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Memoirs of a Battle Brothel Adult Game Download Overview

Memoirs of a Battle Brothel is a narrative-driven, tactical turn-based RPG with mechanics inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and D&D 5e. Players assume the role of a Facilitator, an associate of the Courtesan’s Guild that provides much-needed services for guild members, including lodging and upkeep of facilities that attracts a wealthy clientele.

Of course, in the cyberpunk setting of MoonFall, even luxuries are often undercut with the threat of violence. Whether it’s pressure from one of the ruling crime syndicates, disgruntled nobles or even a blood contract from a private military company, the Guild finds itself beset on all sides, sometimes even from within. In order to maintain its political standing and position in the MoonFall underworld, the Guild must occasionally meet force with force, and while its members are much more renowned for their other… talents, the Guild has retained a formidable martial reputation since its founding.

Combine the Companions from Firefly, the girls of old town from Sin City, a dash of Shadowrun and The Last Sovereign, and this is what you get.

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-30
Developer: A Memory of Eternity Discord – Patreon – Steam – Twitter – Website – Kickstarter – Youtube 
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Animated (pixel and 2D CG hybrid), Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Oral sex, RPG, Titfuck, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Big tits, Character creation, Combat, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Gay, Group sex, Handjob, Harem, Lesbian, Management, Romance

Act III intro sequence
Final quest for The Coming Storm questline
Final quest for Iron and Velvet questline
Final quest for the Abyss questline
Final quest for the Bloody Hawk questline
Final quest in For the Guild main questline
Endgame sequence
Added new lore intro
Re-added and bug-fixed 3d Free Mode as bonus content
Standardized relationship system (so all companions have the same menu)

v0.15 Demo (don’t mind the jump in version number, my naming conventions are weird)

New Gallery mode with loads of new items. Can be found in the computer in the player’s room.

Another round of optimizations. Players should see better performance and higher FPS.

Various bug fixes (consumables can be… consumed now)

v0.11 Demo
Various bug fixes and combat rebalancing, in anticipation for a big gameplay addition coming next patch.

v0.10 Demo

Gallery mode:
A gallery is now available to view some art that haven’t been used much elsewhere in the game. It’s a little light for now, but you can see some images for Kore, Thassia, Hatsuo, Kaywin and Windress.

Various bug fixes:

The Admin facility bug has been fixed, as well as the Guild Hall Blood Pit, and some other minor glitches.

v0.09 Demo

New interactions with all 9 companions added. These new interactions trigger automatically upon reaching certain trust levels (Trust 3 and Trust 6) with characters and entering the first guild hall level.
Players who have progressed significantly through the game should expect these events to trigger the next time they enter the guild hall.
Interactions include dialogue or spending downtime with a companion.

Combat changes:
Combat has been optimized slightly with fixes to ranged enemy AI, replacing troublesome enemy skills and fixing various combat-related bugs. Additionally, two new enemy classes have been added. For now, they can only be found in combat arenas like Gregarion’s Blood Pit or the one you can build in the Guild House.

These hardened soldiers of fortune are tougher than most of the street thugs and low-level riffraff the player may have been in combat with so far.

Built specifically for combat, androids are vastly superior to most of the security drones utilized in MoonFall. Armed with rifles that excel both at long range and unleashing devastating shotgun blasts in close range, players are urged to treat these robots with caution.

Blood Pit levels:
3 additional arenas can now be unlocked for the Guild House Blood Pit.
v0.08 Demo
– Massive bug fixes, including fixes to WebGL issues that should allow players to run the game properly.
– Hatsuo romance options added for both female and male MCs.

v0.065 Demo

Content added:
– Female anatomy MC is now implemented. Player appearance is not locked to anatomy.
– Companions and NPCs will behave differently towards the player depending on their chosen anatomy, and this is most noticeable during sex scenes.
– The background Former Courtesan can now be chosen.
– Anatomy can be changed for 5,000 credits at Golgo’s Augmentation shop. The ability to change your appearance has not been implemented yet, but will likely be in-game by the next update.
– New engine enhancements mean better lighting and hopefully, a slight uptick to performance. I’ve started adding lighting to objects that need it, such as windows, store signs, lights, etc.
– New cheat to improve companion trust levels
– New sex scenes with Thassia
– New female MC sex scenes with Kore

v0.05 Demo
Content added:
-New intro sex scene
-Complete first guild-related mission
-Additional guild upgrades
-Vastly expanded combat skills

v0.042 Demo
Content added:
-Additional quests
-Buildable facilities with activities
-New companion characters
-New sex scenes

v0.03 Demo
Initial public release

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