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In this open world, men are the oppressed gender. Without their mistress, they have no free decision making power. However, it is up to you whether this will always be the case. As the chosen one, you must first unfold your powers and decide whether you will lead this world to ruin or usher in a new era.
Get to know different personalities on your journey and experience a variety of fetishes.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-10-02
Developer: Bildur Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.38
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Big Tits, Incest, Milf, Teasing, Drugs, Masturbation, Humiliation, Sissification , Female Domination, Adventure, Point & click, Sandbox, Graphic violence, Mind control, Male Domination, Sex


Continuation of the hand job from Riccarda (sub)
Night event with Riccarda (sub)
New location – Red Light District (sub)
Minor scene – Adria pool evening (switcher/sub)
Minor scene – Lara pool evening (switcher/sub)
Introduction scene with Maja (sub)
Minor scenes with Maja (sub)
Added animations to various scenes
Reworked garden entry scene with Maja
More choices in various scenes (switcher/dom)
Selection menu for narrators (immersive, balanced, minimal)
Animated City Map
Animated backgrounds
Custom music settings for Red Light District
Smoother transitions between locations
New outro animation
New driving animation
Sync your saves and download to another device
Backup your saves before you update on android
Formatted history output
Added option to change contrast and brightness



  • Scene with Adria in the dungeon (sub)
  • Sissification scene with Adria (Pegging) (sub/switcher)
  • Scene with Adria in a cat outfit (sub/switcher)


  • Reworked some dialogues
  • Reworked some images
  • Fixed the dungeon training for android
  • (It wasn’t possible to use the tools with the touch control)
  • Added a feature to improve compatibility of older saves.
  • Added 2 new spots to the box training in the dungeon
  • Added 3 new spots to the chair training in the dungeon
  • Upgraded engine version
  • Added Poop Spray – Upsets others
  • Boo now appears in the evening, not at night.


Impregnate Sophia (Dom/Switcher)
Impregnate Carla (Dom/Switcher)
Impregnate Lara (Dom/Switcher)
Control fertility by using contraception
Go on a date with Adria (Switcher/Sub)
Traits for workers in the dungeon
Upgrade worker tab (increase the number of incoming workers, stats, …)
Earn prestige for every newborn
Different narrators (immersive, balanced, minimal)
New city map
Graveyard event takes place at night (prior evening)
General improvements (performance, save screen, load screen, …)
Improvements on game size (reduced)


Sophia joins the mansion (dom/switcher)
Introduction of the impregnation device (dom/switcher)
Added transformation device to the dungeon (sub/switcher)
Go to the lab with Adria (sub/switcher)
Added more minor scenes with the girls in the mansion
Added more images during inspect actions
Started to add x-ray
Moved dream scene to sub path
Changed the scroll variant in the cafe management for touch control
Optimized performance in the cafe management
Removed hospital minigame
Reworked some dialogues
Reduced/removed redundant descriptions
Added new smartphone backgrounds
Added new button styles
Changed smartphone asset
Added new filters: Furry, NTR
Random girls will now appear in the dungeon


Scene with Adria in the dungeon (sub)
Sissification scene with Adria (Pegging) (sub/switcher)
Scene with Adria in a cat outfit (sub/switcher)
Reworked some dialogues
Reworked some images
Fixed the dungeon training for android
(It wasn’t possible to use the tools with the touch control)
Added a feature to improve compatibility of older saves.
Added 2 new spots to the box training in the dungeon
Added 3 new spots to the chair training in the dungeon
Upgraded engine version
Added Poop Spray – Upsets others
Boo now appears in the evening, not at night.



  • Date with Cynthia, with multiple outcomes (all paths)
  • Follow up date with Cynthia and aftermath (all paths)
  • Cynthia can be put into the dungeon (sub)
  • You can serve Cynthia (sub)


  • Added BOP-Coins to the server
  • Those coins can be earned through activity
  • This is to give you the option to earn some benefits even if you can’t/won’t support me on patreon
  • For example you can buy early access with the coins (one week before public early access)

Hall of Fame

  • You can buy a place in the hall of fame in discord or via patreon support
  • You can buy custom emblems in discord.

Café Management

  • After returning you can now collect money AND research instead of money OR research
  • Away gain for money and research is 50% can be upgraded to 100% with research
  • Changed the research order and prices – moved the away bonus up (in tree) and reduced the price
  • Changed the upgrade selection to 1-5-25-100


  • New design for Cynthia
  • Added filters to the gallery
  • Changed the design of the gallery
  • Added frames to the worldmap navigation icons
  • Added customization for the worldmap navigation icons
  • New icons for the times of day



  • Help Riccarda clean the kitchen (Sub/Switcher)
  • Cum on Riccarda’s panties (Sub/Switcher)
  • You can clean the pool for Riccarda (Sub/Switcher)
  • Massage Riccarda in the living room (Switcher)
  • Carla joins the mansion (Dom/Switcher)
  • Riccarda expects you to make profit in the dungeon (Sub)
  • This will lead to multiple scenes in the future
  • Added three scenes with Adria as a start
  • Added scenes to gallery
  • The algorithm which decides the scenes for the box punishment now prefers not seen scenes


  • Added hall of fame
  • Side messages will use the same style as the dialog box
  • You can now customize the talk wheel, action buttons and tint the dialog box
  • You can modify your smartphone case
  • Added new smartphone backgrounds
  • Added a custom screen if an error occurs
  • Reduced the price to build the dungeon to 25 (Previous 100)
  • Reduced the price of the first two researches in the cafe management down to 5 (Previous 10)
  • Alternative path for chapter one. (Community feedback)
  • This includes mutliple choices for various scenes
  • Alternative dialogs
  • Your decisions have an effect on later events
  • Added text speed to settings
  • Added instructions to the cafe management
  • Some hints have been changed to be more precise



  • Dungeon Karen Chair
  • Dungeon Karen Box
  • Dungeon Sophia Spanking (Sub-Path)
  • Dungeon Sophia Chair (Sub-Path)
  • Dungeon Sophia Box (Sub-Path)
  • Dungeon build scene with Riccarda (Sub-Path)
  • Throat fuck scene with Lara (Dom-Path, Switcher-Path)
  • Humiliating scene with Karen (Dom-Path)
  • Story background with Karen (Switcher-Path)
  • Added scenes to gallery
  • You can now refuse to drink the toilet water (Scene with Karen)(Community Feedback)
  • Addded choices for hospital treatmen1,2 and 3. You have the option to agree/disagree to the treatment. (Community Feedback)


  • New location: the mansion – can be bought in Dom-Path, Switcher-Path
  • Karen is used as a housekeeper
  • Lara joins you in the mansion
  • Lara introduces the garage (Dom-Path, Switcher-Path)
  • You can buy 100 vehicles (cars, bikes, …) (Driving animation in the next releases)
  • Mansion has 8 rooms + garage + dungeon

Dungeon Jobs

  • Subordinates can be put into jobs
  • They can be trained
  • They earn money for you
  • They find equipment
  • Thousands of items in various combinations are available
  • There are unique items with special effects
  • You can collect sets to maximize your subordinates


  • Updated engine to the latest version 8.0.3
  • Dungeon is now available for (dom, sub, switcher)
  • New loading screen
  • New title screen
  • Optimized the idle calculations for the cafe management
  • You can choose the number format: American or European
  • Added option to change the button hover sound volume
  • Chenged code for easier translation
  • Added guide in discord how to use modding/translation patch
  • Added support for cyrillic letters
  • Menu items are now in the same style as the dialog box


Scenes (Sub/Switcher)

  • Box scene with Adria – She uses you as a toilet
  • Box scene with Adria – She gives you some relief with anal beads
  • Adria gives you the chastity cage
  • Collect women clothes for your transformation (Sissification)
  • Go on a date with Adria in your new outfit (Sissification) (Multiple scenes)

Scenes (Sub)

  • Insult Riccardas cooking skills during lunch and she will punish you


  • In the sub and switcher path you can now get the chastity cage
  • Some scenes are different if you are caged


  • Changed notify backgrounds

Cafe Management

  • Added new images to the gallery
  • Bugfixes
  • Balancing:
  • Reduced upgrade prices for stores
  • Changed store upgrade multiplier from 1,25,100 to 1,25,50
  • Prestige needed to prestige now growths faster in the endgame

Cafe Waiter Job

  • Fixed a bug where order items disappeared immediately
  • Changed transition between orders and reduced some timings – it’s now smoother


  • Added button to collect money from your subordinates
  • Prepared code for future jobs and management/training of your subs.


  • Added new filter: Scat / Poop


Dom Path

  • Default scene with Karen in the kitchen (Evening)
  • Default scene with Karen in the dining room (Night)
  • Karen prepares dinner for you. She is not a good cook. It’s best to discipline her. (Evening / Dining)

Sub Path

  • Cafe management is now available in this path.


  • You can train women in your dungeon (dominant path)
  • First Person to train is Karen
  • Spanking
  • Spank her with different tools. Hear her scream in pain!
  • I’ve created over 350 bruises for the spanking.
  • You will see how her skins is getting red and blue


  • Added new location to the world map
  • Graveyard can be found during the night. You have to find it in the forests. (It is hidden)
  • You will be rewarded with more APs
  • There is a small minigame. (It will get easier the more often you fail.)


  • Added new item in the store that permanently increases your AP by +1

Management Minigame

  • Balancing – prices for new devices increase at a lower rate and are capped at 100
  • Bugfixes

Hospital Minigame

  • You can skip the minigame after you’ve failed at least one time


  • Added prestige to smartphone. (It’s easier to track your prestige)
  • Added icon for money (smartphone).


  • Added cheat menu. Can be found at the graveyard after you’ve activate it with the secret code.
  • Unlimeted energy
  • Add money
  • Increase stats
  • Inc. / dec. mood
  • Unlock gallery



  • Movie Night continues (animation)
  • Secret room (animation)
  • 3rd path selectable
  • Scene with Carla – go on a date with her (2 animations)

Management Minigame

  • Added first management minigame
    You will establish your own cafe empire
    With this comes a new currency – prestige


  • Updated missing side image expressions for MC
  • Adjusted random factors for scenes (they will occur more frequently)
  • Improved performance


  • Specified hints and added more
  • Added indicator and filter for main and side quests to the hints
  • Removed hints from smartphone because it was redundant (big bulb)



  • Added sub-path
    – Animated scene with Sophia
    – Riccarda punishes you.
    – Petplay dog with Riccarda


  • Added ballbusting filter to toilete abuse 1 with Karen
    (She kicks you in the balls)
    This part will now be skipped if ballbusting is not enabled
  • Added new filter “spanking”
  • Added new filter “petplay”

Coffe job:

  • Changed the first encounters to be deterministic. So you get to know the customers faster.
    (This was random and it could take some time to encounter every person.)
    After you have choosen your destiny the guests will change to generic persons.
    So you can continue to work there even if something happened to the guests.


  • Preferences->Display now contains option to choose renderer.
    (Use this option if you have display problems. Lags, flickering, …)
  • Fixed “select all button” in Preferences->Sound. Was not at the same location as under Preferences->Fetish


  • Changed audio format. This saved about 200 MB and the new audio format is now compatible with android.
    (Not all sounds were working on android.)
    After loading your old saves the audio will stop. Just change your location and it will restart.


  • Post processed about 3500 images
  • Added special effects
  • Added hint system to main ui (light bulb)
  • Scene with Karen – Humiliation
  • Scene with Sophia – Choose your destiny (first out of three)
  • Scene with Karen – Dominate her
  • New house with three locations



  • Default scene with Adria in the evening
  • Default scene with Riccarda at noon
  • Footjob from Lara in the morning in her room (with animation)
  • Lara pussy rubbing you in the morning in her room (with animation)
  • Riccarda helps you in the morning (with animation)
  • Movie night with Riccarda
  • Adria bought clothes for you (Sissification)


  • background is now displayed on the small smartphone icon

Music Settings

  • added different volumes for each song
  • they should have the same volume now
  • (hospital was louder than city map for example)


  • started do add female sounds – moans, laughter, hmmm, sighs, …



  • gardening
    eggplant scene
    corn scene
  • hospital
    treatment 2
    treatment 3
    with minigame
    failure and success result
  • living room evening
    animated scene with Riccarda (Handjob)
    needs to be in general good mood
  • the Box
    Riccarda pee
    Adria pee
  • bedroom Riccarda
    alternative scene (when she jerks you off in the night)
    you have to behave in order to get it


  • syringe
  • sounding


  • added option to skip story minigames


  • improved scrollbars (android)
  • fixed main menu background (android)
  • removed garden icon tracking (android)
  • font is selectable
  • performance improvments in the gallery
  • scrollbars are hidden if not needed
  • game menu is now faster


  • added shop
  • added interaction with Cynthia (shop) (NO scenes yet)


  • added different backgrounds
  • added option to change character names (easier to share saves)


  • improved instructions
  • added option to read instructions again


  • improved backward compatibility
    if you have saved in the cafe you will probably auto restart your shift


  • added sprites (increased performance)
    every crop is now shown during harvesting
  • added auto energy transfer
    you can toggle this with a button in the top right corner
  • fixed a bug where fertilizing had no effect


  • added modTranslation.rpy for modders and translators



  • notify message timout is adjustable in settings
  • smoothed edges of notify and message box

Energy Bar

  • added penalty (red bar)
  • added indicator for empty bars
  • increased brightness of full bars


  • Energy drink – restores 1 energy (once per day)
  • Revitialization drink – restores 1 red energy back to normal (once per day)


  • added “The Box”
    • 2 scenes with Riccarda
    • 2 scenes with Lara + 1 animation
    • 2 scenes with Adria + 1 animation
    • you get the box if Riccarda is angry enough
    • you will get the energy penalty
  • added jacuzzi with Lara and Adria (only location with actions)
  • added cucumber scene (farming)


  • increased salary at cafe
  • added farming/gardening


  • rerendered the delivery guys side image


  • outdated commands have been updated
  • improved performance


  • added 5 new songs
  • every song is available for every location now


Intro extended

  • general info
  • background info
  • start of your story


  • added narrator
  • exchanged many thoughts with the narrator

New location

  • hospital


  • treatment at hospital
  • morning with Lara
  • 3 animations
  • 3 different outfits
  • sushi dinner with Adria
  • yoga 2 with Riccarda

Minor scenes

  • teasing in the bathroom (morning, Riccarda)
  • teasing in the bathroom (evening, Riccarda)
  • searching key in living room (Riccarda)

Updated Scenes

  • added “leave option” to some scenes
  • scene is marked as seen (gallery)
  • characters behave accordingly
  • starting the cafe job
  • added alternative to start this event
  • you can now start either from living room
  • or go directly to the cafe (evening)
  • cafe job (working)
  • reduced waiting times
  • prevented skipping (skipping can be active while playing the minigame)
  • reworked every scene in general

City map

  • available from the beginning
  • added home icon

Title screen

  • custom buttons
  • background video
  • changes according to story progress


  • basically replaced all default screens with custom screens

Dialogbox options

  • choose your own style
  • 7 styles with different colors,
  • name color, text color, text size,
  • opacity, side image, text outlines

Action buttons

  • inspect, talk, gift, spend time together
  • button layout is customizable

Added dialog system

  • talk, compliment, insult, tease

Added energy system

  • actions consume energy
  • e.g. insult consumes 1 energy

Notification box (top left corner)

  • click box to remove before timeout

Message box (right corner)

  • shows reaction to actions buttons
  • click box to remove before timeout
  • timout is customizable in settings


  • chocolate, flowers

Infobox in shop

  • shows your money
  • shows item count in inventory
  • shows item count in delivery

Character info

  • general info: age, name, preferences, profession,…
  • impact factors: mood, general mood, mood threshold,…


  • changed to cross save from individual per save file
  • added
  • more hair (add or remove pubic hair for Riccarda)
  • anal play


  • added new songs


  • You can skip time – dream in bed (including 2 new scenes with animation) / taking a shower / taking a bath
  • GUI reworked
  • Transitions reworked
  • Face expressions reworked for Riccarda, Rory, Lara, Adria
  • Cafe job
  • New characters
  • Selectable songs for the cafe
  • New song for the house
  • Overworld map
  • New room
  • New scene with animation
  • Improved compression -> less space needed




Old savegames won’t work

  • 2 new characters
  • 2 scenes in the gallery
  • 3 new locations
  • 387 new images
  • Music and sound
  • 4 selectable background songs
  • Selectable player preferences
    • sissification
    • humiliation
  • Hint system
  • Reworked mc’s bedroom
  • Customizable
    • Dialogue box opacity
    • Text size
    • Action button location – left / right
    • Gallery preview location – left / right


  • Reworked story handling
  • Side image size can be changed in settings
  • Brightness of night images can be changed in settings
  • 10 new scenes
  • Gallery (smartphone) is working
  • 2 buyable items (unlock during story)
  • Delivery system for bought items
  • Preparation for world map (not yet accessible)
  • Reworked UI – new icons, position, size
  • Auto events – Algorithm will decide when to show you the events
  • Custom Quick Menu (Android)
  • Hide button on top of the screen (Android)
  • Bigger buttons in smartphone (Android)
  • At least one mini-scene / image for every time slot
  • Preference system – During dialogues some answers will be saved and I will use this information in future scenes. For example: Same scene but female char is blank/hairy
  • Ending screen after you have unlocked all scenes


First Release

Download Blossom of Pleasure Porn Game


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Mega Mediafire


Mega Mediafire

Android (Patched)

Mega Mediafire


Incest Patch
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