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You were on your way to living the lush life as a gifted software engineer, working for the most prestigious tech giant, until the last person you thought would betray you takes it all away. After three years of recovering from the emotional trauma, you are ready to stand back on your feet and re-enter the world in pursuit of a functional life. Your newfound resilience is put to the test as you are hit with several unfortunate events. But not all is unfortunate as you rekindle an old friendship who has a proposition that leaves you hesitant.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2021-03-24
Developer: digi.B Patreon – Twitter – Discord – Steam
Language: English
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Version: 0.4.2
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Android, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Male protagonist, Creampie, Teasing, Adventure, Combat, Sci-Fi

Planned content: MILF, Harem, Android sex, Footjob, Public sex, Anal sex, Lesbian, BDSM, Voyeur

CH4 4.2 Patch
Added new renders and revised the scene between June and MC if you went along with her joke. Also updated the reference to be less vague. Additionally added a new DataLeak render if you went through the whole scene.
Added missing renders for Zelda, if you kissed DJ Kink and Zelda reached the “Interested” tag. She’ll react appropriately.
Added button in Quick Menu to resolve any stuck UI prompts

Reverted changes for the gun range, dropping the timer speed from 2 seconds to 0.6 seconds before the target times out (RIP EZ mode)

Corrected save name box not displaying in Save menu

Fixed audio maxing out when muting or maually moving slider to 0

Updated game menu layouts
Updated dialogue box. Also reduced text by 2 pts.
Updated the DataLeak background to reflect the game’s current state of render quality.
Updated revised V’s intro

Moved the Quick Menu to fit just under the dialogue menu, no longer being off to the right. (See QoL below)

*****QoL Additions*****
Added delete buttons for Save/Load menu
Added option to enable/disable the Quick Menu
Added transparency slider for dialogue box
Streamlined code to better accommodate playing on a controller
Various minor bug fixes

– 4,980 renders
– 71 animations
– 49 new tracks
– 2 Official Artemis tracks
– Updated UI sound effects
– Updated some UI elements
– Updated background images for Archives and DataLeaks
– Updated 18+ warning at start of game
– Updated credits format
– Added new main menu animation featured after completing CH4
– Changed appearance for thumbnails in Memories menu
– Changed BIOS app layout and LI renders
– Changed how music in general functions
– Corrected Katy’s anal option for the memory gallery if you unlocked it
– Removed music players
– Disabled DJ Kink’s Studio temporarily.
– Implemented “Notification” for hidden content (SDCards excluded)
– Automatic Save Page 1 Slot 1

– went back and normalized the audio for all the music.
– Individually adjusted the levels for the foley and ambiance, then exported them out.
– The song for the climax of Chapter 3 I also adjusted by hand.
– It has some intense highs and some low lows.
– you’ll be able to adjust the levels for music, ambiance, and sound effects separately.

– The patch also adds Zoe’s scene during the shower segment.
– Her smile is much more pleasing to the eye.
– Now it’s much softer and not so many creases around her mouth.
– changing your name via the phone
– Zoe’s scene was restored and finally some control over the audio channels for music,
ambiance, and sound effects


  • Corrected spelling errors reported
  • Corrected bug found with the morning after dinner scene
  • Added missing 69 clip
  • Corrected the wallpaper and return button for the settings app with MC’s new phone


Chapter 2

  • Consists of 3400+ story renders (CH1 was 3000)
  • 40 new animations – 16 of which are lewd animations
  • 61 new licensed tracks
  • New combat system
  • 8 new DataLeak renders +1 Hidden QR render
  • 3 new lewd scenes
  • New phone system
  • 5 obtainable wallpapers for the new phone (Unlocked via dates with Love Interests) these remain unlocked across all saves.
  • New relationship tracker via BIO app in new phone. (Not available until you receive new phone)
  • Two optional dates – Katy or Zelda
  • Adjustments to the following models: Naomi, Cassandra and Zoe.
  • Ability to change your name via Settings app on both phones.

Chapter 1 changes

  • Added menu option to skip Cassie’s lewd scene in the flashback.
  • You can now decline Katy’s offer to fluff you prior to the competition.
  • Various variable adjustments and additions

0.1.2 – minor bugfix + QoL adjustments
Trimmed down V’s intro by 90%
Added a Quit button on the main menu.

There was a report that Paige’s LP were incorrectly stated during the Cafe scene, toward the end. This has been corrected.

Corrected some spelling errors

Resolved issue in second sandbox event where if you’ve talked to Paige and still need to talk to the rest of the girls. Game no longer kicks you to the main menu when trying to leave the mansion.

Corrected some spelling errors

This mod adds an in-game walkthrough that highlights dialogue options that give points and lead to the best scenes.
Add some improvements to see all scenes.
Add a Cheat Mod for money and Girl Points

PC: Unzip the mod and place the scripts files in your folder called “game” inside the folder called “_ARTEMIS-0.2.1-pc”.

Download Artemis Porn Game

Windows – Patreon

Mega Gofile

Mac – Patreon

Mega Uploadhaven




Walkthrough Mod Walkthrough

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