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Elysium has been attacked by the Abyssal QueenZeneraTime is running short, as the Night of the Blood Moon is nearing ever closer. Our hero finds himself in a difficult situation: will he choose to leave Earth to find a way back home to free the Angels, his family, the only home he’s ever known… or will he stay on Earth, defending those around him, those that have grown to care and love him, from the incoming threat?

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-04-01
Developer: 13th Sin Games – Discord – Patreon – SubscribeStar – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.4 Demo
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Ahegao, Animated, Big Ass , Big Tits, Graphic violence, Male protagonist, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Religion, School setting, Sexual Harassment, Sleep Sex, Superpowers, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Virgin
Planned: Female Domination, Lactation, Lesbian, Male Domination

NOTEVersion conventions will now just be numbered to minimize any confusion. Furthermore, all releases from this point on will now be split into grouped sections (up to three sections per release). I figured this was the best way for releasing content overall, I hope this won’t cause any issues for some though.

v0.3.4 Demo – Chapter III Finale Demo Release

    • 2 New Characters! More Lore!
    • 552 Renders!
    • 1 Animated Render!
    • 3,346 Lines of Code!
    • 1 New Section (Partial)!
    • NEW UI and Features!
    • More memes and references!
    • The Fireworks Bug should now be fixed!
    • The Karaoke Scenes are now skippable like normal!
      • (You no longer have to choose to “Skip” or “Watch”)
    • Choosing the Demonic Routes will now have penalties, as well as future darker choices if you so choose!
      • (This does not include the very first Choice Menu introducing Karma)
    • Lots of old grammar errors and typos fixed!
    • Removed several Choice Menus.
    • Two of Rosalyn’s Choice Menus no longer require the “right” choice.
    • Fixed a couple Choice Routes displaying wrong renders/lines
    • Other fixes and patches not previously mentioned should have been addressed.

v0.3.3 – Chapter III Part II Beta Release

    • 1,686 Renders
    • 18 Animations
    • 9,404 Lines of Code
    • 1 New Character
    • Loads of events to choose from (with some required ones)
    • Some more smexy time!
    • Ton of grammar errors/typos fixed that haven’t been addressed.
    • Sounds have been altered in script, allowing multiple sounds to play at once.
    • Hidden choices are now displayed
      • If your relationship with a love interest isn’t high enough, the option will be greyed out instead of hidden.
      • Known issue with Walkthrough Mode displaying colored choices for greyed out choices. Trying to figure out a good way to fix it.
    • Other minor fixes have been addressed.

v0.3.2 – Chapter III Part II Alpha Release

    • 2 New Characters!
    • More Lore!
    • 453 Renders!
    • 18 Animated Renders!
    • 2,870 Lines of Code!
    • 2 New Sections!
    • More memes and references!
    • A little smexy time!
    • Animations should no longer lag!
    • Scripts have been more organized for future purpose.
    • Some more grammar fixes.
    • Some more typo fixes.
    • Official Android Port is still being worked on, having the same issue as before with “licensing.”

v0.3.1.1 (0.3.1PT2PA) – Patch Update

  • Animated scenes should no longer lag for older devices (much thanks to jhustrue)
  • Organized some script files for future proofing (may require restarting.)
  • Some grammar/typo fixes.

v0.3.1 (0.3.0PT2PA) – Chapter III Part II Pre-Alpha Release

  • 753 Renders
  • 12 Animated Renders
  • 4,101 Lines of Lines of Code
  • 3 New Sections
  • Section 12 (and future Sections) will now feature some updated character designs!
    • After a long time looking past it, I decided to look into Rim Lighting… I’m beyond sorry for not seeing it sooner, lmao. All characters from Section 12 onward will feature removed rim-lighting, as well as some other minor tweaks.
  • There are no longer text-skips (except the Karaoke Songs)
    • You are now able to freely read at your own pace, minus the Karaoke Scenes, as they are synced with the songs.
  • Some grammar fixes!
  • More memes and references!
  • Some smexy time!

v0.3.0.1 (0.3.1PT1) – Patch Update

  • Updated the Intro Cutscene to include a few more artists and people I wanted to credit.
    • Had to remake the entire scene because I lost the previous ones used. But it looks nicer at the same time.
    • I said this many times before in my announcements on nearly all my provided links… I may be the developer, and I may have created this game by myself… but I wouldn’t have gotten this far without all of you, especially those mentioned in the Intro Cutscene.
    • There will be an Outro/Endgame Cutscene with pretty much a LOT of people, lmao. But that won’t be until Part II is completed.
  • Reorganized all the choice menus in the game.
    • Previously there were two separate sets of dialogue after the choices depending on what game mode you played. This made it so that if a player was playing on STORY, then decided to play WALKTHROUGH, they would have to see the same dialogue, but treated as if it was “new” dialogue.
    • It has now been fixed so that all dialogue moving forward isn’t treated as “new”. However, because of the reorganization, this may initially happen (Ren’Py may treat it as “new” dialogue regardless). But after seeing it with this fix, you longer need to worry about it afterwards.
  • Reworded a chunk of the dialogue in Section 8 (when you go to Sora’s, particularly when you get surrounded).
    • Some of it may have gotten a bit too much for some, making the experience very uncomfortable because of a sensitive subject.
    • It wasn’t my intention at all for anyone to feel uncomfortable, but I want to apologize to anyone that may have felt that way. I’ll be more careful in the future.

v0.3.0 (0.3.0PT1) – Chapter III Part I Release

  • 1,484 Renders (Start/Prologue – 224CH I – 1,140CH 2 – 1,848)
  • 32 Animated Renders (CH I – 5CH 2 – 25)
  • 8,473 Lines of Code (Start/Prologue – 1,297CH I – 5,107CH II – 9,200)
  • New characters!
  • Added SubscribeStar icon and button in the Main Menu and About Menu!
  • Fixed some grammar issues from previous Chapters.
  • More… spicy scenes
  • Some Easter Eggs!
  • Hella memes and references!

v0.2.0.1 – Patch Update

  • Changed the Social Link buttons at the top of the Main Menu screen.
    • Added the Itch.io button/link with the others on the Screen, as well as in the About Section.
  • Game Mode selection scene has been removed.
  • You can now select your Game Mode from the Options Menu.
    • (Still a work in progress, but you should no longer feel like you have to start all over for a Mode)
  • Fixed (hopefully) the issue with some players not seeing some of the Choice Menus.
  • Karaoke Unskippable Scenes can now be “skipped”.
    • Right before the characters sing, you will be given the option to either skip their songs, or watch.
      • Watching the scene will put you in the Unskippable scenario.
      • Skipping will cut to where they finish singing completely.
  • Some minor spelling fixes
    • Ashamed of myself, I misspelled Chimaera… some of you may know what that reference is for…

v0.2.0 – Chapter II Release

  • Lots of spelling errors fixed from the Prologue onward!
  • Good bit of grammar mistakes fixed from the Prologue onward!
  • Temporary removal of Autosave (testing some things with the unskippable scenes)
  • “Karma System” – some decisions may now have an impact on the Main Character and those around him. It may not be anything serious now, but as time goes by, things can take a turn for either the best… or the worst.
  • Social links are now available at the top of the main menu.
  • New main menu background and music!
  • Three new official characters!
  • Two special bonus characters created by AnonymousDude and Ario from my Discord Server!
  • Some… interesting scenes!
  • Updated credits for all the artists!
  • Slightly extended Intro credits for special thanks to some awesome people that helped out!

v0.1.0.1 – Patch Update

  • Linux version now available.
  • Some grammar and typo fixes.
  • Cutoff times have slightly been increased, especially for those long texts being cut too short.
  • ESC can also be used to skip movie cutscenes.
  • GUI and Interface: All texts have been slightly enhanced and can be adjusted in the Options menu:
    • Options menu includes some text customizations such as: Text Box Style, Text Outline, Text Outline Color.
    • Save menu now displays Latest Save below your recently saved slot.
    • About menu now displays links to follow or support: F95ZONE and PATREON.
    • About menu now displays the CREDITS for music, sound, and special thanks. (Patreon Special Thanks will be added in the near future).
  • Two Game Mode choices for playstyle: WALKTHROUGH and STORY:
    • WALKTHROUGH allows will display colored choices (based on Character) that will provide the best choice to you. There will also be a number provided, indicated what you will be rewarded (i.e.: Lily + 1).
    • STORY is the normal playstyle of the game (as seen in initial release).

v0.1.0 – Initial Release

  • CHAPTER I Release

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Mega Workupload

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