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In Alison Fall of the Apple you play a highly trained military veteran who has been working as a cop in NYC since the disappearance of his pregnant wife 7 years ago. After saving the life of a young woman named Alison your life is thrown into chaos with thugs, hitmen and the corrupt elite of the Big Apple trying to hunt you both down. With lives on the line choices will matter and decisions will have major consequences, for you and for those around you.

Alison FotA is essentially 3 games in 1 where you will find major differences in both story and characters depending on whether you choose the Love, Dom or Harem route with no render repeated on another path.

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-01-30
Developer/Publisher: OneManVN Patreon – SubscribeStar – Discord
Censorship: None
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows – Mac – Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Pregnancy, Forced pregnancy, Forced sex, Submission, Corruption, Anal sex, Creampie, Gaping, Vanilla sex, Oral sex, Facial, Trans, Femdom, Vaginal sex, Animated, Harem, Romance, Ahegao, BDSM, Big Ass, Big Tits, Groping, Handjob, Humor, Lesbian

-Over 900 renders
-21 animations
-The completion of AFOTA love-path.

0.7 (Love path remaster)
Additional content has been added to the previous remaster of the prologue, bringing it all the way to the three-way split, now. Over 340 renders and 6 new animations made the cut this run. Additionally, this update brings with it the very first OMVN-Oscar-Six (First dev-team member) Gallery mod included with it.


Long awaited update to the Harem route
Over 300 new renders and 10+animations

Over 400 renders in total. 10 new animations and one additional path to the current love update (0.6) So, choose wisely, or perhaps not choosing at all might be better… Who knows.
100 + renders for the remaster work and 2 new animations for it. 300 + renders for Love 0.6 and 8 animations for it. A lot of changes made to multiple paths in terms of trimming down text and removing unneeded scenes.

I have officially started work on the remaster/partial remake of Alison. This is RM1 = Remake pass one. The prologue has been reworked entirely in Octane. This was done to keep up with the rest of the game in terms of quality and to fix a lot of the discrepancies in character looks from opening to the three way choice. I intend to redo this entirely up until the three way split. Work will continue whenever I can spare the time in between projects. OMVN
130+ renders all at the start

Continuation of the dom path, over 100 renders and 6 new animations. This is part one of two. Part two is coming out at the end of this month or March 1st. Also, the android build has now been added to patron monthly releases.

Added a few new renders that did not make the cut for 0.5, fixed typos and bugs. In addition, I’ve added the choice to skip the entire prologue and go to the three choice menu: Love/Harem/Dom any further and you would miss points, likely break the game worse.

230+ new renders, continuation to the dom path (Part one-Affection), continuation to the remaster of the entire script, which sadly broke the saves for some, and not for others.

Continuation of Harem story, with 300 new renders and two animations. Set the first building block of your harem, with this build.
We now have a permanent home to catch them all in. Following updates will allow you to build relations and even choose, or pair girls to have fun with.
Further refinement of the harem (remaster) in its entirety from start to the current build. Includes corrections on typos, rewording, and a few other minor things.

v0.4.3 Fix
See Patch notes below.

Complete refresh (Partial rewrite, edit, and cut where applicable.) of the entire prologue, as well as fully proofread prologue along with love path. (Entire love path is now remastered, all the way to 0.4.3) I and Mr. Proofreader (BSF) Suggest you start the game from the start. What you do, however, is up to you.
Love 0.4.3 brings with it some 450+ renders (Dev lost count.) Relationship building choices, as well as some very unhappy choices.
Chose carefully, or save often and cry later.
Final note: I regret nothing!

v0.4.2 Fix
Fixed a loop that occurs in the bathroom scene when choosing “Watersport option” which lead to a never-ending loop.
If you already have downloaded a previous version and do not wish to download again, please avoid choosing that option.

Updated dom path with 248 new renders. Added switch play (Play as someone other than the MC.) in the scene.
Do not use older saves for this dom path, it may break the game. Please start a new DOM playthrough.

v0.4.1 Remastered Fixed
Fixed missing images. Unzip these three images inside the image folder.

v0.4.1 Remastered
I have made far too many changes to count. So here is a brief explanation.
Fixed a few thousand typos… Removed all the ancient and unnecessary (Fake choice menus.)
Added choices to the opening scene, view, skip, and Remastered. Changed music in many places.
Edited writing on many scenes to better fit the scene, trimmed some of the writing in others as well as completely deleted some unnecessary scenes that were a repeat of what you had already seen before.
Added additional choices to a few locations, and a lot more. Play it to find out for yourself.

v0.4.1 Special Edition
King of the Hill patron personal build (contains incest)

v0.4 Build
Added the ability for player name to be something you want it to be. You need to start a new game.
Leave it blank for default name “Michael” Choose your own name, but please don’t go full stupid with names like ##%%DDDD and then complain about the game being broken!
Use letters only.

Story progression on both Harem and Love path.
Added 3 new (sex) animations to Harem mode.
Fixed typos and corrected mixed up scenes from previous builds.
Added hints to certain key places to make it easier for the player to understand what’s in store next.
Added saves to the game folder with written instructions on how to implement them into your game should the need arise. (Saves don’t work for example.)

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Mega Uploadhaven

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