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You play in the shoes of a mid-aged looking war veteran bio enhanced priest who is about to start a new life in a small town. In this fantasy world slavery is still allowed but it sure is pricey. This means the Main Character will have to settle with what a ruthless person would call “damaged-goods”. Enjoy the relaxed pathing and simplicity of the game. Enjoy building relationships with your odd girls. At some point you may find yourself being the providing, disciplinary and caring figure they didn’t know were needing.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2024-05-31
Developer: Tired Txxus – Patreon – Discord – Pixiv
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.8 Final Frontier
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Male domination, Trainer, Slave, Romance, Corruption, Loli, Masturbation, Sexual harassment, Animated, Blackmail, Fantasy, Elves, Exhibitionism, Groping, Simulator, Spanking, POV, Teasing, Virgin, Management, Harem

0.3.8 Final Frontier update:
-NTR route.
-Just kidding, enable automatic breathing, by the way.
-New relationship level up event with Goblin girl.
-New training scene for Goblin girl (non-animated).
-New interaction between Elf girl and Goblin girl.
-3 new entries to Elf girl’s diary.
-Bug fixes.

0.3.8 Gallery update:
-Gallery finally sorted out and enabled. Supporters can unlock all it’s content with one click.
-You can now turn the Elf Girl around when she’s sleeping (given you’ve reached that point).
-Couple of added art for beach date (food and sand castle building).
-We are on the process of changing the reward for supporters, on top of some added benefits now mentioned on Patreon, anyone who has donated over 150 dollars to the development of this game will be parmanently displayed on the “hall of fame” however, this won’t be reflected properly on this update. Fear not, your spot is safe and you’ll see it reflected starting next update.

0.3.8 6th beta:
-New “date” activity. You can take Fey on a beach date.
-Beach date contains new scenary, new cgis, and new interactions.
-If Fey has already been through sex training and you treat her well during the date she’ll… well, let’s just say she’ll be really happy about it.
-7 new lewd cgi, 1 not so lewd cgi, 1 not at all lewd but kinda cute cgi.
-2 replacement art cgi, which you can see here if you don’t wanna have to go digging for it here
-Personal journal added. You’ll be able to unlock lore pieces and information of the world of FHFFG (only 3 entries atm).
-The main gallery has been disabled as the programmer is gonna rework it so it’s simpler and accessible to everyone. Don’t worry, we’ll release a mini update specifically to re-enable the gallery in about two weeks.

Changelog 0.3.8 5th beta:
-New interactable sneak scene during sleep (don’t worry, it is with consent. (We’ll go in more detail and polish more this feature in the future).
-Bunch of old art replaced. Players that want to see the new art without re playing the old scenes can find it HERE
-Patreon supporters can find the same gallery with the addition of the nude versions HERE

0.3.8 4th beta:
-Two finished sexual animations with different variations (Elf girl).
-Zoom in feature to better enjoy the pixel art details.
-Voiced moans for the new animations.
-6 new (after sex animations) CGI.
-Minor bug fixing (and possibly new bugs to fix next time).

-2 new unfinished sex animations.

-Elf girl’s portraits were re-re-designed. Now they are in between the old portraits and the re-designed portraits.
-First exchangable clothes added to Elf girl’s wardrobe.
-9 new and really extense convos with the elf girl after the piggy plushy event (these were long due and there’ll be more to come).
-2 new events when preaching at the church.
-2 new unfinished and very similar animations, both belonging to the same event.
-A lot of unifinished stuff that probably people will complain about but oh well.
-Probably something I forgot to mention.
-Bug fixes and minor changes.

V0.3.8 BETA:
-Updated and replaced 100% of Fey’s portraits.
-UI improvements.
-New side-portraits during dialogue.
-First steps towards girl’s clothing system taken.
-Bug fixing.
– This update is considered BETA because we have not finished implementing clothing system properly. But 0.3.8 final well be out soon (7-10 days).

-New gallery mode. The player can now relive most scenes from the gallery mode (it will still need more work along the road).
-(TEMPORARY BAND-AID) The player can now level up their relationship with the Elf girl once a week through the store. This is only a temporary solution until more elements are implemented in the game to make progression feel less grindy.

Changelog 0.3.6:
-Redesigned grocery store.
-Replaced place holder of Cashier in grocery store, she has her own animation and portraits now.
-Redesigned Elf girl’s bedroom.
-New action, “Search room” (only for elf girl for now).
-New “hidden” lore inside of the Elf girl’s bedroom.
-A bit of service for the “feet” lovers.
-New song.
-Minor dialogue changes and bug fixing.
-Changelog no longer inaccessible after manually closing it (press the notepad button on main menu to reopen it).

-3 placeholder scenes replaced with fully rendered scenes (2 from Elf relationship event lvl 3 and 1 from the latest training scene).
-1 new training scene for the goblin girl.
-Improved UI.
-Minor bug fixing.

-2 new story events for Fey (the elf).
-Several non-erotic (unless you have the nudest version) static scenes.
-1 new erotic animation + several new static scenes.
-Fixed bug that would make the game crash when Fey is in naked mode (Nudest version only).

-New personal UI for the goblin girl.
-New lvl 0 relationship dialogues for the goblin girl.
-New music, some has been replaced.
-Updated bathroom animations.
-New event in which the Elf girl meets the Goblin girl.

-New petra’s eating animations.
-Petra’s first training (animated).
-Progress in main story with 2 new events(wait a few days after meeting Petra).
-New characters. -Minor bug fixing.

-Implemented hint system.
-Work and currency.
-A new order for the elf girl.

New “order” scene at bathroom when elf is following the player with 3 new animations and 2 scenes.
-New girl with 4 different portraits.
-New dialogues.
-New rooms.
-Bug fixing and UI improvement.

-More portraits for Fey.
-A few new scenes.
-Several new features like giving Fey the command to follow you, and the night and day cycle.
-The first stores at the city are open now.
-New improved training menu.
-New cooking menu with some nice animations.
-Minor tweaks to the overall game.
-Lots of bug fixing: Some images that wouldn’t show up on certain versions. Some notifications that would appear under the wrong circumstances. And tons of small stuff.

-New events.
-Higher training level for the elf girl with new scenes and animations.
-New dialogues and interactions.
-Numerous small bugs fixed.
-Bug where the buttons went up when pressed solved.
-Buttons no longer appear where they shouldn’t.
-Now it’s harder for players to accidentally skip animations.
-Sleep button easier to reach in your bedroom.
-New status display for the elf girl.
-New sweet and smooth animation to show our gratitude to our patrons and our players!!!
-18+ warning now appears every time the game opens.

V0.1 updated:
-Android version added
-Solved the problem with the buttons malfunctioning by removing the pushable buttons feature.
-Solved an issue in which the Elf girl’s portrait appeared to be too small during a scene.

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