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“Pilot”, serves as an introductory episode to the game, giving you a glimpse into the Main Character’s life on the farm, his motivations, and the people closest to him.

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Game Information


Release Date: 2024-04-11
Developer: FOZ Patreon – Discord – Website – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.07
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other GamesCollege Bound
Genre: 3dcg, Anal Sex, animated, male protagonist, milf, big ass, big tits, oral sex, handjob, teasing, groping, point and click, prostitution, vaginal sex, creampie,


Hey patrons!
Tough times, right? Missing out on the funding might just be the biggest setback Baddies has faced so far, but luckily, MC’s got a solid crew of friends ready to help him get out of this mess. Jaiden, ever unpredictable, has quit, but Lana remains, ready to help find solutions. And Natalie? She’s there to provide MC with some much-needed…um…relax time. Enjoy a hot scene with her on the beach! There’s a lot of hot content included, and many fun activities. Have fun with Baddies, Inc ladies this weekend!

The story on the beach is far from over. In the upcoming release, MC will brainstorm alongside Natalie to come up with a plan for saving the company and then dance the night away at a seaside nightclub, meeting both familiar and new faces. It’s clear that life in Loho isn’t all about work; there’s plenty of room for fun too!

NSFW content inside: full scene with Natalie, full scene with Zoe and Kendra (in dream), naughty renders – Anita and Misaira, ladies on the beach


Hey patrons!
Here we go, show the investment firm what you’ve got! In this release, you’ll present your pitch to Kendra to get the investment money necessary for your company’s growth. You’ve initially talked with her, so it seems like just a formality… or will it not be that simple? Check it out for yourself, but remember that your actions have consequences, so avoid getting provoked.
Next, we move on to the hot part. You’ll have your first encounter with Sandy, a cheeky redhead with huge tits, who is willing to go the extra mile to close a sale. There’s a sex scene with her, but you’ll need to be quite persuasive to get further. It’s well worth the effort, though. She’ll tease you throughout the apartment presentation, and when things escalate… oh boy… she’ll make you cum like a volcano. Just make sure she doesn’t find out you’re not interested in the apartment!
Following that, you’ll have interactions with Natalie and Jaiden’s mom, and you’ll see quite a lot in both of them. Will you follow the bro code and stay away from Jaiden’s mom, or don’t care what Jaiden thinks or feels and go balls deep? The decision is yours.
The release is filled with humorous events, unexpected twists, and naughty surprises. I’m sure you’ll love it, so go ahead and try version 0.1.06 for yourself!

Initial Release
What content can you expect in this release?
As for the content in this release, you can expect over 640 beautiful renders and 11 animations available in two speed variants, totaling 22 animation files. You’ll encounter two steamy sex scenes, one with a blonde and the other with a smoking redhead (smoking, not smoking hot, though she’s not that bad – you’ll judge for yourself).
With over 2500 lines of code (special thanks to Doc62 for helping with the majority of the dialogue), this release should provide approximately 30 minutes of fun, give or take. The proper introduction to the game will also include 0.1.02, as it introduces the player to life in LoHo and MC’s company. In this release, you’ll experience the farm part, which I believe turned out to be interesting and enjoyable, with some suspenseful moments.

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Mega Gofile


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