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A game dev’s job is never easy, but it’s a whole lot better when there are perks everywhere you look! You arrive in Westview Heights having just landed your first real job as a game developer. Sure, you’ve made some awesome prototypes in your own time, but this is a chance to work with an established game studio and put your mark on it as the lead developer.

However, things take a quick turn not too long after starting and you find yourself having to make some serious decisions about your future, and maybe even the future of the friends you’ve made.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-08-12
Developer: Amomynous Games Patreon – Website – BuyMeACoffee – Discord – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.2
OS: Windows / Mac / Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Romance, Humor, Masturbation, Handjob, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Lesbian, Mobile game


  • 11 new scenes with all 6 love interests over the course of the weekend
  • 720 New renders / Total renders = 1,644
  • 2,913 total lines of dialog
  • New Relationship System — Flirting with LIs, or generally showing “interest” in them will determine what optional (non-story) content you will see as you progress through the game. If you’re not interested in a LI, you will not see this optional content if you don’t flirt or show an interest. Throughout the story, you will get additional scenes that are important to the actual story, but will not see optional sexy content.
  • Fixed Fullscreen/Window mode issue on Windows versions
  • Ability to toggle on/off showing when you gain an Interest point for a love interest (available in Settings menu, off by default)
  • Ability to toggle on/off certain types of sexual content (available in Settings menu, on by default)
  • Updated Main Menu video
  • 18 awesome music tracks
  • Official Mac and Android versions
  • Some adjustments here and there to dialog and renders
  • New texting system

Initial Release

The relationship system and some other base-level code has been completely reworked. If you are updating from the demo version, your current saves WILL NOT WORK and will result in errors. You will need to restart the game from the beginning, but I am hopeful this will be the only time this will be required. No promises though, it is an early release game after all.

I am Amomynous Games, a solo-dev venture building my first adult visual novel called “Office Perks”. Planned content includes Anal Sex, Creampie, Footjob, Group Sex, Multiple Penetration, Sex Toys, Stripping, Titfuck. This list could grow as development continues. Note: Current versions not include animations, but they are 100% planned for future versions.

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Mega Googledrive


Mega Googledrive


Mega Googledrive

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