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Corrupted Kingdoms Adult Game Download Overview

You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-01-19
Developer: ArcGames Patreon – SubscribeStar – Discord
Censored: No
Version: v0.11.9
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, animated, corruption, fantasy, male protagonist, masturbation, mind control, mobile game, monster, monster girl, pregnancy, rape, rpg, spanking, handjob, oral sex, vaginal sex

Main Story: New Main Story event! (Follow your ELDRITCH lead!)
Main Story: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
Main Story: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Madison: New repeatable naughty scene at the college! (Must own the college)
Veronica: New repeatable naughty scene at the college! (Must own the college)
Misc: Changed one of Jessica’s HINTs to hopefully cause less confusion
Bug: Minor typo fixed
Bug: A bunch of typos dealt with

Luna: New group naughty option with Luna and the Rinkos
Rinkos: Their late-night naughtiness returns, once you reach a certain point…
Qarinah: New solo naughty option with Enforcer Aspect
Qarinah: New solo naughty option with Queen Aspect
Qarinah: New solo naughty option with Secretary Aspect
Ami: New dialogue options for Ami after she moves into the Manor
Ard/Hana: New dialogue options for Ard & Hana (after talking to Ami)
Misc: Tweaked one of the renders from Luna’s event slightly
Bug: During the naming event, Luna would sometimes use Lily’s kid’s name instead of her own. Fixed!
Bug: A bunch of typos dealt with

Luna: New Love Level 4 Event!
Luna: Luna can now get pregnant!
Luna: New “Let’s be Naughty” events available (must reach Love level 4 first)
Cheats: Gallery cheats have been updated for all current gallery entries
Bug: Fixed a bug that was causing the number of Fey students in class to be miscounted

Main Story: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
Gwen: You can now tell Gwen to stop texting you during her Moderate and Major Yandere phases (although this will increase the rate at which her craziness grows!)
UI: Added an “exit” button to the Manor navigation bar. “Front Door” now takes you to the front door. Easier to go on bike rides with Pixie now!
Bug: Jessica’s correct stat now increases during the naughty apron scene
Bug: Updated Gwen’s nighttime “peek” renders to use the correct outfit
Bug: Gwen’s yandere “face at the window” was showing even with yandere content turned off. Fixed!

Gwen: Can now be found enjoying the pool on Wednesday morning and afternoon!
Gwen: You can now do naughty things to Gwen at the pool!
Gwen: If Gwen is in “full yandere” mode, you might want to check your bedroom window at night… (just a graphical thing, for fun)
Ami: Ami now stops flinching after a certain number of headpats!
Daycare: Added “Play” option to the “Talk” dialogue tree. No more having to come all the way back out to the kid menu!
Misc: Tidied up a bunch of code lines to hopefully prevent lead duplication errors. Fingers crossed!
Bug: Fixed a bug that was causing an Organisation lead duplication glitch (thanks to Cursed for tracking it down!)
Bug: Fixed a bug that prevented the Gallery Cheat from opening up the Pixie Cowgirl scene properly
Bug: Fixed a bug that allowed you to go on park dates with Lily and Emma when they were heavily pregnant
Bug: Fixed a weirdly persistent bug where Asteria would call you “[mc]” at love level 3
Bug: Fixed MC using outdated dialogue during the “peek” night scene with Gwen
Bug: Added a line to MC’s first meeting with Lily where she actually introduces herself. No more mind-reading her name!
Bug: Couple little typos fixed

Emma: New Love Level 4 Event!
Emma: Emma can now get pregnant!
Emma: Emma can now move into the Manor!
Emma: Repeatable naughty scene with Emma in the Manor!
Asteria: You can now choose what you want Asteria to call you at Love 4!
Bug: Fixed being able to talk to Jessica in the kitchen when she wasn’t actually there. Spooooooky!

Asteria: New event with Asteria and her kid! (Do the barbell exercise in Asteria’s demesne)
Asteria: Asteria will now change what she calls you, depending on your relationship level with her!
Mistis: You can now talk to Mistis in Asteria’s demesne once Asteria reaches love level 4!
Mistis: A repeatable naughty scene is now available with Mistis!
Jessica: New event with Jessica and her kid! (Visit Jessica’s office on Monday morning)
Misc: Android’s save-state function was causing issues if you force quit the game during Gallery scenes so I removed it. Now, if you force quit, the game will return you to the main menu when you return rather than trying to load the Gallery scene as though it were a normal part of the game. I may revise this later, but Android is a pest, so we’ll see!
Misc: Added a “Save State” Enable/Disable toggle to OPTIONS for people who like the save state feature and aren’t worried about the decreased stability. Currently it reverts to “disable” whenever you turn off the game. I’m having trouble getting it to remember its setting, but I’ll work on it.
Misc: Re-did a few of Asteria’s renders for when she reaches love level 4
Bug: If you had exactly five PHYSICAL then the game would incorrectly tell you to train at the farm during Asteria’s love level 4 event. Fixed now!
Bug: Fixed Asteria cheering for herself during the tournament!
Bug: Fixed being able to do uniform inspections before you owned the college!
Bug: You can no longer ask Qarinah about pregnancy until after her level four love event!
Bug: Tiny typos fixed

Asteria: New Love Level 4 Event!
Asteria: Asteria can now get pregnant!
Dreams: Couple more lore dreams added!
Cheats: The Gallery Cheats option has been updated for all current Gallery scenes!
UI: CK now has a taskbar icon again! (Thanks, Cursed!)
Misc: Tidied up a little of the underlying code
Bug: Only Chastity’s Dream event was occurring. Fixed now!
Bug: Couple typos squashed

Asteria: New Story Event!
Mistis: New naughty scene with Mistis!
Training: THREE new training events! PHYSICAL can now go up to 8!
Fanart: A new piece of fanart by Harrold has been added to the EXTRAS Gallery! (Submit your own fanart to include it in the game!)
UI: Slightly altered the stats UI to indicate that the top-end stats are locked behind the Act Three requirement (same as the golden Hearts)
Misc: Gwen will no longer send you texts at night. This will prevent rare, but weird, graphical bugs from happening
Misc: Updated Claire’s beach scene with her latest fully-freckled model and newly-pink swimsuit!
Misc: Changed one of Pixie’s HINT lines to be less unnecessarily vague
Misc: Changed the position of the text in the “Nurse Chastity” Dream so that it’s actually readable

Lily: If you have the Bar’s third upgrade, Lily will now have a “Lost and Found” box you can rummage through. Only one item in it for now, but more to come!
Roxy: New mini event with Roxy (get the item from Lily’s Lost and Found and then talk to Roxy)!
Madison: You can now choose her “Fancy” outfit for her “Let’s be Naughty” scene!
Claire: Claire can now be found on the beach on Wednesday mornings!
Pixie: You can now kiss Pixie in her big form during the “Let’s be Naughty” foreplay – kiss scene! (By request)
Dream: Tweaked dreams so they now have a 10% chance of occurring when you sleep (down from 13%). Dreams contain hints about events past and future, and will be where I throw in a few fun “I’m thinking about doing this” ideas, too
Dream: Added another dream (Chastity in a nurse’s outfit)!
Misc: Tweaked talking to Lily so the transitions are smoother
Bug: Fixed the Beast dream happening every night (it should only be a 10% chance!)
Bug: Fixed a graphical error when looking around Morgana’s Crystal room
Bug: Couple little typos fixed!

Qarinah: New Love Event! Qarinah can now reach Love level 4!
Qarinah: New “Let’s be Naughty” option (after getting Qarinah to Love level 4!)
The Beast: Something new might happen if the Beast invades your dreams when Qarinah is at Love level 4!
Ami and Alice: A wholesome scene! (Visit Ami’s room on Sunday morning, after Alice has learned about Fey)
Misc: Re-rendered the Lucille (East Wing) naughty animations to remove some odd lagging
Misc: Moved Qarinah’s “Dreamgirl” Quirk unlock to an event that makes a little more sense
Bug: Searching for the Aspects at night could cause a glitch in Qarinah’s demesne. Fixed!
Bug: Added a missing gallery unlock to the laptop cheats
Bug: Fixed a bug that was preventing dreams from occurring while you slept
Bug: One little typo fixed!

Qarinah: New Story Event!
Ami: You can now give Ami headpats in her Manor room!
Ami: You can now be naughty with Ami in her Manor room!
Hana: You can now be naughty with Hana in her Manor room! (No love for Ard, though. Any interest in Ard femboy?)
Misc: Tidied up the girls’ stats in the Heart Menu (Thanks, Cursed!)
Misc: Changed “get any farther” to “go any further” in the Heart menu hints. Grammar!
Misc: Animations have been converted from VP9 to VP8, which should mean better stability and less fps drops (Thanks, Cursed!)
Bug: Fixed an issue where looking around Morgana’s Crystal room would return an old, no-longer-applicable description
Bug: Fixed an issue where you could ask Artifact for help with something that was already resolved
Bug: Fixed a glitch where you could trigger Annie’s barn scenes while she’s heavily pregnant (that’s not good for the baby!)
Bug: Fixed a glitch where you could miss Annie’s Sunday afternoon easter egg hunt if you advanced her storyline too quickly
Bug: Fixed some glitchy audio files. All sound effects should be working properly at last!
Bug: A few minor typos fixed

Ami’s Final Fate!
QARINAH: New Story Event!
MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
PERMANENT CHOICE: There are choices to be made in this update that will change the game world and impact the ending of the game! Choose carefully! (Don’t worry, no choice will lock you into a “bad ending”. You will get the ending you aim for!)
ARD & HANA: Ard & Hana can now move into the Manor’s East Wing! (If you own the Manor and have purchased the upgrade)
??????: A certain other character can now move into the Manor’s East Wing! (If you own the Manor and have purchased the upgrade) Complete the latest FEY story event to find out who it is!
Bug: “Group Play” option is now visible again in the day care!
Bug: Issue with Lily taking off and putting on clothes during a certain naughty scene in Act One has been fixed
Bug: A whole BUNCH of typos fixed (Thanks, Cursed!)

MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
DAY CARE: New UI for talking and playing with your kids! Really just made to future-proof the game for all upcoming kids (the dialogue lists were beginning to fall off the screen!)
Bug: Fixed an issue that caused players to crash when they used “Find Kid” to look for Veronica’s kid
Bug: You can no longer talk to Chastity at night in the dojo
Bug: You no longer see the “Talk to strange nun” dialogue choice after you’ve learned her name
Bug: Julie no longer vanishes from the Manor scene if you change your mind about being naughty
Bug: Anyone suffering from the persistent Succubus lead after Act One should find it has automatically vanished now
Bug: One teeny typo fixed

MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ELDRITCH lead!)
ANNIE: You can now get naughty with Annie during her milking event in the barn!
Misc: Game will now prompt you to check out the Goblin Witch’s hat in your inventory when you find it
Misc: In Act One, Pixie’s “What should I do now?” dialogue will now prompt you to check on Emma if you haven’t completed that investigation (some people were forgetting to do it and getting stuck)
Bug: Fixed a bug where Annie’s milking scene activated even when she was pregnant
Bug: The game no longer assumes you know the strange nun’s name when you don’t

MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ELDRITCH lead!)
MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
Day Care: Annie’s kid will now take part in the “Garden Help” group play event (by popular demand!)
Bug: Fixed a bug with the pregnancy potions’ effects carrying on to other scenes
Bug: Fixed a bug where Pixie’s kid would respond to Veronica’s kid’s namechange
Bug: Fixed a bug where saving would crash your game if you hadn’t saved during the prologue (thanks to CursedFlame91 for tracking that down!)
Bug: Fixed a bug where the classroom crystal would disappear and reappear at certain points
Bug: Fixed a bug where the “data disc” event could soft-lock if another event occurred during the time change to interrupt it
Bug: Fixed a bug where some sfx files weren’t playing. Sorry to anyone who experienced an odd, awkward silence!

Annie: New Love Event!
Annie: Annie can now reach Love level 4!
Annie: Annie can now become pregnant!
Annie: Annie now has a “Let’s be naughty” option!
Day Care: There is now a DAY CARE REGISTRY which will display the names of every kid you’ve had (in the day care AND in the Nexus). It’s a little ugly at the moment – I’ll tidy it up later. The coding was a nightmare!
Day Care: You can now rename your kids whenever you like! Just talk to your kid and select “Change NAME’S name”!
Cheat: Gallery cheat (on Manor laptop) has been updated for all current Gallery scenes
Misc: Android presplash screen should now display correctly
Bug: Fixed a bug that prevented players from getting their weekly income if they met Artifact for the first time on a Sunday evening
Bug: Fixed a slight graphical issue with the normal classes
Bug: Fixed a minor issue with an old Kana love event

Annie: New Story Event!
Asteria: New Story Event!
Luna: New Story Event!
Daycare: New Group Play event! (Must have Lil’ Madison and Lil’ Veronica in the daycare)
College: You can now tell Veronica and Madison to “Return to the Mansion” if you’d like to have fun with them during the week! (Or just talk)
College: You can now buy something from the Mysterious Merchant to decrease your weekly EDUCATION loss by one! (Check her “Junk” offerings!)
Misc: Ren’py 7.4.5 was released! So no more Android issues should occur (fingers crossed)
Misc: Added a drop shadow to the quick menu to hopefully help make it more readable on certain backgrounds
Misc: PC/Linux & Mac versions now have a loading bar on start (thanks, CursedFlame91!)
Misc: Fixed crash when saving during prologue (huge thanks to CursedFlame91 and MasterDragonSon for tracking the problem down!)
Bug: No typos to fix! Gasp!

College: “Search the Shelves” in the college library for a boost to education!
QoL: The “Quick Menu” can now be enabled for PC/Linux and Mac!
QoL: The Quick Menu on Android has been moved to the right side of the screen to prevent overlay issues on navigation buttons
QoL: Quicksaves are now enabled!
QoL: Quick Menu now has “hide” button to hide all UI elements so you can see a scene without any visual distractions!
Misc: The CK icon for Android should be back! (let me know if it isn’t)
Bug: The college’s “New Textbooks” can no longer be bought repeatedly
Bug: You can now only “Survey” in the college on weekdays
Bug: MC will now count the number of Fey students correctly no matter what
Bug: Emma’s stat will now increase properly during karaoke naughty time
Bug: Pixie now knows whether it’s the weekend or not when suggesting Fey classes
Bug: Veronica’s naughty stats will now increase correctly
Bug: Tidied up a bunch of old images
Bug: No typos so far!

Emma: You can now take Emma out on a karaoke date! (“The Caged Bird” in the shopping district)
Pixie: Pixie can now gain the SCHOOLED quirk!
College: You can now buy a second upgrade for the college (NEW TEXTBOOKS)!
College: You can now explore the college on the weekend (must own it first!)
College: You can now SURVEY the second floor of the school and carry out uniform checks (and maybe catch a glimpse of a certain person…) Must own the college!
College: You can now teach a class of Fey students! (Pixie, Kana, Emma and Lyx) Weekends only, and must own the college!
College: You can now teach a class of normal students! Weekdays only, and must own the college!
College: You can now increase the college’s EDUCATION level! Give your students a bright future!
College: EDUCATION only affects minor dialogue changes right now, but will eventually allow you to purchase certain upgrades for the college
Bug: Madison can now only watch during Veronica’s naughty time when Veronica is dominant
Bug: Added a fix for people who completed Jessica’s level four love event but didn’t get the fourth heart
Bug: Fixed a couple faulty images
Bug: Little typos squashed!


  • College: You can now purchase the college! (Interaction is limited in this version – next update will contain much more college content!)
  • College: You can also purchase the upgrade!
  • Veronica: You can choose what Veronica will call you in the college (must purchase the college first)!
  • Mansion: You can now visit Madison and Veronica in the Mansion!
  • Madison and Veronica: You can now have naughty fun with each of them in the Mansion!
  • Madison and Veronica: New naughty scenes for each of them while they’re heavily pregnant!
  • Madison and Veronica: You can now use fertility potions during their level four love event!
  • Tom: Added some extra dialogue if Jessica has the “Adulteress” quirk
  • Misc: Added a line to Jessica’s interaction just before the Act One finale to hopefully help people who are stuck!
  • Misc: Adjusted Veronica’s level four love Gallery scene
  • Misc: Tidied up some old code, removed some defunct stuff
  • Bug: One lonely little typo squashed!

Madison: New Love Event!
Madison: Madison can now reach Love level 4!
Madison: Madison can now become pregnant!
Veronica: New Love Event!
Veronica: Veronica can now reach Love level 4!
Veronica: Veronica can now become pregnant!
Cheat: The Gallery cheat has been updated to include Lucille’s second scene
Misc: Tidied up a bunch of older renders and animations
Bug: Jessica can no longer be summoned to the dungeon while heavily pregnant. Disciplining the kid rather early, dontcha think?
Bug: Jessica will no longer make you breakfast whilst heavily pregnant. Give the poor woman a break!
Bug: Couple of minor typos


  • Jessica: Jessica can now reach LOVE level 4 (follow the ORGANISATION lead)!
  • Jessica: A certain Quirk can now be unlocked…
  • Jessica: Jessica can now become pregnant!
  • Lil’ Jess: Jessica’s kid is available to talk to and play with in the day care
  • MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
  • Cheat: The Gallery Cheat has been updated to grant access to Jessica’s LOVE 4 and pregnancy scenes
  • Bug: Fixed a duplicated lead issue caused by skipping dialogue (“Keys to the Nexus”)
  • Bug: Fixed a small error in a couple renders. Jessica has remembered which way up a cellphone goes!
  • Bug: Removed some old, defunct links
  • Bug: Small typo fixes
  • KNOWN ISSUE: There is an issue with the current version of Ren’py which causes the game to bug out if you hold down the skip button when moving to and from certain map/navigation screens. PyTom is aware of the issue and it appears to be fixed in the current nightly build. As soon as the build has a stable release I’ll re-compile and re-upload this update. Hopefully it’ll be ready before Wednesday!


  • MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
  • Renee & Julie: You can now choose to have naughty time separately with Renee OR Julie (or both!) if they have both moved into the Manor
  • Kana: You can now replay Kana’s naughty pregnancy scene from the Gallery (found in “EXTRAS” on main screen)
  • Lily: You can now replay Lily’s naughty pregnancy scene from the Gallery (found in “EXTRAS” on main screen)
  • Cheats: The Gallery Unlock cheat on the Manor laptop has been updated to include the pregnancy Gallery scenes
  • Bug: Fixed a bunch of missing/wrong/disordered images. Is that the last of it? Probably not! Big thanks to CursedFlame91 for tracking them all down!
  • Bug: Fixed the “that’s all I wanted to know” line playing twice when asking about the House Ladies
  • Bug: Restored some missing Lily dialogue. Who took it, and where did it go? I don’t know, but it’s back now
  • Bug: Typo fixes
  • KNOWN ISSUE: There is an issue with the current version of Ren’py which causes the game to bug out if you hold down the skip button when moving to and from certain map/navigation screens. PyTom is aware of the issue and it appears to be fixed in the current nightly build. As soon as the build has a stable release I’ll re-compile and re-upload this update. Hopefully it’ll be ready before Wednesday!


  • HOUSE LADIES MOVE IN: (Talk to Jessica in the kitchen to move the ladies in) The House Ladies can now move into the manor! They’ll bring some money with them if you told them to sell their houses, and you can assign each of them to help out Jessica on weekday afternoons for a bump in your weekly income!
  • Laura: Can now move into the manor! (Assign her as Jessica’s assistant for an income boost!)
  • Renee & Julie: Can now move into the manor! (Assign them as Jessica’s assistants for an income boost!)
  • Lucille: Can now move into the manor! (Assign her as Jessica’s assistant for an income boost!)
  • Bug: Couple of “missing scene” errors with Jessica have been fixed. No more blackouts!
  • Bug: Duplicate lead bug for “report to Gramps” (hopefully) squashed
  • Bug: Typo fixes
  • KNOWN ISSUE: There is an issue with the current version of Ren’py which causes the game to bug out if you hold down the skip button when moving to and from certain map/navigation screens. PyTom is aware of the issue and it appears to be fixed in the current nightly build. As soon as the build has a stable release I’ll re-compile and re-upload this update. Hopefully it’ll be ready before Wednesday!


  • Ren’py: Tried to downgrade but it won’t let me (grr). However, there’s been a new patch which is supposed to help with Android, as well as stabilising save compatibility so fingers crossed that helps people suffering from black screen issues. If not, let me know!
  • MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
  • Qarinah: New Story Event!
  • Lil Pixie: Lil’ Pixie can now show up during the “Chloe reading to Alice in the garden” mini event. She wants stories too! (20% chance on weekday afternoons)
  • Misc: You will no longer have dreams during the Masako & Hatsune kunoichi event
  • Bug: Fixed the lagging animations. The code’s not pretty but it does the job!
  • Bug: Fixed the last of the “Failed to decode WEBP” errors
  • Bug: Fixed a bunch of bad name calls
  • Bug: Tidied up a lot of text tags that weren’t closed properly
  • Bug: Removed a bunch of calls to non-existent images
  • Bug: Removed a couple label jumps that sent you screaming into the void, never to return
  • Bug: One of Madison’s hints had a weird typo. Fixed!
  • Bug: A couple little typos


  • MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
  • Kunoichi: New TRAINING event with Masako and Hatsume!
  • Training: MARTIAL can now go up to 7!
  • Gallery: New Gallery Icon: Kunoichi!
  • Chloe: Chloe’s “Speech Programming” system is now more “official”. It will only appear after her Bimbo event, and will now change her Heart Menu personality markers when you change her personality (Future personalities have been left in just for fun, but will eventually be tied to event unlocks)
  • Misc: Removed Daydream option from player’s room as pregnancy system is now in, and many images were broken
  • Bug: There was a bug in Gwen & Chloe’s bath scene when you chose Gwen. Fixed now!
  • Bug: Some of Chloe’s images were too large. Resized down the appropriate size
  • Bug: Fixed an issue with the Gallery Unlock Cheat – thanks to masterdragonson for the code contribution!
  • Bug: Fixed a few ‘Failed to decode WEBP’ errors caused by upgrading to the latest version of Ren’py
  • Bug: Fixed a bug when you tried to rematch against the runts without enough PHYSICAL
  • Bug: A bunch of little typos

 New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
Tom: Couple more ways to gloat in the CELLS. Because he deserves it?
Cheat: Added a Gallery Unlocker cheat to the laptop in Act Two! Unlocks ALL Gallery scenes (but not characters). EMERGENCY USE ONLY!
Misc: Added an option in Veronica’s replay so you can pick whether you slept with Madison or not
Misc: Added hints on where to train your Charisma when you fail a Charisma check
Misc: Reworded one of the Madison hints to hopefully make it less confusing for people
Misc: Tightened up the impregnation code so that turning it off should turn off ALL pregnancy events, no matter their progress level
Bug: Lil’ Kana and Lil’ Lily can no longer show up for events when they’re still babies/fetuses. Yes, let THAT mental image sink in
Bug: Changing a girl’s outfit in the Heart Menu no longer causes a crash if you’re in a Let’s Be Naughty scene
Bug: Small typo fixes


The weekly update has been released!
This update is available to ALL Patrons, with the public build being released in a few days.
A slightly smaller update than usual as I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia this week and that has been rather… distracting :p But anyway! This week we have the last of the promised House Ladies events before the new phase of their events begins (as voted on by you!), a date with Lily which your kid can join in on, and the opportunity to rub your success in Tom’s smug face. I hope you enjoy! :)

  • Lucille: New event for one of the House Ladies! Visit the shops in the evening (must have completed the second Laura event)
  • Lily: New DATE event for Lily! (Accessible from the PARK)
  • Lil’ Lily: Lil’ Lily can come on the PARK date with you!
  • Tom: You can now visit Tom in the CELLS for some brief dialogue and/or gloating
  • Location: You can now visit the LAB! Accessible via the cafe if you have a passcard
  • Location: You can now visit the CELLS! Accessible via the LAB if you have a level two passcard
  • Misc: Added/adjusted a fine lines of dialogue for Artifact to cover some weirdness
  • Bug: My new computer went blooey over my break and I had to go back to my old one, which unfortunately reverted some changes to the UI elements. All back to normal now!
  • Bug: Fixed the “no Struart found” error. Get that mutant clone outta here!
  • Bug: Fixed an error that prevented the upper UI elements working on some screens
  • Bug: Little typo fix


Lil’ Kana Goes to the Festival!

The weekly update has been released!
This update is available to ALL Patrons, with the public build being released in a few days.
This week Lil’ Kana joins you and her mom in a trip to the festival! Also, two new events for the House Ladies Renee and Julie. Plus some dreams that hint at some of the background lore/history, and a little QoL change that should prevent some of you from accidentally trying to escape the Council’s demesnes. I hope you enjoy! :)

NOTE: My computer recently died so I’ve had to switch to an older machine. Because of the way Ren’py creates Android versions this means that some of you may experience errors installing the game. Just follow the steps below to fix it – and sorry for the inconvenience!

1. Backup the existing game files using File Manager or similar.
2. Delete CK completely from your phone.
3. Download and install the new CK update
4. Move the save files from your backed-up copy into the new CK folder (Remember the “persistent” file if you want to keep your gallery unlocks)
5. Play!



  • Kana: Lil’ Kana can now join you and Kana at the festival!
  • Renee: New event for one of the House Ladies! Visit Jessica in her Office (must have completed the second Laura event)
  • Julie: New event for Renee’s daughter! Complete Renee’s event (must have slept with Renee at her first meeting)
  • Dreams: There are now four text-only dreams the MC can have when sleeping which hint at deeper lore/history. It’s a very low chance to see them, but keep an eye out!
  • Nexus: New UI element! Just click on the icon to return to the Nexus instead of a dialogue box! Thanks to CursedFlame91 for the code submission!
  • Bug: Jessica will no longer think the Field belongs to Lily if you don’t have the money to buy it
  • Bug: One of Kana’s stats was being incorrectly increased during one of her events. Now it’s the correct stat!
  • Bug: Gwen will no longer abruptly change into her sleepwear after finishing her dance in her bedroom
  • Bug: No typos… huh!

 New Main Story event! (Follow your ELDRITCH lead!)
Asteria: New LOVE Event!
Lyx: Lyx will now appear in certain places each day of the week, once you’ve completed Chloe’s second story event! Every day she can be found in a new spot – can you find all seven locations Lyx is hiding? Let me know in the comments if you do! (And no cheating!)
Misc: Gwen’s yandere events will no longer trigger when she’s sleeping with you or in the dungeon. Because there’s crazy and then there’s CRAZY
Misc: Updated a whole bunch of older renders and animations that had various glitches and inconsistencies
Misc: Updated a number of Lead images
Bug: Chloe was experiencing outbreaks before a certain event. Quiet those voices in your head!
Bug: Fixed a weird glitch in one of Claire’s animations. No more subliminal messaging!
Bug: Roxy’s love level wasn’t showing properly. She should be at level 3 now if you’ve completed all her events so far. She loves you more than you thought!
Bug: Minor typos fixed

Day Care: New day care Group Play event – as created by the Discord server during a livestream!
Qarinah: New LOVE Event!
Qarinah: New Story Event!
Annie: New LOVE Event!
Annie: New Story Event!
Misc: You can now look for an escort girl even if the Lyx event procs while Exploring the Town. Because you have needs, and I get that
Misc: Polished up a few old renders
Bug: Kids will no longer appear in the day care when they’re supposed to still be newborns. Gotta gestate that larva first!
Bug: You couldn’t drink potions before doing cowgirl with Lily. Now you can! Chug a lug! It is a bar, after all
Bug: Teeny tiny typos


  • HOT SPRINGS NINJA GIRLS: New kunoichi training event available! Training is available via Gramps in the mountains
  • MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
  • Location: New location available – the HOT SPRINGS!
  • Stats: Your MARTIAL stat can now reach level 6!
  • System: Added a new “Kinetic Text Tags” script by Daniel Westfall to punch up the text. Let me know if you like it!
  • Misc: Changed the autosave system to only trigger at the end of each day rather than on each time change. This should make autosaves more useful for going back multiple days
  • Misc: Tidied up the dialogue in some older scenes
  • Bug: The credits weren’t being updated correctly outside of the main splash screen. Now they are! Sorry to all my amazing Patrons and Subs who didn’t think they were being properly credited!
  • Bug: You can no longer meet your kid in the Nexus when they’re supposed to be a baby in the daycare. Death to changelings!
  • Bug: No typos… yet


  • PREGNANCY: Lily can now be impregnated and give birth! As always, she has to be at LOVE 4 or higher first!
  • Luna: New LOVE event!
  • Daycare: Added a single render to each kid’s “play” scene. It’s not just a fade-to-black any more!
  • Misc: Tweaked the train station to make the language clearer and to take into account Gramps’ Nexus shortcut
  • Misc: Tweaked Pixie’s “HINTS” to make it clearer at a certain point that you need to progress Chloe’s storyline
  • Bug: No typos! Woo-hoo!


  • Madison & Veronica: New joint LOVE event for both girls!
  • Qarinah: New LOVE Event!
  • Day Care: New group play event – TEA PARTY! Have a tea party with Alice, Lil’ Roxy, Lil’ Kana and Lil’ Pixie!
  • Day Care: New dialogue option: “Play with kid/s”! It’s just a short fade-to-black scene, but now you don’t have to feel bad about not playing with your kids!
  • Day Care: Change to dialogue menus. The game will now track how many kids are in the day care and you can choose to “talk to kid/s” or “play with kid/s”
  • Stats: Insight can now reach level 7!
  • Fan Art: New Fan Art in the Gallery, by Harrold!
  • Misc: Restored a missing Madison scene to the Gallery
  • Misc: Added Pixie’s Halloween costume to her character card
  • Misc: Added Qarinah’s missing outfits to her character card
  • GUI: Added Patreon/Subscribestar/Wiki buttons to the splash screen
  • Bug: If you go to sleep with someone, they won’t magically drag you back into bed with them after a birth event
  • Bug: Jessica no longer magically swaps between her apron and her normal outfit during the Organisation storyline
  • Bug: Just one typo this time!


  • PREGNANCY: Pixie can now be impregnated and give birth! As always, she has to be at LOVE 4 or higher first!
  • Asteria: New Story Event!
  • Asteria: You can now EXERCISE with Asteria! Well, she exercises and you perv on her. Only one for now. More to come!
  • Luna: New Story Event!
  • Misc: Separated the audio and video for the “Padoru” Easter Egg. The audio will now adjust correctly based on in-game volume settings. You’re welcome, headphone users! Hello? HELLO!? HE- oh, they can’t hear me
  • Bug: A few little typos


  • PADORU: Padoru Padoru! (translation: Go to the Nexus, click “Use Key” and type “Padoru”). Blame the Discord server for this one!
  • Decoration: New decoration! “Ebenezer Bed”! (purchase from the shops)
  • Decoration: New decoration! “Mini Christmas Tree”! (purchase from the shops)
  • Decoration: New decoration! “Snowman and Reindeer” Poster! (purchase from the shops)
  • Music: Having all three “Christmas Decorations” active will change the BG music in your room at the Manor!
  • Photoset: New “Pixie’s Christmas Adventure!” photoset is now available via the laptop in your room at the Manor!
  • Bug: You can no longer impregnate a girl before the Nexus is unlocked (the Artifact PLUS Nexus shock was too much for the MC)
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where a ghostly Gwen would invite you into an empty room. Spoopy!
  • Bug: A few little typos



  • System: PREGNANCIES ARE HERE! Yes, after many long aeons of waiting, your patience has been rewarded. The system is in, and fully functioning – from impregnation to belly swell to childbirth! Only Kana can be impregnated at this time, but once the bugs are ironed out of the system I’ll start adding the rest of the Main (and Side!) Girls as well. It’s a bold new age!
  • Pregnancy: Kana can now be impregnated and give birth!
  • Kana: New “Let’s be naughty” pregnant variant
  • Lil’ Kana: Will ask for headpats too!
  • Merchant: The Mysterious Merchant now stocks potions that can set pregnancy chance to 0% or 100%! (Unlocked after talking to SECRET about pregnancy)
  • Character: New character! (SECRET!) – after meeting all the Council Members for the first time, sleep then visit the Nexus
  • Location: New location! (ALSO SECRET!) – unlock by meeting the new character
  • Bug: Bug that teleported you back to your flat if you tried to leave the manor without talking to Jessica at the start of Act Two. No more escaping! Face your destiny like champions!
  • Bug: There was a UI issue with the Front Door icon being clickable even when it was active. Fixed! You can no longer go to the front door from the front door
  • Bug: There was a bug preventing one of Gwen’s yandere events from activating. Fixed! Now she can be crazy at you even more. Yay!
  • Bug: Crystals were being incorrectly referred to as cash in the Mysterious Merchant’s shop. That’s just silly! Everyone knows the only true currency is bottlecaps anyway


  • Kana: New LOVE event!
  • Dungeon: The dungeon is back! You can now summon Jessica and Gwen in for spankings (more actions, and girls, to come!)
  • Bicycle: The bicycle from Act One makes a reappearance! Available in Act Two from the Front Door and Living Room once it’s unlocked (Just sleep once Jessica’s LOVE is at 2 or higher)
  • Gallery: Alexa, Cora and Zoe & Penny repeatable “Rematch” scenes added to Gallery
  • System: New toggleable option added to the Preferences page (“Impregnation”)!
  • System: Removed dialogue buttons from the Nexus and replaced them with graphical navigation buttons (also added a “Stop Exploring” button for quick return to last map). Many thanks to pixl for contributing the code!
  • Misc: Added “kniht” as an option for the “think backwards” Nexus Key, by request
  • Bug: Chloe no longer shapeshifts whilst wearing her Organisation outfit. The mutation has been contained!
  • Bug: The usual typo/grammatical fixes

 New Organisation main story event! (Follow your LEAD)
Alice: New mini event for Alice (and Pixie!) Go to the kitchen any weekend morning after doing the latest ORGANISATION event. 50% chance to occur
Kana: You can now have naughty fun at the festival with Kana if her LOVE stat is 3 or higher!
System: Clicking on “Front Door” in the Manor will now warp you straight to the Town Map. Many thanks to pixl for contributing the code!
Cheat: Added a new cheat to the laptop in Act Two: Fey Currency! Get as many crystals as you like with the click of a button! (Added in anticipation of more items being added to the Mysterious Merchant in the future)
Misc: You can now “sdrawkcab kniht” in the Eldritch quest, since too many of you were being too clever
Misc: Added a few more “(Outbreak!)” markers to Chloe’s dialogues
Bug: Typos. They were all “one missing letter” typos this week. Coincidence? Or government plot!?

Roxy: New Story Event!
Veronica: New Story Event!
Madison: New Story Event!
Madison: New Outfit – “Fancy!”
Location: New location – Mansion!
Bug: Chloe’s panties no longer fade in and out of existence during her Organization Outfit naughty scenes. The time fracture has been stabilized!
Bug: Fixed an overflowing Roxy hint. I think it went molten
Bug: Usual typo and grammatical fixes

Luna: New Love Event!
Roxy: New Story Event!
Organisation: New Organisation main story event! (Follow your LEAD)
Bug: You can no longer access Asteria’s card before officially meeting her in Act Two
Bug: You can no longer access the Nexus Crystal early in Morgana’s demesne by rushing through the Fey questline
Bug: Fixed the “samntha” bug in the first Jackie event. Who’s Samntha, you ask? It’s Samantha’s dyslexic sister and she will never be spoken of again
Bug: One or two typos

Jackie: New Jackie Event! (Go to the Apartment via Town Explore)
Kana: You can now give Kana headpats. You filthy degenerates
Pixie: New Hallowe’en Easter Egg event! Make sure you have all three Hallowe’en decorations in your manor room active and that Pixie’s LOVE stat is 4. Then sleep!
Pixie: New outfit! (Commissioned outfit)
Pixie: New “let’s be naughty” outfit option!
Misc: Renamed the Samantha Gallery to “Apartment Girls” to include Jackie scenes
Misc: Slight tweak to the Tunnels map
Bug: Fixed an impassable tunnel in Luna’s Tunnels (and updated the map!)
Bug: Just one typo this week. Woo!

Qarinah: New Story Event!
Chloe: Chloe’s “original/default personality” system is finally out of testing! Her personality outbreaks now happen automatically, and can be controlled by making her drink a particular potion which you can buy from the new store introduced in this week’s update!
Property: New property for purchase: The Field! (Available after reaching a certain point in Chloe’s storyline)
Location: New location added to the map: The Field!
New Shop: The Mysterious Merchant! (Purchase the Field)
Job: New CHARM job (accessed via the Field) – earn crystals! Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
Job: New MAGICAL job (accessed via the Field) – earn crystals! Tuesdays and Thursdays
Job: New MARTIAL job (accessed via the Field) – earn crystals! Saturdays and Sundays
Item: New item – TACENT VOCES! Buy it from the Mysterious Merchant
Item: New item – MAP OF LUNA’S TUNNELS! Buy it from the Mysterious Merchant
System: Compressed a number of game assets, dropping the overall file size of the game by around 300MB!
Misc: Fixed Qarinah’s character card so it isn’t obscuring the hearts any more
Misc: Fixed Chloe’s blouse outfit preview to show the correct version of Chloe
Misc: Fixed Alexa’s gallery thumbnail displaying the wrong image
Bug: Added a workaround for a rare glitch that prevented people from advancing the Organisation questline
Bug: You can no longer accidentally skip Veronica’s “teaching classes” love event
Bug: Couple of typos fixed

Roxy: New Love Event!
Madison: New Love Event!
Jessica: You can now “Call Jessica” to the kitchen on mornings when she isn’t there!
Decoration: You can now find a new decoration hidden away in Luna’s tunnels! Where, exactly? Well, it wouldn’t be any fun if I just told you…
Misc: Moved the Town “Explore” icon so there’s no image map overlap with the Church
Misc: Few older render updates
Bug: The usual typos


Main Story: New FEY event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Annie: New LOVE event!
Annie: New mini-repeatable event! (After her new love event, visit the milking sheds in the barns)
Bug: Fixed a few broken renders
Bug: One little typo. I’m getting better!

Main Story: New FEY event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Jackie: Introducing Jackie! Just a mini introduction for now, but more to come soon! Visit the burning building in town (WEST > NORTH > WEST) after removing a certain little firecracker from it
The Beast: There is now a 10% chance to have a spoopy dream about the Beast when you sleep. Could it be foreshadowing? Yes. Yes, it’s foreshadowing.
Misc: You’ll now get a message informing you to advance Chloe’s storyline when you try to advance Pixie’s story by sleeping (if necessary)
Bug: Roxy’s card is no longer available before you meet her
Bug: Chloe no longer uses Kage Bunshin no Jutsu during the living room naughty scene
Bug: Little typos


Chloe: New Major Event!
System: Chloe’s events (beach date, club, etc.) are locked now until you complete her event!
Overhaul: CK has received a massive character redesign overhaul! Pretty much every character has been reworked, altered, tweaked or polished! I know this is going to take some getting used to, but I hope you like the new looks (if you do or you don’t, let me know either way – I’m compiling everyone’s feedback – positive and negative – in case I need to change anything)
System: All renders, anims, ui elements, etc. updated to be in line with new character designs
Bug: Couple typos


Main Story: New FEY event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Pixie: New mini (silly) event! Go to the living room on Wednesday afternoon after doing Pixie’s initial bath scene
Repeatable: New repeatable event! (“Look for Luna” in her demesne at night after Awakening or Shattering her handmaidens!)
Bug: Fixed an issue with a couple of the character cards’ transparencies
Bug: Fixed an issue where Gwen would text you on day one if you restarted the game whilst she was in Moderate or Major Yandere mode
Bug: One or two little typos


Main Story: New ELDRITCH event! (Follow your ELDRITCH Lead!)
Misc: Added a little dialogue exchange between MC and Pixie if you go to Roxy’s demesne, thinking that’s where the “Explore the Town” hint is directing you. Should help prevent further confusion. I swear, if I still get messages about this blasted questline after this…
Misc: Tweaked the Gwen Yandere code so that if you disable it in preferences the text messages stop immediately instead of after sleeping
Bug: Fixed a very rare issue where you’d get the Pixie-rubbing-herself-on-the-laptop scene during the Act One Finale
Bug: Numerous typos and grammatical errors. Whoops!


Roxy: New Story Event!
Gwen: New mini-event! Go to the BATHROOM on MONDAY MORNING
Chloe & Alice: New mini-event! Go to Chloe’s room any WEEKEND EVENING
Pixie: Pixie’s relevant Quirk now unlocks if you pick “small” during her let’s be naughty scene
Misc: Removed the “flicker” effect from skipping past animations (Huge thanks to ViperMagus for figuring it out!)
Misc: Changed “Main Menu” to “Title Screen” in Extras to avoid confusion
Bug: Fixed being able to look at character cards before you’re supposed to if you start a new game
Bug: Fixed an error that prevented Roxy’s event from progressing if you’d already done it then reloaded an earlier save or started a new game
Bug: Gwen no longer gives you the silent treatment on weekend mornings
Bug: Jessica no longer switches to the wrong outfit when backing out of her naughty scenes
Bug: Small typo/grammatical mistakes

Main Story: New ELDRITCH event! (Follow your ELDRITCH Lead!)
Gwen: New YANDERE System! Every day you don’t do naughty things with her, her yandere count rises a little. Being naughty with her drops it by a large amount
Gwen: New MINOR yandere event – go to the Manor’s front door when she’s at her MINOR stage
Gwen: New MODERATE yandere event – there is a small chance for her to text you throughout the day (the texts get more intense if she’s in her MAJOR stage)
Gwen: New MAJOR yandere event – sleep in your Manor bedroom when she’s at her MAJOR stage
System: Added an Enable/Disable toggle in PREFERENCES for Gwen’s Yandere Mode. If you don’t want all the craziness, just hit “Disable” and she goes back to “normal”!
System: Gwen’s “Playing Card” (in the Heart Menu) now changes depending on her yandere phase!
Gallery: New Side Girl in the Gallery!
Fanart: New fanart in the EXTRAS gallery!
Bug: Jessica no longer does a clothing quick-change if you ask her to be naughty whilst she’s wearing her new outfit
Bug: Can no longer repeat the latest Roxy event infinitely
Bug: The “filled vase” decoration no longer shows up during the Act One finale
Bug: Small typo/grammatical mistakes

Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ORGANISATION Lead!)
Jessica: New repeatable event! (Check out the living room on FRIDAY or SATURDAY NIGHT)
Jessica: New “let’s be naughty” outfit variation! (Boob job – CLUB outfit!)
Misc: Changed “World Map” icon to “Outskirts” icon to prevent confusion
Bug: Selecting “Jessica” in the “Call someone to sleep with” menu won’t teleport you to your flat if her Love isn’t high enough any more
Bug: Couple typos cleaned up

Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ORGANISATION Lead!)
Map: New Location! The CAFÉ!
System: You can now summon certain girls to sleep in bed with you at night
Chloe: Chloe can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
Gwen: Gwen can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
Jessica: Jessica can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
Misc: Changed Lyx’s “Hint” text to hopefully avoid confusion
Bug: Fixed a graphical issue in one of Kana’s renders (bye bye blue arrow of justice!)
Bug: Some grammatical errors fixed. Couple old dialogues polished up

Madison: New Story event!
Veronica: New Story event!
College: New dialogue for the college girls!
College: New area: Office!
Explore: More content added to the TOWN EXPLORE – ICE CREAM GIRLS event!
Misc: Changed the “titles” associated with some of the girls’ stats
Bug: A few little typos and grammatical errors fixed

Magic Training: Level Three training available!
Power: New Power – AURA!
Explore: More content added to the TOWN EXPLORE – CAR WASH GIRLS event!
Physical: Level Four training now available! (Talk to Annie)
Bug: Jessica’s Yoga event will no longer occur at the same time as Laura’s visit
Bug: Minor typos fixed.

Pixie: New Story Event!
Pixie: New Love Event!
Pixie: You can now go on a Beach Date with her again!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Normal)!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Schoolgirl)!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Swimsuit)!
Lyx: New Story Event!
Lyx: Now has a Character Card in the Heart menu!
Bug: Teeny-tiny typo fixes

Magic Training: Level Two training available (visit the Goblin Witch(?))
Power: New Power – ENDURE!
Bath: New Event – Chloe & Gwen! (Random – Weekday afternoons in the Bathroom)
Chloe: Can now experience “Personality Outbreaks”, where the assigned personality (if not default) will momentarily burst out during public events.
Chloe: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
Gwen: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
Side Character: New Side Character – SAMANTHA!
Explore: New TOWN event (WEST > NORTH > WEST) – and yes, it’s naughty!
Explore: New OUTSKIRTS Explore location: Mushroom Glen (EAST > SOUTH > WEST)
Explore: More content added to the TOWN – CAR WASH GIRLS event!

Annie: New Commissioned Scene! (Mon/Wed/Fri mornings at the BARNS)
Chloe: You can now change Chloe’s personality!
Chloe: New Personality Unlock: “Original”!
Chloe: QUIRKS have been replaced with PERSONALITIES
Gwen: New Quirk! Damaged (doesn’t do anything right now)
Explore: New Function! You can now REMEMBER where you’ve been before (Click on “Remember” while Exploring for a list of events you’ve seen and their directions.
Laptop: New Function! You can now change your name!
System: New feature! All girls now have a “BIO” button on their Heart Menu cards that will allow you greater insight into their personalities and individual game mechanics. Most entries are locked right now, but will be added to in future updates
BIO: New entry added for Gwen!
BIO: New entry added for Chloe!

Chloe: Level 2 Club training now available!
Chloe: New Breakfast naughty scene!
Chloe: New Weekend Afternoon naughty scene!
Gwen: Level 2 Club training now available!
Gwen: New Breakfast naughty scene!
Gwen: New Weekend Afternoon naughty scene!
Jessica: Level 2 Club training now available!
Jessica: New Breakfast naughty scene!
Laptop: New WALLPAPER function!
Wallpaper: New Chloe Wallpaper
Wallpaper: New Gwen Wallpaper
Wallpaper: New Jessica Wallpaper!
Misc: Redid some old renders with newer lighting system
Bug: Fixed – could have fun with Chloe & Gwen in their club outfits before buying them
Bug: Couple of minor typos

Chloe: New Outfit – Club!
Chloe: Level 1 Club training now available!
Chloe: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
Gwen: New Outfit – Club!
Gwen: Level 1 Club training now available!
Gwen: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
Jessica: New Outfit – Club!
Jessica: Level 1 Club training now available!
Jessica: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
New Store: Clothing Store! (The Swift Tailor is back)
Misc: Tweaking some of the map/area transition code for the Club. If it works I’ll roll it out for all the areas. Should result in less fadein/fadeout transitions.
Misc: A little re-writing of a couple Luna events. Not everything is as it first appears…
Bug: Christmas is over, so no more miracles… Typo fixes!

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