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You play the role of Sir Patrik of Akros, a charismatic, handsome and middle aged (for the times) Knight that set by bonds of loyalty and family to the new Countess of Kathia, is bound to gather the fealty of the vassals of his liege, cajole with the outer counts, and overthrow the Duke of Luvia. It will not be only a path of conflict, choices of whom to trust and whom to make a head short, but will let the player enjoy the power fantasy of the Middle Ages, using the lesser and being used by the higher, both for power and for pleasure. In your treacherous journey among medieval politics, nothing will stop you from romancing and lay with any woman that is put in your way, for lust, love or political interest. Not only nothing stops you: Is part of your mission.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-07-28
Developer: Seventh Vixen Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.15e
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Length: 8 hours +
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Multiple endings, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Titfuck, Teasing, Handjob, Group sex, Interracial, Adventure, Combat, Dating sim, Graphic violence, Humor, Management, Point & click, Religion, Romance, Voyeurism, Lesbian, Milf, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Prostitution

0.15.e Changelog:
-28 stills remastered on Prologue
-Some little fixes
Fixes on 0.15.d from 0.15c:
-Fixed the temporal names on conversational options on the Extra Pirate Fun.
-Some fixes on lateral combat.
-Fixed all (I guess) possible story inconsistencies in Hartlepool, forcing the player to progress in the Fortress storyline before finishing Hartlepool Main Story
40+ animations
200+/- fun times stills
300+ action packed stills
100+ more stills
Specially animated cutscenes and new systems. (combats, tactical map choices, 3d dungeon crawler..)
2000+ new dialogue lines (total around 13.000 now)
In Detail:
Full Canary Trail Warpath (with 3 main paths and more than 16 variations depending on your choices) and rewards related to it.
2 more of the 3 Acallarian Mercs Quest resolutions (One was in the Diplopath)
All Hartlepool main story resolutions for all paths (Belinda, Dolce, Report to Irena, with special scenes here and there…)
Remember cutscenes active on Hartlepool Fortress for all scenes not available anymore.
Meanwhile at Grassmere special scene.
Diverse important choices and Great diversity on alternative gameplays.
And the polled extra scenes:
Hannah Content with extra of marzapan.
Little Extra Diplopath Pirate Cove fun.
Extra details:
Varied UI improvements and new experimental option.
+7 different path-trophies between all paths and choices.
-New documents (may requiere a new gameplay)
-New Resources
2 Liliana remastered animations
Important fix: Finally some sounds not playing after loading, working again.

– More than one hour of gameplay.
-Around 1.700 lines of dialogue (for a total now of 11.000),
-More than 20 animations.
-New items and resources.
-Some really nice big moments!
Changelog 0.14 Patreon Release:
-Some Hartlepool resolutions wich contains:
-Full Diplopath to solve Rat Problems Quest, and rewards related to it.
-One of the ways of finishing Acallarian Ladykilller path.
-Penketh new interactions.
-Knightly Path Quest progression.
-Extra Hannah content on Akros Manor.
-Interactions with the new items and resources added everywhere.

-After finishing the update some things may look a bit on the air (same that happened with 0.13) waiting for the rest of resolutions that will come with 0.15, which will take around a month to code/finishing making some extra scenes.
General Fixes:
-Typos and general fixes (including performance)
-Some ways of passing night at hartlepool counting for numbers of days passed at Hartlepool (Usefull for some time based events)
-Canary Trail Sneak trip repeating in some old saves and not allowing progression to 0.14.
-Fixed a Robin Animation
-Fixed Penketh’s Afinity menu not going away in some circumstances.

Things to expect on 0.15.
-Full Canary Trail Warpath and rewards related to it.
-All possible extra main story resolutions (Mercs, Belinda…)
-Hartlepool resolution Leffrin events.
-Remember cutscenes active on Hartlepool Fortress room for all scenes not available again due to paths taken.
-Meanwhile at Grassmere scene.
-Akros Manor Plus Ultra Quest Progression.
-Some Marzapan!
-Some Polled extra content.
-Everything will be ready to continue our travel in 0.20.

Known bugs on 0.14.c:
-For now none. There is a typo that doesn’t show a variable in a conversation with the Meat Merchant, I’ll fix that when I have to make a new release.

Known “story bugs”:
-There is some story inconsistency if the player finish all the canary trial quest without doing some things first, like ending the current Belinda storyline (delivering package, Dolce etc), or if the player never visits the West Tower. I’ll fix some workarounds for this in 0.15.
People that play every update won’t find this problems, but someone can hit into them if playing blindly for the first time.

General troubleshooting if you have an old save where the sounds don’t work:
-If you have a Save where sound and ambience doesn’t sound (only music), opening the cutscene pause menu (during a cutscene) and closing it again for a moment fixing it.
I’m still searching for a definitive fix.
Have fun and stay safe!


-Just a Chicago’s 30 inspired Duke Tier Comission Scene

0.13.Part1.Xh (18/07/2020)

-Fixed game breaking bug when using different cameras on Katerina first meeting.
-Known bugs: Animation flickering in Robin talk in the counter.

0.13.Part1.Xf (14/07/2020)

-Fixed erratic map movement
-Completle overhaul of the graphic system for various improvements and trying to fix bugs.
-Fixed Kithra&Kloe Alternative scene breaking.
-Fixed a conversation loop on first Tobias conversation


(This is not a content release, but technical. But has new content tho).
– Some Menus refurbished to work smoother
-Added the Credits menu (but is still a bit WIP)
-Fixed Stats menus not showing more than 500 stat points.
-Added the Titles bar (still a bit WIP)
-Now the Stats menu will show the one-time Path Choices, but this will make sense when the Romance menu is reworked, so the player will be able to track where that choices lead to (but low on spoilers). Expect the new Romance menu to start appearing progressively in 0.13p2.

Content: (626 renders for 15 animations)
-Katerina Dinnerhall lewder option now available.
– Katerina new scene root (in patrik room, talk with her in the garden). For the moment that scene root only has a new scene.
-Mina Lewd Path advance
-Now you can access two Mina root scenes talking to her in the garden (the one that starts with bedtalk and the first scene with her in her room with a new quality animation.

Download Battle for Luvia: Armored Romance


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