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You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-01-19
Developer: ArcGames Patreon – SubscribeStar – Discord
Censored: No
Version: v0.7.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, animated, corruption, fantasy, male protagonist, masturbation, mind control, mobile game, monster, monster girl, pregnancy, rape, rpg, spanking, handjob, oral sex, vaginal sex


Main Story: New FEY event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Annie: New LOVE event!
Annie: New mini-repeatable event! (After her new love event, visit the milking sheds in the barns)
Bug: Fixed a few broken renders
Bug: One little typo. I’m getting better!

Main Story: New FEY event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Jackie: Introducing Jackie! Just a mini introduction for now, but more to come soon! Visit the burning building in town (WEST > NORTH > WEST) after removing a certain little firecracker from it
The Beast: There is now a 10% chance to have a spoopy dream about the Beast when you sleep. Could it be foreshadowing? Yes. Yes, it’s foreshadowing.
Misc: You’ll now get a message informing you to advance Chloe’s storyline when you try to advance Pixie’s story by sleeping (if necessary)
Bug: Roxy’s card is no longer available before you meet her
Bug: Chloe no longer uses Kage Bunshin no Jutsu during the living room naughty scene
Bug: Little typos


Chloe: New Major Event!
System: Chloe’s events (beach date, club, etc.) are locked now until you complete her event!
Overhaul: CK has received a massive character redesign overhaul! Pretty much every character has been reworked, altered, tweaked or polished! I know this is going to take some getting used to, but I hope you like the new looks (if you do or you don’t, let me know either way – I’m compiling everyone’s feedback – positive and negative – in case I need to change anything)
System: All renders, anims, ui elements, etc. updated to be in line with new character designs
Bug: Couple typos


Main Story: New FEY event! (Follow your FEY lead!)
Pixie: New mini (silly) event! Go to the living room on Wednesday afternoon after doing Pixie’s initial bath scene
Repeatable: New repeatable event! (“Look for Luna” in her demesne at night after Awakening or Shattering her handmaidens!)
Bug: Fixed an issue with a couple of the character cards’ transparencies
Bug: Fixed an issue where Gwen would text you on day one if you restarted the game whilst she was in Moderate or Major Yandere mode
Bug: One or two little typos


Main Story: New ELDRITCH event! (Follow your ELDRITCH Lead!)
Misc: Added a little dialogue exchange between MC and Pixie if you go to Roxy’s demesne, thinking that’s where the “Explore the Town” hint is directing you. Should help prevent further confusion. I swear, if I still get messages about this blasted questline after this…
Misc: Tweaked the Gwen Yandere code so that if you disable it in preferences the text messages stop immediately instead of after sleeping
Bug: Fixed a very rare issue where you’d get the Pixie-rubbing-herself-on-the-laptop scene during the Act One Finale
Bug: Numerous typos and grammatical errors. Whoops!


Roxy: New Story Event!
Gwen: New mini-event! Go to the BATHROOM on MONDAY MORNING
Chloe & Alice: New mini-event! Go to Chloe’s room any WEEKEND EVENING
Pixie: Pixie’s relevant Quirk now unlocks if you pick “small” during her let’s be naughty scene
Misc: Removed the “flicker” effect from skipping past animations (Huge thanks to ViperMagus for figuring it out!)
Misc: Changed “Main Menu” to “Title Screen” in Extras to avoid confusion
Bug: Fixed being able to look at character cards before you’re supposed to if you start a new game
Bug: Fixed an error that prevented Roxy’s event from progressing if you’d already done it then reloaded an earlier save or started a new game
Bug: Gwen no longer gives you the silent treatment on weekend mornings
Bug: Jessica no longer switches to the wrong outfit when backing out of her naughty scenes
Bug: Small typo/grammatical mistakes

Main Story: New ELDRITCH event! (Follow your ELDRITCH Lead!)
Gwen: New YANDERE System! Every day you don’t do naughty things with her, her yandere count rises a little. Being naughty with her drops it by a large amount
Gwen: New MINOR yandere event – go to the Manor’s front door when she’s at her MINOR stage
Gwen: New MODERATE yandere event – there is a small chance for her to text you throughout the day (the texts get more intense if she’s in her MAJOR stage)
Gwen: New MAJOR yandere event – sleep in your Manor bedroom when she’s at her MAJOR stage
System: Added an Enable/Disable toggle in PREFERENCES for Gwen’s Yandere Mode. If you don’t want all the craziness, just hit “Disable” and she goes back to “normal”!
System: Gwen’s “Playing Card” (in the Heart Menu) now changes depending on her yandere phase!
Gallery: New Side Girl in the Gallery!
Fanart: New fanart in the EXTRAS gallery!
Bug: Jessica no longer does a clothing quick-change if you ask her to be naughty whilst she’s wearing her new outfit
Bug: Can no longer repeat the latest Roxy event infinitely
Bug: The “filled vase” decoration no longer shows up during the Act One finale
Bug: Small typo/grammatical mistakes

Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ORGANISATION Lead!)
Jessica: New repeatable event! (Check out the living room on FRIDAY or SATURDAY NIGHT)
Jessica: New “let’s be naughty” outfit variation! (Boob job – CLUB outfit!)
Misc: Changed “World Map” icon to “Outskirts” icon to prevent confusion
Bug: Selecting “Jessica” in the “Call someone to sleep with” menu won’t teleport you to your flat if her Love isn’t high enough any more
Bug: Couple typos cleaned up

Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ORGANISATION Lead!)
Map: New Location! The CAFÉ!
System: You can now summon certain girls to sleep in bed with you at night
Chloe: Chloe can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
Gwen: Gwen can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
Jessica: Jessica can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
Misc: Changed Lyx’s “Hint” text to hopefully avoid confusion
Bug: Fixed a graphical issue in one of Kana’s renders (bye bye blue arrow of justice!)
Bug: Some grammatical errors fixed. Couple old dialogues polished up

Madison: New Story event!
Veronica: New Story event!
College: New dialogue for the college girls!
College: New area: Office!
Explore: More content added to the TOWN EXPLORE – ICE CREAM GIRLS event!
Misc: Changed the “titles” associated with some of the girls’ stats
Bug: A few little typos and grammatical errors fixed

Magic Training: Level Three training available!
Power: New Power – AURA!
Explore: More content added to the TOWN EXPLORE – CAR WASH GIRLS event!
Physical: Level Four training now available! (Talk to Annie)
Bug: Jessica’s Yoga event will no longer occur at the same time as Laura’s visit
Bug: Minor typos fixed.

Pixie: New Story Event!
Pixie: New Love Event!
Pixie: You can now go on a Beach Date with her again!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Normal)!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Schoolgirl)!
Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Swimsuit)!
Lyx: New Story Event!
Lyx: Now has a Character Card in the Heart menu!
Bug: Teeny-tiny typo fixes

Magic Training: Level Two training available (visit the Goblin Witch(?))
Power: New Power – ENDURE!
Bath: New Event – Chloe & Gwen! (Random – Weekday afternoons in the Bathroom)
Chloe: Can now experience “Personality Outbreaks”, where the assigned personality (if not default) will momentarily burst out during public events.
Chloe: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
Gwen: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
Side Character: New Side Character – SAMANTHA!
Explore: New TOWN event (WEST > NORTH > WEST) – and yes, it’s naughty!
Explore: New OUTSKIRTS Explore location: Mushroom Glen (EAST > SOUTH > WEST)
Explore: More content added to the TOWN – CAR WASH GIRLS event!

Annie: New Commissioned Scene! (Mon/Wed/Fri mornings at the BARNS)
Chloe: You can now change Chloe’s personality!
Chloe: New Personality Unlock: “Original”!
Chloe: QUIRKS have been replaced with PERSONALITIES
Gwen: New Quirk! Damaged (doesn’t do anything right now)
Explore: New Function! You can now REMEMBER where you’ve been before (Click on “Remember” while Exploring for a list of events you’ve seen and their directions.
Laptop: New Function! You can now change your name!
System: New feature! All girls now have a “BIO” button on their Heart Menu cards that will allow you greater insight into their personalities and individual game mechanics. Most entries are locked right now, but will be added to in future updates
BIO: New entry added for Gwen!
BIO: New entry added for Chloe!

Chloe: Level 2 Club training now available!
Chloe: New Breakfast naughty scene!
Chloe: New Weekend Afternoon naughty scene!
Gwen: Level 2 Club training now available!
Gwen: New Breakfast naughty scene!
Gwen: New Weekend Afternoon naughty scene!
Jessica: Level 2 Club training now available!
Jessica: New Breakfast naughty scene!
Laptop: New WALLPAPER function!
Wallpaper: New Chloe Wallpaper
Wallpaper: New Gwen Wallpaper
Wallpaper: New Jessica Wallpaper!
Misc: Redid some old renders with newer lighting system
Bug: Fixed – could have fun with Chloe & Gwen in their club outfits before buying them
Bug: Couple of minor typos

Chloe: New Outfit – Club!
Chloe: Level 1 Club training now available!
Chloe: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
Gwen: New Outfit – Club!
Gwen: Level 1 Club training now available!
Gwen: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
Jessica: New Outfit – Club!
Jessica: Level 1 Club training now available!
Jessica: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
New Store: Clothing Store! (The Swift Tailor is back)
Misc: Tweaking some of the map/area transition code for the Club. If it works I’ll roll it out for all the areas. Should result in less fadein/fadeout transitions.
Misc: A little re-writing of a couple Luna events. Not everything is as it first appears…
Bug: Christmas is over, so no more miracles… Typo fixes!

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