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Long Live the Princess Adult Game Overview

The King is dead. His daughter, Princess Selena, is set to take the crown. But something is wrong. Murder, backstabbing, and visions of extinction threaten to bring ruin to all that is good. And at the heart of it all is a tale of personal tragedy and lost love.

You are a Truthsayer. Yours is the ability to tell if someone is lying. With your mentor dead, it is up to you to protect the Princess when she arrives in your hometown for her coronation. But a secretive old crone and her foul-mouthed pixie assistant have different plans for you.

With a newly learned ability to uncover secrets and use them to your own advantage, you are tasked with getting close to Princess Selena to save her from her darkness. But to achieve that, you must practice by getting close to the women in town. Real close.
And as you venture towards your destiny, someone is watching you closely…

Game Information


Thread Updated: 2019-12-05
Release Date: 2019-12-05
Developer: Belle Patreon – SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.36.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Incest, Threesome, Lesbian, Voyeur, Anal sex, NTR (avoidable), Cheating, Mind control, Oral sex, Teasing, Vaginal sex

– Added three new scenes with Callie featuring two new, mutually exclusive relationship branches to explore.
– Expanded the epilogue with more outcomes for players who pursue Callie’s new scenes.
– Callie is now romanceable and is another potential source of charisma.
– Updated dialogues to reflect changes to your relationship with Callie.
– Moved Evelyn’s charisma gain. It is no longer necessary to enter a relationship with her to gain charisma.
– Various tweaks and fixes.

Fixes situations where it might be impossible to visit the river location or the Leanan Sídhe in NG+.
Removes error message when training agility in NG+.
In NG+, hides books you have already read on your previous playthrough.
Various tweaks and fixes.

New Game Plus is now available. Unlock it by reaching one of the game’s many endings. NG+ will be expanded in later updates.
The optional ability checks in the tutorial are now fully implemented.
Completely rebuilt the masturbation scene in the tutorial to make it at least somewhat appealing. This scene changes in NG+.
Complete overhaul of several sex scenes with new poses and improved visuals and animation. These scenes are:
– Evelyn’s goodbye
– Belle wakes you up
– Belle while watching the mystery woman
– Samarra’s first training session
– Callie’s nude fashion show
– Erato’s pathfinding training.
Minor visual and animation upgrades in Evelyn’s boobjob scene and the Fairy Queen’s BJ training. Minor visual update to Primrose’s boobjob scene.
Various other visual improvements.
Added a spellbook that shows learned spells and your remaining daily attempts at Invade Mind.
Added a to-do list that will help remind you of things you might want to do.
It is now possible to obtain a point of Charisma from Samarra even if you choose not to claim your just rewards after defeating her.
Most of the UI is now hidden during sex scenes. Please report any bugs you find that are caused by this change.
Fixed a bug that made one of Callie’s potential epilogues not appear. This fix might not work if you are already in the endgame.
Added progressive hints to the town hall puzzle. These hints appear after comparing the wrong facts too many times.
The Fairy Queen’s vision quest now allows you to ask Belle for hints as many times as you like. This is a temporary fix until I can rework the quest.
The first night scene with Evelyn is now optional.
Removed silver and gold pieces from the game. They still exist in the game world, but not as a game mechanic.
Remade and repositioned the button for toggling camera perspectives. It should now be easier to spot.
Updated to the latest version of Ren’py (7.4.4). You should not notice any differences. However, Windows XP is no longer supported and LLtP is now 64-bit. There is still a 32-bit executable included.
Various tweaks and fixes.

Changelog 0.34.0 – Endgame Part 4 – Epilogue:
The epilogue has been fully implemented, concluding the game’s main storyline.
One new sex scene.
Added a new musical track.
Limited the number of saved game pages shown at pages above 99 to prevent layout problems.
Various tweaks and fixes.

Added a hotfix for those having trouble triggering one of the new sex scenes.
Re-uploaded with a different Evelyn story to comply with Patreon rules.

v0.32.0 – Endgame Part 2:
The endgame continues:
Added the events of the day of the coronation.
Two new sex scenes.Added a new musical track.
Major animation and visual improvements to Primrose’s BJ scene.
Improved the main menu screen once again.
Various tweaks and fixes.

v0.31.0 Endgame Part 1
The endgame begins: Added the events of the entire day before the coronation.
[*]Two new sex scenes.
[*]Official Android support with an improved interface and language for touch screens.
[*]Significant animation improvements to multiple older scenes.
[*]Added penis wetness to both new and existing scenes.
[*]Improved Callie’s dialogue scenes with new renders and more expressions.
[*]Standardized the capitalization of titles and professions throughout the game.
[*]Various tweaks and fixes.

You can now cast Probe Memory on a certain princess.
[*]Rebuilt the sex scene with Callie’s customer to feature a new costume, lighting, and massively improved animation.
[*]Removed the Multiple Girls page from the scene gallery and moved its scenes to the respective girls’ pages.
[*]Various tweaks and fixes.

Implemented the Crone’s secret. This is a big one, folks.
You can now learn the Probe Memories spell, though there is no content for it yet.
Removed all traces of Princess Placeholder. Among other things, this means we get a new main menu background.
Added a brand new intro upon starting a new game.
Rewrote parts of Evelyn’s and Primrose’s introduction in the tutorial to match the rest of the game’s tone better.
Created new images for both of those sections to lift the graphical quality and fix a few annoying issues.
Added a music player to the gallery. Music tracks unlock as you discover them in the game.
Added a new musical track.
Updated multiple old scenes to support the new events in this update.
Added more character pages to the scene replay gallery. They are empty, for now.
Hopefully fixed the bug with Callie refusing to have sex for no reason. Existing saves should be repaired automatically.
You can now obtain a fingerbone even after Nell is gone.
Belle now points you in the right direction if you fail the vision quest puzzle while missing a vital clue.
Fixed visual bugs in the river scene.
Various tweaks and fixes.

You can now return to see the Leanan Sídhe one final time.
Added a new scene with Belle.
It is now possible to obtain Perversity 5 without doing the night scenes.
If you threatened Nell, she will now cool down after a week. Note that you must ask for sex again for this countdown to begin.
If you keep giving Callie unwanted creampies, she will now eventually refuse to have sex with you.
The toggle perspective button no longer skips to the next line of dialogue (thanks to Morbil).
Belle will now give you a hint if you watch several of Callie’s fashion shows without searching for clues.
If it is impossible to solve Primrose’s dark secret in your save, you will now be informed of this when trying.
Made the hints Belle gives you on how to train Perversity show up earlier. Also clarified the dialogue to reduce confusion.
Various tweaks and fixes.

Implemented Primrose’s dark secret.
Expanded Primrose’s existing sex scenes.
Added a new scene with Nell.
Added a SubscribeStar link to the main menu.
Various tweaks and fixes.
Implemented Nell’s dark secret.
You may now try to convince Nell to come with you.
Added and modified scenes to handle the fallout from this update’s events.
Tweaked how Nell’s Remove Inhibitions works for future updates.
Various tweaks and fixes.
You may now attempt to interpret the Fairy Queen’s visions.
Charisma training now goes up to level 6.
Added a new scene with Samarra.
Added a new sex training scene with the Fairy Queen.
Samarra will now tell you her whole story if you are worthy of it.
Improved animation, lighting, and pubic hair color in Samarra’s first sex scene.
It is now possible to search Samarra’s tent.
Added a new musical track: Samarra’s Theme.
Various tweaks and fixes

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Long Live the Princess APK (Android)



Long Live the Princess Walkthrough


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One comment on “LONG LIVE THE PRINCESS V0.36.0 [BELLE]

  1. I’m going to be fully honest about this game, I have a really hard time grasping how this can be a free game. I’ve played this game for 4 days straight with almost no sleep and I still cant get enough of it. I really, really REALLY hope that this game will get more updates and aren’t just another abandoned project (there’s to many of those as it is).

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