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Klee Prank Adventure Adult Game Download Overview

Jean has grounded Klee for the last time! Join our protagonist in Mondstadt as she pranks Jean and the other Genshin girls – with a variety of lewd outcomes!

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-07-11
Developer: Pinkmochidango – Patreon – Discord – Itch – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 1.12.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Blackmail, Corruption, Handjob, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, 3dcg, Female Protagonist

Adventurer’s Guild:

  • Ask for Katheryne’s Co-operation (Tier 5 Manual Override) added
  • Katheryne Co-Op Prank (Unusual Requests) added

New Outfits:

  • Mona Sapphire Yukata Outfit + Talk to (Panties/No Panties) added
  • Amber Ruby Yukata Outfit + Talk to (Elemental Burst) added
  • Sucrose Emerald Kimono Outfit + Talk to added
  • Lisa Mystic Kimono Outfit + Talk to (Buzzing?) added
  • Hu Tao Qipao Outfit + Talk to (2Spooky) added
  • Rosaria Amethyst Yukata Outfit/Nude Vibe Outfit + Talk to (Press 3/Press 3 again!) added
  • Katheryne Geisha Outfit + Boob/Butt Flash added
  • Katheryne Completely Nude Outfit + Boob/Butt Flash added
  • Noelle Normal Clothes + Talk to (Tent) added
  • Noelle Sakura Yukata Outfit + Talk to (Sticky…) added
  • Barbara Silky Nightie + Give (I can see) + Talk to (Bees?) added


  • Yae x Raiden event (Spanking) added

Hot Springs:

  • Katheryne added to Hot Springs (Swimsuit/Ripped Swimsuit)
  • Talk to Katheryne (Robot?) added
  • Attack Katheryne (Kat vs Shenhe 2) added
  • Xinyan added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Xinyan (Rockstar) added
  • Attack Xinyan (Klee wants claps) added
  • Yunjin added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Yunjin (Mayo) added
  • Attack Yunjin (Deposit) added
  • Yae Miko added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Yae Swimsuit/Nude (Spanking/Bazongas) added
  • Attack Yae (Sneaky Snip) added


  • 1 new Poster (Xinyan dreamin’) added
  • 7 Misc collectibles (5 Flyers, 2 Double-Sided Signed Prints) added
  • 2 EASTER EGGS (SPLAT, Klee dies) added
  • 22 new FESTIVAL Polaroids Including 4 Premium Polaroids (15 Festival Area, 7 Festival Story) added
  • Added 5 new BGM.
  • Expanded ‘Destroy the World’


  • Fixed Rosaria Latex Nun outfit bug
  • Changed Barbara’s ‘Give Clothing’ so you can give multiple times
  • Fixed EVEN MORE typos (thanks to Stefano on Discord)

1.12.1 Changes:

  • Fixed game breaking whenever Barbara switches outfits

1.12.2 Changes:

  • Fixed some images being unavailable for translation
  • Fixed Yae Miko event hint


Adventurer’s Guild:

  • Katheryne Favor ‘Fuck a Guy’ ANIMATED (Splits) added
  • Katheryne Favor ‘Fuck a Girl’ (Girl love) added
  • Katheryne Favor ‘Fuck a Girl’ ANIMATED Alt version (Futa) added
  • Commission ‘Assistance Required'(NPC Fun) added

Knights of Favonius HQ:

  • Jean Caught ANIMATED (Too far?) added


  • Yelan event ANIMATED (Wrong Room) added
  • Kuki Shinobu event (Mystery Bitches Shoot + DVD) added
  • Unboxing Today ANIMATED (Ning Onahole) + Onahole Box + Poster added

Outrider’s Camp:

  • Amber Tent 2 ANIMATED (Detective Klee) added

Alchemy Bench:

  • Sucrose Outfit (Dreams of Wonderland) added
  • Talk to Sucrose Dreams of Wonderland (Small Boobies) added
  • Give Dreams of Wonderland Outfit (Fangs) added

Hot Springs:

  • Kuki Shinobu added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Kuki (Traditional Attire) added
  • Attack Kuki (Snip Snip Snip!) added
  • Yelan added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Yelan (Biding My time) added
  • Attack Yelan (Stampede!) added


  • Buy Prank Tools/Junk/Outfits reworked with new GUI
  • Images added for each Junk/Prank/Outfit item


  • Added splash screen w/sound effect on game startup
  • Dodoco replaced with new animated Dodoco
  • Modelling Guy replaced with ‘The Man’ and dialogue overhaul
  • You can now view the full sized Premium Polaroids in the Photo Album!
  • Added 1 new BGM. Replaced event BGM: Sucrose x Eula 2, Mona Co-Op Kiss, Send Mona to make Mora, Eula Comfy Room
  • 1 new TTG (Tanlines) added
  • 2 new DVD cases (Mystery Bitches, Blind Girl) added
  • 1 new Onahole Box (Ningguang Supreme) added
  • 2 new Posters (Tanlines Cover + Tianquan Ona) added
  • 14 new Polaroids Including 1 Premium Polaroid + 1 ANIMATED Premium Polaroid (1 area 1, 1 area 2, 5 area 3, 7 story) added
  • 1 new Jean’s Phone gallery picture (Your Eyes Only) added
  • Added cum to Hu Tao’s feet at end of ‘Footao’ event


  • Fixed A LOT of typos (thanks to Stefano on Discord)
  • Improved 2polaroid 35 with new Yae model
  • Improved 3polaroid 49 with improved nipples and mouth position
  • Replaced 2polaroid 23 > Xinyan Shower High Angle
  • Replaced 2polaroid 30 > Sucrose Bath With Friends
  • Added failsafe so TTG1 is now unmissable

Download Klee Prank Adventure Porn Game


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Mega Mixdrop

Klee Prank Adventure APK (Android)

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