No Escape Adult Game Download Overview

The story follows Kathleen, a down-on-her-luck girl trapped on the same prison ship featured in the comic No escape! Tossed inside one of the VR-pods the story seems over before it has even started… Until she suddenly gets help from a mysterious benefactor!

Now Kathleens being forced to dive into all sorts of smutty and rubbery simulations in an effort to escape her predicament! But beware, these simulations are designed to turn even the most willful girls into submissive rubber pets…

Can you help Kathleen navigate the dangers of the simulations, or will you make her fall prey to all sorts of kinky bad ends? Either way if you like latex, rubber, heavy bondage, dollifcation, non-con (and con) perils and/or rubbery transformations then this is the game for you!​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-25
Developer: Scriptor Fanbox – Deviantart – Subscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.29.5
: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, 2d game, female protagonist, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, big ass, big tits, female domination, bdsm, sex toys, vaginal sex, slave, humiliation,

The major additions are (in a nutshell):
– A trap has been added in the pyramid of the desert VR-world; it can be found in the area with the yellow goop golems.
– The security drone fail-state has gotten a short (playable) extension (if you’ve already beaten them you can get to it from the recall rooms; if need be use the quick-start save provided (comes with a full unlock for the recall rooms).
– A new NPC in the cybercity VR-world who provides loans; can be found in the shortcut between the bridge and main street areas. (Also comes with a fail-state; which triggers if Kat tries to leave cybercity without paying the loan back…)
– A new prison ship epilogue; which triggers after Kathleen gets into a fail-state during/after the Thronvine VR-world.

– Fixed a few issues Recall rooms; shoutout for Candiru for giving me a hand with this! ^^
– Fixed a bug with watching the three times captured scene of Iris in the recall rooms; gave a black screen.


– Added ~395 new images to the game!
– Added the woodlands and deep woods, the first “dungeon” areas of the new fantasy RPG VR-world!
– Added the first “common” enemy to the new fantasy VR-world, the farmhands! You can find these raven haired ladies patrolling the woodlands to the west of the castle town.
– Added to farmhand escape sequence! Having been blinded by the farmhand through an tight fitting enclosure hood, Kathleen must touch (and smell) her way to freedom. (Also comes with a small variant scene if Kathleen gets caught 3 times in a row.)
– Added the hucow fail-state! You can find it by not escaping the above sequence; and it sees Kathleen being added to the herd of “cows” locked in the farmhand’s barns!
– Added a trap to the deep woods; the “cherry bulbs”! You can find these in the deep woods area; mindful of any weird dark spots lest you be snagged up by one!
– Added the first mini-boss to the new fantasy VR-world; the rubber pixie! A mischievous (and malevolent) girl, she’ll force Kathleen to play one of two “games” with her…
*One of these “games” she’ll ask Kathleen to play is “tag” (her mini-boss fight): Which has a special intro the associated fail-state if Kathleen loses to her second super attack (amber spewer).
*The other of the “Pixie says”: Basically a kinky version of simon says. Also comes with a separate intro (scene) into the associated fail-state!
*Or Kathleen can just be a horny slut, and step into her doom willingly: If she enters the plant willingly a special path will open up that can unlock a soft-vore scene for Kathleen during the associated fail-state… It will only play if she REALLY asks for it though. >;3
– Added the rubber flower fail-state! Found by losing to the rubber pixie (one way or another), this fail-state sees Kathleen becoming a pretty flower… And source of “food” for the pixie! (Bit of soft-vore in this one; though not with Kathleen herself (unless specifically unlocked during the above branch)).
– Added the following sprite-work generously provided by Tonkatsu: Rubber flower pod sprites!
– Added the following sprite-work generously provided by Fimotro: Base rubber pixie sprites (slight adjustments made by Scriptor), farmhand sprites.
– Added self-made spritework: Ranging from the cherry trap, plant-vines, “magic fruit” plants and some more (misc.) stuff.
-Typo correctionsssssss
– Fixed a bug in which Jack wouldn’t respond anymore to the “status of the escape plan?” prompt when progressing far enough into the game.
– Fixed a bug in which if Kathleen gets the master key on the serving route first, shows this to Eleanor and then afterwards finds (and shows) the bolt cutters to her as well, the dialogue would proceed as if Kathleen has just showed Eleanor the master key for the first time.
– Added interaction sparks above the statues in the adventures guild; to make it clear that those statues in the side room also have some fluff on them (mainly about what became of her party members).
– Added some new sfx and bgm for the new events: Ranging from cow moo’s to new music tracks for the new areas.
– Added a new item: Plant-be-gone! A “special” usable item like the disposable blade, rubber dissolver etc. it function is to get rid of plant-based obstacles and restraints. You can find it in Iris’ shop!


– typo correctionesssss.
– Fixed a bug in Thomulim’s dialogue tree; asking him about the tiara now continues the conversation like normal.
– Fixed a collision bug in the hub area of the new VR-world; you can now move underneath the roof tip of the trader’s depot.
– Fixed collision bugs in the entry point of the new VR-world; now Kat can’t scale the rocks to her left anymore. >;3
– Fixed a collision bug at Thornvine; the tubing systems which Kathleen uses during the combat path to get supplies can no longer be climbed.
– Fixed a collision bug at Primrose’s bedroom; Kathleen can no longer clip into the pillars.
– Fixed a bug at Thornvine during the second day of the serving path: Once Kathleen grabs the master key she can no longer run out of Primrose’s room (while she’s coming that way).
– Fixed two bugs at Thronvine during the first day of the serving path: Now when Kathleen opts to come back later to was pony 11 it should allow her to do so, and pony 15 can’t be washed multiple times on the day anymore.

– Replaced the following spritework (generously) made by Fimito: Primrose fully dressed sprites.
– replaced the following spritework (generously) edited by T.Bot: Tall door sprites (Nexus).

– Replaced the gobals.js with another version which also allows the plugin to function in “testing mode” (for developers only). Shoutout to AnonimUs for making the fix!


– Added 235 new images to the game!
– Added a new story scene aboard the prisonship! 
The twins finally arriving at the coms hub and answering the call from their boss…
– Added (small) epilogues/extensions to the various “key drop” traps found in-game! Instead of hooking into another fail-state these traps now have their very own, (hopefully) making them more enjoyable and distinct. The traps to which epilogues/extensions have been added are: The Mannequin Maker, Toyball, Hypno goggles (shoutout to Lu for portraying Lysi again!) (factory traps), and the plant pod, Violet statue, rubber book traps (Thornvine traps).
– Added the first part of the third “big” VR-world: Flexilis Kingdom!
– Added the hub area of the new VR-world with several new NPCs:

*A warlock called Iris Lalune, with her magic shop of curiosities! Quite a bit of new content to be found here in this update; see the sub-header below!
*A very cheerful *cough* doctor who can be found in his little apothecary!
*The guild master Thomulim Thunderfist, a battle scarred dwarf who acts as this VR-world’s quest (and general direction) giver!
– Added the exterior of the Covenant of the Ebon Rose! It can be found to the east of the castle town and has some… Interesting nuns waiting outside, eager to see Kathleen join their sisterhood! (Mainly a tease of what’s to come; covenant itself will be implemented in V0.30.1!)

Iris Lalune’s magic shop:
– Added Iris Lalune and her magical shop into the new VR-world!
 Besides selling a few (dubious) support items for Kat to use, she also offers her an “easy” job with getting some supplies from her basement! Problem is that the place’s covered in warding runes though, best to avoid those or else…
– Added Iris Lalune’s capture scene and escape mini-game! You’ll get into this one by bumping into one of her magical ward runes down in the basement. Revolving around miniaturization and all perils around that, it’s up to Kathleen to either trust Iris or find a way out of this mess on her own…
*Added a trap along the above escape route; a vacbed mousetrap!
*Added a special variation on the capture scene if Kathleen gets caught three times in a row; featuring a chest filled with living rubber!
– Added a fail-state for the above capture scene! Revolving heavily around miniaturization and objectification, Kathleen will be giving an in-depth look as to how those weirdly shaped dildos inside Iris her store are made… >;3
– Added the following spritework (generously) made by Fimito: Fully dressed mannequin maker sprite, Iris (warlock) sprites, vacbed mouse-trap sprites, Sister of the Ebon Rose sprites.
– Added the following self-made spritework: Mini-Kat sprites, Kat jar sprites, Street thug toy-ball sprite, boxed fuck toy sprite, “coatrack” sprite and some minor misc. stuff like adjustments to Thomulim and the town guard sprites.

– T y p o c o r r e c t i o n s (another metric shit-ton this time around; shoutout especially to DeviantRPGStuff for helping me find ‘em!)

– Replaced the Rose maid outfit in the desert and the Salon sweetie uniform (in the front) with new (way more fitting) spritework!
 Another big shoutout to Fimito for making these! ^^
– Restructured the traps in the recall rooms; making them feature the full experience instead of only the sprites/images: Got feedback from people that they would also like to see the text with these sprites, but I reckoned that going the extra mile and recreating the “full experience” there would be even more welcome. As such the entire experience can now also be found in the recall rooms; down the maps/locales used at the trap’s location.
– Since (most) traps are now their own little fail-states, they will be henceforth unlocked on individual basis like the big fail-states: Just like with the “big” fail-states you will need to see the scene once in-game before it’s unlocked in the recall rooms!
– Added new BGMs for Flexilis Kingdom, making the place sound like an medieval RPG adventure as well! ;3

– Removed the following plugins: JKL_PeristentData.js
-Added the following plugins: DK_Globals.js
– Replaced the previous (faulty) persistent data plugin with a new one, which hopefully will do what it’s supposed to do: Which is saving the persistent data (like unlocked fail-states and scenes in the recall rooms) and unlocking options accordingly. The previous one did a good job at this for the most part, but for some inexplicable reason refused to save switch data from time to time. The new plugin doesn’t seem to have this issue, so going forward we’ll be using this one instead. Fingers crossed.
!!! AS SUCH, OLD PERSISTENT DATA IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH VERSION V0.28.1 AND ABOVE. !!! (However a fully unlocked save is provided with this release to mitigate the annoyance caused by this; the file is called globals.rpgsave)


– Added ~255 new images to the game!
– Added the serving route to Thornvine Estate! 
Now all those who rather talk (and scheme) their way out of situation have their own path to follow as well. You can start it by choosing to hold your tongue about Rose during Thornvine’s intro portion, which sees violet turning Kathleen into a “maid-in-training” until she manages to escape! ^^
– Added the first serving task for the above route, which sees Kathleen washing “ponies”! A little mini-game which mostly revolves around Kathleen taking care of Violet’s prized fillies. Careful about handling the fierce ones though, they have a tendency to bolt!
– Added the second serving task to the route, which sees Kathleen giving Primrose a nice massage! Three body-spots to focus on with the goal of giving Primrose a “happy ending”, be sure not to get into her lien of fire though since that can have permanent consequences (read: a fail-state)!
– Added the third serving task to the route, which sees Kathleen being Violet’s personal attendant! Tasked with doing all sorts of menial tasks for her, Kathleen get a full day of doing “normal” maid stuff for once… Though it retains it’s shiny and kinky edge during these events (of course). >;3
– Added the escape event to the serving route! Once Kathleen has found all the things required to escape she can initiate the plan together with Eleanor, seeing the two sneak out of the Estate in the middle of the night. Careful about those roaming Slave maids though! ;0
– Added the cumtank fail-state! Not dodging Primrose’s cum shot will lead into this short bad end, with the main focus of it being exactly as advertised (sex mostly).
– Added the pony fail-state! You can get this one by maxxing Violet’s opinion of you as a maid-in-training, revolves around pony-play (duh) and mind control!
– Added the following self-made spritework: Maid-in-training sprites, pony sprites and some minor misc. stuff.

– Typo corrections (obligatory mention)
– Fixed an issue introduced with the upscaling of the fonts in 0.26.1: Certain letters like “Y” got their bottom partly cut off in the choice/nametag windows. After looking around the answer laid in YEP_COREEngine; adjusting the line height value allows the font to be displayed correctly again.
– Fixed a small bug in the entrance hall of Thornvine estate: If you saved the game and reloaded during the introduction scene several slave maids would spawn out of nowhere, which should have remained hidden until the cutscene later on that map. It’s fixed now. ^^
Small issue with the Primrose images still being in QUAD-HD size in the POTATO build
– Fixed another small issue with an event on day 1 of the serving route throwing a fuss in a very specific situation


– Typo corrections (a l w a y s)
– Fixed an issue in the Primrose hide-and-seek mini-game rooms; her combat code was missing the reset script, causing the battle variables to not be reset after fighting her.
– Fixed the text bark at the Thronvine sprite recall rooms, they now display the correct text.
– Fixed a bug at the exit of the combat route; after returning from Thornvine Kathleen’s communicator can now once again connect with Jack.
– Fixed a bug with the glowing orb in the trophy room, wasn’t glowing when it was supposed to.
– Fixed the bug that caused the player sprite to be invisible if they entered the maid fail-state from one of the traps.
– Fixed a bug at the spa room in Primrose’s wing, if the player interacted with one of the doors after clearing the hide-and-seek event they could (unintentionally) retrigger the event.

– Added two more points in Thornvine where Kathleen can buy items/heal up; in both the upper wings of the estate respectively.
– It’s now possible to get back to the lower floor from the east upper wing of the Estate, giving players a chance to get any remaining golden keys.
– Pulled the regional checker for the gas trap at Thronvine slightly more forward, so people are bound to run into it (makes more sense event/chronological wise).
– Gave an option to re-enter the trophy room after escaping, allowing people to get the golden key there.
– Made the warning before the end of the combat route a bit more clear/extensive by also mentioning the golden keys (and the inability to use these after leaving Thornvine).
– Changed the maid font into a different one that is (hopefully) easier to read.


– Added ~50 new images to the game!
– Added the library trap to Thornvine’s library, together with a puzzle and some more fluff! 
It’s a simple puzzle revolving around color-coded books and a certain shiny purple one that seems pretty out of place… Interact with it for a “special prize”! >;D (Also added some more fluff in the form of Violet’s voice recordings, for the immersion factor.)
– Added the trophy room trap to Thornvine’s trophy room! It comes with it’s own little mini-game/puzzle; those of you who’ve played “red light green light” will undoubtably recognize the similarity. ;p
– Added the greenhouse trap to Thornvine! You can find it the lower west wing of the estate. The place is littered with strange rubbery pods, some carrying vague humanoid faces on top of them as well… Better steer clear of those (or don’t, in which case you’ll see just how “captivating” they are)! >;3
– Implemented the rest of the Primrose hide-and-seek mini-game! Two more rooms in which Kathleen needs to hide, together with some more fluff to the entire place (and teasing of one of the planned fail-states for the serving route). ^^
– Implemented the final few Estate maps for the combat route, together with its ending! This one also comes with a (very small) faux fight against the Estate’s boss, so be sure to try that one out for a one-way ticket to become one of the permanent maids. >;3
– Added the following self-made spritework: Library trap sprites, Greenhouse trap sprites, Trophy room trap sprites and some minor misc. stuff.
– Added the new traps to Thornvine’s recall rooms.

– a few typo corrections (will do another big shift-through in V0.27.1).
– Fixed a bug in the cyberon sprite recall room; if the player exited the sequence at the 3rd sprite it would not make the player sprite visible again, leaving you stuck with a “phantom” Kathleen.
– Fixed a bug at Thornvine’s outside entrance; if you’d save there and reload it at a later date, a doppelganger Kat would be standing in front of the door, blocking your progress. She’s now banished to the shadow-realm (so the bug’s fixed). ;p


– Typo corrections and fixed some broken text color commands (inside the message boxes).
– fixed a tiling issue at the new gateways; the tree allowed Kat to climb upon it. Now that’s no longer the case.
– Fixed some tiling issues at the library; now Kathleen can’t jump onto tables anymore (bad Kat, BAD! 

image 1
image 1

– The Slave maid fight inside the recall rooms was busted; instead it called forth the street thug recall fight. It’s fixed now.
– Fixed the busted transfer back to the recall rooms; after watching the Slave maid recall scenes.
– Was an issue with the cutscene that plays if the timer hits zero in Primrose’s room; if the player stood in her path Primrose would freeze and the event wouldn’t continue. Fixed it. ^^
– Potato specific: Battle status hud was busted; fixed it.

– Made both Lysi and Primrose just a little bit beefier; to make them less of a cakewalk when the player’s hit the upper level-cap (6).

– Added some fluff text to the library’s secret passage exit; to make it clear the player cannot enter from there (yet).
– Added a sperate option to Lysi’s recall room events; allowing the player to directly play the faux battles inside the fail-state (without having to review the entire scene).


– Added 650+ images to the game (dear lord), bringing the total to about +/- 3500 now! ^^
– Added some more story progression:
 A short scene between Kathleen and Jack, together with a certain “problematic” event that leads Kathleen into the below VR-world!

Thornvine estate:
– Added the first in-between VR world: Thornvine Estate!
 Meant as a smaller more “one-shot” type of thing compared to the “big” VR-worlds (like cybercity and the Desert), it takes place in a certain Victorian-era estate from which a very haughty woman hails from… Rubber maids abound! >:3
– Added the intro sequence to the above VR-world: In comparison to the other VR-worlds, this one also plays much more linear, and also doesn’t have a “hub area” for the player to return to. Instead the VR-world will split into “combat” and “serving” paths, the combat path being the one implemented in this update (the serving path being implemented in V0.27.1).
– Added about ~70% of the combat path: It goes all the way to the first room of the Primrose “hide-and-seek” mini-game. There are some place holders here and there (mainly the traps), but these will be added shortly (together with the last bit of the combat path) in the coming 2-4 weeks. ^^
– Added a mini-boss to Thornvine Estate: One of Rose’s sisters called Primrose! A bubbly and worry-free girl, she could actually be described as a pleasant person to deal with, were it not for her insane libido and “extra thing” she’s carrying underneath her skirt. Be sure to try and avoid her if you don’t want to end up as her new “Fuckpillow Princess”!
– Added a fail-state for the above mini-boss: It revolves around bimbofication, futa and amputee; with Kathleen being turned into a literal fuck-pillow for Primrose to use! (Although the amputee stuff is without any gore, and the lack of limbs is being explained in-game by portal rings.) An option to skip this fail-state is provided before it plays (for those who really dislike such content). Comes in both Con and not-so-Con flavors!
– Added the Slave maid regular enemy to Thornvine Estate! Prowling the hallways of the Estate, these rubber clad dolls would love nothing more than to capture Kathleen for their Mistress… Which leads into the playable fail-state described below!
– Added the following custom spritework, graciously provided by Tonkatsu!: The Slave maid sprites; both Violet and Primrose’s versions.
– Added the following self-made custom spritework: The Violet Blackmond sprites and some minor miscellaneous sprites.

Slave maid playable fail-state:
– Added the Slave maid playable fail-state!
 It features Kathleen being transformed into another faceless Slave maid; you can wind up in this one by losing to the Slave maid regular enemy inside the estate. (As always be sure to make separate saves during this bad end; since these can’t be used to continue the normal game!)
– Added the intro scene to the playable-state! Featuring a haughty Violet gleefully putting Kathleen into the Slave maid suit, together with some extra things. Comes in both standard (Con and not-so-con) flavors! ^^
– Added the first task during the playable fail-state: Cleaning duty! No maid can truly call itself one without having to duster some room décor from time-to-time after all. Be sure to provide any guests you meet during this with some “room service” as well! >;3
– Added the second task during the playable fail-state: Ballroom service duty! Taking place during one of Thornvine’s (many) wine parties, maid Kathleen will expected to serve guest drinks and anything else they desire…
– Added the third task during the playable fail-state: Personal attendant duty! This task sees maid Kat serving her new Mistress directly, doing all sorts of tasks throughout the day to please her new reason for existing. :3
– Added the mirror room end-day event! At the end of each day Violet will evaluate Kathleen’s performance as a new Slave maid, with either a reward or punishment depending on her performance! (There’s also a “special prize” if a resistant Kathleen manages to stay above 75 personality during all the three tasks. >;p)
– Added a progression mechanic to the above events: Personality! It works largely the same as the meter during the Salon Sweetie playable fail-state: The more Kathleen acts according the suit’s expectations, the less she’ll be able to resist and the more her mindset adjust to its new reality… Better keep that meter high! (Or don’t, I’m not the boss of you. Mistress Blackmond is. )
– Added a body expension mechanic to the above events: It’s directly tied to the Personality meter; the lower the meter gets the more Kathleen’s body starts to conform to “standard” Slave maid size…
– Added the end scene to the playable fail-state: It takes place many years after the playable portion of the fail-state, and sees the Kat maid being “retired” after many years of faithful service… Revolves around inflatable sack bondage, large insertions, rubber sinkholes and entombment! (Also comes in both Con and not-so-Con flavors.)

– Corrected some typos (the ride never ends).

– Decreased the .webm quality conversion rate from 95% to 92%, to further cut down on image size and prevent excessive file bloating. Did this to all previous in-game images as well. (Visible difference between the different ratios is almost invisible; while conversion rate is 7-to-1 on the biggest image files (going down from 7mbs to 1mbs).)


– Added a skill to struggle in the handmaiden/test subject bondage outfits on the 2D overworld map! 
It’s given at the start of these serving events (and taken away at the end once Kathleen’s free), but allows Kathleen to struggle (futility) in her bondage whenever you wish during these events! ^^

– Potato-specific: 
Latest build contained a bug that caused the status bar during battles to disappear, causing people to be unable to see how much HP, AP and SP Kat still had. It’s fixed now. :3
– Fixed a bug in the recall rooms nexus room; the menu of the green crystal wasn’t able to close (it now is).
– Added an option to skip the hooded handmaiden animation inside the pyramid (was still missing, big sorry).

– Fixed a (small) issue in Jack’s dialogue, returning to him after clearing the second VR-world would cause some issues in his dialogue branching. It’s fixed now. :3

– the AP & SP reset that happened after each fight has been removed
– Upped the Lysi livestream work event rewards; you can now get 275-325 credits for the first livestream, 475-525 credits for the second one and for the third between 625-675 credits. Should make it more rewarding to do those livestreams (compared to serving Rose in the desert).

– Added an improved version of the emergency measures upgrade to buy from the cybercity trader’s inventory.
– You can now still get into the yellow goop boss-fight after solving the riddle in the forgotten corridor at the pyramid. This might cause some minor weirdness with older saves (the corridor unlocking even though it was already unlocked), but nothing beyond that. ^^


– Added 300+ new images to the game!
– Added the boss fight of the cybercity VR-world! 
Help SOPHIA test out her new shell in a three-stage battle, be sure to stock up on items and levels, since this can be a though battle! >;D
– Added the boss fight fail-state! If Kathleen doesn’t manage to defeat SOPHIA in the boss-fight she’ll instead be used for different purposes… Which entail seeing Kathleen turned into a special type of sex doll during a multi-stage “conveyor belt” transformation sequence! (Plus also a nice “epilogue” scene showcasing the usage of such doll) >;3
– Added an option to revisit SOPHIA after either submitting to or fighting her. Careful about asking to battle her a second time though; since she’ll NOT hold back in that one!
– Added the end of Cybercity’s “side-quest”, in which Kathleen delivers the metal briefcase to Lysi! This in turn will cause Lysi to lure Kathleen to the sex shop’s basement… where an interesting event is waiting for her!
– Added a small event showcasing the bitch choker 2! You can find it in the sex shop, can’t miss it! ;3
– Added the Lysi mini-boss fight! Opting not to play along with Lysi in the above event will trigger her mini-boss battle, which sees Kathleen squaring off against the chromed up redhead!
– Added the outcomes for the above events! You can either play along with Lysi (con-path), or try fighting her (and potentially triggering the non-con path if you lose). If you win Kathleen gets to be top-dog for a change, resulting in a hefty dose of karma for Lysi! >;3
 Added the Lysi fail-state! Submitting or losing to Lysi after delivering her briefcase sees Kathleen whisked away to become her new “punching doll”… Kinky fighting abound! This also comes with two small faux-battles, which will be from either Kathleen’s or Lysi’s perspective (depending if the players on the con or non-con route). Be sure to try and survive for all ten round to win a “special prize”! >;D
– Added a new special item which will allow Kathleen to pass the gas trap inside the factory, bypassing SOPHIA entirely! It can be found at Lysi’s after coming into contact with said trap, though the fierce redhead doesn’t sell it cheap…
– Added a new epilogue aboard the prison ship! A short scene in which the sisters are confronted with a prisoner who managed to get into two simulations before getting into her fail-state… You can get this epilogue now by netting a fail-state after entering cybercity for the first time!
– Added new self-made spritework: Mannequin wearing the bitch choker 2 in Lysi’s shop.

– Fished out another metric shit-ton of typo’s and grammar issues, this time mostly from content inside cybercity. Shout-out to DeviantRPGStuff for once again being so through! ^^ :100:
 Fixed a bug in the desert VR-world boss fight; the JAMMER item wasn’t yet added to her code, causing it to do nothing and just float around in the code. Now it still does nothing but actually gives a message about this (plus deactivating the “floating code” in the background). :3
– Fixed a niche/hard-to-get bug in both cybercity alleyway “dungeon” maps: If the player came into contact with the sparkling tiles leading toward the police station/docks, they could be potentially soft-locked by a chasing enemy, since the sparkling event would try to make them walk in the direction of the blocking enemy, and not end the event before completion of this.
– Fixed the beach tiles of the oasis at the desert VR-world; Kathleen can longer walk over water (thus disabling her discount Jesus powers from now on… Sad face ;_; ).

– Kathleen can no longer use drugs when she’s inside a capture stage/sequence.
 This would cause Kathleen to suddenly escape the capture stage, inject herself with the fun stuff and then immediately teleport back into the capture stage. Funny but not intended. :’)

– Changed the playable fail-state inside Salon Sweeties, to take into account the outcome of winning Lysi’s mini-boss battle. As such if you’ve beaten Lysi you won’t be seeing her in there trying to blackmail Anne!

– Replaced the old gas image overlays used during the maid-suit and police drone battles with new volumetric based ones.
– Added new rubber SFX to the game; some of which used in the newly implemented events! Also really need to implement these in older events for more rubber sfx variance…
– Added a new custom battle BGM for Lysi’s mini boss battle; done by the great mistress Lu! ^^
– Added a sparkly overlay on the metal briefcase to make it stand out more.
– Players can now talk with Jack in the nexus as usual (next version pop-up was blocking this). :’)


– Added 350+ new images to the game!
– Added the boss of the cybercity VR-world! You can find her inside the depths of the factory… And as with the boss in tomb VR-world there will be 3 ways to get past her, with the first one being implemented in this update (see the header “test subject side-quest” down below)!
– Added two new fail-states into the game! Both connected to the side-quest mentioned in header below; maxxing out either S.O.P.H.I.A.’s anger or interest will result in an unescapable bad end! :0
– Added the first two “full 3D” animations to the game! A short struggle animation seeing either an angry or happy Kathleen struggling away in her test subject outfit! Plan is to add more of these small animations into the game going forward; although they’ll stay rare/infrequent. ;3
Test subject side-quest:
– Added the entire boss’s side-quest! In this side-quest Kathleen will be “serving” the cybercity VR-world’s boss a test subject for 3 days, in the hopes of garnering enough goodwill to let Kathleen be on her way! Being the first of three (planned) ways to get past the cybercity boss, this one revolves around submitting one-self to the whims of the malevolent “Divine mistress”!
– Added two new fail-states into the game! Both connected to the side-quest mentioned in the previous point; maxxing out either S.O.P.H.I.A.’s anger or interest will result in an unescapable bad end! :0
– Added the second part of the factory; the R&D wing! It’s the place were the test subject events will play out. It’s an hub-area much like the inner sanctum inside the pyramid, so a place to mingle with your fellow test subjects in between all that testing! ^^
– Added kinky night events for the nights spend as a test subject! As with the boss’s side-quest inside the pyramid; Kathleen will be spending the nights inside the R&D wing in some quite interesting places/positions…
– Added the first day’s task of the test subject side-quest; navigating a kinky rubbery maze whilst under the influence of “experimental chemicals”! Just be sure to avoid any kinky traps and keep that lust meter under control, you’ll be fine… Probably. >;3
– Added the second day’s task of the test subject side-quest; arena combat against two other test subjects! Be sure to talk to them beforehand; as not all battles have to be won with force… (or don’’ and beat their asses, I’m not the boss of you. Divine mistress is. )
– Added the third day’s task of the test subject side-quest; finding the hacker amidst the test subjects! There have been some signs of a test subject trying to escape, and the boss wants Kathleen to investigate who it is…
– Added new self-made spritework for the above locations and events: Rubber outfits for the test subjects, rubber padded tiles, S.O.P.H.I.A. sprite(s), gooped test subjects and some other minor things (gooped flooring, wall decals etc.)
– Corrected a metric shit-ton of typo’s and grammar issues. Shout-out to DeviantRPGStuff for being so thorough! ^^
– Fixed a bug at the bridge area inside the cybercity factory; when giving the wrong answer the text inside the answer box didn’t reset; causing a soft-lock for some.
– Fixed a bug in the nexus hub; removed an (unintended) invisible blocker on a walkable tile.
– Added some subtle environmental lightning to the interiors of the desert world’s camp tents.
– Added new back ground music for the RND section of the factory; made by of Mistress Lu! ^^
– Fixed the linux build of No escape, making it work natively for Linux machines again, instead of users having to resort to Windows emulators like Wine for making it work. It turned out that waaaay back (during ~V0.17.1) I accidentally replaced the nw.js of Linux with the Windows one during the update of the nw.js; causing the Linux builds to have windows runtime packages, and not the native Linux ones. How this has been flying under the radar for so long I’ve got no idea, but going forward the Linux versions of No escape will once again be usable for Linux machines without having to use Windows emulators (like Wine). Important to note with this is that you’ll still have to manually flag all executables within the folder as executables!
– Changed the persistent save system a bit and made it “force” a save of the persistent data every time a persistent switch is set. There have been reports of persistent switches not triggering properly and thus stuff not unlocking in the recall rooms when it’s supposed to, so hopefully this will fix those issues…


– Lotta typo/grammar corrections.
– Fixed an issue with the 3rd time capture event; wasn’t set on auto-run.

– Added gulping SFX to the fifth option of Lysi’s fail-state. ;3
– Most shopkeepers now make a mention about the free-movement pass when returning from the overpass (but before Kat has acquired one from Lysi).


  • Day 2 of the handmaiden submit events: Kathleen will be assigned to cleaning duty and ordered to go clean the inner sanctum. (2 ways to fail, one way to succeed.)
  • Day 3 of the handmaiden submit events: Kathleen will be tasked with getting an intermediary from basecamp. (2 ways to fail, one way to succeed.)
  • One fail-state (bad end) that triggers if you fail all of Goddesses tasks during you time as one of her handmaidens.
  • Another fail-state that triggers if you finished all of goddesses tasks successfully and also decide to spend all the nights in goddesses bedchamber. (You can also trigger it by choice if you completed all tasks successfully but don’t spend all nights in goddesses bedroom).
  • 2 new big erotica scenes for nights 2 and 3 inside goddesses chamber.
  • 1 new small erotica scene (derivative of the first night) for night 2 and 3 inside the handmaiden chambers.
  • Goddesses scenes have been added to the recall room (fight option will be unlocked in V0.19.1).
  • Custom sprite work for the rubber handmaidens, including those of handmaiden Kathleen! Done by the incredible Tonkatsu whom I can’t thank enough! ^^ (give the guy some love if you can; he’s one of the OG’s who inspired me to start making rubber smut in the first place: https://www.patreon.com/TonkatsuCHAN)
  • Persistent saves! The game can now make use of variables across different saves and even new games; opening up the possibilities of locking stuff in the recall rooms until you’ve seen them in-game. From now on you’ll have to experience stuff at least once in-game before it’s accessible in the recall rooms. Fail states that are variants of each other (like the goop fail states or those of Rose) will be both unlocked when you get either of them.

    This unfortunately isn’t yet activated on saves prior to V0.18.1; meaning you’d have to replay half the game to get access to that content in the recall rooms. Not to worry though: See the screenshot provided (V0.18.1 dev-box.jpg) for an easy way to unlock those previous fail-states; the button you seek is U. ;p


  • Corrected lots of typo’s and grammatical errors (although there are bound to be new ones). :sweat_smile:
  • Fixed the sudden shift of handmaidens at the end of day 1 during the submit events.
  • Fixed some missing portraits during dialogue sequences.
  • Fixed the invisible wall inside one of the corridors in the inner sanctum.
  • Fixed the looking direction of a few NPC’s during dialogue (they were looking away from the player/Kathleen).


  • Added small flavor dialogue to the traders & doctors tent if Kathleen decides to work for Rose, but hasn’t yet met either of them.
  • Added small flavor dialogue about the empty pedestal in the inner sanctum throne room.


  • Re-added the missing punch.ogg file with its original name; should fix the fatal errors the missing sound file caused.


  • Changed the font the slave maid uses in its text bubbles (Rose’s ending), together with increasing the text size by 1. This should make the text easier to read whilst keeping the font fancy as I imagine it would be when spoken by a rubber maid doll. :3
  • Added “the hobbit” to the traders tent as hint about the riddles featured in the desert VR-world.
  • The yellow glow from the portal inside the library will now disappear from the map once said portal is closed.
  • Choices that are locked (or not yet implemented in-game) will now show up in the choice menu but are non-selectable.
  • Re-organized the desert recall room a little bit.


  • Added 3 new plugins (tally counter, choice disabler and persistent save data).
  • Restructured all the fail states into common events to make the game-code more modular (fancy way of saying that I’ve been fixing the spaghetti code I originally wrote when I knew nothing about the RPGMaker MV engine).
  • Modified some existing scenes so that they now are regional-tile dependent instead of 30+ map-events dependent (should help a tiny bit with performance in some locations).


  • An option will be given before animations to skip them (for those on low-end rigs this circumvents the long loading time associated with these animations).


– The hint tablet (next to the spikes) in the final room of the pyramid now actually displays its hint.
– Fixed the trigger for the pedestal trap room from re-firing after player had already played through said event.
– Corrected some typos here and there.
– Fixed opening of chest in lower left part of the golem area.
– Players can no longer walk out of tent maps into the void (insert spooky sounds).
– Players can longer climb the huge statue in the desert.
– When entering a map moving left or right instead of forward will now no longer send you back towards the previous map.
– Fixed small syntax error in living maid suit battle intro.
– Continuity mistake at the golem intro; it now sticks its… Thing into the right… Entrance.
– Events in the recall room now work correctly and can be exited.

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