Overlord H Adult Game Overview

You are spending the final minutes in your favorite DMMO-RPG, YGGDRASIL before it shuts down for good at midnight.

However, when the time comes, nothing apparently happens.
Unable to log out, you are stuck in a world that looks similar to the game yet so much more realistic, especially the NPCs that begin to behave consciously…​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-02-26
Developer: Winterfire – Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: R48
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Creampie, Fantasy, Interracial, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Monster girl, Parody, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Sandbox, Vaginal sex, Virgin


-Fixed: Minor typos.
-Fixed: Correct total items percentage would not get displayed in the gallery.
-Fixed: Windowless Underground Chapel text no longer breaks in two lines.
-Fixed: Entoma’s room is no longer silent.

-Changed: Nigredo gallery category has been removed, all of the other missing categories have been added.

-Added: Scene replayer.
-Added: 28 side events.
-Added: 6 mirror events.
-Added: 26 CGs.
-Added: 25600 words (~80 minutes gameplay).

Changelog from alpha:
-Added: Integrated patch 1.
-Added: 64bit version*

-Changed: Added supporters from 20 May to 31 May (Credits were also rendered again).
*If your game has frequent memory errors, even if you changed you renderer, then download the 64bit version.

-Fixed: Folding chair in the beach no longer shows up once you are back home.
-Fixed: Minor typos.
-Fixed: Lupusregina’s CG 1 thumbnail displaying incorrectly.

-Added: 25 CGs.
-Added: 6 Mirror events.
-Added: 15200 words (~50 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: E-Rantel correctly unloads when receiving the letter from the Minotaur’s king now.

-Changed: Zesshi has her own category in the gallery now.

-Added: 1 Character (Minotaur’s king).
-Added: 12 music tracks (2 for each season).
-Added: 8 CGs.
-Added: 3 Side events.
-Added: 3 Mirror events.
-Added: 15600 words (~52 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Minor typos (Thanks Pimgd!).
-Fixed: Arche’s dancing event now requires her to be alive.
-Fixed: Tia using the wrong token in mirror event 58.
-Fixed: Gazef’s event is no longer marked in Carne Village if he is not alive for the event to exist.
-Fixed: Brita displays her name correctly now.

-Changed: Brita has a sprite now.
-Added: 2 CGs.
-Added: 3 Side Events.
-Added: 5200 words (~17 minutes gameplay).


-Fixed: Gazef no longer appears in Carne Village when he is dead.
-Fixed: Shizu’s token will no longer appear over Lupusregina’s when you have used up all your charges.
-Fixed: Kurome’s token no longer overlaps with Shalltear’s on day 160.

-Changed: Decreased WorldEventID requirement by 1 for Albedo and Arche footjob scenes.
-Changed: Arche has her own category in the gallery now.

-Added: 7 CGs.
-Added: 1 Mirror event.
-Added: 2 Side events.
-Added: 7900 words (~25 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: The game correctly sets your choice regarding Kelart even if you have temporarily altered it through console.
-Fixed: Viewing the last objective of R42 properly stores the map you are in now.
-Fixed: Check during Fluder’s reward scene.
-Fixed: I forgot to enable Nhinne’s gold token in R41, it is fixed now.
-Changed: Cherry Blossom Sanctuary’s music volume has been lowered.
-Changed: The game stores whether you interacted with Clementine or not before going to the Elf Country (For dialogue reasons).
-Added: 2 Mirror events.
-Added: 4 CGs.
-Added: 1 Map (Crescent Lake).
-Added: 4 Side Events.
-Added: 1 Character (Salurn).
-Added: Roesia’s and Sayuri’s gold token.
-Added: 6500 words (~20 minutes gameplay).


-Removed: Game icon (causes false positives for some people).
-Fixed: Unlocking Mirror event 69 requires Neimel to be alive now.
-Fixed: Nymph pregnancy event crashing towards the end.
-Fixed: Nekoya’s third event not showing up on old saves.
-Added: 4 Characters (Seer, Zefnili, Castien, Zesshi).
-Added: 1 Territorial map (Elf Country).
-Added: 1 Map (Great Forest of Evasha).
-Added: 3 Mirror events.
-Added: 1 Side event.
-Added: 5 CGs.
-Added: 11500 words (~38 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Notification about SPA side event triggering two events too early.
-Fixed: Nigredo’s sex event crashing towards the end.
-Fixed: Removed unnecessary background images in Aura’s handjob scene in an attempt to make the scene lighter.
-Fixed: Entoma’s blowjob cumming CG has been fixed.
-Fixed: Albedo’s events in day 255 requiring 2 charges even though they consume just 1.

-Added: 1 Map (E-Naüru).
-Added: 18 CGs.
-Added: 5 Characters (Lumière, Foss, Foire, Etoile, Decrement).
-Added: 13 Side events.
-Added: 1 Mirror event.
-Added: 24400 words (~80 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Leaving Nekoya’s restaurant in the second event after entering it from either Abelion Hills or Roble Holy Kingdom will no longer teleport you to the Sorcerer Kingdom.
-Changed: Happy Farm no longer uses Shooting Star Charges if you have impregnated a creature. -Changed: Hilma gold token will disable once her role is over.
-Added: 5 CGs.
-Added: 2 Side events.
-Added: 1 Mirror event.
-Added: 2 Characters (Clover, Sumire).
-Added: 1 Map (Southmar Hills).
-Added: 1 Territorial Map (Wyvern Rider Tribes).
-Added: Updated Happy Farm gold token.
-Added: 14700 words (~45 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Minor typos.
-Fixed: It is now shown when there is a new event available in the Green Hole.
-Fixed: Solution’s events in SPA not unloading the map correctly.

-Changed: Neia’s token has been redone.

-Added: 7 Characters (Calca, Rawona, Lucinda, Aerendiel, Cassandra, Ameria, Meriel).
-Added: 14 Side Events.
-Added: 5 CGs.
-Added: 4 Mirror Event.
-Added: 15800 words (~50 minutes gameplay).

-Removed: Progress checker in gallery (Does not work properly, it is more confusing than helpful).

-Changed: Mare’s gold token events no longer require any shooting star charge.
-Changed: Nabe’s side event in E-Rantel now requires you to have chosen her as E-Rantel partner.

-Added: 6 Side Events.
-Added: 6 CGs.
-Added: 2 Hilma gold token scenes.
-Added: 8200 words (~25 minutes gameplay)


-Fixed: Minor typos.

-Changed: Scene from R26 has Leinas sprite/token now.

-Added: 3 Characters (Draudillon, Renner, Tira).
-Added: 5 Mirror Events.
-Added: 4 CGs.
-Added: 10700 words (~30 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Mirror showing wrong percentage.
-Fixed: New event marker showing in the opposite direction when checking Throne Room.
-Fixed: Horizontal offset in floor selection.
-Fixed: Minor typos.
-Fixed: Game taking too long to launch.

-Added: Preference to disable floor thumbnails.
-Added: 9 CG.
-Added: 14 Side events.
-Added: 10200 words (~30 minutes gameplay).

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Mega Anonfiles


Mega Anonfiles

Walkthrough (R25)



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