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Noblesse Oblige Adult Game Download Overview

Noblesse Oblige is an adult, fantasy themed trainer/management game in development. You take a role of an aspiring young Mage, that is working in wizard city-state as a personal teacher of young gifted individuals. This gives you full control over your student which one may use however they like. But beware, as every action may have unforeseen consequences. Will you be a noble wise mentor or letcherous master/mistress? The choise is yours to make…

This game is in very early stages of development, so updates will be frequent and many game mechanics are not yet implemented or they are only partially implemented.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-04-12
Developer: Alvir Studio Patreon –
: 0.2.1a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG , Character Creation, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist , Multiple Endings, Lesbian, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Management, Simulator, Trainer

v0.2.1a ( Bugfix ) – “BugHunt” –

✧ An evil bug squashed-
 Ast quest not ending how intended is now corrected!

v0.2.1 (March Update) – “A place to store your quests~” –

✧ Memory Cryctal-
 A new exciting button! This gives you access to your quest log and other useful information that will be added as the game develops!
✧ Main quest – Shadowy figure gives you your first quest… will you succeed or shall you fail and meet your demise? This quest will appear in your new questlog~
✧ First quest in the forest with a female centaur! – new encounter in the forest with a beautiful centaur girl that is troubled by some mysterious illness…
✧ Lots of new text – New event text and rewrites of previous dialogues.
✧ New intimate interaction! – New intimate interaction added for the male main character, with a new image to enjoy~
✧ And many small adjustments – Balance changes, image additions, lots of buttons, text corrections, and many more small changes.

v0.2 (February Update) – “Anyone ordered some events?” –

✧ Prologue expanded –
 Now we are given a reason why we should go to the academy and work there! Also, a new mysterious character appears, some dark figure that will come in your dreams and demand your obedience… or else…
✧ Two new events for forest – One is a small event with slimes and flowers, other one is a quest that has many outcomes and may give you access to new zones that will be released in the next updates… Also, it is quite steamy, with dryads and tentacles~
✧ Niwair (also known as Recruiter), Euna, and Kyouko get interactions – Now you can get a taste of their introduction, and complete repeatable action to raise affection. In the next update, I’ll expand it with quests and new lines of dialogue, as well as relation status updates.
✧ Love in the air – Finally Suzumi’s affection influences her status, she can now become your friend, girlfriend, and lover, with the appropriate event.
✧ New intimate interaction! – New intimate interaction added for the female main character, with a new image to enjoy~
✧ And many small adjustments – Balance changes, image additions, lots of buttons, text corrections, and many more small changes.

v0.19 ( January Update) – “Battle mode… initiating…” –

✧ Implementing Battle System main framework –
 This is a significant battle system update, the temporary battle system is substituted by a new, permanent one, where you can have a team of 6 your characters battling team up to 6 enemy characters, with initiative, weapons, potions, and in future updates – spells. With this new system making battle encounters will be significantly easier, and they are much more interesting to experience! Of course, this system will be polished in future updates, with the addition of ranged\melee weapon distinction, AOE spells, different status effects, etc… But the main point – now we have a basis on which all this may be built!
✧ Inventory system expanded – Having a sword in inventory is good and all, but equipping it – makes it a much better experience! But weapons are not the only things that you can equip! There’s a whole range of different items that you will be able to equip as the game develops further. As for now, there are 3 weapons and 4 slots for consumables (healing potions) that are ready to be used. Items for other slots will be implemented in future updates~
✧ Niwair (also known as Recruiter) image change – character image was changed to be more aligned with her character.
✧ New intimate interaction! – New intimate interaction added for the male main character, with a new image to enjoy~
✧ And many small adjustments – Balance changes, image additions, lots of buttons, text corrections, and many more small changes.

v0.18a ( Bugfix ) – “BugHunt” –
✧ Healing – 
Accidentally forgotten feature makes a comeback! You can now restore your health by sleeping, or by buying healing potions and using them in battle.
✧ Healing potions – Now they are not just a placeholder in the shop, but they really do work (currently only in battles but I’ll change it in the next update).
✧ Battle code refined – There were a few bugs in the battle code that could cause some issues with your schedule. They were terminated!

v0.18 ( December Update) – “Exploration- The beginning” –
✧ Implementing Exploration mechanic –
 One of the main mechanics of this game is implemented on a basic level, You can now go on an exploration with your protege. In this update, Two zones were added for you to explore, with two events in each zone, with much more planned and being implemented in the next and future updates!
✧ New Exploration Zone – Gremlins District – New zone for you to explore! Right now it has only 2 events, BUT! There are many more planned to arrive in the next update. In this zone, you will be able to meet different gremlins, find secret shops, and explore lore about the gremlin’s race and how it settled in this valley.
✧ New Exploration Zone – Myrkviðr forest – Another new zone for exploration, where there are two events that have some sex scenes in them! (Illustrations to this events will be added a bit later) This zone will be themed around nature, dryads, slimes (naughty kind of slimes), and different herb-related quests. Also, I plan to include centaurs and other beastfolk in there ^_^
✧ Simplified battle system – At last! Items will be useful!!! That sword that you get at the beginning is a true force of destruction (for now). You can fight with enemies in a temporary simplified battle system, defeat them, and choose what to do with defeated foes!
✧ Traits update – Traits are displayed in the character screen, and they are useful ingame, giving new dialogue options, or changing how characters react to you.
✧ Custom portraits – Added ability to use your own custom portraits for Main Character, to use them you should edit images in the folder NoblesseOblige\game\CustomPortraits\.
✧ New intimate interaction! – New intimate interaction added for the female main character, with a new image to enjoy~
✧ And many small adjustments – Balance changes, image additions, text corrections, and many more small changes.

v0.17a ( Bugfix ) – “BugHunt” –
✧ Attributes correction – 
Now Inteligence and Wisdom are correctly displayed in Character screen.
✧ Added warning about low tidiness level – You can see new warning about low level of tidiness, So you may be warned about it going too low.

v0.17 ( November Update) – “Get to know me better” –
✧ Grand UI update –
 New shiny and polished buttons everywhere, new counters, bars, clocks etc…
✧ Character Creation expanded – You can now set your age and birthday.
✧ Character Screen expanded – Previously the character screen was quite barren, not anymore, it was expanded with new menus, new character description and likes and dislikes, all in all it is now much more informative!
✧ Character Info – Now you may see more detailed information about characters in character screen, but that information needs to be acquired via new dialogues in Discuss evening action. So you now may be able to gather information about likes and dislikes of your protege.
✧ MC can visit Recruiter – Your MC may visit rectuiter to improve his\her skill rank.
✧ New morning interactions – Added new morning events.
✧ Added Vanila Mode in settings – This makes game play like non H game.
✧ New intimate interaction! – New intimate interaction added for the male main character, with new image to enjoy~
✧ New Characters introdused – Two new characters introdused and one expanded:

✧1 – Kyouko the housemistress, she is a lonely widow who manages apartment where our protagonists live. You will be able to visit her from time to time to get know her better and maybe even charm her~ By the way, she is the one who lends you money when you fall in debt, so it is wise not to antagonize her…

✧2 – Euna, assistant of head Alchemist, she likes to play with weird potions and dangerous unpredictable experiments… She is good friend of Kyouko and tries to persuade her to try out some of her potions.

✧3 – Niwair (also known as Recruiter), she wellcomes our protagonist at the start of story, and also offers help with raising skill ranks. There will be oportunities to get to know her better ^_^

Some events with this characters are already implemented in this version, but many more will be done later in development!
✧ And many small adjustments – Balance changes, image additions, text corrections, and many more small changes.

v0.16a ( Bugfix PC only) – “BugHunt” –

Fixed error with cleaning activity

.v0.16 ( October Update) – “I am the LAW!” –

✧ Rules system –
 Now you are the Law, and you set the rules for your protege to follow. These rules have an effect on your protege’s well-being. This way you may decide if you will be a lenient master or a harsh overseer. There are planned events to appear later in development to appear based on your choices, such as being abducted if too much freedom is allowed, or trying to escape if you forbid too much.
✧ Managment system – In addition you are now able to decide what kind of meals your household will eat, shall you pay for cleaning, or will your protege do it instead, and shall you spend your money for pricy consumables, or simply leave them at the most basic level (only toilet paper, nothing more~). This of course all costs gold which leads us to…
✧ Financial system – All that’s gold you earn needs to be spend wisely, so you are able to see all your expenses and all your income in one place – the financial tab, there you will see how much you owe and how much you will pay at the end of the week, as all expenses are accumulated during the week, and payed at the end of the week, so you need to take care not to overspend…
✧ House tidiness system – So your protege always have something to do, or you may want to pay for cleaning, that may lead to encounters with your maids that clean your house (maids to be implemented, but I’m myself am eager to make it happen as maid fan service is a sight for sore eyes ^_^). Of course you may want to cut on expenses and your protege may have more important things that to clean house, but because of it your house may get dirty and lead to some unfortunate consequenses~
✧ Morning interactions! – Now (if you allow it ofcourse) your protegee will have a small chat with you every morning, and from time to time you may uncover some interesting information or influence your protegee. (there are few events implemented for this system, more to come with each new version)
✧ Discuss action – Before this new update you could only rest or have some intimacy with your protege, but now you may have some chat with your protegee to know what they like, what they hate, what they dream about, and to raise your love level! (Right now it is still very basic, but I’ll work on it for the next update to make it much more interesting).
✧ Intimate interaction updated! – So you may have seen that love meter, that was barely influencing the gameplay? Yes? Well now it is very important!!! You can’t have all the juicy action without raising your love level! Of course you are the boss here, so you may subdue your protege and do anything you like to them, but that would surely make them unhappy. Now there’s the question… What is more important, the happiness of others or… So the choice is yours to do. Shall you be a patient Gentleman\Lady or a lecherous dominating Master/Mistress?
✧ New intimate interaction! – New intimate interaction added for the female main character, with new image to enjoy~
✧ Updated UI design! – New shiny buttons in lots of places, so it should look a bit better now, more improvements will be dome in future updates.
✧ character creation sligtly updated, and as usual few new images and a bit of new text here and there!

v0.15 ( September Update) – “Skilful doggy!” –
✧ Renovation of
 skill system, with more skills for main character and our heroine! Now every atribute has 3 skills tied to it, and it influences how fast they develop. Additionaly, now there are skill ranks (5 in total) and many things will be tied to your skill rank (there are already many things tied to it, but there will be even more as development progresses!)
✧ Visiting – this new activity allows you to visit different characters that you will meet throughout the game, right now it allows to visit only one character, but later there will be more of them! In this version you can improve your skill ranks there.
✧ Job evolution! – addet event where you can get promotion on your job which is tied to your skill rank, after promotion you will have new upgraded work option, where salary is greater but it will consume a bit more energy. Right now only one job has received this option, but later all of them will have their own promotion paths.
✧ New intimate interaction! – New intimate interaction added for male main character, with new image to enjoy~
✧ Main heroine changes with your interactions! – She starts as a broken person, but you can heal her, or break her further (work in progress – few new visuals implemented, and few choices too, much more to be added later).
✧ character creation sligtly changed, and as usual few new images and a bit of new text here and there!

v0.14 ( August Update) – “Introducing Lore!” –
✧ added new prologue to the game, that explains why your character came, who is your protege, and you get to meet one new well endowed character, that will get new interactions in future updates!
✧ Now main stats do something!!! Like influence dialogues (by the way we have dialogues now ^_^) and improve your skill development! And more to come in future updates~
✧ We have new endings! Well kind of, as they are sparce and not detailed yet, BUT! This game finally has and ending ! After 3 month of in game time you will be greeted with temporary Victory screen! A nicer screen is in development!
✧ and as usual few new images and buttons here and there, they may be not very notisable, but they are still there!

v0.13 (July Update) – “Flowers like to play” –
✧added new inteaction in *Intimacy* task for female MC – Missionary with ilustration to it!.
✧ added few new images
✧ Code optimisation

v0.12 – “First sparks of intimacy” –
✧added new inteaction in *Intimacy* task – Missionary with ilustration to it! (try to guess what it does XD).
✧ added few new images
✧ added tootip description on the bottom of the screen for tasks, so you may know what skills will be raised
✧ made some adjustments to tasks

v0.11 – “Love can be exhausting” – added love system and love indicator, polished energy system and added images to it! Finally you can get tired and know about it!

v0.10a – “Bug Hunt” – corrected error with cooking activity (Thank you mibel for noticing it and posting a bug report ^_^)

v0.1 – “Beginning” (first playable version)

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