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Just Bros is the main, full featured length visual novel. A dating simulation featuring multiple hotties to pursue, routes and endings. There are proper potential dates and also one night stand hookups throughout for you to participate it. The game aims to include variety of different guys with different professions etc. From twinks to daddies, there’s something for everyone.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-08-23
Developer: Ello Fat Dog Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Male domination, Male protagonist, Gay, Adventure

Chapter 26

Chapter 25

Chapter 24 Part 2

Chapter 24 Part 1

This chapter fun scenes also come in 3 tiers, each hinging on the level of affection cultivated with the character.
The initial tier demands minimal affection, ensuring an easy entry into the chapter’s fun scenes for majority of the players.
In keeping with the narrative’s emphasis on a sense of ‘realism’, this chapter also ventures into uncharted territory by presenting it’s first ever ‘unrealistic CG’ – an exclusive CG attainable only but unlocking tier 3
Story progression for Jack Jasper Jorge & Mikhail
+ New characters images added including Yan / Ryder / Mikhail / Jack / Vinny / Jorge.

– The requirements for the ‘tag-team’ fun event has been made easier to achieve
– Initially you need to pass a persuasion check and an affinity check to get the scene
– But the first persuasion check will immediately lower your affinity before doing the affinity check.
– This has been changed so that your affinity is only lowered after you completed the fun event, and not during the persuasion, allowing more patrons to hit the requirements


– This episode second ‘fun scene’ has the highest check requirements thus far! You you have to complete both a persuasion check as well as a high affinity check with the ‘partner’ to achieve this route. Not only that, this route will decrease your affinity with the ‘partner’

– This means it will jeopardize your ending if you wishes to pair up with this partner at the end. But if this partner is not your final choice, feel free to have fun with him if your affinity check with him is high enough.

– Of course if you wish to do this route without affecting your relationship, you can always reload your save. So save often and save multiple slots!

– And yes, the overall idea is you get to pick your final romance option at the finality of the game.

– Due to feedbacks, the fun route is not as missible as previous chapter and the treasure hunt is simplified (but still requires a bit of thinking and talking around)

– If you have good relationship with your friends, they will help you streamline the hunt even faster by providing you with direct answers/help (Do attempt the challenges without guide first or you may miss out a number of dialogues with your friends)

– I have also redo characters images including Vinny / Rufus / Griff / Niall / Yan / Ryder. All other characters will receive this treatment. This is to standardized all characters images to reflect their sizes etc. Past chapters images will be *remaster* the same way once the game is completed or when I have the time

– Please do save more with multiple save slots for different characters if you wish to explore different routes with each characters as the requirements for affinity checks will start getting higher~

This episode contains a treasure hunt! Yep have fun hunting for the treasure. I promise the clues are not very difficult to figure out but can be a bit tricky. If you need a lil help, there’s always the guide for Vanilla patrons
This episode fun event is also a little elusive.
hint : Finding the treasure and getting the fun event is totally separate in this episode. You can get both, either one or none at all.

No Bro

This concludes the fight club arc.
+ This episode will branch out to 3 different routes, all routes have their own unique CGs.
+ Additional CGs is unlocked if your fighting skill is at level 2
+ The ending section requires you to have save yan in previous chapter to unlock the happy ending for this chapter
There are 32 new CGs in this chapter.

– Fix Mikhail’s dialogue showing up as Mia.
– Added stats checking at the start of the chapter. There is an issue where fighting skill is not displayed during stats check. Your fighting skill will just be shown when you start the chapter instead.
– A lot of players are confused where to increase your fighting skills to win the fight. There are 2 instances where you can train with Yan, in chapter 11 & chapter 13. You have to save Yan from Griff to unlock these training sessions too. This is to reward players who chose to train with Yan in the earlier chapters
– Winning the fight will just show alternate CG where you win the fight duh & a bonus +5 affection with Yan. All CGs will sent to vanilla patrons in full HD next month


Please note that all changes will only be in effect if you begin the chapter from the start. As usual thanks for reporting any issues and continue to feel free dm-ing me

The underground fight club is here and the boys are ready to rumble
Yan is the man of the hour and as usual, you will need to accumulate a certain amount of affection with him these past chapters to see the naughtier route
The event is has not ended yet and will continue in part 2 in the next update



Chapter 12
This update is focus on Ellis as I have been neglecting him for a long time.
Advise to start a new game for Ellis Romance playthrough if you haven’t been investing in him!
You will need to accept his invitation in the previous episode.
Having high affection rating with him will unlock a alternative route in this episode too

In this update:
+ Ellis story update
+ Presley story update

Chapter 11

+ Ellis story update
+ Yan story update (if you save yan in previous chapter and open his romance route)
+ A little bonus naughty Raymond scenario (if you choose the right option)
+ Bonding time with either Jorge, Vinny, Jasper or Ryder

Known Issue:
Hello! I recently changed the dialogue box color and it causes an issue where you can’t see what you type because it’s black text against black backdrop.
This is only an issue at the start of the game for new players when you are typing your name.
The issue will be rectify in the next release.
As for now, it’s very faint but still seeable! Just type your name and press enter.

Chapter 10

+ Minor progression for Presley, Mikhail, Raymond, Rufus
+ Bonding time with either Vinny / Jasper / Ryder
+ Optional route to hire Reuben for massage
+ Optional route to tutor new bro Feng

This chapter will involve more player choice on who they want to spend their time with. It will result in missible events in the future.
The plot will also slowly unfold as it links up multiple characters
This month happy hour is with Rufus, so if you haven’t been trying to win him over, it will not trigger.
Save often and save in multiple slots!


The walkthrough adds hints in the choices that give points.


PC/MAC: Replace/Merge with the “game” folder.

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Mega Workupload


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