Outland Wanderer Gay Sex Game Download Overview

Player is an outsider stumbling upon the continent of Mokken. In his attempt to travel back to his own Tribe, he bonds and form different relationship with the locals, tackles on unknown forces, and discovers his own destiny.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2024-05-19
Developer: Outland Wanderer Patreon – Twitter– Discord – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.24
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, big ass, furry, gay, male protagonist, monster, turn based combat, sandbox, adventure, fantasy, mobile game


**Update Log:**
**Main Content:**
– Otsovaara: The Bear Tribe in the North, is now open for the wanderer, the bears can be encountered, and new dialogues are unlocked.
– New Shop: Visit the bear shop, run by the eccentric Rhino shopkeeper – Methis.
– New Introduction: The first portion of the bear tribe has been rewritten, characters are renamed, with choices that leads to a different outcome. Please revisit this portion if you have played the older version.

**New CG Scenes:**
– Winning against Bears: The bear guards aren’t known to lose in a battle, but perhaps they are more akin to getting warmth from some intimate contact.
– Losing to Bears: You may learn a thing or two engaging in a losing battle with the snow warrior, depending if you are obedient or naughty towards him.
– Losing to Werewolf Duo: The werewolf duo are excellent predators when an unfortunate prey fall victim, but as the saying goes, double the werewolf, double the fun!

**QoL Updates and Other Fixes:**
– Different Maps can be directly accessed in the Map Menu now, including the new Plain Map and Snow Map.
– New Materials to be collected around the bear tribe, including Idol of Virtue, an accessory for Flirt Build user who wish to defeat monsters immune to lust damage.
– Redrawn King’s Pawn, and Rahim’s House background.
– New background Interactions and items to be collected around Lusterfield, Ardent Cauldron (Goat Shop), and the new Bear Tribe.
– Quest Prerequisite updated, Snow region can now be discovered without completing Jog’s Plum Quest and Pirkka’s Introduction.
– Reconciliation can now be completed even if you have missed the voting day.
– New Sprite for Kaurhu, the Bear Chief (Formerly Kauhu).
– Fixed weird movement in moving sprites in Dungeons
– Duplicate recipes are now removed from the crafting screen.
– Added some hints to various secrets and puzzles


New Story Segment:
Hezzong, the elder of the Puro tribe, has assigned you as the watcher of the night. You might as well search for your lost friend Chime.

New Character:
– Hezzong: The venerable leader who has been named “Allfather” in your tribe, a tender old dragon who seem to have taken a liking for you.
######: A stranger…?

New Dungeons:
– Puro Watch Tower: short tutorial segment for the dungeon-goers.
– Puro Forest: a long trail consists of sprites, puzzles and surprises.

New Enemy:
– Spriteling: Small pesky ephereal matter that shouldn’t pose a problem to the watcher of the night.
– Spritebinder: A collective consciousness of eight hands as one entity, its desire to grab and hold onto something might be a challenge for those who summons it.

New and Updated CG Scene:
– Losing to Spritebinder: A curious phantom in search of knowledge may find your body rather intriguing, or gropable. (Secret Scene, require certain condition to unlock.)
– Winning against Bandit: You may choose to teach the bandit a lesson when you beat one of them from outside the hideout.
– Winning against Werewolf: (Updated Scene)

QoL Changes and Other Updates:
– New dungeon mechanic: Take/Drop, press E or the hand button in the dungeon to grab or place objects, solving puzzles and unveil potential surprises. – – —– – Updated Damp Cave’s mechanic.
– 3 New Spell Books: Immolation, Spectral Orbs, and Sundering Surge. First two can be purchased from Gwyddyon (Goat Tribe)’s Shop, last skill may be found defeating a purple foe.
– Extended Lusterfield’s Vote Time Duration to 7 days.
– Fixed error during battles in the Damp Cave.
– Updated various dialogues to accomodate for the intro segment.
– Small overhaul of Dungeon and Location system, may contain underlying bugs.

v0.0.23b – v0.0.22e
– Fixed Wuldon Sayer in Werewolf Win Scene
– Fixed Time Problem in Wuldon/Vurro Preparation Trigger Sebas Followin
– g day should now be 1 day earlier
– Fixed Immolation Skill’s Error


Note: Reminder that the Reconciliation Questline is unfinished, also, after starting the Reconciliation Quest, some other quests won’t be available anymore. It might be more convenient to make a save beforehand!

Update Log:
New Quests:
– One Last Howl (Part 1): Vurro and Wuldon prepare a plan to take revenge on the werewolf alpha. Train with Vurro before the final confrontation. (WIP)
– Former Acquaintance: To persuade Jog to support an alliance between the Goat Tribe and Lusterfield, you decide to help discover a hidden secret of your friends.

New CG Scenes:
– Pirkka’s Private Session: Engage with Pirkka in the Tavern might allow you some private time with the bard’s lute.

Updated CG Scenes:
– Feral Lose: Losing to the feral werewolf in the Cavern.
– Tavern Serve: You can now serve in the Tavern.

QoL Changes and Other Updates:
– Revamped Moonlit Wolf Den (Uffe’s Location) into an explorable Dungeon.
– Added Minor Character, Tart: Uffe’s right hand wolf, kind of a twerp.
– Redrawn Rahim’s Sprite.
– New Time-limited Mechanic introduced, might require some reaction speed.


New Characters:
– Daggi, the young commander: A white bear who’s the new leader of the bear guards, doubted by his own mates, he’s looking to trace down the culprit of the recent incident.
 Kauhu, the bear chieftain: The chief who’s just escaped death as someone tries to assassinate him, a secluded leader who’s determined to keep his closed ones safe.
(More characters to come in the future)

New Locations:
– Otsovaara: The bear tribe, it is abundant of many natural resources, and often utilizes structures to extract and survive through the eternal winter. The bears are known to be secluded from the south, and rarely accepts visitors.
– other places including Ursinia Glade and Frosted Taiga are also introduced.

New Events:
– Bears Introduction: Walking in the forest, you’re suddenly involved into a chase scene with strangers you’ve never met before.
– Bandit’s Toll: To enter the northern regions, you need to pay the bandit money, or fight him.

New Bad End:
– Bound by Bandits: After getting caught too many times, the bandits have decided to keep you in their dungeons for good.

QoL Changes and Other Updates:
– All images are re-exported from webp/jpg/png to avif. Please check if you have saved inside a dungeon, as the images won’t be properly shown.
– Because of the avif changes, the game size is now down to about 300mb.
– You can now get Leather Armor from Rahim after completing the tutorial quest and played for a few days in game. It’s supposed to be triggered early game.
– More Lothar/Cane’s greetings added, they’ll now have a chance to refer to old events when you greet them. (Will update the other characters too)
– Quest ‘Logger and Scout’ no longer requires completion of the Goat Tribe Quest ‘Guardian’.
– Adjusted/weakened majority of the early game monster’s stat.
– Added Night variants of multiple locations near the farm.


New Battles:
– Bandit: The ferocious gang might demand some gold out of you as you crosses the plains.
– Gnoll: A Group of Wild Hyenas, they are much more feral’cious and cracked, they might demand much more from you.

New CGs:
– Losing To Gnoll: The crazed victor takes his place on top, and takes also your manhood inside.
– Topping the Gnoll: Choose to top him, and the defeated might be more satisfied than the winner.

New Event:
– As Rahim and Sebas discuss the future of the village, an uninvited visitor knocks on the door.

Updated CGs:
– Losing to Mimic: Now you might feel the tongue of the mimic in full glory.
– Losing to Werewolf: A wolf’s manhood is heavier with his knot inside.

QoL Changes and Bug Fixes:
– You can now cloud sync your saves! (The file size is limited to 10mb so you can only store around 4-5 pages of saves.)
– Updated UI interface of Craft Screen and Cauldron Screen
– Added a minor hint to help identify correct guesses in Whispering Hollow
– Added Fixes for empty quest progress in the bedroom
– Reduced Game File Size by updating png to webp files.


New Content:
– New Card Game can be played in The Nocturnal Trunk tavern, against 3 regulars. Detailed Rules are provided in-game.
– Gwyddyon’s Shop is now filled with various shop items, including weapons, and a new spellbook – Tranquil Mend
– Pirkka can now be visited in the Tavern after his introduction quest.

New Trinket:
– Eversprout: A young herb spirit that grants you extra health by each round, but your initial health is lowered.

New System:
– Potion Upgrade: Use the Cauldron in Ardent Cauldron in the Goat Tribe to upgrade your regular potions.

New CG:
– Lost to Regulars: Noticing your reputation in the tavern, the other card players decide to take advantages and show everyone of your recent loss.

Adjustments and QoL Changes:
– Additional Dialogues regarding Shop Items for Sebas and Gwyddyon’s Shop.
– Button sound Effect is added to different parts of the screens.
– Music for Ardent Cauldron, the Bandit and the Bard are added to the game. Credit to Will o Wisp again.
– Basic UI and some Fonts are updated, hovering item in the inventory is now functional.
– Gold counter and Clock is added/updated in the top left corner of the screen.
– Revamped major codes in the game to support more flexible coding later on in the development, there might still be bugs yet to be found.
– Max Level now raised to level 18.

New Debugging Screen:
– Players unable to report to Uffe regarding the quest “Wisest of the Pack” can access the debug screen in the bedroom.
– Players with unusually low stats can go to the bedroom too.

Typo and Bug Fixes:
– If you’re upgrading from v0.0.14 or v0.0.15, you may encounter some errors regarding quest progresses. All problematic after-load fixes are removed from the game and it should work fine now.
– Fixed the error regarding interacting with the storage with spamming items.
– Fixed the error with interaction regarding Fiery Charge.
– Fixed missing content regarding Kari and Furkan.
– Added exits to bandit’s hideout
– You can now deposit or withdraw gold in the storage.
– New button in Storage and Shop Screen where you can toggle selling/buying or moving items in bulk.


New Quests:
– Wisest of the Pack: After eliminating a long-standing threat, Uffe plans expand territories in the dark forest.
 Prose and Cons: A stranger in the plains lost his Lute to a group of bandits, and asks you to retrieve his favourite prose for him.

New Task:
 Miner Amendment: Gwyddyon has asked you to get minerals from the cave, to further his crystal discoveries.

New Dungeons:
– Whispering Hollow: The unclaimed area between the werewolves and the slime’s territories, filled with shrubs and riddles.
 Bandit’s Hideout: Where the bandits lies, avoid their gaze or become the next captive of the outlaws.

New CGs:
– Captured by Bandits: It seems infiltrating the bandits is not a good idea, after you are caught by the groups of beefy bandits.

New Character:
 Pirkka, the Wandering Bard: The Minstrel has a punny way with his words, Pirkka roams around the plains, and sings his favourite story.

Other Additions:
– Improved Dialogues mainly towards opening and the Quest “Guardian” and “Suspicious Activity”.
 Quest/Task Progress and Hint can now be found in the Journal.
– Inventory can now be sorted by Name, Value, and Type.
– Added Storage Chest in the bedroom.

QoL Changes and Bug Fixes:
– Updated Game Icon, Added Android Game Icon to the Game
– Altered the Lore behind MC’s story and Goat Tribe
– Fixed Crash when returning from Map in Haskell’s Hut
– Revamped Shop Code to fix game freeze when buying/selling 2 non-material items
– Player’s STR effect on damage lowered; damage increased by each level raised.
– Probability to encounter Traps will now be reduced by a higher amount of Agility.
– Player’s Dungeons Sprite will now properly animate when moved.
– All abilities now have cooldowns, ability descriptions updated.
– Adjusted Strength’s effect in Tavern Disk Minigame. (v0.0.15c).
– Fixed Arthur’s name in the Amble’s Stunning Scene


1 New Quests:
– Plum for the Troubled: Jog implores you to investigate a plum thievery happening around the farm, perhaps you should ask Arthur to advise you.

1 New Task:
– Herbs and Harvests: Haskell asks you to fetch him some herbs, and perhaps with enough deliveries he’ll teach you about more potion making…

2 New Enemies:
– Plum Thief: The speedy thief is deemed too quick for you, perhaps you need to do something against him.
 Bandit Boss: The shark boss in the bandit’s hideout, watch out for his eating habit!

1 New Locations:
– Grove of Harvest: A fruit and flower portion of the farm. Farmers and Folks all gather around here for different reasons.

6 Updated CGs:
– Losing to Goat Huntsman
– Winning against Goat Huntsman
– Losing to Buggbear
– Winning against Buggbear
– Losing to Minotaur
– Winning against Minotaur

2 New CGs:

 Losing to Nosferat: Losing to a Nosferat might get your butt some fulfilling treatment.
– Losing to Bandit Boss: A Boss may be frustrated being interrupted by an intruder, you might need to relieve his pressure, starting with the two manhoods.

Other New Content:
– Completely Updated Furkan’s Design and Visual, his icon will be updated next build.
– Added New Skill and Recipes.
– Added New Materials
– Player Character Level
 now capped to 15.
– Experience Cap increment is now increased considerably
 Simplified Chinese Translation Updated up to v0.0.2.


Redesigned MC:

2 New Updated CGs:

– Lothar Grope: winning against your mentor might persuade him to look the other way, while getting a handful of his chest~
– Night Masturbation: relieving yourself at night seems to be a stealthy yet healthy habit~

Other Updated Visuals:
– Dungeon Sprites Redrawn: He’s more bulkier when you traverse through dungeons~


Main Update:
New Character:

 Gwyddyon, The mysterious crystal seller: works at The Ardent Cauldron in the Goat Tribe.
– Talk to him about different topics surrounding his shop~ Remember, as much as his name suggests, he’s not *that* greedy…
– His products not ready yet but you can sell stuff to him~

New CGs:
– Hefty/Malignant Slime Lose: Losing to a bigger slime might get you involved inside of a bigger trouble. (Bad End Variant Included)

New Quest:
– Roommate’s Night Out: Spend quality time with your roommates in the Tavern, eat, drinks and talk about a lot of stuff~
– Includes a mini-game with disks which requires proficiency in your Strength and Agility.

– Added Short Dialogues after unlocking Sebas/Cane Scene
– Lothar’s Sprites are all redrawn (not redesigned), just to fix his face and anatomy~
– Mokken Map has been replaced by Lusterfield/Kechioeren Regional Map for clarity~ More regions are coming~
– New Music for the barn area has been released! (Thanks to Will o Wisp again)
– Base Damage of Fiery Charge nerfed a little~
– Adjusted Game Menu Font/Formats
– Fixed some minor bugs and typos!


MC Update:
The Main Character is Officially Updated!
 The whole process will take about 3-4 builds to replaced all sprite/content of original MC Design~

Updated CGs:
– Slime Lose: Losing to a slime!
– Masturbation: Masturbate at Day Time!
– Under the Table: Suck off the Lion Shopkeeper!

And Other:
– Updated MC Inventory Sprite
– All Equipment has been updated to better suit the size of our new look.

Main Content:
New Dungeon:

– Creek Thicket: A slimy area near the viscid stream. Trade with a little creature, and discover the journal of a inquisitive werewolf

2 New Quests:
– Hands of Red: Look for Wuldon again after the death of the feral werewolf. (Curse Route Only)
– Slime Arena: To find the ingredients of a curse, Wuldon asks you to fight alongside him in a coliseum of slime. (Curse Route Only)

New Task:
– The Tailor’s Yarn (Part 3): Make Rahim another piece of clothes, and maybe he’ll tell you about another story…

New CGs:
– Arthur Obedient Scene: Be Nice to the farmer, and you’ll get your long awaited prize…
– Arthur Naughty Scene: Be Naughty to the farmer, and you’ll get your ass punished…

Other Writings:
– Talk to Arthur about general stuff, moreso around the farm
– 2 New Story Fragments: Botanical Journal around the Dark Forest

New Small Stuff/QoL Changes:
– Added Combat Spell: Fiery Charge
– Added New Item Type: Books/Scrolls/Recipes
– New Main Menu Art and Game Logo
– Revamped Game Menu, Gallery now shows 6 CGs on each page
– Sebas’ Shop can now hold more than 24 items.

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