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My Lust Wish Adult Game Download Overview

Ashley came to a small sweet town to study at the university. She will have to survive in this city on her own, earn money, buy food and things, study at the university, etc. There are lots of ways Ashley can earn money to expand her wealth and become a “filthy” rich girl! Ashley’s life is in your hands, giving you full control over every function in her life … including hardcore sex! Your wish will eventually become her actions, as you progress forward through her lust levels, accessing new lewd features of the game.

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-18
Developer: SRT Patreon – Discord – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D game, Adventure, Anal sex, Oral sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Corruption, Cosplay, Dating sim, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Lesbian, Masturbation, Romance, Sandbox, School setting, Sex toys, Urination, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism


  • New Xmas Main Menu scene.
  • Task Panel has been updated. Now you can use Ctrl+Mouse wheel to scroll through the quests on the left of the HUD.
  • Added correct fadeouts between teleportations.
  • Added transparent variants of glasses.


  • Updated footstep sound system.
  • Added missing quest description (New Life, Sexual Awakening).
  • Improved pissing and showering particles.
  • Improved blend between interaction states for smoother transitions.
  • Polished sex control buttons.


  • Free cam has been enabled for Kinky and up. Press C to activate/deactivate.


  • Fixed sex poses not initializing correctly.
  • Fixed camera default settings.
  • Fixed a bug with Magic Man where you could open his store without proving you are not a narc.
  • Fixes to sequences.
  • Fixed some cloth issues.
  • Fixed bookmarks on the Notebook UI
  • Fixed teleportation to unintended locations.
  • Fixed missing collisions.
  • Multiple interaction spots have been fixed.
  • Missing clothing from some stores have been restored.
  • Various level design fixes.

– And more…

New Content:

  • Main quest: My Life as a Teenage Sex Demon.
  • New Interaction animations.
  • New characters: Ms. Silvia, Robert Giles, 8Ball
  • New Location: Musuem of Witchcraft.
  • New Location: Historical Society.
  • University: Mess hall, Art classroom, Ms. Silvia’s office.
  • New sexy apparel and accesories.
  • BDSM Sex.
  • Xmas theme.


  • Interaction system improved and polished.
  • Updates on inventory and shops.
  • Revamp Notebook UI and functions: You can use/equip/unequip items with right-click or hover the item and press F ; You can drop items with middle-click or hover the item and press Q ; You can transfer or sell items with double left-click or hover the item and press T.
  • Transfered NPCs info and relationships in the notebook tab “Relationships”.
  • Added keybinding settings and the ability to remap them.
  • Updates to the camera system.


  • Test Level is now available for the Lewd patreons.


  • Quest: Access Denied fixed a soft-lock when choosing a non-sexual way to complete the quest.
  • Fixes on the stamina. It now properly increases/decreases.
  • Updates to the camera.
  • Updates to monologue.
  • Update SFX.
  • Numerous level design updates.

Known Issues:

  • Minimap is currently not working correctly.
  • Some sequences might have offset items.
  • Notebook text might not be properly aligned.
  • Sometimes the fade out might not work correctly. You can use ctrl+Z to fade out.
  • Some meshes might be out of place

New Content:

  • Group play and new animations.
  • Added 2 new accessories.
  • Added 1 new dress.
  • Adult Shop
  • University: Quiet Room, Ms.Silvia’s office, Kiosk
  • Quest: Cross Cultural Studies (Group “fun” additions)
  • Quest: Access Denied

New Systems:

  • New Interaction system.
  • New Camera system.
  • New Sound manager.
  • New Cloth manager.


  • You can use the new camera in dialogues, inventory, adult scenes, playing with yourself by:
  • Holding right-click (RMB) to rotate.
  • Holding middle click (MMB) to pan.
  • Clicking CTRL + middle click (CTRL + MMB) to change side.
  • Playing with yourself can now be activated with the keys CTRL+M.
  • Going to bathroom and working out are now done automatically, instead of holding or smashing buttons.


  • Quest: Babes Illustrated all phases are now in working order.
  • Quest: SqueakyClean fixes.
  • Other minor quest fixes.
  • Wooden Horse has been fixed.
  • Mirror has been fixed.
  • Reworked interaction animations
  • Ambient light during the night has been increased.
  • Lights have been corrected.
  • Loading/Saving improvements.
  • Consuming food increases stats correctly now.
  • Sleeping increases stat correctly now.
  • Succubus transformation with clothing has been fixed.
  • Talking to Brad crash has been fixed.


  • New Life quest and a kinky orgy.
  • New apparel.
  • New sex pose icons.


  • Time in-game has been improved
  • Numerous loading and saving issues have been resolved
  • Lust and arousal stats are properly updated on the HUD
  • Lights have been corrected.
  • Updated lighting and Post Process in certain areas
  • Choosing a major will properly apply now
  • Animations when using items
  • Items inconsistencies have been corrected
  • Succubus transformation works properly now.
  • Sex will grant lust as intended now.
  • Cheat menu got a few changes.
  • Added missing sex poses.
  • Added missing hairstyles.
  • Fixed NPC hairstyles.
  • Added missing sounds.
  • Fixed an intermittent bug with dialog getting stuck when clicking too fast.
  • Fixed issues with characters collisions
  • Visual updates on UI elements.
  • Quick Wheel has been fixed: You can now wait and play with your self (though doing so will not grant any sexual stats until privateness has been properly reworked) ; Fixed the issue with the crosshair vanishing,


  • A Sign of the #$%#: Fixed dialogue inconsistencies.
  • Babes Illustrated: Numerous fixes in the quest’s logic ; Sequences have been corrected.
  • Feel The Breeze: Fixed description and requirements.
  • Spellcasting for Beginners A1: Sequences have been fixed ; Conditions for having sex with Claire have been adjusted.
  • Tutoring 101 – Given by Sveta: Sequences have been fixed ; Events are working correctly now.
  • Cross Cultural Studies: Issues have been resolved.
  • Do You Even Lift?: Sequences have been fixed ; Requirements for sex have been fixed.
  • The Sexual Awakening of Margaret Blysdale: Fixed dialogue inconsistencies.
  • Squeaky Clean: Sequences have been fixed ; Logic has been reworked.
  • Regression: Free camera have been removed ; Quest description lists has temporarily removed fonts.

– And more..

New Content:

  • Inventory rework
  • Cooking revamped
  • Campus main building reworked (The actual university)
  • New tutorial
  • New apparel
  • New hairstyle
  • New mechanic to dye hair
  • Reworked the needs and stats system
  • Snatched quest has been reworked
  • Babes Illustrated quest has been reworked
  • New cheat menu with more functionality
  • New recipes and food
  • New animations


  • Adjustments to patreon tiers: Kinky and up now has GOD mode ; Perverted and up now has Cheats!
  • Starting Capital Changes: Juicy: 5.000$, Kinky: 7.500$, Perverted: 10.000$, Lewd: 25.000$


  • A few apparel clipping issues fixed
  • Saving and loading system fixes
  • No more locking up with the inventory
  • Numerous quests fixes, no more hang ups
  • Morphs are properly applied now
  • Numerous performance optimizations (gameplay should feel a lot smoother now)

Known Issues:

  • PC does not work
  • Holding “E” to skip pee, does not work
  • Some of the poses on the Babes Illustrated are not available (WIP)
  • Privateness Zones are broken
  • Post Processing when increasing sexual needs is broken
  • Succubus transformation might not remove the clothes
  • Camera might show a scene out of place during dialogues. Especially when talking to objects
  • Squeaky Clean quest might have issues with dressing and undressing
  • When crouching you cannot move around (crawl)
  • Changing input key controls does not work
  • Stamina will consume but can jog indefinitely
  • Can’t use sex toys while playing with yourself
  • Can’t use the flashlight
  • Can’t read magazines/literature/notes
  • Arousal meter does not work on the HUD. It does work in the background however
  • Sequence system is still work in progress.
  • In some sequences the characters and/or their apparel/items might be out of place
  • Horse and Mirror are currently unavailable for that reason.
  • Cross-Cultural studies quest rapid time changes can break sex scenes.

Gameplay & Features:

New questline and character, Margaret Blysdale.
New repeatable quest for Zach, the janitor.
New sex animations.
New cosmetic succubus mode. CTRL + U to shift between human and succubus modes.
Relationship points, dialogue choices can affect how NPCs feel about you.
Two new locations for quests.
A huge project cleanup, resulting in better performance and decreased loading times.
Other/Bug Fixes:

Large number of bug fixes due to the cleanup.
Rebalanced some PC equipment prices.
Disabled Jeremy.
Disabled a sex scene with some students on the second floor of the main building.
Overhauled saving system to allow for multiple save slots.
Overhauled the time system to work more consistently.
Known Issues:

Can’t change clothes in the changing booths of the store.
Some NPCs sometimes float in the air after moving from one location to another.
Sometimes the camera moves outside the level during certain dialogues.
Sometimes dropped objects can’t be picked up.
Having a full inventory and receiving new items sometimes causes the received item to disappear.
Teddie has issues with proper scaling and turns skinny when naked.
Putting on clothes while in succubus form deletes the clothes if you turn back into a human

Enabled masturbation
Added a counter for quests where Ashley works out
Increased the rate at which running skill levels up
Added a new sex pose: lesbian cunnilingus

Fixed dialogue with two NPCs
Cross cultural studies: Marcus sex scenes are no longer missing Marcus
Cross cultural studies: Brad can now be distracted without having sex with him
Untracked quests should no longer be tracked when loading the game
Tutoring 101: If you talk to Sveta while she has the portapotty scene active, it’ll activate it by just talking
Tutoring 101: If you agree to have sex with Claire in exchange for the key, things break
Tutoring 101: The game doesn’t recognize if you’ve removed the plunger from the toilet beforehand
Tutoring 101: The required time window for Sveta is off
Feel the Breeze: Added missing dialogue links
When you use the PC, a floating screen no longer appears
Spying on students in a classroom should no longer cause a black screen
Magic man should now update his quest correctly

The cinematic where two students are having fun in a classroom is desynced
Tutoring 101: The required time window for Sveta’s lessons is larger than intended
Inventory bug: Double clicking on clothes to equip them locks up inventory squares (work around: click and drag to equip clothes one by one or place an item in the hotbar and drag over the locked squares)
Clipping issues when Ashley’s muscle mass and breast size is increased
Journal does not mirror stats
Some text boxes show too much text
Evie doesn’t stay naked if you have sex with her
Masturbation with sex toys is missing
Text windows sometimes get stuck when clicking too fast

v0.4.5 Test
Adult system – You can now have sex with NPCs whose quests you’ve completed. Manage stamina and speed to gain orgasms.
Lust system – Ashley can now increase lust mainly by having sex and pushing her boundaries that way.
Quest branching – Some decisions can now cause different results
4 new quests
2 new NPCs – Marcus and Brad can be found on the second floor of the male dorms and feature in Sveta’s follow up quest to Tutoring 101
New apparel – Various new clothes
New location – Visit Saki’s house
Known issues:

Body morphs might behave oddly
Interface isn’t updating to reflect increased Lust values
Some characters jiggle violently in place
Ashley’s private parts doesn’t react to properly to things going in

CHANGE LOG FOR THE v0.4.1 (fixes from v0.4) VERSION:

Other/Bug Fixes:

  • Clothes duplicate at start-up
  • Cheat menu’s free “playing with yourself” doesn’t make it free
  • Character intro dialogues reset despite saving
  • Saving and loading is buggy
  • Saving in the escape menu is not working
  • Teddie doesn’t give work when in 21:00 in hall
  • Most quests can be reset by loading a game and getting the intro dialogue again
  • Using the red X on the HUD to close containers locks you in place
  • Loading a saved game doubles the quests you’ve taken
  • Pressing esc to get to the menu doesn’t always hide the quest UI
  • Sitting on the chair in Ashley’s room locks her in place
  • Hair interface is unavailable sometimes
  • Snatched doesn’t trigger if you skip the tutorial until you load a game
  • Clock can show multiple times at the same time
  • Getting out of dumbbells requires the player to look at where the dumbbells were on the ground to get out
  • Beginning money you get from the easier difficulties is overlaid by another number when you spend money
  • Needs don’t decrease
  • Double-clicking a magazine while trying to put something into a container locks the magazine on the screen
  • Interacting with quest intractable object gives a regular dialogue screen for a split second
  • Trash cans duplicate items if you double click them while they’re in the can
  • Advancing time by 300 minutes advances time by three hours instead of five
  • Magazine tutorial mouse visibility
  • Tutorial message indicators are pointing to the wrong places on 3440×1440
  • Tutorial sequence not playing
  • Event managers should hide item in the hand and interrupt interact (if going on)
  • Equipping apparel by double clicking doesn’t remove the previous apparel’s morph
  • Inventory shows E to exit instead of TAB
  • Taking quests and saving through the bed, then reloading through the esc-menu bugs the UI
  • Ashley doesn’t dry after running long enough
  • Load last save from in-game menu won’t populate the quests in the book
  • Disable save during tutorial and train station
  • Girls dorm tv-room has a SNATCH-magazine that can’t be picked up (shouldn’t exist if it’s not a quest item)
  • Putting lipstick or magazines into your hotbar makes the item massive and covers the first row of your inventory
  • Library has a bench with a backpack on it that you can sit on and it clips through you
  • Teddie’s 30th quest doesn’t seem to fire up
  • Mirror/Horse room can’t be opened with the key Claire gives you
  • Sveta’s sequences sometimes leave her where event took place
  • Sveta’s tv-“playing with herself”scene can be viewed again if you leave the dorms and then re-enter Ashley’s room
  • Time doesn’t advance during tutoring
  • Claire’s spell-casting quest’s 3rd part has a debug dialogue
  • Ritual part of Spell-casting destroys Ashley’s clothes
  • Giving Sveta the plunger doesn’t remove it from your inventory
  • Sveta’s plunger “playing with herself” sometimes leaves Sveta in the stall
  • Sveta’s “playing with herself” audio can be heard on a loop all the time if she gets stuck in the stall
  • Stopping the giant monster dildo scene in Teddy’s quest locks up the scene
  • When talking to Claire after reading the magic books, she talks about the utility of creampie, the dialogue box stays empty
  • Willie’s magazines can’t be handed to him if you’ve saved the game or dropped the magazines (probably something to do with saving)
  • Sveta’s time frames for tutoring are off
  • Teddie’s last quest dialogue doesn’t finish the quest
  • Sveta’s plunger animation gets stuck
  • Photoquest #2 needs Teddie’s prompt

– And more…

Stories & Characters:

  • Rewritten all characters, dialogues & questlines
  • Claire new questline
  • Willie Peek new questline
  • New makeup and lipstick options
  • New hairstyle options
  • New apparel options

Gameplay & Features:

  • Playing with yourself with toys
  • Dialogue & Quest system overhaul
  • User interface revamp
  • Able to skip certain actions
  • Save from anywhere
  • New glorious Minimap
  • Change hairstyle by interacting with a mirror
  • Change Ashley’s bust size, body fat, and muscle volume through a quest
  • Sex scene reviewer


  • Populated new areas in the campus
  • Tweaked parts of the campus and dorms
  • Underground store ease of access patch

Other/Bug Fixes:

  • Numerous user experience improvements
  • Significant CPU performance improvements
  • Minor GPU performance improvements
  • Female physics body parts get stuck fixed
  • Female physics body parts jerky movement fixed
  • Locomotion tweaks

– And more…

Gameplay & Features:

  • VR Experience Cyberpunk Scene (extras menu)
  • Overall SFX upgrade
  • Small optimization tweaks
  • Game save version compatibility check (‘Continue’ main menu button)

Bug Fixes:

  • Exercising wasn’t progressing
  • Wrong messages when starting work on squats and pull ups
  • Male models had dicks out on long distance
  • Some dialogue actions weren’t resetting arousal and toilet needs
  • PC time conditions weren’t resetting with new game
  • Jeremy model sometime was floating in the air
  • Wrong cinematic scenes in ass stretching tutorial
  • PC parts were in store’s diary section
  • Interaction sometimes locked camera in place
  • Removed camera angle locks
  • PC screen was floating in air
  • Stolen panties from Evie had wrong name
  • Some items had wrong size
  • QTE precum was too hard
  • Item persists in hand when performing sex
  • PC “I already did it today” condition wasn’t performing correctly
  • Items were dropping if you moved them from quick slots to storage

Stories and characters:

  • Teddie Quest Finished (30 photo sessions total) (will continue on a new quest-line)
  • New NPC Jeremy + Quest-line
  • New NPC Candyman + Quest-line
  • New Cool Interaction with Computer + Quest-line & PC Upgrades

Gameplay & Features:

  • Reworked QTE System
  • New QTE Sex Scenes


  • New Dorms Building
  • Male Dorms Interior


  • Loosing Virginity Mechanic
  • Convenience Store New Items
  • Bug Fixes

Stories and characters:

  • Teddie story line continued
  • Tom, a security guard
  • Jade, a shop manager

Gameplay & Features:

  • Inventory item info
  • Flash light (Purchasable at the store)
  • Train scene dream improvements
  • Dialogue camerawork
  • Interaction rework
  • Can choose the amount of time to sleep
  • Ashley SFX improvements
  • Main theme OST
  • Sport interaction improvements
  • NPC’s lip motion improvements
  • Optimization tweaks
  • Better camera movement


  • Convenience store (Talk to Campus Guard)


  • A lot of user experience improvements
  • AZERTY and other keyboard layouts support
  • And more…

Stories and characters:

  • 5 New Characters (Teddie, Claire, Sveta, Antonio, Adeline)
  • 2 New Jobs (tutor, model)
  • 2 New Questlines (Teddie, Sveta)
  • 1 Continuation Questline (Evie)
  • Over 20 New Cinematic Events

Gameplay & Features

  • Sports (workout)
  • Needs Consequences
  • Cooking (15 recipes)
  • Makeup (lips, eyes)
  • Respawnable Loot


  • New rooms in dorms
  • Concert Hall in Uni
  • Infirmary in Uni


  • New outfits
  • Inventory statistics page (update)
  • Main Menu New Game Tier Selection
  • Night time environment (rework)
  • Lust, Strength, Endurance progression
  • Days, weeks, months (update)
  • New SFX
  • Graphics Settings (update)
  • Cheat Menu (update)
  • Waiting when sitting
  • Body dirtiness (barefoot or crawl)
  • Sweating
  • And more…

PLUS a Christmas present <3

Story and characters:

  • 2 New Characters
  • 3 New Quests
  • 3 Cinematic Events

Gameplay and Features:

  • New Time System
  • Rebalanced Needs System
  • New Quest & Dialogue Functions
  • Cheat Menu


  • Engine Version Update


  • University Interior
  • Swimming Pool
  • Campus
  • Lighting Rework


  • New Sex Animations
  • Better SFX
  • Bug fixes and more.

– Full uncensored version, Initial Release
– $5,000 starting money
– Ability to select your MC’s past preset (alternative start)


  • Extract to game folder.
  • Overwrite.
  • Run MLW_Main.exe.
  • Start a new game.
  • Choose “Lewd”


  • Extract to game folder
  • Overwrite
  • Run MLW_Main.exe
  • Start a new game
  • Choose “Lewd”

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