My Maid Dreams of Electric Sheep Adult Game Download Overview

“Why must I live if I can’t feel happiness after achieving my life-time dreams? Why must I live if I can’t get angry after being treated unfairly?”

In a world that treats emotions as a disease, a man decides to end himself and writes a bizarre yet simple bucket list.

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-04-01
Developer: Dodongamagnifico Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Animated, Mobile game, Handjob, Oral Sex, Dystopian setting, Sandbox, Male protagonist

-Fixed Pre H-scene screen UI overlapping
-Fixed woodcraft finishing
-Fixed gift events with Ako
-Fixed unavailable events popping up after certain action
-Added walkthrough for Uemura events
-Added omitted cooking ingredient to grocery store(garlic)

-Fixed the bugs regarding chocolate fudge
-Fixed UI overlapping after leaving certain H-scenes
-Fixed possible softlock for crafting

-Fixed armpit job loading the wrong h-scene
-Fixed Ako(maid) not restoring energy after consuming foods
-Fixed the bug where stopping headpat could crash the game
-Fixed Ako’s voice not stopping
-Added omitted text tags
-Added omitted return button for readables

-Added 4 new main events
-Added headpatting, cuddling interation with Ako(maid)
-Added 2 new repeatable H-scenes with Ako
-Added 2 new repeatable H-scense with Uemura(convene clerk)
-Added voice, and sound effects to H-scenes with Ako
-Added first person camera angles and removed “Fast” options (Prone, Doggy)
-Added cooking system
-Added crafting system
-Added multiple new stores (Book, Woodcrafting, Grocery)
-Added background image for interactable locations and furnitures in players house
-Added telegram system that gived notifications for new locations & events

-Overhauled event triggers and story progression system
-Players now have to manage their depression and their maid’s happiness to progress the story faster
-Depression can be eased by having a satisfying meal, crafting, or cuddling with Ako
-Maid’s happiness can be raised by head patting, cheek stroking, or cuddling
-How the maid reacts to the player’s depression and her happiness based on its personality trait
(i.e., a maid with the ‘Obsessive’ trait cares more about the player’s depression than her happiness.)
-Foods can get cold & stale as time passes, and cold & stale foods may have adverse effects on players’ well-being.
-Junk foods will always have adverse effects on players’ well-being and induce more depression than normal.

-Re-animated 2 repeatable H-scenes with Ako (Doggy, Oral)
-Reworked UI

-Reduced key items price by 20,000 ~ 50,000
-Reduced quota per work

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