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After an accident, you suffer from amnesia. While living together with your landlady and her two daughters, you and your trusted therapist come up with a cure and a treatment plan to keep the amnesia away. With her help, you need to use skills and tools to carefully and methodically manipulate the women around you by exploiting their weaknesses. The goal: Using their bodies to pleasure yourself. You have a potential secret weapon in your medicine, which could possibly be used on others to make them easier to manipulate. But be careful, or you might wake up one day without your memory.

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-09-13
Developer: GRasputin Patreon – Buy Me a Coffee
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Corruption, Drugs, Handjob, Big tits, MILF, Lesbian, Oral sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Incest (Optional/Rename relationships), Masturbation, Teasing, Female domination, Internal view, Vaginal sex, Groping

v0.10.01 Beta
(requires v.09.02 or later) fixes bug with missing memory button. Should also fix game-breaking bug where MC is stuck with Jolee in shower.

v0.10.00 beta
– 500 MB new content.
– Relivable events: Added all events with successful use of manipulation skill.
– Changed checkboxes to custom checkboxes that will scale with the screen size. No more tiny checkboxes on 4k screens.
– Memory button will no longer show up until after the first memory event with the landlady in the kitchen.
– The name of “Sasha” from cam events with Kylie is changed to “Alex” if player is not named Alex.


– 630 MB new content.

– Settings: Added option for game sound.

– Turned on sound on a few select videos (mostly in the new v0.9 content).

– Cheat menu: Added option to turn on sound on all videos.

– Relivable events: All stored memories should now be relivable. If not, you can report it. Reliving more than one event may still seriously increase the risk of bugs. Reload the game if that happens.

– Relivable events: Added a seperate listing for relivable events where some events are automatically added (dark red buttons).

– Relivable events: Added all pill events.

– Fixed bug where players with increased game speed didn’t raise relationship with Julia

– New short event with the landlady.
– Fixed bug which could get Kyra stuck at 88%. (v0.7.101)

– New content for all main characters.
– Adding Julia, a new main character.
– Bugfixes.

– New content for all main characters (Landlady and daughters, Jolee, Avery, Therapist)
– Buying an item at the shopping center will now advance time.
– Fixed bug with Kylie strip in player’s room morning after her second pill. (v0.6.001)
– Removed test code that broke Avery early in game. (v0.6.002)
– Game will now show error message when failing to load picture or video, instead of breaking. (v0.6.010)
– Credits button: Added the names of the models used for the biggest roles. (v0.6.010)

password for cheats is 339

Download Paradise Found Porn Game

Windows 64bit

Mega Anonfiles


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