Corrupted Kingdoms Adult Game Download Overview

You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-01-19
Developer: ArcGames  – SubscribeStar – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.21.3 + Special
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, animated, corruption, fantasy, male protagonist, masturbation, mind control, mobile game, monster, monster girl, pregnancy, rape, rpg, spanking, handjob, oral sex, vaginal sex


  • KANA: If you have a kid with Kana, she will now join you when you sit by her mom’s bedside
  • BOSS GIRL: New Boss Girl! Should be familiar to people who remember Act Two. What’s this broken jar doing on the ground..?
  • BOSS GIRL: Naughty event for the new Boss Girl included in this update!
  • LOCATION: You can now conquer Lyx’s Cottage location!
  • RECIPE: New recipe! Fairy Cakes! Conquer the Cottage and then explore it to find the recipe!
  • Misc: Updated the girls’ Character Cards so that their bios are not text rather than baked into the image. This should make translators’ jobs easier, as well as allow me to easily update the bios as the girls change over the course of the story!
  • Bug: Trying to enter Claire’s room would throw up an error message – you can now invade her privacy at will!
  • Bug: Navigation menu will no reappear properly when trying to move around the West Hallway
  • Bug: There was a layering issue in the daycare, and the kids have been told to stop breaking reality
  • Bug: The girls’ stats in their Heart Menus were falling out of their boxes. Things are much tidier now!
  • Bug: Teh red bttnon pluses, shiftss, changes itno a lrage red sheild. For a momment, notthnig… then slwoly a swrod beigns to rise from teh glwoing centre… what is with these typos!? … Oh, no…


  • KANA: New Kana lead! Go check on her at Annie’s farm!
  • MORGANA: You can now check on Morgana’s location – beware of dogs!
  • NEXUS: New lead! Try accessing the Nexus, then talk to Lyx!
  • DHENA: You can now search the shops for the acid you need!
  • CHARACTER CARDS: Character Cards’ “Hint” sections have all been updated to remove the “no more content” line and replace it with something that can be updated properly throughout Act Three.
  • CLAIRE: Added a line of dialogue when you try to check Claire’s room to indicate that you should try Emma’s door (if Emma is in your Act Three playthrough)
  • OUTSKIRTS: Added War Map links on the Outskirts Map in the same style as the Town Map
  • Misc: Changed a whole bunch of map_return markers for smoother navigation
  • Misc: Lyx’s “theme music” will now play when you talk to her
  • Misc: Added the amount of Ichor required to the locked options on the Shopkeep’s Elixir page so that it’s less confusing for people
  • Bug: There was a bug preventing Claire from turning up outside Emma’s door in the morning. Claire has fixed her sleeping patterns and will now be awake and chatting to Emma earlier!
  • Bug: The stats page overlay was all out of alignment. It now looks like it should again!
  • Bug: “Eureka!” Cries a small voice, as Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives come upon a large red button! They press it and immeediatle a brite ligth begisn to… wiat, whtas happnin?


  • CLAIRE: Talk to Claire to unlock a new Warmap route to the cafe (this also unlocks the currently-locked Org/Fey locations on the east side of the map so you can visit them again)!
  • LYX & VIOLA: First interaction between Lyx and Viola! Must have met Viola and spoken to Lyx about the Flying Bar. Then just enter the Flying Bar!
  • FLYING BAR: Will now appear even if Lily is gone! Just get into at least one fight (if you’ve already been in a fight then that counts) and then sleep!
  • FLYING BAR: New Lead! (Talk to Lyx)
  • BRIDGE: New Lead! (Go to the Bridge and select “Explore the River”)
  • KANA: New Lead! (Talk to Lyx)
  • LOMEG: New Lead! (Talk to Claire then talk to Lyx)
  • DHENA: New Lead! (Visit Dhena’s cave then talk to Lyx)
  • NEW LOCATION: The Glade! Go to the Manor Garden and click on “Look Around”! (This is actually kind of an old location, from way back in the days of the original battle system. But now it has its own map!)
  • NEW LOCATION: Ruined Farm! Located on the Town Map (nothing to do there just yet)!
  • MAP: Added SHOPS and CAFE back to the Town Map (nothing to do there just yet)!
  • MAP: Changed the battle map overview so that the location links are clearer and less squiggly
  • MAP: Changed a couple Faction flags so that the Faction owners made more sense
  • LEADS: Changed the graphics for the Leads to make them less “lumpy”, and adjusted the text position better
  • Bug: A sneaky mention of Patreon remained in the game. I did to it what Patreon tried to do to the kids
  • Bug: Typos fixed! Wait… where did the Kid Detectives go..?

Valentine’s Special


  • SUBSCRIBESTAR: Removed ALL mention of Patreon from the game and replaced every instance with SubStar!
  • DAYCARE KIDS: A new wholesome group event with the kids! Because Patreon can bite me. Go to the daycare and select “Group Play”!
  • CLAIRE: New Claire event! Just go to sleep any time after meeting Claire in Act Three!
  • DAYCARE: You can now rename your kids again in Act Three! That should confuse them nicely
  • GLYTCHES: More glytches have been added to the prologue
  • CREDITS: Credits have been fully updated to include all the amazing tier 4 players and higher who made the SubStar Shift! Thank you so much, everyone! <3
  • Bug: Trying to visit Ami’s room would teleport you to a healthy-looking Ami. Too healthy! This has been “fixed”…
  • Bug: MC kept wondering how Viola got Viola’s fluids. The stupid has been slapped out of him
  • Bug: Pixie was cloning herself. She has been forbidden from watching the Prestige and the clones have been… dealt with
  • Bug: Some odd text artifacts have been erased from dialogue lines. Thanks, thelling!
  • Bug: You could rescue Kana even if you lost the Maven fight. Now you have to earn your wolfy waifu’s return!
  • Bug: Lil’ Ronnie is no longer cutting off Lil’ Emma’s legs. Rude!
  • Bug: Typos and grammatical errors fixed (this is just to remind people what the last bullet point always relates to. Lotta people been asking me how to find the Kid Detectives…)


  • GLYTCHES: More glytches have been added, plus a new take on Hidden Voices that will hopefully be less prone to breaking than the old system. Talk to Chloe to see them in action (Hint: you can click/tap on the orange words)!
  • EMMA: You can now ask Emma to sing for you!
  • EMMA: You can now tell Emma that your kid is okay!
  • SLEEP WITH… You can now invite Lily to spend the night with you!
  • SLEEP WITH… You can now invite Lyx to spend the night with you (30% chance of a surprise in the morning)!
  • SLEEP WITH… You can now invite Viola to spend the night with you (60% chance of waking up to a bit of a surprise…)!
  • EMMA & CLAIRE: Claire will now appear outside Emma’s door in the MORNING as well as the AFTERNOON if Emma hasn’t left her room yet
  • CHLOE: Chloe will now properly appear in the War Room instead of her paperdoll popping in to greet you!
  • FEY FLOOR: Re-added the “Fey Floor” option to the East Hallway. You can’t enter Ami or Hana’s rooms, though, as they’re always working! Poor girls…
  • Misc: Removed the Discord integration so that the new Web build will work properly (more on that coming later!)
  • Misc: Tidied up the dialogue with Chloe in Act Three so her paperdoll doesn’t keep bouncing in and out of the screen
  • Misc: Chloe will now always wear her war outfit while in the war room
  • Misc: Added “your” variants to Chloe’s speech patterns
  • Bug: Gwen’s naughty pool scene wasn’t showing up in Act Two. Now it is!
  • Bug: The “active” icon now shows properly when you visit the dungeon or the pool in Act Three!
  • Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives quickly dispatch the Python with a knife covered in Rust and continue on their way (this one’s for you, my fellow coding nerds)


  • LYX: You can now meet Lyx again (properly this time)! Once you’ve met Claire again, go to sleep and the Lyx event should trigger!
  • LYX: You can now talk with Lyx whenever you want! After the event listed above, go to the West Hallway and call for her (you can only pick the “chat” option for now. More to come in the next update)!
  • LYX: Lyx now has a paperdoll!
  • EMMA: New naughty scene with Emma! Talk to her in her room and select ‘let’s be naughty’!
  • EMMA: Moved her out of the guest room and back into her room from Act Two
  • RADIO: Added a few new lines to the radio in the Manor living room
  • GLYTCH: A new kinetic text mechanic! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for an age, but only just figured out a decent method. It’s purely aesthetic, but has numerous lore implications… (look for text that flickers and changes)
  • PROLOGUE: Tidied up the prologue a little bit, added some kinetic tags (including some “glytches”) and prevented Pixie’s paperdoll from sliding in and out all the time
  • NAUGHTY: Tweaked the code a little bit so that randomised lines are repeated less often
  • FAN ART: Added another piece of fan art to the EXTRAS gallery. Thanks, Hershey!
  • Misc: Added a few new facial expressions to some of the paperdolls
  • Bug: Fixed a bunch of graphical inconsistencies in the sleepover scenes. Pixie is still trying to eat her own hand, but it makes her happy so who am I to stand in the way of that?
  • Bug: The location menu was remaining on-screen during Gwen’s evening event. It disappears properly now
  • Bug: Emma was sneaking into the kitchen for food even after publicly leaving her room. She’s been told she doesn’t need to sneak around stealing food any more
  • Bug: Chloe, Gwen and Jessica were having time-travel flashes during their sleepover events. Now they’ll remain in this space-time coordinate
  • Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives follow the trail of clues along with Recursive River and deep into the forest. The Techlight Trees glimmer and fizz around them, illuminating their path it fits and patches. But look out, kids! There’s a Python in the trees!


  • SLEEP WITH… The option to invite Manor girls to spend the night with you returns! ELEVEN girls added!
  • PIXIE: New naughty scenes with Pixie! Just talk to her in your room and select “let’s be naughty…”!
  • PIXIE: Old naughty scenes have been replaced with the newer ones, for better graphical quality!
  • VERONICA: You can now hug Veronica after meeting her again in the College!
  • Misc: Trying out a new dialogue randomiser in Pixie’s latest naughty scenes, to add a little bit of variety to multiple re-watches
  • Misc: Removed the “what should I be doing” dialogue option from Pixie in Act Three for now, as her advice wasn’t very helpful
  • Misc: Removed the very old Pixie h-scenes from Act Three as they looked extremely weird next to the newer ones
  • Bug: Gwen was appearing over certain text lines
  • Bug: You couldn’t talk to Gwen after passing time. Poor Gwen, she was so lonely!
  • Bug: Having a bath at night was causing players to time travel. The plumbing has been redirected away from the DeLorean in the garage
  • Bug: Some of Veronica’s lines were causing her paperdoll to move in and out of the screen. She’s less nervous about her scene now and will stay put
  • Bug: Pregnancy checks were still running when being naughty with Pixie in Act Three. They’ve been disabled for now, in keeping with the rest of the characters
  • Bug: Following the Byting stream, Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives are on the case! Will they uncover the reason for the digital destruction, or will they plunge into perilous programs and perish in the pools of propagation?


  • EMMA: New Emma event! Visit her room during the DAY!
  • EMMA: You can now talk to Emma in her room!
  • CLAIRE: You can now talk to Claire in her room!
  • GWEN: Gwen will now (properly) appear in the pool on WEDNESDAY MORNING and AFTERNOON!
  • GWEN: You can now talk to Gwen when she’s at the pool, and try to help her with her physical therapy!
  • JESSICA: Jessica will now appear at the pool on SATURDAY and SUNDAY AFTERNOONS!
  • JESSICA: You can now apply “lotion” to Jessica at the pool!
  • BATHROOM: You can now have a bath and clean yourself up! (Some characters may comment on it if you get too stinky, but they’ll still love you)
  • Bug: The ghost of Gwen past will no longer haunt the pool
  • Bug: Rubble and stray data shards flicker and shift beneath the detectives’ feet. The jam is gone, replaced with a stream of bytes. Gwen dips her finger in tentatively… ouch! It bites!


  • CLAIRE: New Claire event! Conquer the Bridge and the Apartments (and if Emma is around you need to have gotten to the end of her current content) and then sleep!
  • EMMA: New sequence of mini-events! After meeting Claire, go check on Emma any AFTERNOON in her room! There are five mini-events to listen to!
  • EMMA: Emma now has a paperdoll!
  • CLAIRE: Claire now has a paperdoll!
  • POOL: The Manor swimming pool is accessible once again! Everyone needs a relaxing dip now and then, especially in wartime
  • POOL: Swimming in the pool will now give you +1 to ATTACK and CLASH rolls for the rest of the day!
  • Misc: Removed the Wardrobe icon and put it as a dialogue option in your room (nav bar was getting too cluttered!)
  • Bug: Can no longer dream about Chastity before meeting her
  • Bug: Can no longer dream about the Beast in its humanoid form in Act One
  • Bug: Rocks tumble and the light swells, illuminating a landscape of binary bits and two little figures, huddled in the centre. Hand in hand they take a deep breath and head out in search of more clues!


  • EMMA: A new event with Emma! Try visiting her room (this is a setup event; more to come in the next update)!
  • GWEN: A new mini event with Gwen! Check out the living room on Monday, Wednesday or Friday night!
  • KIDS: You can now tell Jessica, Lily, Veronica and Madison that their kids are safe! (Annie and Pixie already know, and the other moms you don’t have access to yet)!
  • SHOPKEEP: The Shopkeep now sells FOUR new Elixirs! Come on, try one… what’s the worst that could happen?
  • COMBAT: You can now “shatter” dice! When a buff to a dice exceeds the maximum number of sides a dice has it will now shatter and increase to the buffed value rather than capping out! This means that D4’s can now exceed 4, D6’s can exceed 6 and so on!
  • COMBAT: The different dice are now coloured, to help differentiate them from each other!
  • Marina: Added the ability to check out the Marina tunnel. Or what’s left of it…
  • Bug: The light grows bigger, reflecting off tumbled rocks as it approaches the crumbled stone entrance… a hand pierces through the light, rocks shift, the glow increases and… “I found a clue!”


  • KANA: You can now check on Kana, sit at her bedside and stroke her hair or hold her hand! Morrning, Afternoon AND Evening! She needs the love…
  • HOUSE LADIES: The rest of the House Ladies return! You can find them in their rooms in the East Hallway!
  • HOUSE LADIES: All of the House Ladies now have their own Paperdolls!
  • JULIE: You can be naughty with Julie in her room in the East Hallway!
  • LAURA: You can be naughty with Laura in her room in the East Hallway!
  • RENEE: You can be naughty with Renee in her room in the East Hallway!
  • RENEE & JULIE: You can be naughty with both at the same time in their room in the East Hallway!
  • CHELSEA: A new narrative event for Chelsea! Explore the Apartments after you have recruited her!
  • HAZEL: A new narrative event for Hazel! Explore the College after you have recruited her!
  • NOELLE: A new narrative event for Noelle! Explore the Mansions after you have recruited her!
  • OPHELIA: A new narrative event for Ophelia! Explore the Old Club after you have recruited her!
  • RACHEL: A new narrative event for Rachel! Explore the Bridge after you have recruited her!
  • TERRI & TAMMI: A new narrative event for Terri & Tammi! Explore the Park after you have recruited them!
  • SHOPKEEP: The Shopkeep no longer sells dice upgrades (see below)! Instead he will now sell an Elixir that grant permanent boosts throughout the fight for so long as they’re active (more Elixirs to come in the future!
  • SHOPKEEP: You can no longer visit the Shopkeep’s store before the dream with the Numbers, so players are warned about him before making a purchase
  • RECIPE: A new recipe: Roasted Beets! Unlock by exploring the Apartments!
  • RECIPE: A new recipe: Spicy Oysters! Unlock by exploring the Mansions!
  • RECIPE: A new recipe: Rainbow Cotton Candy! Unlock by exploring the Park!
  • COMBAT DICE: There has been a change to how Combat Dice are upgraded! Now you can grow your dice to D6’s by recruiting Hazel, Ophelia and Rachel and exploring their locations. The Shopkeep will no longer upgrade dice, and will instead offer special Elixirs that give you boosts which last all combat (but may come with their own, dark price…)
  • AUTO-WIN: You can now choose between Physical Victory, Seductive Victory and Shatter Victory in the auto-win option in the War Room
  • Misc: Changed meeting Annie from a dialogue menu option to an automatic scene to prevent edge cases where players could rescue Kana before meeting Annie and thus make her very confused about where Kana is
  • Misc: Added Laura, Renee and Julie to the angry lineup of defenders during Chastity’s Act Three return event
  • Bug: Player will no longer meet Jessica in random locations then be surprised by her new outfit later on at the front door
  • Bug: Player will no longer meet Ami in random locations then be surprised by her eyepatch later on at the front door
  • Bug: Manor will no longer be attacked by Goons before the player has completed the battle tutorial
  • Bug: Minion One and Minion Two’s names were swapped in the forest fight. They have now stopped practicing their ventriloquism and will focus on the fight
  • Bug: Text for the Chastity dream wasn’t centered correctly. Now it is!
  • Bug: From somewhere in the void, rocks shift… crack… tumble… a flickering light is seen, and a small voice echoes in the darkness: “Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives are back!


  • KANA: The return of Kana! Discover the FOREST and search it to find her!
  • NAUGHTY: Four new naughty scenes! Complete the Forest Boss Girl fight to access them!
  • BOSS GIRL: New Boss Girl! A certain cruel wolf matron makes her reappearance…
  • MINION FIGHT: New combat style: Minion Fights! These are very simple fights which consist of a single ATTACK round. Players will roll three dice and choose the largest number (or smallest, if you like pain. I don’t judge) which will determine if they take any damage during the fight. Minion fights are used by certain bosses to soften up the player before they fight the main Boss Girl herself!
  • MINIONS: Three new minions! Wolf girls devoted to a certain cruel wolf matron…
  • LOCATION: New location appears! The FOREST is now accessible from the Outskirts map in Act Three!
  • Bug: Gwen’s Act Three paperdoll was showing up when using Hidden Voices, even before Act Three, which was a very depressing bit of clairvoyance on the MC’s part!
  • Bug: Reinforce Tactics wasn’t always upgrading the lowest dice. Now it will!
  • Bug: Some dialogue lines with Lily and Gwen were appearing under the paperdolls
  • Bug: The world shifts… and settles… and all is black. Time passes, minutes or aeons, it’s impossible to tell, until, finally… a voice… “I found a clue!”


  • Annie: The return of Annie! Conquer the Old Club and clear the roadblock to get access to the Farm!
  • Kids: The return of the kids! Once you make it to the farm, you can talk to any of the kids you left in the day care!
  • Kids: You can talk to, and play with, all of the kids in the day care!
  • Kids: All the kids now have paperdolls!
  • Radio: If you go to the Manor living room in the afternoon, you might hear something interesting on the radio (ten different transmissions to hear)!
  • Gwen: After listening to the radio, you can ask Gwen about it!
  • Numbers: The Numbers you met in the Act Two finale return! Meet the Shopkeep (conquer then scout the bridge) and then sleep!
  • Shopkeep: After talking to the Numbers, find and talk to the Shopkeep again for a little more lore hints!
  • Outskirts: You now have access to the Outskirts! Conquer the Old Club, then select “Clear the Roadblock” from the Outskirts location!
  • Outskirts: You can visit every location in the Outskirts (except Morgana)!
  • Combat: New Power available! You can now use AURA in combat to increase your SEDUCE dice by two!
  • Combat: If you use auto-win you will now take a tiny amount of damage when doing so. Don’t worry! You can still use the auto-win all day every day, but now events that require you to have taken damage will trigger correctly (such as Lily and Lyx’s events)
  • Misc: Tidied up some of Gwen’s dialogue so her paperdoll doesn’t keep sliding in and out
  • Misc: Went through some of the earlier dialogue in Act Three and added way more references to the kids, if you have any. Their moms will ask about them too, when you meet them for the first time!
  • Bug: Players were unable to leave via the front door at night, even with all requirements met, but could leave through other means. The front door has been unlocked now, so MC no longer needs to climb out via bathroom windows
  • Bug: Jessica’s paperdoll was hiding some words, and they weren’t even naughty! MC has learned to throw his voice slightly to the right, so all is uncovered now. Nice try, Jessica!
  • Bug: A couple of error messages relating to Madison and Veronica have been fixed – they’re no longer trying to wear outfits that don’t exist!
  • Bug: Upgraded dice weren’t appearing the first time you fought Goons in the garden. Now they are!
  • Bug: Your Goon’s “Reinforce” tactic was boosting the first dice, not the lowest. Now it will boost the lowest, as it should! Silly Goons, so disorganised…
  • Bug: Fixed an error with paperdolls sticking around after reloading the same scene whilst in the middle of talking to them. Shoo, paperdolls! Shoo!
  • Bug: There was an issue preventing Lyx from appearing in your bedroom. Which some might say is a good thing, but those people didn’t bribe me with mangoes so now she can get in again
  • Bug: The latest engine update messed up autosaves. They should be working properly again from this update onwards!
  • Bug: You can no longer search the apartments at night, causing a time dilation flux. Doc Brown gave me a good scolding
  • Bug: The Credits page is functional again! No more weirdness, and the supporter list is up to date again! Yay!
  • Bug: Ty-ty-typpppooosss fixx-x-xxx-xxxed…


  • Veronica & Madison: The return of Veronica and Madison! Conquer the college and make Hazel loyal (or get rid of her) to enter!
  • The Bridge: You can now (attempt to) cross the bridge, once you’ve conquered it, to attack the east side of town!
  • Shopkeep: New character appears! The Shopkeep. Allows you to buy upgrades for your dice (and more later on)!
  • Elixirs: You can now gather Ichor Elixirs (Eldritch Currency) from the Bridge after completing the event above!
  • War Room: Improved the “Ask Jessica for help” section, and added “How do I Shatter my opponent?” to the list of questions
  • War Room: Improved the “Ask Jessica for help” section, and added “How do I Shatter my opponent?” to the list of questions
  • Map: Mansion and Apartment locations are now unlocked for everyone in Act Three, even if you didn’t find them in Act Two!
  • Map: If you’ve completed the combat tutorial, you can now explore the town at night!
  • Combat: You can now increase your dice to D8’s (maximum roll of 8)!
  • Combat: New Power available! You can now use HIDDEN VOICES in combat for a one-turn SCOUT effect!
  • Veronica: Veronica now has a paperdoll!
  • Madison: Madison now has a paperdoll!
  • Bug: Hid “Troop Count” on the stats page until players have completed the combat tutorial
  • Bug: The new combat system accidentally blocked progress with Emma. You can now continue to unearth the mystery surrounding her fear!
  • Bug: The engine upgrade broke a couple girls’ pregnancies. Now the only thing stopping you from having kids is your crippling social anxiety!
  • Bug: The Lily’s Bar event in Act Three wasn’t firing for people – now it will trigger correctly (Lily got drunk and fell asleep on an important button)!
  • Bug: A few text overflow issues dealt with
  • Bug: Wheeled Gwen back an inch so she wasn’t overlapping her own name and dialogue any more
  • Bug: When fighting Goons, if you put a dice into ATTACK and then removed it, it would unlock SEDUCE which would then crash. Now SEDUCE remains greyed-out no matter what. Sorry, boy-love fans!
  • Bug: Shattering a girl, then selecting “release”, then changing your mind, was crashing the game. Now you can be as weirdly indecisive as you like!
  • Bug: MC will no longer claim the college is his when he doesn’t, in fact, own it during the fight with Hazel
  • Bug: Goon Tactics weren’t turning off after combat ends, allowing people to sneak the abilities into practice fights. Now MC is forced to play fair. Booo!
  • Bug: SSsoem Typpoes Fixxedh…


  • BATTLE SYSTEM REWORK: A complete overhaul of the Battle System! There’s WAY Too many changes to list here, but here are just a few highlights:
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: Brand-new combat mechanics and renders
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: No more districts! Conquer locations directly to unlock their events!
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: The Organisation will now try to take back vulnerable locations you’ve conquered!
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: Boss Girls all have a unique naughty event!
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: Hana will now prepare “Meals” – permanent effects that change certain aspects of the combat system!
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: Dungeon and Rehab removed while I rework their concepts
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: Just… so much more!
  • UPGRADE: The cutscene issue on Android has been fixed, so this update upgrades the game engine once again! If you’ve been having trouble getting the game to run on your Android device, this should fix the problem!
  • Cafe: Added a line to remind people to talk to the Chief in Act Two if they try to use the Lvl 2 Passcard too quickly
  • Stats: The stats were misaligned with the hint overlay. Now it actually makes sense!
  • Stats: Added “TROOPS” counter to the stats page
  • Bug: Fixed some dialogue lines in the Rehab that were displaying underneath the paperdolls
  • Bug: Fixed some more text overflow issues. That should be it for the overflow problems!
  • Bug: Fixed an “I should increase my authority” dialogue line when you were already maxed out
  • Bug: Fixed an “I should be able to teach private classes now!” line when you already had that ability
  • Bug: As Typo Hero enfolds the Dread Arc in a hug there is a sudden burst of static… the world stretches… groans… and snaps!


  • Viola: TWO new naughty events with Viola (just talk to her in the bar after meeting her)! To get the second event just be naughty with her a second time…
  • Version: The cutscene bug still isn’t fixed in the Android version, and it looks like it’s a problem with Ren’py itself. So for now I’ve reverted back to 7.5.2. All your saves should still work, but I’m ready to upload an 8.1.1 version if anything goes wrong. Sorry about this, everyone!
  • Bug: Players could get access to Jessica’s car earlier than intended on replays
  • Bug: On meeting Lyx in Act Three, MC would reference Molly even though she may not be there. Obviously they are soul-bound through space and time!
  • Bug: Some of MC’s text was appearing underneath the girls’ paperdolls in the rehab centre
  • Bug: Fixed a graphical issue that was making MC’s right arm show up twice during the meeting with Viola. MC is Eldritch confirmed!?
  • Bug: Viola was showing up in her “true(?)” form when visiting the Cosplaytime store. She has now been hidden again!
  • Bug: Pregnancy checks were throwing up error messages. Now the only thing throwing up is the expectant mothers! … gross
  • Bug: TypeError when trying to invite Claire on a date at the club has been fixed. That girl certainly knows how to say no!
  • Bug: … and lets it fall. With a sudden movement he darts forwards and, raising his arms wide… enfolds the Dread Arc in a hug.


  • Certain cutscenes not playing
  • Errors related to kinetic tags/gradients
  • Text overflow in certain dialogues
  • Pregnancy not working in Act Two

Okay, so this update is a little different, in that it’s actually an upgrade. Specifically, an upgrade to the Ren’py SDK that I use to make Corrupted Kingdoms. There’s a number of advantages to upgrading, but most of them are highly technical, so I’ll just cover the main ones:

First, and most importantly, this should fix any Android issues people have been having! The upgraded SDK comes with all sorts of fixes for Android, so if you haven’t been able to run CK on your device recently, this should solve your issue!

Secondly, the upgrade bumps Ren’py up to Python 3 (the programming language) which comes with a lot of new goodies, including the ability to create pseudo-3D environments, synchronize your saves to my server for easy transfer between devices, and many more. These features aren’t enabled right now (as I need to experiment with them first) but will be slowly introduced in the coming months.

Now, all that being said, there’s a reason why this is a separate download. Everything has been thoroughly tested, top to bottom, but as with any upgrade there could be little gremlins just waiting to strike. So please backup your saves before playing this upgraded version! It’s a 99.9% chance that you’ll be absolutely fine, but 0.1% is still a chance.


  • Viola: The new community-created character is finally revealed! Viola Zann! Just head to Lily’s bar after the events of 0.19.3 to meet her!
  • Viola: After meeting Viola, you can talk to her in the bar and learn a little more about her
  • UI: HUGE User Interface refurbishment! Because of the discrepancy between the early game and late game renders, the cutscene bars were causing ugly issues when overlayed by textboxes. Because of this, I have decided to shrink down the new textboxes to better fit the old bars. Along with this change is the following:
  • UI: Character titles have been temporarily removed! I have a better idea of how to incorporate them in a more attractive and less forceful way, but I need to polish it a bit, so for now they’re hidden
  • UI: Prefix “think” and “speech” images are now attached to the start of each dialogue line, so they follow the text rather than occupying a fixed position!
  • UI: When no paperdoll (side image) is on the screen, dialogue text will expand to fill the textbox – no more bunching up to the right!
  • Misc: Removed the “are you sure you want to…” confirmation when you cancel power or lead usage. Too many clicks!
  • Bug: It was possible to try to confront Lily in the evening, resulting in an image error. Now you are forced to let her sleep, you meanies
  • Bug: Added a line of code to prevent Jessica from popping up in scenes she isn’t supposed to be in. She’s just so worried about you!
  • Bug: Some of the navigation icons had artifacting, and not the fun green girl kind!
  • Bug: Telling Chloe to go to her room for naughty fun with her assassin form kept you in the war room. Now you will move correctly!
  • Bug: The Goons were overlapping the text in the train and roadblock maps. They’ve been told to shuffle a little more to the left
  • Bug: The Dread Arc rises from his seat and his form grows to fill the chamber, the shadows themselves seeming to reach out and trail around his gargantuan form, lit only by the flickering light of a single computer screen. Silently, Typo Hero steps forward and raises his sword…


  • Lyx: Lyx returns! Conquer the Apartment Block and then sleep in your room at the Manor to meet her again!
  • Jessica: New naughty event with Jessica! Just talk to her and select “let’s be naughty”!
  • Chloe: You can now have naughty fun with Chloe in her Assassin form in her room (this was accidentally blocked before)!
  • Lily: In Act Two, you can no longer work as normal when you find Lily drunk and upset at the bar. You now have to talk to her first, you heartless monster
  • Chastity: Switched “Eldritch Beauty” title to “Mysterious Beauty” for the early game, as it’s potentially a spoiler. A certain event in Act One will change the title back to the Eldritch one (you don’t need to restart – people already past that point will have the Eldritch Beauty title)
  • Goons: The group of Goons now have their own updated paperdoll, and won’t be weirdly bisected when chasing you from the train station or the roadblock in Act Three
  • Bug: Lily was sometimes not wearing the right clothes in Act Two until you approached her. She’s been asked to stop quick-changing behind the bar
  • Bug: Goons will no longer have paperdolls pop up during the Act Two finale. It was distracting and weird!
  • Bug: Ami no longer has the weird, bisected paperdoll image when giving you binoculars in Act Three
  • Bug: You can no longer visit the dungeon at the start of Act Three before meeting with Pixie again
  • Bug: Jessica’s paperdoll was hanging around during her naughty bathroom event. She has been told to stop being creepy
  • Bug: One of the map icons was wiggling provocatively when moused over, and it was awakening things in people. It has been kink-shamed into stopping
  • Bug: Tidied up a little code, preparatory to possibly upgrading the SDK
  • Bug: Blinking, Typo Hero surveys the room of the Dread Arc. A small, dimly-lit room, illuminated only by the flickering of a single screen. A hunched figure raises bleary eyes to gaze upon the intruder, and croaks out “You… finally.”


  • Emma: New story event! Visit Emma’s room after taking a certain number of districts to kick it off!
  • Lily: New naughty event with Lily! Talk to her in the bar (after the developments in 0.19.3)!
  • Jessica: Added some new facial expressions and tweaked her “neutral” expression to be less happy, so now she won’t be smiling when giving you bad news any more! Who knew Jessica was so into schadenfreude?
  • Bug: The Centre for Disease Control map icon was stuck in its “hover” phase after being taken by the Eldritch. It has been brought back down to earth
  • Bug: Tweaked some of Chastity’s expressions to tidy up a shading issue
  • Bug: Finally, Typo Hero stands before the door to the Dread Arc’s chamber… there’s a lock on the door! With a gesture the lock becomes a lick… wiping his hand, Typo Hero creaks open the door and steps inside…


  • Lily: Another story/lore event! Talk to Jessica to open up the bar, then try entering it again!
  • Lily: You can now chat with Lily in the bar (after the certain events from the last update)
  • Jessica: Talk to Jessica about the Bar to gain access to it (and some new lore)!
  • Jessica: Tweaked Jessica’s code when you’re talking to her so that she doesn’t keep zooming in and out
  • Rehab: You can now select “Sleep and return” at night at the Rehab Centre – no more having to trek all the way back to the Manor!
  • Bug: Jessica was hanging around a little too long in the Lily story event. She will now take the hint and leave you alone earlier
  • Bug: A monster lunges from the shadows straight for Typo Hero! But one glance from his burning eyes and the monster becomes a mister and shamefacedly slinks away… a creature into a feature… staff to stuff… relentlessly, he moves onwards!


  • Lily: New STORY event! Conquer the Park district and then sleep to kick it off!
  • Lily: You can now knock on the bar door and have a small conversation with Lily! No more hiding out in the bar
  • Lily: Updated her Paperdoll to the latest version! No more strange bisections!
  • Lily: Reworked the scene where you meet Lily in Act Three to remove the black bars and improve the lighting slightly
  • New Location: A new location will be added to the Manor after a certain event! No spoilers… you’ll figure it out!
  • War Map: New Conquerable location! “The Park”! (South of the Manor) – no Boss Girl for this one, sorry!
  • Church: Updated the Church background to make it more… Eldritchy!
  • Train Station: The background for the Train Station now changes when the Eldritch conquer the area!
  • Goons: Goons now have a Victory Screen when you beat them in district battles, just like the Boss Girls!
  • Misc: Added an “ACT THREE” text display during the Act Two finale
  • Bug: The purchase price of The Field wasn’t disappearing after buying it in Act Two
  • Bug: Jessica wasn’t counting districts correctly; she has been told to use her fingers if that helps
  • Bug: Using rollback whilst doing therapy was causing the paperdolls to get stuck. Now they should disappear as intended!
  • Bug: Fixed some minor shading issues with one of Chastity’s outfit and expression combinations
  • Bug: It was possible to duplicate characters if you broke them then sent them to rehab from the dungeon. No more clones! We’ve been having a real problem with them lately…
  • Bug: The corridors twist and change at some unseen will as the Typo Hero moves unseen and uncontested, onwards, ever onwards, towards the Dread Arc…


  • Eldritch: The Eldritch Fight Back! The Eldritch faction has decided to take advantage of the war to try and claim the town for its tentacled own. For every district you conquer, the Eldritch will now claim one (or more!) for their own… uh-oh!
  • War Map: New Conquerable location! “Apartment Block”! (South of the Manor) – no Boss Girl for this one, sorry!
  • War Map: New Conquerable location! “Chinatown”! (South of the Manor) – no Boss Girl for this one, sorry!
  • Misc: Updated the combat tutorials and practice fights so the dialogue makes a bit more sense, and the stat displays open automatically when appropriate
  • Bug: You couldn’t talk to Alice in the garden, which was making her very sad… so now you can!
  • Bug: The issue with duplicate Boss Girls has been fixed – once you load your game you’ll notice that all the clones have been… dealt with…
  • Bug: Fixed gaining Noelle’s memento jumping you to Hillside instead of Northside
  • Bug: Terri was missing some battle sprites. They have been restored!
  • Bug: Moved Tammi (enemy support) to a better location during combat
  • Bug: Chastity icon in the wardrobe menu was tearing. Now it’s not!
  • Bug: Chloe’s Assassin form’s title wasn’t displaying properly – now it is!
  • Bug: After the graphical overhaul for the combat system, the tutorials were displaying things in the wrong places – now they point to the right locations!
  • Bug: Fixed a “not in list” error when admitting Boss Girls to rehab from the dungeon without breaking them
  • Bug: You could send girls to rehab before it was built. So eager! But now you have to wait
  • Bug: Ami was growing an extra ear in her War outfit. She has been told to stop eating the glowing green cheese
  • Bug: Alice was appearing all over the Manor, in places she shouldn’t be. Now she’ll be a little more careful
  • Bug: Alarms blare, a flashing red light dark corridors illuminating the grimly-set face of the Typo Hero as he makes his way through the Dread Arc’s Tower…


  • Transparent Animations: I’m testing out a new method of creating transparent animations (where the animation plays and the background can be seen behind it). If I can get this to work nicely, it will open up a lot of opportunities to bring/summon girls and be naughty with them anywhere! As well as opening up some interesting events, potentially…
  • Chloe: Chloe is being used to test the above system. Talk to her anywhere, and select “let’s be naughty” and then “right here” to try out the new system!
  • Chloe: Assassin Form is now available! Only in the above system for now, I’m afraid, though – just while testing
  • Alice: Alice now has a paperdoll!
  • Alice: You can now find Alice around the Manor and chat with her! She can be found in the following locations:
  • Alice: Can be found at the FRONT DOOR on MONDAY MORNING!
  • Alice: Can be found in the GARDEN on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON!
  • Alice: Can be found in the LIVING ROOM on FRIDAY MORNING!
  • Misc: Removed all the “by 1/one” text snippets from stat increases where the jump cannot ever be higher than one, for consistency and brevity
  • Bug: Puppet’s paperdoll was showing up for some people where she shouldn’t. She’s been told to be less spooky
  • Bug: Some characters were missing specific battle sprite frames
  • Bug: Quick menu wasn’t turning back on after battles for players who had the option enabled. Now it will!
  • Bug: You could enter the rehab at night. MC has been reminded that a good night’s sleep is important for a healthy mind and stable emotional state and has agreed to let the poor patients sleep
  • Bug: Rehab was allowing you to admit Boos Girls you hadn’t met yet for treatment. When did MC become able to manipulate the time stream!?
  • Bug: Turning off Auto-Win was dumping players in random locations. The wormhole has been closed
  • Bug: Typo Hero rubs his unmarked chest and grins, as sirens blare and a desperate voice reverberates through the speakers above: TRUE REALITY BREACHED! THE HERO IS AWAKE! THE HERO IS AWAKE!


The weekly update has been released!

This week it’s a huge upgrade to the Rehabilitation Centre! Now you must lead the girl’s therapy session and complete a unique event to get them to join your side! For reasons of filesize and workload, all one-shot girls (such as the Boss Girls) are assigned a “speech style” rather than individual dialogue, but there are elements of individuality in each one so I hope everyone can still have fun with it! Also, you can now choose what recruits will call you, engage in practice squad battles and AUTO-WIN ALL YOUR FIGHTS (if you want)! I hope you enjoy!

NOTE: I will be taking my once-every-two-or-three-months break next week so there will be no update until the 12th of June, at which point weekly updates will start up again!

Due to the necessity of changing the User Interface some screens (such as the skill, inventory, fighter and crafting screens) haven’t had a UI pass and look kinda janky. All this will be fixed in the next few updates, so please bear with me until then. Thank you!


  • Rehabilitation Centre: Rehabilitation system has been upgraded! Now instead of merely waiting the one week, you must interact with the girl and lead her therapy session. At the end, you will have to visit her home district for a unique event, after which she will be recruitable and given the “rehabilitated” mental state!
  • Rehabilitation Centre: You can now send girls that you broke in the dungeon to therapy! (changes their mental state from “broken” to “rehabilitated”). NOTE: the “broken” mental state isn’t applied retroactively due to coding limitations. Only girls you break from this update onwards will have the “broken” or “shattered” mental state. Sorry! You can still send everyone to therapy, though!
  • Rehabilitation Centre: You can now admit girls directly into therapy from the rehab centre. No need to go via the dungeon!
  • Rehabilitation Centre: You can now choose what recruits (such as the Boss Girls) will call you (default: “Master”)!
  • War Room: New “Battle options” choice under “Prepare for battle”: allows you to auto-win all your battles! For people who just want to enjoy the story and not have to engage with the combat system
  • War Room: New “Squad Fight” under the “practice battle” option, for people who want to try out morale-affecting skills or see what new squads look like
  • Speech System: A new speech system has been coded and makes its debut with this release! This is all “under the hood” stuff, but it should make introducing new characters significantly faster AND allow them to be summoned for conversation and naughtiness ANYWHERE (in future updates)!
  • Misc: Went through the paperdoll code and massively streamlined it. This will make creating and displaying paperdoll variants (including nudes!) much easier going forward!
  • Misc: New “under the hood” system for storing individual character data (such as their mental state) that will allow for a lot more nuanced interactions going forward!
  • Misc: Testing out a system that will allow paperdolls to remain on-screen even when someone else is talking. Only used in therapy sessions right now, but if it works I’ll spread it to the other events too.
  • Bug: Left the TEST FIGHT option from dev testing in the war room… whoops!
  • Bug: You could send Goons to the rehabilitation centre before it was built. Now they actually have to wait for construction to be done, first!
  • Bug: You could re-recruit Boss Girls when roleplaying in the dungeon with them. No more cloning! It ruined Spider-man…
  • Bug: The blade plunges deep into Typo Hero’s chest and the world… cracks… falling away in green shards which shatter against the cold marble floor… of the Dread Arc’s tower!

I hope you enjoy this week’s update! Next Early Accessupdate will be Monday, 12th of June.



  • REHABILITATION CENTRE: New building in Northside! The Rehabilitation Centre, once built, will allow you to recruit Boss Girls without using the dungeon! You can also recruit Goons you beat (who can eventually be turned into new squads, assigned to particular buildings and functions and so on)!
  • Rehab: You can send defeated Boss Girls to the Rehab Centre directly after beating them, or from the dungeon at any time! After seven days (you will be able to shorten this number in future updates) the girl will be recruited once you visit them!
  • Rehab: You can now send Goons to the rehab centre when you beat them! Future updates will allow you to recruit them for various tasks, but right now you can just talk to them (five unique dialogues)!
  • Combat: Made some changes to the combat UI and graphics. This will give me more “real estate” to work with, as well as helping to future proof certain systems and fun little ideas I have planned. If you’re wondering where the HP/WP and stat breakdowns are, just click on the names in the top left and top right of the battle screen!
  • Combat: Brand new player and enemy sprites!
  • Combat: Battle maps are now animated! Ooooh!
  • Investigate: Investigating Northside will now reveal the Build Site! (Build the Rehabilitation Centre there!)
  • Scavenge: You can now find Assorted Materials when selecting “Search for Supplies” in Northside (after finding the Build Site)!
  • Misc: Updated the Northside background image
  • Misc: Changed The Glades and Northside districts to use the forest battlemap instead of the hills
  • Misc: Old Town and Hillside Development fights now take place in the forest and the hills respectively. This is temporary, while I design the interior battle maps
  • Misc: Made a start on making the text on the warmap more readable, but honestly I think I’m going to redesign that whole UI…
  • Bug: Missing recipes have now been returned – I pinky-promise this time!
  • Bug: Ami had overlapping paperdolls in the East Hallway and the Bathroom. The doppelganger has been shooed away now
  • Bug: Talking to Lucille in the hallway now displays her correct paperdoll and her expressions change, as they should
  • Bug: One of the arrows in Veronica’s character card was misaligned. Now it is not!
  • Bug: Sparks flicker from the tip of Typo Hero’s sword as it scrapes against the rocks outside of the cave. The sparks are… green..? He pauses, statue-still for a long, long moment… then sighs and raises his sword… to place the tip against his own chest…



  • CONSTRUCTION YARD: New building in Hillside! The Construction Yard, once built, will allow you to construct unique buildings in other districts (Training Ground only for now – more buildings coming in future updates)!
  • TRAINING GROUNDS: New building in The Glades! The Training Grounds, once built, will allow you to increase the MC’s PHY stat permanently by one! Also, may have more uses later!
  • Investigate: Investigating Hillside Development will now reveal the Construction Yard!
  • Investigate: Investigating The Glades will now reveal the Training Grounds!
  • Investigate: Investigating The Glades will now reveal the The Clearing! Revisit it for some peeks into MC’s childhood, or Pixie being weird (five unique, randomised lines for each)!
  • Scavenge: You can now find Construction Materials when selecting “Search for Supplies” in Hillside (after finding the Yard!)
  • Scavenge: You can now find Vegetables when selecting “Search for Supplies” in The Glades!
  • Scavenge: You can now find Timber when selecting “Search for Supplies” in The Glades (after finding the Training Grounds!)
  • Molly: You can now be naughty with Molly in Act Three! Just talk to her while she’s in the garden!
  • Cooking: Now when you learn your first recipe you will also get the ingredients for it, so they’re not listed as “unknown” in the recipe book
  • Misc: Changed the Qarinah dream in Act Three so it only shows up once, and gave the “speaker” a namebox
  • Misc: Tweaked a couple of the district location backgrounds. Trying something out
  • Bug: While in the SUPPORT position, Rachel was incorrectly being called Ophelia. Very embarrassing
  • Bug: Players could access Roxy’s character card before meeting her – this SHOULD be fixed, but let me know if not, as the code is a little complex
  • Bug: The simulation in which he was trapped is broken. Shaken, bloodied but unbowed, Typo Hero emerges from the cave and looks up at the Dread Arc’s Tower once more. Brushing a fragment of crystal from his shoulder, he sets off once again…

I hope you enjoy this week’s update! Next Early Accessupdate will be Monday, 22nd of May.



  • Chastity: Meet Chastity again, and find out a little about what’s happened to her! (Just go to sleep any time after doing the combat tutorial)
  • Chastity: Chastity now has a paperdoll!
  • Chastity: You can now change Chastity’s outfit at the Wardrobe!
  • War Map: New Conquerable location! “The Glades”! (Just north-east of the Manor)
  • Boss Girl: New Boss Girl! “Terri” is in charge of The Glades district!
  • Boss Girl: New Boss Girl! “Tammi” is Terri’s twin and acts as her support!
  • Skill: New combat skill – SHIELD STANCE! Learned from Terri, the new Boss Girl!
  • Combat: Enemy SUPPORT character system implemented! Only for Terri & Tammi right now, but its modular nature means it can be plugged into any fight! Enemy support characters do not show their intent, so beware of hidden skills and attacks!
  • Combat: Player stats are updated immediately after being altered and no longer just at the start of the turn. This should prevent confusion about support buffs not appearing to work
  • Misc: Applied another fix to hopefully solve the Android quick_menu issues, so let’s see if this one works!
  • Bug: Northside was showing as conquered if you’d already conquered Crescent Hills. Now it will display properly
  • Bug: Noelle was pretending to be Hazel in the dungeon. Her masquerade has ended
  • Bug: “noelle_captive_type” variable error has been fixed
  • Bug: Noelle’s support move was displaying the wrong damage numbers
  • Bug: “tempCOR is not defined” error was been fixed
  • Bug: You can no longer tell when your enemy is going to counter you if you’re befuddled!
  • Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives continue to follow the trail of jam, What’s this? There’s a weird, huge tower up ahead! And some kind of cave that the jam leads right into!


  • War Map: New Conquerable location! “Northside”! (Just north of the Manor)
  • Boss Girl: New Boss Girl! “Noelle” is in charge of the Northside district!
  • Jessica: Jessica will now default to naked if she’s in the bathroom (or if you summon her while she was in the bath)!
  • Gwen: You can now find and chat with Gwen at the FRONT DOOR on WEEKDAY EVENINGS!
  • Gwen: Gwen now has a paperdoll!
  • Android: I have changed the code to make the quick menu permanently visible while I try to figure out how to get the on/off code working consistently. All Android users should now see the quick menu at the top of their screens
  • Misc: Added a flash transition to some dungeon scenes to mask the animation reset on variable change
  • Bug: Trying to do naughty things with Chloe was sometimes throwing up an error
  • Bug: Eating food no longer opens you up to a counter-attack. Although it kind of should..?
  • Bug: The “e_HEAL not defined” error has been crushed beneath my sandalled feet
  • Bug: ENDURE battle skill was confused as to whether it blocked physical or arcane damage. It’s fine now
  • Bug: Goon was shaking his breasts at you in combat. He’s been asked to knock it off
  • Bug: Jessica was being duplicated in the bathroom. I know, more Jessicas = more fun! But the existential crisis was getting to her so she’s back down to just one now
  • Bug: Pixie clone was appearing in Act Two when you asked for Easter Egg hints. She has been returned to her vat
  • Bug: HP and WP weren’t being restored correctly if switching from a low HP/WP character to a high HP/WP character. Now they are!
  • Bug: Squads were being removed from battles that should have had them if done after “looking for trouble”. They have returned!
  • Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives find nothing but boring paper with pictures of old people in the wallet. What a waste! After feeding the paper to a cow, they continue their mission!


Due to the necessity of changing the User Interface some screens (such as the skill, inventory, fighter and crafting screens) haven’t had a UI pass and look kinda janky. All this will be fixed in the next few updates, so please bear with me until then. Thank you!

• Pixie: Added “Talk to Pixie” option back to the Manor bedroom in Act Three! Complete with
naughty events, too!
• Pixie: Pixie now has a paperdoll!
• Pixie: You can change Pixie’s outfit at the Wardrobe now!
• Chloe: Chloe now appears in the War Room every MORNING and AFTERNOON!
• Chloe: New naughty event with Chloe! Talk to her in the WAR ROOM!
• Chloe: All of Chloe’s features have been reinstated for Act Three, including changing her
speech patterns, making her drink potions and all the naughty stuff!
• Chloe: Chloe now has a paperdoll!
• Chloe: You can change Chloe’s outfit at the Wardrobe now!
• Bimbo: Chloe’s “Bimbo” Fey Form now has a paperdol!!
• Wardrobe: Fixed Jessica and Hana’s Wardrobe section so they’re not appearing under menu
choices any more
• UI: Changed the bedroom menu in Act Two slightly so the “Decorate” option is on the nav
bar and “Talk to Pixie” is higher on the list as it should be.
• Bug: Org Goons were showing up in Asteria’s final heart event in Act Two. They have been
kicked out! Blasted gatecrashers…
• Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives follow the jam trail back to a very lazy man. He’s just lying
in a field and won’t wake up to answer questions! So rude. So they take his wallet. Maybe
there’s clues inside!
I hope you enjoy this week’s update! Next Early Access update will be Monday, 3rd of April.


  • Combat: While scouting a conquered territory, you can now “Look for trouble”, which will throw you into a fight that grants EXP and allows you to learn new skills from team mates. Only one battle encounter is available right now, but more will be added in time!
  • Misc: Changed Pixie’s Initial title so it’s not spoilerific for new players.
  • Bug: Hazel’s face was missing when she was shattered, which was… horrifying.
  • Bug: The item menu wasn’t showing up properly in combat. Now it is! Pizza and fighting , what could go wrong?
  • Bug: Pump It and Motivate were triggering counter-attacks. You no longer get punched for shouting loudly!
  • Bug: Demense entry dialogues were obscuring the “Nexus” button. Now they’re not!
  • Bug: Chelsea was showing up instead of Hazel when thrown in the dungeon after HP loss. Now the correct girl insults you!
  • Bug: A number of text lines in leads and menu choices were over-running their boxes. The have been taught to keep within the lines…
  • Bug: Obviously the bugs were left there as a cunning trap, but Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives are not to be deterred! They’ve just found a suspicious trail of jam and they’re on the case!


Due to the necessity of changing the User Interface some screens (such as the skill, inventory, fighter and crafting screens) haven’t had a UI pass and look kinda janky. All this will be fixed in the next few updates, so please bear with me until then. Thank you!


  • War Map: New Conquerable location! “Hillside Development”! (Just south of the Manor)
  • Boss Girl: New Boss Girl! “Hazel D.” in charge of the Hillside Development district!
  • Skill: New combat skill – PUMP IT! Learned from Hazel, the new Boss Girl!
  • Combat: Reworked the AI a little bit to prevent them defaulting to a single move most of the time (TANK especially has been completely reworked)
  • Jessica: You can now call Jessica to the LIVING ROOM any time you like! No more hunting around the Manor for her! Man, she was good at hide and seek!
  • Ard & Hana: Now have updated paperdolls! No more bisected Hana in the kitchen. Phew!
  • Misc: Highlighted the word GARDEN in the “Learn How to Fight” lead as people weren’t reading it carefully and were getting confused as to where Jessica was (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: Fixed a situation in which you could get soft-locked in the Dungeon. Uh-oh!
  • Bug: Fixed a UI issue where “(iExit)” was appearing on Wardrobe options
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where Jessica would sometimes pop up during battle. Don’t be a helicopter mom, Jessica!
  • Bug: Fixed the “black bar at bottom of screen” bug! (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: You could recruit the Boss Girl multiple times from the dungeon. No more clones! (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: You could “Mount an Attack” before doing the battle tutorial in the garden, which would mess up progression (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: The lab background wasn’t showing up in Act Two. Now it is! (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: Jessica’s stats weren’t increasing for her naughty bathroom event (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: Moved quick_menu to the top of the screen and tied its visibility to the visibility of the top bar. Hopefully this will solve the Android “quick menu is blocking stuff” (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives approach the creaking cupboard slowly. Is it the missing jam? A lead? A clue!? AHHHH! NOITSBUGS! ITSBUUUUUUGS!


  • Jessica: You can now have naughty fun with Jessica in the bathroom (WEDNESDAY MORNING)!
  • Ami: Ami is now on lookout duty only in the AFTERNOON
  • Ami: Ami can now be found cleaning the bathroom on MONDAY MORNINGS
  • Ami: Ami can now be found cleaning the east hallway on WEDNESDAY MORNINGS
  • Ami: Ami can now be found clearing the garden on FRIDAY MORNINGS
  • Misc: Added a fade transition when opening the War Map so it’s less jarring
  • Bug: Ami will no longer regenerate her eye when switching to her ponytail hairstyle. Poor Ami…
  • Bug: Time wasn’t advancing when MC went looking for the fish girls. Super Simping Swimming Speed?
  • Bug: Hopefully fixed the overlapping quick menu and exit buttons on the War Map for Android players (Hopefully)
  • Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives! Their first adventure: the case of the Terrible Typos! Who is the typo in the white sheet? Is the Manor haunted? And who took all the jam? These questions and more will probably not be answered in… Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives!


  • War Room: New room: the War Room! Talk to Jessica (Front Door on Sunday afternoon) and select “Strategise with Jessica”
  • War Map: New mechanic – the interactive War Map! Just for information right now, but you will be able to plan attacks and conquer territory with it very soon!
  • Paperdolls: New paperdoll for Ami (Dress her up at the wardrobe in your room)!
  • Misc: Removed the Church from the property listings since you can’t buy it yet and it was worrying people about to do the Act Two finale
  • Misc: Moved the Manor nav UI around a bit again. The number of buttons on this UI is too damn high!
  • Bug: Typo stuff… or Gwen And Ami: Kid Detectives! Either one


  • Main Story: Main Story progression! After exploring the map, return to the Manor’s Front Door
  • Nexus: You can now TRY to use the Nexus portal in the Manor (emphasis on “try”)!
  • Kana: Added some extra dialogue lines in Act One to help people who are confused about springing the Org trap
  • Bug: The East Hallway was trapping players who interacted with anything in it. The curse has been lifted and everyone should be free now
  • Bug: A mysterious figure emerges to encase Typo Hero’s body in green crystal! So while he’s in there, how about the Adventures of Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives!


  • Ami: You can now be naughty with Ami at the front door (talk to her when she’s at the front door)!
  • Goon Squad: Added Org Goon Squads to the Roadblock and Train locations to prevent MC from escaping!
  • Misc: Updated the “Exit” button at night to bounce you back to wherever you tried to exit from
  • Misc: Updated some of the Manor navigation backend code to properly record where you’re located to make future redirections easier
  • Bug: The chain link fence when meeting Molly wasn’t stretching the whole way. Pretty significant security flaw, Molly!
  • Bug: The boar was riddled with parasites and Typo Hero DIES! Can I do that? Am I allowed? It’s my changelog after all! Let me check the rules…


  • WARDROBE: The wardrobe system is finally in place! You can now change the outfits and hairstyles of the girls with paperdoll models (eventually everyone)! Just head to your bedroom in Act Three. And don’t ask how a wardrobe can change your hair. It’s magic, alright? Shush
  • Hana: You can now be naughty with Hana in the kitchen (talk to her when she’s in the kitchen)!
  • Train Station: You can now visit the TrainStation on the Town Map (no content yet)!
  • Roadblock: You can now visit the Roadblock on the Town Map (click on the “Outskirts” button – no content yet)!
  • Church: You can now visit the Church on the Town Map (no content yet)!
  • Decorate: Moved the “Decorate your Room” from a dialogue option to an icon in the bottom-left of the screen
  • Misc: Slightly adjusted the Manor’s nav UI to better balance with the new icons
  • Bug: Hana and Jessica were both hanging around at night if you passed time on the map. Now they get their proper beauty sleep
  • Bug: Chastity’s Hint was mistakenly telling players they couldn’t progress her love meter in Act Two, when in fact you could
  • Bug: The “Exit” button in the Manor was working at night. Now MC is forced to stay home where it’s safe! For now, anyway…
  • Bug: Lily was appearing in the Park even if she’d left the Town (love level less than four)
  • Bug: The Dread Arc cheers the boar! Except, no, actually he chars it… damnit! After eating his fill of crispy pork, Typo Hero continues on…

I hope you enjoy this week’s update! Next Patron update will be Monday, 19th of December.


  • Park: You can now visit the Park on the Town Map!
  • College: You can now visit the College on the Town Map (no content yet)!
  • Company: You can now visit the Company on the Town Map (no content yet)!
  • Lily: You can now find Lily at the Park on SATURDAY and SUNDAY MORNINGS!
  • Jessica: You can now find Jessica at the front door on SUNDAY AFTERNOON!
  • Misc: The weekly income was mistakenly activating as normal. Not any more – sorry! War has decimated your income. But maybe the buildings you own can serve some other purpose… once you claim them back!
  • Misc: Tweaked some of the paperdoll, calendar and dialogue code to make things a little smoother
  • Bug: The “Active Room” overlay wasn’t appearing in the Manor’s navigation bar. Now it is!
  • Bug: “Talk with Pixie” and “Sleep With Someone” options were mistakenly showing and causing a time loop to occur
  • Bug: The navigation bar in the East Hallway was vanishing after looking around, trapping players forever
  • Bug: Lucille was appearing in the bathroom even if she hadn’t moved into the Manor. So presumptuous!
  • Bug: The medium rage boar charges the Typo Hero! Typo Hero uses his credit card! But it’s declined! Is this the end for Typo Hero!?


  • Bug fix

“This time the bug was that if you picked “Talk to Pixie” or “Sleep With Someone” from the evening menu in Act Three it would create a wormhole that threw you back in time. Also, the nav bar disappeared from the East Hallway.​

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, and don’t have a manual save to rescue you, open your “LOAD” page in-game and click or tap on the little “A” to the left of the page numbers down at the bottom. Those are your autosaves and a new one is created every time you sleep.​

The bugs have been dealt with, and a new 0.17.1a version has been released”​


  • World: You can now leave the Manor! Only one location right now (the bar), but more added in every update!
  • Lily: Find out what happened to Lily!
  • Ard/Hana: New dialogue options in the kitchen!
  • Lucille: New dialogue! Find her in the EAST HALLWAY on MONDAY MORNING!
  • Lucille: Moved her random bath event to a GUARANTEED event on MONDAY AFTERNOON! I capitalise this in the vain hope that people will actually read it and stop reporting “can’t find Lucille” as a bug…
  • Paperdolls: New paperdolls for Ard, Hana and Lucille!
  • Bug: There was a graphical glitch when calling Emma sometimes that would erase people in the background! They will no longer flicker in and out of reality
  • Bug: Added an extra variable check so people who recycled Ami won’t be haunted by her ghost. Even though you deserve it
  • Bug: Fixed a very obscure bug with the Empty Vase decoration easter egg that was throwing people back in time. Guys! I think we invented time travel!
  • Bug: If a girl was pregnant before you entered the Act Two Finale they would give birth in Act Three, which is a long pregnancy for an Artifact-infused baby!
  • Bug: In the first “Queen Qarinah” event, Qarinah would occasionally forget she was in her Queen Aspect
  • Bug: Typo Hero is ushered to a seat by the waiter, who offers him a menu. After much deliberation, Typo Hero chooses the boar, medium rare. Unfortunately, when served, this proves to be a boar in the throes of medium rage. Uh-oh!


  • System: New PAPERDOLL system! This should allow you to dress up the girls however you want. Currently only working on Jessica while I work out the kinks!
  • Jessica: New mini event (go to the front door and “Check the Door”)!
  • Misc: Tidied up a couple minor points to make it more clear on what you have to do
  • Bug: Gwen would still text you as her old self if she was in Yandere mode. Now the poor girl gets a break… ooh, sorry, bad choice of words…
  • Bug: Chloe and Jessica were sinking into the ground in one scene. The concrete quicksand has been filled in and they’re safe now
  • Bug: After seeing Emma’s event in the kitchen at night, the nav bar was still hiding. It has now been coaxed back to its rightful place
  • Bug: The nav bar was showing the wrong location as active after Emma’s evening kitchen event. The shaking moved the icons around!
  • Bug: Suddenly, there on the horizon! An oasis! And where there’s oases there’s water… or, if you’re the Typo Hero, a waiter


  • Emma: Find out what happened to Emma (if you brought her back to the Manor)!
  • Emma: Mini-event in the kitchen at night (random chance)!
  • Lucille: Find out what happened to Lucille (if you brought her back to the Manor)!
  • Lucille: New naughty event in the bathroom (random chance – must be AFTERNOON)!
  • Bug: Hana’s spirit was haunting the kitchen even if you didn’t save her. Spooky
  • Bug: Some events were triggering at night when they shouldn’t have. Everyone is back in bed, now!
  • Bug: Typo Hero’s troop continues its trek through the endless desert… not a typo to be found! If this carries on, they’re going to have to look for… other forms of sustenance…


  • Molly: Find out what happened to Molly (if you brought her back to the Manor)!
  • Ard/Hana: Find out what happened to Ard/Hana (if you brought them back to the Manor)!
  • Bug: The Manor navigation bar was displaying over the Decorations bar. No decorating for you and your gross hands!
  • Bug: Ami’s intro would loop until you talked to her. Apparently some people were just… walking away? Monsters
  • Bug: Ami would appear by the window even if you didn’t save her. Her ghost still wants to protect you…
  • Bug: Typo Hero and his childhood friend find themselves in the centre of a vast desert… not a typo to be seen… disaster! For them, not for the Dread Arc, who is very happy


  • Act Three: You can now move around the Manor! (You can’t leave it, though, and many rooms aren’t implemented just yet)
  • Ami: Find out what happened to Ami! (If you saved her)
  • Gwen: Find out what happened to Gwen!
  • Misc: Reworked the “East Hall” and “West Hall” graphics
  • Bug: Removed the “no more content…” notice from the Mystery Lead. Now there is more content!
  • Bug: The storm passes and the clouds clear as Typo Hero and his childhood friend emerge from their shelter and set their eyes once again on the Rambling Tower…


  • ACT TWO FINALE: Part two, in which revelations are revealed and tautologies are… tautened..?
  • Bug: Removed some sneaky axis lines from one of the renders
  • Bug: Tweaked the Fishgirls/Marina event so you can’t kick it off if it’s night time
  • Bug: You are no longer forced into the mountain lake when checking on the fishgirls at the marina. Man, that undertow was rough!
  • Bug: Shaking the water from his cloak, the Typo Hero drops the meagre results of his foraging by the fire and shakes his head, glancing at the raging storm around the Rambling Tower. “Not yet,” he says. “Not yet…”


  • ACT TWO FINALE: Some things go right and some things go very, very wrong. This will change everything!
  • Bug: Removed a couple “no more content in this version” notices that were no longer applicable
  • Bug: Removed a defunct option from the Qarinah questline that didn’t serve any purpose anymore
  • Bug: Storm clouds roil in the darkling skies above. The Typo Hero and his childhood friend hunker down in a makeshift shelter and decide to wait for whatever is happening with the Dread Arc to pass


  • Jackie: New Jackie event!
  • Jackie: New Jackie naughty event!
  • Samantha: New Samantha naughty event!
  • Samantha: You can now enter Samantha’s apartment whenever you like!
  • Bug: Setting up camp for the night, Typo Hero and his childhood friend boil up a thick stew over an open fire. Wait, is that… feet? Oh, no, thank goodness…. it’s meat

Fish Girls: You can now meet and… ahem… interact with the fish girls at both the Marina and the Lake!
Bug: You could repeat the Fish Girls event by whistling in the Nexus multiple times. No more fish girl events for you! You’re going to overstock the Marina…
Bug: MC apparently couldn’t tell the difference between Emma and her kid. Awkwaaaaaaard. Now he can!
Bug: With a swish and a THUNK the Gnome of Names was slain with a single blow. Typo Hero nods to his childhood friend, the wielder of Dyslexic Devilry, and focuses his gaze once more on the home of the Dread Arc



  • Marina: You can now move the two fish girls into the Marina!
  • Emma: New event with Emma and her kid! Just go to the shops and invite her to karaoke!
  • Jackie: You’re now guaranteed to meet the “normal” Jackie the second time you visit her. After that it’s a coinflip!
  • Save/Load Pages: The save/load pages now extend to 100 naturally, and there are arrows at the end that allow you to exceed that number near-infinitely. Some of you have a real hoarding problem, you know that? (Thanks to CursedFlame91 for the snippet!)
  • Bug: Spending time with Jackie until evening was throwing you back to the Explore page. Now you are placed outside the apartment instead, so you can stare at the windows like a creep!
  • Bug: The pool twins wouldn’t let you teach them if you started with a warmup. Now they will! They’re good girls for teacher
  • Bug: Trying to give Chloe the Tacent Voces potion was throwing a huge error. Is Chloe becoming sentient? Maybe!
  • Bug: Autosaves weren’t working correctly thanks to a change to the engine. So I slipped on my leather gloves and a pair of shutter shades and h4ck3d the SDK (Big thanks to CursedFlame91 for tracking down the necessary edit)!
  • Bug: On the road once again, this time with his childhood friend in tow, Typo Hero resumes his journey to the Rambling Tower! Good lord, there’s two of them now…


  • Jackie: You can now meet “normal” Jackie!
  • Jackie: You can now switch between “normal” Jackie and Jackie(?) at will!
  • Explore: New Evening Explore option for the Town Map (EXPLORE at night, and select the “go for a stroll” option)!
  • Chloe: The “Tacent Voces” potion effect now stacks on Chloe, instead of capping out at seven days!
  • Inventory: You can now buy multiples of a single item, and they stack in your inventory! (HUGE thanks to CursedFlame91 for the code!)
  • Save/Load Pages: The Save/Load screens now have a scrollbar at the bottom to help you quickly get to those higher page numbers! (Thanks to CursedFlame91 for the code snippet!)
  • Bug: Unlocking Chloe’s Witch outfit caused an endless looping sound effect. The attention-seeking sound has been disciplined
  • Bug: Typo Hero awakens in the hidden church of the Sisters of Slang. A familiar face hands him his sword and shield with a grin. Welcome back, sleepy-head

Jackie(?): Cosplay Fashion! You can now get Jackie(?) to pose in her normal outfit!
Jackie(?): You can now be naughty with Jackie(?) in her normal outfit!
Jackie(?): Some new dialogue lines for Jackie(?)
Apartment: You can now unlock Samantha’s apartment on the Town Map! No more having to go via EXPLORE! Just visit the apartment to trigger the map unlock
Pregnancy: Some naughty scenes didn’t give you the opportunity to impregnate the girls. Now they do! YOU get a baby! And YOU get a baby!
College: Pool Twins and Basketball girls didn’t get new dialogue when you maxed out your Authority. Now they do!
Misc: Replaced the “???” property cards with blank placeholder cards to avoid confusing people, since those properties aren’t available yet. Thanks to CursedFlame91 for the graphic!
Bug: New sound system had some bugs (of course) with endlessly-repeating audio. No more torture! So long as you tell me what I want to know…
Bug: Some people thought the new animations were a bit fuzzy. They have been shaved. I mean updated. Yes… updated…
Bug: A few graphical/display bugs have been fixed (ghost festival, third mother meeting and Nexus button in the bunker)
Bug: Typo Hero clings to the voice, pulling himself from the dark mire of unconsciousness… the voice… his childhood friend’s voice… all this time he’d thought she was dead, but no… she was really only deaf!

Version Upgrade: Updated to the latest Ren’py version, which will hopefully solve the crashing issues some Android users have been experiencing
Jackie: You can now visit Jackie in Samatha’s building whenever you like!
Jackie: Cosplay Fashion! You can now get Jackie to pose in the “Zero Suit” outfit!
Jackie: Cosplay Fashion! You can now get Jackie to pose in the “Bowsette” outfit!
Jackie: New naughty event – pick her cosplay outfit! (Zero Suit and Bowsette currently available. More to come!)
College: Madison and Veronica will now be wearing the correct uniform when you get the “no more education decreases” event
Coding: Updated the code used for sound effects, adding an “ambient” layer and separating the system and in-game sounds. This should allow for more sound layering, as well as greater stability
Bug: Talking to Chloe before Jessica right after the Act One finale would skip time, preventing you from talking to Jessica until the following day. Now you can’t talk to Chloe until you’ve spoken to Jessica. Sorry, Chloe!
Bug: Ambient sounds weren’t looping, and sound effects were sometimes getting cut off. All working now! I hope
Bug: A voice in the darkness… a hand reaching through the void… a soft, strangely familiar voice that whispers… Rise… Typo Hero!

Alice: You can now invite Alice to the farm to meet Annie, Kana and the daycare kids!
College: If you have maxed out your Authority then Education will no longer decrease! (Just enter the college for the scene)
Bug: Second Mother’s scene was playing no matter what you selected. She wasn’t taking no for an answer!
Bug: As the light fades to a single pinprick, Typo Hero let’s out a solitary gasp… “hlep!”

PTA Moms: You can now have some naughty group fun with all three moms! Just talk to Sally in the Company and select “Let’s be Naughty”!
Mom#2: You can now meet the second PTA mom in the Company during weekday mornings for some naughty fun!
Fan Art: Added a new piece to the fan art gallery, from the incredibly talented Chlo#5009! Check it out!
Bug: MCs testicles were behaving in an eye-watering way during one of Lucille’s scenes. Changed the angle so I don’t have to see it any more
Bug: Poisoned by the foul Readers of Proof, the Typo Hero manages only a single spelling error before collapsing into darkness…

Receptionist: New naughty event with Sally’s receptionist! Awaken or Shatter her! Change what you call her and she calls you!
Explore: New evening Explore (Outskirts) event! Explore the Outskirts at night, and check out the weird glow!
Annie: Added the ability to unlock her “lactating” Quirk in the milking shed event (Annie must be Love level 4)!
Pregnancy: Girls can no longer give birth until you’ve met Artifact (thanks for the code, CursedFlame91)!
Pregnancy: Clarified the “something is preventing the pregnancy” lines (thanks to CursedFlame91)!
Misc: Reworked Claire’s dialogue during the club date slightly, as she knew things she shouldn’t have!
Bug: One of Jessica’s stats wasn’t updating properly. Now it is!
Bug: Typo Hero has vanquished Grandma Grammar and her fanatical daughters of Sin’tax! Now he rides for the Rambling Tower!

Marina: You can now purchase the Marina (talk to Madison)!
Marina: You can now upgrade the Marina (Underwater tunnel)!
Marina & Lake: You can travel between the two now, with the Marina upgrade and Endless Air Power!
Company: You can now purchase the Company (talk to Sally)!
Artifact: Added a few more dialogue lines to Artifact in case you visit her before unlocking the Nexus
Misc: Added a “Hmm… maybe not” option to West Hallway sleep invites to match the East Hallway
Bug: MC was calling Laura by the wrong name. Which is just… I mean… ouch
Bug: Hana’s music was glitching out during the sleepover. Maybe it was trying to change to Ard’s music!?
Bug: Renée’s sleepover option wouldn’t appear if Julie was in the house. Jealous girl
Bug: First Artifact meeting could throw you into the Nexus before you unlocked it. Fixed!
Bug: You can no longer humiliate Luna while she’s heavily pregnant. You monsters
Bug: Fixed a slight graphical error in one of Lily’s scenes
Bug: Hidden Voices wasn’t working correctly in a lot of scenes, and now it is!
Bug: Qarinah’s naughty stats weren’t updating for certain Aspects. Now they are!
Bug: One of Qarinah’s scenes would flash the wrong image. Subliminal programming!?
Bug: Annie’s makeout stat wasn’t increasing when you kissed her. Now she notes it down properly!
Bug: The prophesied Typo Hero has arisen to vanquish the Dread King Arc. Will my minions be able to defeat him!?

Luna: You can now spend time with Luna and Lil’ Luna (accessible from Luna’s demesne!)!
Annie: You can now kiss Annie (at Love level 4)!
Laura: You can now invite Laura to sleep with you at night!
Renee: You can now invite Renee to sleep with you at night!
Julie: You can now invite Julie to sleep with you at night!
Lucille: You can now invite Lucille to sleep with you at night!
Molly: You can now invite Molly to sleep with you at night!
Ami: You can now invite Ami to sleep with you at night!
Hana: You can now invite Hana to sleep with you at night!
Quirks: Hid all the unavailable Quirks to avoid confusion (plus, some are outdated with the newer systems)
System: CK now has text scroll sound effects (by request). It’s disabled by default, but can be enabled in Preferences!
Bug: You could be naughty with the Pool Twins during “Teach a Class” too early. Fixed! Good things come to those who wait
Bug: Luna wouldn’t call you by your custom-defined title in one scene. She has been punished for her hubris
Bug: Only one typo this week! Its family slaughtered by the Readers of Proof it stormed the Coded Gates and was crushed!

Pixie: You can now invite Pixie to sleep with you at night (provided you can make her big)!
College: The girls will now wear the assigned uniform during “Teach a Class”!
College: Using Aura whilst teaching a human class now allows for some naughty fun!
College: You can now set a custom title for the college to address you as!
Bug: The typos, they whisper to me. They say “Were g0ng 2 cill u”… I don’t know what it means…

Pool Twins: The Pool Twins will now obey uniform rules whilst at the college!
Courtyard Girls: The Courtyard Girls will now also obey uniform rules during Private Lessons!
Sally: Added a repeatable “Let’s be Naughty” option for Sally (once you’ve unlocked the “Company” map icon)!
Bug: Fixed an issue where using Aura in the college would teleport you to the basketball girls. They really love your slam dunks
Bug: Fixed issue with certain images not appearing as they should (part of the 0.15.1b update patch)
Bug: No… typos…? Well now I’m just paranoid


  • College: You can now select which uniform you’d like the college girls to wear from your office
  • College: Nude “Uniform” available if you’ve maxed out your college Authority!
  • Veronica: Will now obey the uniform regulations too! She is still a student, after all
  • Madison: Will now ALSO obey the uniform regulations! Lead by example, right?
  • Sword Girl: Added a few new lines if you spot her during uniform check after dealing with all the PTA Ladies
  • GUI: Updated the “Stats Lock” UI to make it (hopefully) more obvious that the Artifact Crystal is restricting your potential
  • Misc: Changed “Jack” to “Jackie?” in the naughty encounter with her, as you don’t yet know about “Jack”
  • Bug: Sally wasn’t addressing you correctly during replays. Now she will!
  • Bug: The typos are everywhere… it won’t be long now. I reach for my gun…

College: Your Authority level can now reach the maximum! (new authority options will be in the next update)
PTA Ladies: New event with “First Mother” (the power-hungry one)! Just talk to Madison in the college’s office to kick it off!
Location: New location: COMPANY! (complete the new “First Mother” event to unlock it)!
Misc: Changed the default “name” font to something more readable, due to issues with non-standard characters
Misc: Tweaked some of the “names” now that I can use non-standard characters
Misc: You can now tell Madison and Veronica to go home when their love level is 4 even if you don’t own the college
Bug: Queen Qarinah’s naughty stats weren’t getting updated correctly. She assumed some peasant would see to that. So I did
Bug: Fixed a typo in “Johnny”‘s name. Shoulda known that cock would screw me!

Lyx: New love event!
Magic Training: Level EIGHT training available!
Fan Art: Two fan artworks by SHIHEX added to the gallery!
Stats: Added a hints overlay to the Stats screen
Stats: Removed the “X boxes aren’t available in this version” overlay, since all Act Two stats are max-able now!
Cheats: Updated the “Gallery Cheat” in the laptop – it should unlock all the scenes properly now!
Bug: Changing what Luna calls you will now work when she’s Shattered
Bug: What Luna calls you will no longer reset to default when loading a save file
Bug: MC was speaking in Python code. He’s becoming self-aware! Shut it down! Shut it all down!
Bug: The Rinkos will now call you by your chosen title during your night-time threesome fun
Bug: I can hear the typos outside the door. Scratching… clawing… it won’t be long now…

Main Story: New event (go to the Church and select “Scout the Area”)!
Luna: You can now choose what Luna and her people call you!
Summoner & Pet: You can now choose what you want to call the Summoner & Pet!
Misc: Lyx will no longer be known as “Goblin Witch” in her replays. Honestly, at least call her by her name. Be respectful. She has bombs
Bug: Redoing the Lomeg event will no longer jump you to the chicken event. I’m just now realising this might be a silly game
Bug: Aim for the glowing red weak spot on the typo! It’s a boil. Shit hurts

Lyx: New story event!
New Power: COMMAND can now be learned!
Magic Training: Level SEVEN training available!
Volleyball Girls: You can now have naughty fun with the Volleyball Girls! (“EXPLORE” in the Outskirts and must have the COMMAND Power!)
Summoner & Pet: You can now choose what you want the Summoner and her (your?) pet to call you. Might I suggest “Snugglekins”?
Bug: Typos killed my mother so now I’m on a quest for revenge. Wiped out a small village this morning. More will burn…

Summoner & Pet: You can now have naughty fun with the Summoner and her Pet in the mountains (“EXPLORE”, and must have the SUPPRESSION Power)!
Fish Lady: New event! EXPLORE the Mountains for a fishy encounter at the lake!
Misc: Added an option to back out of naughtiness with Luna. Because apparently some of you don’t want hot bunnygirl sex. Strange
Bug: Fixed a bug that prevented you from repeating the Lyx event if you failed it the first time (included in 0.14.5a release)
Bug: Fixed a bug in Lyx’s event that caused an error screen to appear if you failed the MARTIAL skill check
Bug: One of Madison’s naughty events wasn’t increasing her stats. That must be where Veronica got her bad habits from!
Bug: If you filled your backpack past the first page and then emptied it down to less than fifteen items again, the screen would get stuck on an empty backpack. Now you can go back to the correct pouch! No more staring into the wrong one like an idiot

Lyx: New story event!
New Power: SUPPRESSION can now be learned! (It will allow you to complete a certain EXPLORE event in the next update!)
Magic Training: Level SIX training available!
Misc: During the random Beast encounters, MC will now retreat to his room instead of the last map visited (probably to hide under his bed)
Bug: Both MC and Nuli were forgetting they’d met. A couple rounds of Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training later and they’re all good
Bug: Veronica’s naughty stats weren’t updating in a certain scene. Now they are. Got to keep good records!
Bug: It’s a typo! Take the Shot! BAM! All clear, stand down

PTA Ladies: New event with “Mom 2” (the gold-digging one)! Just talk to Madison in the college’s office to kick it off!
Luna: New “Outside” event in Luna’s demesne! (Select “Explore the Side Streets”)!
Cheats: Updated the Gallery cheat in the Manor laptop, so everything should be up to date!
Misc: Removed the random Beast event from the College as it was causing some events to glitch out
Misc: Added the “Third Mom” pool scene to the gallery
Bug: Weekday wasn’t changing during the Act One finale. Now it is!
Bug: Two of Jessica’s event animations were displaying the wrong event. I confiscated her Time Turner so everything’s back to normal now
Bug: Certain events were causing the Manor bathroom to appear as a black void, devoid of life and hope. So I fixed that
Bug: One of Lyx’s stats wasn’t updating correctly. Now it is! For Science!
Bug: Fixed the cave scene not showing properly if you ran from the Beast in another scene
Bug: Unlocking Gwen’s “DAMAGED” Quirk now displays the correct text (She’s not broken! Just… damaged)
Bug: You can no longer teach college classes in the evening. Students gotta have some time off, too!
Fixed a typo hiding in Madison’s character card. There is no escape for you, typos!

Beast: A new Beast event! You have to have Magic at 4 or higher and go to sleep (alone) in your room
Beast: You now have a 10% chance to encounter the Beast in certain locations at night. It does not go well for you
Qarinah: New naughty event! (MAID DAYDREAM) Go to the Manor Garden and select “Daydream”
Misc: Shifted the requirement for Chloe’s naughty “Fey Form” option to a later point to make more sense
Bug: You can no longer interact with the Twins and their Mom at the Manor pool in the evening
Bug: Shifted the Pool Twins’ mom under Jessica on the overlay so her hair won’t get in Jess’s mouth!
Bug: You can no longer get Kana pregnant if you haven’t unlocked the Nexus yet
Bug: Arrested and… “corrected”… a rogue typo

Pool Twins: New COLLEGE naughty event with the pool twins! (Yes, it’s finally happening!)
Pool Twins: You can now invite the Pool Twins (and their mom!) to the Manor pool!
Pool Twins: New MANOR POOL naughty event with the pool twins! (I’m spoiling you, admit it)
PTA Ladies: New MANOR POOL naughty event with the pool twins’ mom!
Lily: Added a guaranteed chance to get Lily’s CASINO outfit in Act Two if you missed it in Act One
Bug: Ami was projecting her astral essence into the wrong rooms at the wrong times. I asked her to stop and gave her some cheese
Bug: You can no longer be naughty with Chloe’s Fey Forms before the relevant part of the story

PTA Ladies: New event with “Mom 3” (the ditzy one)! Just talk to Madison in the college’s office to kick it off!
Ami: If Ami is living in the Manor, she’ll now show up in certain rooms on certain days, cleaning them. She wants to be helpful!
Samantha: If you let her “thank” you during the fire rescue then you can ask her to do it again whenever you like after the fire is gone now!
Bug: Fixed an issue where Luna’s humiliation event wasn’t triggering the right variable
Bug: Fixed a bug where Sawano would give you naughty times even if you didn’t pass her trial first
Bug: Gwen will no longer appear with a knife when you’re sleeping with someone. She’s considerate that way.
Bug: Typo eliminated!

Qarinah: New naughty event! (TEACHER DAYDREAM) Go to the Manor Garden and select “Daydream”
Qarinah: New naughty event! (NURSE DAYDREAM) Go to the Manor Garden and select “Daydream”
Bug: You can no longer daydream about Qarinah until you “officially” meet her in the garden
Bug: Typo destroyed!

Qarinah: New naughty event! (DAYDREAMING) Go to the Manor Garden and select “Daydream”
Veronica: New event with Veronica and your kid! (Go to the Manor’s front door in the morning or afternoon)
Annie: New event with Annie and your kid! (Go to the farm and talk to Annie during the morning)
Cheats: Updated the Gallery cheat mod with all current scenes!
Misc: Madison was forgetting about her club date during the PTA Ladies event. Now she remembers!
Bug: When exploring the Outskirts at night, MC would teleport to the city briefly. Didn’t even have to use a sling ring! MC OP. Nerf incoming
Bug: Chloe’s inner Assassin will no longer murder the game executable when you try to be naughty with her
Bug: Certain naughty actions with Lyx weren’t counting towards her stats. Now they are!
Bug: Madison would respond enthusiastically to your beach date call even if she was a low love level. Now she rejects you. Sorry about that!
Bug: MC will no longer reference Kana at the end of Act One if you haven’t actually met her yet
Bug: Hordes of vile typos crushed beneath my heel

Madison: New event with Madison and her kid! (Call Madison from the beach)
Chloe: You can now be naughty with Chloe in her BIMBO form!
Hidden Voices: New voices to listen to!
Explore: You can now EXPLORE the outskirts in the evening (only one location so far, and nothing to do there yet. Part of the stuff I need to set up to give players more to do at night)
Explore: You can now EXPLORE the mountains in the evening (same as the outskirts!)
Bug: Fixed a bug that was causing Ard and Hana’s Hidden Voices to start getting confused as to who was in what body
Bug: A squad of invading typos has been driven off!

College: You can now increase your AUTHORITY to level 4!
Pool Twins: You can now get a naughty little show from them!
Hidden Voices: New voices to listen to! (Which might help with a certain task…)
Explore: You can now EXPLORE the town in the evening (only one location so far, and nothing to do there yet. Part of the stuff I need to set up to give players more to do at night)
Bug: Rinkos will now address you correctly as “My Emperor” if you’ve reached the appropriate point of the story
Bug: Chiyome made even her namebox invisible! Now THAT’S good kunoichi-ing. Made it visible now, though. Sorry, Chiyome!
Bug: Added a missing variable set that was causing some dialogue to not display correctly
Bug: Typo eliminated!

Luna: You can now unlock the “Commoner” Quirk! Talk to Luna once she’s at Love 4 and pick “Humiliate Her”
Luna: Luna will now refer to you as “Emperor” rather than “Lord” if you Awaken her – as will the Rinkos from that point on!
UI: Updated Luna’s UI to correctly reflect the choice you make at the end of her current storyline
Jessica: Will now remember that she DOES have family during her bar date if you have a kid with her
Tom: Added a new way to gloat over Tom if you have a kid with Jessica in the daycare
Misc: Tweaked a few lines to allow for a more individual reaction to some characters
Bug: Fixed an issue where the Courtyard Girls in the college would be casually dressed even before you made that change
Bug: You now have to hug Ami one less time to achieve the next stage of hugs
Bug: Typo vanquished!

Sawano: You can now have naughty time with Sawano if you’ve reached MARTIAL level 8!
Gwen: You can now kiss Gwen in her room! This also counts towards lowering her Yandere count!
Ami: You can now give Ami hugs! (Try hugging her more than three times)
Lyx: You can now have Lyx gather your liminal… bio… whatever, once every seven (or more) days!
Chloe: Finally updated her heart UI to better reflect her Shattered state
Bug: Fixed a minor graphical issue with one of the bed decorations
Bug: Tweaked the Hidden Voices script to hopefully prevent a weird error that sometimes popped up
Bug: Typos defeated! Textality!

Training: New training event! CHARISMA can now go up to 8!
Bug: Players in Act Two will no longer be trapped in Morgana’s demesne by fell magic! (and poor coding)
Bug: Gwen will no longer get confused and start training in the club if you get some of her answers wrong!
ug: You can no longer get trapped in Morgana’s demesne if you haven’t completed the Fey questline! (part of the 0.13.3a hotfix)
Bug: A couple little typos squashed

Training: New training event! MARTIAL can now go up to 8! (Includes naughty scene with Tomoe and Chiyome!)
Morgana: Replaced her “Go Outside” menu option with an “Exit” button in her navigation bar, by request
Hidden Voices: New voices to listen to! (Yes, this is going to be a thing now)
Misc: Added a reminder line to the Act One finale trigger to finish Kana’s questline
Misc: Tweaked the dialogue in one of Roxy’s scenes to make it flow a little better
Bug: Asteria’s LOVE value was being set to 1 twice – now she’ll love you more when she’s supposed to!
Bug: Fixed an issue that was preventing the stats screen from updating in realtime (thanks to Cursed for the fix!)
Bug: Fixed a couple of issues with Veronica’s club date – everything should work as intended now!
Bug: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from talking to Veronica’s kid if he was the first one you had
Bug: One little typo squashed

Gwen: You can now go on a BAR DATE with Gwen!
Chastity: You can now go on a BAR DATE with Chastity!
Madison: You can now go on a BAR DATE with Madison!
Training: New training event! CHARISMA can now go up to 7!
Club Dates: Added the option to choose whether you want to be naughty or not (you can just enjoy her company, people!)
Hidden Voices: New voices to listen to!
Misc: You no longer need to manually capitalise your kids’ names when searching for them in the Nexus. I know you need that other hand for something else
Bug: Fixed a minor graphical issue with a couple of Claire’s club date scenes
Bug: A few small typos squashed

Lily: You can now buy alcohol from Lily, which will allow you to go on dates with certain girls! (Must own the Bar and have UPGRADE THREE!)
Jessica: You can now go on a BAR DATE with Jessica!
Veronica: You can now go on a BAR DATE with Veronica!
Claire: You can now go on a BAR DATE with Claire!
Training: New training event! CHARISMA can now go up to 6!
Hidden Voices: New voices to listen to!
Misc: Adjusted the Inventory UI to prevent overflow when you have too many items
Bug: Fixed an issue with the PC/Linux/Mac builds that was causing a huge quickmenu to appear on the side of the screen
Bug: One of the college girls will no longer attempt to phase through her desk during a certain scene. Kitty Pryde filed a copyright claim
Bug: Fixed a minor graphical issue in the lab with the guards
Bug: Fixed an issue with some people not being able to finish Lyx’s “Hidden Voices” questline (Thanks to Cursed for the tweaks!)
Bug: Corrected a couple of small typos

Hidden Voices: New underlying coding that will make the whole thing much easier to add content for. Thanks to Cursed for figuring out the necessary code and doing all the heavy lifting!
Hidden Voices: Added more content! Including Gramps!
Explore: A new naughty event with a new character that I’ve been teasing on Discord for a while! Head to the mountains and Explore EAST > NORTH > EAST!
Misc: Added a couple lines of dialogue to Samantha’s scenes to remind people to check the first floor again at a certain point in the story
Bug: Removed the blue arrow on Lyx’s latest naughty scene. Where was it pointing!? Naughty arrow…
Bug: Fixed an issue that was causing text overflow in some of the hint boxes

Lyx: New LOVE event!
New Power: HIDDEN VOICES can now be learned! (Currently limited to the college, but will be expanded in each update. Let me know whose mind you’d like to read the most!)
Magic Training: Level FIVE training available!
Cheats: Updated the laptop cheat with the latest Gallery unlocks
Misc: Slightly rewrote the previous magic training event to address some criticisms and also because I felt like being silly
Bug: Fixed a bug when using Aura on the basketball girls that was preventing rollback and causing save games to revert back to the point just before you used Aura. Thank you to Cursed for helping to track the issue down!
Bug: You couldn’t complete the latest Magic training if you hadn’t advanced the Fey lead. Fixed now!
Bug: Fixed a graphical issue with a render in the previous Magic training event
Bug: Fixed the wrong church background showing up when you were in Act One
Bug: Fixed being able to use Aura on the basketball girls before your authority was high enough


  • New System: “UNLOCKED POTENTIAL!” You can now use your Powers anywhere, right from the Powers menu! The scope is limited right now (mostly Drift secrets) but will be expanded over time, and will come into play a lot more in Act Three! (gain this ability through magic training with Lyx)
  • Magic Training: Level Four training available!
  • Misc: Tweaked the wording of one of the leads to be a little less confusing
  • Misc: Tweaked the time system so that it properly checks your location before triggering morning events
  • Misc: Added a couple more renders to the sparring match with the Captain
  • Bug: Fixed the incorrect text at the church which was telling you to increase your authority.
  • Bug: Couple of typos fixed

Main Story: New mini-event (follow your MYSTERY lead!) Setup for what’s coming!
Asteria: New (potentially naughty) event in her “Go Outside” section! (Climb the Mountain!)
Misc: Added the ability to skip the “Alice and Pixie Ice Cream Eating Contest” if you have other, more important things to do
Bug: Qarinah will no longer speak to you from the void if you first try to “Go Outside” in the evening. It was too spooky
Bug: Asteria wouldn’t call you by your correct title in a specific situation. Now she will!
Bug: Laura was sometimes talking instead of Renee. Now Renee gets to speak for herself! You go, girl!
Bug: Fixed a teeny-tiny typo

Asteria: New mini-event in her “Go Outside” section! (Head Towards the Noise!)
Roxy: New mini-event in her “Go Outside” section! (Head Towards the Haze!)
Qarinah: New mini-event in her “Go Outside” section! (Visit Pixie’s Dreaming!)
Luna: New mini-event in her “Go Outside” section! (Examine the Statue!)
Luna: New naughty event in her “Go Outside” section! (Talk to the Sitting Rinko)
Go Outside: All “Go Outside” areas now have a “Look Around” option, each with four randomised dialogues. Some contain lore drops, some are just for fun!
Misc: Tidied up the “Go Outside” code a little bit to make transitions smoother
Misc: Adjusted the Go Outside code for Qarinah. You can now Go Outside at any time, but can only visit Dreamings at night
Misc: Added a reminder to your room in Act Two to visit Gramps in the garden if you haven’t already (thanks to Cursed for the tweak!)
Misc: Added a couple lines to Madison and Veronica to remind people to wait a bit at a certain point (thanks to Cursed for the tweak!)
Misc: Slightly adjusted the room decoration UI position (thanks to Cursed for the tweak!
Bug: Veronica went a little baby-crazy, and will no longer get pregnant during her first naughty scene if you drink the infertility potion
Bug: Minor typo fixed

Go Outside: You can now “Go Outside” demesnes of girls who are at Love level 4 or above. Due to time constraints there’s nothing to do outside the demesnes right now, but more content will be added next week!
Asteria: You can now “Go Outside” Asteria’s demesne!
Qarinah: You can now “Go Outside” Qarinah’s demesne!
Roxy: You can now “Go Outside” Roxy’s demesne!
Bug: Courtyard girls were reverting back to their uniforms when you hit Authority level 3. Now they’re keeping it casual!
Bug: Restored a missing “Go Outside” link in Qarinah’s demesne
Bug: Couple of little typos dealt with

College: You can now increase your AUTHORITY to level 3!
College: Authority level 3 allows you to conduct “Private Tuition” with the students!
College: You can now have private classes with the “Basketball Girls” in the college!
College: You can now have private classes with each of the girls in the college courtyard!
Madison: Talk to Madison in her office to gain a boost to your education growth!
Veronica: Talk to Veronica in the college to make your weekly education drop decay slower!

College: You can now increase your AUTHORITY to level 2!
College: Authority level 2 exchanges school uniform for casual clothes (Do “Uniform Check” and talk to the girls in the courtyard to see the changes)!
Bunker: You can now return to the bunker from Roxy’s demesne!
Roxy: You can now unlock Roxy’s SOLDIER outfit! (Find it in the bunker)!
Roxy: You can now select Roxy’s Soldier outfit for her repeatable naughty scenes
Lore: A few more small pieces of lore (find in the bunker and talk to Roxy)

Roxy: New Love Event!
Roxy: Two new repeatable naughty events!
Roxy: New dialogue options!
Molly: Added a few extra lines of dialogue if you save her but don’t have the east hallway upgrade yet
Fanart: New fanart by MarbleRain25! (Check it out in the “EXTRAS > Fan Art” Gallery from the main page)
Cheats: Updated the laptop cheat with the latest Gallery unlocks
Bug: A couple little typos fixed

Roxy: New Story Event!
Molly: Molly can now move into the Manor!
Molly: New repeatable naughty event with Molly in the Manor (if she moves in)
Jessica: You can now be naughty with Jessica in her Dimitrescu costume in the kitchen
Gwen: You can now be naughty with Gwen in her Harley costume in her room
Outfits: Jessica and Gwen’s costumes have been added to their outfit buttons on their heart cards
Bug: Minor typo fixed

Main Story: New Main Story event! (Follow your MYSTERY lead!)
Chastity: Naughty scene! (Follow the main story lead)
Hallowe’en: New Hallowe’en event! Use all three Hallowe’en decorations in your room then visit the Manor dungeon at night!
Jessica: New repeatable naughty scene (part of the Hallowe’en event)
Gwen: New repeatable naughty scene (part of the Hallowe’en event)
Cheats: Updated the Gallery Cheats for the Manor laptop
Bug: Couple minor typos fixed

Main Story: New Main Story event! (Follow your ELDRITCH lead!)
Main Story: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
Main Story: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Madison: New repeatable naughty scene at the college! (Must own the college)
Veronica: New repeatable naughty scene at the college! (Must own the college)
Misc: Changed one of Jessica’s HINTs to hopefully cause less confusion
Bug: Minor typo fixed
Bug: A bunch of typos dealt with

Luna: New group naughty option with Luna and the Rinkos
Rinkos: Their late-night naughtiness returns, once you reach a certain point…
Qarinah: New solo naughty option with Enforcer Aspect
Qarinah: New solo naughty option with Queen Aspect
Qarinah: New solo naughty option with Secretary Aspect
Ami: New dialogue options for Ami after she moves into the Manor
Ard/Hana: New dialogue options for Ard & Hana (after talking to Ami)
Misc: Tweaked one of the renders from Luna’s event slightly
Bug: During the naming event, Luna would sometimes use Lily’s kid’s name instead of her own. Fixed!
Bug: A bunch of typos dealt with

Luna: New Love Level 4 Event!
Luna: Luna can now get pregnant!
Luna: New “Let’s be Naughty” events available (must reach Love level 4 first)
Cheats: Gallery cheats have been updated for all current gallery entries
Bug: Fixed a bug that was causing the number of Fey students in class to be miscounted

Main Story: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
Gwen: You can now tell Gwen to stop texting you during her Moderate and Major Yandere phases (although this will increase the rate at which her craziness grows!)
UI: Added an “exit” button to the Manor navigation bar. “Front Door” now takes you to the front door. Easier to go on bike rides with Pixie now!
Bug: Jessica’s correct stat now increases during the naughty apron scene
Bug: Updated Gwen’s nighttime “peek” renders to use the correct outfit
Bug: Gwen’s yandere “face at the window” was showing even with yandere content turned off. Fixed!

Gwen: Can now be found enjoying the pool on Wednesday morning and afternoon!
Gwen: You can now do naughty things to Gwen at the pool!
Gwen: If Gwen is in “full yandere” mode, you might want to check your bedroom window at night… (just a graphical thing, for fun)
Ami: Ami now stops flinching after a certain number of headpats!
Daycare: Added “Play” option to the “Talk” dialogue tree. No more having to come all the way back out to the kid menu!
Misc: Tidied up a bunch of code lines to hopefully prevent lead duplication errors. Fingers crossed!
Bug: Fixed a bug that was causing an Organisation lead duplication glitch (thanks to Cursed for tracking it down!)
Bug: Fixed a bug that prevented the Gallery Cheat from opening up the Pixie Cowgirl scene properly
Bug: Fixed a bug that allowed you to go on park dates with Lily and Emma when they were heavily pregnant
Bug: Fixed a weirdly persistent bug where Asteria would call you “[mc]” at love level 3
Bug: Fixed MC using outdated dialogue during the “peek” night scene with Gwen
Bug: Added a line to MC’s first meeting with Lily where she actually introduces herself. No more mind-reading her name!
Bug: Couple little typos fixed

Emma: New Love Level 4 Event!
Emma: Emma can now get pregnant!
Emma: Emma can now move into the Manor!
Emma: Repeatable naughty scene with Emma in the Manor!
Asteria: You can now choose what you want Asteria to call you at Love 4!
Bug: Fixed being able to talk to Jessica in the kitchen when she wasn’t actually there. Spooooooky!

Asteria: New event with Asteria and her kid! (Do the barbell exercise in Asteria’s demesne)
Asteria: Asteria will now change what she calls you, depending on your relationship level with her!
Mistis: You can now talk to Mistis in Asteria’s demesne once Asteria reaches love level 4!
Mistis: A repeatable naughty scene is now available with Mistis!
Jessica: New event with Jessica and her kid! (Visit Jessica’s office on Monday morning)
Misc: Android’s save-state function was causing issues if you force quit the game during Gallery scenes so I removed it. Now, if you force quit, the game will return you to the main menu when you return rather than trying to load the Gallery scene as though it were a normal part of the game. I may revise this later, but Android is a pest, so we’ll see!
Misc: Added a “Save State” Enable/Disable toggle to OPTIONS for people who like the save state feature and aren’t worried about the decreased stability. Currently it reverts to “disable” whenever you turn off the game. I’m having trouble getting it to remember its setting, but I’ll work on it.
Misc: Re-did a few of Asteria’s renders for when she reaches love level 4
Bug: If you had exactly five PHYSICAL then the game would incorrectly tell you to train at the farm during Asteria’s love level 4 event. Fixed now!
Bug: Fixed Asteria cheering for herself during the tournament!
Bug: Fixed being able to do uniform inspections before you owned the college!
Bug: You can no longer ask Qarinah about pregnancy until after her level four love event!
Bug: Tiny typos fixed

Asteria: New Love Level 4 Event!
Asteria: Asteria can now get pregnant!
Dreams: Couple more lore dreams added!
Cheats: The Gallery Cheats option has been updated for all current Gallery scenes!
UI: CK now has a taskbar icon again! (Thanks, Cursed!)
Misc: Tidied up a little of the underlying code
Bug: Only Chastity’s Dream event was occurring. Fixed now!
Bug: Couple typos squashed

Asteria: New Story Event!
Mistis: New naughty scene with Mistis!
Training: THREE new training events! PHYSICAL can now go up to 8!
Fanart: A new piece of fanart by Harrold has been added to the EXTRAS Gallery! (Submit your own fanart to include it in the game!)
UI: Slightly altered the stats UI to indicate that the top-end stats are locked behind the Act Three requirement (same as the golden Hearts)
Misc: Gwen will no longer send you texts at night. This will prevent rare, but weird, graphical bugs from happening
Misc: Updated Claire’s beach scene with her latest fully-freckled model and newly-pink swimsuit!
Misc: Changed one of Pixie’s HINT lines to be less unnecessarily vague
Misc: Changed the position of the text in the “Nurse Chastity” Dream so that it’s actually readable

Lily: If you have the Bar’s third upgrade, Lily will now have a “Lost and Found” box you can rummage through. Only one item in it for now, but more to come!
Roxy: New mini event with Roxy (get the item from Lily’s Lost and Found and then talk to Roxy)!
Madison: You can now choose her “Fancy” outfit for her “Let’s be Naughty” scene!
Claire: Claire can now be found on the beach on Wednesday mornings!
Pixie: You can now kiss Pixie in her big form during the “Let’s be Naughty” foreplay – kiss scene! (By request)
Dream: Tweaked dreams so they now have a 10% chance of occurring when you sleep (down from 13%). Dreams contain hints about events past and future, and will be where I throw in a few fun “I’m thinking about doing this” ideas, too
Dream: Added another dream (Chastity in a nurse’s outfit)!
Misc: Tweaked talking to Lily so the transitions are smoother
Bug: Fixed the Beast dream happening every night (it should only be a 10% chance!)
Bug: Fixed a graphical error when looking around Morgana’s Crystal room
Bug: Couple little typos fixed!

Qarinah: New Love Event! Qarinah can now reach Love level 4!
Qarinah: New “Let’s be Naughty” option (after getting Qarinah to Love level 4!)
The Beast: Something new might happen if the Beast invades your dreams when Qarinah is at Love level 4!
Ami and Alice: A wholesome scene! (Visit Ami’s room on Sunday morning, after Alice has learned about Fey)
Misc: Re-rendered the Lucille (East Wing) naughty animations to remove some odd lagging
Misc: Moved Qarinah’s “Dreamgirl” Quirk unlock to an event that makes a little more sense
Bug: Searching for the Aspects at night could cause a glitch in Qarinah’s demesne. Fixed!
Bug: Added a missing gallery unlock to the laptop cheats
Bug: Fixed a bug that was preventing dreams from occurring while you slept
Bug: One little typo fixed!

Qarinah: New Story Event!
Ami: You can now give Ami headpats in her Manor room!
Ami: You can now be naughty with Ami in her Manor room!
Hana: You can now be naughty with Hana in her Manor room! (No love for Ard, though. Any interest in Ard femboy?)
Misc: Tidied up the girls’ stats in the Heart Menu (Thanks, Cursed!)
Misc: Changed “get any farther” to “go any further” in the Heart menu hints. Grammar!
Misc: Animations have been converted from VP9 to VP8, which should mean better stability and less fps drops (Thanks, Cursed!)
Bug: Fixed an issue where looking around Morgana’s Crystal room would return an old, no-longer-applicable description
Bug: Fixed an issue where you could ask Artifact for help with something that was already resolved
Bug: Fixed a glitch where you could trigger Annie’s barn scenes while she’s heavily pregnant (that’s not good for the baby!)
Bug: Fixed a glitch where you could miss Annie’s Sunday afternoon easter egg hunt if you advanced her storyline too quickly
Bug: Fixed some glitchy audio files. All sound effects should be working properly at last!
Bug: A few minor typos fixed

Ami’s Final Fate!
QARINAH: New Story Event!
MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
PERMANENT CHOICE: There are choices to be made in this update that will change the game world and impact the ending of the game! Choose carefully! (Don’t worry, no choice will lock you into a “bad ending”. You will get the ending you aim for!)
ARD & HANA: Ard & Hana can now move into the Manor’s East Wing! (If you own the Manor and have purchased the upgrade)
??????: A certain other character can now move into the Manor’s East Wing! (If you own the Manor and have purchased the upgrade) Complete the latest FEY story event to find out who it is!
Bug: “Group Play” option is now visible again in the day care!
Bug: Issue with Lily taking off and putting on clothes during a certain naughty scene in Act One has been fixed
Bug: A whole BUNCH of typos fixed (Thanks, Cursed!)

MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
DAY CARE: New UI for talking and playing with your kids! Really just made to future-proof the game for all upcoming kids (the dialogue lists were beginning to fall off the screen!)
Bug: Fixed an issue that caused players to crash when they used “Find Kid” to look for Veronica’s kid
Bug: You can no longer talk to Chastity at night in the dojo
Bug: You no longer see the “Talk to strange nun” dialogue choice after you’ve learned her name
Bug: Julie no longer vanishes from the Manor scene if you change your mind about being naughty
Bug: Anyone suffering from the persistent Succubus lead after Act One should find it has automatically vanished now
Bug: One teeny typo fixed

MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ELDRITCH lead!)
ANNIE: You can now get naughty with Annie during her milking event in the barn!
Misc: Game will now prompt you to check out the Goblin Witch’s hat in your inventory when you find it
Misc: In Act One, Pixie’s “What should I do now?” dialogue will now prompt you to check on Emma if you haven’t completed that investigation (some people were forgetting to do it and getting stuck)
Bug: Fixed a bug where Annie’s milking scene activated even when she was pregnant
Bug: The game no longer assumes you know the strange nun’s name when you don’t

MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ELDRITCH lead!)
MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
Day Care: Annie’s kid will now take part in the “Garden Help” group play event (by popular demand!)
Bug: Fixed a bug with the pregnancy potions’ effects carrying on to other scenes
Bug: Fixed a bug where Pixie’s kid would respond to Veronica’s kid’s namechange
Bug: Fixed a bug where saving would crash your game if you hadn’t saved during the prologue (thanks to CursedFlame91 for tracking that down!)
Bug: Fixed a bug where the classroom crystal would disappear and reappear at certain points
Bug: Fixed a bug where the “data disc” event could soft-lock if another event occurred during the time change to interrupt it
Bug: Fixed a bug where some sfx files weren’t playing. Sorry to anyone who experienced an odd, awkward silence!

Annie: New Love Event!
Annie: Annie can now reach Love level 4!
Annie: Annie can now become pregnant!
Annie: Annie now has a “Let’s be naughty” option!
Day Care: There is now a DAY CARE REGISTRY which will display the names of every kid you’ve had (in the day care AND in the Nexus). It’s a little ugly at the moment – I’ll tidy it up later. The coding was a nightmare!
Day Care: You can now rename your kids whenever you like! Just talk to your kid and select “Change NAME’S name”!
Cheat: Gallery cheat (on Manor laptop) has been updated for all current Gallery scenes
Misc: Android presplash screen should now display correctly
Bug: Fixed a bug that prevented players from getting their weekly income if they met Artifact for the first time on a Sunday evening
Bug: Fixed a slight graphical issue with the normal classes
Bug: Fixed a minor issue with an old Kana love event

Annie: New Story Event!
Asteria: New Story Event!
Luna: New Story Event!
Daycare: New Group Play event! (Must have Lil’ Madison and Lil’ Veronica in the daycare)
College: You can now tell Veronica and Madison to “Return to the Mansion” if you’d like to have fun with them during the week! (Or just talk)
College: You can now buy something from the Mysterious Merchant to decrease your weekly EDUCATION loss by one! (Check her “Junk” offerings!)
Misc: Ren’py 7.4.5 was released! So no more Android issues should occur (fingers crossed)
Misc: Added a drop shadow to the quick menu to hopefully help make it more readable on certain backgrounds
Misc: PC/Linux & Mac versions now have a loading bar on start (thanks, CursedFlame91!)
Misc: Fixed crash when saving during prologue (huge thanks to CursedFlame91 and MasterDragonSon for tracking the problem down!)
Bug: No typos to fix! Gasp!

College: “Search the Shelves” in the college library for a boost to education!
QoL: The “Quick Menu” can now be enabled for PC/Linux and Mac!
QoL: The Quick Menu on Android has been moved to the right side of the screen to prevent overlay issues on navigation buttons
QoL: Quicksaves are now enabled!
QoL: Quick Menu now has “hide” button to hide all UI elements so you can see a scene without any visual distractions!
Misc: The CK icon for Android should be back! (let me know if it isn’t)
Bug: The college’s “New Textbooks” can no longer be bought repeatedly
Bug: You can now only “Survey” in the college on weekdays
Bug: MC will now count the number of Fey students correctly no matter what
Bug: Emma’s stat will now increase properly during karaoke naughty time
Bug: Pixie now knows whether it’s the weekend or not when suggesting Fey classes
Bug: Veronica’s naughty stats will now increase correctly
Bug: Tidied up a bunch of old images
Bug: No typos so far!

Emma: You can now take Emma out on a karaoke date! (“The Caged Bird” in the shopping district)
Pixie: Pixie can now gain the SCHOOLED quirk!
College: You can now buy a second upgrade for the college (NEW TEXTBOOKS)!
College: You can now explore the college on the weekend (must own it first!)
College: You can now SURVEY the second floor of the school and carry out uniform checks (and maybe catch a glimpse of a certain person…) Must own the college!
College: You can now teach a class of Fey students! (Pixie, Kana, Emma and Lyx) Weekends only, and must own the college!
College: You can now teach a class of normal students! Weekdays only, and must own the college!
College: You can now increase the college’s EDUCATION level! Give your students a bright future!
College: EDUCATION only affects minor dialogue changes right now, but will eventually allow you to purchase certain upgrades for the college
Bug: Madison can now only watch during Veronica’s naughty time when Veronica is dominant
Bug: Added a fix for people who completed Jessica’s level four love event but didn’t get the fourth heart
Bug: Fixed a couple faulty images
Bug: Little typos squashed!


  • College: You can now purchase the college! (Interaction is limited in this version – next update will contain much more college content!)
  • College: You can also purchase the upgrade!
  • Veronica: You can choose what Veronica will call you in the college (must purchase the college first)!
  • Mansion: You can now visit Madison and Veronica in the Mansion!
  • Madison and Veronica: You can now have naughty fun with each of them in the Mansion!
  • Madison and Veronica: New naughty scenes for each of them while they’re heavily pregnant!
  • Madison and Veronica: You can now use fertility potions during their level four love event!
  • Tom: Added some extra dialogue if Jessica has the “Adulteress” quirk
  • Misc: Added a line to Jessica’s interaction just before the Act One finale to hopefully help people who are stuck!
  • Misc: Adjusted Veronica’s level four love Gallery scene
  • Misc: Tidied up some old code, removed some defunct stuff
  • Bug: One lonely little typo squashed!

Madison: New Love Event!
Madison: Madison can now reach Love level 4!
Madison: Madison can now become pregnant!
Veronica: New Love Event!
Veronica: Veronica can now reach Love level 4!
Veronica: Veronica can now become pregnant!
Cheat: The Gallery cheat has been updated to include Lucille’s second scene
Misc: Tidied up a bunch of older renders and animations
Bug: Jessica can no longer be summoned to the dungeon while heavily pregnant. Disciplining the kid rather early, dontcha think?
Bug: Jessica will no longer make you breakfast whilst heavily pregnant. Give the poor woman a break!
Bug: Couple of minor typos


  • Jessica: Jessica can now reach LOVE level 4 (follow the ORGANISATION lead)!
  • Jessica: A certain Quirk can now be unlocked…
  • Jessica: Jessica can now become pregnant!
  • Lil’ Jess: Jessica’s kid is available to talk to and play with in the day care
  • MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
  • Cheat: The Gallery Cheat has been updated to grant access to Jessica’s LOVE 4 and pregnancy scenes
  • Bug: Fixed a duplicated lead issue caused by skipping dialogue (“Keys to the Nexus”)
  • Bug: Fixed a small error in a couple renders. Jessica has remembered which way up a cellphone goes!
  • Bug: Removed some old, defunct links
  • Bug: Small typo fixes
  • KNOWN ISSUE: There is an issue with the current version of Ren’py which causes the game to bug out if you hold down the skip button when moving to and from certain map/navigation screens. PyTom is aware of the issue and it appears to be fixed in the current nightly build. As soon as the build has a stable release I’ll re-compile and re-upload this update. Hopefully it’ll be ready before Wednesday!


  • MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
  • Renee & Julie: You can now choose to have naughty time separately with Renee OR Julie (or both!) if they have both moved into the Manor
  • Kana: You can now replay Kana’s naughty pregnancy scene from the Gallery (found in “EXTRAS” on main screen)
  • Lily: You can now replay Lily’s naughty pregnancy scene from the Gallery (found in “EXTRAS” on main screen)
  • Cheats: The Gallery Unlock cheat on the Manor laptop has been updated to include the pregnancy Gallery scenes
  • Bug: Fixed a bunch of missing/wrong/disordered images. Is that the last of it? Probably not! Big thanks to CursedFlame91 for tracking them all down!
  • Bug: Fixed the “that’s all I wanted to know” line playing twice when asking about the House Ladies
  • Bug: Restored some missing Lily dialogue. Who took it, and where did it go? I don’t know, but it’s back now
  • Bug: Typo fixes
  • KNOWN ISSUE: There is an issue with the current version of Ren’py which causes the game to bug out if you hold down the skip button when moving to and from certain map/navigation screens. PyTom is aware of the issue and it appears to be fixed in the current nightly build. As soon as the build has a stable release I’ll re-compile and re-upload this update. Hopefully it’ll be ready before Wednesday!


  • HOUSE LADIES MOVE IN: (Talk to Jessica in the kitchen to move the ladies in) The House Ladies can now move into the manor! They’ll bring some money with them if you told them to sell their houses, and you can assign each of them to help out Jessica on weekday afternoons for a bump in your weekly income!
  • Laura: Can now move into the manor! (Assign her as Jessica’s assistant for an income boost!)
  • Renee & Julie: Can now move into the manor! (Assign them as Jessica’s assistants for an income boost!)
  • Lucille: Can now move into the manor! (Assign her as Jessica’s assistant for an income boost!)
  • Bug: Couple of “missing scene” errors with Jessica have been fixed. No more blackouts!
  • Bug: Duplicate lead bug for “report to Gramps” (hopefully) squashed
  • Bug: Typo fixes
  • KNOWN ISSUE: There is an issue with the current version of Ren’py which causes the game to bug out if you hold down the skip button when moving to and from certain map/navigation screens. PyTom is aware of the issue and it appears to be fixed in the current nightly build. As soon as the build has a stable release I’ll re-compile and re-upload this update. Hopefully it’ll be ready before Wednesday!


  • Ren’py: Tried to downgrade but it won’t let me (grr). However, there’s been a new patch which is supposed to help with Android, as well as stabilising save compatibility so fingers crossed that helps people suffering from black screen issues. If not, let me know!
  • MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
  • Qarinah: New Story Event!
  • Lil Pixie: Lil’ Pixie can now show up during the “Chloe reading to Alice in the garden” mini event. She wants stories too! (20% chance on weekday afternoons)
  • Misc: You will no longer have dreams during the Masako & Hatsune kunoichi event
  • Bug: Fixed the lagging animations. The code’s not pretty but it does the job!
  • Bug: Fixed the last of the “Failed to decode WEBP” errors
  • Bug: Fixed a bunch of bad name calls
  • Bug: Tidied up a lot of text tags that weren’t closed properly
  • Bug: Removed a bunch of calls to non-existent images
  • Bug: Removed a couple label jumps that sent you screaming into the void, never to return
  • Bug: One of Madison’s hints had a weird typo. Fixed!
  • Bug: A couple little typos


  • MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
  • Kunoichi: New TRAINING event with Masako and Hatsume!
  • Training: MARTIAL can now go up to 7!
  • Gallery: New Gallery Icon: Kunoichi!
  • Chloe: Chloe’s “Speech Programming” system is now more “official”. It will only appear after her Bimbo event, and will now change her Heart Menu personality markers when you change her personality (Future personalities have been left in just for fun, but will eventually be tied to event unlocks)
  • Misc: Removed Daydream option from player’s room as pregnancy system is now in, and many images were broken
  • Bug: There was a bug in Gwen & Chloe’s bath scene when you chose Gwen. Fixed now!
  • Bug: Some of Chloe’s images were too large. Resized down the appropriate size
  • Bug: Fixed an issue with the Gallery Unlock Cheat – thanks to masterdragonson for the code contribution!
  • Bug: Fixed a few ‘Failed to decode WEBP’ errors caused by upgrading to the latest version of Ren’py
  • Bug: Fixed a bug when you tried to rematch against the runts without enough PHYSICAL
  • Bug: A bunch of little typos

 New Main Story event! (Follow your ORGANISATION lead!)
Tom: Couple more ways to gloat in the CELLS. Because he deserves it?
Cheat: Added a Gallery Unlocker cheat to the laptop in Act Two! Unlocks ALL Gallery scenes (but not characters). EMERGENCY USE ONLY!
Misc: Added an option in Veronica’s replay so you can pick whether you slept with Madison or not
Misc: Added hints on where to train your Charisma when you fail a Charisma check
Misc: Reworded one of the Madison hints to hopefully make it less confusing for people
Misc: Tightened up the impregnation code so that turning it off should turn off ALL pregnancy events, no matter their progress level
Bug: Lil’ Kana and Lil’ Lily can no longer show up for events when they’re still babies/fetuses. Yes, let THAT mental image sink in
Bug: Changing a girl’s outfit in the Heart Menu no longer causes a crash if you’re in a Let’s Be Naughty scene
Bug: Small typo fixes


The weekly update has been released!
This update is available to ALL Patrons, with the public build being released in a few days.
A slightly smaller update than usual as I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia this week and that has been rather… distracting :p But anyway! This week we have the last of the promised House Ladies events before the new phase of their events begins (as voted on by you!), a date with Lily which your kid can join in on, and the opportunity to rub your success in Tom’s smug face. I hope you enjoy! :)

  • Lucille: New event for one of the House Ladies! Visit the shops in the evening (must have completed the second Laura event)
  • Lily: New DATE event for Lily! (Accessible from the PARK)
  • Lil’ Lily: Lil’ Lily can come on the PARK date with you!
  • Tom: You can now visit Tom in the CELLS for some brief dialogue and/or gloating
  • Location: You can now visit the LAB! Accessible via the cafe if you have a passcard
  • Location: You can now visit the CELLS! Accessible via the LAB if you have a level two passcard
  • Misc: Added/adjusted a fine lines of dialogue for Artifact to cover some weirdness
  • Bug: My new computer went blooey over my break and I had to go back to my old one, which unfortunately reverted some changes to the UI elements. All back to normal now!
  • Bug: Fixed the “no Struart found” error. Get that mutant clone outta here!
  • Bug: Fixed an error that prevented the upper UI elements working on some screens
  • Bug: Little typo fix


Lil’ Kana Goes to the Festival!

The weekly update has been released!
This update is available to ALL Patrons, with the public build being released in a few days.
This week Lil’ Kana joins you and her mom in a trip to the festival! Also, two new events for the House Ladies Renee and Julie. Plus some dreams that hint at some of the background lore/history, and a little QoL change that should prevent some of you from accidentally trying to escape the Council’s demesnes. I hope you enjoy! :)

NOTE: My computer recently died so I’ve had to switch to an older machine. Because of the way Ren’py creates Android versions this means that some of you may experience errors installing the game. Just follow the steps below to fix it – and sorry for the inconvenience!

1. Backup the existing game files using File Manager or similar.
2. Delete CK completely from your phone.
3. Download and install the new CK update
4. Move the save files from your backed-up copy into the new CK folder (Remember the “persistent” file if you want to keep your gallery unlocks)
5. Play!



  • Kana: Lil’ Kana can now join you and Kana at the festival!
  • Renee: New event for one of the House Ladies! Visit Jessica in her Office (must have completed the second Laura event)
  • Julie: New event for Renee’s daughter! Complete Renee’s event (must have slept with Renee at her first meeting)
  • Dreams: There are now four text-only dreams the MC can have when sleeping which hint at deeper lore/history. It’s a very low chance to see them, but keep an eye out!
  • Nexus: New UI element! Just click on the icon to return to the Nexus instead of a dialogue box! Thanks to CursedFlame91 for the code submission!
  • Bug: Jessica will no longer think the Field belongs to Lily if you don’t have the money to buy it
  • Bug: One of Kana’s stats was being incorrectly increased during one of her events. Now it’s the correct stat!
  • Bug: Gwen will no longer abruptly change into her sleepwear after finishing her dance in her bedroom
  • Bug: No typos… huh!

 New Main Story event! (Follow your ELDRITCH lead!)
Asteria: New LOVE Event!
Lyx: Lyx will now appear in certain places each day of the week, once you’ve completed Chloe’s second story event! Every day she can be found in a new spot – can you find all seven locations Lyx is hiding? Let me know in the comments if you do! (And no cheating!)
Misc: Gwen’s yandere events will no longer trigger when she’s sleeping with you or in the dungeon. Because there’s crazy and then there’s CRAZY
Misc: Updated a whole bunch of older renders and animations that had various glitches and inconsistencies
Misc: Updated a number of Lead images
Bug: Chloe was experiencing outbreaks before a certain event. Quiet those voices in your head!
Bug: Fixed a weird glitch in one of Claire’s animations. No more subliminal messaging!
Bug: Roxy’s love level wasn’t showing properly. She should be at level 3 now if you’ve completed all her events so far. She loves you more than you thought!
Bug: Minor typos fixed

Day Care: New day care Group Play event – as created by the Discord server during a livestream!
Qarinah: New LOVE Event!
Qarinah: New Story Event!
Annie: New LOVE Event!
Annie: New Story Event!
Misc: You can now look for an escort girl even if the Lyx event procs while Exploring the Town. Because you have needs, and I get that
Misc: Polished up a few old renders
Bug: Kids will no longer appear in the day care when they’re supposed to still be newborns. Gotta gestate that larva first!
Bug: You couldn’t drink potions before doing cowgirl with Lily. Now you can! Chug a lug! It is a bar, after all
Bug: Teeny tiny typos


  • HOT SPRINGS NINJA GIRLS: New kunoichi training event available! Training is available via Gramps in the mountains
  • MAIN STORY: New Main Story event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
  • Location: New location available – the HOT SPRINGS!
  • Stats: Your MARTIAL stat can now reach level 6!
  • System: Added a new “Kinetic Text Tags” script by Daniel Westfall to punch up the text. Let me know if you like it!
  • Misc: Changed the autosave system to only trigger at the end of each day rather than on each time change. This should make autosaves more useful for going back multiple days
  • Misc: Tidied up the dialogue in some older scenes
  • Bug: The credits weren’t being updated correctly outside of the main splash screen. Now they are! Sorry to all my amazing Patrons and Subs who didn’t think they were being properly credited!
  • Bug: You can no longer meet your kid in the Nexus when they’re supposed to be a baby in the daycare. Death to changelings!
  • Bug: No typos… yet


  • PREGNANCY: Lily can now be impregnated and give birth! As always, she has to be at LOVE 4 or higher first!
  • Luna: New LOVE event!
  • Daycare: Added a single render to each kid’s “play” scene. It’s not just a fade-to-black any more!
  • Misc: Tweaked the train station to make the language clearer and to take into account Gramps’ Nexus shortcut
  • Misc: Tweaked Pixie’s “HINTS” to make it clearer at a certain point that you need to progress Chloe’s storyline
  • Bug: No typos! Woo-hoo!


  • Madison & Veronica: New joint LOVE event for both girls!
  • Qarinah: New LOVE Event!
  • Day Care: New group play event – TEA PARTY! Have a tea party with Alice, Lil’ Roxy, Lil’ Kana and Lil’ Pixie!
  • Day Care: New dialogue option: “Play with kid/s”! It’s just a short fade-to-black scene, but now you don’t have to feel bad about not playing with your kids!
  • Day Care: Change to dialogue menus. The game will now track how many kids are in the day care and you can choose to “talk to kid/s” or “play with kid/s”
  • Stats: Insight can now reach level 7!
  • Fan Art: New Fan Art in the Gallery, by Harrold!
  • Misc: Restored a missing Madison scene to the Gallery
  • Misc: Added Pixie’s Halloween costume to her character card
  • Misc: Added Qarinah’s missing outfits to her character card
  • GUI: Added Patreon/Subscribestar/Wiki buttons to the splash screen
  • Bug: If you go to sleep with someone, they won’t magically drag you back into bed with them after a birth event
  • Bug: Jessica no longer magically swaps between her apron and her normal outfit during the Organisation storyline
  • Bug: Just one typo this time!


  • PREGNANCY: Pixie can now be impregnated and give birth! As always, she has to be at LOVE 4 or higher first!
  • Asteria: New Story Event!
  • Asteria: You can now EXERCISE with Asteria! Well, she exercises and you perv on her. Only one for now. More to come!
  • Luna: New Story Event!
  • Misc: Separated the audio and video for the “Padoru” Easter Egg. The audio will now adjust correctly based on in-game volume settings. You’re welcome, headphone users! Hello? HELLO!? HE- oh, they can’t hear me
  • Bug: A few little typos


  • PADORU: Padoru Padoru! (translation: Go to the Nexus, click “Use Key” and type “Padoru”). Blame the Discord server for this one!
  • Decoration: New decoration! “Ebenezer Bed”! (purchase from the shops)
  • Decoration: New decoration! “Mini Christmas Tree”! (purchase from the shops)
  • Decoration: New decoration! “Snowman and Reindeer” Poster! (purchase from the shops)
  • Music: Having all three “Christmas Decorations” active will change the BG music in your room at the Manor!
  • Photoset: New “Pixie’s Christmas Adventure!” photoset is now available via the laptop in your room at the Manor!
  • Bug: You can no longer impregnate a girl before the Nexus is unlocked (the Artifact PLUS Nexus shock was too much for the MC)
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where a ghostly Gwen would invite you into an empty room. Spoopy!
  • Bug: A few little typos



  • System: PREGNANCIES ARE HERE! Yes, after many long aeons of waiting, your patience has been rewarded. The system is in, and fully functioning – from impregnation to belly swell to childbirth! Only Kana can be impregnated at this time, but once the bugs are ironed out of the system I’ll start adding the rest of the Main (and Side!) Girls as well. It’s a bold new age!
  • Pregnancy: Kana can now be impregnated and give birth!
  • Kana: New “Let’s be naughty” pregnant variant
  • Lil’ Kana: Will ask for headpats too!
  • Merchant: The Mysterious Merchant now stocks potions that can set pregnancy chance to 0% or 100%! (Unlocked after talking to SECRET about pregnancy)
  • Character: New character! (SECRET!) – after meeting all the Council Members for the first time, sleep then visit the Nexus
  • Location: New location! (ALSO SECRET!) – unlock by meeting the new character
  • Bug: Bug that teleported you back to your flat if you tried to leave the manor without talking to Jessica at the start of Act Two. No more escaping! Face your destiny like champions!
  • Bug: There was a UI issue with the Front Door icon being clickable even when it was active. Fixed! You can no longer go to the front door from the front door
  • Bug: There was a bug preventing one of Gwen’s yandere events from activating. Fixed! Now she can be crazy at you even more. Yay!
  • Bug: Crystals were being incorrectly referred to as cash in the Mysterious Merchant’s shop. That’s just silly! Everyone knows the only true currency is bottlecaps anyway


  • Kana: New LOVE event!
  • Dungeon: The dungeon is back! You can now summon Jessica and Gwen in for spankings (more actions, and girls, to come!)
  • Bicycle: The bicycle from Act One makes a reappearance! Available in Act Two from the Front Door and Living Room once it’s unlocked (Just sleep once Jessica’s LOVE is at 2 or higher)
  • Gallery: Alexa, Cora and Zoe & Penny repeatable “Rematch” scenes added to Gallery
  • System: New toggleable option added to the Preferences page (“Impregnation”)!
  • System: Removed dialogue buttons from the Nexus and replaced them with graphical navigation buttons (also added a “Stop Exploring” button for quick return to last map). Many thanks to pixl for contributing the code!
  • Misc: Added “kniht” as an option for the “think backwards” Nexus Key, by request
  • Bug: Chloe no longer shapeshifts whilst wearing her Organisation outfit. The mutation has been contained!
  • Bug: The usual typo/grammatical fixes

 New Organisation main story event! (Follow your LEAD)
Alice: New mini event for Alice (and Pixie!) Go to the kitchen any weekend morning after doing the latest ORGANISATION event. 50% chance to occur
Kana: You can now have naughty fun at the festival with Kana if her LOVE stat is 3 or higher!
System: Clicking on “Front Door” in the Manor will now warp you straight to the Town Map. Many thanks to pixl for contributing the code!
Cheat: Added a new cheat to the laptop in Act Two: Fey Currency! Get as many crystals as you like with the click of a button! (Added in anticipation of more items being added to the Mysterious Merchant in the future)
Misc: You can now “sdrawkcab kniht” in the Eldritch quest, since too many of you were being too clever
Misc: Added a few more “(Outbreak!)” markers to Chloe’s dialogues
Bug: Typos. They were all “one missing letter” typos this week. Coincidence? Or government plot!?

Roxy: New Story Event!
Veronica: New Story Event!
Madison: New Story Event!
Madison: New Outfit – “Fancy!”
Location: New location – Mansion!
Bug: Chloe’s panties no longer fade in and out of existence during her Organization Outfit naughty scenes. The time fracture has been stabilized!
Bug: Fixed an overflowing Roxy hint. I think it went molten
Bug: Usual typo and grammatical fixes

Luna: New Love Event!
Roxy: New Story Event!
Organisation: New Organisation main story event! (Follow your LEAD)
Bug: You can no longer access Asteria’s card before officially meeting her in Act Two
Bug: You can no longer access the Nexus Crystal early in Morgana’s demesne by rushing through the Fey questline
Bug: Fixed the “samntha” bug in the first Jackie event. Who’s Samntha, you ask? It’s Samantha’s dyslexic sister and she will never be spoken of again
Bug: One or two typos

Jackie: New Jackie Event! (Go to the Apartment via Town Explore)
Kana: You can now give Kana headpats. You filthy degenerates
Pixie: New Hallowe’en Easter Egg event! Make sure you have all three Hallowe’en decorations in your manor room active and that Pixie’s LOVE stat is 4. Then sleep!
Pixie: New outfit! (Commissioned outfit)
Pixie: New “let’s be naughty” outfit option!
Misc: Renamed the Samantha Gallery to “Apartment Girls” to include Jackie scenes
Misc: Slight tweak to the Tunnels map
Bug: Fixed an impassable tunnel in Luna’s Tunnels (and updated the map!)
Bug: Just one typo this week. Woo!

Qarinah: New Story Event!
Chloe: Chloe’s “original/default personality” system is finally out of testing! Her personality outbreaks now happen automatically, and can be controlled by making her drink a particular potion which you can buy from the new store introduced in this week’s update!
Property: New property for purchase: The Field! (Available after reaching a certain point in Chloe’s storyline)
Location: New location added to the map: The Field!
New Shop: The Mysterious Merchant! (Purchase the Field)
Job: New CHARM job (accessed via the Field) – earn crystals! Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
Job: New MAGICAL job (accessed via the Field) – earn crystals! Tuesdays and Thursdays
Job: New MARTIAL job (accessed via the Field) – earn crystals! Saturdays and Sundays
Item: New item – TACENT VOCES! Buy it from the Mysterious Merchant
Item: New item – MAP OF LUNA’S TUNNELS! Buy it from the Mysterious Merchant
System: Compressed a number of game assets, dropping the overall file size of the game by around 300MB!
Misc: Fixed Qarinah’s character card so it isn’t obscuring the hearts any more
Misc: Fixed Chloe’s blouse outfit preview to show the correct version of Chloe
Misc: Fixed Alexa’s gallery thumbnail displaying the wrong image
Bug: Added a workaround for a rare glitch that prevented people from advancing the Organisation questline
Bug: You can no longer accidentally skip Veronica’s “teaching classes” love event
Bug: Couple of typos fixed

Roxy: New Love Event!
Madison: New Love Event!
Jessica: You can now “Call Jessica” to the kitchen on mornings when she isn’t there!
Decoration: You can now find a new decoration hidden away in Luna’s tunnels! Where, exactly? Well, it wouldn’t be any fun if I just told you…
Misc: Moved the Town “Explore” icon so there’s no image map overlap with the Church
Misc: Few older render updates
Bug: The usual typos


Main Story: New FEY event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Annie: New LOVE event!
Annie: New mini-repeatable event! (After her new love event, visit the milking sheds in the barns)
Bug: Fixed a few broken renders
Bug: One little typo. I’m getting better!

Main Story: New FEY event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Jackie: Introducing Jackie! Just a mini introduction for now, but more to come soon! Visit the burning building in town (WEST > NORTH > WEST) after removing a certain little firecracker from it
The Beast: There is now a 10% chance to have a spoopy dream about the Beast when you sleep. Could it be foreshadowing? Yes. Yes, it’s foreshadowing.
Misc: You’ll now get a message informing you to advance Chloe’s storyline when you try to advance Pixie’s story by sleeping (if necessary)
Bug: Roxy’s card is no longer available before you meet her
Bug: Chloe no longer uses Kage Bunshin no Jutsu during the living room naughty scene
Bug: Little typos


Chloe: New Major Event!
System: Chloe’s events (beach date, club, etc.) are locked now until you complete her event!
Overhaul: CK has received a massive character redesign overhaul! Pretty much every character has been reworked, altered, tweaked or polished! I know this is going to take some getting used to, but I hope you like the new looks (if you do or you don’t, let me know either way – I’m compiling everyone’s feedback – positive and negative – in case I need to change anything)
System: All renders, anims, ui elements, etc. updated to be in line with new character designs
Bug: Couple typos


Main Story: New FEY event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Pixie: New mini (silly) event! Go to the living room on Wednesday afternoon after doing Pixie’s initial bath scene
Repeatable: New repeatable event! (“Look for Luna” in her demesne at night after Awakening or Shattering her handmaidens!)
Bug: Fixed an issue with a couple of the character cards’ transparencies
Bug: Fixed an issue where Gwen would text you on day one if you restarted the game whilst she was in Moderate or Major Yandere mode
Bug: One or two little typos


Main Story: New ELDRITCH event! (Follow your ELDRITCH Lead!)
Misc: Added a little dialogue exchange between MC and Pixie if you go to Roxy’s demesne, thinking that’s where the “Explore the Town” hint is directing you. Should help prevent further confusion. I swear, if I still get messages about this blasted questline after this…
Misc: Tweaked the Gwen Yandere code so that if you disable it in preferences the text messages stop immediately instead of after sleeping
Bug: Fixed a very rare issue where you’d get the Pixie-rubbing-herself-on-the-laptop scene during the Act One Finale
Bug: Numerous typos and grammatical errors. Whoops!


Roxy: New Story Event!
Gwen: New mini-event! Go to the BATHROOM on MONDAY MORNING
Chloe & Alice: New mini-event! Go to Chloe’s room any WEEKEND EVENING
Pixie: Pixie’s relevant Quirk now unlocks if you pick “small” during her let’s be naughty scene
Misc: Removed the “flicker” effect from skipping past animations (Huge thanks to ViperMagus for figuring it out!)
Misc: Changed “Main Menu” to “Title Screen” in Extras to avoid confusion
Bug: Fixed being able to look at character cards before you’re supposed to if you start a new game
Bug: Fixed an error that prevented Roxy’s event from progressing if you’d already done it then reloaded an earlier save or started a new game
Bug: Gwen no longer gives you the silent treatment on weekend mornings
Bug: Jessica no longer switches to the wrong outfit when backing out of her naughty scenes
Bug: Small typo/grammatical mistakes

Main Story: New ELDRITCH event! (Follow your ELDRITCH Lead!)
Gwen: New YANDERE System! Every day you don’t do naughty things with her, her yandere count rises a little. Being naughty with her drops it by a large amount
Gwen: New MINOR yandere event – go to the Manor’s front door when she’s at her MINOR stage
Gwen: New MODERATE yandere event – there is a small chance for her to text you throughout the day (the texts get more intense if she’s in her MAJOR stage)
Gwen: New MAJOR yandere event – sleep in your Manor bedroom when she’s at her MAJOR stage
System: Added an Enable/Disable toggle in PREFERENCES for Gwen’s Yandere Mode. If you don’t want all the craziness, just hit “Disable” and she goes back to “normal”!
System: Gwen’s “Playing Card” (in the Heart Menu) now changes depending on her yandere phase!
Gallery: New Side Girl in the Gallery!
Fanart: New fanart in the EXTRAS gallery!
Bug: Jessica no longer does a clothing quick-change if you ask her to be naughty whilst she’s wearing her new outfit
Bug: Can no longer repeat the latest Roxy event infinitely
Bug: The “filled vase” decoration no longer shows up during the Act One finale
Bug: Small typo/grammatical mistakes

Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ORGANISATION Lead!)
Jessica: New repeatable event! (Check out the living room on FRIDAY or SATURDAY NIGHT)
Jessica: New “let’s be naughty” outfit variation! (Boob job – CLUB outfit!)
Misc: Changed “World Map” icon to “Outskirts” icon to prevent confusion
Bug: Selecting “Jessica” in the “Call someone to sleep with” menu won’t teleport you to your flat if her Love isn’t high enough any more
Bug: Couple typos cleaned up

Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ORGANISATION Lead!)
Map: New Location! The CAFÉ!
System: You can now summon certain girls to sleep in bed with you at night
Chloe: Chloe can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
Gwen: Gwen can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
Jessica: Jessica can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
Misc: Changed Lyx’s “Hint” text to hopefully avoid confusion
Bug: Fixed a graphical issue in one of Kana’s renders (bye bye blue arrow of justice!)
Bug: Some grammatical errors fixed. Couple old dialogues polished up

Madison: New Story event!
Veronica: New Story event!
College: New dialogue for the college girls!
College: New area: Office!
Explore: More content added to the TOWN EXPLORE – ICE CREAM GIRLS event!
Misc: Changed the “titles” associated with some of the girls’ stats
Bug: A few little typos and grammatical errors fixed

Magic Training: Level Three training available!
Power: New Power – AURA!
Explore: More content added to the TOWN EXPLORE – CAR WASH GIRLS event!
Physical: Level Four training now available! (Talk to Annie)
Bug: Jessica’s Yoga event will no longer occur at the same time as Laura’s visit
Bug: Minor typos fixed.

Pixie: New Story Event!
Pixie: New Love Event!
Pixie: You can now go on a Beach Date with her again!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Normal)!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Schoolgirl)!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Swimsuit)!
Lyx: New Story Event!
Lyx: Now has a Character Card in the Heart menu!
Bug: Teeny-tiny typo fixes

Magic Training: Level Two training available (visit the Goblin Witch(?))
Power: New Power – ENDURE!
Bath: New Event – Chloe & Gwen! (Random – Weekday afternoons in the Bathroom)
Chloe: Can now experience “Personality Outbreaks”, where the assigned personality (if not default) will momentarily burst out during public events.
Chloe: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
Gwen: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
Side Character: New Side Character – SAMANTHA!
Explore: New TOWN event (WEST > NORTH > WEST) – and yes, it’s naughty!
Explore: New OUTSKIRTS Explore location: Mushroom Glen (EAST > SOUTH > WEST)
Explore: More content added to the TOWN – CAR WASH GIRLS event!

Annie: New Commissioned Scene! (Mon/Wed/Fri mornings at the BARNS)
Chloe: You can now change Chloe’s personality!
Chloe: New Personality Unlock: “Original”!
Chloe: QUIRKS have been replaced with PERSONALITIES
Gwen: New Quirk! Damaged (doesn’t do anything right now)
Explore: New Function! You can now REMEMBER where you’ve been before (Click on “Remember” while Exploring for a list of events you’ve seen and their directions.
Laptop: New Function! You can now change your name!
System: New feature! All girls now have a “BIO” button on their Heart Menu cards that will allow you greater insight into their personalities and individual game mechanics. Most entries are locked right now, but will be added to in future updates
BIO: New entry added for Gwen!
BIO: New entry added for Chloe!

Chloe: Level 2 Club training now available!
Chloe: New Breakfast naughty scene!
Chloe: New Weekend Afternoon naughty scene!
Gwen: Level 2 Club training now available!
Gwen: New Breakfast naughty scene!
Gwen: New Weekend Afternoon naughty scene!
Jessica: Level 2 Club training now available!
Jessica: New Breakfast naughty scene!
Laptop: New WALLPAPER function!
Wallpaper: New Chloe Wallpaper
Wallpaper: New Gwen Wallpaper
Wallpaper: New Jessica Wallpaper!
Misc: Redid some old renders with newer lighting system
Bug: Fixed – could have fun with Chloe & Gwen in their club outfits before buying them
Bug: Couple of minor typos

Chloe: New Outfit – Club!
Chloe: Level 1 Club training now available!
Chloe: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
Gwen: New Outfit – Club!
Gwen: Level 1 Club training now available!
Gwen: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
Jessica: New Outfit – Club!
Jessica: Level 1 Club training now available!
Jessica: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
New Store: Clothing Store! (The Swift Tailor is back)
Misc: Tweaking some of the map/area transition code for the Club. If it works I’ll roll it out for all the areas. Should result in less fadein/fadeout transitions.
Misc: A little re-writing of a couple Luna events. Not everything is as it first appears…
Bug: Christmas is over, so no more miracles… Typo fixes!

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