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It’s a 3D game developed in Unreal Engine 4. It’s a pun based on Biohazard (You guessed I think). It’s an adult parody game based on the Resident Evil franchise. So you can expect a survival-horror (action-oriented) with infected enemies that will try to get some “relief” on you. The idea was born from our love to the Resident Evil franchise, especially to the 5th part. This one we played for over hundred hours. So yeah add this to our love for hentai games and the result? Bioasshard. But don’t think this is just based on the action orientation the franchise got from Resident Evil 5 on ahead. Because the second RE game we love the most is the 2ndone. So there will be puzzles and some scary moments too.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2019-12-13
Developer: VersusX Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.438
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D game, 3DCG, Animated, Anal sex, Big ass, Combat, Creampie, Female protagonist, Horror, Monster, Oral sex, Parody, Shooter, Vaginal sex


Destructible meshes has been added. This means you can knife stab or shot some objects and see them how they rip apart. For now, there’s only a few of them and just in one Mission, but the next step in those destructible meshes is to make boxes, plants, etc., etc. destructible so you can find items inside of them.

· Added a new type of interactable object. This time a lever. Said lever can be working at first or it can be linked to a puzzle you must complete first.

· Added an Elevator. But unfortunately, this time is not for you to hop on in but rather to move something else. This was added in a last instance and that’s why we didn’t have a mesh for it, so I improvised something quick, that’s why it’s so ugly, but don’t pay attention to its look but it’s mechanism xD. By the way this can be linked to any other type of interactor, like a puzzle or a lever.

· Remember those light beams puzzles present in Devil May Cry or in Resident Evil 5? Well, something along those lines has been added. It’s a WIP it has to be expanded in order to let you make things like grab them, rotate them, etc. For now, they’re in place but their light beams can be occluded by any other object on its way. Don’t worry though! They won’t kill you if you touch them like in RE5 xD.

· In Resident Evil 5 and 6 as well as some other, you can find those shootable stones that make you unlock extras, right? Well, we started making this implementation, right now there are only on one mission and they serve as a way to unlock only one thing.

· The dismemberment system and how it works: Some time ago, we shown an image of an Infected with his head rip open and we didn’t say what it was. Some people got it right just with that, while some other thought it was a new type of enemy. Unfortunately for the latter, it’s a dismemberment system. It works using the Critical % parameter of the weapon. The handgun has a low critical % parameter and there’s no weapon upgrading in yet available, but it still happens many times, but even though, we added a new Fantasy Card to improve the Critical parameter. Right now, it’s only implemented at about 55% because you can’t dismember legs yet, mainly because there’s no crawling enemy’s mechanics and AI implemented yet. So, to dismember the head just aim for the head, pretty easy, huh? To dismember arms, make sure you hurt it first (when the enemy can’t move it) then once hurt, shoot at it again to dismember it. Dismembering both arms, causes enemies to die, because they’re just useless xD.

· Another thing we did is to get rid of Physx for skin simulations like the jiggly things for Julia, to a better system and to get rid of the problems some of you may have for having a screwed physx installation.

· The dodge system: Pressing F in the right moment (shown on screen) allows you to dodge an attack. But only attacks, no grabs. And not always, because you have to have enough stamina to do it, and the distance at which the attack started have to be close enough for Julia to notice it. Saying this, it’s clear that to avoid the fast attacks that the Big Guy does, you’ll have to smash the F button once you see him coming XD. Also, the dog’s attacks are a bit tricky to dodge sometimes, since they may attack from too far.

· Another system that makes use of the stamina bar is the physical attack system. This system has been implemented to help you get out of situations like being surrounded by enemies with your weapon empty. It’s not meant to make Julia a Street Fighter character xD but to help her get out on situations like that. So even if she can kill enemies with those attacks, don’t expect that to happen frequently and also, make sure Julia is facing the enemy you want to hit, otherwise you’ll frustrate at her attacking right at the side of such enemy while he’s looking at her waiting for the right moment to attack xD.

· The system we decided to call CQC, is what RE features since RE4, where you damage a key zone, like the head, a leg or an arm and sometimes the enemy get stunned by the pain allowing you get closer to him and pressing the key shown on the screen to cause a huge damage on him. This was shown on a past screen too, and some people also imagined what it was. But I screwed it up and while some of you (sorry, can’t remember the name -.-‘) corrected on the comments “attack on floor” wasn’t the correct way of writing it, but… I forgot to fix it -.- Also, this system is still a WIP, and sometimes it acts weird making Julia to move out of the range of attack and causing a beautiful attack to thin air, while the enemy recovers peacefully from his stunning. Last thing is, while you can physically attack dogs, you can’t CQC them (they don’t dismember either yet).

· Another implementation is the wandering system for the other enemies other than the dogs. So now they won’t have to be standing still. With the implementation of this system I realized we gonna need a better pathfinding system other than the one implemented in UE4, because it’s really “amazing” to see how retard this system can be making enemies walk against a wall infinitely… lol. The code I use it’s pretty simple to be honest, I first get a random location inside a radius, but making sure such location is REACHABLE by the enemy, then make the enemy go there… and the result… well you already could see it with the dog, but you’ll be able to see it with the other enemies as well now xD. So, for the future we have two options, trying to get A* pathfinding algorithm implemented on UE4, or changing completely the wandering system for a patrolling one with manually specified correct target locations… what do you preffer? A random moving enemy or with specified constant paths that can allow you to learn their movement to avoid being spotted?

· The new and definitive Title Screen has been implemented. Yeah, this is the title screen the final game will have, at the beginning we decided to add and modify a marketplace bought asset of a title screen for the Arena, just to avoid losing time implementing one from zero. But as time has been passing, I thought it would be cool to have something ready for the final game already, so started implementing the Title screen, the Pause screen and the character customization screen. There’re some options yet to be implemented but they’re already there (in gray) so you can see what they will be.

+New+ 103 total new addings including new systems, mechanics, bug-fixing, etc
+New+ A new FX system that reflects damage, dirt and cum on Julia
+New+ Enemy cums now stain the floor, etc
+New+ You can now change the hair color in the Character Customization Screen
+New+ A very early implementarion of the Intermission Screen
+New+ model+rig+materials+textures+animations for the Cerberus
+New+ Fantasy Card System added
+New+ An early implementation of weather effects
+New+ Shootable items (similar to sellable items in RE5)
+New+ A new UI to help you know your current objective. You can toggle it on or off
+New+ A Mission Selector Screen (WIP)
+Change+ The Infection system is now complete including the blue herb mesh totally finished now
+Change+ Julia’s shader has been remade to addapt it to new mechanics and simplifying it as much as possible
+Change+ The colors for the Secret Outfit 1 has been tweaked
+Change+ The enemies’ AI has been tweaked
+Change+ Tweaked the physics for the enemies’s gens a bit
+Change+ Some tweaks to Julia’s physics as well
+Change+ Tweaked the enemies’s movement (except for the Cerberus) to try and make them rotate instead of popping out in a direction (very WIP)
+Change+ Tweaked the Cerberus’ AI making him to walk more instead of only running among a lot of other things
+Change+ Added a new “type of door” to the door system
+Change+ Added a new “type of puzzle” to the puzzle system
+Change+ Added new conditions to drop items to the enemies (like killing a certain number of enemies)
+Change+ Improved the teleport between levels system so we can set exactly where Julia must appear
+Change+ Improved the navigation meshes in the Sewers (this is for Enemies’s AI)
+Change+ Tweaked Post-Process Effects and fog effect in the Sewers a bit
+Change+ Unlocking unlockables now display a visual notification instead of just a sound
+Change+ Adapted the Result Screen to the new required behaviours
+Change+ Updated the VXS logo
+Change+ Updated the VXS avatar in the Main Menu/Tittle Screen
+Change+ Some graphics were updated
+Fix+ Cerberus (I don’t think we have to add anything here, right? lol)
+Fix+ Exiting the Sewers would cause the outfit to reset for Pigeon Patrons and Free users
+Fix+ Enemy damaged parts like arms and legs now recover in an smoother way
+Fix+ Enemies take around two seconds to start acting after they see/hear Julia
+Fix+ Julia in the Main Menu/Title Screen was stuck playing only one animation and not moving her head nor even blinking
+Fix+ Enemies showing strange animation framerates in the Exterior Area
+Fix+ Enemies stop chasing you when you turn your camera out of them
+Fix+ Some clippings during Infected Cerberus attack animations
+Fix+ An error when trying to rebuild the lighting caused by referenced BSP Brushes
+Fix+ Found and fixed some memory leaks that were happening every frame like some checks for inexistent actors or trying divisions by 0 value
+Fix+ After exiting the Mansion, Julia would clip through the floor on fall to the infinity
+Fix+ The same for some enemies
+Fix+ The rain effect would appear even under roof
… and a lot more.

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