Your parents divorced when you were a kid. Your sister stayed with your mother, and your brother and you went with your father to another city, a few dozen hours away. 15 years later, your sister sent you and your brother a message inviting you to live with them.
Your Brother refused to go, but you couldn’t miss this meeting. And now you’re going on a Long trip to your mom’s (On your father’s car).

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-02-15
Developer: DasMaster Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.0 Ep. 4
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Incest, POV, Oral sex, Handjob, Corruption, Big tits, Big ass, Footjob, Female domination, Voyeurism, Hairy Pussy, Urination, MILF, Oral sex, Teasing


40 new choices
Over 120 new uniq HD images
1 new animation
1 new MILF
6 new scenes
Ep.2 Gallery bugfix

5 new girls to talk
8 different locations with unique characters
several mind-breakers
dozens of items (you can find and apply them in locations)
hundreds of answer options!
The game became a visual novel with quest elements
over 10 animations
over 250 uniq HD images
new tags/fetishes: vaginal sex, anal sex, blowjob, handjob, voyeurism, upskirt, pussy licking, rimming, fingering pussy/asshole, glory hole, group sex, bdsm, female domination and…furry
image gallery
Ep.1 and 2 included
Ep.1 stats bugfix
Differences from Episode 3 Beta:

More unique images (over 50+)
More animations
More boobs!
Added Vip area location inside (Emma, Rachel, Linda and Flo event)
Added Entertainment location (Linda scene)
Added uniq Linda scene
Upgade Sabra mini-game
Ep.1 and 2 included

v0.2.8 Chapter 2 Ren’Py Rebuild Changelog
Ren’Py version features:
Stats about every characters. (new)
Notification. (When you opened extra scene)
From the unity version I transferred all images, all dialogs, all options and mini-games. It’s works the same
All features Ren’py engine

Episode 2
Continuous of an amazing story
New characters
Your choices in [Episode 1] affect events in [Episode 2]
More new choices that affect the events in the game
Tons of new uniq HD images
New several animations
New mini-games (Don’t be late for the festival)
New settings like as skipping, rollback side option and speed sliders.
Auto-play mode (Your hands will be free all the time, except for the choice of answers)
Some bug fixes.

Episode 1
The beginning of an amazing story
1600+ dialogue lines
Over 170+ unique High quality HD images (1920×1080).
About 40+ minutes of gameplay (All events)
Over 65 choices.
Your choice affects everything! Do not miss this unique scene.
Magnifying glass

Download Long Trip To Your Mom's  


Mega Filesupload

Mac (v0.2.8)

Mega UploadHaven

Android (v0.2.8)



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