixed Cath being nude when she should be wearing a swimsuit
– Fixed typos

– Description of “That Damn Lizard” achievement is no longer hidden
– Lowered requirements for drinking achievements
– Unlocked Tori’s last Spankbank entry
– Fixed Jack and Rachel’s animation in bed suddenly changing in Rachel’s soulmate quest
– Fixed “Disable Minigame Skip Timer” not working for some minigames
– Fixed and polished some dialog in epilogue sequence
– Fixed typos

– Fixed Jenn’s restaurant name for some players
– FIxed Gabby not getting to soulmates rank for some players
– Fixed Cath and Gabby’s photos not in the app before they’re unlocked
– Fixed incorrect speakers of several dialog lines
– Fixed typos

– Added Epilogue quest
– Added Cath and Gabby’s soulmate scene to Spankbank
– Minigame skip timer can now be disabled in settings
– Updated dialog when clicking crates in Fuselage after getting its contents
– Removed Mixers from the bartending minigame
– Removed relationship status for non-dateable characters when you talk to them
– Fixed Maria’s second lotion minigame being skipped
– Fixed scenes in Mi Sun and Gabby’s repeatable sex being accessible while not unlocking it yet
– Fixed sorting of some characters during conversation
– Fixed Cath’s hat showing up in last line of her soulmate quest
– Fixed Cath and Gabby’s relationship not increasing to Soumate after quest
– Fixed typos

– Added Cath and Gabby’s Soulmate quest
– Updated credits
– Fixed Cath’s second painting missing at night
– Fixed achievements unlocking while accessing the Spankbank when it should not
– Fixed notification sounds playing at the same time when there is more than one notification
– Fixed Rachel’s third Spankbank entry not exiting to menu after
– Fixed typos

– Fixed first minigame for calibratng the radio
– Fixed options not showing sometimes
– Fixed Cath and Gabby’s bunker radio calibration selfies unable to be saved

– Fixed first minigame for calibratng the radio
– Fixed thumbnail and title for Tori’s Tied Up scene
– Fixed Tori’s soulmate quest still being set as under development
– Fixed typos

– Added quest to fix the motorboat
– Added Tori’s Soulmate quest
– Added Tori’s repeatable sex scene
– Added button to add $ex chips in debug menu
– Fixed achievement counters sometimes not saving properly
– Fixed typos

Release 26

– Actually fixed crash upon loading the game

– Fixed crash upon loading the game

– Fixed Raven’s hardcoded name in “Get A Grip” quest description
– Fixed Rachel’s height in Main Menu

– Added Mi Sun’s last scene to Spankbank
– Lowered requirement for coconuts for some quests
– Some achievements now unlock retroactively
– Fixed typos
– Fixed Olga and Rachel being too short for their description in some cases
– Fixed coconut achievement not unlocking for some people
– Fixed Tori’s undressing animations not being censored
– Fixed Jack and Grace’s position lying at the Cove picnic
– Fixed Drinking achievements not incrementing
– Fixed Achievements blacking out the game for some players

– Added “Light On The Other Side” quest line
– Added “Max” button to Sell UI
– Added Report to Steam button on achievements UI for Steam build
– Fixed sorting of Jack’s face in the lizard suit
– Fixed hover text of the achievements button
– Fixed formatting of default name for Jenny’s restaurant name
– Fixed some paintings still marked as “Coming Soon”
– Fixed issue where settings UI comes up after closing achievements UI
– Fixed Cath’s painting missing during the day
– Fixed missing animation during Cath’s repeatable sex
– Fixed incorrectly tagged dialoglines
– Fixed typos

– Fixed “Fruita-Pesca-Carne” achievement not completing
– Fixed Cliff not being accessible after climbing it

– Added “A Bite to Eat” quest line
– Added new Andrea sketch
– Added achievements
– Fixed Grace’s repeatable sex not confirming you just want to chill
– Fixed sorting of scarecrow in Pool and Riverside
– Fixed Jack showing up when harvesting coconuts
– Fixed some names not showing in Rename app
– Fixed typos

– Fixed “A Hard Pill To Swallow” quest not completing properly
– Fixed capitalization on Maria and Raven’s repeatable sex scenes
– Fixed Grace’s spankbank thumbnail
– Fixed Mi Sun and Jack suddenly standing in bed during Mi Sun’s Soulmate quest

– Added Mi Sun’s Soulmate quest
– Added Mi Sun’s bath relaxation
– Added “Hard Pill to Swallow” quest line
– Added hint for Jenny’s Romance quest
– Added Grace’s repeatable sex
– Added Grace’s dinner to spankbank
– Fixed issue where the riverside hut and garden are missing
– Fixed issue where bungalows area can’t be unlocked

– Fixed Jack and Rachel’s hug animation from bugging out
– Fixed image that shows when you click Cath’s sketch in her room
– Fixed cutscene thumbnails and names
– Fixed several of Andrea’s dialog options missing
– Fixed Raven’s garage scene not progressing for Android players

– Added Jenn’s Repeatable sex
– Added Maria’s nurse scene to her Repeatable sex
– Fixed Grace’s Soulmate quest not completing properly
– Fixed Cutscene player not working
– Fixed multiples of Grace’s dinner cutscenes in cutscene player
– Fixed issue where Karen’s initial quest is inaccessible to some players if they have a banana before triggering it
– Fixed Cath’s hat being invisible in the Wreck at the start of the game

– Added Grace’s Soulmate quest
– Added Rachel’s Repeatable Sex
– Fixed Red, White, Yellow, Pink flowers from being inaccessible for some players after doing Reyna’s quest
– Fixed incorrect text for Gabby’s lingerie chatty

Release 25

– Fixed Maria’s lotion minigame not starting

– Fixed Maria’s lotion minigame being unplayable

– Fixed Tori’s “Smalls’ World” quest not triggering for some players

– Added quest to unlock sketching if players haven’t yet by day 10
– Adjusted Grace’s waterfall scene not to be the Soulmate quest
– Fixed incorrect page number being underlined in Save/Load Screen
– Fixed sorting of Andrea’s hair during Andrea’s river scene
– Fixed incorrect mentions of Jenny’s last name
– Fixed Mi Sun not talking during the scene where you found her
– Fixed flower names not being set for some players

– Updated quest description for Cath requiring 20 points when it should be 25
– Fixed sorting of faces above the characters’ bodies
– Fixed “Tracking Progress” quest still being marked as under development
– Fixed “Check In With Karen” dialogue still being available after giving Karen the bananas
– Fixed “Lair of the Dragon” quest not triggering for some players

– Actually fixed issue where Rachel’s sketch can’t be saved
– Fixed issue where Raven does not show up in the Hall during Tori’s quest

– Added Rachel’s outdoor scene to Spankbank
– Fixed Gorge walkie talkie icon still being visible for players after finishing quest
– Fixed Rachel’s sketch not being visible in her bungalow
– Fixed issue where Rachel’s sketch can’t be saved
– Fixed Olga’s position when chatting with her in her bungalow

– Updated chat topics and responses
– Add Spankbank entry for latest Tori scene
– Marked Tori’s soulmate quest as still under development
– Rachel’s second sketch can now be set in her room

– Fixed new Tori quest ending abruptly
– Fixed bug where name of speaker in conversation does not change sometimes

– Added new Tori quest
– Transitions while screen is zoomed is now less jarring
– Updated hints for relationship quests with prerequisites
– Fixed some quests still marked as Under Development when they’re not
– Fixed wrong Chatty message sender in Rachel’s quest
– Fixed Rachel’s talking animation loking like she’s not talking
– Fixed Rachel’s expression when choosing good Chat options
– Fixed icon for Hiro’s pills
– Fixed issue where some players are stuck with Olga stil in the ship
– Fixed Hot and Cold quest not being triggered to finish

– Added Rachel’s Soulmate quest
– Added new Rachel sketch
– Fixed Strange Transmissions quest not triggering for some players
– Fixed consistency issue with Raven’s body paint Chatty message
– Fixed error with ice cream maker minigame
– Fixed error with cleaning the motherboard minigame
– Fixed Rachel Jogging quest issue for Android players

– Fixed choices not appearing after clicking walkie talkie icon in Gorge
– Fixed Hot and Cold quest not completing

– Added Lair of the Dragon quest
– Fixed Tori’s ranking becoming soulmates while not possible

Release 24

– Catalog pages now handle more items

– Updated scrolling banners on Main Menu
– Removed end of content screen for girls with completed content
– Removed mentions of characters that were cut

– Another possible fix for Rachel Jogging quest issue
– Fixed version numbers in changelog

– Possible fix for Rachel Jogging quest issue

– Updated hints for Grace’s selfies to the adjusted relationship points
– Fixed Maria’s sunscreen minigame being unplayable
– Fixed Jack and Raven standing in bed after editing Misun’s video
– Fixed Grace’s incorrect relationship rank due to previous adjustments
– Fixed Karen’s soulmate quest still being marked as “in development”

– Moved display of possible catches in fishing minigame UI
– Fixed autosave being turned off for some players when it should
– Fixed Sinner’s Landing banner not showing on Main Menu
– Fixed initial message for Jenn’s Favortown quest not showing the correct text
– Fixed Maria screaming in sex scene while nothing is happening
– Fixed iron gate shown as open in Passage at night when it’s not unlocked yet
– Fixed typos

– Added Karen’s Magnum Opus quest
– Added Reyna’s Repeatable Sex scene
– Fixed Reyna and Maria’s painting showing up at the bar at night when it’s not unlocked yet
– Fixed Olga’s Repeatable Sex scene not being accessible for some players

– Fixed issue where hotkey to hide conversation works while typing input
– Fixed missing option name for Maria’s Soulmate quest
– Fixed cutscene names for building the bungalows

– Added Strange Transmissions main quest
– Added Soulmate quest for Maria
– Fixed Andrea’s pirate sketch minigame not completing properly
– Fixed layout on Strppr app
– Fixes for cutscene player

– Added new Misun sketch
– Memory management fixes
– Fixed issue where jacuzzi was not clickable at night
– Fixed mistagged dialog lines
– Fixed quests that are incorrectly tagged as “in development”

– Added ability to view and replay sketches after getting two sketches for one girl
– Wine in storage can now be opened at any time with corkscrew, but still only drinkable at evening
– Fixed missing cutscenes and thumbnails
– More minor memory management fixes

– Added Olga’s repeatable sex scene
– Removed mentions of cut characters
– Removed “End of Content” notice for some girls
– Fixed incorrectly labeled cutscenes in Cutsene player

– Minor memory management fixes
– Added toggle for autosaves in settings

Release 23

– Added alternate text for Rick after kicking out Olga
– Added alternate text for Rick after Olga’s bungalows get built
– Fixed the text for Mi Sun’s name prompt
– Fixed landing circle for fishing line being jittery when clicking multiple times
– Fixed fishing line being unretrievable sometimes

– Fixed Jenn’s Tooty Fruity scene kicking you out when you replay it
– Fixed Sinners Landing promo at start up showing more than once

– Fixed missing Sinners Landing promo on Main Menu

– Fixed Andrea’s hair being in front of her face
– Fixed text in Rachel’s jacuzzi scene that mentions evening when it isn’t yet
– Added alternate text for talking to Rick after Trailblazers quest

– Added promotion for Sinners Landing
– Fixed Rick’s awkward neck position when facing the other direction
– Fixed relationship ranks going over the threshold

– Fixed mismatched cutscene titles and thumbnails
– Fixed some animations not being censored in streamer mode
– Fixed issue where animations that should be censored being shown while fading out
– Fixed one of Rachel’s lines not attributed to her
– Fixed “-no text” being show in some lines of dialog
– Fixed Grace’s latest Spankbank entry not exiting to the Spankbank at the end

– Fixed “Just You Wait” quest not completing
– Fixed Gabby’s sketch not unlocking the Thotfolio app

– Added Grace’s Cold Shower quest
– Added new Gabby sketch
– Fixed layer sorting issues for Andrea’s face and hair

– Actually unlock Project Trailblazers

– Made the files for sketch minigames smaller
– Andrea Farm Sex is now unlocked at 100 instead of 85
– Fixed issue with Grace’s relationship progression

– Added Project Trailblazers for Invisible Hand quest
– Changed Rachel’s color for the nametag
– Fixed Andrea’s back hair clipping into her hat
– Fixed continuity error with Reyna not knowing Jack’s surname while stargazing

– Added Rachel’s jacuzzi scene to Spankbank
– Fixed missing mid-sketch dialog for Rachel’s sketch
– Fixed issue for players that have a shiny hook as default instead of rusty hook
– Fixed issue where weighted lure is not available even when player needs a mackerel

– Fixed the ending of Rachel’s sketch minigame
– Made the Relationship Points requirement for Grace’s nude selfies higher

– Fixed Rachel’s sketch being unplayable
– Fixed End of Content popup for Grace showing at the wrong quest
– Fixed dialog mentioning clovers on Grace’s swimwear when it should be celtic knots
– Fixed text for switching from Pussy to Ass for Olga’s scene
– Fixed Chatty messages mentioning morning when it was sent at night
– Fixed Rachel’s chat option having an extra step of choices
– Fixed the lingerie Cath and Gabby are holding being swapped

– Added confirmation popup for rewind and quick load
– Fixed Rachel’s Sketch not being in the dialog choices
– Fixed Mi Sun’s repeatable sex scene background being day instead of night
– Fixed Tori’s cosplay text having references to day instead of night

– Added Rachel Jacuzzi scene
– Added Rachel sketch
– Added guide for which fishes can be caught with current bait
– Added popup message when trying to harvest items that are not yet ready
– Safeguard Olga Beach conversation from triggering again
– Fixed issue where minigame music will not trigger sometimes
– Fixed memory leak with Save/Load menu
– Fixed Grace’s blurry body
– Fixed Tori clipping with Andrea’s hat
– Fixed Mi Sun’s repeatable sex scene ending suddenly
– Fixed Raven’s detective painting not showing at night
– Fixed issue where Jack and Rachel kissing Jack are on screen at the same time

Release 22

– Fixed the sorting of Andrea’s hat

– Fixed Olga’s missing Spankbank entry
– Fixed Jenny’s missing Spankbank entry
– Fixed Jenny’s painting missing at night
– Fixed Andrea’s head and body sorting
– Fixed typos

– Added music to welding minigame
– Fixed issue with Raven selfie that can’t be saved locally
– Fixed pixelated sex scene with Jack, Maria, and Reyna

– Fixed issue with several selfies that can’t be saved locally
– Fixed missing bed after buying camouflage beddings

– Updated Raven’s chatty message to be more clear that Raven sleeps again in the morning
– Fixed issue where dialog options disappear when changing to simplified text
– Fixed issue where Raven’s selfie can’t be saved locally

– Possible fix to Rachel Jogging quest not triggering for some

– Added Project Mermaids for Invisible Hand quest
– Added selfie from Raven after editing video with Jenny
– Added new painting for Jenny
– Updated Grace after Jacuzzi scene to be wearing swimsuit
– Fixed typos and incorrect names

– Scene with Jenny at the Grove bench now exits properly

– Added Raven’s Next Project with Jenny
– Added Room Customization
– Fixed scene where Raven and Jack jumps between being in bed and being fully clothed
– Fixed issue where the game will say you have the airhorn when you don’t

– Set Green Fingers quest as not under development
– Fixed first Spankbank entry for Jenny not exiting properly
– Fixed thumbnail for Rachel’s skinnhy dipping in the Cutscenes Player
– Fixed players not able to report Green Fingers quest to Tori
– Fixed typo

– Fixed missing animation for Olga’s Ballerina scene
– Typo fixes for Olga’s Ballerina scene

– Added Olga’s All She Needs quest

– Fixed Fuselage not being accessible during the day

– Fixed erratic movement of progress bar during minigames
– Fixed comic not showing during Green Fingers quest
– Fixed Reporting Green Fingers quest not completing

– Added Project Green Fingers for Invisible Hand quest
– Fixed issue where sexy music does not play during some sex scenes

– Update welding minigame art style
– Fixed typos

– Added next part of Invisible Hand quest
– Added Project Ice Ice Ladies for Invisible Hand quest
– Readjusted Olga’s relationship ranking
– Fixed blurred selfies not showing up in app until unlocked
– Fixed available relationship ranking quests still marked as under development
– Fixed game being inactive when doing Mi Sun’s repeatable sex

Release 21

– Fixed Rachel’s spankbank not returning to menu

– Added Hang Time to Rachel’s spankbank
– Fixed more minigames that weren’t censored for Streamer Mode
– Time should be night after Tuvatuva Explorer quest
– Fixed some Paintings unable to be saved locally

– Fixed more animations that weren’t censored for Streamer Mode

– Possible UI clicking issue fix
– Fixed minigames and animations that wasn’t censored for Streamer Mode
– Fixed Karen’s repeatable sex not proceeding to the next day

– Added Rachel’s Hang Time quest
– Added first part of the Invisible Hand quest
– Added Tori’s second sketch quest
– Fixed Grace’s massage quest not completing properly if repeated
– Fixed Karen’s repeatable sex quest not finishing

– Added Rachel’s Jogging Memories quest
– Added Grace’s Spankbank
– Andrea’s Soulmate quest now unlocks at 100 Relationship Points
– Fixed speaker for some lines

– Added Rachel’s Just The Dip quest
– Fixed Cath and Gabby’s lingerie to match their selfies

– Added Rachel’s Tuvatuva Explorer quest
– Added Rachel’s Hiking relaxation activity
– Fixed some story inconsistencies
– Typo fixes

– Fixed cave Red-Yellow Flowers not disappearing after harvest
– Fixed issue for some players wher eGrace’s relationship rank is lower than it should be

– Fixed system settings not saving properly
– Fixes to Karen’s dialog

– Added Grace’s A Little Practice quest
– Fixed some items in the background not being properly aligned in Cave Pool
– Fixed issue where Strppr minigame would not complete
– Fixed issue where pressing ‘S’ would generate a screenshot
– Fixed issue where some Catalog pages are accessible before they’re unlocked
– Fixed typos

– Typo fixes
– Fixed incorrect speakers for some lines
– Fixed some script inconsistensies with the quest to get the wine for the bar
– Fixed issue where some players can’t trigger meeting Grace and Rachel at the Resort

– Added Karen repeatable sex
– Added Cutscene player
– Sell UI now shows sell cost per item
– Drinking game is now more forgiving with fluid amounts

Release 20

– Fixed some Paintings unable to be saved to images folder

– Added Cath’s second sketch
– Made “cum inside/outside” animation after Karen’s stalagmite sex consistent

– Fixed the time of day during Grace’s Mixed Signals quest
– Fixed Jenn’s Cream minigame not working
– Fixed highlight of door in Passage
– Fixed Cave Pool not having a night version
– Fixed some Paintings unable to be saved to images folder
– Hide unreleased Cath painting for now

– Fixed wrong flower being named when naming Red-Yellow Flowers

– Added A Rock and A Hard Place quest with Karen
– Added reminder at end of bar minigame if player has no booze left

– Fixed issue where Andrea would be missing during Chill With Andrea quest

– Added Reyna’s Stretch Goals quest
– Adjusted how much fish sell for
– Fixed issue where sound effects would still play after going to the menu or loading a different save

– Fixed Grace’s Setting The Pace quest not completing
– Fixed missing characters for Rachel’s Jacuzzi scene

– Fixed issue where Rachel is not interactable in her hut
– Fixed issue with Raven’s rank not matching up with her completed Relationship quest

– Added Grace’s Mixed Signals quest
– Rachel’s lingerie and swimwear is now available in the shop
– Set up swimming in the pool with Rachel
– Set up swimming in the jacuzzi with Rachel
– Rachel’s first selfie is now unlockable
– Adjusted Rachel’s height
– More streamlined the quest to help Reyna clean the huts
– Changed up the scene for Raven editing Misun’s footage to be her final Relationship Rank Up
– Readjusted Grace’s relationship quests
– Fixed issue where Andrea’s meditation was not accessible
– Fixed Raven’s repeatable sex against the window to have a night background

– Added quest to Find Rachel
– Changed Relationship point tresholds for each Relationship Rank
– Updated hints to reflect changes to Relationship Ranks
– Fixed issue where Poster #1 is not being triggered to assemble

Release 19

– Fixed Raven falling at Launchdeck comic having weird backgrounds
– Fixed Raven filming Maria comic having weird backgrounds
– Fixed issue where Andrea is missing for build fence quest (Needs to load before chill at riverseide quest)
– Fixed cupboard in Upperdeck not having a highlight when hovered
– Fixed Jack and Reyna sitting in the air
– Fixed missing Jack and Grace after going to the pool with Grace
– Fixed conversation getting stuck after filming Maria with Raven
– Fixed Olga’s dialog that was supposed to be Jack’s

– Fixed issue where players get stuck after Andrea moves back to Upperdeck

– Fixed Jack’s missing arm while holding gin

– Added censor when sketches are displayed on screen
– Fixed seams showing on Andrea’s shower scene
– Fixed cropping on Grace’s second sketch minigame
– Fixed Minigame UI being on top of Settings UI

– September 2022 update complete

Release 18

– Fix Maria relationship rank getting stuck
– Fixed Andrea’s Plowing in the Field Sex Spankbank not ending properly

– Added Jenn Cream Dream Sex to Spankbank
– Added Andrea’s Plowing in the Field Sex to Spankbank
– Bartending game fixes

– Fixed characters not showing at the start of some conversations

– Fixed Reyna Maria threesome Spankbank not returning to the menu

– Fixed Maria not showing up at night for repeatable sex
– Fixed Andrea’s farm comic not being censored
– Fixed some characters not fading out completely

– Fix duplicate Maria in repeatable sex

– Fixed issue where the second Raven Sketch does not appear in Thotfolio

– Added quest for second Raven Sketch
– Added Maria Repeatable sex scenes
– Fixed Jack showering alone comic not showing
– Fixed issue with characters not showing at the start of conversations sometimes

– Coconuts are now more obvious when they can’t be harvested yet
– Fixed issue with handphone not opening on streamer mode
– Fixed issue with some girl’s rooms not kicking players out at night

– Memory optimization for painting and wallpaper app
– Fixed missing images in fishing minigame

– Hotfix for fishing and bartending minigames

– Added Andrea’s Plowing in the Field scene
– Memory optimization on game start up
– Memory optimization for some minigames
– Coconuts can now be sold to Karen
– Fixed Jack with clothes popping up during shower with Cath
– Fixed wrong sender for Andrea’s lingerie chatty message
– Fixed previous animation showing when a conversation starts
– Fixed broken bottles in the bar not disappearing after minigame where it’s picked up

– Fixed some early Cath/Gabby quests not triggering

– Add Jenn Cream Dessert quest
– Characters now fade in or out of scenes
– Fixed issue where Sketchpad can’t be picked up
– Fixed issue where Gabby doesn’t appear at Tower Path to fix the wifi
– Lotion and body paint minigames now don’t auto complete
– Fixed Karen’s position when gifting her favorite flower
– Fixed issue where Reyna’s broom quest does not progress

– Fixed issue where conversations would not trigger when advancing time
– Fixed Fullscreen scene backgrounds for certain resolutions

Release 17

– Fixed issue where conversations would not trigger when advancing time
– Fixed Fullscreen scene backgrounds for certain resolutions

– Fixed Cleaning Sea Hut 2 with Reyna not triggering for some players
– Fixed mouse over text sometimes not disappearing when it should

– Fixed bar dialog not displaying properly

– Fixed issue where player can’t start conversations if energy goes negative

– Fixed Misun’s Spankbank not ending properly

– Disable Maria, Karen, Raven repeatable sex scenes for now

– Added Maria, Karen, Raven repeatable sex scenes
– Fixed some dialog grammar
– Fixed hardcoded character names

– Added Misun repeatable sex
– Added Rename App
– Added Fave Flower to Contacts App

– Added Olga relaxation quest (triggers at night)
– Added Olga relaxation selfie
– Lowered Lingerie cost
– Fish do not scare anymore when throwing the bait
– Screen now completely blacks out when loading a save to prevent stuff popping in
– Fixed issue with Spankbank not kicking back out after scene

– Added Cath-Gabby sketch
– Update hint for Cath-Gabby jacuzzi selfie
– Fixed issue where Erik is still visible in Lobby during the Lingerie quest
– Update Grace’s Likes/Dislikes in Contacts app

– Fixed issue where some players can’t harvest more flowers
– Fixed visible lines in Maria’s lotion minigames

– Added Raven’s Film Project quest
– Fit Sketch minigames better into the game window
– Restructured UI for Contacts

– Jigsaw minigame will now autocomplete if all pieces are joined, even if not in correct position
– Fix save slot name entry missing
– Fix issue where gabby is missing in the morning
– Fix typo

– Fixed Grace’s missing body

– Adjusted Menu and Save/Load UI for narrower ratio aspects
– Fixed some UI elements staying on screen after closing
– Fixed Gabby being available in different places in the morning

– Removed faint line showing in first Maria sunscreen minigame
– Fixed Raven’s bodypainting minigame not working
– Fixed Maria’s sunscreen sex scene not being repeatable
– Removed spankbank entry for Raven’s duplicate sex scene
– Fixed Settings not fitting on smaller screens
– Fixed Tori’s “End of Content” window appearing when it shouldn’t
– Catalog tabs that are not yet available are hidden

– Add Raven bodypaint quest
– Fixed typos

– Made coconuts more visible in Cavemouth
– Remove negative points on Maria’s sunbathing activity
– Fix Maria’s sunscreen minigame not autocompleting in streamer mode
– Fixed letter ‘Z’ not updating state in Woodle
– Fixed issue with some players not completing the sunscreen quest with Maria

– Added hint for catalog pages that are still unavailable
– Enabled Maria Sunscreen Spankbank entry
– Fixed some flowers’ names
– Fixed infinite fish glitch
– Fixed typos

– Add Fade for loading save files
– Fixed issue when skipping Maria’s sunscreen minigame
– Fixed some wallpapers that can’t be saved locally
– Fixed continuity error with Olga’s story
– Fixed issue where ingredients for coconut oil are not consumed

– Fix typo in Grace’s boxing Chatty message
– Fix “-No Text” dialog in Olga’s cake sex scene
– Add Maria Sunscreen sex to Spankbank

Release 16

Overview: About 2 hrs of additional content. Adds in a new scene each with Jenny, Olga and Maria, and lingerie selifes for all the girls. Also introduces a new girl (Grace), a new multi-room location and advances the main story line.
– Add Fade for loading save files
– Fixed issue when skipping Maria’s sunscreen minigame
– Fixed some wallpapers that can’t be saved locally
– Fixed continuity error with Olga’s story
– Fixed issue where ingredients for coconut oil are not consumed

– Fix typo in Grace’s boxing Chatty message
– Fix “-No Text” dialog in Olga’s cake sex scene
– Add Maria Sunscreen sex to Spankbank

– Fix missing pool animations

– Fix duplicate Grace when giving her swimsuit
– Fix Grace Boxing selfie not being sent
– Fix some references to morning in messages that are sent at night
– Remove negative points on relaxation activities

– Fixed missing Grace selfies
– Disabled hint for Paintings that are not available yet
– Fixed issue that players can save when they should be unable to

– Fixed issue with skipping a thread of minigames
– Fixed issue when exiting to main menu while in Enter Name screen

– FPS fix

– Fixed non-relevant bamboo dialog triggering after the bamboo minigame

– Fixed broken Lizard animations
– Fixed boxing not being triggered from Launchdeck Punching Bag

– Update Grace’s icon in the Chatty App
– Updated Grace to show the appropriate emotion during Chats
– Fixed Spankbank not showing the correct total
– Fixed typos

– Fixed slowdown in cabin during morning
– Fixed Chatty messages that referenced wrong time of the day

– Hide currently unreachable selfies
– Hide currently unreachable Spankbank entries
– Added background music to cobwebs and vines minigames
– Fixed typos

– Fixed Raven’s vase not displaying gifted flowers
– Updated hints for Lingerie Wallpaper
– Fixed Lingerie quest not triggering for some players
– Added music to new Cave areas

– Fix instances of the MC being called Jack instead of what the player assigned
– Fix some messages’ sender not being set properly

– Add quest to unlock Lingerie
– Add Lingerie selfies
– Add more options to Olga Cake Sex Scene
– Improved visibility for Inventory items
– Improved resolution of Jacuzzi cutscenes

– Added quest to unlock Boxing with Grace
– Added new Liquor drinks to Bartending minigame
– Updated Jack to hold up Red Sea Bass instead of Giant Grouper for Jenn’s fish quest
– Fixed locked selfies showing up in Wallpaper app
– Fixed unlocked selfies not showing up in Wallpaper app
– Fixed broken Jacuzzi Cutscenes

– Added Chatty message for Snorkeling with Tori
– Fixed Ammobox showing as unlocked when it’s not
– Fixed Grace’s drinking dialog

– Snorkeling equipment can now be found in Treehouses
– Add Snorkeling with Tori
– Improved preview of Poster Pieces upo pickup
– Fixed censoring on Wallpaper and Thotfolio Apps
– Fixed censoring on Spankbank
– Fixed acquiring multiple Weighted Lures

– Added Reyna, Andrea, and Misun Posters to assemble
– Fixed the game locking up after the Dog disappears at the Ridge
– Improved various animations

– Fixed issue where conversation choices can still be clicked while hiding
– Fixed characters retaining previous animation when they show up
– Fixed Raven not available to watch Karen’s sex tape

– Remove unity logo in splash screen
– Centered To Lobby button in Balcony

– Giant Grouper changed to Red Sea Bass in Jenny’s Cooking quest
– Catalog now has 9 items per page
– Removed choosing the drink to make in Bartending minigame
– Hide currently unavailable poster pieces
– Fixed Jack remaining in Cave Mouth after harvesting coconuts
– Fixed Jenny’s cosplay message referring to breakfast at night
– Fixed Grace’s room being inaccessible at evening
– Fixed issues with Deconstruct minigames

– Add quest to make sunscreen with Maria and Reyna
– Unlocked gifting, jacuzzi, and pool with Grace
– Added minigame when Grace gives Rob’s wallet to Jack
– Added new bait in catalog
– Various animation improvements

– Add quest to make cooking oil with Jenny and Reyna
– Added Measurements to Contacts app
– Blue, Orange, and White-Blue flowers can now be harvested
– Coconuts can now be harvested
– Fixed Grace Rank Up quest not being marked “Under Development”
– Fixed Grace image sorting in Room 3

– Add quest to unlock Caves area and new girl Grace
– Add several character stats in Contacts app

– Fullscreen censor image now says you’re using streamer mode
– Fixed issue where some players can’t access Maria’s Nun sex scene
– Fixes to Olga cake scene
– Fixed blurry background for Olga cake scene

– Added new Olga cake scene
– Added hints for Painting app
– Fixed zooming after Maria’s roleplaying scene
– Fixed unlocking of wallpapers even if Chatty message is not fully played out

Release 15

– Tweaked fish behavior in fishing minigame

– Fixed fishing minigame

– Clamp aspect ratio to 16:9
– Updated some selfie hints

– Fixed more missing Woodle selfies

– Fixed typo in Chatty message
– Fixed missing selfie in Cath’s Woodle Chatty message
– Fixed issue where the last played fullscreen animation shows up for a split second
– Added bgm for Fridge minigame

– Steam public release April

– Fixed bug where some events won’t trigger if you just advance time
– Fixed issue where some selfies can’t be saved locally
– Fixed issue where some Chatty selfies don’t show properly

– Improved animations for searching with Tori sequence
– Added comic at the end of searching with Tori sequence
– Minor dialogue tweaks
– Fixed changelog not showing

– Hid wallpapers that cannot be currently unlocked
– Added alternate dialog for searching with Tori sequence
– Fixed hardcoded “Jack” in dialog
– Fixed issue with Maria’s sketch minigame
– Fixed Raven’s cosplay selfie not triggering

– Restored missing Chatty selfies

– Fixed several UI elements not showing up

– Added support for simpler / more readable dialog font for people who find the comic font hard to read
– Added quest to unlock Cooking with Jenn
– Added cosplay selfies
– Fixed inconsistent bikini color for Tori’s wallpaper from photoshoot
– Improved animations for Karen’s Moving Up sequence
– Improved animations for searching with Tori sequence

– Revised dialog for searching with Tori sequence
– Improved animations for searching with Tori sequence
– Improved animations for Karen’s Moving Up sequence
– Advance time after Karen’s Moving Up sequence

– Added Karen Moving Up sequence
– Revised Raven’s Chatty messages for the Tori Interview sequence
– Revised dialog for Editing Tori’s Footage sequence

– Fix soft lock on end of Day 1

– Added link to Guides in Main Menu and Settings
– Added hints to locked selfies
– Fixed save file date not updating when overwriting
– Improved animations for Tori Interview sequence
– Improved animations for Tori Moonlight Romance sequence

– Fixed crash

– Added Tori interview sequence
– Added Tori Moonlight sequence
– Added Edit Tori interview sequence
– Raven kiss selfie now unlocks whether or not you went the romantic path
– Fixed issue where some wallpapers are not set on loading a save
– Fixed typos

– Fixed gifting option not being available when swimsuits are available
– Fixed Tori selfies not being sent
– Fixed issue with some selfies not being able to be saved
– Fixed Erik not being in Contacts

– Added sfx for transitions
– Fixed typos

– March 31st release
– Fixed order of some quests to prevent confusing players
– Fixed Tori’s swimsuit held by Jack not being shown
– Fixed guide button not working
– Marked Tori scenes as NSFW

Release 14

– March 31st release
– Fixed order of some quests to prevent confusing players
– Fixed Tori’s swimsuit held by Jack not being shown
– Fixed guide button not working
– Marked Tori scenes as NSFW

– Hotfix for Tori’s relationship after night time scene

– Added new Tori night time scene
– Added message to tell player why they can’t go to Jacuzzi with some girls
– Fixed Jack jerking around while talking to Tori on the bench

– Tori night time chat

– Update Grove Bench visuals
– Fixed Olga Sketch Quest not resolving
– Fixed Olga sleeping in Upperdeck showing during conversation
– Fixed typos

– Shuffled Woodle daily word list
– Added Skip button to Woodle app
– Added Maria Reyna painting to Thotfolio

– Auto-unlock selfies in Chatty messages
– Fixed Olga’s Woodle chat
– Hide future painting at control room

– Fixed Reyna’s woodle message crashing
– Intro Woodle conversation explains more what it is
– Added tutorial in the Woodle App

– Add Woodle app
– Kitchen light now turns off at night

– Prevent players from building at evening
– Fixed Pelosepo to Pilosopo
– Fixed save states censors not updating when toggling on and off
– Fixed missing speakers

– Fix bug in Olga’s accomodation story

– Actually unlock Olga’s accomodation story

– Olga’s accomodation story

– Fixed Reyna and Jack being smaller on the bed at the end of Moon Watching sequence
– Fixed Reyna Maria Massage sequence not triggering for some

– Characters mouths shouldn’t move if dialog is all dots.
– Fixed incorrect pictures when asked for characters’ names
– Fixed overlapping moaning for Maria’s massage
– Fixed incorrect speaker
– Fixed typos

– Fixed Chatty app messages intersecting
– Fixed sorting of Jacuzzi in the Bar when highlighted

– Added Likes and Dislikes to the Contacts App
– Wallpapers in Chatty app are now automatically unlocked when received
– Changed the way pieces are highlighted for Jigsaw minigames
– Fixed instances in dialog where “Columbia” should be “Colombia”
– Fixed issue where Tori’s relationship bar isn’t visible
– Fixed part of Tori’s hair being transparent
– Fixed ocean in the Cove not being clickable
– Fixed typos

– Added guards to the file moving function for people having problems with it.

Release 13

– Valentines update!

– Block paintings list when showing a painting in Thotfolio
– Fixed Tori’s hands not showing gifted flower
– Fixed Quest on Reporting to Reyna about Andrea still marked as under development
– Fixed typos
– Animation and camera improvements for Karen Interview scene
– Animation and camera improvements for Karen Hate Fuck scene
– Animation and camera improvements for Andrea sex scenes
– Animation and camera improvements for Company For Andrea scene
– Animation and camera improvements for Andrea Incense scene
– Animation and camera improvements for Andrea’s midnight scene

– Fixed issue where jigsaw minigame pieces would spawn beyond the visible area
– Various animation and camera improvements

– Add comics for Pool with Tori
– Add puppeteering for Tori’s pool and gifting conversations
– White wines now actually use the white wine glass
– Changed sound effect for harvesting
– Fixed missing text
– Fixed sprite issue with Cove at night
– Fixed Mi Sun’s name for Sketch conversations
– Fixed Tori’s Room name
– Fixed issue where player can’t get Tori’s contact
– Fixed issue where fishes didn’t turn

– Players can now gift items to Tori
– Players can now go to the pool with Tori
– Disable opening the Save/Load UI when tapping with two fingers on mobile
– Fixed rewind button

– Improved puppeteering for multiple scenes
– Fixed hardcoded names
– Fixed typos

– Better progress tracking for sketching minigame
– Show censor for Reyna Maria Massage in streamer mode
– Improved Puppeteering for latest Reyna quests
– Fixed animations having white lines and boxes
– Fixed given name not being displayed for Tori in sketch quest
– Fixed issue where Tori sketch outline shows after minigame is done
– Fixed issue where sketch button for Tori does not hide after being clicked

– Faster opening of save/load menu
– Faster toggling between save and load
– Fixed issue where characters don’t move their mouths while flirting
– Fixed nsfw censors for Reyna’s Moon Watching Quest
– Added repeat options for Reyna’s Moon Watching Quest

– Cleanup of Alpha issues in the group and cutscene spines

– Added quest for when Tori wakes up
– New scene added for when reaching 20 Relationship with Tori
– Updated camera for Reyna-Maria massage
– Added popup to notify when player can’t save
– Fixed Chatty app not scrolling to latest message
– Fixed missing Spankbank saves
– Fixed typos

– Added moon watching quest with Reyna
– Jacuzzi now requires giving the girls their swimwear
– Fixed instance where room 2 is cleaned but player did not get corkscrew
– Fixed instance where quest to clean room 2 does not get triggered
– Fixed repeating handjobs for Maria or Reyna suddenly ending
– Fixed save files not showing correct time it was created
– Fixed some animations restarting every new conversation line
– Fixed typos

– Jacuzzi Scenes puppeteered for all current girls

– Various addressable bug-fixes and optimizations

– Jaccuzzi scenes for Olga, Maria, Mi Sun and Reyna
– Map music now plays the previous room’s music
– New three-way sex scene (Reyna/Maria)
– Memory overhaul to bring working set back down again.
– Fixed new loading system starting on right page (last saved)

– New Jacuzzi scenes for Cath, Gabby, Andrea and Karen
– New savegame system (inspired by RenPy)
– New character naming system

– Android optimizations

– New UI for painting
– Added hints for missing spots in the paint minigame
– New paintings of the remaining missing girls (except Tori and Olga)

Release 12

– Fixed Lizard blocking Olga progress

– Fixed Cabin D door minigame
– Fixed issue where sketches can’t be saved

– Fixed missing music in the sketching minigames
– cooldown VO added to some of the sequences
– Fixed an issue in Maria’s Titfuck animation

– Fixed a bug that could cause lagging if playing multiple drawing games in quick succession
– Fixed a possible bug in Tori’s questline
– Fixed a duplicate addressable

– Fixed Tori bikini quest not triggering
– Fixed missing Maria titjob scene
– Added voice over for Karen Banana scene
– Various animation fixes

– Fixed Gabby’s painting missing in her room
– Added Coming Soon label for upcoming sketches
– Added missing Jenny swimwear selfie
– Fixed minigame bgm not looping
– Fixed Typos

– Fixed Misun’s swimwear Chatty not showing
– Fixed Raven’s swimwear Chatty not triggering
– Fixed instances where Gabby’s repeatable sex ends abruptly
– Fixed corkscrew minigame
– Fixed typos in Chatty swimwear messages
– Fixed Jack getting kissed by Gabby and Olga not showing
– Fixed timing of some sex sound effects
– Added Exit button for Room 21

– Added quest to retrieve Olga’s bikini
– Added unlockable selfies of the girls in swimwear
– Added credits for voice overs
– Disabled Reyna’s sketch quest for now
– Fixed issue where Cath’s hat isn’t showing up
– Fixed harcoded instances of Jack’s name

– Added quest to sketch Maria at Romance relationship level
– Added quest to sketch Reyna at Romance relationship level
– Added quest to sketch Raven at Romance relationship level
– Added paint to Karen’s catalog
– Painting now costs paint

– Added quest to sketch Gabby at Romance relationship level
– Added quest to sketch Andrea at Romance relationship level
– Added Andrea’s Incense Sex Scene to Spankbank
– Added repeatable sex scene for Andrea
– Added dialog for picking stuff up in Upperdeck cupboard
– Some relaxation activities are now accessible by clicking on the girl
– Relaxation activities now show the correct amount of energy gained
– Updated some early game minigames to be less simple
– Art fixes for Misun Bath Sex
– Fixed issue with cutscene backgrounds not zooming properly
– Fixes to several sex scenes not displaying properly

– Added new cutscene for Andrea dressing up at the waterfall
– Added new cutscene for admiring Andrea behind her back
– Added new cutscene for Karren eating a banana
– Added new cutscene for Maria cleaning Room 1
– Players can now sell stuff easily to Karen
– Energy gained through relaxation is now shown in dialog
– Fishes now surface and submerge randomly in Fishing Minigame
– Fixes for camera angles in various sex scenes
– Fixed issue with some layers in Cath’s sketching minigame not lined up

– Added Andrea Incense quest
– Added voice over for Cath’s Repeatable Sex Scene
– Added voice over for Maria’s Nun Sex Scene
– Added voice over for Raven’s Garage Sex Scene
– Added voice over for Gabby’s Lotion Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Gabby’s Repeatable Sex Scene
– Added banner to show Streamer Mode is on in Main Menu
– Mentions of Sex Chips should now say $EX Chips
– Clicking on a girls hould now show your current relationship with them
– List of fish caught can now be seen in fishing minigame
– Fish can now change directions while swimming in fishing minigame
– Daily gained energy value is now shown during dreams
– Replaced “Energy” with emoji
– Fixed issue where player can harvest at evening/night
– Fixed Pool Tiles minigame where puzzle is already completed at start
– Fixed Pool Chemicals minigame where vials disappear

– Added dynamic camera to Raven’s Garage Sex Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Raven’s Romantic Sex Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Gabby’s Lotion Scene
– Added silhouette tranisition to minigames
– Added sounds to fishing
– Clicking the bed in the UI now automatically puts you in your room instead of having a prompt
– Fixed clouds spawning in Raven’s room
– Fixed scaling of UI while Fishing
– Fixed issue where Raven’s Romantic sex scene exits to Spankbank
– Fixed issue with jacuzzi blueprints minigame

– Added dynamic camera to Gabby’s Lotion Scene
– Completing the scene where Andrea is scared of a stranger should increase rank to Lover
– Andrea should give back crowbar after scaring the stranger
– Changed sketching minigame brush
– Added finished paintings in rooms
– Added option to repeat all sex scenes
– Fixed some minigames being blurry
– Fixed some minigame backgrounds disappearing

– Added quest to sketch Jack and Rob
– Added quest to sketch Cath
– Added option to repeat some sex scenes
– Added dynamic camera to Karen’s Hatefuck Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Mi Sun’s Bath Oil Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Maria’s Surprise Sex Scene
– Added ambient beach sound for Fishing minigame
– Fixed up transitions in old sex scenes
– Fix continuity errors with building hut
– Fix continuity errors with getting bamboo for Reyna

– Added dynamic camera to Cath’s Repeatable Sex Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Jenn’s 1st Sex Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Gabby’s 1st Sex Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Maria’s Blowjob Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Misun’s 1st Sex Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Olga’s 1st Sex Scene
– Added dynamic camera to Reyna’s 1st Sex Scene
– New and improved camera movements for Andrea hut sex scene and Maria’s nun rolepay sex scenes
– Fixed blinking of last cutscene for a second when loading a new cutscene
– Activity selfies added

– Fix conversations text not updating from last conversation
– Removed End Of Content pop up where it should not show up
– Reduced clicks for dream/wake up sequence

– Fixed autoscroll for Chatty app being too fast
– Fixed tutorial for fishing minigame ending in a black screen
– Fixed line for fishing minigame not being retrieved properly

– Fixed issue with Chatty app being slow

– Fixed some conversations/quests not triggering properly

– Autoplay text now applies to Chatty messages as well
– Added effects when fishes bite or escape in fishing minigame
– Added repeat choices to end of Maria scene
– Fixed bugs with transitions

– Added nibbling state to fishes during fishing minigame
– Updated What’s New banners on main menu
– Marked Maria relation quest as Under Development
– Fixed animation issues during Maria scene
– Fixed wrong speakers

– Smoother transitions for Maria quest
– Added dynamic camera to Karen’s blowjob scene
– Added dynamic camera to Cath’s sex scene
– Fixed room name during Maria’s scene
– Fixed black bars not hiding after fullscreen spine is gone
– Fixed black bars not hiding after loading
– Fixed wrong animation used during Reyna’s massage scene

– Added streamer notification at startup
– More adjustments to the camera for the sofa sex scene with Olga
– Fixed player getting stuck after filming with Cath and Gabby
– Fixed black bars and crossfade for full screen scenes
– Fixed Cath and Jack seemingly floating in air while lying down
– Disabled clicking other pieces in a Click To Swap minigame while pieces are animating

– Added surprise quest with Maria
– Added more dynamic camera to some sex scenes
– Keep fishing spots fully populated with fish after catching fish

– Fixed jacuzzi quest not continuing for some saves
– Added Popup showing which fish the player just caught

– Disabled unfinished Maria scene

– Added continuation for jacuzzi quest
– Added preview of where bait will land in fishing minigame
– Added chance of scaring fish if you throw the bait on them
– Adjusted catalog items prices
– Made area where fish will bite bait larger
– Fixed lines in Jenny’s face
– Fixed issue where selfie of Cath and Gabby in jacuzzi is sent before jacuzzi is fixed

– Fixed pool algae minigame

– Fixed issue where Gabby is missing when making a camera stand
– Fixed issue where Jack with just pants is censored
– fixed issue where massage is available for Gabby’s repeatable sex without it being unlocked yet

– Added quest to fix Jacuzzi
– Jigsaw pieces can now be joined together in minigame
– Locked wallpapers are also now hidden in censored mode
– Fixed broken bridge blueprint and kitchen fuse minigames
– Fixed issue where Karen & Jack do not go to Karen’s desk when fixing the virus
– Fixed some continuity errors about the bar
– Fixed issue where music for sexy scenes do not play
– Fixed issue where Jack does not lose flowers when giving it to Reyna during the lotion quest
– Fixed typos

– Added Censored Mode
– Add option to change preferred frame rate
– Improved transition out of minigames
– Fixed issue where Mi Sun and Jenny messages were not being sent
– Fixed clouds getting too close to the ground and trees in some areas
– Fixed issue when highlighting Jenny at the Planewreck
– Fixed some continuity errors
– Fixed typos

– Added quest about the Japanese writings found outside Andrea’s hut
– Fixed issue where minigame UI will show in Main Menu when exiting

– Repeatable sex with Gabby is now actually repeatable
– Fixed issue where dating option can be duplicated
– Fixed spraying algae minigame not being playable

– Added quest for repeatable sex with Gabby
– Conversation options are now scrollable when there are too many
– Improved minigame progress bar
– Improved UI for hints during Bar minigame
– Adjusted tip amount for Bar minigame
– Made it harder to spill in Bar minigame
– Smoother transitions when moving during conversations
– Fixed Karen missing if beer and interview quests overlap
– Fixed issue where Conversation options would not show
– Fixed continuity errors
– Fixed typos

– Reduced the size of clickable objects to make it easier to play on Android when you have multiple choices.

========================================== Last public build

– Added missing Flute glass
– Fixed Jenn and Jack’s background during kiss
– Fixed relationship points gained for gifting flowers
– Fixed Maria’s head appearing during Olga and Jack’s kiss on the couch
– Fixed pool tile going beyond the screen during minigame
– Fixed duplicate glass in Andrea’s hand during bar game
– Fixed Karen floating during bar dialog
– Fixed typos

– Fixed issue where using one of Jack’s animations will make the game unresponsive
– Fixed some unintended flowers/swimsuits being held by Jack

– Adjusted girl responses to correct wine
– Made pouring amounts more generous
– Various fixes to bartending minigame
– Fixed issue where some wallpapers can not be saved properly
– Fixed room names for Raven and Karen’s rooms
– Fixed Jack and Raven’s heads flickering during bong sequence
– Fixed duplicated glass in hand during bartending minigame
– Added lights to Jenny’s room
– Added initial conversations for bartending per character

– Fixed up the new bartending flow, added proper hints and requests
– Added in the new quest flow for opening the bar
– September release is now content complete

– Updated face rendering
– Bartending updated.

– Added quest to watch sex tape with Raven
– Talking to Reyna about her mom or the pageant now advances time

– Added camera to Karen and Raven’s rooms during Karen’s shoot
– Improved animations during Karen’s shoot
– Fixed conversations and quests not triggering after harvesting
– Fixed missing wallpapers
– Fixed issue where wallpapers can’t be saved locally
– Fixed typos

– Added actual selfies from Karen
– Updated Karen’s bed
– Polished animation for Karen’s scene

– Added quest to interview Karen
– Fixed typos

– First pass Jenn moist handjob. Triggers off Reyna’s cosmetics timeline
– Improved kitchen fusebox minigame
– Fixed issue where Jack will hold multiple things at once
– Fixed issue where midnight quests could get interrupted by selfie messages
– Fixed typos

– Added quest to unlock the Kitchen
– Quest to find Jenn is delayed a few days
– Wallpapers that are currently unattainable are hidden
– Moved poster piece in bar to floor
– Fixed issue where characters go missing while moving rooms

– Fixed issue where quest to scare lizard would not start
– Fixed highlight outline for Jenn and Reyna
– Fixed typos

– Camera flash now fully covers screen
– Added black boxes to the side to prevent spine spillout
– Fixed issue where characters do not spawn properly after moving locations
– Fixed issue where some scenes stay on screen after it’s done
– Fixed Maria being blurry

– Text scroll speed can now be adjusted
– Adjusted highlight for Jenn and Reyna
– Updated names of swimsuits
– Added links to guides for Jenn, Olga, and Mi Sun
– Fixed issue where two Karens would be visible at storage during bj scene
– Fixed issue where held flowers are clipped behind characters’ heads
– Fixed flowers being transparent in Andrea’s hut
– Fixed typos

0.9.25d – Public build
– Lowered swimwear costs
– Players now get relationship points when giving the swimwear
– Pieces can now be directly swapped for Math minigames
– Name in contacts list made more readable
– Spray minigame fixes
– Various animation fixes

– Changed aspect handling for ultra-wide monitors and androids

– Various small graphical fixes to the pool sequence
– Advanced time and used energy for Jenn sequence
– Fixed issue where Reyna is seen from Resort Beach when she shouldn’t
– Fixed missing conversation names for Maria’s quests
– Fixed issue where conversation options would not hide if it was in Large Text mode
– Fixed end of content showing when other content is still available
– Fixed some hardcoded character names
– Fixed typos

– Release candidate
– Pool restoration complete
– Pool activities
– Can buy swimsuits from Karen

– First pass of the Pool restoration sequence.

– Added quest to look for Jenn’s glasses
– Pool is now filled with dirty water
– Latex Glue added to basement
– Removed need to wait for “x days” for some quests
– Animation fixes
– Fixed issue where rewinding during several interactions breaks
– Fixed Gabby not highlighting in Control Room
– Fixed typos

– New sequences for Gabby + Mi Sun (triggers from message from Reyna when she has 40+ like rating)

– Removed duplicate vase in Raven’s room
– Fixed issue with rewinds
– Fixed hardcoded name of Rick
– Fixed issue where players get stuck in a black screen
– Fixed issue where red flowers in the Grove do not update properly at night
– Fixed typos

– Fixed issues with new Olga quest
– Switched positions of “Yes” and “No” buttons in popups
– Removed delay to trigger Olga midnight quest

– Added new Olga quest
– Added autoplay
– Added and corrected ambient sound for several rooms
– Fixed sudden cut for Reyna’s lotion scene
– Polished some conversation animations

– Spankbank fixes
– Fixed issues with trying to enter Cabin D
– Corrected speaker for some conversation lines
– Typo fixes
– Disabled patreon credits for now

– Fixed issue with Edit B-Roll convo where it suddenly ends
– Fixed issue where players can’t scare the lizard even after receiving text from Cath
– Fixed issue with stray outline when highlighting Olga
– Fixed issue where Olga does not animate
– Fixed issue where some images can’t be saved

– Added links to guides on Contacts
– Added Relationship Points to some recently added conversations
– Improved signalling to players about quests
– Purple and White-Yellow flowers can now be harvested along with other flowers
– Removed prolonged black screen after editing B-Rolls with Raven
– Fixed some broken saves stuck in lotion and bridge quests
– Fixed issue where a different Sunbeach is loaded
– Fixed typos

– Corrected speaker for several dialog
– Full screen animations should now fill up the window insead of being cut off at the top
– Added Olga sleeping to Upperdeck at night
– Fixed issue where players can scare the lizard without having the lizard suit
– Fixed flowers not showing in Maria and Reyna’s rooms
– Fixed Maria and Olga’s hands being messed up while holding flower
– Fixed weird zoom with Reyna’s massage scene
– Fixed cloud layering in Cath’s Room
– Fixed floating flower in Cath’s Room
– Fixed issue where Maria’s edited wallpapers don’t unlock in the proper order
– Fixed issue where Maria’s wallpapers can’t be saved
– Fixed issue where Gabby will hold several flowers when gifted a flower
– Fixed clipping in Maria’s boobs during cunnilingus scene
– Fixed more apostrophes causing line breaks
– Fixed some girls’ orientation and position when you click on them
– Fixed issue where Vista and Sunbeach would appear as day at night
– Fixed issue where players can click through Cath at Poopdeck
– Removed hardcoded name for Jack
– Removed duplicated “End Of Content” notice for Reyna
– Removed autosave during gifting

0.9.14 – Public Build
– Added music for flower minigames
– Quest Button moved a bit higher for phones with notches
– Mi Sun’s quest now starts one day after finding them
– Fixed layering of clouds in Bungalows
– Fixed flowers in Reyna’s room not being visible
– Fixed flowers in Cath’s room not being visible
– Fixed background of Kill Bees minigame
– Fixed some rewind issues
– Fixed issue where flowers would show in vase as you’re giving them
– Fixed full Ryoko poster missing
– Fixed missing Reyna’s “End of Content” message
– Fixed flowers not showing up in conversations

– Cleaned up rewind system and QSave system
– Puppeteering fixes

– Added quest to scare the Lizard at Bungalows
– Added lights to Mi Sun’s room
– Added End of Girl content for Reyna, Misun, and Olga
– Added Maria’s edited photos as wallpapers
– Mi Sun’s room is now named after her after unlocking
– Renamed Launchdeck storage to “Storage” instead of “Boat”
– Fixed sunscreen sprite being flipped while held by Jack
– Fixed issues with android not detecting button presses
– Fixed Jack & Andrea’s positioning while on bed
– Fixed Jack’s body being blurry on Android
– Fixed Andrea’s hat showing while doing yoga
– Fixed Reyna’s blowjob animation being clipped at the bottom
– Fixed Maria’s sunbathe animation not having black background
– Fixed typo from “shift” to “shirt”

– Added quest for waiting for Reyna’s lotion
– Added clicking sounds for Flower minigames
– Added missing background for Reyna’s bj scene
– Added Mi Sun behind the computer during her midnight quest
– Fixed issue where you can’t click characters in fron of clickable items
– Fixed incorrect message sender for some Chatty messages
– Fixed Andrea’s flowers not showing up in her vase
– Fixed puppeteering for post-Chatty message conversations
– Fixed issue where Raven’s porn name does not display properly
– Fixed issue where Reyna’s lotion name does not display properly
– Fixed issue with conversation not progressing while Catalog is active

– Filled up contact info for Mi Sun and Olga
– Enlarged clickable area to go to Grove
– Waterlilies in Grove now shows, but still not available to harvest
– Mi Sun’s room is now named after her
– Harvesting flowers cannot be done at night and advances time
– Added correct image for Reyna’s message about lotion
– Added correct favorite flowers for the girls
– Added thumbnail for Room 20
– Added top view of bed in Andrea’s hut
– Added exit button to Mi Sun’s room
– Removed messy version of Cath’s room
– Fixed issue with flowers not staying in characters’ hands
– Fixed Mi Sun’s height
– Fixed Olga and Mi Sun’s orientation when talking to them
– Fixed Olga’s hitbox in Poopdeck being obscured by the door to Upperdeck
– Fixed issue where you can’t give gift to Maria
– Fixed issue where Jack is not visible during first part of Mi Sun’s booty call
– Fixed low resolution background images
– Fixed sex in Raven’s Room not being visible

– Actually unlock Misun and Andrea’s midnight quests
– Unlocked remaining Reyna lotion quest
– Added proper default poses for the new girls
– Fixed issues with gifting
– Fixed issue where Andrea doesn’t get points or display flowers
– Fixed Olga’s limited flirting options
– Fixed Seahut2 missing
– Fixed issue where you can’t click Olga

– Added Exit button for Farmhut
– Added vines minigame for unlocking the Pink Flowers
– Added midnight quest for Andrea
– Added quests for Andrea and Olga
– Location name for Raven’s bed is now “Raven’s Bed” instead of Room 23
– The clickable exit for Fuselage is now larger
– Fixed issue where previously held flowers still appears to be held by characters
– Fixed missing door in Cabin C at night
– Fixed issue where “Gift” options showed up as “Conversation Option”
– Fixed issue where “Gift” conversation would not trigger again
– Fixed issue where Raven’s bj scene does not show
– Fixed issue where vines for White Flower minigame would flicker
– Fixed issue where Get Yellow Flower quest still shows despite being completed
– Fixed instances of “LA” to say “L.A.”
– Fixed background of meditating with Andrea
– Fixed missing characters for unlocking flowers scripts

– Added leaves clearing minigame
– Added vase to Reyna’s seahut
– Added dreams for Olga, Jenn, and Misun
– Added puppeteering for unlocking/harvesting flowers minigames
– Added background for sex scene with Reyna
– Added gifting flowers to the girls
– Added spray sound for spraying bees
– Disabled midnight quest with Andrea for now
– Fixed text for the time for Raven filming Gabby quest
– Fixed issue where player does not lose flower after giving it to Reyna
– Fixed issue where Get Yellow Flower quest does not complete properly

– Added animation for Andrea’s night story
– Added selfie messages when you’ve done activities (e.g. sunbathing, etc) with the girls
– Changed name of “Farmhut” to “Andrea’s Hut”
– Fixed empty dialog triggering when waking up
– Fixed issue where player gets stuck in Jack’s bed
– Fixed memory leak issue with conversations
– Fixed issue where quests that trigger when you sleep would happen during the day
– Fixed issue where Exit buttons still show during conversations
– Properly labelled Exit buttons for the new areas
– Removed “Speaking Character” for some narrations

– Added quest to help Raven edit Maria’s photos
– Added quest to help Raven with Gabby’s photoshoot
– Added first half of quest to help Reyna with making her lotion
– Disabled flower minigame in Grove for now
– Fixed issue where the door in Maria’s Room was not clickable
– Fixed issue where fullscreen cutscenes don’t display properly
– Updated placeholder flower items

– Characters’ mouths would now move even when text scroll is disabled
– Rope, gloves, and bugspray items now have their correct sprites
– Fixed issue where players with old save can’t trigger “Clean Seahut 2” quest
– Fixed issue where main menu music would continue into the game
– Fixed issue with some items being shown during dialog going beyond the screen
– Fixed issue where characters would not show after a minigame
– Fixed issue where radio on plane would still show for old saves
– Fixed continuity errors
– Typo fixes

– Changed position for sex chips on catalog
– Fixed issue where Grove and Overlook would flicker between night and day

– Fixed instances where the name panel color does not match the speaking character
– Added sex chips display on catalog
– Fixed issue with some areas being blurry
– Added fireflies at night to Ridge areas
– Chatty messages should now display in the order you receive them
– Fixed issue with some full screen animation backgrounds missing
– Sexy scenes should now play sexy music
– Fixed issue with Reyna’s character flickering while chatting
– Fixed issue where “Romance With Maria” quest was not marked as Under Development
– Fixed issue where door to Basement and Balcony did not have mouse over text
– Fixed issue where Jigsaw pieces can go out of bounds

– Fix for old saves that did not get magazine for cleaning room 2
– Fix for saves that can’t build the bridge
– Fixed missing Text to Speech settings
– Added quest that explicitly says clean rooms with Maria to find corkscrew
– Disable saving while catalog is open
– Player can now exchange all fishes of one kind with Karen
– Made End of Content UI more explicit that it is just for one girl
– Roleplay session with Maria should now raise relationship rank to Friends

– Added bridge scripting hotfix
– Fixed up Gabby’s quest availability
– Sex scenes backgrounds first pass.

– Fixing up android texture resolutions

– Readjusted relationship points penalty for relaxation activities
– Corrected the spelling of Liechtenstein
– Corrected one dialog from “Angela” to “Andrea”
– Longer crowbar in door minigame
– Maria’s bed after sex should now show night version
– Resort area now has its own bgm
– Fixed issue in Click To Swap minigame where some pieces would not be detected as correct
– Fixed instances where full screen animations would not show properly
– Typo fixes
– More puppeteering updates

– More puppeteering updates

– Updated Maria’s puppeteering in the MariaHabitation questline
– Fixed missing lingerie spine for Maria

– Forced addressables reload
– Fixes some text errors (invalid characters, overflow)

– Committed the second comic spline for Maria as addressable
– Fixed Gabby missing after fixing computer

– Custom names for Jack and Maria roleplay scene now have their colors
– Quest items now have the proper images
– The lizard suit is now an item you get in your inventory
– Changed Rick’s dialog after finding his wife
– Fixed issue where quest to buy component from Karen is not completed properly
– Fixed issue where quest for Karen’s catalog is not completed properly
– Fixed names of Ridge areas
– Fixed issue where some comics would not load properly
– Fixed issues with apostrophe characters causing lines to break
– Fixed Gabby’s locations during quests
– Updated addressable configuration

– Updated sex scenes for Maria
– Updated puppeteering across the new sequences
– Added quest that directs players to investigate inside the plane wreck
– Fixed the girls being visible at the plane, but not interactible
– Cleaned up various minigame related bugs

– Fixed up day/night cycle on Ridge
– Resized a bunch of minigames + backgrounds to be higher resolution
– Gabby static characters now animates
– Fixed various dialog issues
– Cleaned up and optimized new minigames

– Updated script with better puppeteering and a new scene with Karen on Bed

– Players can now unlock a new are to explore called the Ridge
– Players can now unlock Cabin D on the ship
– Added new area Grove that can be accessed via Gas Tanks
– Added new quest line for unlocking Ridge
– Added new quest line for photoshoot with Raven and Maria
– Added Catalog for Karen where players can buy items
– Added new minigame types Deconstruct, Click To Cycle, and Color Cycle
– Fixed issue where you can enter Cath’s room without having sex with her yet
– Fixed issue where you can enter Rick’s Seahut at night
– Fixed issue where Karen’s blowjob scene does not change speed with player’s choice

– Fixed a bug that would cause a soft-hang after sleeping if you had no active quests.

– Added short dialog for end of content
– Update quest tracker in real time when starting or completing quests
– Added energy bar for harvesting minigame
– Added popup when trying to harvest with no energy
– Removed unreleased characters from main menu
– Fixed issues with saving wallpaper to local directory
– Typo fixes

– Fixed issue where Cowboy and Handjob sex does not unlock after transformer quest
– Added separator in between messages in Chatty
– Increase relationship rank with Andrea after river scene
– Quest tracker is now updated in real time
– Fixed issue where selfies could not be saved locally
– Removed duplicate Gabby wallpaper
– Fixed issue where player is notified multiple times of location being unlocked
– Added shower scene with Cath as repeatable
– Fixed instances where Jack’s name is hardcoded

Last Public Build
– Fixed issue where Cowboy and Handjob sex does not unlock after transformer quest
– Added separator in between messages in Chatty
– Increase relationship rank with Andrea after river scene
– Quest tracker is now updated in real time
– Fixed issue where selfies could not be saved locally

– Raven is now asleep at morning and can’t be talked to
– Changed Gabby in her cabin from sleeping to sitting
– Farming with Andrea now costs energy and gives more relationship points
– Fixed issue where player does not lose energy when building fence

– Prevent access to repeatable sex scenes that have not been unlocked yet
– Fixed issues with rewind feature
– Fixed issue where time does not advance after flirting
– Fixed issue where “Build Garden” choice is available after building garden is done
– Quests that are under development are now sorted to end of list
– Fixed issue where textbox alpha setting does not go all the way down
– Item “Andrea’s Dress” should now show the custom name the player gave Andrea
– Camera now zooms on Jack and Gabby fixing the radio in the tower
– Fixed issue where Andrea’s head shows up at night in her hut

– Changed “Click to continue” to “Tap to continue” on mobile
– Energy values are now clamped to 100
– Andrea now actually holds a cucumber during garden conversation
– Fixed issue where Raven’s room name doesn’t change to “Raven’s room” at night
– Fixed issue where quest notification will freeze when you save
– Fixed issue where highlighting Andrea shows a corrupt image
– Fixed issue where first appearance of a character doesn’t have correct emotion
– Fixed issue where “Riverside” sign disappears mid-conversation
– Notification for getting a contact now shows custom name
– Highlighting Rick now shows his actual name after meeting him
– Fixed issue where custom name isn’t used in some dialog
– Fixed issue where energy isn’t consumed when cleaning with Reyna
– Added quit button to main menu
– Fixed issue where phone wallpaper is not saved

– Fixed display issue where flirting cost is 10 instead of 20
– Added new image for Jack finding the tobacco
– Fixed issue where you can’t build the fence for Andrea even with enough energy
– Fixed issue where a conversation doesn’t start after Chatty message
– Characters’ rooms now show their name in the location name
– Only dreams regarding the girls can be triggered after you have sex with them
– Fixed issue where cleaning Upperdeck and Poopdeck does not cost energy

– Big pass to re-balance energy mechanics
– Added energy requirements for quests where you build or clean
– Fixed animation for retrieving fishing line
– Added option to trade in multiple fishes
– Fixed issue where Andrea shows up in the river in the daytime
– Fixed issue where you can’t click the phone to proceed with Chatty message

– Added stretching with Reyna
– Fixed issue where too many popups can be opened at a time
– Fixed issue where hookah with raven
– Restructured repeatable sex for Cat

– Energy limited to maximum of 100
– Made bong clickable in the daytime
– Fixed issue where you can’t smoke hookah with Raven after the first time
– Fixed issue where you can smoke with Raven by talking with her in her room
– Fixed thumbnail for when First Aid Box is unlocked
– Fixed issue where quest notifs would no longer show if it was interrupted
– Added end of content popup for when you reach the current available story line for each girl
– It is now clearer when a quest is still under development

– Added smoking hookah quest with Raven
– Added sunbathing with Maria
– Added meditating with Andrea
– Added Company For Andrea quest
– Fixed issue where camera flash does not disappear
– Fixed issue where camera flash does not cover whole screen
– Fixed issue where you get two yoga mats
– The dialog about pesto with Andrea can now be skipped and revisited later
– Removed duplicate Rewind button
– Quest notifications now queue properly
– Time now advances when building fence
– Sunscreen is now acquired by cleaning poopdeck instead of your room
– Fixed fishing animation for reeling in

– Fixed issues where quests are not starting and completing properly
– Fixed spines for Cath’s repeatable sex
– Gabby’s room is now still messy at night
– Progress for pairs and sorting minigames now update properly
– You can now enter Andrea’s hut while she isn’t there
– Fixed issue where computer isn’t clickable
– Characters’ lips now move during flirting
– Fixed issue where lines can be seen on Raven’s face during blowjob
– Fixed image layering issue in Hallway
– Fixed issue where Andrea’s hut shows at night even when it’s not built
– Fixed up animation while helping gabby fix the wifi at the tower

– Poopdeck can now be cleaned
– Upperdeck can now be cleaned
– Energy can now be viewed while fishing
– A popup now shows when trying to fish with no energy
– Click swap minigames now show the full image when completed
– Math minigame now requires all slots to be filled
– Naps now give the player some energy
– Fixed an issue where some spines appear larger than they should
– Fixed issue where bananas and bamboos don’t grow at the proper rate
– Added Swimming with Cath and Gabby activity
– Needle in transformers minigame now moves depending on your progress

– Soldering minigame added to gabby’s quest in the tower
– Farmhut now shows correct thumbnail when it is unlocked
– Made hearts effect more visible
– Fixed issue where several minigames weren’t loading
– First pass of Cath’s transformer questline

– Can now continue to flirt with girls (and drain energy)
– Lights are now turned off during Night to differentiate from Evening
– Better animations for sex scenes
– Fixed issue where garden growth is not visible after building fence
– Added animations for Fix Boat quests
– Added minigame when collecting fuse
– Text to speech can now be customized per character

– Added flash effect for taking photos during Raven’s quest
– Some quests now show a counter to keep track of your progress
– Streamlined fishing minigame
– Streamlined sleeping sequence
– Updated fishing minigame with Pullback, retrieve and hit circle
– Jack is now shown in the control room during Gabby’s Antenna quest
– Changed Karen’s default greeting to be less dramatic
– Prevent conversation with Andrea about two hoes from repeating
– Harvesting is now disabled in the evening
– Energy gain/loss from dreams implemented
– Added minigame for fetching the egg

– Added start to Fixing the Boat Quest for Cath
– Fixed “Clean Up on Room 2” quest triggering before cleaning Room 1
– Transition buttons in Lobby and Lagoon are now actual elements of the environment
– Cleaned up some of the room transitions to remove black boxes

– Added some guards to VO in case audio channel wasn’t set up correctly

– Starting the chilling with andrea content; chilling, building fence, getting the yogamat

– Looking for fix to Linux addressables


– Fixed changelog display issues
– Fixed lighting effects in Upperdeck
– Players can now catch several fishes in one session
– Fixed position of heart visual effect
– Changed Reyna’s pose at night
– Wallpapers that players should already have are now retroactively unlocked

– Add like+ for repeatable sex content.
– Fixed a bug where repeatable sex in shower wasn’t repeatable.
– Cath’s no longer wearing her hat in bed
– Cleaned up the Give Panties puppeteering
– Cleaned up Text2Speech code
– Added time specific dialog to some sequences
– Cleaned up some quests that duplicated information
– You can no longer get likes from Erik.
– Started on Chilling with Andrea quest-line

– Added first pass of Chilling with Andrea questline. WIP.
– Removed Erik getting relationship points. He doesn’t swing that way
– Prevented getting some quests out of order
– Fixed up some animations in Cath’s sex scene
– Location panel now properly show characters’ names

– Fixed Voice Over not working in player
– Added option to tweak pitch of player. Chipmunks of the world unite!

– Fixed issue with getting stuck in Reyna’s quest
– Cath’s sex scene now finishes properly
– Fixed up post-sex scene with Cath
– Fixed up repeatable sex scene with Cath
– Enabled Debug UI
– Fixed issue where items can be clicked while in transition
– Added beta-level support for Text-To-Speech (Ctrl+V, or accessible through the settings screen)

– Cath’s blowjob scene now working

– Some scenes now actually show Jack being kissed
– Jack’s surname should now show up properly
– Fixed issue where minigame still shows after it is done
– Fixed issue where ladder to Poopdeck was not clickable
– Added color to time of day to make it easier to tell which time it is
– Disabled saving during cutscenes

– Spruced up some quest names
– Cleaned up quests that were redundant
– Changed visual for skip button in minigames
– Added skip button for fishing minigames which just gives a random fish
– Made Maria’s quest easier to follow
– Added buttons for areas that were easily missed

– Added quests that serve as trackers for relationship progress! We’ll also let you know if content isn’t available yet.
– Quest UI now shows both title and description of quests
– Cleaned up quests to be more streamlined
– Harvesting and fishing now advance time as intended
– Pop-ups are now more compact
– Cleaned up characters that unintentionally push text to the next line
– Fixed visual of relationship gauge
– Players can now trade in all bananas instead of one by one
– App notifications now refresh properly
– Fixed issue where phone contacts don’t update
– Fixed issue where players get stuck in a black screen if they click through several transitions too fast

– Added a bunch of dialogue in early quests with Gabby and Cath to better explain our Relationship System.
– Updated text on some quests to better guide players.
– Changed Cath’s availability during early quest lines to allow you to grind some points.
– Raven’s BRoll quest is now a Rank Up story quest. Get 20 points as an acquaintance to trigger it.
– Gave you a SEx Chip for actually giving Karen your first banana.
– Added getting Contact Details for most characters so you can track your progress with them.
– Changed the ending to the Cath + Gabby WiFi quest. Removed giving the next part of the quest right away. It will now trigger as you get closer to Gabby.

– Balanced the love points for release.
– Actually fixed issue of morning conversations not triggering
– Raven is now consistently on one side in the garage scene
– Jack sitting in Cabin A is now hidden on Day 1
– Amount of Sex Chips is now properly displayed in UI
– Automatically go to Reyna filleting the fish after catching one for the first time
– Andrea now faces you when you talk to her
– Typo fixes
– Added quests that serve as trackers for relationship progress! We’ll also let you know if content isn’t available yet.

– Update to Cath scene
– UI tweaks to handphone
– Fixed issue with morning conversations not working
– Added phone pop-up when updating phone
– Lots of small script and logic fixes
– Removed Unity Logo from start

– Wallpaper app logo now appears properly
– Fixed issue where you can’t shower in the waterfall
– Andrea now disappears from Upperdeck when her hut is built
– Andrea is now asleep at Upperdeck during night
– Fixed issue where some characters get stuck in a position
– Reyna’s quest line should now proceed properly if you already have bamboo
– Pairs minigame now shows a quick tutorial
– Saving is now disabled during Minigames
– Renaming a character lets you choose the default name
– Fixed issue of morning conversations not triggering
– Popups now resize to content
– Typo fixes

– Fixed issue with name panel not changing to whoever is speaking
– Minigame Skip button now works
– Cellphone ringing sound now stops when conversation is done

– Various cutscene flow updates
– Removed unecessary debug spew
– fixed issue where characters might get stuck after conversation ended (jack with machette)
– new Cath sex scene splines added
– Fixed up Gabby riverside wifi sequence
– Guarded plant garden convo
– Handled a bug where you could get a black screen after speed-clicking
– Lagoon fixes

– Add conversation option for asking Karen about Maria’s broom
– Locked Seahuts before cleaning them with Reyna
– Added click message for computer when Gabby’s quest isn’t active

– Hid the items room

– Changed Reyna’s broom to mop
– Fixed character setup and cleaned up reyna’s cleaning room convo
– Kick player out of rented resort rooms, andrea cabin and kath at night (until you can sleep with them)
– Added dialog for Andrea at upperdeck
– Lock some girls rooms at night until player rating is high enough
– fixed a bug with transitioning to rooms while in blackout

– Quest to clean own room now shows for old saves
– Added quest line to clean Room 2 at resort
– Fixed issue where some quest lines do not complete properly
– Fixed visibility of powered and tidy versions of upperdeck
– Fixed issue where conversation choices would not show
– Andrea should now be in upperdeck while the hut isn’t built
– Fixed a visual glitch in riverside where a bush is cropped
– Raven and Karen should no longer be blurry
– Fixed issue where Cath’s text message to meet Gabby is out of order
– Fixed softlock when you talk to Raven before talking to Erik

– Missing names fixed
– unlocking rooms issues fixed
– Ravens Quest streamline

– Fixing possible issues with the new gabby/cath questline
– Polishing the minigames

– Gabby/Cath threesome questline playable
– Fixed various continuity bugs
– Cleaned up Reyna’s intro script
– Started work on the Andrea/Jack/Lizard threesome script
– Various VFX and animation tweaks

– added script for getting yogamat
– fixed bug where item can’t be investigated multiple times
– fixed soldering bug

– Added Gabby and Cath swimming session
– Fixed MC showing up where he wasn’t wanted
– New dialog chunk: Reya’s mom
– Added raya’s pagent talk optional sequence
– added a new sex chip intro if done at night
– various quest improvements and bugfixes

– Fixed soldering missing bug
– Fixed power on items in resort area
– Updated various resort rooms to have improved night time visuals
– hide maria sweeping at night
– hide ridge until unlocked
– fixed maria’s poster assembly
– hiding raven until generator enabled
– fixed the drinking wine with Karen sometimes not triggering bug
– added a default conversation for erec
– Added a fix for a bug from rewinding repeatedly
– fixed issue with Eric and Gabby visual representations
– Cleaned up various characters being in the wrong location during various quest-lines

– Redid Reyna’s introduction path
– Replayable action: sunbathing with Maria
– Replayable action: meditating with andrea
– Added night-time dream sequences unlocking from daytime interaction
– Cleaned up various logic dead-ends and incorrect room images
– First implementation of stage two Cathy/Gabby/MC triangle

– Added support for emotes

– Added the starting portions of a long sexy quest involving Cath and Gabby.
– Added a few new minigames!

– Updated room assets

– Added various sound effects and screen shake to emphasize more dialog! Mostly in the intro, adding them as we go along. Listen to Cath vomit!
– Added scenes for getting Gabby’s, Cath’s, and Andrea’s contacts after helping them out.
– Added some “hints” in early conversations to better explain game mechanics like Liking, Increasing Friendship, getting Contact details.
– Added a bit more flavor and choices in Andrea’s first quest. You can tell her the truth now!
– Updated some animations in some conversations.
– Fixed people losing progress and getting locked during the Raven BRoll quest. You may have to revert to a previous state from before you started the quest.
– Added some more choices to conversations in the early parts of the game (mostly when you talk to Gabby in the Bridge).
– Made Cath a little less mean in earlier portions.

– Fixed additional selfies not triggering

– Rewrote the opening sequence to use Likes and relationship status upgrades better
– Added sound effects
– Various bug-fixes and optimizations

– Fixed chatty app not correctly parsing user variables (like <RAVEN>)
– Added functionality to gain the the first relationship status upgrade, caused by having a GOOD (+3 liking) flirt response
– Restored Zoom functionality. Added zoom to Andrea sequence
– Added an explicit unlock for Andrea’s Hut. Added a guard for people who’d already gone through that sequence
– Fixed a missing bounding box on Raven’s spine, making it impossible to click on her normally
– Added “To be continued” for end of Raven’s B-Roll event

– Bad programmer, no cookie. Fixed a bug in the tutorial funnel

– Andrea massage spine fixed up (also hit other group spines, likely)
– Fixed a bug where where Andrea’s hat would clash with Jack’s face
– Fixed a bug where re-loading an existing conversation later on in the game would not load the charactgers into the scene
– A successful flirt now gives + 3 points. A neutral answer gives +1, a negative answer gives -1

– Andrea massage scene
– Chatty only shows up when you have contacts, and only for people with contacts
– Fixed a bug where characters could get deleted but still visually appear
– Fixed a bug where rewind could leave you in a broken save-state
– Fixed a bug where a broken VFX could create double character states
– Fixed a bug where group characters could end up without the correct expressions
– Fixed issue where you could chat with <10 energy

– Added support for contacts to the handphone
– Cleaned up Andrea’s story

– First pass on Andrea’s 2nd story is in
– Sexting fully integrated. Cath has 3 sexts (triggering at 20, 30 and 40 likes), the other girls 2 (20/30), after a successful flirting sequence (on entering bedroom, at night).
– Andrea’s sexts requires Andrea’s house built
– Karen’s sexts require you to have delivered bananas to her

– 15 new sexting conversations
– Reworked the Chatty App + AlphaMail e-mail system

– Fixed a bug where loading or rewinding with a fullscreen spine could break the game
– Added support for sexting

– Some missing items (most notably the hat) turned into prefabs
– Fixed Jack’s ’tilted neck after bending’ bug (amazing what a good chiropractor can do)
– Fixed wallpaper display
– Fixed Cathy’s hat going transparent sometimes

– Rewrote how inventory was handled to remove various inventory bugs
– Added guards for mouth-tracking that was breaking some situations
– Fixed a bug in bamboo minigame

– Added a whole new quest involving Raven and her B-rolls.
– Added some new animations and dynamic group poses (!!!). You can check them out in the Raven quest.
– Added a new minigame! Also in the new Raven quest.
– Added a bunch of new dialogue options to spicen up the intro.
– Finished rewriting the opening sequence
– Finished optimization pass

– Removed intro video
– Optimized loading
– Optimized memory usage

– Added in random chat dialogs with characters
– Added in moving lips when chatting
– Fixed a bug where it was possible to run out of time in the tutorial funnel
– Started work on broadening up the game earlier

-Updated Cath and Raven behavior while at the Wreck to allow dialog options.
-Updated flavor text for the Set Name popup window.
-Fixed an issue where players can’t find Gabby at the Control Room at Night time while the Fix Resort Generator quest is active.
-Fixed an issue where players can’t interact with Raven and Reyna after the first time of picking a chat topic.
-Fixed an issue where the quest to give Karen some bananas got retriggered after harvesting more bananas.
-Fixed an issue where the previous End of Content dialog might still get triggered.

-Added extra quest for turning in the fish fillet to Karen.
-Added trading of fish/banana for chips.
-Added new chat options for Cath (Engine), Gabby (Control Room), Andrea (Riverside), Maria (Pool), Karen (Lobby/Storage), Raven (Lounge), and Reyna (Sea Hut 1, Dock).
-Updated Harvesting and Fishing minigames to have energy costs and advances time for successful harvest/fishing.
-Fixed an issue where the Banana Harvesting minigame could not be triggered again.

-Added an option to say No to Karen after giving her some bananas.
-Updated quest description to make it clearer which are still work in progress.
-Updated fishing conversation with Reyna to use the proper poses with certain fishes.

-Added next part of Raven’s story.
-Added initial porition of Reyna’s story.
-Fixed an issue where the Gas Tanks conversation with Gabby can be bypassed.
-Added Fishing minigame.
-Added Bamboo Harvest minigame.

– Updated Resort Beach area to always be accessible.
– Added Unlock action for Resort Beach during conversation with Erik at the Pool.

– Added an option to set exits explicitly always open.
– Removed the rooms that were set up as ‘open’ previously.

– Fixed it up so Basement/Balcony/Hallway are always accessible.

– Fixed a few typos in certain conversations.
– Changed when a certain task for Explore Resort quest gets triggered.
– Unlocked Radio Tower at the start of conversation when loading from End of Content 1 save file.

– Updated face/pose for certain characters for the new content conversations.
– Added a few more Wallpapers that get unlocked when playing the new content.
– Added a new “end of content” notice for this update.
– Updated clickable area in Resort for the transition to the Beach.
– Fixed missing lamps in Lobby.

– Fixed issues with missing flags for Andrea’s Find the Dress quest.
– Updated new content flow and quest descriptions.
– Changed where Rick shows up.
– Added a trigger for End of content dialog.

– Fixed various potential story-breaking moments
– Work done on fishing minigame

– Cleaned up Harvest UI
– Updated fishing minigame UI
– Quest data improved clarify for fix generator
– Updated Karen storyline, added bananas

– Fixed various null-reference exceptions
– Unlock_xx now auto-generates
– Fixed missing transitions for the map
– Updated scripts that had a logic dead gate
– Group-Spines now support attachments

– Added next bit of main story introducing the Resort area and a few new characters.
– Added initial portion of Cath’s and Gabby’s storyline.
– Added initial portion of Karen’s storyline.
– Added initial portion of Raven’s storyline.
– Added initial portion of Rick’s storyline.
– Added new harvest minigame.
– Optimized loading of character assets.
– Optimized memory usage

– Improved big-font mode (especially useful for Android)
– Updated certain conversations with SFX trigger for certain lines.
– Added more conversations for the next content release.
– Added shadows for characters that appear in the rooms.

– Fixed speed-clicking bug that made it possible to miss a conversation if two items arrived too close to each other, and both had dialog attached
– UI cleanup for Android

– Android optimization to get it running
– Additional android fixes: delay loading the video until after the world is loaded, moved the dialog answers so they’re better responding to super-widescreen
– Preparing rooms for the Resort
– Added extra quest to direct the player to the Resort

– First public release
– Fixed headless cheerleader

– Various optimizations and bug-fixes

– Cleaning up savegame logic for minigames and at game end
– Fixing up various logic issues
– Fixing up issues arising from the new attachment system
– Speeded up the character fade

– Redid the character system to add attachments and support moving the head independently from the body
– More continuity fixes
– Added in the new harvesting minigame
– Starting building the Resort locations

– Experimenting with reduced Spine load for quicker initial load
– Typos and continuity bug fixes

– First external build

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