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Only I Have Skills (OIHS) is a semi-linear visual novel by orangelo. Our text-based adult story follows an unassuming and altogether underwhelming protagonist who meets his untimely demise at the cruel hands of a… speeding truck? But wait — things turn out better than one might expect…! In a medieval fantasy world filled with magic and monsters, how will our protagonist survive?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-08-25
Developer: Orangelo Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Gay, Furry, Monster, Rape, Anal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Mobile game


  • End the timer here and proceed to the conclusion of the Heist arc (I… still don’t know how I’m going to implement the Timer system… Hmm, will figure that out eventually).


  • 1 encounter; provides one solution option to a puzzle elsewhere (the other solution to this puzzle was added in a previous Build already)


  • 1 encounter; contains an optional NSFW scene (which requires Player to have seen a certain scene on their 3rd visit to the Farms)
  • Exploring the study (nothing much; just set-up for Build 0.27)


  • Long linear encounter; plot-heavy, plot-important

Exploring the Kennels (Stables is grouped under it; I’m not going to add any scenes to Stables, since there’s too many areas already)
2 possible solutions to the puzzle here (1 has been implemented, 1 will be added in Build 0.26)

Exploring the Barracks
1 smut encounter (with an option to ‘go further’ if Player has the required Skill)
Another encounter here that will give Player the solution to 2 puzzles elsewhere (if you haven’t solved them already)

1 encounter with a smut and non-smut variation (when Time Left system is implemented, these 2 options will cost time differently)
Encounter in the Treasurer’s bedchamber (if Player fails every check, they will be locked out of the room forever)
1 puzzle (with only 1 solution that the Player has to find elsewhere)


Pantry puzzle — there are 2 solutions, but 1 is not implemented yet
Kitchen event (you clutz!)
Servants’ latrine event (he’ll be gone if you finish the Kitchen event before seeing him)
Main corridor — 4 dialogue variations as hints (more will be added)

Build 0.22 Patch Notes
Adventurers’ Guild: Sparring (Orsu variant)
Brothel: Entertaining a prestigious guest


  • Brothel (Port): Stranger or Arwan fun — non-repeatable event
  • Adventurers’ Guild: Sparring (3 variants, including 1 sex encounter)

Quest with Alexi

Build 0.19 Patch Notes

  • Lancaster’s experiment (must have helped with Crocodilian)
  • Father Sloane’s tour
  • [tentative] Father Sloane’s judgment
  • [tentative] Arwan caught red-handed


  • [tentative] Goblin sprite rework


  • [ongoing] Reworking Chapters 4-6

0.14.1 Patch Notes

  • Inserted Construction content… that I forgot to put in entirely.


  • Voyeur opportunity — during third visit to the Farms if you choose to peek
  • Talking to Alexi — in the locker rooms (req: competed in Coliseum)
  • Watch gladiators — replaces “Compete” option in Coliseum after it’s done; 3 variations (interrupted if you have choose to have fun; Jacques’ variation only appears if you submitted to him)
  • Fun in the stands — optional content while watching gladiators; 2 variations (req: fooled around the Champion or Jacques)
  • Introduction to Mikhail — available in Residents if you investigate the smell
  • Talking to Bobby — second visit to Construction; the Scenario requirement for this scene is not implemented yet
  • Fun in the tents — second visit to Construction
  • Introduction to the Brothel — at the Port

0.12 patch notes

  • Talking to receptionists — second visit to the Adventurers’ Guild
  • Talking to Lancaster — second visit to the Mages’ Guild
  • Lancaster’s experiment — third visit to the Mages’ Guild
  • Volunteering for prison — begins a long event (currently incomplete)
  • Bribing your way out early — confinement area for prison event
  • Confronting the Thief — if you got him apprehended in the Marketplace
  • Guards’ protection — Area 1 of prison event


0.11 patch notes

  • Everyday bout — Competing in the Coliseum
  • Jacques’s favour — Competing in the Coliseum
  • Meeting Alexi — Competing in the Coliseum
  • Drunk revelry — second visit to Peasants’ Street
  • Drunk revelry revisit — seeing drunkards again at Peasants’ Street
  • Minervus’s plan — third visit to Peasants’ Street (req: only if player helped the Thief in Marketplace)
  • Little girl help — third visit to Peasants’ Street (req: only if player did not help the Thief in Marketplace)
  • Father Sloane’s sermon — first visit to Cathedral
  • Assisting farmer — second visit to Farms
  • A familiar face — second visit to Farms (req: submitting during a certain encounter before Rajt)
  • Bad end potential — during “A familiar face” encounter


  • Alexi (SFW) — commissioned character
  • Minervus (SFW)
  • Father Sloane (SFW)
  • Backgrounds for: arena, meeting room, tent, cathedral interior, cathedral exterior, farm shed 2

0.09 patch notes

  • Talking to strangers — at the Hare’s Libido (there are 3 variants; depends on equal RNG)
  • Nightly visit — resting at the Hare’s Libido after a certain conversation with one of the inn’s residents
  • Nightly visit #2 — resting at the Hare’s Libido after inviting one of the inn’s residents
  • Bobby — visiting the Construction Site for the first time
  • Aggressive sailor — visiting the Port for the first time
  • Contemplative sailor — approaching one of the ships for the first time
  • Shark — approaching one of the ships for the second time
  • Lord Byron — visiting the Farms for the first time
  • Dog — pet him


  • Sprite for Bobby (SFW and NSFW)
  • Sprite for Shark (SFW and NSFW)
  • Sprite for Lord Byron (SFW)
  • Backgrounds for: construction, port, ship office, farms (day and night), shed

0.08 patch notes

  • Arriving at Rajt and finding an inn
  • Receiving your Task and Prospector meeting
  • Beggar — visiting the Peasants’ Street for the first time
  • Thief — visiting the Marketplace for the first time
  • Champion — visiting the Coliseum’s Locker Room for the first time
  • Innkeeper Talk options — found at the Hare’s Libido in the Residents’ Quarters
  • Violent Drunkard — encountered when visiting the Hare’s Libido for the second time after starting Task


  • New sprite for Sepheni
  • Sprite for Innkeeper (SFW and NSFW)
  • Sprite for Thief (SFW)
  • Sprite for Champion (SFW and NSFW)
  • Backgrounds for: carriage, residents’ quarters, inn, inn room (day and night), marketplace, alleyway, coliseum, locker room, peasants’ street


Hello all! The September update is out. More smut! New character! I really like him.

(Spoilers!) Recap from last update:

You found yourself confronted by one of the beasts in the dungeon — a deadly sverocat. The encounter leads to the appearance of a stranger with strange magical abilities and an even stranger personality. Taking a liking to you, he bestows you with a gift of sorts before disappearing. The rest of the chapter saw you exploring the perilous dungeon you’ve found yourself in. Eventually, you manage to find what you thought was the exit — but the doors only lead to an entirely different part of the dungeon.

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Anonfiles Mixdrop

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