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Karryn’s Prison Adult Game Download Overview

In Karryn’s Prison, you play as Karryn, the new female Chief Warden of a notoriously lenient prison that has just rioted. Will you subjugate the rowdy inmates through force, or will you be subjugated yourself as your resistance towards their nonstop sexual advances starts dropping? Shape yourself and the prison the way you want to with the Edicts system! Struggle against sexual advances with the Willpower and Desire system! Become more and more vulnerable to sex with the Passives system!​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-08-20
Developer: Remtairy Patreon – Discord – Twitter – SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.9a.p2
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre:2D game, 2DCG, Female protagonist, Anal sex, Creampie, Titfuck, Groping, Spanking, Corruption, Monster, Group sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Footjob, Big tits, Turn based combat

Installation: 1. Extract and run.

v9A.p2 Changelog
The cutscene for the first time Karryn gets into a scandalous state should now play properly. The cutscene might play again if you’ve already seen it before in your save, that is fine.
v9A.p Changelog
Added human variations to the cut-in for ejaculating inside Karryn’s mouth.
Edicts that increase the max durability of Karryn’s warden outfit will now have a bigger effect against temporary damage.
Fixed a bug with equip sets duping accessories.
Fixed a missing image error with anal bead cutins.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos corrected.
v9A.o3 Changelog
Fixed animated cut-ins reverting back to the first frame of the animation.
Fixed flaunt’s cut-in appearing after Karryn’s dialogue is fully said.
v9A.o2 Changelog
Fixed a missing image error with the new event.
v9A.o Changelog
Added Equip Sets. Equip Sets help you easily switch between different equip sets.
Added new human variations to some of the cut-ins that did not have human variations yet.
Added small battle effects to show which enemy is using Talk/Sight/Petting skills.
Added a new event that pops up the first time Karryn is in a scandalous state.
The game now autosaves right before battles.
Scandelous state no longer carries over to New Game Plus.
Minor CG issues fixed.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos corrected.
v9A.n Changelog
Removed the clock from the screen once Karryn started having sex during the Waitress side job.
Fixed minor CG issues with defeated guard battle.
Fixed another audio related bug from v9.m.
v9A.m2 Changelog
Fixed a bug in the Waitress side job.
Fixed a missing audio file bug during the first riot cutscene.
v9A.m Changelog
New facial expressions added for the Waitress side job when Karryn flashes.
The exact same battle dialogue will no longer appear twice in a row.
Added a new system for male voice sound effects.
The text for Karryn’s battle dialogue is now in bold font.
Karryn now starts the first day in New Game and New Game Plus with a good night’s sleep.
Modified the formula for Breather and Rest during the Receptionist side job.
Fixed a bug with the glory hole battle when having sex with the left hole.
Fixed minor CG issues with the Level 3 defeat battle.
Fixed minor CG issues with waitress sex CG.
Fixed minor CG issues with story cutscenes.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos corrected.

The Daily Report now appears even if Karryn wakes up away outside of her office or a guard station.
The text for the selected option in the Settings menu is now bolden to help with readability.
Minor typos corrected.
Fixed not being able to access the Store in Level 2 from the Reading Room while Level 2 is in Anarchy if Karryn is in a scandelous state.
Fixed missing image errors with the kick counter CG.
Fixed a bug where the Hot Coffee cheat was unlocking Passives that shouldn’t be affected.
Corrected an image for the Waitress side job.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos corrected.

Fixed a missing image bug with the footjob CG.
Fixed missing toy image bugs in a few CGs.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos corrected.
Fixed a bug with the Waitress side job where the customers’ portraits were not changing at all.
Fixed a bug where a cute little slime is seen wandering around the office during the Level 2 boss’ cutscene.
Fixed a bug with the Cheat that allows the History log to be usable during the Waitress side job not appearing properly.
Fixed a potential bug with the Smoother CG Loading setting.
Changed the code for how the Smoother Battle Cut-in Loading setting works.
Fixed Control not being properly calculated.
Fixed a bug after using the teleport guard NPC to go back to the office.
Added a NPC in front of the prison to cancel the Riot Suppression Training for Guards Edict if you want to get rid of it during the alpha build.
Fixed missing image errors in kneeling blowjob CG.
Fixed a missing image error in the laying paizuri CG.
Fixed a missing image error in the Level 3 defeated battle.
Fixed missing image errors in the glory hole.
Fixed a willpower bug with the waitress side job
Fixed a missing image error during the defeated guard battle.
Fixed a missing image error in the lizardman cowgirl CG.
Fixed income and expense not being properly calculated.
Fixed the defeat battle not triggering properly if Karryn loses the battle in the Yard or EB Hallway while in a scandelous state.
Fixed missing image errors when a goblin has sex after performing cunnilingus on Karryn.
Fixed missing image errors when a slime fucks Karryn’s mouth while fucking her ass.
Fixed missing image errors with Karryn’s cowgirl CGs.
Fixed missing image errors with the standing handjob CG.
Fixed footjob and titjob damage to enemies being miscalculated.
Fixed the starting Titles Skilled Manager and Management Consultant giving the wrong Max Subsidies.
Fixed a bug where certain enemies on the map weren’t being removed after being defeated on Level 2.
The Sync Monitor FPS setting is renamed to Force 60 FPS.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos corrected.
Made adjustments to the CG for Level 4 Defeat.
Fixed the penalty to Control from bankruptcy not being displayed on the main screen.
Fixed a bug in the Waitress side job when one of the bar goers is telling a joke and then for whatever reason is no longer in the bar and other bar goers attempt to listen to a joke that is no longer being told. The greatest joke in the world is the one not being told.
Hopefully fixed a bug where enemies still act right before being subdued.
Removed the red screen flash effect that can happen while moving around on the map.
Minor typos corrected.
Altered the Level 4 sex CGs a little bit.
Added a small change to graphics that might improve performance for some.
3 additional Rimjob related Passives are now obtainable.
Buffed werewolves a little bit.
Slightly lowered pleasure damage from being spanked.
Goblins in the Receptionist side job have a higher chance of going for vaginal sex or cunninlingus.
Slime’s stamina regen icon no longer appears during Defeat battles.
Fixed monsterous type inmates’ faces overlapping with other inmates’ faces during Defeat battles.
Fixed a bug where Karryn is being fucked by slime in the slime CG and a different slime is able to join in.
Multiple adjustments made to the Waitress side job, specifically of note: People more likely to fall asleep once drunk, and people will wait a bit before asking to be flashed again.
Fixed slimes not getting a blowjob during their sex CG.
Fixed a bug where orgasming while masturbating in battle by fingering ass counted as a toy orgasm.
In the Receptionist side job when there’s a request that Karryn can not accept, all other skills except Reject Request will be disabled.
Visitors in the Receptionist side job will no longer put their finger in Karryn’s mouth instead of kissing her.
Fixed a CG bug when Karryn falls down to floor on her butt.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos fixed.

Fixed a bug where the hit to Order when a Level riots overnight isn’t being reduced properly.
The Daily Report will also now be clear about how much Order got lost overnight from the riot triggering.
Fixed a bug where the level of one type of Hobo was 80 higher than intended. That’s a strong Hobo.
Fixed a bug where the number of enemies in the Level 4 Defeated battle could be lower than intended.
Fixed minor bugs.
Fixed minor typos.

Removed a hidden undocumented change from v7 to how enemy Overblow Protection was being calculated when Karryn used Slam. Basically it could potentially leave tough enemies with 1 hp remaining. This will end up being as a slight nerf to Slam in certain situations.
Slimes on Level 2 now have lower Overblow Protection. In fact, they now have exactly enough Overblow Protection that they can get 1 hitted with the halberd edict Offensive Upgrade II. What a strange coincidence.
Fixed a bug with Level 2 Defeat after getting the edict Offer Accessibility for Orcs.
A huge change that took me a whole day + how many months I have thought about it in the past to figure out. CG display bugs will now finally properly be inputted onto the player’s screen and into the ErrorLog.txt file inside the game folder. I wish I figured out how to do like two years ago because it would’ve save me a lot of headache debugging user reports, but better late than never!
Minor typos fixed.
Fixed a bug where the Level 4 boss won’t respawn in New Game Plus.
Fixed being able to enter Level 4 before it is unlocked.
Fixed a bug with the Lizardman’s AI.
Fixed a few CG bugs related to toys and the new CGs.
Minor bugs fixed.
Note: Supposedly, under certain circumstances the Defeat Battles may become messed up with sex CGs carried over from the fight before the defeat battle. If you encounter this, please upload your savefile to the #kp-bug-reports channel on our Discord and upload it BEFORE you finish the defeat battle so the savefile doesn’t get overwritten. And also please provide as much details as you can remember on what happened.
Made it easier to escape from Level 4 after being defeated.
Fixed a bug where enemies could kiss Karryn as soon as she has 50 Mouth Desire.
Fixed a CG bug with the Level 4 Defeat battle where semen weren’t being displayed on Karryn’s right arm.
Minor typos fixed.
Fixed a bug with one of the artisan meals.
Fixed a bug with the werewolf combat AI’s decision making.
Fixed the Defeat Battle not triggering properly after losing the Invasion Battle in Level 4.
Fixed a CG bug with yeti’s titty fuck CG when Karryn has a pink rotor attached.
Fixed the passive requirement for the edict Research: Nerd Study being wrong.
Minor bugs fixed.
Note that earlier editions of the v8 Changelog had a line that said there is a new Bathroom Edict. This is actually just me being bad at copy and pasting, there is in fact no new Bathroom related Edict in v8. Sorry for the confusion.
Fixed a bug with other inmates snatching Karryn from a werewolf that is currently mating with her, causing the werewolf to break the game.
Fixed a bug with the Glory side activity.

Fixed a bug with recieving the emperor’s gift after beating the Level 4 boss.
Fixed a bug related to acquiring one of the new Titles

Fixed a bug with one of the map in Level 4 Anarchy.
Fixed a bug with not being able to exit the Strip Club while Level 3 is Subjugated.
Fixed the requirement of the Edict Refurbish Gym Equipment being wrong.
Fixed a minor CG issue with werewolf’s sex CG.
Minor typos fixed.

A new Edict is available after the Bathroom is repaired!
Level 4 Anarchy is now available!
Level 3 can now be Subjugated!
Level 3 can now Riot!
Implemented 39 new Edicts.
Implemented 28 new Titles.
Implemented 9 new Passives.
57 additional Passives are now obtainable.
Optimized core MV code to reduce the lag while the game is processing enemy turns.
Changed the Battlelog Duration setting to be much faster overall.
The longer time settings for Waitress and Receptionist battles are now removed during normal gameplay. The option to play longer during these battle will show up again after defeating the latest boss.
The Waitress battle will prematurely end as a defeat if all glasses and mugs are shattered.
Changed the way stamina cost for Waitress and Receptionist skills are calculated to favor Karryn when she has above average Stamina either through training or Accessories and stuff.
The flavor text for Titles now say how the Title was earned. This should help people with dozens and dozens of Titles remember how they got this or that Title.
Karryn’s Title should now automatically be switched to Emperor’s Secretary on New Game Plus to avoid issues with Titles that trigger when equipped for the first time.
The income from Outsourcing Edict Points is now displayed as a separate item on the ledger for clarity. Hopefully this means less people will be confused or surprised when their income drops after spending edict points. Outsourcing income is also no longer affected by income% increases.
Squiggly lines will now always show up while Karryn is Off-balanced.
Halved the buff to Attack that angry enemies get.
The left and right side in Specialization Edicts can now be respecced anytime.
Buffed the effects of Halberd Offensive/Defensive Edicts and Unarmed Training edicts.
Changes to formula on clothes pull skill used by enemies. The Stamina Damage to Karryn is now mostly based on her Strength and Strip Resist. Meanwhile Karryn’s strength has an even bigger impact on reducing clothing damage from the clothes pull skill.
Masturbation damage is no longer reduced by Endurance.
Masturbation damage is more affected by Dexterity.
Karryn’s pleasure damage dealt to others is more affected by Dexterity.
Counterattack damage is now affected by Dexterity. Having higher Dexterity than the enemy’s increases counterattack damage while having lower Dexterity diminishes it.
Counterattacks now mainly gives Dexterity experience.
Increased Mind experience gain from most sources especially high tier willpower skills.
Increased the penalty to Critical Evasion that erect enemies get.
Buffed the effects of Cool and Collected (when Karryn’s desires are all below 50) by 50%.
Buffed the Titles Stunning Warden and Enchanting Warden’s equip effects.
Buffed some of the Agility related accessories.
Buffed the accessory Moon Earrings to also give Stamina Growth.
Buffed the accessories Skull Earrings, Sun Earrings and Diamond Necklace.
Changed the evasion effect in Titles such as Enchanting Warden to be multiplicative instead of additive.
Changed the passive effect of the Title Fort Ganon’s Flower to only be activated after equipping it once.
Changed the equip effect of Sleepy Beauty from Agility -66% to Evasion -50%.
Tripled the Agility experience gained from evading attacks.
Wanted enemies now get reset on New Game Plus even if you carry over your stats.
High tier titles will no longer reward skill unlocks, instead they will decrease their Edict Cost by 50%.
Fixed names of goblins who fucked Karryn during the Receptionist battle not being recorded in the Records screen.
Fixed the Final Destination Title not giving Karryn double Critical Rate.
Fixed the Specialization Edict Stamina Training: Foundation not actually increasing Critical Evasion.
Fixed the accessory Star Earrings reducing Energy Growth by more than intended.
Fixed the accessory Ruby Necklace decreasing Critical Damage instead of Sapphire Necklace.
Fixed a bug with toys in the Toilet side activity.
Fixed a bug where off-balance was decreasing evasion by more than intended.
Fixed a bug when you buy the luxury bed while standing on the spots where the new bed will appear on.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos fixed.
Fixed anal creampies not giving Karryn any pleasure at all.
Fixed the end of battle results displaying the wrong number for the number of times Karryn masturbated.
Minor bug fixed.
Fixed a bug with Karryn’s expressions and lines while masturbating.
Fixed a bug with the requirements for Cock Stare related Passives.
Fixed minor toy related bugs with the Glory Hole.
Fixed a bug with the Title, Everyone’s Idol.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos fixed.
Fixed a CG bug that some very old saves may experience.
Fixed the Sun Earrings still having removed effects from previous versions.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos fixed.

Fixed a bug with the Glory Hole that causes all the CGs to disappear.
Tweaked the BGM volume during side activities a little bit.
Minor bugs fixed.
Fixed a bug with the Glory Hole that causes all the CGs to disappear.
Fixed a bug with the Glory Hole that causes all the CGs to disappear.
Added a BGM shift in the Glory Hole.
Added icons to the NPCs in the Yard.
Fixed Yasu not being able to strip Karryn during the tutorial battle.
Minor typos fixed.

Fixed a CG bug that some very old saves may experience.
Minor Glory Hole CG issues and balance fixed.
Minor typo fixes.
Fixed 2 CG bugs with the Glory Hole battle: one related to post ejaculation while giving blowjobs, and one that causes Karryn to spawn a third arm.
Fixed the post battle result screen miscounting the number of people Karryn subdued sexually.
Fixed running out of Stamina and Energy during the Glory Hole battle not properly sending Karryn into the Level Two Defeated battle.
Minor typo fixes.
Fixed a bukkake related cut-in bug during the Glory Hole.
Minor typos fixed.
Fixed lizardman cut-ins causing the game to freeze.
Minor typos fixed.
v7B Changelog
A new Edict is available after the Bathroom is repaired!
Changed how Passives are acquired. Instead of Passives having a static requirement, the requirement for next Passive in the same set will always require a certain number. Basically, this new system will make Passives take longer to acquire.
Overall requirements for most Passives are also increased.
All enemy sex starter skills now require Karryn to be almost naked. Previously, certain skills like handjobs and blowjobs only required Karryn to be halfway undressed unlike penetration sex which required her to be almost naked.
Buffed Level 2 Boss’s Stamina by 50%.
There is now a message at the end of battle result screen that informs you when Karryn is at the Warden Level Limit and will not gain any more stat levels.
Additionally, sexual related results are added to the end of the battle result screen.
Karryn can no longer gain a Sadism Level from using the Anal Sex skill.
Added a Rest skill for the Receptionist battle.
Added a new option in the Setting for changing the Battle Log text size. By default it is also now smaller than before.
Code optimization on one of RPGMaker MV’s core functions. This should hopefully reduce the lag on lower end computers.
Changed the effects of most of the starting Titles.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos fixed.

Fixed a bug where Karryn can get so sexually frustrated that it causes the game to get errors.
Minor typos fixed.

Rush attacks by thugs and nerds no longer make Karryn off-balance if she can evade all the attacks.
Increased the clothing damage Karryn takes when she evades.
Starting this version, the Records tab in the Status menu will no longer count masturbation actions Karryn does to herself as something other people did. Aka stuff like ‘Got my boobs squeezed __ times by __ different people.’
Fixed graphical bug with Karryn’s CG not updating during waitress side job.
Other minor bugs fixed.
Minor typos fixed.

Fixed a bug that corrupts new game and new game plus saves.


Level 3 Anarchy is now available!
Level 2 Subjugated and Rioting is now available!
Over 100 new Edicts!
Around 10 new Passives, including a Passive that gives Karryn the sex skill for anal sex!
Hundreds and hundreds of new battle dialogue!
3 new enemy types along with 2 exclusive sex CGs!
New CG variations for all of Karryns sex skill CGs!
New CG variations and expressions for standing sex CG!
New Karryn reactions to the Emperor’s letters!
BGM changes!
Bug fixes!


Buffed inmate stats in side jobs
Minor balance changes
Minor bug fixes


Pleasure damage to Karryn is now capped by various factors. This is to prevent scenarios that don’t make sense such as a low slut level Karryn with no kissing passives going from zero to orgasm from a single kiss.
Fixed Research: Laundry Product not adding an item to the store
Lowered base critical damage for everyone
Undid a change to the critical chance formula from v5
Minor balance changes
Minor bug fixes


Karryn now acts first for the first turn in a normal battle
Changed Control to not decrease as fast during Anarchy
Lowered the hit to Order when a Level riots overnight
Added more battle dialogue for when thug type enemies internally ejaculating during anal sex
Fixed a bug with using the anal sex skill during the Level 2 Defeated scene while there is a slime present
Minor typo fixes

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