Aurelia Adult Game Download Overview

In this adventure game, you’ll take the role of a young adventurer who returns to his childhood village to reclaim a house inherited by his grandfather. On a sudden twist of fate, you find a mystical amulet in your newly acquired house, and its simple touch puts in motion a chain of events that will lead you to meet a mysterious woman who has sought refuge in your home.

Retro pixel art! Full of nostalgia and style. Explore a world full of wonder! With plenty of exotic races, exciting characters, and mystical encounters. Many stories to unfold! +8 Unique characters, with their traits, personality, backgrounds. RPG Mechanics! Level up, improve your stats, equip artifacts, drink potions, and slay monsters.

Lots of things to do! Relax while fishing, play blackjack, craft some potions, take care of your magical garden, delve into the dungeon, serve at the bar, chop wood. For the completionists! +80 achievements, which will not only give you a sense of pride and accomplishment but also reward you with extra scenes!

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-16
Developer: Mirthal  Patreon – Itch.io – Discord – Reddit – Twitter 
Censored: No
Version: 0.31
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Adventure, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Big Ass, Big Tits, Oral sex, Handjob, Romance, Mobile game, Animated

V0.31.0 New Dungeon +
NSFW content

  • Scenes with the following dungeon encounters:
    • Mimic
    • Nightmare
    • (New) Green Dragon
    • (New) Oni
    • (New) Harpy
    • (New) Fallen Angel
    • (New) Canon Specialized Unit

Other Changes

  • Added a final reward floor at depth 29.
    • Moved the Halloween portal to F29
    • Moved the Xmas portal to F29
    • Added a portal to F29 that brings you into “dungeon +”
      • “Dungeon +” will loop you again to floor 1, making enemies harder.
    • Added all 3 dungeon Merchants at F29.
    • Added 4 gold chests as a reward at F29.
  • Once activating the new “dungeon +” new enemy types will start spawning.

Other Changes

  • Solved dialogue issues.

V0.30.0 EXTRA
NSFW content

  • [Ginny] | Secrets
  • [Lily] | Eureka!

Other Changes

  • SAVEME cheat code now unlocks:
    • Journal entries for all the main characters/scenes.
      • This will not include:
        • Unlockable scenes/characters added in this build.
        • Dungeon enemies.
    • All achievements
    • All locations
    • Level 100
    • 10000 Gold


  • Fixed a game crash when accessing the bar board.
  • Talking to Kivir about the church should now unlock the location.


  • Changed how the game handles data to avoid initialization issues.
  • Corrected the internal port “version” being lower than intended.

Other Changes

  • Did some changes in an effort for Android to import the save files.
  • Kivir’s Brothel quest will now unlock the Church location.


  • Fixed Miza’s quest crashing.
  • Removed a “black fade” into one of the Duchess conversations.
  • Fixed Lirey’s scene crashing on the Journal.

Other Changes

  • Changed Eri’s Journal entry to be her name instead of “Elizabeth”
  • Add Ginny/Lirey scene to the Journal
  • Added Ivy’s scene to the Journal
  • Added Ivy/Scarlet scene to the Journal.


  • Fixed the “Crystal’s Doll quest” dialogue with Ivy.
  • Fixed Ivy’s “Misfired spell” scene having it’s dialogue displaced.
  • Added a failsafe to the “SAVEME” code so it can’t be triggered on the first day.

Other Changes

  • Added the Cheatcode “SAVEME” that skips the main quest up to this build for those players who are having problems with migrating their saves (specially on android)
  • Corrected some dialogue issues. (wrong speaker, grammatical errors)


  • Fixed many of Ivy’s questlines issues.
  • Fixed several dialogues that would enter an unending “loop.”

IMPORTANT! Ivy’s Questline There are some changes to Ivy’s questline in this build, but we do not recommend to start a new game, as we will add even more changes to Ivy shortly, including reworking most of her NSFW content.

IMPORTANT! Ported the game to a new Engine We did this to hopefully solve many compatibility and resource consumption issues now that the final version of the game is approaching in a few builds.

Be aware that due to these two changes up above, there might be some visual/performance errors at the moment that we might miss on our testing. We will be working to have the game in it’s best form as shortly as possible while also delivering new content the meanwhile.

Thank you for your patience with us.

And now, the fun stuff!

NSFW content

  • [Ivy} | Misfired spell.
  • [Ivy + Scarlet] | Double Danger
  • [Elizabeth] | Duchess special care
  • [Eri] | Problems with control
  • [Ginny] | Channeling the divine

Other Changes

  • Ported the game to a more modern engine (GMS2)
  • Overhauled how Aurelia loads data into the game to make it less demanding.
  • From this update forward save files will be interchangeable between devices.
  • New Character: Elizabeth, the Duchess.
  • New Character: Eri, the manor maid.
  • New Location: Duchess Manor.
  • Soran now sells/buys certain items.
  • Reworked several sections of the game to add more clarity to the game questlines, including:
    • The “first day” of the game to be a more guided experience for new players.
    • Locked several locations at the beginning of the game.
    • Added some visual animations for new discovered locations.
    • Reworked “Drink Something with Orson” into “Latest news”
    • Rewrote old dialogues for several characters.
  • Getting Ivy’s questline ready for the Overhaul.
    • Re-wrote Ivy’s first interactions with the player.
    • Several interactions with Ivy will now appear on any day time, to avoid confusing the players with restrictive time frames to advance certain quests.
  • Time sensitive effects (like HP/MP regeneration) will pause while the player is in the main menu.
  • Reworked the “Drink something with orson” into “Latest News”
    • Player will only be able to ask this once a day, to avoid offering new players too much information at once.
  • Orson’s Bar Minigame Overhaul
    • The game “time” will be limited by the players HP.
    • Failing to deliver a drink to a costumer will not reduce HP anymore.
    • “Slow Time” skill will now always be available, instead of only appearing after a certain progress has been made in the main quest.
    • Costumers “patience” will decay slower if they hit the middle section of their patience, and much slower once they hit their last section.
  • BlackJack Minigame
    • Soran will now only have a limited amount of money to spend on blackjack, he’ll need to save up for 3 days.
    • Soran’s money regeneration will scale with the day number, capping at day 100.
  • Dungeon
    • After defeating certain bosses Soran will sell their respective “steal” items.
  • Archery Minigame
    • Slimmed the “time” bar sprite so it doesn’t obscure the minigame as much.
  • Items
    • Alchemy items will now display their “power” in their description.
    • Alchemy items with special effects will now display said effects in their description.
    • Changed the descriptions of many items to make their effects more clear.
    • Changed the names of the potions from S/M/L/XL to Weak/Regular/Great/Exquisite
    • Some collectable items (like the lake worms) will now be collectable only once, and grant several units in return.
    • The following items are now consumables:
      • Beer.
      • Wine.
      • Janet’s Pie.
      • Strawberry Cake.
      • Chilly and Beans.
      • Revitalizer.
      • Coffee.
  • Artifact Changes
    • Golden Bracer changed effect.
      • Enhances all stats dramatically in exchange of gold.
      • Once binded, this artifact can’t be removed.
      • I’ll grow a hunger for gold until there is nothing left, at which point it’ll unbind and remove all stat enhancements.
    • Mystic Cowl changed effect.
      • Uses your MP to reduce damage received by 50%.##The artifact will only work if your mana is above 10%.
    • Silver Crest is now an Artifact
      • The mana of every 7th spell is refunded.
    • Brimstone
      • Improves POWER based on your missing HP, up to 100%.
  • Removed 4 Achievements that we found unnecessarily obscure and not that fun:
    • “Helping the community”
    • “One of those stupidly obscure achievements”
    • “Are you dead or something?”
    • “Impostor!”
    • DevNote: *We’ll most likely add more achievements lat+
  • Updated “Ohro’s advice” and “Loading message” from Patrons.
  • Added a 1% change for Eri to call you “Meowster”

v0.28.0 Extra
This content is Early Access for Noble Tier Patrons (and above) and it’s contents will be introduced in the final version
EXTRA SCENES content can only be unlocked in EXTRA BUILDS, but will stay unlocked in any posterior build.
NSFW content
[Crystal] | Crystal’s sneaky snack
[Erza] | Dreamwalking
[Scarlet] | Strategy testing

Other Changes

Added Journal entries Miza, Kai and the new brothel scenes.
Changed a few dialogues and prompts to reflect the Brothel’s transformation.
Corrected some dialogue issues. (wrong speaker, grammatical errors)
Fixed the new Kai’s minigame crashing if trying to continue after level 5.
Fixed some conversations overlapping each other.
Fixed an issue with Amber/Bulgra scene displaying an incorrect first image.

NSFW content

Sex with Miza
Anal finger play with Kai
Threesome with Amber/Bulgra
Fourthsome with Kiki, Maen and Sa
Harem/Orgy with all the brothel characters (Excluding Ohro)
Other Changes
New Minigame
Several SFW scenes to develop the story.

NSFW content
4 New Scenes for the Halloween section
– Ghost
– Mummy
– Zombie Horde
– Witch

Other Changes
– Added a new Halloween realm
– Added 4 new monsters to the Halloween realm.
– Added a portal to the Halloween realm in in depth 15

v0.25.2 DUNGEON
NSFW content
4 New Dungeon Scenes for the Abyss section
– Ice Elemental
– Scylla
– Ancient Robot
– Vampire

v0.25.2 EXTRA
Fixed the EXTRA SCENE for Ki-ki and Luna not triggering.

What’s new?
New brothel character
2 Scenes
Minor changes

NSFW content

Dungeon Scenes – Inferno Section

Royal Duo

EXTRA SCENES from the latest Noble Build.
Ivy / Scarlet
Ki-ki / Luna


Fixed the dungeon Spell Statues not displaying a description.
Fixed the [Hex Box] sold by Soran displaying an incorrect price of 2000.

What’s new?
Scene for Luna/Ki-ki
Scene for Ivy/Scarlet
They’ll be indicated by a heart in their specific locations.
There’s no way to replay them at the moment (other than loading back), as I’m working on a new system to integrate those scenes in.
Hotfix .2
Fixed an issue that made accessing Ivy’s room after the EXTRA SCENE crash the game.
Fixed some dialogues.

New scenes:
1 new scene for Ginny
3 new scenes for the dragons

2 SFWish scenes for the dragons questline
Expanded Ginny’s questline
Introduced Dragon Lair questline
New Location
New Minigame

NSFW content

  • New scenes for dungeon enemies (Jungle Section):
    • Lamia
    • Alraune
    • Tiger
    • Fox
  • New Tales (Flor):
    • These become unlocked by default at the moment, they’ll locked and added to Flor’s store later.
      • The Secret Princess of Alberad
      • A Knight’s Heart
      • Sin for Love
      • The Trickster


  • Any update to END or WIS will update maximum Health/Mana accordingly.
  • Karos defense will no longer prioritize Diamonds over other gem fragments.


Many artifacts seemed to be direct upgrades from others or do specific tasks better than their peers, for this update we tried to give each artifact more concise mechanics that bring different gameplay styles to the table.

  • Very Pointy Hat [Rework]
    • Every time you use mana, it gains a stack. 3 stacks max.
    • At 3 stacks any action that uses your POWER attribute will be enhanced. This consumes the stacks.
  • Mystic Cowl [Rework]
    • Improved defense (Up to 80% reduction)
    • Slowly burns your mana.
  • Arbac’s Horn [Rework] – Slowly regenerates MP. The effect ramps up with time.
  • Orgo’s Heart [Rework] – Every time you use MP, it recovers 20HP in the next 20 seconds.
  • Von Kamfeer’s Helmet [Rework] – Stores damage received, releases it on the next action that uses your POWER attribute.



  • Amber Animation
  • Amber Mini Scenes
  • Amber/Luna Mini Scene
  • Minigame, Ohro Run!
  • Expanded Amber’s Questline.

Some scenes are not available through the Journal and will be added shortly in a hotfix.

Android Installation: If you download the .apk, please make sure that the filename hasn’t changed after the download, some phones change the extension to .zip for security. If that’s the case change it back to .apk and install. If this doesn’t work, try using a different file manager to open the file.


Hotfix .5

  • Changes to the dungeon UI.
  • You can interact with dungeon rooms with the map open.
  • Dungeon UI shows Epox currency.
  • Main menu / Settings are now accessible while in the Dungeon.
  • Fixed the [Very pointy hat] not tracking maximum mana in some instances.
  • Added a new monster: The Mimic
  • Chests of higher rarity [Steel/Gold] are now more rare. From [33% Wood/Steel/Gold] to [50% Wood, 30% Steel, 20% Gold]

Dev Notes: There’s no Naamu clues at the moment, to progress through the new content go into Janet’s store at the mornings. (As long as you had completed both Janet’s and Crystal’s questlines)
All the items required can be found in the dungeon (all can be found before floor 14).


v0.19.1 Hotfix 2
Fixed the Journal Luna’s and Ki-ki’s scenes having incorrect dialogue.
Fixed Ki-ki’s Journal page displaying Luna instead.
Fixed Arbac’s horn (wasn’t working in the dungeon)
Decreased how much mana Arbac’s horn gives in the Bar minigame.
Increased the amount of mana needed to use the Bar minigame Slow time skill.
Decreased the amount of time the Bar minigame slow time skill stays activated.

v0.19.1 Hotfix
Added Ki-ki’s and Luna’s first scenes to the Journal.
EXTRA ART added to the achievements gallery.
Fixed the “reached X level” achievements not triggering if you surpased that level beyond their introduction.
Dungeon enemies have now a chance of dropping items once defeated.
Fixed a crash triggering in the GAME TIPS submenu.
Bugfixed some dialogue issues.
Very slightly improved file size.

-Animated scene for Luna
-Mini-scene for Luna
-New Character, Ki-ki, the goblin whore.
-Animated scene for Ki-ki
-Mini-scene for Ki-ki
-Brothel management

Build 0.18.6

1. “With so many changes, will my old save work?”
Yes. It will.
With that said, we do encourage starting a new save this time to enjoy the new mechanics. For that purpose we added:
-NSFW mini-scenes in earlier parts of the game (Janet/Scarlet).
-SFW mini-scenes in earlier parts of the game (Ohro, Erza, Ivy).
-Experience bonuses for completing quest-lines.
-Experience bonuses for unlocking achievements.
2. “Will the dungeon be expanded in the future?”
3. “Will that dungeon expansion include scenes with the enemies?”
Hell yes.
4. The entire dialogue system code was reworked to allow for future translations of the game.
So there will likely be some dialogue issues (misnamed characters/cut lines), but the core of the game and progression should be unaffected.
If you see any of those issues, feel free to report it to us.
5. We decided to delay some optional stuff like the new achievements, so the build could be out sooner. We will add those in a hotfix as soon as we can.
With all that said, sorry if this build took quite a long time compared to others.
Now that all these changes are out of the way, we should be able to push builds after this one faster, and more reliably.
Now for the juicy stuff.

  • Animated scene for Ivy/Scarlet.
  • Mini-scene for Ivy/Scarlet.
  • Mini-scene for Janet.
  • Mini-scene for Scarlet.
  • 4 more mini-scenes for other story segments.
  • Added a progression system, with levels, experience, and attributes.
  • Reworked all the mini-games so attributes affect them.
  • Melkor’s Domain Mini-game (Dungeon crawler).
  • Lily’s Alchemy Set (Potion crafting).
  • Added 21 Potions.
  • Added Equipable Artifacts.
  • Complete visual rework of most of the menus.
  • And another billion things.

Hotfix .1 (0.18.1)
Important: It’s likely that the test tool we left in the bedroom (small portrait at the right of the clock) causes sequence breakers and crashes.
You can go to cheats and write “DUORESET”, that should reset and clean the duo section of Ivy/Scarlet quest-line and get rid of any problems caused by the test tool.

  • The cursor disappearing on some instances.
  • Several misplaced names, and cut dialogues.
  • A bug that was crashing the game once accessing the bedroom when all content was completed.
  • Scarlet’s sleeping scene force-skipping.
  • The “Drinking buddies” achievement being able to be unlocked multiple times.
  • Some scenes giving experience every time you replayed them.
  • The settings exit not working if accessed from the start menu.
  • The achievement menu displaying achievement information incorrectly.
  • Visuals in the settings menu.
  • Canceling spent attribute points causing minor visual issues.
  • Ivy’s “naked in the room” scene having the incorrect dialogue.
  • Audio issues in the dungeon.


  • A test tool left in MC’s bedroom.

Hotfix .2 (0.18.2)


  • Talking to Ivy in her bed triggering a fatal error.
  • Soran dialogues automatically skipping.
  • Experience bar moving out of bounds in some instances.
  • Removed the default pixel interpolation in the android version so the visuals look cleaner.
  • Several dialogue errors.


  • Outdated dialogues.

Hotfix .3 (0.18.3)

  • All artifacts now have proper descriptions that tell you what they do.
    • Abrac’s Horn : Passively recovers your mana on successful actions.
    • Orgo’s Heart : MP burned are recovered as HP.
    • Von Kamfeer’s Helmet : 15% chance of massively reducing the damage received.
  • Tavern Mini-game power-ups now give health/mana (Mana in that game will have a function very shortly).
  • Reduced the alluring fruits needed for Erza’s quest (from 12 to 7) and Janet’s pie (from 6 to 2).
  • Fixed Naamu’s clue incorrectly pointing to the 14th floor rather than the 10th for the wisdom staff.
  • Fixed Scarlet’s Anal scene triggering the wrong dialogue.
  • Fixed several dialogue errors.

Hotfix .4 (0.18.4)

  • Added 41 Achievements.
  • Added experience rewards to Fishing and Karos Defense.
  • Added new cheats and reworked some old ones.
  • Re-Added the “Change name” option under settings.
  • Achievements will give less experience (from 200xp to 150xp).
  • Achievement gallery “back button” is now bigger and easier to click on.
  • Visually improved the achievements sub-menu.
  • Changed some of the old achievement art.
  • Specified Lily’s needed ingredient for “Lily’s Concoction”.
  • Fixed an inventory bug that was making item functions stay, even when swapping to an item without function.
  • Fixed the attic door repeating the “It’s locked” dialogue, even when you have already got the contents inside.
  • Fixed visual issues with the menu name display.
  • Fixed Janet’s journal page not displaying all her scenes correctly.
  • Fixed several cheating menu unintended messages.
  • Fixed some visual issues with the Alchemy mini-game.
  • Fixed several dialogue errors.
  • Time will pass when entering Melkor’s domain, and it will be unavailable at night.
  • Both Fire and Water spell skill-check are easier by default.
  • Cost of the fire spell in Melkor’s domain will now be displayed properly.
  • Reduced some enemies’ health in Melkor’s domain.
  • Reduced the amount of mana necessary for the water spell in the Melkor’s domain (from 20 to 10).
  • Reduced the amount of mana necessary for the fire spell in the Melkor’s domain (from 50 to 30).
  • Fixed issues with some attacks in Melkor’s domain not working properly if the player had 40 agility.
  • Fixed the fire spell being able to be charged by just holding down the button.
  • Fixed the Garden tooltips giving wrong/incomplete information.
  • Removed 5 outdated achievements (Inventory Coin click).
  • Removed the old “potion” option in the fishing mini-game.
  • Removed outdated cheats.

Hotfix .5 (0.18.5)

  • Fixed some issues (crashing/misplaced dialogues) with the main quest-line.

Hotfix .6 (0.18.6)

  • Restored the Old Note meme powers substantially.
  • Fixed some audio issues that were made the “dungeon battle theme” play on menus and others.

Android Installation: If you download the .apk, please make sure that the filename hasn’t changed after the download, some phones change the extension to .zip for security. If that’s the case, change it back to .apk and install. If this doesn’t work, try using a different file manager to open the file.


Build 0.17.6
New character: Karos, the Minotaur.
One animated scene for Scarlet.
Two mini-scenes for Scarlet.
Updated BG for Ivy’s room.
New minigame: Karos defense.
-Bug-fixing and QoL changes.

How to start the new content: Talk to Ivy in her room at the morning.

Hotfix .1:
Added 2 EXTRA ART to the game.
-Fixed Scarlet’s sleeping in Ivy’s room crash error.
-Removed Scarlet from the couch at night.
-Corrected some dialogues where the name of the player was substituted by “MC.”
-Fixed the back buttons on both the Kings list and Orson’s board.
-Fixed visual glitches happening at the archery and bar minigames.
-Added a click buffer to the Karos Defense minigames, so controls feel more fluid.
-Fixed a control glitch that made the player enter on a reloading loop on the Karos Defense minigame.
-Keybinded the Karos Defense Skills/Spells to Q-W-E.
-Added a wave counter to the Karos Defense minigame.
-Added a wood counter to the Karos Defense minigame, and it will inform the player of how much wood is needed.
-Fixed a small visual error on the Achievements sub-menu.

Hotfix .2:
-Fixed one of the EXTRA ART pieces not displaying correctly.
-Fixed the “Arrow barrage” animation getting stuck on some situations.
-Fixed a bug that was causing background events to be clickable while still on a conversation.

Hotfix .3:
-Fixed “Arrow barrage” freezing the player.
-Removed some unintended testing code in the Karos defense minigame.

Hotfix .4:
Added ENDLESS MODE to Karos Defense.
-Balanced gold received from Karos Defense.
-Karos Defense will now display your higher wave completed.
-Karos Defense will now display two different messages, in case you lose or leave.
-Fixed a visual bug that was causing some background elements to stay on conversations.

Hotfix .5:
-Fixed a bug added in Hotfix .4 that was disabling events in the evening/night.

Hotfix .6:
-Reverted the changes done to events in Hotfix .4.
-Fixed a crash error that happened when shooting the Golem on Karos Defense as soon as he was spawning.

Android Installation: If you download the .apk, please make sure that the filename hasn’t changed after the download, some phones change the extension to .zip for security. If that’s the case, change it back to .apk and install. If this doesn’t work, try using a different file manager to open the file.



  • New character: Amber, the dark elf dancer.
  • New character: Luna, the dryad madam.
  • One animated scene for Amber.
  • One mini-scene for Amber.
  • New location: The brothel.
  • Bugfixing and QoL changes.

Hotfix .1:

  • Fixed the Journal not adding Amber scenes at the correct moment in her questline.
  • Fixed the EXTRA ART scenes starting on image 2.
  • Corrected the “All content completed” so it accounts for Amber scenes.
  • Fixed Amber’s deepthroat scene [Outside cumshot] incorrect animation.

Hotfix .2:

  • Fixed Janet not giving the guitar correctly if her questline wasn’t advanced enough.

Android Installation: If you download the .apk, please make sure that the filename hasn’t changed after the download, some phones change the extension to .zip for security. If that’s the case change it back to .apk and install.


-A new animated scene for Janet.
-Mini-scene for Janet.
-Two new backgrounds.
-New Intro.

Hotfix .1:
-Fixed Janet BJ loop scene not loading properly, fixed some minor dialogue issues.

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