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A man with a poor childhood tries his best to overcome and forget, but nightmares pursue them, and he feels he needs to do something, by finding an artifact that will give him a chance to fix his life and bring him a lot of fun.

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-08-28
Developer: Mr.Rabbit – SubscribeStar – Discord – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.34
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, MILF, Harem, Big tits, Big ass, Corruption, Teacher, Exhibitionism, Gloryhole, Lesbian, Voyeurism, Handjob, Shota, Mobile game, Vaginal sex, Doggystyle

Changelog 0.33a

  • Gallery improvement;
  • Fix some save games not being compatible;
  • Android version now has 50% of the common image quality (1920×1080);
  • Bugfix where changing your name on the game settings would hide the Textbox forever sometimes.

Changelog 0.33

  • A bug in Molly’s “Watch the class” scene has been fixed;
  • Layout of the game’s main HUD has been customized and improved;
  • Fixed the text where Gypsy’s lines were swapped.;
  • General bug fix.


  • 1 new scene with Olivia, with several variations and animations;
  • 1 new scene with Celeste, with several variations and animations;
  • 1 Remake scene with Linda (Bed Thighfuck scene);
  • New Hell Cutscenes;


  • General Bug fix;
  • Change in the color system of the options for information icons;
  • Classes are no longer mandatory, only the test to get a positive grade;
  • Some savegames may become incompatible due to changes in game mechanics;
  • Gym added to the game.


  • 1 new scene with Bernice at the Beach, with several variations and animations;
  • 1 new scene with Brittany at the Gym, with several variations and animations, is a random event that occurs when you go to work out at the gym where Brittany works;
  • 1 Remake scene with Linda;
  • New Cutscenes;
  • Bernice’s new variation of Bust;
  • 1 new character;
  • New poses and adjustments to MC’s Bust;

General Bug fix;
Gallery Unlocker Code;
Random Side Scenes;
1 new scene with Linda, with several variations and animations;
1 new scene with Olivia, with several variations and animations;
Linda Bust new outfit;


►General Bug fix;

► 1 new scene with Haze;
► Haze Bust new variation;
► Linda new bust outfit;
► Molly new bust outfit;
► Halloween special scene, with animations and variations;

►New Minigame implemented;
►Hell exploration system;
►Scenes involving more than one character in the gallery were separated into one category;
►General Bug fix;

► 2 new scenes with the Succubus (One scene with each.);
► Haze Bust Remake;
► Still Button Haze Remake;
► Haze Scene Remake;
► Brittany “Leg Hurt” Cutscene Remake;


►Goal menu removed from the cellphone and placed on the main hud;
►Gallery has been optimized, with 100 times smoother navigation;
►General Bug fix;
►Visual bugs in the Halloween events with Linda have been fixed;

► 3 new scenes with Brittany and several variations (I won’t list them here so as not to give a spoiler);
► Brittany’s new Bust costume variation;
► 1 new still buttons for Brittany;
► Several still buttons were remade (two from Linda and one from Brittany);
► “Dishwashing” Cutscene with Linda was remade.

► Bug Fixes;

► 2 New animated scenes with Brittany with bunch of variations;
► Mother’s Day Event;
► Linda Bust Improvement;
► Brittany’s New Still Button
► Linda Handjob Scene Remake.

► Bug Fixes;
► Speed of some of Molly’s animations was fixed;
► Adjustment in some Gallery scenes.

► 2 New animated Molly scenes with variations at school;
► New animated scene with variations at Molly’s house;
► New animated scene with variations with Molly on the beach;
► 2 Molly’s new outfits;
► 2 MC Cutscenes;
► MC Bust fixes;
► Linda kiss scene remake;

► Bug Fixes;
► Speed of Brittany’s racing minigame has been adjusted. (Strength is giving more speed, the MC is now faster).
► Adjustment in some Gallery scenes.

► New Animated Scene with Linda;
► New Animated Scene with Olivia;
► New Still Scene with Linda;

► Bug Fixes;

► Halloween event added;
► New Animated Scene with Linda;
► New Animated Scene with Molly;
► New Animated Scene with Brittany;
► Linda’s new outfit;
► Molly’s new outfit;
► Brittany’s new outfit;
► Brittany’s expression fixes;
► Brittany’s Bust fixes;

v0.15 public

► Several Bug Fixes (Brittany Related);

► New character added;
► New Olivia animated scenes;
► Olivia’s new outfit;
► New still buttons;
► Some details in the artwork have been fixed.

v0.14a Public
►Fixed bug in Brittany’s scene when you clicked to switch from fast to slow speed;
►Glasses applied in Linda’s scene, keeping the continuity of the scene;
►Study table informs you if you have reached the maximum intelligence points;
►”Support Us” screen has been updated with more information;
►Linda’s scene has had the background fixed;
►And last and most importantly, the scene that many had a problem with, “Try to enter Linda’s room in Daybreak”, has been fixed, just try to enter Daybreak and the mission will be done.


► Bug Fixes;
► Molly’s Minigame has had the difficulty reduced, it only needs to be done once per scene.

► Scenes of Linda chatting on the couch have been redone;
► Linda’s blowjob scene in the bedroom has been redone;
► Painting of Molly’s scene has been adjusted;
► Brittany’s bust was slightly adjusted;
► Olivia lick scene was redone;
► Olivia’s Halloween scene has been redone;
► Linda’s grope scene has been redone;
► New scene of Linda on the beach.


► Bug Fixes;
► New minigame
► Game size has been drastically reduced.
► The objectives menu has been remade, giving more precise information about what to do in the game.
► At the beginning of the game you can choose how to play, with cheating, with the content of the past build completed, or normal play.
► Added an icon to indicate what is clickable in the game, useful for mobile players. (Can be disabled in the options.)

► New cutscenes
► New Molly animated scenes.
► New still buttons.



► New location has been added;
► Bug Fixes (A lot);
► Added cutscenes descriptions.
► New mechanics in cell phone objectives, filtering by done and not done.

► Added more Cutscenes for the “Work” action;
► Ms. Olivia character has been added;
► New animated scene with Linda have been added;
► New animated scenes with Olivia has been added;
► Still Olivia scenes with variations has been added;
► New backgrounds for the new location have been added;


Game Mechanics:

  • 0.3 savegames are compatible, but they can cause minor bugs, nothing that gets in the way of gameplay, but they are bugs that are only fixed with a new savegame;
  • New Grinds added to the game;
  • New locations implemented;
  • Upgrated the objective screen on the phone;
  • Implemented the tutorial, to help new players to better understand the gameplay, accessible through the menu, “help”;
  • Bug fix: When an event happens after using a door or enter on a new place, the game crashs when you try to save, now you can save without problem;
  • Little man splash screen upscaled to more resolution.
  • General bug fixes.

New Art:

  • Several new scenes with Brittany;
  • New character, Lucifer;
  • New character, Haze;
  • New animations;
  • New Location, Lust Nightclub;
  • New Location, Inside of Brittany’s House;

Changelog 0.3a

Game Mechanics:

Menu cover has been updated;
Bernice Bust, we put the hat on;
Bug fix: Character was following the character even when the energy of the character had run out, fixed;
Bug fix: Linda’s Grind “About the kiss” was disappearing without even being done at least once, fixed;
Some grammar fixes.

Changelog 0.3

Game Mechanics:

0.2 and 0.1 Save Games are no longer compatible, (Typing “gen-previous-save” when starting a new game will provide you a save game with all 0.2 content concluded, after that you can put any nickname you want, the code must be placed first, in the place where you put the nickname, after you put the code, you can type in any nickname you want.);
New Grinds added to the game;
BUG: Player name resets to “Player”, FIXED;
Inventory implemented;
Items implemented;
New locations implemented
Game map had the layout reworked;
You can change your nickname at any time in the game, click on your phone preferences, the “gear icon” and you will have the option “Change Your Name”;
General bug fixes;
New Art:

Several new scenes with Linda;
New character, Bernice;
New animations;
Easter event;
New Location, Church;


0.1 Save Games are no longer compatible. (We will do our best to prevent it from happening again.);
Typing “gen-pervious-save” when starting a new game will provide you a save game with all 0.1 content concluded, after that you can put any nickname you want;
New Grinds added to the game;
All 0.1 Grinds (and some of 0.2) gives now +2 points instead of +1;
Pratice speech and Sleep options now provide Cutscenes;
The dissolve effect was removed from normal Scenes and Menu screens;
Now the objective menu show the “???” objectives even if you don’t know the character;
BUG: Day is not passing when sleep on Linda Grind is fixed;
Added some sound effects;
Race Minigame implemented.
New Art:

New scene with Linda;
New character, Molly;
2 New scenes with Molly;
New scene with Brittany;
Cutscenes implemented;
New animations;
Old scenes animated;
Brittany Bust Rework;
Hug scene, partially reworked.
I hope you like this build, we are listening to the Feedback, we changed some things to improve the gameplay for everyone.

Some Tips:

If you don’t have any “???” in the list of objectives, you have finished the build.
Some scenes need you to ask the character to follow you to other rooms.


  • Mechanics
  • Improved system of movement through the scene, (Farewell Arrows).
  • Griding system.
  • Notification System.
  • The player has a cell phone, where you can see the goals and scores, and will have more functions in the future.
  • More varied scenarios.
  • The game is faster.
  • Skill and Relation System
  • Follow System, you can take the character to other scenarios, opening several possibilities.

Graphic Arts

  • New Busts.
  • Wide variation of Poses and Expressions.
  • Frame-by-frame animation.
  • Still of the character on the set.

Download LittleMan Remake Porn Game


Mega Mixdrop

Mac (0.33a)

Mega Mixdrop

Android 0.33a

Mega Workupload


LittleMan Remake Walkthrough (v16) LittleMan Gallery Unlock

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