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High-Rise Climb is about Byron, a financial analyst who just recently started to struggle. Help Byron climb the corporate ladder to become the most powerful man in the world. What will you do with that power? Will you use it to help those around you, or will you like so many before you, get corrupted?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2019-11-23
Developer: smokeydots Patreon – Discord 
Censorship: None
Version: 0.94a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG; Corruption, Harem; Slice of Life, Rape, Futa/Trans, Cheating, Drugs, Group Sex, Sandbox, Sci-Fi, Voyeurism

v0.94a Patch Notes
Major Changes:

  • 451 Stills
  • 24 New Animations + 9 Background change animation

Added 6 Izumi Endings:

  • 3 Relationship endings
  • 3 Fear endings

Added Invite Izumi over to the Penthouse Condo. (REQ Sex with Izumi at her bedroom):

  • Added Izumi condo tour
  • Added Izumi conversation about AI
  • Added Dinner with Izumi and Sora
  • Added Sex with Izumi at the Condo
  • Added Encounter with Sora at the Condo


  • Added Izumi endings to the Gallery
  • Added Sora encounter to the Gallery
  • Added Izumi condo sex to the Gallery

Game Start:

  • Added second tier cheat after completing an Izumi ending and a Grace ending at the start of the game giving up to 6 million dollars.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed shorting brown Grace quest where your money disappears. (Got messed up last patch.)
  • Fixed Shorting brown Grace quest bug where you can not progress sometimes. (Got messed up last patch.)
  • Fixed shorting brown Grace quest dialogue issues.

0.92a Patch Notes:

Main Additions:
Added Engineering V Talent
Added Sentient AI Talent
Finalized all Talent Points (23 Total)
Added AI research Center
Added a Goals Opportunity
Added Quest Continuation for Angela Alcoholic Line
Added Quest Continuation for Angela Cured Line
Added Angela Bailey Threesome (If you choose not to go down this line get a different ending in the future.)
Added 18 Animations (5k + frames)
Added 204 Stills

Rework and Bug fixes:
Reworked Talent Tree
Fixed Bailey Quest Loop Bug
Completely reworked Bailey Opportunities to prevent getting lost.

v0.91a Patch Notes

  • Animations: 4200 frames (23 new animations)
  • Stills: 224
  • Icons: 60

Major Changes:

  • Added Goals as new Opportunity.
  • Added $15 million dollar goal.
  • Added Beach Condo for $15 million
  • Added 4 New Interactions when inviting Bella into the office.
  • Added Invite Jasmine (Real Estate Agent) to the condo after buying it.

Minor Changes:

  • Added Start of Curing Angela Addiction or Making It Worse
  • Angela stops laying on the sofa if you cure her addiction.
  • Added Menu music.
  • Added Game music Loop.


  • Angela’s Opportunities Tab now more clearly directs what to do next
  • If you have bought the condo. You get 7.5 million in investing capital if you have less than that.

Note: Took a bit longer than I had planned fitting everything together and troubleshooting everything. Not a huge patch, but sets the framework for all the romance and fear endings.

Main changes:
Added Work Level 6
Added Multi-Choice Quest Chain for Bella (After reaching Lvl 6)
Added 16 animations (1500 + frames)
Added 236 Still images
Breakdown Individual Events:
Jack Promotion 6
Bella Promotion 6
Bella/Carter Restaurant
Bella/Carter Nightclub
Bella/Carter Hotel room
Bella Relationship/Fear Progression at the Office
Bella Relationship Date (Restaurant)
Bella Relationship Date (Night Club)

Rebalanced Bella Hanging Out Rewards
Rebalanced Work Level Progression
Added wage increases to work level 3-5

Bug Fixes:
Fixed unable to travel to work (Stuck in time loop)
Fixed Ida Opportunity appearing too early
Fixed Jack work lvl 3 opportunity reminder not appearing
Fixed Aubrey Opportunities sometimes not appearing in Opportunities tab

v0.821a Hotfix
Patch notes:
Fixes Grant’s quest not triggering when not starting a new game

Extract the hotfix into game folder and replace all files.
Must have 0.82a downloaded and extracted into game folder already
Go to office and go through 5 in game days and it should trigger the new Grant Quest


0.82a Patch notes:
Important Notes:
Certain Backtracking quests were added to make sure everything transitions properly. It is recommended you restart a brand new game. If you do not it will not affect game play but there is some small changes to quests before when Grace is promoted.
A work around for those that do not want to start a new game is press “Shift O”, type in “$grace_suggesion_steal = False”, type in “$izumi_and_grace_done = False”.
Ease of Life Changes:
Added Skip time feature Izumi House.
Added Various Opportunities steps to make it harder to get “lost”.
Changed Some Opportunities description to make it easier to understand what to do next.
Add Opportunities for when Grace is promoted to make it more clear on what to do next.
Balance Changes:
All Izumi and Grace Conversations in the house no longer give REL or Fear.
If threatening Grace in her bathroom (Izumi Promoted) now gives Fear
New Content:

The game now works in a way where no matter what you do with Izumi and Grace, how you promote them, if they fear you or like you, they all lead to same base content. They are different as far as some of the content within them, but they all eventually lead to the same spot. This means you will no longer need to have multiple saves to play different parts of the game.

A lot of work was put in to making this work and work in a logical fashion. It took much more time than I thought was reasonable, but it is hopefully working as I intended it to.

A full Izumi Fear Route progression is also working both for if you choose to promote Izumi and if you choose to promote Grace. They have slightly different content but ultimately lead to the same thing.

What’s been added:
Added Full Izumi Fear Route Progression Including:

Added Izumi fear route Progression if GRACE PROMOTED
Added Blackmail Izumi Quest if GRACE PROMOTED (Need to start new game if progressed already too far) (This is to make the transition smoother and is optional.)
Added a way to go to Izumi’s House if IZUMI PROMOTED and Izumi fear route.
Added changes to all Sex scenes at Izumi’s House if Izumi Fear route
Added New Quest for Izumi Fear route at Izumi’s house to get her to talk to you.
Added a way to go to Izumi’s House if Grace promoted Including:

Allows Izumi Fear route and Izumi Rel route even if Grace is promoted
Added a way to go to Grace’s house if Izumi promoted Including:

Grace has various Conversation changes for both Grace Fear route and Grace Rel route.
Can access many sex scenes earlier by getting ben to invite you to their house. Threatening Grace in the bathroom is locked once Grace invites you herself.
Added Grace and Izumi threesome Scene in the office:

This is achieved after completed one of the above quest chains.
Different Conversations depending upon what you have done thus far.
Added Grant’s Flight Investment Quest:

Unlocked by completing the full Corona Virus Quest Line and researching Finance 3 and previously finished Lifecycle quest with Grant
Full Quest chain to outline what’s been going on at the office.
Unlocked Finance 3 as a research option

Renders: 261 stills and around 600 animated frames

Bug Fixes:
Fixed working never appears to be night time
Fixed Sex in Livingroom with Grace appearing sooner than supposed to
Fixed Talking with Ben not passing time
Fixed Smart-box report appearing before the meeting in Izumi and Grace Opportunities.
Fixed Tutorial for Grace and Izumi Evaluation appearing too late.
Fixed inconsistent lighting on chatting with Izumi
Fixed Opportunities bug after completing Izumi’s Fear route
Fixed various spelling errors
Fixed when threatening Grace in her bathroom animations don’t play again.
Fixed Grace bathroom animations lagging the game out
Fixed Secretary job still appears open after hiring Bailey
Fixed Crash in Alice Bedroom
Fixed Crash at the bar with Alice and Pei while at the bar
Fixed Crash at the bar with Alice and Pei while at the table
Fixed an image not appearing during Izumi’s shower scene
Fixed an image not appearing when invisible in Izumi’s Bedroom

v0.8.1a HD Animation

  • Added New Grace Interaction with a small questline (Night Livingroom)
  • Added New Izumi Interaction (Night Bedroom)
  • Added New things to do on Alice Date (Medium length questline)
  • Added 220 stills and 47 animations (some are small)

Fixed Angela Date event not showing up
Fixed Lambo with Alice not repeating
Fixed Threesome with Aubrey and Layla not repeating when talking to Aubrey
Added some base conversations with Pei
Fixed Alice love stat and Alice Relationship stat getting mixed up
Stills – 364
Lewd Animation Frames – 1987
Story Animation Frames – 1609
Total frames rendered – 3960
Major Changes:
Added Alice Bedroom
Added Alice BJ
Added Alice Night Club Event
Added Alice Lambo Scene
Added Alice Bedroom Scene
Added Aubrey Quest Chain (Long)
Added Layla Quest Chain
Added Hotel Location
Added Night Club Location
Added Psychology IV tech
Added Psychology V tech
Minor Changes:
Added new Alice living room chat renders
Added Alice bedroom conversations
Added Corona virus Quest Chain
Added Aubrey Conversations at the Night Club
Added Layla Conversations at the Night Club
Added Alice Conversations at the Night Club
Added Alice Dancing at the Night Club
Added various things to do at the Night Club
Added various things to do at the Hotel
Added various things to do at Alice’s apartment

Patch 0.71 a+b
New City Park events.
Added Coronavirus – Just for fun! 😉
Three day quest chain for LVL 5 work surrounding the Coronavirus.
Also – Fixed Naming Error

Images 27
Added new event when Olivia is invited boating
Added Development tag to Drunk Angela
Added diminishing returns to investment income
Fixed some bugs with investing at work
Rework Olivia’s boating trip so the conversations doesn’t just repeat itself
Added credits to $40 patrons

Bug fixes Ida
102 renders
Izumi Invisible Scenes:
Added Base code for entering Izumi’s house when invisible
Added Shower spy scene
Added Bath spy scene
Added Maturbation spy scene
Some extra stuff as place holders for more

the small amounts of Izumi and Olivia content I had planned needs to be delayed for 3 days and will be released with 0.7b.
Renders: 418 stills + 204 lewd animation frames + 1824 story animation frames
1 Ida bedroom scene
Ida Past Present Future
Ida at the Park
Ida at the Gym
Ida at the Dance Studio
Biology 2 talent
Biology 3 talent
Enhancement Pills Talent
Grace Shoe Shopping
Ida Office Conversations
Ida at the Bar
images ( 138 stills)
H-scene animations (54 frames)
Story Line camera animation (1200 frames-ish) – Very simple fast render animation I don’t really want to added to image count.
Major Changes:
Olivia Threesome update
Minor Changes:
Added Dream Sequence associated with Engineering IV
Recreated 2 starting animations they now function as movies
Fixed not being able to replay events at Grace House
Added more hints to Olivia’s route via Opportunities Tap
To get the right mini conversation at the beginning you need to re-invite Olivia to the house to hangout part of the patch before this one. If you don’t care about conversations matching up then just continue as normal.

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