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You find yourself on a flight, before you reach your destination the plane crashes. You end up on a tropical island, where plants, creatures and people are all alien & very hostile to you.

This is a sandbox trainer game, with visual novel story telling and top down exploration. The game is very early stages, so a lot of stuff will have a major overhaul in future updates. AMD users: please refer to the API changer for any graphical bugs.

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-08-31
Developer: Forlorn Faun Patreon – Itch.io – Discord – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.27a
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Ahegao, Male Protagonist, 3D game, Adventure, Creampie, Corruption, Fantasy, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Rape, Animated, Harem, Sandbox, Random Character Generation, Bdsm, Big tits, Small tits, Combat, Big Ass, Trainer, Humor, Corruption, Pregnancy, Pregnant Sex



  • Merrill’s storyline was added.
  • A new story opening is added.

Cosmetics and Hair

  • Added goblin hair options for cosmetics
  • A new eyelash type was added.


  • New thrall outfit.


  • Added blowjob option


  • Goddess and Merrill ritual scene added.


  • Pregnancy is enabled for both goblin and human models.


Female NPCs: Humans
This and scripting the meshes been the majority of the work

  • New human females implemented
  • Two versions can be encountered in the exploration zone.
  • Entirely new generation.


  • Timid, curious, and Aggressive personalities have been added back; so far, you can train them to be fanatics, until the next update.

Cosmetic and Hair

  • Facial markings should be available for both goblins and females.
  • Piercings were added for Goblins and humans.
  • Piercings work well; there are some issues with different body types, however.
  • Goblins and humans share the same hair group, so Goblin now has access to all hair types.
  • Pelvic hair was added for Both Goblins and Humans.


  • Goblins and Humans share the same clothing group.
  • New Vagrant attire has been added for humans.
  • New fishnet tights


  • added a button to see additional bars, such as pain and comfort; these don’t fully function at the moment aside from pain and don’t matter much as I haven’t added new conditional personality types.
  • added a slight change to slapping involving a similar mini game to the sweet spot mini-game.


  • Several new human NPCs are there for testing.
  • There is a basic test NPC that you can talk to, but I would advise against it!


  • 3 new restrained paired animations for human females
  • 4 new free animations
  • Each of the 4 new animations has a conditional state that will unlock a new loop to the mix if the NPC goes under the “charmed” conditional.

In the future, I will add more conditions and different animations for each.


  • Added first-person mode.

Bug fixes and other

  • I fixed up the texture glitches on legacy female characters, This will only be fixed on Gertrude and Ezzy.
  • The menu is now a beach.

That’s mostly what I’ve gotten done this busy month, as I’ve run out of time and don’t want to push a broken update.

I’ve tested through most things except for the story, and it should all function well. If anyone encounters any issues that are not stated above, please contact me!



  • Gertrude’s companion storyline.


  • New exploration features and adjustments.
  • Some new dungeon rooms.
  • New boss.

New outfit: Gertrude only at the moment.

  • New priestess outfit.


  • 5 New Nipple piercings.

Animations : Only Gertrude for this update.

  • 6 new paired animations, will be linked back to the training and bedroom.

Lockpicking system.

  • Very basic at the moment.

Other stuff

  • Encounter camera break fix.
  • Increased thrall capacity from 4 to 11.
  • Added a patron name list in settings and main menu, its fairly barebones in its current version.
  • Some changes to the transformation and clothing, I’ve been trying to find the bug that resets everything on rest, so more elaboration would be awesome.
  • Various bug fixes and other stuff.


So what’s new?


  • New bedroom area created, will be later unlocked with a story, but accessible for tests.
  • You can favorite an NPC for this area.


  • Footjob animation, still a work in progress as the male model needs an update.
  • 2 new paired animations for the bedroom.
  • Slight animation tweaks.
  • Slight changes to facial emotions in paired animations.


  • 9 new public hairs added and can be customized.
  • Character face normal maps have been smoothed out.
  • Lip texture shading updated, colors will invert but will allow for some new styles and detail.
  • Added new lip generation overlay, 3 different types.


  • 4 new underwear.
  • 4 new bras.
  • 3 types of leggings


  • 3 new types of food added.
  • Apricot, Cherry and Ripe Cherry.
  • Apricot, Cherry and Ripe Cherry.
  • Apricot decreases rear.
  • Cherry increases lip size
  • Ripe Cherry decreases lip size.
  • There will also be an indicator when you’ve reached max.

Exploration and Dungeons

  • First very simple dungeon added to the game can be accessed west of the main test room spawn area.
  • Three very basic rooms and two corridors.
  • New enemy AI.
  • Boar and Baby moa birds.
  • New items drop in the dungeon (They don’t do anything as of yet but will be used for alchemy)
  • The dungeon randomly generates but as it’s so simple and not very creative as of right now.


  • Stamina bar added.
  • Sprinting added – Left shift.
  • Health bar added.
  • Stamina decreases with rolling and running.
  • Zero stamina causes double damage debuff.
  • No death just yet.

Ezzy shop updated

  • Relinked Ezzy’s animations.
  • Only the set up for Ezzy’s shop and questing, you can sell things to Ezzy but the money won’t stay.

Training room

  • Added the very basics of the rear view in the training room, needed to expand upon that in the next couple of days, fix it up and all so it works again.
  • Added solo climaxing. (Work in progress)

Settings and other things

  • Option in settings to disable pregnancy, this will basically hide it, as some animations just don’t work with it, I plan to make alternate animations for pregnant characters when I get around to doing a pregnancy overhaul.
  • Been trying to sort out Mac issues as well, which has been.. annoying…It only works with OpenGL, I’ll be working on it this month to get it working metal, sorry mac users. I promise I’ll get it working right!
  • Inclusion of ambient occlusion.
  • Heh.
  • Okay, I’m going to take a small break before I go insane now. There are a couple rare softlock bugs but should be easily solved with a restart. Sorry about them, I try to squish as many as I can find.


What’s new?

Food and transformation

Fruit can be acquired from special trees, or trees in this case, these are basic and capped in the current version going up to 40-60% increase or decrease.

  • Basic feeding system: It will be more complex in the future and ties into alchemy.
  • 5 different types of fruit can be acquired and fed to npc’s, in future there will obviously be more.
  • Each fruit will have a very subtle effect, used for alchemy in the future for more increased effects.
  • To get fruit, roll into trees!
  • Plum – Increase weight.
  • Strawberry – Decrease weight.
  • Bean – Increase bust.
  • Fig – Decrease bust.
  • Raspberry, Increase rear.

The player themselves cannot eat them as player stats are not done.


Remember that weird dodge mechanic in 0.01a, it’s back baby!
GUI likes to conflict with the space button, really sorry! it will get it fixed in future versions, it can be annoying.

  • Dodge roll added to the game.
  • The player can roll into fruit trees in order to drop a fruit.
  • The drop is unlimited for now, just for testing sake.

Trader Clothing

You can purchase all the clothing from the village shop, there is no money in the game so it’s all free real estate.

Trader Items

Only the framework is down, There isn’t anything to sell in the game yet and I wouldn’t bother trying to buy anything, it won’t work, but at least the shop wont soft lock players anymore.

  • When trading is incorporated, you won’t be able to sell the fruit, there is a good reason why no one will buy them, so to save you time, please don’t go rolling into a tree to build up 4000 fruit.

Clothing customization added back

Npc clothing can be changed again.


  • New paired animation – Really happy with this one – Only works with converted characters.
  • Slight adjustments to pinned mission animation.
  • Alternative hand and leg positions for the pinned missionary positions.

All of these options would normally be unlocked by purchasing the book from Ezzy’s shop; I’ve temporarily enabled them until I’ve enabled a purchase method.

Bugs and other stuff.

  • Did you know pregnancy was disabled… I swear it wasn’t. It’s back up now. sorry!
  • Fixed camera bugs.
  • Fixed transitioning bugs between explore rooms.
  • Fixed issue with Body marking 03 not appearing, should appear now.
  • Fixed blushing.
  • Female sprite not disabling after finishing interaction.
  • Devotion should not reset anymore or appear to increase after stress.
  • Camera pole bug fix, whatever the fuck that was.


What’s new?
Makeup & Hair

  • Added facial and hair alteration to work with the new face.
  • Updated every natural hair color shade.
  • Shader changes.

Sex and animations

  • New paired animation – pinned anal.
  • Added blowjob animation.

Female character

  • New climax effect for both male and female characters.
  • Facial expression changes to fanatic character.
  • New blend shapes.
  • Added thicker legs.


  • Mind breaking is slightly different now, but still simple to accomplish.

GUI changes.

  • Changed over some GUI buttons to fit the pixel UI theme style.

Training room

  • Countless fixes and tweaks to the room.
  • All outside animations inside the training room.
  • I have REMOVED all the old animations, they weren’t up to quality as the new ones and I’m really working hard to improve my work.

Other stuff

  • The entire animation system has been swapped over to allow for paired interactions outside of the training area.
  • Slight camera changes for encounter exploration.
  • A lot of nameless bug fixes.
  • Fixed pink color saturation in training room (Need confirmation)


What is new??
This has been a major overhaul to character faces, so a lot of features have been disabled temporarily.

Female generation
Basically the entire female face and body are randomly generated now, allowing for pretty much anything in the limit of the character generator, in the future I can further improve this version or make custom variants for different village types/monster girls.

  • New character generation.
  • New facial structure shapes.
  • New face textures.
  • New body textures.
  • New brow type.
  • New random lip generation.
  • Remodeled all face shapes to work better.
  • 9 New hair types.
  • Modeled new teeth and tongue.
  • With this face change, I’ve basically had to remake everything about the female character, so I’ll save you the time of listing every minute detail.

NPC stuff

  • Added back fanatic face type, only breakable version for now.
  • Can enable and disable tears on the settings menu.
  • Changed up physics.
  • New idles.
  • Added saliva!

Exploration stuff.

  • Minor changes.
  • You can now use the eye button to observe npc’s from afar.
  • You can strip NPCs on encounters.
  • New paired animation which can be done in encounter mode.
  • Remade the entire encounter area.

Other stuff.

  • Menu girl changed.
  • Chalice bug should be fixed, it still occurs, switching to OpenGL bypasses it.
  • Disabled Ezzy soft lock bug.
  • Dialogue bug fixes.
  • Lots of lighting changes.
  • Redone the entire saving and loading system as the old version doesn’t work with updated faces and body.
  • Other bug fixes which I’ve not listed.


What’s New? – You can press F for Fullscreen and ESC to access settings.

This update is mostly applies to Merrill.

Complete facial reconstruction and body things.

This has taken so much time and has been way more complicated than I anticipated.

  • Face polygons updated.
  • Remodeled all facial expressions.
  • Added new eyebrow rigging for more expressions.
  • Remodeled mouth and tongue.
  • Added tongue rigging to mouth.
  • Added model type inverted nipples.
  • Body material changed up.
  • Fixed hands on female model.

New facial animations and controller.

  • Animations on triggers, such as insertion and in future other sexual interactions.
  • Eye animation can now also be controlled through this.

Tutorial quest.

  • Merrill can be met through the basic tutorial which is trigger after speaking to the goddess for the first time.
  • Basic quest to acquire her.

Training stuff.

Training is very broken as of right now, I’ve disabled things like spanking and some of these animations need to be better!

  • IK issues fixed in some areas.
  • New Gag-job animation added.
  • New restrained sexual animation which will stand as default for now.
  • Restrained cowgirl now has options to alternate NPC hand positions after 65+ devotion.
  • Breaking animation changed slightly (Only for Merrill, for now)

Cage/Cell stuff.

  • You can speak to Merrill and she will respond based around devotion in the Cell, not entirely finished.
  • Different cell animation based around devotion.


  • Some slight alterations.
  • Moving to new areas flows a little better.
  • There’s a lil snek now & chicken now.

Other stuff and settings.

  • You should be able to change the UI between vertical and horizontal to fix any cut off with GUI.
  • Unnoted bug fixes.
  • A lot of IK fixes.

Bugs to note and stuff.

  • You can still access the old NPCs after you finish Merrill’s quest.
  • I’m working hard on these animations people, I’ll get better I swear!


What’s new? – You can press F for Fullscreen, which may or may not fix this screen issue some people have.

Dungeons & Chains framework added.

  • Still needs more tweaking but I will be changing over a lot of the standing training animations to work with the chain, to get of those horrible ropes.
  • Chain is active in the female cell and in the rear view.
  • New dungeon cell added to replace previous cell.
  • New training room replacing previous one.

Training room – Interact updates.

  • Groping animations now rotate the bust.
  • Rear mode slapping is still a test, very buggy as of this build.
  • Rear mode, can be accessed through standing mode, this mode still requires a lot more work with skinning and balancing of areas.
  • So far you grope, with IK animation and stretching.

Animation updates.

  • New paired animation – Restricted cowgirl.

This can be accessed through Restricted mode > Paired
This will later be more complicated with more features.
PS: First person camera looks really good with this animation as I designed it around that.
Also sound effects have been added to this paired animation.

  • Only the the basic table animations have been updated and only slightly to work with the new pelvis bones.
  • New Rear animations.

Female model updates – Hard to see but there are some significant changes and a lot of clothes will break because of it.

  • Added new bones in genital areas.
  • Skin and normal maps updated they should have way higher quality detail now.
  • Updated Nipple region with bones now.
  • Nipples are now shaped differently, might look weird on any other skin type than 00.
  • NPC Nipples get erect with lust.
  • Bust and Rear physics have been updated.
  • New hairstyle – Loose. added into the game. testing with new physics.

Settings, fixes and other.

  • Some dialogue crashes fixed.
  • GPU issues should be fixed now.
  • Esc soft locking game fixed.
  • Game should now scale to all resolutions, including ultrawide. (Might need a confirmation on that one.)
  • Other fixes I can’t remember right now.
  • Menu updated.
    • Fixed first person mind breaking, well disabled it for now on both ends
  • Fixed floating head
  • Sound effects manager for sex effected added


What’s new?

New paired animation.

  • New anal lap dance animation added into the game.
  • Can be accessed from the animation list, will be splitting them up in the next update to its own category.

New clothing

  • Thrall clothing has been added, these new things can be acquired by doing the simple test quest from Ezzy.

Clothing and new hair physics added into the game.

This is something I just added in last minute, which works really nicely. although I’ll need to do a lot of tweaking before I get it perfect.

  • New hair named: Straight free. This has hair physics enabled, although its an old hair style which I wasn’t planning on using so its there for demonstration purposes.

New exploration system.

The controls are still very basic, for mainly testing, I’ll get more control schemes in the next update.

  • WASD keys to move.
  • LMB to attack from direction.
  • E to interact.
  • New AI things scattered around.
  • Critter framework: There are little rabbits now, you can chase them, its great.

You can only chase them, if you manage to kill one, it’ll probably break the game. They’ll be used for aphrodisiacs’ and other ingredients like creating monster girls.

New Quest framework.
Only one quest is available at the moment, which is given from Ezzy, it is a to progress, opening the shop (which isn’t ready just yet) and she will give you a new outfit for doing the job.


What’s new?

– Untied Missionary animation has been redone.

– New first person view.

This can be activated on certain positions, it is still very rough and in the works and doesn’t make the female characters look so great.

Bug fixes and other

GUI fixes.
– Framerate button, saving correctly.
– Text Speed increased.
– Skip text now works on, space, mouse click and won’t break the game.
– New face change menu shouldn’t activate on unbroken thralls.
– Blowjob sound effects removed on hand jobs.
– Menu screen fix, should open on Fullscreen now on a first time launch.
Delete your config file to fix the screen 1/4 size issue.
-A lot of smaller bug fixes, which I didn’t write down. (I am making a better habit of it now)

v0.0525a – Graphical fixes included

New features.

AMD and Graphical fixes.
If you were previously having issues with AMD, you can now run the API-CHANGER.bat and change over the graphical settings .

For AMD try running Vulkan, that should fix the graphical issues and boost the fps.

New facial things.

  • Broken, Lover, Fanatic and Masochist, have their own facial progression with lust.
  • You can now change max climax face on the mind menu after a character has been broken.
  • Lover has a new climax face type.

Other stuff.

  • If Willpower wasn’t working before it should work now.
  • UI should be easier to navigate.
  • You should now be able to quickly swap between sexual animations without need to stop the animation.
  • New hand job animation (Still work in progress as wont be finished until I can actually sort proper liquids into the game or something similar)

Head up though, this is mainly for all the AMD users that had those glitches which made the game unplayable.
Will look for a better way to fix this in the future.
Thank you!


New features.

Animations and training.

  • Mind breaking is Much more simplified. Easier to control the outcome of the girl.
    • Mix and Match to get the right outcome, leaves room open to newer outcome
  • Changed the tied missionary animation.
  • New reverse cowgirl animation. (Unlocked on 50% pregnancy)
  • Masterbation is now activated in the standing position.
  • The Tied up button has been switched around for future reasons.

Pregnancy system.

A lot of animations will slightly clip now with pregnancy until I can edit them for pregnancy and heavier weight types, the belly needs to balanced for it.

  • All clothes, matched to work with pregnancy system.
  • 1% chance, but increased further with devotion and multiple climaxes.
  • Changes occur to character overtime.

Bug fixes.

  • Deleting girls shouldn’t be an issue now.
  • Other smaller bug fixes.
  • Engine upgraded to allow fur for future stuff.


  • Menu updated.
  • Resting system, doesn’t do much but speed up pregnancy.
  • Llama looks a little more creepier now, I just threw fur at it, so don’t be alarmed.


New features.
Story – Not much to do in the village as of this build, its only art set up and assets.

  • Player can now enter the village, once a corrupted girl is handed to the goddess.
  • 1 Character overhaul.
  • 1 new character introduction.
  • 1 new character reintroduction.


  • Graphics can be changed in settings
    • The whole issue with GPU should.. hopefully be solved and players can disable all the post processing effects on lower end PCs. It will look horrid though.

Animations and training.

  • Updated all the animation slightly and animation systems.

– Animations can likely fall out of sync in rare cases.

  • New blowjob system – still needs some tweaking but early system for future development.
  • New Paired Animation.
  • Doggy Animation changed – Anal stuff will added in future.

Bug fixes.

  • Smaller bug fixes.


New features.

  • Updated two old animations with new system. (Standing, Cowgirl)

– This is still rough, but with this new system. Animations should start flowing better.

  • High heel system – incorporated. (Still rough, but should work fine)
  • Whole new outfit and make up, customization, all set up, however the acquiring outfits will be changed in the future.
  • Female characters now have body markings.
  • 2x Leggings and 1x Arm wear.
  • Face and body cosmetics.
  • Facial and Body clothing.
  • I added a mat.

Bug fixes.

  • Smaller bug fixes.
  • Fixed the travel issue, getting to the goddess (Although its still pointless!)


What’s new?

  • New normal map over female character to bring out detail
  • Training room.
  • New outfit.

Bug Fixes

  • Major change to the way the bars increase, if anyone had bugs with devotion and stat’s resetting, they should be gone now.
  • GUI fixes to opening of the game for anyone who struggled to get past the phone screen.
  • Other smaller bug fixes.


0.03a Opening Build
Bug fixes.

A lot of bug fixes.
Entire overhaul of stress system, so it works correctly for the select few of people who get the game breaking stress bug, as this was the biggest major overhaul, I’ve had spend the majority of time, reconnecting everything to the core of this system.
UI fixes and tweaks.
Post processing tweaks.
Changed anti-aliasing.

New things.

Entire new opening scene with two new characters.
Modifications to base camp. (Currently still being overhauled)
New paired animation (Unlockable on acquiring new personality)
New Personality break type (Lover)
Main Character, skin and hair can be changed at the opening of the game.

Bruising and tearing system added to training phrase.
New facial progression for Timid personality type, (something all personalities will eventually have)
New types of camera effects transitions for local exploration.
Brightness setting in main gameplay loop.
Base look’s less ugly.

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