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Based on real events – Dreams of Reality will have you take the lead as the male protagonist, struggling to make your way through life. Trying to develop a music career as well as supporting family life, Things do not always go your way. With you on your journey are your wife and daughter who have their own dreams and aspirations that may not always line up with yours.

When tragedy occurs, only the support of family and friends will help pull you through. However, other forces are in play, and sometimes the choices you make can come at a heavy cost.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-09-07
Cenc Patreon – Subscribestar – Discord
Windows, Mac
3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Big Tits, Incest, Milf, Oral Sex, Sexual Harassment, Teasing, Voyeurism, PoV, Romance, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Handjob, Masturbation, Vaginal Sex


  • Game updated to version 0.4.8
  • Danielle’s assumption of a relationship with the MC when on a solo Louise path has been corrected.
  • Corrected the textbox displaying at the start of v0.4.5.
  • You can now skip the Drink mini-game if you have completed it once already.
  • Occasional dialogue issue with agreeing to a relationship with Danielle but going on a date with Cindy has been corrected.
  • Too many relationship points being given if you ‘don’t look’ during the pool event has been corrected.
  • You are now able to skip the text during the first chapter 4 free roam.
  • Gallery code refactored, persistent variables for unlocks has changed. I have created a temporary patch to export them to the new variables.
  • The persistent variable patch will be removed in 0.5.0!
  • Ch1 code has been refactored (1200 lines removed).
  • Some long standing errors in ch1 have been found and removed.
  • Transitions have been added, Ch1 is done. Other chapters will follow.
  • Fixed Lemonade images being named Soda.
  • Fixed logic issue with variables ‘cl’ and ‘shoot’.
  • Locking in the li route with Kimiko has been fixed (a fix is applied at the start of 0.4.8).
  • Updated to Ren’Py version 7.6.3, which broke the bonus codes. So I’ve fixed that. Thanks Tom -.-
  • Moved the achievement for completing ch3 to the end of ch3 instead of the end of the first update.
  • Bug with some bonus image unlocks counting more than once towards total number unlocked achievement has been corrected.
  • Bug with Cassie’s bonus images not unlocking due to an idiot dev, has been corrected.
  • As above, this time with some of Melissa’s images.
  • Missing mixed images 6,7,8 and 9 have been found and added into the chapter three code.
  • Kimiko bonus images (19 & 20) have been corrected and can now be unlocked.
  • Several more spelling corrections to chapters Two and Three.
  • Correction to a couple of Cindy bonus images unlocked in 0.4.5
  • Bonus screen redone. You can now replay the bonus scenes from this screen.
  • Missing label fr1_j_1 has been corrected and now points to the correct scene.
  • Social links added to exit screen.
  • Variable preventing some scenes from playing in 0.4.5 has been corrected (ch4_chose_to_lose).
  • Game soft-lock if ‘Beer’ is selected as chosen drink during mini-game has been fixed.

Game updated to version 0.4.5
Variable error in pool event corrected.
Ability to toggle relationship and insanity notifications off in the settings.
Settings area updated.
Tutorial updated.
Insanity has an upper and lower limit (10 and 0 respectively).
Supporter thank you page added to settings.
Adjusted splash screens on start-up.
Fixed the Volleyball rules overlay issue.
Fixed 2 ch4 achievement counts not counting.
Corrected 2 missing bonus images for Cassie
Corrected the wrong variable being used for the ‘all achievements ch3’ achievement.
Fixed an issue with the ch3 part 3 replays.
Between update corrections have been moved into the chapters, anyone returning to the game before ch4 may need to start a clean game.
Recap of previous chapters removed from Ch1, Ch2 and Ch3.
Corrected some ‘key decisions’ showing on relationship page before they are made in game.
Adjustment to the Relationship status in the relationship screen.
End screens updated slightly.
Tutorial updated to reflect dream overlay, blood effects and muting sound in videos. These options have been removed from between chapters.
Issue with credit screen corrected.

Game is now 6.34Gb in size (An increase of 1.76Gb)
8031 game files (including images)
Update has 19314 words of 174822 words in total
Update has 1391 static renders
Update has 6660 animation frames for 111 seconds of animation
The game has a total of 6569 static images.
The game has 51420 animation frames for 857 seconds (14.28 minutes) of animation.

Version 0.4.1 Changelog:
Game updated to version 0.4.1
A few corrections to text. (Thanks Mellified)
Louise’s clickable blanket fixed.
Corrected the wrong images being used if you talk to Danielle in the park.
Corrected a small logical error if you are on a faithful path with Louise.
Pool event being unable to ‘tie’ under certain conditions has been corrected. (Thanks Ballertime)
Fixed 2 videos not showing when visiting the boss in ch1.
NB: 0.4.1 is a small bugfix update, anyone who has already played v0.4.0 does not need to replay 0.4.1.

Game updated to version 0.4.0
Fixed a display issue with two of Melissa’s bonus images.
Clean-up and re-organisation of the project files. Not important to you, but it is for me.
Character relationship pages now cleared when starting a new game.
Louise now has a relationship page if you’re really really mean to her. (You meanies!)
Cindy’s age has been updated to reflect the fact she has a child.
Ren’py updated to latest version 7.4.11.
Missing variable found and put back.
Alignment on relationship screen fixed.
Some improvements to UI screens.
Several text corrections to ch1, 2 and 3.
Bonus images for Danielle have been corrected.
Achievement system implemented.
Journal system completely removed as now depreciated.
Small corrections to the hidden gallery.
Fixed an issue when hitting Sebastian the correct number of times.
Graphical choice menu (psudo freeroam system) implemented.
Task list added for the above GCM.


  • Some corrections to text
  • Fixed sayer bug.
  • Some visual improvements to a couple of images
  • Save files now have the date and time added.

v0.3.8 (ch3: p3)

  • Game updated to version 0.3.8
  • Relationship point maximum increased to 150.
  • Insanity now has it’s own dedicated page.
  • Replay gallery updated.
  • Kimiko’s image will no longer show up at the end of ch1.
  • Re-sized a couple of images from ch1.
  • Corrected a bonus image of Louise being unlocked after a code jump.
  • Fixed the bonus images from 0.3.0 and 0.3.6 not being unlockable.
  • Relationship screen alignment has been corrected.
  • Fixed a variable from the start of ch3.
  • Visual improvements to replay gallery.
  • q_d5 fixed in chapter 2.
  • Video and animations with built in sound now have a muted version.
  • Finally corrected the typo’s in the tutorial.
  • Tutorial expanded to include new options.
  • Added a spyglass image that is shown when there is a clickable image on the screen.
  • Several music files removed and changed.
  • All clickable images have been updated to match the new ‘red border’ style when moving the mouse over them.
  • Visual improvements to the changelog screen.

ch.3: Part Two (0.3.6a)
Melissa will now appropriately address the MC in the shower.
Melissa will stop talking about Louise when you’ve kicked her out the house.
You will also stop fantasising about Melissa in the shower when you have a perfectly loving wife!
Due to the correction of a variable, a missing scene with Kimiko in ch3: p1 is now no longer missing.
Insanity being set to 1 or -1 corrected.
Menu buttons flicker less.
Character relationship screens are only visible after you have met that person.
Some more corrections to text in chapter one.
Less clicks needed for saving (Thanks M0us3r).
c2 variable fixed for Melissa’s conversation when you have 4 insanity or less.
Spelling corrections to ch3: p2.
Missing scene between Cassie and Cindy has been found and put back in its place.
Small logic correction to the naming of the MC on the sub route in ch3: p1.

Ch.3: Part Two (0.3.6)
Corrections to shower scene.
End screen typo corrected
A new simplified version of the UI is available via the settings menu.
Ch3: Part Two (0.3.5)
Game updated to version 0.3.5
Replay gallery updated with ch3: p1 animations.
Bonus animation will now display in replay gallery.
Missing animation added to ch3: p1 script.
Part two of the UI update completed, some extensive changes have been made.
Relationship screen re-worked (some elements are WIP).
End chapter screen redesigned.
All animations have been re-encoded and the quality of them has increased.
Journal removed (It’s function was depreciated by the new relationship redesign).
New ‘promo’ section featuring images I have produced outside of DoR.
New Hidden Gallery, featuring Elise. Unlock her images as you play by finding clickable items on the screen (highlighted in red).
Some corrections to text for all previous chapters.
Some additional story edits to chapter one and two.

Ch. 3: Part One (v0.3.0)
Game updated to version 0.3.0 (Chapter Three: Part One).
Replay section has been updated and now shows all the animations of the previous updates.
Text bar can be turned transparent via the settings menu.
A variable affecting Danielle has been corrected.
Louise showing up towards the end of ch2:p2 even when you split from her has been corrected.
Small bug with save naming and then switching to the load screen has been fixed.
Several typos and corrections to text fixed.
Some improvements to the UI. Some elements have been updated.
Breakdown of the Chapter:
Story: 26560 words
Rendered Images (Static): 907
Animations (time): 64 seconds
Animations (Rendered Frames):3840
Bonus images: 17
Lines of code: 5957

Chapter Two: PartOne 0.2.1

  • Fixed a variable error that prohibited a scene from showing.
    (this is towards the end of the update and is only viewable if you have 3 or more insanity- its a short 2 -3 minute scene, but will be referenced in part two. So to prevent confusion, you can go back and view it)
  • Corrected an entry in the journal for cindy.
  • Some spelling corrections.
    (if you have already completed 0.2.0 you can wait for the next content update.)

Chapter Two: Part One 0.2.0

  • Ch2: P1 released
  • Some corrections to text
  • Auto skip can now be enabled via on/off button under settings.

Chapter One 0.1.0

  • Splash screen video size reduced.
  • Opening video quality increased.
  • replay menu and feature added to entirety of chapter one.

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